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Hu Wenrong succeeded Zeng Qinghong as Minister of Organization of Chongqing Municipality

                    (Original title: Hu Wenrong successor Zeng Qinghong as the Chongqing municipal party committee organization minister)

                                   According to “Chongqing Daily” reported that the city of Chongqing grassroots party building work will be held on September 29, Municipal Committee, Organization Department Minister Hu Wenrong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Hu Wenrong stressed that we should thoroughly study and implement the new spirit of the new series of new ideas and ideas of the CPC Central Committee and the CPC Central Committee to study and practice the important ideas of the important work of Chongqing. And earnestly implement the spirit of the symposium on the work of party building at the grassroots level at the grassroots level in order to consolidate the overall effect of the party in the city’s ruling foundation and enhance the well-being of the people and improve the overall effect of the grassroots party building work at the grassroots level, and to build a harmonious and livable, energetic and distinctive modernization The city provides strong organizational guarantee.

The above information shows that Hu Wenrong has served as Minister of Organization of Chongqing Municipal Committee. On September 15, “Chongqing Daily” reported that, with the approval of the CPC Central Committee, Comrade Hu Wengrong was appointed member of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee and member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Previously, the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Organization Minister was born in 1962 Zeng Qinghong (female) as.

Hu Wenrong resume


Hu Wenrong, born in July 1964, Putian, Fujian. Tongji University Environmental College Environmental Engineering graduate, graduate student, doctor of engineering, professor. In 1990 May to join the Communist Party of China. July 1985 to participate in the work.

worked in Shandong Institute of Geology, Department of Geology. Since April 1996, he has been the deputy director of the Department of Earth Sciences, Shandong Institute of Technology, vice president of the School of Environment and Chemical Engineering, Shandong University of Technology, Director of Science and Technology Department of Shandong University, Director of the Organization Department of Shandong Provincial Party Committee.

December 2004 the Shandong Provincial Party Committee Organization Assistant Inspector, the three cadres.

September 2006 the Shandong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Deputy Inspector, the three cadres.

February 2009 the Shandong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Vice Minister, cadres three director.

May 2009 the Shandong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Deputy Minister.

October 2011 as the Shandong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Vice Minister, Provincial State-owned Assets Committee Deputy Secretary (Department level). In March 2013, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Organization Department of Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Provincial SASAC.

July 2014, Shandong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Deputy Minister (Department level).

June 2017 in Shandong Province Standing Committee, Secretary-General.

2017 in September as the Chongqing Municipal Committee.

The regional division went to Gansu Qilian Mountain Nature Reserve to study the ecological relocation work

                    (Original title: regional division responsible comrades went to Gansu Province Qilian Mountain National Nature Reserve ecological relocation work)


in accordance with the ecological relocation pilot work deployment, September 24 to 26, regional deputy inspector Comrade Yang 志 led to go to Gansu Province, Zhangye City Qilian Mountain National Nature Reserve to carry out ecological relocation research. The investigation team observed the ecological environment in the core area, buffer zone and experimental area of ​​the Qilian Mountain Nature Reserve in Sunan County. They visited the people of the town of Deheong Village, The production and living conditions of the farmers and herdsmen, and listen to the opinions and suggestions on the ecological relocation, and discuss the ecological relocation work with the responsible comrades of the Tianzhu County People’s Government of Gansu Province and the Development and Reform Commission of Gansu Province, Zhangye City and Sunan County and Wuwei City In-depth discussion of communication.

Red pass Yang Xiuzhu flight during the English notes exposure: the blue is not green

                    (The original title: “Red pass 1” Yang Xiuzhu flight during the self-study English notes exposure, the blue is not green)


in the recent development of the “martial arts for five years,” a large-scale achievements on the show, “100 red pass” No. 1 staff Yang Xiuzhu flight during the self-learning English notebook exposure. 7 _89456_3_65473_9

“check the current situation” 28 to visit the exhibition to see, Yang Xiuzhu in foreign countries to learn the language, with the “soil approach.” The notebook is engraved with English words, Chinese meanings and pronunciation in Chinese. For example, the Cup (cup) called Cap, Color (color) called the card old, Blue (blue) is not green, Pink (light red) called the fight K, Brown (soil gray) called the wolf. Yang Xiuzhu is Zhejiang, it is easy to see that she also marked with Zhejiang dialect of these English words pronunciation.

