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Trump United “shelling” four countries provoke anger Iranian president: ignorant

                    (The original title: [Trump United “shelling” four countries provoke angry] Iranian President: Trump speech ignorance absurd)


President of the United States President Trump’s first show of four surprises, although it has been two days, but those who are full of gunpowder words are still fermented, Iran gives a tough fight back. In the statement on the 19th, US President Trump accused the Iranian government of being a corrupt autocratic regime hidden under a democratic mask, and the Iranian nuclear agreement was the “worst, most side-by-side” agreement signed by the United States. Iranian President Rudani 20 in his speech with the following words back to Trump’s accusations. 7 – 89456_5_65473_9 Iranian President Ryani: Yesterday (Trump) published here in the ridiculous, unfounded, ignorant, absurd, full of hatred of speech, very unsuitable for the United Nations on this occasion, the United Nations was established to promote Peace and mutual respect among nations. Ronny said that Trump should apologize to Iran for this statement.

L’Oreal female heir died: at the age of 94 years of world women richest man

                    (Original title: L’Oreal heir to death: at the age of 94 years of the world’s women’s richest man)


Lillian Betancourt

US troops to send emergency troops to South Korea Korean artillery units: very rare

                    (US title to the South Korean emergency sent local artillery units Korean media: very rare!)


美军向韩国紧急派遣本土炮兵部队 韩媒:十分罕见
21, the US military “Hai Masi” forces for firing

美军向韩国紧急派遣本土炮兵部队 韩媒:十分罕见
21, the US military “Hai Masi” forces for firing

overseas network September 22, according to South Korean television station SBS in South Korea in South Korea 21 evening reports, the US military on the 20th without prior notice in the case, from the local emergency dispatched an artillery troops went to South Korea, and with the US Army Eighth Army in the West Coast the next day to carry out live ammunition. Reported that the US military to the Korean Peninsula to send local troops to carry out the exercise of the situation is very rare. Analysis that, or with the recent situation on the peninsula tension.

美军向韩国紧急派遣本土炮兵部队 韩媒:十分罕见
20 days, “Hippos” troops arrived in South Korea by C-17 transport aircraft

reported that the exercise of the artillery units, not from the US military in South Korea, but from the United States of America North Carolina emergency dispatch The 20 days, under the US Army 18th Field Artillery Brigade “Haimas” (HIMARS) troops suddenly received a higher order, asked to carry out training in the Korean Peninsula. Subsequently, the “hippocampus” troops arrived in South Korea by the C-17 transport aircraft, and the same day with the US Army in the South Korean Army on the west coast of South Korea to play live ammunition. It is reported that the rocket flew 60 km after the target.

“Hirams” rocket launcher system is the US M270 multi-barrel rocket launcher wheeled launcher version, the average rocket range of 42 km, the maximum range of up to 300 km (Army tactical missile ATACM), and light weight, Easy to move the advantages of evacuation, you can do “hit and ran.”

South Korean defense expert Shen Zhongyu said, “Hiram” rocket launcher system can carry all kinds of US military transport aircraft, arrived in every corner of the world quickly carry out the task.

reported that the US military to the Korean Peninsula to send local troops to carry out the exercise of the situation is very rare, or with the recent situation on the peninsula tension.

The Mexican earthquake killed at least 245 people nationwide will mourn for three days

                    (Original title: Mexican earthquake at least 245 people died in the country mourning 3 days)

                                   7 at noon occurred in the middle of the 7.1 earthquake in central Mexico, has caused at least 245 people were killed. Chinese Embassy in Mexico issued a communiqué to remind the Mexican citizens to pay close attention to the disaster, to strengthen prevention, good emergency preparedness. According to the Mexican national civil defense agencies on the evening of 20 updated statistics, the earthquake caused at least 245 people were killed…………

President Peña announced that from 20 onwards, the Mexican national into a period of 3 days of mourning. “The top priority is to rescue the survivors from the collapsed buildings and take care of the victims every day.”

85% of Mexico City has resumed electricity supply. In order to prevent accidents caused by accidental electric shock or fire accident, rescue is still in the area is still power state. On the evening of the 20th, many residents gathered in open spaces such as parks, squares and other public places, put up tents or simple sheds, and intend to stay out overnight. Mexico City, the relevant departments said that in the earthquake there are 600 buildings wall shaking, cracking phenomenon. “If you feel insecure, I suggest you do not stay at home,” said Carlos Valdes, director of the National Disaster Prevention Center in Mexico.

Preliminary statistics show that the earthquake was mostly affected by the building built before 1985. Since Mexico suffered an earthquake with magnitude 8.1 after the earthquake on September 19, 1985, Mexico suffered a lot of property damage, and Mexico began to implement more stringent building seismic standards.

TV live rescue buried teachers and students

more than 120 kilometers from the epicenter of the capital city of Mexico City, the most affected, at least 115 people were killed and nearly 40 buildings collapsed.

In the village of Enrique Leifsa Gate in the south of Mexico City, the earthquake caused some buildings to collapse. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto went to the inspection on the evening of 19, said the school found 22 bodies, of which 2 for adults, and many teachers and students missing. Through live television, all Mexico is in real time concerned about the rescue process of teachers and students buried.

