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Visa to the United States and then tightened: entry within 3 months can not change the marriage and work status

                    (Original title: visa to the United States and then tightening: entry in March can not change the marriage and working conditions)


Since the US President Trump took office, the US visa issued by the policy is continuing to tighten.

Now, the new rules come again! According to the New York Times on the 19th, US Secretary of State Rex T. Tillerson (Rex W. Tillerson) recently in a statement to all the staff of the US embassy, ​​said the immigration will develop a new access threshold, That is, the future holders of legal visa to enter the United States of the people, within three months of entry shall not change the residence plan, including marriage with the United States citizens, reading and work.

Tillerson said in the message that if unauthorized changes will be considered “deliberately lying”, and if the violation of this provision, the applicant will be difficult to extend or change the visa, and may be repatriated directly.

In addition, if the change plan is still in doubt after three months, it will not be defaulted to “deliberately misleading” or “deliberately lying” to the immigration office.

US Immigration Reform spokesman Ira Mehlman said the members of the organization would actively support the amendment, saying that this would be effective in preventing immigration laws from being abused.

波士顿国际机场的抵达航站楼 图自《纽约时报》 arrival at the Boston International Airport from the “New York Times”

Abe calls for pressure on DPRK Foreign Ministry: dialogue is the only viable way

                    (The original title: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: dialogue to solve the DPRK nuclear issue is the only feasible way)

                                   On the 20th of the local time, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in a speech at the UN General Assembly in New York that attempts to resolve the peninsula nuclear issue through dialogue would fall short and call on all countries to join forces to put pressure on North Korea. At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today (21), the spokesman said that China insists that the peaceful settlement of the Peninsula nuclear issue is the only viable way.

The parrot imitates the master’s voice and successfully buys a gift box on the net

                    (Original title: stunned! British parrot imitation master voice in the online success of the single)


Parrot “Buddy” by imitating the host voice, the success of the online order. According to the British “Sun” reported on September 20, recently, a parrot actually by imitating the owner’s voice in the official website of the Amazon successful orders………….

This parrot is called “Buddy”, which at Amazon has successfully set the value of 10 pounds (about 89 yuan) gift box.

An immigrant vessel sank over 100 immigrants in the Libyan waters

                    (Original title: an immigrant vessel in Libya sank more than 100 immigrants missing)

                                   According to Agence France-Presse news, a ship full of immigrants in the Libyan waters sank, more than 100 immigrants missing.

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur religious school to 23 dead fire is man-made arson

                    (Original title: Malaysia confirmed school fire for arson)


KUALA LUMPUR, September 21 (Xinhua) The Malaysian fire department announced on the 21st, after investigation, 14 Kuala Lumpur religious school fire for human arson.

Retired veteran Barack Obama has three entries for $ 7 million

                    (The original title: 3 speech 1.2 million US knife, retired veteran Obama smoking gold surgery)


These two days, Trump’s General Assembly (United Nations General Assembly) first speech attracted a lot of attention. Japan, Syria, Iran, Venezuela was he over the times, but also Namibia (Namibia) read into Nambia, pocketed the eye…………..

Listen to the White House chief of staff John Kelly are embarrassed to help his head.

退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元

On the other side, his predecessor has recently come to the public because of the frequent introduction of speech. Last month, Obama made a speech to the northern trust corp on Wall Street and charged $ 400,000.

Last week, he was in the private fund giant Carly Group (Carly Group) conference speech, but not publicly reported.

Next week, he will also give a speech at a three-day event at the financial services company Cantor Fitzgerald.

退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元

CEO Howard Rutnick said:

(that Obama will deliver a speech) Everyone wants to come. We hope to discuss the parity medical bill in an interesting way (ie, Obama health care reform), I think it is cool.

Foreigners (micro-ID: xjb-waishier) see that these three speeches will bring $ 1.2 million in revenue to Obama, which is $ 400,000 for a single presentation.

You know, when he was the annual salary of only $ 400,000.

This is not the first time Obama “retired” after the speech to make money.

In April this year, he was able to earn $ 400,000 in an event organized by a company called the A u0026 amp; E Networks wired site for 90 minutes and attended the event and talked to historians for 90 minutes. He said that Obama will donate $ 2 million from the lecture revenue to the Chicago project, which aims to provide employment training and employment opportunities for low-income youth.

Despite this, there are still many people questioning Obama’s move.

When Obama announced that he would attend the activities of Cantor Fitzgerald, Democratic Senator Sanders considered it a “unfortunate” thing.

退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元

He said that this is the embodiment of Wall Street’s power and money influence politics.

Many Democrats are also worried that although Obama is no longer president, but still have some influence. His cooperation with Wall Street may be in conflict with his previous position, perhaps the same mistakes Hillary.

and so on, this off Hilary things?

last year during the election, Hillary because of the Wall Street speech made pottery full of other candidates attacked.

There are media statistics, 2013 to 2015, Hillary to the banks, financial services, made 92 lectures, two years received 21.6 million US dollars in revenue.

Trump to borrow a large number of Hillary is out of line with the ordinary people of the elitist.

But Obama is not the same, he has been civilians themselves.

During his tenure, he criticized Wall Street bankers for their role in the global financial crisis. The US government also pursued a series of policies that tried to get those big banks obedient.

退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元 退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元

However, in the end, no CEO of a large company is responsible for this, Obama also vetoed the Democratic Party to bankrupt bankruptcy proposal, and through government funding “save” a lot of big financial companies.

So, Obama retreated to follow Wall Street so close, many people expressed disappointment.

World: After Hillary hits the story of Goldman Sachs, the Democratic leaders no longer let them look like Wall Street is very close look.

Obama: help me take some beer, I am close to you to see.

