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Chinese beer in South Korea had a wave of South Korea had called boycott

                    (The original title: Korean people to the Chinese goods bow! Sade no harm to Chinese beer in South Korea gas)

                                   In the South Korea, despite the repeated opposition, still tough deployment of the “Sade” issue, South Korea said the Chinese side of the “anti-Sade measures” to make Lotte, Hyundai, Kia and so on. South Korea’s major enterprises in China cause resistance, but one of the most popular Chinese products in South Korea – Tsingtao Brewery is still popular with Korean consumers, high popularity. According to the South Korean “Asian economy” quoted easy to buy 19 news that this year from January to August, Tsingtao Beer sales surged 28.8% over the same period last year. In terms of specific sales growth, it was 16.3% in January, 59.7% in February, 25.7% in March, 68.0% in April, 25.7% in May, 35% in June and 11.4% in July Compared with 12.0% in August. Even after the Sino-Korean relations in March due to “Sade” and the cooling, Tsingtao Brewery sales growth in South Korea is still maintained at a high level. Easy to buy the supermarket is South Korea’s New World Group’s large-scale integrated supermarket, its biggest feature is the “department store supermarket” business format.

Korean media said that the beginning of this year, Tsingtao Brewery is to beat the well-known brands Heineken beer, once easy to buy imported beer ranked first. From January to August this year, Qingdao Beer’s total sales also ranked fourth in all imported beer.

In recent years, South Korea’s imports of Chinese beer increased year by year. According to customs data, imports in 2010 were 4836 tons, up to 361.59 million tons last year, 6 years more than 7 times, the amount of imports reached 26.394 million US dollars (about 30.5 billion won). Industry sources, South Korea’s domestic imports of Chinese beer to Tsingtao Brewery, Harbin Beer and Yanjing Beer share is relatively small. There are views that the popular among young people, “lamb skewers with Qingdao,” eat the pull of Tsingtao Brewery sales soared. According to the site earlier reported that a large supermarket leader in South Korea has said: “Since the first time in 2000, Tsingtao Brewery into the Korean market, the wheat fragrant Tsingtao has been a popular beer in overseas imports of goods in recent years , Chinese cuisine is very popular in Korea, which is particularly popular in mutton string. As lamb skewers ‘delicious companion’ Tsingtao beer sales also increased. “

According to industry analysis, Chinese lamb lamb restaurant by There are more people in South Korea gathered in the Seoul region more rapidly extended to all parts of the country, so there are more people have the opportunity to taste the refreshing Tsingtao; the other hand, with the “mutton string + Qingdao beer” combination in the multi-file Korea TV variety show on the show, greatly improving its visibility and awareness, but also makes the sales of Tsingtao climbing.

Man witnessed the accident after the accident did not save the phone to shoot the driver dying

                    (Original title: “see death does not save” shooting “dying” German man was investigated)

                                   According to foreign media reports, the German Baden-Württemberg on the 17th occurred with a vicious motorcycle accident, an eyewitness found not only after the rescue, but also with the phone photographed motorcycle driver dying.. ?? .. Scene, this person was investigated by the police. In addition, last year shocked Germany’s Essen “see death does not save” case also sentenced on the 18th.

According to the local police said that 17 days after the occurrence of a vicious motorcycle accident, rescue workers arrived at the scene before the accident, a bike, aged 20 to 25 years old man in the incident for a short shot. When the incident, the man only “onlookers”, the police or rescue workers constitute an obstacle. At present, the man was investigated for “refusing to rescue”.

before the incident, 29-year-old motorcycle driver repeatedly violated overtaking. On a road section of State Road 19, he drove the motor skid, first crashed into the fence, and finally violently hit a street lamp, causing serious injuries.

692 billion US dollars! US Senate through the 2018 defense budget increase record high

                    (The original title: 692 billion US dollars! US Senate through the 2018 fiscal year defense budget hit a new high)


6920亿美元!美参院通过2018年国防预算 增幅创新高

The new fiscal year’s total military spending increased to $ 639 billion, the highest since 2013 fiscal year.