Urgent need for professional search and rescue personnel equipment

After the earthquake, the multinational government to express condolences, and said it would provide assistance. Local media reports, Panama, Israel and Chile and other countries of the reinforcements have arrived in Mexico.

US White House said President Donald Trump sent to Peña, said he was willing to assist the Mexican disaster relief, the US search and rescue team is now working in Mexico. The United States Agency for International Development said they would also send professional relief teams to support.

The Israeli side said that a team of soldiers, engineers, search and rescue experts and other 70 members of the professional rescue team will arrive in Mexico on the 22nd.

The Mexican Red Cross says there is a great deal of need for a lot of disposable gloves, medical gauze, disposable syringes, medical masks, bandages and saline. Mexico’s foreign minister, who is participating in the United Nations General Assembly in New York, said in an interview that Mexico is grateful to the international community for its assistance, which is currently needed by professional search and rescue teams and machinery to rescue people still buried under the rubble. According to Xinhua News Agency


“Overnight, the family business naught”

down the father cries for help under the ruins, anxious Leonardo away with a piece of rubble , Finally rescued from the ruins of 60-year-old father.

The father rescued out of the street open, Leonardo finally breathed a sigh of relief, but behind him, the family business for 20 years to become a ruin. Leonardo said sadly: “Overnight, the family business has gone.”

Mexico on the 19th earthquake occurred 7.1, to the home of Leonardo Morelos state Hohhot Bring a serious blow. In this small town with only 60,000 inhabitants, the quake killed at least 15 people and injured 50 others. There are more than 2,000 houses damaged. This small town is less than 70 kilometers from the epicenter and is one of the most affected areas.

After the earthquake, 70-year-old Rosalpa did not dare to go home, home walls and floors have been shaken. Her legs and feet inconvenience, and only the rest of the neighbors sitting together on the sidewalk side of the stool.

President of the Philippines: I have ordered my child to kill him if he is poisoned

                    (Original title: Dutterter: I have ordered, if my child is poisoned, put him to kill)

                                   “I have issued an order, if my child is poisoned, put him to kill, so as to control the mouth of others.” Philippine President Dutterter 20 evening in the Presidential Palace speech “So I told my son (Paul) that if you were caught, my instructions were to kill you, and I would protect the police who killed you.”

Dutterter’s son, 42 years old Paul is the deputy mayor of Davao City in southern Philippines. He and Dutterter’s son-in-law Capio had previously been accused of a huge drug smuggling case, the two allegedly bribed for the drug clearance to provide convenience. Paul and Carpio insisted at the hearing earlier this month that their allegations were unfounded. Philippine ABS-CBN website 21, said Dutterter also said that the evidence of Paul and Capio charges is “garbage”. “The Manila Gazette” 21 commented that Dutterter’s remarks were intended to convey the signal of “anti-drug action.” [/ Url] [/ url] [/ url] [/ url] 72-year-old Dutterter last year in the election of the President, vowed to eradicate the problem of corruption and drugs, he took office after the start of the iron hand anti-drug operations. Duttert’s harsh means attracted many criticism, including the international community and human rights organizations, but he ignored these criticisms. He has repeatedly said that if the critics can prove that any of his family members are corrupt or drug-related, he will immediately resign.

British police arrested London fear of rape case 6 suspects only 17 years old

                    (The original title: the British police arrested London terrorist case sixth suspect only 17 years old)


[Global Times correspondent in the UK] British police on the 21st in southern London arrested the first six suspects. This person is a young man of only 17 years old. It is reported that the young people were arrested for the private ownership of the house, is some shelter of the shelter.

The United States will aid South Korea to introduce the most advanced weapons

                    (The original title: Han dollars first agreed: the United States will aid the introduction of South Korea to develop the most advanced weapons)



overseas net electric September 22, according to Yonhap reported that South Korean President Yin Wen was held in the United States and President Trump local time 21 heads of state in New York talks, the two sides agreed that the United States will aid South Korea imported or The development of the most advanced military equipment to maintain and strengthen the Korean-American defense capability. They also agreed to continue their close consultations when Trump visited Korea in November.

reported that the two presidents in South Korea and the surrounding areas of rotation to deploy more US strategic weapons agreement. They also talked about South Korea’s introduction of nuclear-powered submarines.

Strategic weapon is a weapon capable of attacking the strategic objectives of the enemy theater, with a large area of ​​destruction. This weapon has a strategic deterrent, destroy the enemy’s role and ability, and the enemy has a strategic role in the containment of weapons. Including B-1B and B-52 bombers, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines. Previously, for the South Korea repeatedly proposed to the United States, “the deployment of strategic weapons,” the requirements of the United States are “too high” grounds, adhere to the negative position.


The first meeting of the ROK-US heads of the total for 40 minutes. After the end of the text in the Yin, Trump and Abe Jin three together to attend the ROK US and Japan heads of state business luncheon.

