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Office officials sitting on three mistresses, including a mistress to send him over a million items

                    (Original title: Office officials sitting on three mistresses, one of the recent exposure)


Legal Evening News · Opinion News In September 2017, Zhao Jin, former full-time deputy director of the Economic Commission of the Political Consultative Conference in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, was doubly open. Official disclosure, this person and the three women on the right color, money color transactions.

Views News reporters noted that a few days ago, one of his mistresses committed bribes and bribery was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. The woman, named Li Runzhi, is 17 years younger than Zhao Jin and has maintained 11 years of illicit sexual relations.

厅官坐拥3名情妇 其中1位情妇为拿项目送他超百万

take the project to take mine, she gave her lover over one million

December 25, 2017, Lee Yoon branches for taking bribes 1.5 million yuan (1.4 million prior to the incident refund), bribes 1.29 million yuan , Was first instance sentenced Hohhot Court 6 years. And her bribery object, it is Zhao Jin.

In the early winter of 2004, 47-year-old Zhao Jin met his younger brother Li Run-zi, 17, through his uncle’s younger brother and developed into a lover relationship with her. This relationship lasted 11 years. In the meantime, in order to seek help in the contract construction projects, Li Runzhi had once co-operated with others for a total of 1.29 million yuan in bribing Zhao Jin.

In the first half of 2005, Li Runzhi and his cousin Renmou planned to explore the partnership with the Youzhong Banner. We hope that Zhao Jin, then party chief of the Chayouzhong Banner, will be able to provide assistance in the vetting, development and land acquisition of prospecting rights. care.

During the process of prospecting warrants, Zhao Jin borrowed 160,000 yuan from Li Runzhi in the name of an urgent affair of his relatives. In 2007, the copper project has begun to benefit. In order to thank it, Li Runzhi met Zhao Jin at the hotel and packed 500,000 cash in a bag to give each other.

厅官坐拥3名情妇 其中1位情妇为拿项目送他超百万

In March 2013, Li Runzhi, in order to undertake a greening project, found Zhao Jin with others. After successfully winning the bid, she gave Zhao Jin a fine of 630,000 yuan. As for the acceptance of bribes, in May 2010, Zhao Jin served as deputy mayor of Wulanchabu. Li Run-twig entrusted to help Zhang contract road construction, which sent 1.5 million.

Who knows due to objective reasons, the project bidding again, the Zhang failed to win the project. Zhao Jin asked Li Run-stick refund the goodwill in kind. As a result, she deducted 10 million yuan, back to Zhang a total of 1.4 million yuan.

Two Losing Offices Each Has 3 Mistresses

In January 2017, the 60-year-old Zhao Jin Yin was suspected of being seriously disciplined and underwent an organizational investigation. According to public information, he was born in February 1957 and has worked in Ulan Qab for a long time, leading to the deputy mayor. In September 2015, it formally relegated to the second line.

View News reporters found that a month after he stepped back, he ended up 11 years of illicit sexual relations with Li Runzhi.

Then, in September 2017, Zhao Jin was doubly open. The circular pointed out that this person, in addition to collecting money, collecting gifts and abusing his power, also conducted the right transactions with three women. It must be pointed out that, in recent years, it is not uncommon to be informed of officials who have maintained unfair relations with women. However, it is rare for the number of persons named in the circular.

In December 2017, Zhao Jin was arrested for taking bribes, neglecting his work, and convicting a large number of unidentified property. The case was investigated by the People’s Procuratorate of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and transferred to the People’s Procuratorate of Hohhot for examination and prosecution. At present, there is no public hearing of the case open information.

厅官坐拥3名情妇 其中1位情妇为拿项目送他超百万

Chinese Embassy in Cambodia Reminds Chinese Tourists: Respect for Local Religion and Customs

                    (Original title: Chinese Embassy in Cambodia reminds Chinese tourists to respect local religions and customs)


资料图:上千名各国游客早早守候在柬埔寨暹粒景点——吴哥窟,守候观看日出。中新社记者 洪坚鹏 摄 Information Figure: Thousands of tourists from all over the world waiting in early Siem Reap, Cambodia – Angkor Wat, waiting to see the sunrise. Xinhua News Agency, Hong Jianpeng photo

Xinhua Phillip January 29 (Xinhua) China’s Embassy in Cambodia’s Royal Embassy in Siem Reap, 29, reminds Chinese tourists to respect local religions and customs.