退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元

Why Obama lied to the American people? Wall Street pretended he could not mix?

his appearance fee to $ 400,000, liar!

退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元

opinion, the same money talks In line with the United States “national conditions”. Bloomberg said that few high-level gangsters can resist the temptation of money after leaving the government.

Obama’s speech last week, the Carlyle Group is known as the “President’s Club”.

Former US President George W. Bush, former British Prime Minister Major, and former President of the Philippines, Ramos, have been in office and have close ties with politics.

George W. Bush and bin Laden (9.11 after the closure of the cooperation) are also their investors, allegedly the average annual return on investment as high as 35%.

Where there is a profit there will be business opportunities.

Dedicated to the retired gangster and Wall Street business take over the bridge “intermediary” came into being.

For example, Obama retired, he will be and Michelle “sold” to the famous Harry Walker speech public relations agencies.

This was founded in 1946, has signed a number of US political arena heavyweights, including former US President Bill Clinton, former finance minister Jack Lu, former Secretary of State Kissinger and Hillary, and former deputy President Dick Cheney and Al Gore.

similar “intermediary” there are many.

This large-scale lecturers often “hook” retired senior officials, using their fame to stop taking the job, these retired officials can get the money to get soft, can be described as a win-win situation.

Foreigner ID: xjb-waishier) It is noted that, in general, the appearance of these retired senior officials is confidential, but some “intermediary” directly to the appearance fee publicity for customers for reference.

For example, another speaker – Washington Speech Board.

退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元

On the website of the Washington Speech Board, customers can choose the speaker according to their needs, the company will help negotiate the price, arrange the date and itinerary, and charge 15% to 25% commission.

Who’s the highest appearance fee?

Clinton in 2011, each speech pay close to $ 250,000, single field up to $ 750,000. Hillary’s average appearance fee is slightly less than Clinton, but also reached 23.5 million.

It seems that both husband and wife have money to make it Well.

退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元

Bush’s appearance fee is less than Clinton, about 10 to 17.5 million dollars. But he wins in more often, after leaving office has published nearly 200 speeches!

退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元

good old Jimmy Carter speech cost only about $ 50,000, but his single-game speech peaked at $ 1 million!

退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元

Well, people several hundred thousand dollars a speech on the bag, and you have no reason not work hard –

moving bricks it

退休老干部奥巴马吸金有术 3场演讲收入120万美元


Mexican strong earthquake caused five Taiwan compatriots trapped two of them unfortunately killed

                    (Original title: Mexican strong earthquake caused five Taiwan compatriots trapped: 2 of them unfortunately killed)

                                   According to “Central News Agency” reported that a strong earthquake in central Mexico, the capital city of Mexico came the disaster, five Taiwan compatriots trapped in the rubble. Taiwan foreign affairs department 21, said two of them unfortunately killed, deeply regret and mourning, will fully assist the families to deal with funeral.

点击进入下一页 The picture shows the Mexican medical staff to treat the injured in the earthquake.

Indian journalists were interviewed demonstrators were missing when they were found dead

                    (Original title: India, a reporter interviewed demonstrations were found in the body of more than a knife died)


微信截图_20170921194754.png India’s press organization launched demonstrations in several cities in India

Dong Lang confrontation after the Indian media exposure officials will go to China and India border inspection and speech

                    (The original title: Dong Lang confrontation, the printing press high officials will visit the Sino-Indian border inspection)

                                   India’s Interior Minister Singh may be next week to inspect the Indian-Indian border area in northern India, which is the end of the confrontation after the end of the hole, after the end of the confrontation between the two sides of India, “the first post” The Minister of State for the first time visited the Sino-Indian border.

“First Post” website, said Singh plans to comfort the Indian border police forces in North Carolina, inspect the front line. An Indian Interior Ministry official said Singh will deliver a speech to assess the progress of infrastructure development. He may also visit a resident of the border police forces in the northern Afghan province of Chamorix County. Prior to the Indian media, said the Chinese soldiers on July 25 in Chalmu County “into the Indian side of 800 meters.” “The First Post” said that India’s Himachal Pradesh, India-controlled Kashmir region, North Arkande, Sikkim region and “Arunachal Pradesh” (that is, China’s southern Tibet) border with China. China Southern Asia Association Director Qian Feng 21, “Global Times” reporter said that in recent years, large-scale border confrontation between China and India in the western border of the Ladakh, Ladakh is located in India-controlled Kashmir. North Arkande in the middle of the Sino-Indian border, the relative controversy is less, the middle is also considered the Sino-Indian border negotiations are most likely to achieve a breakthrough and consensus section. Qian Feng said that India-Tibet border police forces under the jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry of India, Interior Minister Singh to the relatively peaceful border areas of China and India inspection, indicating that the confrontation between the high-level contacts in India, China’s long border Have a sense of urgency, want to fully check the border defense and infrastructure construction.


to the northeast border of India send more troops intelligence expert: China

indirectly to India and Nepal and Bhutan along the border "send more intelligence forces" on the 18th, that is directly under the Home Ministry "for border patrol Team "(India called" SSB "). India and Bhutan and Nepal are basically located in the northeastern part of India, from the Sino-Indian confrontation in the hole is also very close. Indian Interior Minister Singh made a speech on the 18th, requiring the troops to be cautious about social media information, do not believe before the authenticity of the truth.

Lao a reservoir dam like a tsunami near the people crazy escape

                    (Original title: breathtaking scene: Laos a reservoir dam like a tsunami near the people crazy escape)


CCTV news: This dangerous scene recently appeared in Laos. This is in the maintenance of the reservoir suddenly broke the dam, the water mixed with mud and sand out of the sand, homeopathic straight. People who work in the vicinity of the construction site are seeing a mad escape.

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