Since Yin became president of the Republic of Korea, with the United States President Trump has made many calls. 17, South Korea, “Central Daily” quoted diplomatic sources, said Trump every time with the text in the Mandarin call, bluntly asked the ROK to buy the latest US weapons. According to the “Korean National Daily” reported on the 18th, the text on the 17th and Trump Mandarin, to “President Trump on the expansion of advanced weapons of concern and help expressed gratitude”, also said “look forward to further strengthen the future cooperation” The

20170906111125.jpg South Korea plans to purchase the global hawk unmanned reconnaissance aircraft

S u0026 P down China sovereign credit rating experts: do not have to cut enough

                    (Original title: S u0026 P down China’s sovereign rating experts: China does not have to cut enough)


International credit rating agency Standard u0026 Poor’s 21 China’s sovereign credit rating from AA- down to A +, outlook from negative to stable. Many scholars believe that the theory adopted by the S u0026 P rating has been unable to keep up with the pace of development of the world economy, especially the Chinese economy. It is difficult to timely and objectively and comprehensively show the current situation of China’s economic development and can not specify the trend of China’s economic development. China can take some of the S u0026 P judgment as a “good reminder”, but do not have to cut enough.

Standard u0026 Poor’s downgrade to China, mainly based on “strong long-term credit growth to improve the financial risk of China’s economy.” According to the agency, although the Chinese government recently increased control of corporate leverage, is expected to stabilize the medium-term financial risk trends, but “we expect the next two to three years of credit growth is still low, will continue to promote financial risk gradually rise”. “From the reasons given by S u0026 P, they mainly consider the credit and liquidity risk.” Beijing Normal University National Institute of Accounting Associate Professor Li Xin analysis, “focus on credit and liquidity itself is no problem, but only because of short-term Index changes to determine the risk of rising financial system in China, which lowered the rating, which is questionable. “

Central University of Finance and Economics China Institute of Public Finance and Policy Qiao Baoyun that, with another international credit rating agency Moody’s, Down China’s sovereign credit rating “is not surprising” because the agency “has adopted the theory has been out of touch with China’s rapid development of reality,” it does not have a reasonable assessment of China’s economic growth toughness. This is like, the S u0026 P for each economy put on a pair of the same size of the shoes, and then to look at the foot inappropriate. “Qiao Baoyun said,” but we do not have to panic, not to cut enough. “On the contrary, the reform and opening up Nearly 40 years of economic and social development, we should have enough self-confidence and generous. “

In fact, the S u0026 P referred to the leverage rate problem, it is our country since a period of focus on research and has achieved some success The According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) data, at the end of 2016, China’s non-financial enterprises leverage rate of 166.3%, the two consecutive quarters of the chain fell or flat, which is non-financial enterprise leverage for the first time after the rise of 19 quarter changes; China’s credit / GDP The gap is down 4.2 percentage points lower at the end of the first quarter of 2016, declining for three consecutive quarters, indicating that the underlying debt pressure tends to ease.

Russia “fraud” phone constantly Moscow even suspicious

                    (The original title: Russia “fraud” phone constantly Moscow with suspicious)


MEXICO, September 21 (Xinhua) Russia has been threatened by false bombs for several days, and more than 350,000 people have been evacuated so far. Moscow, 21, found two suspicious objects, a large number of people were evacuated.
  According to the Interfax news agency, 21 morning, a thermal power plant in eastern Moscow found suspicious objects. After investigation, the object is an explosive device model, the power plant and the surrounding residents do not pose a threat to security.
  Russia today news agency news that afternoon, the Moscow city subway “guerrillas station” found in the suspected World War II shells objects. Reported that the area of ​​suspicious objects have been blocked, the specific circumstances need to further check the demolition experts to determine.
  In addition, according to the Tass news agency reported that the Russian President Vladimir Putin 21 inspection of the Russian search engine company after the company, the company received a bomb threat of telephone, all employees were forced to evacuate. However, afterwards that this is just a false alarm.
  Affected by such alarm calls, only one day in Moscow alone there are 12,000 people were evacuated.
  On the 10th of this month, major cities in Russia began to receive false warnings of false bombs, then the number of telephones gradually increased, every day thousands or even tens of thousands of people were evacuated. According to Russian media statistics, so far the power sector has thousands of public places from the evacuation of more than 35 million people.
  Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said Thursday that such harassment is “telephone terrorism”. A survey of the Russian security sector is still ongoing.

Private aircraft forced landing in Istanbul, Turkey, four people were injured

                    (Original title: (international) private aircraft forced to Istanbul Airport 4 injured)


Istanbul, September 21 (Xinhua) A private jet plane on the evening of 21 in Istanbul, Turkey Ataturk International Airport emergency landing when the fire, resulting in four people were injured. The accident caused the airport to close for a short time.
  Istanbul governor Wahip Sahin said in a statement on television that the aircraft’s captain in the plane took off after the request for landing, but the aircraft in the process of landing friction fire. 4 people on the plane are the Turks, they were injured in the accident but the situation is stable. Sha Xin denied the previous report about the death of the captain, stressed that the accident “did not cause death.”
  According to the Turkish Dover news agency reported that the plane took off from Ataturk International Airport, the captain told the airport tower, aircraft landing gear failure, requiring urgent landing. The airport resumed air traffic after a short period of closure.

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