US Senate voted for a total of $ 692 billion in the 2018 fiscal year defense budget. Today, Russia reported on September 19 that the local time on September 18, the vote with 89 votes in favor, 8 votes against the overwhelming advantage was adopted.

Previously, the House of Representatives passed the 2018 fiscal year defense authorization bill, before the bill was sent to Trump, will be handed over to the two conference agreement (conference committee) to handle the consultation. In the Senate’s 2018 fiscal defense bill, the Pentagon will spend $ 640 billion to buy weapons, pay military salaries, and $ 6 billion for $ 1 billion in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and others, The war carried out by the state.

Defense budget increase high

In fact, as early as May of this year, the White House to Congress to submit the Trump government 2018 fiscal year federal government budget report. The budget report significantly reduced environmental protection, health insurance and other expenses, while the defense budget rose sharply, or 10 years to a new high. According to the CCTV reported that the budget, the substantial reduction in non-defense expenditure, including environmental protection, energy research, agriculture, the State Council, the Ministry of the Interior and other departments, including the US Environmental Protection Agency spending cut the scale of 2.6 billion US dollars, compared with the previous Less than one-third. In addition, social welfare spending has also been drastically reduced, including the abolition of the Obama health care reform and the reform of the Medicaid program, the reduction of the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program, the food stamps project and the substantial reduction in federal employee retirement benefits and the reduction of disabled persons. An analysis pointed out that the Trump government’s substantial reduction in social welfare spending would have a significant negative impact on low-income families and financially disadvantaged states. This is no different from “take the poor surgery, to the rich gift”.

Corresponding to the substantial reduction in welfare spending, the budget will increase the basic defense budget by 10% from $ 522 billion this year to $ 574 billion, an annual increase of 10 years to a new high. Together with $ 65 billion for overseas emergency operations, the Trump government has raised its total military spending in the new fiscal year to $ 639 billion, the highest since 2013.

According to the defense budget, the US military plans to include cutting-edge weapons in the next fiscal year, including 70 F-35 fighters, seven P-8A anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft and two Virginia class nuclear submarines. Other priorities include the maintenance of nuclear strike forces, the improvement of cyber warfare and defensive capabilities, and the development of ultra high sound weapons.

In order to save defense spending, the Trump government also proposed the United States to other countries to provide weapons and equipment from the current free aid to interest-free or low-interest loans. Countries that may be affected include Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Canadian Chinese students lost their parents a week to find the way through the streets

                    (Original title: Canadian Chinese students lost a week to find their parents go through the streets)

                                   July 17, according to the Canadian “Sing Tao Daily” reported that 17-year-old Chinese students in Linhai has been lost for a week, still unknown, search work did not make a breakthrough, Linhai repeatedly appeared in Vancouver news. To this end, in Linhai’s parents were removed a number of dwellings and streets, hoping to find his son.

reported that there are readers to call the media that a church in eastern Vancouver, see suspected of Linhai figure. Local time on September 17, some people said that in Vancouver City Chinatown a bar to see the missing youth, so that his parents believe that his son is still alive, they are on the 17th day of the rain in the eastern end of the city center and Chinatown Search for the night; more often stay in his son near the Internet cafes near a hotel, hoping to find the information of the son. July 17, Yu Linhai mother Shen Mingjie and her husband Yu Deqing two points by the volunteers accompanied by Chinatown in the street along the street, to search their own. When you see the age and shape are like the son of the young, Shen Mingjie are tread to look. Yu Deqing went to Linhai or appeared in the bar, and the clerk to talk. Despite the lack of daytime, they said they would be there again at night.

Wang Yi: the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue deeper and deeper vicious circle must be broken

July 18, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during his attendance at the UN General Assembly in New York. Wang said that Russia has made a positive contribution to the success of the BRICS leaders in Xiamen, which fully reflects the high level of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation. China appreciates this. During the year, there will be a series of important high-level exchanges between China and Russia. Both sides should carefully prepare to ensure the success of the meeting and promote more tangible results in Sino-Russian relations. Wang Yi said that the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula must be resolved through peaceful means. China will continue to strictly implement the Council’s resolutions and bear its due obligations. While the other parties should also take responsibility for their own role. The deeper vicious circle must be broken. The resumption of dialogue is also a necessary step in the implementation of Security Council resolutions. China and Russia on the peninsula nuclear issue on the road map is feasible, the two sides should work together for the international community to understand more understanding.