Yang Xiuzhu Department of “hundreds of officers” number one suspect, had absconded overseas for 13 years. Public information, Yang Xiuzhu was born in 1946, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Construction, deputy director of the original, suspected of corruption. In April 2003, Yang Xiuzhu was informed that the criminal behavior after the flight, fleeing to Hong Kong, China, Singapore, France, the Netherlands, Italy. In the meantime, Yang Xiuzhu also to France, the Netherlands has filed a “refuge” application. After the application was rejected by the country concerned, Yang Xiuzhu fled to the United States in May 2014 and again filed a “refuge” application. On November 16, 2016, Yang Xiuzhu returned to surrender.

“check the current situation” found that although Yang Xiuzhu flight up to 13 years, but the English level is still very low. It is not difficult to speculate that during the flight of Yang Xiuzhu and not too much chance of normal communication with others.

The exhibition also shows the only items available for recreation during the US detention period – the identity of a radio, Yang Xiuzhu during the US detention, and the arrest warrant for Yang Xiuzhu.

59cdf2d30d364.jpg arrest warrant for Yang Xiuzhu of

59cdf2d4ab1f2.jpg Yang Xiuzhu in US custody only pastime during Items – identity bracelet radio

59cdf2d653918.jpg Yang Xiuzhu custody in the United States during

relevant international fugitives The data of the major stage results of the stolen goods are also displayed. January 2014 to July 2017, total recovery of stale money of 9.35 billion yuan. As of August 31, 2017, there have been 44 “hundreds of officers” to the case. “Check the current situation” note, plus this month to return to the case of No. 95 Wang Linjuan, No. 91 Xu Xuewei, this figure has risen to 46 people.

Interestingly, the latest one to recover the hundreds of officers Xu Xuewei, the time to return to justice, it is precisely the opening day of the exhibition (25) morning. This may reflect the side of the general year of anti-corruption efforts did not reduce the trend.

The number of newly deployed country staff is also declining year by year, this exhibition revealed the latest data. In 2010, fleeing 101 people, 31 people fled in 2015, 1916 flight in 1916, to January to July this year, only four people fleeing.


“Five years of hard for five years” large-scale achievements in the exhibition on September 25 at the Beijing Exhibition Hall. In order to fully display the achievements made by the party and state since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the exhibition organized 10 themed exhibition areas and a special experience exhibition area covering economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction, national defense And the construction of the army, the diplomatic service with Chinese characteristics, the practice of “one country, two systems” and the party building.

Two government charter flights over 19 countries to go back overseas trapped officers

                    (The original title: across the 19 countries flying 34,000 kilometers of China Eastern Airlines two charter flights to the Caribbean region to return to the Chinese staff)

                                   July 22, 2017, 22:18 and 23:19, China Eastern Airlines two charter flights from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China, Rushed to the hurricane severely affected by the Caribbean, returned to the trapped more than 400 Chinese staff. The two planes will fly over 19 national airspace, fly to the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda’s Villebard airport, the previous transfer from the Dominic transfer of Chinese personnel emergency return home, from the flight distance of about 34,000 km. Is expected on October 1 late at night or on the morning of October 2, equipped with trapped charter flights will return to Shanghai. Today, more than 400 Chinese-funded employees and overseas Chinese trapped, the Chinese foreign institutions through various channels to contact the trapped compatriots, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, , And transfer them out of the disaster area. As of 28, the Chinese side from the Dominica transfer hurricane trapped compatriots 487 people, the Chinese Embassy in Dominica can be linked to the transfer of the wishes of the staff have all turned out.

Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee held an enlarged meeting: resolutely support the party Central Committee decided to push forward the overall strict rule of the party

                    (The original title: Municipal Committee held an enlarged meeting: resolutely support the party Central Committee decided to unswervingly promote the comprehensive strict rule of the party)

