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Taiwan retired officers: most of the military called the PLA can not escape to surrender

Taiwan’s “Wang newspaper” reported that the Taiwan military before the “Joint Service Department of the Department of Political Affairs,” director of the recent publication, said that if the PLA “attack Taiwan”, the Taiwan military ” , The Taiwan military have a large number of people said, “my father account, when the war to go behind,” said, “If you really meet the People’s Liberation Army fled, can not escape to surrender”, another small man is not wrong, is silent to. He said that this can not blame the soldiers, the vast majority of active duty Taiwan, may not anti-mainland.

Taiwan military exercises and the accident three consecutive missiles fired directly after the sea

                    (Original title: Taiwan military drill and accident 3 consecutive missiles immediately after the launch of the sea)



The military launched a live ammunition exercise, continuous three missiles launched directly after the sea. (19) and Taiwan media exposed, Taiwan military morning in Jiapeng base to start a live-fire drill, the Taiwan military in September, , Affected by the weather, there are three consecutive towed missile launch that fell into the sea, so that people appreciate the rain some disappointment.

People watch the rock drill. (Source: station media)

Media: 15 hot spots in the city housing prices this is a good time to buy a house?

                    (The original title: heavy! 15 hot city housing prices so that this is a good time to buy a house?)

                                   The first half of the new house prices for the first time all the “stop” phenomenon; three-tier cities House prices rose lead, but the chain was significantly narrowed. To see, your city’s latest price is up or down?

重磅!15热点城市房价停涨 这是买房好时机么?
Shanxi Taiyuan, the city center of the southward move west of the real estate construction and investment. According to the National Bureau of Statistics released data show that in August, 70 large and medium-sized cities, the first-tier cities housing prices continued to decline, the second and third tier cities in the chain or the increase in the number of cities in the second quarter of the city, Has come down. A second-tier cities housing prices rose year on year continued to fall, third-tier cities rose year on year decline. In August, the new commercial housing price index rose 0.2% qoq, compared with 0.5% in July narrowed; 46 cities in the new house prices rose, compared to last month cut back. Some hot city also appeared in the more obvious ring down, while some third-tier cities rose relatively large. Shengyuan real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei that the overall view, the new commercial housing prices rose the average chain is the highest rate of the last two years, the same period is the lowest in recent 12 months, the property market prices slowed down the trend has been clear. In the 70 house price index in August, the price increase of one – hand housing is more than that of second – hand housing, indicating that the attitude of housing prices to the market is relatively cautious, and the price control consciousness is stronger than that of the landlord….

15 lines and hot spots second-tier cities new commercial housing price changes table. Source: National Bureau of Statistics

15 hot new city prices in recent three years, the first round of the first full stop

high degree of concern 15 hot city prices trend? National Bureau of Statistics City Division senior statistics manager Liu Jianwei said that in August, 15 first-line and hot second-tier cities, from the chain, the new commercial housing prices fell or flat; from the same year, the new commodity housing prices rose continued to fall over the previous month, The fall is between 1.3 and 6.6 percentage points. According to the Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei analysis, 15 hot new city prices in the last three years the first time a comprehensive reduction. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in August, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen new commercial housing prices were flat outside, 15 hot cities in other cities in the new housing prices were down the chain. Among them, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Beijing and other cities have been several months of price adjustment.

March 2017 from the beginning of March, to limit, purchase, limited loans, limited sales, limited business as the main symbol of the “five limits” regulation, in 15 hot cities gradually implemented. Zhang Dawei that the effect of strict control for six months is expected to continue to affect the market began in the third quarter of 2017. According to the National Bureau of Statistics preliminary estimates, in August, first-tier cities, new residential and second-hand housing prices were down 0.3%; year on year increase for 11 consecutive months of decline in the first half of the year, according to the National Bureau of Statistics preliminary estimates, in August, , In August than in July were down 3.8 and 3.7 percentage points. In the interview with reporters, this is the first-tier cities 29 months to the new home price index fell for the first time, has a very important signal significance. Zhang Sheng, chief analyst at the Housing Research Institute, also pointed out that the first-tier cities trading volume fell significantly, year on year and the chain were significantly lower, Shanghai also hit the lowest level of supply of housing during the year. “Beijing second – hand housing for four consecutive months led the country, the cumulative decline of up to 4.3%.” Zhang Dawei is expected, the overall view, Beijing as the current property market regulation and control policy of the most stringent cities, is expected to follow up the market will continue to adjust.