Lavrov congratulated China on hosting the BRICS leaders’ meeting in Xiamen to further enhance the influence of BRIC countries in international affairs and in the United Nations. Lavrov said that Russia is willing to work with China to plan the next high-level exchanges between the two countries, deepen bilateral pragmatic cooperation, and in the BRIC countries, the United Nations, Shanghai Cooperation Organization under the framework of close strategic cooperation between the two sides. Russia and China on the peninsula nuclear issue on the position of the same, should jointly promote the peaceful settlement of the peninsula nuclear issue.

In China, the sale of goods in the case of frustration Lotte Department Store also could not hold

                    (Original title: Lotte business in China to sell the case of Seoul department store also could not hold the …)

                                   The Lotte Department Store in Yung Tengpu District, Seoul, Korea, and the Lotte Supermarket of Seoul Station, is a “shopping haven” that many visitors will visit in Korea……. However, Lotte Group has announced that due to the lease expires, it is expected that these two will be closed at the end of the closure. According to Taiwan’s “Sanli News Network” reported that Yongdeng Pu Lotte Department Store and Seoul Station Lotte supermarket, both belong to the state-owned, the South Korean government will no longer extend the lease, is expected to be the end of the land to recover. It also said that Lotte Supermarket and Lotte Department Store will be closed at the end of December 31.

Yongdeng Pu District Lotte Department Store was built in 1991, and Seoul Station Lotte supermarket in 2004 to start business, whether it is snacks, Korean beauty, clothing, daily necessities everything. These two places are not only popular shopping places by the local people, but also many foreign travelers will go to the “shopping holy”, for the vast majority of visitors is one of the important attractions.


affected by the “Sade” storm, Sino-Korean relations intensified, South Korea’s tourism and other areas suffered heavy losses. Recently, the Korea Modern Economic Research Institute to the “Sade” loss of an economic account, the results are surprising: If the “Sade” storm continued, South Korea during the number of Chinese tourists will drop 798.9 million, with the Suffered a direct loss of up to 18.1 trillion won (about 10.86 billion yuan), and is expected to have 402,000 jobs disappear!

In addition, China and South Korea’s import and export trade and investment is also shrinking. According to the Korea Customs Office import and export trade statistics, in March this year, trade between the two countries was 20.4 billion US dollars in July to 18.5 billion US dollars. Export products in the auto parts suffered the most severe blow, compared with July last year, China’s exports fell 58%. According to South Korea’s import and export bank data, the first half of this year, South Korea’s investment in China was 1.06 billion US dollars, compared with same period last year (1.54 billion US dollars) by 31%.

and the most affected South Korea Lotte Group in China retail business also fell into a trough. Two rounds of “blood transfusion” no improvement, the Lotte Group recently decided to sell its business in China. According to the Korean media reported on the 17th, Lotte for the sale of 112 supermarkets in China negotiations are not smooth, Chinese buyers “face difficult to color”, while some foreign retailers are substantially lower prices.

Yonhap reported that the sale of Lotte Mart in China stores will be Lotte Group other business in China have a negative effect, is the Lotte Group is currently more worried about things. Lotte Group in China investment and circulation, food, tourism, services, petrochemical, finance and other 22 industrial areas, the amount of investment has more than 8 trillion won. South Korea industry believes that the Lotte Matt in the withdrawal of the Chinese market and other companies may also lose the Chinese consumer market situation, do not rule out the Lotte Group Lotte and Lotte and other related businesses packaged to sell the possibility.

For the United States and South Korea to deploy “Sade”, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman has repeatedly stressed that this will not only solve the security concerns of the country, will only seriously undermine the regional strategic balance, including China, including regional strategic security Interests, while exacerbating the tension and opposition of the peninsula, the peninsula problem becomes more complex. China strongly urges the United States and South Korea to pay attention to the security interests and concerns of China and other countries, and immediately stop the deployment process and remove the relevant equipment.