                                   July 29, the CPC Central Committee decided to give Sun Zhengcai expelled from the party, dismissed the public office, the suspected criminal issues and clues transferred to the judiciary according to law. That night, the Municipal Standing Committee held an enlarged meeting to convey learning. We unanimously expressed our strong support for the decision of the Party Central Committee and resolutely safeguarded the authority and centralized leadership of the Party Central Committee and always maintained a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with the core of Comrade Xi Jinping. Chairman Li Hongzhong, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor Wang Dongfeng, director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Xiao Huaiyuan and other leading sub-municipal leaders above to attend. The meeting held that Sun Zhengcai ‘s case was shocking, seriously violated the party’ s various disciplines and the central eight provisions, its behavior completely deviated from the party spirit and the party ‘s central government on the political requirements of senior cadres. In the party before the nineteenth in time to find and thoroughly investigate and deal with Sun Zhengcai serious violations of discipline, fully demonstrates the comrades as comrades as the core of the party to adhere to the party to control the party, the overall strict rule of the party is not reduced, the standard is not loose, The strong will and clear attitude, fully demonstrates our party for the Chinese nation long-term plans to fight against corruption and clean government building in the end of the firm determination and fearless spirit, fully demonstrates our party has a strong self-purification, self-improvement, self Innovation, self-improvement ability. We must unify the thinking and action to the spirit of the Party Central Committee, Sun Zhengcai serious violation of discipline as a negative textbook, and further implement the CPC Central Committee on the comprehensive and strict anti-corruption struggle of the major arrangements, strictly observe the party discipline, always Everything from the political and the overall situation to comrades as comrades as the core of the Central Committee line.

The meeting stressed that political relations are the leading cadres of party members, political problems is a fundamental problem. To clearly speak of political, consciously do the political understanding of people, honest people, to the party Xu Guoxin, reported to serve the country, firmly establish the “four consciousness”, consciously do “four obedience”, and resolutely safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee, And resolutely safeguard the general secretary of Xi Jinping in the Party Central Committee, at the core of the party. Ideals and beliefs are the foundation, to strengthen the Marxist belief, to strengthen the party spirit, continue to learn more Xi Jinping general secretary series of important speech spirit and the CPC Central Committee of the new concept of new ideas new strategy, firm “four self-confidence” Really understand really use. To strengthen moral cultivation, repair the minds of the Communists, adhere to the noble moral sentiments, clean and honest, clean officer as a political basis.

Civil law general on October 1 from the implementation of here to understand a Chinese life

                    (The original title: the Civil Code on October 1 from the implementation, here to understand a Chinese life)


October 1, the Civil Code will be implemented. Since then, a Chinese life may be so passed:

即便是母亲腹中的胎儿,如果有人向他(她)赠与财产,其权利也将受到法律的保护。 即便是母亲腹中的胎儿,如果有人向他(她)赠与财产,其权利也将受到法律的保护。

Even the mother’s belly, if someone to his (her) gift of property, its rights will also be protected by law.

民法总则10月1日起施行 在这里看懂一个中国人一生

born that moment, he (she) with parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and other relatives have a relationship. Although he (she) can not independently protect their own interests, but has entered the civil law general protection of the network.

8 years old, he (she) has the right to carry out some civil legal acts, and can spend money to buy snacks, students can also exchange with the class of similar toys, then he (she) Is in the contract, need to bear the corresponding responsibility.

With age, he (she) may make more and more important, more and more important contracts. He or she will attend some private interest courses or go to a private school while attending school, so that he or she will have more rights and obligations.


He (she) grows under the care, education and protection of parents or other guardians. If the school during the invention and creation, according to the general principles of civil law, but also be recognized and protected.

民法总则10月1日起施行 在这里看懂一个中国人一生

The General Regulations of the Chinese Civil Code on the special protection of minors’ civil rights are the leading in the world. In the minor period, if the parents do not have the responsibility, the law will be fair and, if necessary, revoke their parents’ guardianship and appoint new guardians. A child who has been sexually assaulted shall, after the age of 18 years of age, be held accountable for the liability of the infringing party.

民法总则10月1日起施行 在这里看懂一个中国人一生

18 years old, he (she) has been adult, can independently implement civil legal acts. He (she) can work independently, have the ownership of the income of labor, which will greatly stimulate his (her) enthusiasm to create wealth.

he (she) married, have children, resulting in new kinship. He (she) and family struggle, the pursuit of a happy life. Of course, during the period may also encounter some big and small troubles, such as marriage, property and child support disputes, friends borrow money 3 years do not return, personal photos were abused, upstairs residents of the air conditioning to the home……………. __ Drip … … how to solve these problems, can be found in the general principles of civil law basis.

民法总则10月1日起施行 在这里看懂一个中国人一生

If he (she) choose to start business, individual industrial and commercial households are civil subjects, which in the civil law to continue to consolidate. If he (she) lives in the countryside, is a village collective economic organization members, but also peace of mind engaged in production.