Consular Office of the Chinese Embassy to Cambodia in Siem Reap reminded that each country has certain customs and habits in the formation of its historical and cultural development and has become the behavioral pattern or social norms that people of all ages in a particular social and cultural area have always adhered to. One of them has behavioral control.

Cambodia is a Buddhist country where Buddhists are sacred on the head and taboo others to touch with their hands, even if they touch the head of a child. People think that the left hand dirty, avoid using left hand delivery or access. It is rude to sit on the floor and swing your toes at others. Offenders can cause resentment of local people, may be fined, detained and even deported by law and other legal consequences.

Beijing Municipal CPPCC members: should be exempt from the second child family personal income tax

                    (Original title: Liao Li-chun Committee: reduction of two-child family personal income tax)


(Reporter Peng Xiaofei) CPPCC member, Beijing into Liao Lichung, vice president of noble research this year’s proposal is proposed for the second child family relief personal income tax. Liao’s member said that with the liberalization of the second child policy, some families started to choose two children. More children, living expenses will naturally increase, the income will be relatively reduced. At the same time, some families who are going to have their second child are also waiting to see. After all, the cost of their second child is not a small sum of money. From basic necessities such as milk powder, diapers and clothes to education and interest classes, at least Spend a thousand more.

Sixty percent of Taiwan people dissatisfied with Cai’s cross-Strait policy to create a new high in office

                    (Original title: Liu Cheng Taiwanese public dissatisfaction Tsai English cross-Strait policy to create a new high office)



overseas online January 28 electric “Taiwan public opinion Foundation” announced that the latest poll January 28 showed that about two-thirds of people dissatisfied with the performance of Tsai Ing-wen’s cross-strait policy, setting a new high since it took office . Taiwan’s opinion-based foundation believes that after Tsai Ing-wen took office, the relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait evidently regressed. They negotiated and closed their doors. Mainland tourists visiting Taiwan were sharply reduced, leaving Taiwan’s tourism industry behind the scenes.

According to a report by Hong Kong East Network on “Tsai Ing-wen both sides of the strait and economic performance” by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and People’s Livelihood, a press conference was held on January 28 at alumni association of the National Taiwan University. According to the final poll results, 30.8% of respondents are basically satisfied with Tsai Ing-wen’s cross-Strait policy performance, but 59.6% are dissatisfied, of whom 24.6% are even more strongly dissatisfied. Younger Long pointed out that nearly 60% of the people in the Mainland are dissatisfied with Tsai Ing-wen’s cross-Strait policy performance and set a record high of unsatisfactory proportions since taking office.

Qinghai Yushu 7.1 earthquake 8 years after the situation now how?

                    (Original title: Yushu earthquake for 8 years, do you think “rescue” is over?)



April 14, 2010

Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu City earthquake of magnitude 7.1

worst earthquake disaster casualties and missing three thousand

This is the second earthquake occurred in China

Staged scenes again

8 years have passed

Do you think the rescue is over?

After the Yushu earthquake in 2010, with the strong support of the country and the community, in order to support the reconstruction of the disaster-hit areas, strengthen the training of qualified personnel and raise the standard of education, Yushu Prefecture has set up ” Yushu class “, 4,000 high school students went all over the country to accept more quality education.

Thousands of miles escort, never stopped in 8 years

We are not talking about their schooling story today. Due to Xining to Yushu barrier train, these students go home by winter and summer vacation each can only take the train to reach Xining, Qinghai Province, and then take a car to complete the Xining to Yushu nearly 800 kilometers away, but the road from Xining to Yushu often have snow in winter, To cross a few high mountains.

In order to ensure the safety of children, Qinghai provincial government organized traffic police, education, transport management and other departments, pumping the best driver and the best vehicles for transshipment, traffic police throughout the journey with the escort, this Escort operations have been carried out for 8 years. This year, 2,195 students will return to their hometown of Yushu to spend the New Year with their families in Yushu. From January 13, 2018, Yushu state traffic police, education, transport management and other departments to participate in the escort throughout the escort, escort these batches of 16 batches of passenger bus from Xining in Qinghai Province to return home Yushu.