重磅!15热点城市房价停涨 这是买房好时机么?
People in 2017 Beijing Spring 房展 a real estate booth on the consultation. In the view of Zhang Bo, a second-tier cities overall cooling significantly, and most of the three or four lines of the city is to maintain efficient “to inventory” rhythm…. ?? .. Non-regulated three or four lines of the city’s market supply and demand in good condition, the overall activity of strong, to the inventory power is still strong.

National Bureau of Statistics data show that in August third-tier cities new commercial housing prices rose 0.4%, or 0.2 percentage points lower than last month; second-hand housing prices rose 0.4%, or the same as last month. In addition, the new commercial housing and second – hand housing prices rose year on year decline, respectively, down 0.3 and 0.1 percentage points last month.

“From the city data, in August the latest commodity prices rose the fastest city is still Guilin, Beihai and other third-tier cities, but the increase compared to this year’s March-June 2% or so reduced.” From the Central Plains real estate Finished data show that in August the highest increase in new home prices rose 1.1% of the city, or nearly 2 years the lowest.

August 2017 70 large and medium cities in the new commodity housing price index. Source: National Bureau of Statistics

“Golden nine” property prices and transactions will have new changes? 7-8 months is the practice of the off-season, superimposed strict real estate regulation, tightening of credit, there has been a substantial slowdown in price increases. “Zhang Dawei said, but into the 9-10 month, tightening control policy efforts were weak In a second-tier cities, the inventory significantly reduced the hot three or four lines of urban housing prices have continued to rise in the possibility.

Zhang Bo is expected in September, although the market is difficult to achieve the “golden nine” fineness, but the overall performance should be stronger than in August. August home buyers confidence index was 101.4, the chain rose 1.2%, ending since May for three consecutive months the confidence index fell the decline. But 62.9% of buyers believe that short-term price stability, not in a hurry in the ‘gold nine silver ten’ shot. This year, the city of gold and nine silver ten hot city is almost impossible to usher in the volume and price of the situation. “House new house data research director Yang Yang believes that the current developers of the push plate size, September first-tier cities New home supply will usher in a peak, the volume will show a slight rebound.

2018 annual national exam time to determine the registration has been for nine consecutive years over one million people

                    (The original title: 2018 annual examination time to determine the national examination has been registered for nine consecutive years million people)

                                   Beijing, 19 September 18, the State Administration of Civil Affairs issued a clear message, the central authorities and its institutions directly under the 2018 civil service recruitment from October 30, for 10 days, the public account written time for 12 Month 10 days. In recent years, public opinion on the “country test hot” topic constantly, and welcome the year of the country test season, some national test “big data” need to know early.

资料图:2016年11月27日,2017年度中央机关及其直属机构公务员招考笔试开考。张浪 摄 Information: November 27, 2016, 2017, the central authorities and their institutions directly under the civil service examinations test test. Zhanglang She

national test of time than in previous years delayed

– Registration from October 30 December 10

written directly under the central authority and its civil service recruitment is also known as public opinion “State Examination “, By the Central Organization Department, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the State Civil Service Bureau, for the central, state organs and their institutions directly recruited civil servants, held for the country.

In recent years, the national exam recruitment time is relatively fixed, the registration time is generally in the middle of October each year, the examination time at the end of each year in November.

According to the National Civil Service Bureau, according to the organization of work, the central authorities and their institutions directly under the 2018 civil service recruitment registration time for the October 30 to November 8, public subjects written time for December 10.

