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Ukrainian military trainer crashed during training two pilots were killed

                    (Original title: Ukraine a military trainer crash)


Kiev, Sept. 29 / PRNewswire-FirstCall / – A Ukrainian L-39 military light trainer crashed near the city of Krasilov in Khmer Nicky, Ukraine, and two pilots were killed. According to the Ukrainian Air Force Command through its social networking site “Facebook” published the news, the accident occurred at 12:21 local time on the 29th, the plane was carrying out flight training.

The cause of the accident is not clear. Rescue and investigators have arrived at the scene of the accident to start work.

A US company will develop a new rocket: London to New York only 29 minutes

                    (Original title: London to New York only 29 minutes? SpaceX said it will develop a new rocket)

                                   July 30, according to Hong Kong, “Wen Wei Po” reported on the 30th, the US space technology company SpaceX founder Elon Maaske announced its space exploration on the 29th, will develop code-named “BFR” new rocket, and The first launch of the spacecraft arrived in Mars five years later, and the first manned Mars tour in 2024.

At the same time, BFR technology can be used for global flight, less than 1 hour will be able to travel anywhere in the world. Is expected to fly from London to New York only 29 minutes.


Local time on September 29, Muske International Aerospace Conference speech. Muske said, SpaceX’s new rocket BFR speed up to 29,000 km.

At the International Space Congress in Adelaide, Australia, Muske spoke of his ambitious space exploration program.

He said it would start manufacturing the BFR rocket in the first half of next year, and it is expected that at least two cargo spaceships will arrive at Mars for the first time in 2022 to shoulder the responsibility of digging water. Another four spacecraft will carry personnel, equipment and supplies, arrived in Mars in 2024, than the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is expected to complete the task of the first Mars 10 years. The voyage will be financed by the launching of satellites, services for the space station and mission for lunar exploration.

马斯克还在展示了SpaceX的月球和火星计划,预计在2022年开始登陆火星任务。 Muske also shows SpaceX’s Moon and Mars program, which is expected to begin the Mars mission in 2022.

Muske expects the BFR rocket to be partially recyclable and capable of carrying up to 100 passengers, flying directly from Earth to Mars. Mascher had planned to use several spacecraft to support its Mars colonial plan and launch Unmanned Spacecraft RED DRAGON next year, but now he said SpaceX is focusing on the development of smaller single rockets.


Spanish shop business light up anger Chinese window characters: Do not go to the Chinese shop

                    (The original title: Spanish business fake local Chinese shop Chinese rational response)

                                   July 23, according to the Spanish “Europe” reported that recently, in the city of Malaga, Calle Eugenio Gross Street, a Spanish local shop posted on the shop sign, the reasons for bad business blame In the Chinese shop. In this regard, the local Chinese overseas Chinese rational response to counterattack: the economic environment is not good, shop closure, closure is a normal thing, if the full responsibility to push the Chinese people, it is unreasonable.

店铺橱窗。图片来源:西班牙《欧华报》 posted notice shop window. Source: Spain “Europe News”

What is it? Detention: festive meals can eat corn

                    (Original title: Park Ji-hui Zhongqiu eat what? Detention: festive meals can eat corn)



detention as provided by Park Geun-hye holiday benefits: Corn

overseas online September 30 electric today (30th), South Korea up to 10 days of the holiday Mid-Autumn Festival officially opened. There is a Korean media exposure Park Jiu-hui’s prison festivals life: and the basic basic no difference, but there will be snacks. Mid-Autumn Festival can eat muffins (Korean Mid-Autumn Festival will eat cakes), 3 and 9 two days can eat corn and chestnuts. The detention center says it is festive benefits. According to South Korea’s “Central Daily” reported on the 30th, South Korea prison headquarters said on the 29th, for the detention of officers in the Mid-Autumn Festival welfare considerations, will take to provide festive snacks and increase the visit day measures.


November 2012, presidential candidate Park Geun-hye appeared in traditional markets, buying pastries and enjoy

published according to the Seoul Detention Center menu, Mid-day Park Geun-hye can choose breakfast is bread, jam, salad, soup and Milk, noon, chicken soup, fried wakame dish, vegetables, bag of rice sauce and cold radish silk; dinner, miso miso soup, bean sprouts rice, seasoning sauce, seaweed and radish kimchi.