800 km

January 25, attended high school in Hubei Linghu 282 Qinghai Yushu membership sophomore students take the K624 train punctuality from Wuchang to Da Xining, which is this year across the country attending Yushu students to focus Returned to the most recent batch of New Year.

Qinghai Provincial Public Security Traffic Police Corps and traffic police detachment Yushu organized police and bus team to meet at Xining Railway Station.

青海玉树7.1级地震8年后 如今情况怎么样了?

On January 25, 282 students took photos at Xining Railway Station.

At noon of the 25th, at 12:30 on the 25th, with the help of two police cars, the seven buses set foot on the end of their return home 800 km journey.

282 students returning from Hubei are among the 16 students who returned to Yushu this year, and the number of traffic police, teachers and drivers involved in the escort was There are nearly 300 people, , Eating on the go is a problem.

Time constraints and conditions are limited, in order to allow children to eat a hot meal during this 800 km journey, drink a hot water, Yushu Traffic Police informed the situation in advance, the service area prepared in advance Water for 300 people.

青海玉树7.1级地震8年后 如今情况怎么样了?
students in the public service area seating for dinner (rice is very simple, but guaranteed to be hot)

escort faced another problem that day there will be snow in Yushu, snow will not affect traffic on the road There is a big unknown.

青海玉树7.1级地震8年后 如今情况怎么样了?
On January 21, heavy snowfall was encountered on the way back and the escorting police car fell into the snow.

As the team continued to drive into the depths of the plateau and the altitude was rising, snow covered the road when the convoy went into Maduo County . Under the guidance of the police car, the convoy passed along the center of the road where it had melted and passed with caution. After entering the Bayan Harness area, the snow gradually dissipated on the road surface, but the altitude was still rising further. Encountered yet fully melted ice and snow

an altitude of 4829 meters

In addition to distance, but also the team above sea level over 4300 meters above sea Ginger Ridge Road, 4400 meters of Hubei sa

青海玉树7.1级地震8年后 如今情况怎么样了?
when the team entered the territory of Golog prefecture Madoi , 4829 meters above sea level, Bayanhar Mountains and other high mountains, the need to deal with the threat of altitude sickness

At 10:00 PM on the 25th, when the convoy was about to reach the Bayan Ka Pass, 4829 meters above sea level, the police and teachers participating in the escort were most worried about what happened.

A girl developed altitude sickness, a headache, and a weakness. Although the children are native to Yushu, they may return to plateau after a period of studying and living in the plains. Escorted the traffic police informed of this situation, immediately come up with oxygen prepared in advance. After oxygen, the girl’s condition a little better, the traffic police put the girl back from the bus to the police car, leaving the team quickly rushed to Yushu. After

青海玉树7.1级地震8年后 如今情况怎么样了?
girl altitude sickness, traffic police immediately come prepared in advance oxygen

13 hours

the way, many children use the phone operation is very skilled, they made a lot of short video all the way home, Coupled with your favorite music, revealed the excitement and joy coming home.

High school sophomore eight classes of public security is a staggering, handsome guy does not like talking, most of the time are quietly watching a cell phone or a break. And reporters slowly familiar with the public security began to show reporters his friends circle collection, his family, friends, school life and his favorite songs, apparel ….. Public Security also registered a Taobao account, usually will buy some My favorite clothes, before returning home to buy some gifts to their families. However, he was wearing a Tibetan garment or he would not forget his hometown.

They not only learned the textbook in the Mainland, but also broadened their horizons and kept up with the trend.

At 0:50 on the 26th, drove 800 km over the source of the Yellow River and crossed 4829 meters above sea level at Bayan Har pass , After 13 hours of long journey , 282 students finally arrived at 1:00 on the 26th Return to the long-awaited hometown.

青海玉树7.1级地震8年后 如今情况怎么样了?
At 1:00 on January 26, the return fleet safely arrived Yushu

Parents who have been waiting for a long time immediately surrounded to help their children take their luggage. And all the way to escort the children’s traffic police and the teacher’s neck, also hung up with the representatives of parents thanked Hadha.