Reporters found that this is in recent years, the country test written a late time, the last in December in the country test written test, or held on December 5, 2010, the central authorities and their institutions directly under the civil service Record exam. Photo: November 27, 2016, Shanxi Taiyuan, a national civil service examination test center, candidates queuing ready to enter the examination room…. Wu Junjie photo

In recent years, the country test how “hot”? In 1994, the original Ministry of Personnel formally established a civil service examination system, and organized the first central state administrative organs of civil service recruitment recruitment. The media had statistics, then the National Examination provided more than 30 state organs of the 490 places, the final 4400 people formally apply, the equivalent of nine individuals to compete for a position.

From the historical data, after entering the new century, the national civil service recruiting scale continues to expand.

According to Huatu education data, from the past 10 years of data, the number of national recruiting has doubled, the 2007 National Examination a total of 6,000 jobs recruited 12724 people, to 2016 national examinations, recruitment positions Increased to more than 1.5 million, a total of 27,817 people recruited. A total of more than 120 central authorities and their affiliated institutions and units under the administration of civil servants are planning to recruit more than 27,000 people. The number of planned recruits is equal to that of 2016.

With the national examination of the scale of the increase is the size of the registration of the bursting. According to Huatu education statistics, from the number of applicants, the country’s “hot” can be said to start in 2003, 2002, the number of national exam applicants for more than 60,000 people in 2003 soared to 12 million people.

After 2003, the number of national exam applicants increased rapidly, the number of applicants from broken 100,000 to break one million spent six years. In 2009 the number of national examinations exceeded 100 million for the first time, until the National Examination of 2017, 148.63 million people through the registration qualification, the number of national exam applicants for nine consecutive years in more than one million. On November 27, 2016, November 27, Fuzhou, a civil servant recruiting test examination points, candidates in the search for the examination room…. Zhang Bin photo

How much competition in the country test?

From the public attention of the country’s most influential national exam seems, in recent years, the country’s hottest hot competition is more intense.

Observe the data for the past five years. The hottest job of the National Examination Entrance Examination in 2013 is close to “Miles”, which is the “National Bureau of Statistics Chongqing Hechuan Investigation Team Business Section.”

Over the next few years, the country’s hottest job competition has cooled. In 2014, the hottest competition in the national examinations was close to the “seven thousand one election”, which came from the National Civil Affairs Committee, the national examinations in 2015, the competition for the hottest jobs was 2625: 1, from the central government center.

Xinjiang Kizil Suzhou earthquake occurred in 3.7 earthquake source depth of 22 km

A total of 22 km earthquake occurred in Xinjiang Kyzyl County, Axiqi County (40.82 degrees north latitude, 77.32 degrees east longitude), and the earthquake source depth is 22 km.

Anti-corruption weakened? The first time this year for 46 days without tigers were double open

                    (The original title: more than a month no tiger was double open, this is the first time this year)

                                   July 18 afternoon, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection website announced that the former vice chairman of Hubei Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference Liu Shanqiao due to serious discipline was double open, and transferred to the judiciary.

view of the press comb found that the last time in the tube cadres were double open on August 3, dating back to 46 days. In other words, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission website in a month and a half did not announce the news of the tiger by the party discipline, and this situation is the first time this year.

It must be noted that a similar situation occurs twice in 2015 and 2016, and there is a time interval of 108 days. And Liu Shanqiao from sack to be double open, only 84 days, less than this year’s average (92 days), much lower than the previous year average (4 months).


last 106 days unpublished disposition tigers information

sanction from the Central Discipline Inspection Commission website disciplinary section can be found, before Liu Shan Bridge was double open, come to the same fate of the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress, former deputy master Ren Weimin Island incident August 3. Compared with September 18, a difference of 46 days. Such a long interval, this year or the first time there.

This shows that “anti-corruption is weakening”? It was wrong. View of the journalists combed found that even in the widely believed that the tiger is very intensive in 2015 and 2016, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission website have two times a long time not announced the tiger by the party discipline news.