Rural collective economic organizations are granted legal personality by the general rule of civil law. Formed before the contract, property disposal and other problems, to solve the legal basis. He (she) can be subject to collective commission, to the bank in the name of the collective to open an account for the collective production and operation to provide greater convenience, we will have more legal protection of production.

民法总则10月1日起施行 在这里看懂一个中国人一生

This change has condensed the wisdom and wisdom of Chinese legislators. In accordance with the actual situation of China’s economic and social development, they have set up “special legal persons” outside the “profit-making legal person” and “non-profit corporation” after repeated consideration and adjustment of legal person classification. This is a major feature of the Chinese legal system.


Regardless of his or her civil activities, we must save resources and protect the ecological environment – this is the basic principles of the newly established civil law.


The 21st century is the Internet age. He (she) can enjoy the convenience of high-tech, personal data and network virtual property will be protected.


The courageous history has always been advocated by the Chinese culture, and the General Principles of Civil Law have also been encouraged. For example, if he (she) is injured in the rescue, you can get compensation.

people will eventually go. Children have support for their parents. Close relatives, neighborhood committees, village committees, civil affairs departments can also provide help, for monitoring.

民法总则10月1日起施行 在这里看懂一个中国人一生

he (she) will be accompanied by the guardian spent his later years, with dignity to finish life. Leaving the property, will be under the protection of the law in accordance with their wishes will be properly handled, even if the successor or recipient is still a mother’s belly fetus.

民法总则10月1日起施行 在这里看懂一个中国人一生

Army commander Han Weiguo to recruits comrades wrote a letter

                    (Original title: Army commander Han Weiguo to recruits comrades wrote a letter)


陆军司令员韩卫国给新兵写信 自述曾因吃罐头被批

Source | China Army (army81cn)

Tonghua municipal party committee secretary was investigated 2 years ago by the mayor in court to manipulate the stock

                    (The original title: “mayor in court to report the party secretary” incident in the party secretary Liu Baowei was investigated)

                                   (September 29) afternoon, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection official website forward Jilin Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection news, Jilin Province Investment Group Co., Ltd. Party committee secretary, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, Tonghua municipal Party committee secretary Liu Baowei suspected serious violation of discipline, is currently accept the organization review. Liu Baowei was born in November 1962, aged 55 years, from 2000 to 2008, former Jilin Provincial Department of Land and Resources Deputy Director, Director, from 2011 to April 2015 as Tonghua municipal party committee secretary, then transferred to the current position. Reporter noted that Liu Baowei in April 2015 by the Tonghua municipal party committee secretary transferred to Jilin Province Investment Group Co., Ltd. chairman, Tonghua City, an important incident occurred, the original mayor Tian Yulin was charged with the trial seat.

in Tonghua City, Liu Baowei and Tian Yulin took 4 years team. Tian Yulin, general manager of Tonghua City since 2010, was announced in April 2014. At the end of March 2015, Matsubara City Intermediate People’s Court held a public hearing of Tian Yulin bribery case, two months later, Tian Yulin convicted of bribery was sentenced to death.

It is noteworthy that the trial process, Tian Yulin several times when the report Tonghua municipal party committee secretary Liu Baowei. Tian Yulin lawyer said before the hearing, Tian Yulin wrote a letter of complaint, and handed over to the collegial panel, reported Liu Baowei have received bribes, embezzling state-owned assets, manipulation of stocks and other issues.

Provincial Committee held a Standing Committee resolutely support the CPC Central Committee on Sun Zhengcai serious violations of the case review and processing decisions

                    (The original title: the provincial party committee held a provincial leading cadres meeting resolutely support the central government of Sun Zhengcai serious violations of the decision)