The US Republican Party then tried to abolish Obama’s four-member attitude

                    (The original title: the US Republican Party and then try to abolish the Obama administration of the Democratic Party vowed to attack)

                                   According to the United States World Daily reported that the US Senate Republicans once again to abolish the efforts of Obama health insurance, despite the low probability of success, but the Republicans still hope that the end of September is the last two weeks of the final sprint Opportunity. On the 18th, the Senate Democrats asked the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of the Republican proposal.

Abolition of Obama’s “final sprint” leader, is Republican Senator Graham and Cassidy, they proposed the Obama Medicare to replace the bill, the state in the use of federal funding have greater decision, while abolishing everyone Must insure the insurance and the enterprise must provide insurance for employees.

Abolition of Obama’s health insurance bill nearly two months ago in the Senate defeat, the Republican Party was hit, Senate Majority Leader McConnell said that the focus has now been transferred to the tax reform and other important issues, unless the support votes , Otherwise it will not restart the debate and vote on the abolition of Obama health insurance.

As money as dirt Switzerland many seats were lost about 100,000 euros paper money

                    (The original title: depending on the money such as dirt soil? Swiss toilet was lost about 100,000 euros paper money)

                                   According to the Singapore “Lianhe Zaobao” reported that toilet blockage is not necessarily blocked by toilet paper. Switzerland has several locations of the toilet was found to block, workers dredge found that even someone lost a total of about 100,000 euros in paper money inside.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Geneva, Drew Ann confirmed that this strange thing happened in May this year. At that time, UBS (UBS) a branch and three nearby restaurants in the toilet are thrown into the strange phenomenon of money, and these notes are denomination of 500 euros.


The EU has been declared to be issued in 2018 because of concerns about the use of banknotes of € 500 for illegal purposes.

The European Union has announced that it will stop issuing in 2018 because of concerns about the denomination of 500 euros, but the market can still continue to circulate.

Druan said that these paper notes seem “should be cut by scissors”. It is reported that the Swiss prosecutor has been investigating the two suspects will be paper money into the toilet motive. Drou did not disclose the identity of the suspect, but according to local media reports, lost paper into the toilet is two Spanish women, they allegedly took out a large number of cash from the safe, and then cut the money into the toilet.

Druan said the investigation would focus on whether the discarded cash was related to any illegal activity. In Switzerland, breaking money is not illegal.

Chen Jianfei has been the new Central Military Commission Administration of the General Administration of Political Commissar

                    (The original title: military personnel and then change Chen Jianfei has been the new military organs of the General Administration of Political Commissar)




How do the middle – aged and elderly do not want land to deal with? Ministry of Agriculture responded

                    (The original title: some middle-aged people do not want land transfer Ministry of Agriculture to respond to how to deal with)

                                   September 19, the Ministry of Agriculture, rural economic system and management of the Secretary Zhang Hongyu said on the 19th, to enhance the level of agricultural mechanization, intensive, to a large extent need to solve the problem of millions of households now scattered business. First, through the orderly transfer of land management rights, the formation of the scale of business basis. On the other hand through the development of mechanization, the development of producer services to solve the problem of non-transfer of land to achieve the scale of operation.

图为在第十师一八三团的农田边上牛羊在吃草。 陈洋 摄

The Ministry of Agriculture held a press conference on the morning of September 19 to brief the media on the “Advice on Accelerating the Development of Agricultural Production Service Industry” and responded to questions from journalists.

A reporter asked: the sign of modern agriculture, one is mechanized, one is large-scale, there is an intensive. However, the current agricultural population aging problem, some middle-aged people do not want to turn the land out Second, we see in some research reports that some provinces are scattered and the concentration of contiguous parts is not very high. Thirdly, there is still a gap between mechanization and agriculture in terms of manpower costs. These questions, how to see? Zhang Hongyu said that to enhance the level of agricultural mechanization, intensive, to a large extent need to solve the problem of thousands of households now scattered business. We have been talking about both hands should be hard to grasp both hands.

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