2016 first occurred in the February 4, when the former governor of Sichuan Wei Hong, Hubei Provincial Committee of the original Standing Committee, Minister of the organization Hejia iron was dismissed. After 55 days, the former deputy director of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial People’s Congress Zhang Li Fu was expelled from the party.

(姚中民受审) (Yao Zhongmin trial)

longer is the second time. September 13, 2016, the National Committee of the former party secretary Yao Zhongmin was double open, the next big tiger by the party discipline occurred in 2016 last working day – December 30, 2016, the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Security Ma Jian was Expelled from the party. The interval is 108 days. As for 2015, the first occurred on February 17, on the day 4 tiger punished, respectively, Jiangxi Xu Aimin was expelled from the party, Guangdong Zhu Mingguo, Shandong Wang Min, Shanxi Chen Chuanping was double open. The same is 55 days after the April 13, Shanxi Renrun thick was expelled from the party.

The second occurred in 2015, double 11, the day the National School of Administration, former vice president He Jiacheng was double open. 47 days after the December 28, Ningxia first tiger snow mountain was double open.

This year has not finished, the number of tiger has been over last year

On the case of Liu Shanqiao, another data can refute the “anti-corruption efforts in the weakened,” said. This person on June 26 sunset, from September 18 was double open, only 84 days. This figure is less than the average of this year (92 days), much lower than the previous year average (4 months).

After the media has sorted out the 2014-2015 tigers from sacking to the party discipline points, found that the general use of about 4 months. And the view reporter noted that this year has been shortened to 3 months, or even the shortest only 70 days. (71 days), Chen Xu (86 days), Sun Huai-shan (92), Wang Yin-cheng (132 days), Li Wen-ke (71 days), Chen Xu (86 days), Sun Huai-shan (92) (70 days), Zhou Chunyu (70 days), Wei Minzhou (73 days), Yang Jiacai (70 days), Liu Shanqiao (84 days). Are only 92 days down, that is, 3 months.

(周春雨) (Zhou Chunyu)

In addition to speed, but also to see the “scale”. In 2016, 27 central managers were investigated, and since 2017 there have been 29 people, including 15 people in charge of discipline, party discipline 12 people. In addition, the former deputy director of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Li Gang was suspected of serious violation of discipline, was ordered to resign from the National People’s Congress duties; Jilin has disclosed the former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress Zhou Huachen violation of the news.

In 1934, hundreds of Red Army Guangxi victims sink into the water remains to see the heavens

                    (Original title: underground martyrs remains 83 years after the re-see the day)


广州中山大学社会学人类学系的学生在整理遗骸并记录数据 Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University Department of sociology anthropology students in the finishing of the remains and record the data

early autumn in the weather, Guangxi Guanyang County Jiujing Red Army martyrs tomb monument Park, pine and cypress occasionally wind and Yin, side of the The work of the remnants of the martyrs is being carried out in an orderly manner. 83 years ago in 1934, more than 100 young Red Army soldiers were killed Shen into the wine wells. In August this year, the local county government decided to start the exploration and fishing to find the excavation of the remains of the Red Army, as of September 17, the scene has been salvaged 20 cases of bones, and initially confirmed that the sacrifice of the Red Army martyrs.

20 remains arrived in the ground

initially identified as the Red Army

September 18, Beijing Youth Daily reporter from the Guangxi Guanyang county propaganda department learned that the county has been in harmony in the village of New Town Wine wells in the salvage of 20 cases of remains, initially confirmed in 1934 in the sacrifice of the Red Army.

Propaganda Department staff said that the relevant salvage work as early as August 13 has already begun, as of now, the first batch of bones have been transported to the ground, ongoing cleaning repair and follow-up identification work. According to him, according to the scene, the relevant historical records and visit the surrounding residents, the initial can determine these remains is 83 years ago at the expense of the Red Army soldiers, but the final conclusion but also related experts to genetics, pathological analysis and other systematic analysis Can we get.