青海玉树7.1级地震8年后 如今情况怎么样了?

Along the way, escort the children’s traffic police and the teacher’s neck covered with thanksgivings from the delegates of the parents.

When the public security father has waited for a long time, he goes to his house and picks up the hot buns and beef broth to welcome the son who returns from a long absence.

青海玉树7.1级地震8年后 如今情况怎么样了?
On the early morning of January 26, after the public security home and family members embrace

Beihai, Guangxi fishing boat fire course blocking the North Sea to Weizhou flight delays

                    (Original title: Guangxi Beihai fishing boat caused by waterway blockage Beihai to Weizhou flight delays)


广西北海渔船起火致航道堵塞北海至涠洲岛航班延误 The picture shows the fishing boat. BEIJING, January 28 (Xinhua) A wooden fishing boat in Beihai City, Guangxi Province, suddenly caught fire on the 28th, causing a blockage in the Beihai International Passenger Port and delays in the flight from Beihai to Weizhou. After the incident, the local emergency plan to start the disposal, cancel today’s flights to Weizhou Island, and sufficient capacity to transport nearly 3,000 tourists on the island safe return.

图为消防官兵正在灭火。 高凯 摄 The picture shows the fire officers and soldiers are fighting fire.

About 4:30 am that day, the accident occurred at the Overseas Chinese Port of Beihai. A wooden tugboat, about 29 meters long and 5.5 meters wide, suddenly caught fire. Fortunately no one was trapped. After receiving the alarm from the masses, the command center of the Beihai Fire Brigade immediately dispatched three fire fighting formations, six fire engines, one fireboat and 42 officers and soldiers to the scene to put out the fighting.

图为事故现场。 高凯 摄 The picture shows the scene of the accident.

fire officers and soldiers involved in the rescue, fire fishing boats at the same time around a dozen boats of different sizes. At that time, the fire was bigger. On the shore, there was a dozen meters of fire and the smoke was clearly visible. Once the fire spread to other vessels, may lead to the consequences of fire camp.

After the incident, some fishing vessels were worried about being affected by the fire. As a result, shipowners unwound their cables, resulting in blockage of the North Sea International Passenger Port Channel and delayed flights from North Sea to Weizhou Island.

Relevant person in charge of Beibu Gulf Tourism Co., Ltd. introduced that at about 8:00 of the same day, the ship still could not normally enter and leave the port. To ensure the safety of the ship, the company canceled the flight to Weizhou Island today. After the flight is adjusted, the company will issue a notification as soon as possible to handle zero refund for refund passengers, meanwhile inform the tourists on-site repeatedly by broadcasting and arrange for the transfer of tourists.

图为航道已疏通。 钟欣 摄 The picture shows the waterway has been dredged.

When the new governor took a walk to see this scene quickly take pictures and send friends circle

                    (The original title: what the new governor took when walking, also made a circle of friends)


“Winter in Northeast China was not as cold as imagined.” Jing Junhai, acting governor and deputy governor of Jilin Province, who just took office, said that once he went to the square for a walk in the cold night and saw hundreds of people jumping around in the lively dance of the square , There are people who insist on “runaway.” So he “hurried to shoot these pictures sent to a circle of friends.” Jing Junhai

On the 27th, Jing Junhai talked about this trivial matter when he joined the first meeting of the 12th committee of the CPPCC in Jilin Province. At this meeting, members from the democratic parties, sectors of science and technology and science and technology association spoke on the strategy of innovation-driven and talent development in Jilin Province. Some members directly pointed out the pain of the brain drain in Jilin. Jing Junhai felt, and the spot promised “our environment must be changed, we must be able to change.”

Although it is not long time for Beijing to get into Kyrgyzstan, Jing Junhai understands the current situation of the brain drain in Jilin. “We have comparative advantages but not absolute. We are still the” Peacock Nanfei “.

He analyzed that many northeast people chose to leave their homeland to go to the south and people in other places did not want to come to the northeast. The objective reason was that the climate was cold and the subjective reasons were the inadequate policy environment and institutional mechanisms.