The detention center said that the holidays will be a snack: Mid-Autumn Day can eat muffins, 3 and 9 two days can eat corn and chestnuts.

reported that the Seoul Detention Agency allowed detainees on September 30 and October 2, 7, 7 to accept family members and acquaintances visit, these three days does not allow lawyers to visit. However, the increase in the visit, the Park Ji-hui in terms of not much significance. Because this holiday, Park Ji-hui will not have family to visit.

Since March 31 this morning was arrested so far, Park Ge Hui has spent a full six months in the detention center. According to South Korea, “Asian Economy” reported on the 29th, Park Ji-hui was detained until now, only met lawyers, in addition to no one to visit. Talking about the arrangement of the Mid-Autumn holiday, Park Ji-hui people said, “she will meet with the lawyer to meet the trial.”

Park Ji-hui was scheduled to be released on October 16 and restore the freedom of the body, but the Korean prosecution 26 Issued a warrant for arrest, but gave her a plan to release the plan. After the Mid-Autumn Festival on October 10, the South Korean court will be held trial, will listen to Park Jiu-hui lawyers and prosecutors after the decision whether to postpone the detention decision. If the court issues a warrant of arrest, the detention period for Park Kei-hui will be extended for six months after October 16, which is to be released in April next year.

Abe’s first attendance at the China National Day and the presence of senior cabinet officials?

                    (The original title: the first time to attend the China National Day, Abe how to consider?)


安倍首次出席中国国庆活动且携内阁高官 有何考量? local time on the evening of September 28, 2017, Tokyo, China Embassy in Japan at the new Otani Hotel, held to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 45th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended Speech. On the evening of September 28, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe participated in the China National Day reception held in Tokyo for the first time in the Chinese Embassy in Japan. Abe after getting off, all the way trot, rushed to stand in front of the new Otani hotel to meet his ambassador in front of Cheng Yonghua greeting greeting. In addition, Abe’s lineup is large, accompanied by Abe’s senior officials, including: Foreign Minister Yasuo Taro, Minister of Defense Ono Temple five Code, Minister of Science and Technology Lin Fangzheng, Renaissance Minister Yoshino Masanori and other cabinet minister. Why did Prime Minister Abe bring such a large cabinet of high-ranking officials to attend the China National Day reception? Which signals are released First of all, this frees up the Abe government’s desire to improve Sino-Japanese relations.

In improving Sino-Japanese relations, we often think that Japan wants to improve Sino-Japanese relations, so we need to make comprehensive improvements, including historical issues, international political issues, military security issues, to China to make a comprehensive and friendly Attitude, no longer stir up trouble, no longer engage in containment of China’s international alliance. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the Japanese policy structure, Abe to improve the relationship between Japan and China, the direct goal is to resume the exchange of visits between Japan and China. Therefore, we should have a clear and clear judgment and overall grasp of the policy of the Abe government to improve Japan-China relations. Second, Abe is eager to improve Sino-Japanese relations, there are domestic real political considerations.. ?? .. Abe on September 28 announced the dissolution of the House, October 22 ahead of the general election. Originally Abe that this early election arrangements, can make the Liberal Democratic Party and its own victory, but did not expect, halfway out to a small pool of lily, disrupting the inherent election plan. For the current domestic political situation in Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party won the House of Representatives to the status of the largest party, there is still a lot of hope, but to get more than half of the House of Representatives, the situation is dangerous.

For Abe and its Liberal Democratic Party, Koike Yuriko set up “Japan hope party” itself is not terrible, because after all, just set up, wings are not yet full, can not get too many votes. The opposition Democratic Party is also inadequate, because the DPP’s internal political factions, organization and people are more lax, lack of prestige among the people, the recent support rate is only about 10%, Abe do not have to worry about this. But in recent days, Japan’s domestic political situation has undergone dramatic changes, not only some members of the Liberal Democratic Party began to quit the party, instead join the hope party, and the DPP party before the original director, said, and hope that the party, the DPP Those who wish to be elected members of Congress may wish to participate in the election as a party. Although this is not a merger of the two parties, but has been a big step forward in the direction of the merger of the two parties, the two sides will be confused on the LDP’s great pressure, and hope that the banner of the party, it may win a considerable part Liberal Democratic Party votes and House seats. This makes Abe feel thorn in the back, the pressure mountain. Because Abe had said that if he could not get more than half of the House of Representatives, he would declare his resignation.