武警官兵将遗骸移送至遗骸鉴定处 Armed police officers will be transferred to the remains of the remains of the identification

staff told Beiqing newspaper reporter, the salvage work is determined before the remains of the martyrs decided to carry out. The story of the sacrifice of the martyrs of the Red Army was recorded in a number of local historical data. In 2016, the Red Army martyrs’ cemetery was set up and the monuments were established. The salvage work carried out in order to make the Red Army martyrs in the sea as soon as possible into the soil. He said that all the remains of the martyrs were salvaged and confirmed, will be held in the cemetery dedicated burial ceremony.

salvage process twists and turns

remains a rope tied marks

It is understood that found the remains of the martyrs of wine sea wells, located west of Highway 201 under irrigation County, Xu Zhen Li Tun Bay, is the underground river A ground hole. Wellhead diameter of about 2 meters, surrounded by natural bluestone, because of its mouth Xiaoyi large local wine container wine named after the sea. Shortly after the start of the salvage, the exploration work was hampered by the complexity of the underground geological conditions, covered with silt and stones. Since then, the local take pumping, blocking water, diversion and a series of measures to reduce the water level in the well, thus carrying out the dredging work. September 12 morning, dredging work finally a breakthrough, the workers found in the bottom of a number of bones, then salvage work began to move towards the direction of refinement. As of September 17, the scene has unearthed 20 remains. By the scene experts to determine the sacrifice of the age of about 15 to 25 years old, are young adults.

At the same time, experts and scholars from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou also found that the salvaged remains were bundled by ropes and even traces of stones. Field workers are also about one meter from the bottom of the well wall, found the rotten black rope traces, and historical records of the “Red Army soldiers were tied up after the wells” consistent.

Propaganda Department staff told Beiqing newspaper reporter, according to historical records, was pushed into the well at the expense of the Red Army about 100, so will continue to continue to salvage.

Deputy director with 200 million fled the United States: fear of being found sick are afraid to seek medical treatment

                    (Original title: desperate End of the World 22-year-old arrested! Hide the first day, can not hide fifteen!)


22 years, enough to make the new seedlings grow into towering trees, so that Baili desert into a jungle. And for the people, 22 years time is no trivial, such a long time span, enough to make any possible changes. Therefore, it is difficult for us to imagine, for a person, up to 22 years east of Tibet, fear of escape life, how to suffer. On August 15, 2017, the former 22-year-old former director of the Finance Department of Zhejiang Province, Weng Yue-nian, was arrested in his own flower shop in Haishu District, Ningbo City. At that time, a few foreign people look quietly into the store, leading people look solemnly said: “We are the West Lake District, Hangzhou, chase away, please take a step to speak … …” Wengyue first froze A bit, then “Oh” a cry, bowed his head: “escape the first day, but hide fifteen. Hid 22 years, this day or come.” Fleeing 22 years, one bitterness, all in the words The

副厅长带2亿逃亡美国:怕被发现 生病都不敢就医

As early as this, why should this sentence, on all duty criminals who probably set up, but for those who fled for many years, the final arrest of the people, this sentence is particularly Component. April 1995, seemingly insignificant “Weng Kechang” suddenly disappeared, caused my colleagues to talk, however, including his own, I am afraid no one thought that this “missing” is 22 years, a small half Personal life for a long time.

At that time, Weng Yue-year unauthorized the company’s more than 10 million yuan for other use, for personal gain, because of fear of things brought to light, he finally decided to embark on a fugitive career. However, the money to escape the life is not as he thought as “moisture”, only two years, he defeated his body still have all the money, re-become a poor and white people. So he had to be removed to Ningbo, in the alley opened a small flower shop, in order to catch up, every day fear.

We do not know how this 22 years of the scene, how he spent, but there is no doubt that he completely lost in the years of his family, lost friends, and even lost their identity, and all this , Just to escape the mistakes committed by the year will bring him to the punishment.

But in the end, he still did not escape.