Therefore, “see the trick” is the best way to solve the problem. Jing Junhai mentioned that he had been to Changchun for many years and was one of those harsh winter months in ice and snow. However, none of the experts, scholars and entrepreneurs of that colleague felt that it was too cold. “None of the people who work really well Feel that people have nothing to do cold, which is related to the state of mind, “he said.

How can we mobilize the subjective initiative of black earth talent?

The first step is to keep the talent above the black land first. Jing Junhai sighed. “We have a good foundation and a lot of talents, but we really have a lot of losses. The number of people we flow in each year is fifty or sixty thousand, but the number of people flowing out is nearly five hundred thousand. Therefore, some people say that even sparrows go This sentence seems to be an exaggeration, but it is very realistic, so we should have the opportunity to develop and make the best use of institutional and policy environment. “

How to Rebuild the Development Environment According to Jing Junhai’s government work report Find clues.

In his report, Jing Junhai repeatedly mentioned the issue of talent. He emphasized that one of the ten “unswerving” efforts of the provincial government in 2018 is to unswervingly push forward the construction of a province of strong innovation and a strong province of talent. Accelerate the pace of technological innovation and strengthen the building of qualified personnel.

For science and technology professionals, Jing Junhai expressed his belief that innovation should be the first driver of development and the first resource should be supported by talent. A number of outstanding entrepreneurs should be trained to establish a coordinated service mechanism for various types of people at all levels to form Knowledge, love, use only, capacity only, gather only the strong atmosphere.

The governor of Chang’an Avenue noticed that for the three northeastern provinces, how to keep their talents well and well and to become an imminent and important issue in Chengdu.

In Heilongjiang Province, Governor Lu Hao stated in his government work report that the new advantageous resources and advantageous industries under the change of the traditional economy in the province and the domestic economic development should be merged with the emerging new business models of new technologies and new industries, and the industrial transformation will continue to be promoted And innovative entrepreneurship, to attract retain more valuable personnel.

新任省长散步时看到这一幕 赶紧拍照还发了朋友圈 Lu Hao for Work Report of the Government

Earlier this year, some entrepreneurs have hated themselves through the Internet for their unfair treatment in Heilongjiang. In this regard, Lu Hao bluntly: a few black sheep can not deny us to optimize the development environment of hard work and positive changes, we can only make a more awakened, more enhanced combat effectiveness, and more firmly promote the construction of the rule of law, to create a comprehensive revitalization of the development of good environment determination and will. If we do not accept any handouts and do not converge and destroy the development environment in Heilongjiang, we will certainly be severely punished by law and justice if we openly challenge the common interests of the people in the province.

Liu Wei served as chairman of Henan Provincial CPPCC Henan Provincial CPPCC later party secretary

                    (Former title: Liu Wei was elected chairman of Henan Province CPPCC)


Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, January 28 The 1st plenary session of the 12th Committee of Henan Province of the CPPCC National Committee was held on January 28 for the election of Liu Wei as the chairman of the provincial CPPCC Committee. Li Yingjie, Gong Liqun, Zhang Yazhong, Gao Tjian, Qian Guoyu, Zhou Chunyan, Xie Yuan, Zhang Zhenyu, Liu Jiongtian is the vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC. (End)

Liu resume:

刘伟任河南省政协主席 此前任河南省政协党组书记

Liu Wei, male, Han nationality, born in March 1958, Shandong Tengzhou people, the Central Party School university education, in April 1977 to work in 1980 March joined the Chinese Communist Party.

From April 1977 to February 1978, secretary of Zhangzhuang Brigade, Zhang Zhuang Brigade, Liangzhuang County, Anhui Province, secretary of Brigade Youth League;

From February 1978 to February 1980, Bengbu Normal School student in Anhui Province;

From February 1980 to January 1981, secretary of the Communist Youth League of Bengbu Normal School in Anhui Province;

From January 1981 to November 1982, Secretary of Communist Party Committee Office of Bengbu Education College in Anhui Province, secretary of Communist Youth League;

From November 1982 to 1985 October, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, secretary;

October 1985 to July 1987, deputy secretary of Guzhen County, Anhui Province;

July 1987 to December 1993, Anhui Provincial Party Committee Deputy secretary, member of the party group;

From December 1993 to September 1994, deputy secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee and deputy party secretary; 7_ 89456_30_65473_9

From September 1994 to April 1995, Secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee and Party Secretary;

From April 1995 to January 1996, Deputy Secretary of Wuhu Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor of Anhui Province;

January 1996 To February 1998, deputy secretary of Wuhu City, Anhui Province, the mayor;

February 1998 to May 1998, party secretary Wuhu, Anhui Province, mayor;

Jiangsu escaped major espionage case: two people were sued by Taiwan’s military intelligence

                    (Original title: heavy! Mainland China major military espionage cases were cracked, the two were indicted!)