                                   On September 29, the provincial party committee convened a meeting of leading cadres at the provincial level to convey the “Circular of the CPC Central Committee on the review of Sun Zhengcai ‘s serious violation of discipline and the decision on handling the decision”. Secretary of the provincial party committee bartender and vice president of the meeting and speak. At the meeting, everyone unanimously expressed their firm support for the central government to expel the party, expelled from the public office, and transferred to the judiciary according to the law of the decision to effectively integrate the ideas and actions to the central decision spirit, resolutely eliminate Sun Zhengcai poison, firmly establish the “four Consciousness, “and resolutely safeguarded the central authority and centralized leadership with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, and firmly maintained a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. It is unanimous that Sun Zhengcai’s serious violation of the case is a very typical party’s senior cadres to abandon the Marxist faith, serious violations of political discipline, discipline, mass discipline, work discipline, clean discipline, life discipline, “ten must” , “Seven have” everything is typical of the case. Sun Zhengcai’s serious misconduct completely deviated from the party’s nature and purpose, seriously undermined the unity and unity of the party, seriously corrupting the party’s body, seriously damaged the party and the country image, the impact is very bad, the lesson is extremely profound. In particular, Sun Zhengcai served as secretary of the provincial party committee in Jilin Province, director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress. During his stay in Jilin Province, he ignored the development of Jilin’s cause and was only responsible for the promotion of Jilin’s political ecology, which caused bad influence. Big damage. The party Central Committee with the core of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core insists that the party must hold the party and strictly rule the party and resolutely punish the firm determination of corruption. It is fully demonstrated that the Party’s central government, Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the party Central Committee resolutely safeguard the authority of the CPC Central Committee and centralized leadership of the clear attitude; fully embodies our party to safeguard the party discipline, resolutely clear the cancer, self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, self-improvement of political courage and ability to play The We all agreed that we must learn from the deep and complex tasks and the arduous and arduous tasks faced by the Party’s work and clean government, and fully assume that we should take the political responsibility of the Party in an all-round way, Fully implement the spirit of the central “briefing” to reverse the typical mirror, and strive to promote the comprehensive and strict development of the party.

The meeting stressed the need for a clear-cut political and resolute maintenance of the central authority and centralized leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the cause of our party and the state has been able to achieve groundbreaking achievements and historic changes. In the final analysis, it is the result of the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. We must resolutely and resolutely maintain the core position of General Secretary Xi Jinping, firmly establish the “four consciousness”, firmly believe in the core of the full trust, deeply agree with the core of the core, politically resolutely safeguard the core, the organization consciously obey the core, action Always keep up with the core, resolutely with the comrades as comrades as the core of the party to maintain a high degree of consistency. To thoroughly and completely eliminate Sun Zhengcai poison, determined to draw a line in the ideological, and effectively enhance the political alertness and discernment, and always firmly establish the political ideals, stand the political stance, the quasi-political direction, always do the political understanding of people. Second, we must continue to strengthen the party spirit temper, and further strengthen the Marxist belief in faith. Always learn to learn the general secretary of the series of important speech and the new concept of new ideas and new ideas as a standpoint of ideological and political security, in-depth study and comprehend through the firm belief, history, for the people feelings, pragmatic style and scientific thinking Method, firmly establish the correct concept of political achievements, and constantly improve the level of party spirit, for the government to Germany, strict to self-cultivation, strict with the right, strict law has, tighten the world outlook, outlook on life, values ​​of the “total switch”, repaired the Communists Of the “heart”, to keep the spiritual home of the Communists, to maintain a clean and honest political character, as the ideological political action on the qualified, excellent party members and leading cadres. Third, we must persevere in the party’s political life, to build a healthy and honest political ecology. Seriously Administering the Party from the Political Life of the Party. Party members and leading cadres, especially senior cadres, must profoundly draw lessons from Sun Zhengcai’s case, strictly abide by the principles of party constitution and inner-party political life, earnestly implement the principle of democratic centralism, use the regular means of organizing life, criticize and criticize this sharp weapon , To effectively improve the quality and effectiveness of organizational life, to solve the political life of the party vulgarization, arbitrary, engage in “small circle” and other issues, and effectively enhance the party’s political life of the political, the times, principles, The Fourth, we must strictly the party’s political discipline and political rules, and continue to strengthen the construction of style. To firmly establish the sense of discipline and rules, adhere to the party spirit, political consciousness, organizational concept strict demands on themselves, consciously abide by the party discipline, adhere to discipline in front of equality, discipline is not privileged, there is no exception to the implementation of discipline. And resolutely ensure that the central government decree, so that the party Central Committee to promote the resolute response, the party Central Committee decided to resolutely implement the party Central Committee to prohibit the determination, never allow “on the policy, under the countermeasures”, never allowed to make no, There is no more than, never allowed “seven have” in Jilin. We must strengthen the style of construction, strict implementation, the full implementation of the central eight provisions of the spirit, the continued release of discipline must be strict, discipline must study the strong signal, thorough investigation of the central request turned a deaf ear against the behavior, and resolutely prevent the “four winds” The problem bounced back. Five to adhere to the general strict rule of the party forever on the road, always maintain the trend of anti-corruption high pressure situation. To earnestly Sun Zhengcai serious violation of the case as a negative teaching materials, without loosening to continue to increase anti-corruption efforts to focus on maintaining anti-corruption situation, and resolutely win the fight against corruption this tough battle. Party committees and the Commission for Discipline Inspection at all levels should conscientiously implement the responsibilities of the main body and supervise the responsibility, layers of conduction responsibility and pressure, adhere to the no restricted area, full coverage, zero tolerance, and really have to be punished, To strengthen the party members and cadres, especially the “key minority” of education, management and supervision, especially the provincial cadres to be more stringent requirements of their own, when a good example, play a good demonstration of the leading role. To the system construction as a fundamental, to the system construction to long-term, efforts to build can not do not want to rot do not want to rot the institutional mechanisms to eradicate the breeding of corruption and unhealthy soil.