Abe Select at this time to attend the National Day hosted by the Chinese embassy, ​​highlight their ability to improve Sino-Japanese relations and positive role, will give the Japanese people an impression, Abe has the ability to master the overall foreign policy, the ability to control with China The process of relations should also believe Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party. This is the motive for the House of Representatives to attend the celebration of the Chinese National Day. Third, the Trump government’s policy toward China has prompted the Abe government to improve its relations with China and increase its cooperation with China. Page 7 / 89456_20_65473_9

Third, Since the beginning of April, when President Xi Jinping visited the United States, Sino-US relations have improved rapidly. If Japan does not keep up with the trend of improving relations with China, it will be marginalized in the Asia-Pacific political landscape. This prompted the Abe government and its Liberal Democratic Party officials from the end of April this year have to stand, to strengthen cooperation with China to improve relations with China. Improve the relationship between China and the starting point, it may be from joining the “one way”, ADB began. In this regard, China open arms and welcome. But this is not Japan’s highest level of economic cooperation with China, if Japan can give up on China-Japan-Korea free trade agreement obstruction, and earnestly promote the early agreement reached by the three parties, which will belong to the Japanese side with China’s high-level, high-level economic cooperation. Also shows that the Japanese side to a large extent, changed the wary of China, and into the embrace of economic cooperation in East Asia. Because China-Japan-Korea free trade agreement is the direction of the establishment of China-Japan-South Korea Northeast Asia Free Trade Area, such an agreement once signed not only with the mandatory force of the law, and can not easily exit, can promote China, Japan and South Korea along the economic integration The road, a substantial move forward to promote economic cooperation and other overall cooperation. Therefore, whether or not to sign this agreement is a touchstone of the real improvement of Sino-Japanese relations.

But any form of cooperation, China do not have to refuse thousands of miles away, but should be broad-minded, elegant mind, be understood and inclusive. Grievances and contradictions deep country, the amount of accumulation required, it is possible to gradually improve the relationship. Zeng Ziyan, Confucius Road, but loyalty only. China is more generous in other countries, but also to make their own greater international development space.

Indian Minister of the Interior: Sino – Indian border is no need to fight against the need to solve the problem

                    (The original title: Indian Minister of the Interior: Sino-Indian border is no need to confront the need for structural dialogue to solve the problem)

                                   “China and India” border dispute without any need for confrontation and the possibility of “through the ‘structural dialogue’ to solve the border problem.”………….. Indian Interior Minister Rajinath Singh on the 29th in Mana, India border police forces after the interaction with the expression of this speech. “India Times” and “India Express” 30 on this report.

reported that this is the end of the confrontation between China and India, the first high-level minister to visit the Sino-Indian border areas. Hege that the two neighbors of China and India on the border view of the existence of long-term “cognitive differences”, but all problems can be sustained through the structural dialogue to be resolved, the border dispute without any need for confrontation and the possibility of The “If the two countries create a positive atmosphere and continue the structural dialogue, there is no reason why the border issue can not be resolved,” Singh said.

Singh also said that the hole deadlock is a similar way to solve, and no conflict confrontation. The Chinese side has repeatedly stressed that the Sino-Indian border tin gold section is recognized by both sides and has been observed for 127 years has been bounded by the two sides have never been a dispute. The essence of the incident is that the Indian border guards illegally crossed the border between China and India. The area has entered the territory of China. China hopes to maintain peace and stability in the border areas of China and India, but will never make any compromise on territorial sovereignty. China and India in the area of ​​confrontation in the area of ​​the responsibility of the Indian side.

Saudi Minister of the Interior: allowing women drivers to help reduce traffic accidents

                    (The original title: Saudi Minister of the Interior: female drivers on the road to help reduce traffic accidents)


沙特内政大臣:允许女司机上路 有助减少交通事故 A Saudi woman is driving a vehicle. Saudi Arabia’s Interior Minister Mohamed Ben Naive said on the 28th that if Saudi Arabia allowed women to drive, traffic accidents would be greatly reduced.

The Saudi Ministry of the Interior, in the case of Twitter, said: “Women driving will turn traffic safety into educational practice, which will reduce the number of people involved in traffic accidents and economic losses.”

The British Broadcasting Corporation reported that Saudi Arabia Of the traffic accident mortality rate ranks the forefront of the world, with 30 million people in the country, an average of about 20 people died in traffic accidents.

Saudi Arabian King and Prime Minister Salman on the 26th issued an order to allow women to drive and instruct the relevant departments within 30 days to form a high-level committee to supervise the implementation. The only country in the world that banned women from driving will see women in the steering wheel in June next year.