                                   According to Hong Kong’s Dagong net reported January 28, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Procuratorate Liu Hua revealed on the 28th, Jiangsu Province uncovered a major espionage case to provide military intelligence to Taiwan, two The suspect has been prosecuted, and the case is currently before the court.

重磅!大陆破获重大涉台军事间谍案 两人被诉 Source: Jiangsu Attorney-line micro-channel public number

Liu day when a work report at a meeting of the Thirteenth People’s Congress of Jiangsu Province on said last year, Jiangsu prosecutors investigating crimes threatening state security law, to carry out anti-secession, Anti-infiltration, anti-subversion, anti-cult struggle and counter-rumor propaganda campaign to prosecute 146 cases of crimes against national security and use of cult organizations to destroy 146 cases of 255 people. Among them, the Procuratorate of Suzhou prosecuted Ma Liangliang, Liang Xin to the outside world to provide military intelligence major espionage case.

重磅!大陆破获重大涉台军事间谍案 两人被诉 On January 28, at the first meeting of the 13th People’s Congress of Jiangsu Province, Liu Hua, Procurator General of Jiangsu Province People’s Procuratorate, made a report on the work of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Procuratorate.

Engineering arrears twenty years, when the policy to emergency?

                    (The original title: engineering arrears twenty years, when the policy to emergency?)


Recently, Mr. Liu, a resident of Pingshan Town, Lingshan County, Guangxi Province, reported that in 1995, he and his friends brought with them three funds to construct the Tianshan Middle School Teacher Dormitory in Tanwei County, Lingshan County. The school is a newly built school. Delivery to the school. However, as of now, the school still owes them more than 600,000 yuan in construction and interest. (January 2, South China Morning Post)


In the rule of law society that vigorously advocates good faith as the foundation, we can not believe such wonderful things as the “default of 21 years due to school loans”.


In 1995, Mr. Liu and two men took part in the construction of a Tianshan Middle School faculty dormitory and a fence. In 1997, faculty dormitories and walls were all completed and delivered. When Mr. Liu and others wanted to pay for the project, the school said there was not so much money and it could only end up in parts every few years. By 2008, the school paid a total of more than 160,000 yuan, just settled the wall of the project payments. After 2008, Mr. Liu went to ask the school for money, the school never took a penny to them. During these years, every time Mr. Liu went to the school to ask, the school officials all claimed that they had no money and suggested that he ask the education department and the finance department, but he did not ask for any money either. It can be said that Mr. Liu begged to arrears road full of helplessness and hardships.


And has not been able to solve Mr. Liu’s debt problems, the local education department also seems very “helpless.” Lingshan County Bureau of Education officials give a “confidently” reason – “Tianshan secondary school belongs to the ‘Plum Nine’ schools in 2008 after the audit of ‘General Nine’ debt, the teaching building, walls and other projects in line with the clean-up range, so to solve , But the teacher dormitory built by Mr. Liu is not included in the scope of clean-up to resolve the debt, and now can only wait for the relevant policies out of the situation similar to Mr. Liu, Lingshan County currently owes more than 20 million yuan. “The original local The relevant departments of the “debt” phenomenon has long been commonplace, no wonder Mr Liu’s debt problem has always been a long dead.


It should be said that at that time, Mr. Liu took the funds to build a staff dormitory, which was definitely directed at the school’s promise – “Every building one floor, it will end up part of the money.” “After the building is completed, all the construction funds will be fully settled.” , Otherwise who would be indubitably to do this loss of trading it? I do not know where the dormitory was built for delivery and the project was delayed for about 21 years. Users can not help but ask, when the school’s “Promise” went to where?


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