The State Council issued a document to cancel the 52 administrative licensing matters

                    (Original title: cancellation of a number of administrative licensing matters)

                                   Beijing, 29 September (Xinhua) – The State Council recently issued the Decision on the Cancellation of Administrative Licensing Matters (hereinafter referred to as the “Decision”), and decided to cancel a number of administrative examination and approval matters of the State Council and the Central Committee of the People’s Republic of China. Designation of local administrative licensing matters.

“Decision” clear, the abolition of 40 departments of the State Council administrative examination and approval matters, including:

First, the market has the ability to self-regulation matters. The relevant departments of the management functions focus on the development of industry standards, to strengthen the ex post facto supervision, punish illegal acts, maintaining market order. Such as the abolition of housing urban and rural construction of the “property service enterprise qualification qualification”, the government departments are no longer identified on the enterprise qualification, to speed up the improvement of property service standards and norms. Construction departments through the “double random, an open” spot checks, the establishment of “blacklist”, information disclosure, and promote self-discipline and other ways to achieve regulatory purposes.

Second, the same department on the same content to repeat the approval of the matter. Cancel the repeated examination and approval, reduce the approval link, strengthen the approval of the entry and exit matters to prevent the occurrence of regulatory blind spots. Such as the Ministry of Water Resources “construction project water resources demonstration report approval” and “water abstraction permit” approval repeat, cancel the “construction project water resources demonstration report approval.”

Thirdly between the departments in series for approval matters. Will be approved by the multi-channel approval of the main responsibility for the approval of a department, no longer the implementation of the approval of the department responsible for the development of industry standards, by the approval department according to the standard specification check gate checks, encountered special problems through internal consultation. Such as the abolition of the Forestry Bureau “in the desertification of land within the scope of the protection of protected areas within the construction of railways, highways and other construction activities approved” to the Forestry Bureau to develop the relevant industry standards, railway, highway and other construction project approval departments in accordance with standards for approval, and to seek forestry sector opinion.

“Decision” clear, the cancellation of 12 central designated places to implement administrative licensing matters, including: First, the abolition of some of the higher gold content, involving the production and operation, personal employment business matters. Such as the abolition of the fisheries authorities in charge of the “domestic marine fishery ship system radio license approval.” Second, the abolition of some duplicate approval matters. Such as the approval and content of the approval of the marine engineering demolition or alteration of his use of the marine administrative department, with the approval of the environmental impact report of the marine engineering construction project, cancel the removal or alteration of the alteration or alteration of the marine project. Third, the abolition of the State Council department administrative licensing matters at the same time, the corresponding central designated place to implement administrative licensing matters together into the scope of the study, after the argument must be canceled, and be canceled. Such as the Ministry of Land and Resources and local land departments have the “geological prospecting qualification approval”, enterprises reflect the larger, that the geological exploration units can be the main choice of the main market, this time in the country from top to bottom linkage, simultaneous cancellation.

“Decision” requirements, the reform of the departments involved in the decision from the date of publication within 20 working days, the appropriate disclosure of the rules of the public to the public, to strengthen publicity to ensure the implementation. All regions and departments should pay close attention to the work of convergence, earnestly implement the duties of supervision after the matter, and resolutely safeguard the fair and equitable market order.

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