Suicide bombings outside the Afghan capital mosque 6 dead and 20 injured

                    (Original title: Kabul outside the mosque outside the suicide bomb attack 6 dead 20 injured)

                                   According to the French media reported on September 29, the Afghan police on September 29 local time, said the disguised as a suicide suicide attacker, the day in the capital Kabul near a mosque detonated body Bombs, killing 6 people and injuring 20 people.

It was reported that on the 29th, suicide bombings occurred in the northern part of Kabul. When the believers were praying on Friday in the Hussainia mosque.

Salim Almas, head of crime at Kabul, told AFP that the suicide bomber grazed a group of sheep before reaching the target , Detonated at a distance of 140 meters from the Husseinian mosque. Najib Danish, a spokeswoman for the Afghan Ministry of the Interior, said in an interview that five bombings were killed and another 20 were wounded by an explosion. One suspect was arrested.

Russian soldiers training to the companion fire to 3 dead 2 injured in the containment was killed

                    (The original title: Russian soldiers during the training to the companion fire caused by 3 dead 2 injured in the containment was killed)

                                   According to the Russian news agency reported on September 29, the Russian Defense Ministry news that the local time 29 days, a member of the Russian Amur region in the routine shooting training to his companion fire, caused 3 dead 2 Wounded after the gun to flee the scene. Russia’s army on the 29th in Amur province of Belogorsk near the training ground for routine night shooting training, a soldier armed with a team waiting to enter the shooting area of ​​the fire, leading to an officer And two soldiers died on the spot, and two soldiers were injured, has been sent to hospital for medical treatment.

It was reported that after the incident, the soldiers who shot the companion had fled the training ground and carried the automatic rifle and a plurality of magazines loaded with bullets. The Russian Defense Ministry has ordered a joint search and arrest with law enforcement agencies. The cause of the incident is not clear, but does not rule out the possibility of the soldiers mental disorders.

RIA Novosti reported that the Belogorsk government has identified the soldiers of the shooting companions of the relevant information. His name is Gaza Abdullah Hadoff, a 23-year veteran from the Republic of Dagestan. Mayor of Beirutorsk, Stanislaw Meyeruofov has informed the Amur governor Alexander Kozlowov of the matter, Kozlov instructed to strengthen the defense of schools, boiler rooms, city hospitals and administrative buildings , So as to avoid hostage-taking situation.

According to the latest report of the Russian company, the Russian Eastern Military Information Bureau issued a message on the 30th, said the fleeing soldiers have been killed. The news pointed out that the eastern military anti-terrorism department found and surrounded the soldiers, but in the arrest process, he opened fire, a direct threat to the lives of military personnel. Then the soldier was killed.

Russian opposition leaders want to participate in the procession before the election or imprisonment

                    (Former title: Russian opposition leader Navarney was arrested before the election or facing imprisonment)

                                   French media reported on September 30, the local time on September 29 from the Moscow side came the news, the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny (Alexei Navalny) to participate in the day of a Before the anti-government march, was arrested by the local police. Has been holding high the banner of anti-corruption, criticism and opposition to Putin and his government high-level Navarney or will face dozens of days imprisonment. And he had said that in the March 18, 2018 held in the Russian presidential election, on behalf of the domestic opposition forces, in the face of Putin to participate in the election.

It is reported that 41-year-old Navarney had planned to attend an anti-government parade held in the eastern city of Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod on 29th. But the Moscow police, who had received the news ahead of time, traveled to the home before he left in Navarney and then brought him back to the police station for trial. The police said the day’s parade was not approved by the government and was an “illegal public meeting”. Russian official also said that since he had previously initiated and participated in similar illegal public meetings, he would face up to 30 days in prison. But he then told the media that he had not received any official explanations about the incident in which he was detained. His lawyer revealed to Agence France-Presse that Navarney had been kept in police at the police, and the police had never produced an arrest warrant or any document that revealed the offense. Navarney’s supporters argue that the authorities are trying to stop their participation in the St. Petersburg Opposition Parade program on October 7th.

reported that Navarney has been holding high anti-corruption banner against Putin. He also publicly declared that he would represent the opposition forces to participate in the Russian presidential election to be held in March 2018 to compete with Putin. But the Russian official responded that Navarney allegedly involved in fraud cases, so there is no direct election rights.

It is reported that Navarney had also been because of the “organization of illegal assembly” charges twice imprisonment, respectively, by the authorities for 15 days and 25 days of imprisonment punishment.

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