Wengyue years deputy chief is not the only person who has deep experience of the absconded life. Higher than his level, the plot heavier, more money section of the people, I am afraid that this experience more profound. On November 16, 2016, under the co-ordination of the Office of the International Anti-Corruption Coordination Group’s International Escaping Office, the relevant departments of the Central Committee and the Escaped Office of Zhejiang Province cooperated closely with the abolition of the “100-year-old” in the 13-year- Through the staff “number of suspects Yang Xiuzhu surrendered surrendered. In 2003, when he was deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Construction Yang Xiuzhu with her daughter, son and grandchildren, with more than 200 million yuan of money, boarded the plane to fly to the United States, set foot on the journey of escape. However, the huge sums of money and loved ones did not give her a sense of security. After the arrest, she was only unbearable memories of the fugitive life, she said: “afraid of China found me, afraid of the United States captured me, so I and my wife have a passport dare not use, sick not medical treatment … … every day fear, And then fear, no normal life … … “

and for the former secretary of Fengcheng City, Liaoning Province, Wang Guoqiang, the most abusive memories of the United States, is” pain “and” uneasy “. This is very different from what he had thought of fled to the United States to get “asylum”. China’s anti-corruption efforts continue to increase and policy appeal, Wang Guoqiang finally chose to return home surrender.

副厅长带2亿逃亡美国:怕被发现 生病都不敢就医

Some people, even no chance to talk about the absconded feelings, died in the embarrassing absconded process.

Former Shanghai Maritime Bureau Wu Jing Maritime cashier Gu Zhenfang, who flee in Thailand in 2000. After fleeing to Bangkok, Thailand, she married a right-blind Thai person. In 2006, in the face of savings spent, her husband unemployed dilemma, Gu Zhenfang decided to work out to earn money. Did not expect the first day of work, cleaning in the business dormitory, accidental electric shock.

Fuzhou City, Fujian Province Public Security Bureau deputy director Wang Zhenzhong received bribes and other issues in May 2002 fled the United States. Formerly in Fuzhou by Wang Zhenzhong extortion of the underworld figures, have commissioned the United States underworld to recover his extorted money, and threatened to “do not pay money to cut off his mistress’s hand and his feet.” Was extorted Wang Zhenzhong had to live alone, go out to hide the police, met old friends can only bow down pretend not to see. In the second half of 2005, depressed Wang Zhenzhong was found to suffer from liver cancer, during the illness, mistress did not come to visit him, and ultimately he died of illness, died before leaving a sentence: “everything is retribution …”

副厅长带2亿逃亡美国:怕被发现 生病都不敢就医

The county government to cancel the land to be auction housing land use certificate was sentenced to illegal

                    (The original title: Dahua county government to revoke the sale of land to be auction illegal)

                                   Hefei City, Guangxi Autonomous Region Hechi City Intermediate People’s Court recently Nanning people Li Shimin, Li Qingyuan v. Dahua Yao Autonomous County People’s Government of the administrative act of the first instance to make a verdict, to determine the Dahua County People’s Government had revoked the land use permit administrative acts contrary to the legitimate Procedural principles, do not have the legitimacy, should be revoked in accordance with the law on February 9 this year, the big government letter (2017) No. 1 “on the revocation of Wei Zhiquan land use permit decision.” On February 9 this year, Nanning Citizen Li Shimin, Li Qingyuan and Wei Zhiquan with the civil borrowing dispute in the case of collateral collateral collateral – located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Dahua Yao Autonomous County Dahua Town, the new East Road 131, a 4-storey building is about to be judicial auction, the land use certificate was Dahua County People’s Government a paper document written off. (See the Chinese Youth Daily reported on May 23, 2017, “the court to prepare the auction of land use permits issued by the county government issued a document”)

Dahua county government issued the big government letter (2017) No. 1 ” On the revocation of Wei Zhiquan land use permit decision “, the main legal basis for the land registration method Chapter VII of the fifty-eighth and fifth chapter to change the registration of Article 38. Li Zhiyuan believes that the two laws cited in the instrument does not apply to the administrative action of Dahua County Government, Dahua county government in the process of revoking the certificate has obvious procedural errors, such as not trying to convey to the change of Wei Zhiquan change…. Notice that it can not be completed on schedule, not in accordance with the provisions of the law and then revoke the first revocation and then publicity and so on.

Next month to play the aircraft can play mobile phone? Industry: short-term or can not be achieved

                    (Original title: next month to take the plane can play mobile phone? Industry: short-term or can not be achieved)

                                   On September 18, Zhu Tao, deputy director of the China Civil Aviation Administration’s flying standard, said that in accordance with the new regulations implemented in October, the airline will be allowed to assess the impact of the main portable electronic equipment, and to develop appropriate management and Use policy. This means that travelers will be expected to use the phone during the ride.

news triggered a strong social concern, many users are looking forward to: the future of domestic airlines do not really need to shut down the plane? Air China, Xiamen Airlines, Spring Airlines and other domestic airlines have a lot of different reactions. The industry believes that the use of mobile phones in the air is the trend, but the process may not be imagined quickly.

Civil Aviation Authority: lifting of flight disable the phone so that the right to decide whether to refer the airline

Earlier, the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority “large-scale public air transport carrier aircraft operation certification rules” clearly defined, from the aircraft to begin flight and cabin closed At the end of the door, members of the airplane shall not open and use portable electronic equipment that initiates the transmission of radio signals unrelated to the normal flight of the aircraft until the flight is opened.

These electronic devices include mobile phones, which is the domestic airlines during the flight to prohibit the use of mobile phone origin. July 18, the Civil Aviation Authority routine press conference, the Civil Aviation Authority of China Civil Aviation Bureau Deputy Director Zhu Tao revealed that a few days ago, “large aircraft air transport carrier operation certification validation rules,” the fifth revision of the release, And will be implemented in October 2017.

Zhu Tao said that according to the development trend of electronic equipment on board and international research results, in this revision, allowing airlines to assess the impact of portable electronic devices.

“means that airlines can use the results of the assessment to determine what kind of portable electronic equipment on the aircraft, that is, the original regulations prohibit the use of portable electronic devices, and now through the amendments to the regulations, the right to the airline To carry out the assessment. “Zhu Tao said. “I believe that in the near future, we will see that China’s airlines are allowed to use the corresponding portable electronic equipment on the plane.” “I believe that in the near future, we will see that China’s airlines are allowed to use the corresponding portable electronic equipment on the plane.” “I believe that in the near future we will see that China’s airlines are allowed to use the corresponding portable electronic equipment on the plane.” Tao expressed optimism in answering a reporter’s question.

New regulations can really land? Or will it be a dead letter? Reporters call China International Airlines, customer service staff said Air China has not yet received a notice from the Civil Aviation Authority, the recent will continue to implement the provisions of the ban on mobile phones. Xiamen Airlines will be in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Aviation Authority, the impact of portable electronic equipment to assess and develop the appropriate management and use of the policy, after the adoption of the Civil Aviation Authority approved, step by step, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Open the phone to use permissions. In addition, due to the current Xiamen Airlines in the Boeing 787 aircraft already have the Internet Internet function, Xiamen Airlines will first carry out the Boeing 787 model of the assessment work.

Spring Airlines spokesman Zhang Wu An is given a clear timetable. He said that the use of mobile phones in the air is the trend, the fastest in the first half of next year, the passengers are expected to use the phone on the plane.

The decision is still in the short term of the Civil Aviation Authority or can not be achieved

However, a number of industry insiders believe that the process may not be as the public as expected by the rapid.

“Carefully optimistic.” An airline staff talked about the matter, said the mobile phone is the general trend, but never so simple and fast, “the relevant laws and regulations of the amendment, can only say that the first long march Step. “

reporter noted that Zhu Tao said at a press conference, the Civil Aviation Department of the pilot system developed a corresponding assessment and assessment methods to accept the application of the airline. “Although the Civil Aviation Authority can not use portable electronic equipment to allow the airline to assess their own, but the decision or in the Civil Aviation Authority.” An inexplicable industry to tell the cover news, “in accordance with the Chinese civil aviation industry has always been the style of assessment process Not short. “


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