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The United States spy warfare invincible … Western media concern CIA thriller 70 years

                    (The original title: the United States spy war invincible … Western media focus on CIA thriller 70 years)


美国间谍战无不胜无所不在?西媒关注中情局惊悚70年_《参考消息》官方网站 Data Figure: This is the April 13, 2016 in the United States, Virginia, Langley CIA headquarters shooting the CIA logo. Xinhua News Agency / Midland

September 19 reported Western media said that the world’s largest and most powerful intelligence agencies CIA on September 18 ushered in the 70th anniversary of the birth of the 70 years the agency A variety of top secret tasks can be described as a best thriller. According to the Egyptian government reported on September 17, assassination, overthrow against the US government, coup, training and funding paramilitary groups, selective kidnapping, etc., these actions constitute the September 18, 1947 the establishment of the CIA The history of controversy. This day, the National Security Act came into effect, which was promulgated by President Harry Truman (1945-1953) in order to integrate foreign intelligence agencies scattered together. The CIA inherited the mantle of the Strategic Services Board, which was established during World War II (1939-1945) to prevent the United States from being attacked by similar pearls.

Everything about the CIA is “top secret” – including its preparation and budget, but in 2013, a report published in the Washington Post shows shocking 21575 employees, 14.7 billion Dollar budget. The CIA is banned from taking action in the United States, in fact, the agency’s actions only follow the command of the President of the United States, unlike the CIA, the biggest rival of the CIA in the Cold War era.

September 18 The CIA will celebrate its 70th anniversary at the headquarters of the Washington suburbs, Langley, Virginia. “There will be a birthday cake,” the CIA Public Affairs Office spokesman Janet S. Campos told reporters at the headquarters lobby corridor, and CIA Secretary Mike Pompio will personally “cut the cake.”

reported that the headquarters of the black and white marble floor in the middle of the famous CIA logo, the walls engraved with 125 stars, to commemorate the secret action in the death of 125 agents. “The CIA protects the United States and strengthens world security,” Campos said, trying to remove the “mystery” of the CIA in people’s minds: “Our employees are ordinary Americans, but things are unusual.” He added that the CIA wanted to “solve the most difficult problems in the world”, apparently in its 70 years of history, the task has been done well, but there have been great failures. For example, the CIA’s “PBSUCCESS” secret action, in 1954 to support the Guatemalan exile soldiers coup, in one fell swoop to subvert the opposition to the United States Hakovo Aventus Guzman elected government. In many other actions, the CIA was also a great success, for example, in 1967 in Bolivia to seize and execute the famous Argentine-Cuban guerrillas Ernesto Che Guevara; or in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1979 – 1989) for those who resist the invasion of Islamic soldiers to provide funds and weapons.

The United States suspended the visa meeting with some Cambodian diplomats

                    (Former title: Cambodian Foreign Minister in the United Nations General Assembly and the US foreign minister to meet the international focus)

                                   July 18, Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release on the 18th, said the State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Blassok 19 to the United States to attend the 72nd United Nations General Assembly, then Cambodia and the United States Foreign Minister held talks, is bound to become an international focus. The announcement said that Foreign Minister Blassok will address the United Nations General Assembly to elaborate on the results achieved by addressing global climate change, terrorism, Cambodia’s achievement of the Millennium Goals and the achievement of sustainable development in Cambodia. Effort.

In Mandarin and Trump Mandarin: Thanks for helping to expand cutting-edge weapons

                    (The original title: text in the Yin and Trump Mandarin: thanks to help expand the cutting-edge weapons)

                                   According to the “Korean National Daily” reported on the 18th, the text in the 17 days with the Trump Mandarin, said, “to maintain the Korean Peninsula, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Peace and stability, it is very important to combine Korea’s self-containment, defense capability with American defense capability. ” He also expressed his gratitude to President Trump for his interest in the revision of the missile and the expansion of cutting-edge weapons, and said, “Looking forward to further strengthening the relevant cooperation in the future.” At present, Cheong Wa Dae has not yet disclosed what the word “cutting-edge weapons” in Yin said. South Korea NEWS 1 website analysis that the text in the Yin and Trump or by this week at the United Nations General Assembly to meet the opportunity to announce the agreement between South Korea on the purchase of weapons.

There have been recent media reports, Trump on the text in the intention of buying American cutting-edge weapons were tempted. 17, South Korea, “Central Daily” quoted foreigners sources said that Trump every time with the text in the Mandarin call, asked the ROK to buy the latest US weapons. Therefore, the text in the Yin’s speech led to a high degree of concern.

Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Park Chung-hyun held a press conference on the 17th, “President Wen in the morning from 11 am, and President Trump for a 25-minute call.” However, for the text mentioned in the ” Cutting-edge weapons, “Cheong Wa-tai stakeholders like words, such as gold, only that” this is only to improve the Korean military combat forces often discussed the issue “,” only to carry out specific business negotiations and obtain the agreement after the results to inform (the introduction of what weapons) , So now all the problems are not decided. ” However, the ruling party in Korea has predicted that this or will be in the text has been emphasized in the so-called “Korean-style three-axis system” related. 7 -89456_12_65473_9

It is reported that the Korean-style three-axis system includes: can advance to capture the enemy to provoke the trend and to combat the first strike system (Kill Chain), Korean missile defense system (KAMD) and large-scale retaliation system (KMPR) core equipment. In fact, compared to the bold denial of the Korean political community proposed the “redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons”, the recent mainstream view of Cheong Wa Dae began to emphasize that as far as possible to build a Korean-style triaxial system in advance, will become a practical alternative to nuclear threat. The South Korean military plans to purchase or develop five reconnaissance satellites (as of 2030), high-altitude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft (Global Hawk), the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, (TAURUS, Taurus), ballistic missile early warning radar-II and long-range surface-to-air missiles (L-SAM), etc., and will be on the medium-range surface-to-air missile (M-SAM) project Tianma-Ⅱ And Patriot air defense missiles (PAC-2) for performance improvement. In addition, the Korean military plans to buy a special operational grenade launcher (40mm, 6 bursts) and to improve the performance of CH / HH-47D helicopters with special forces. “The United States will fully support the Korea-US alliance and continue to provide the necessary assistance and support for strengthening the alliance,” Trump said in a statement to the text.

Previously, Trump on September 5 after talking with the text in Yin, said: “I approved Japan and South Korea can significantly increase the purchase of highly complex military equipment from the United States.” White House spokesman on the “For South Korea’s desire to buy billions of dollars of US-made weapons and equipment, President Trump said it agreed on the conceptual requirements.” At that time, Cheong Wa Dae responded only to this, “the two heads of state Agreement will be on the United States for South Korea must provide cutting-edge weapons and technology to provide assistance to negotiate. ”

According to South Korea NEWS 1 website reported on the 17th, the text in the Yin and Trump this week will meet in the United Nations General Assembly, they or take this opportunity to announce the agreement between South Korea on the purchase of weapons.

Korean media: Jeju Island suppression of real estate investment in Chinese people to reduce land

                    (Original title: Korean media said Jeju Island to curb real estate investment effective: Chinese residents to reduce land)

                                   South Korea said last year, the Chinese people in South Korea Jeju Road, Seogwipo City, held a reduction in the area of ​​land area……. According to the Seogwipo City government on the 18th news, as of the end of August this year, the Chinese people in the city holding area of ​​466.2 million square meters, compared with 2015 decreased by 4.1%. From the annual Chinese people to hold the land situation, in 2013 to 1.26 million square meters in 2014 to 4.283 million square meters in 2015 to 4.86 million square meters, 2015 reached its peak after the gradual reduction in 2016 to 4.74 million square M, 2017 as of the end of August to 4.662 million square meters.

Foreign media: Trump first Asian line or promote “transactional diplomacy”

                    (Original title: new media: Trump first Asian line or promote “transactional diplomacy”)

                                   On September 18, the editorial was published in an editorial entitled “Trinity’s Careful Asian Diplomacy” on September 18th. In the face of complex regional situations and issues, Trump’s The trip to Asia will be prudent to pave the way for the promotion of the “diplomatic diplomacy”. US President Trumpe announced that he would visit China, Japan and South Korea in November, the first visit to Asia after his presidency, and will meet with the leaders of the three countries. Trump also expressed the possibility of attending the US-ASEAN summit and the East Asia Summit in the Philippines, as well as the APEC meeting in Vietnam. The Trump, after entering the White House, carried out his “American priority” political philosophy both domestically and globally, and Trump did not show a clear international diplomatic strategy when he visited the Middle East, Europe and other places. means. For the Asian region, Trump has yet to outline a clear strategic blueprint. It is generally expected that Trump’s Asian line of talks will focus on trade issues and how to curb North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile development programs.

Korea-US summit held in Cheong Wa Dae, the focus of the discussion to roughly determine the DPRK nuclear countermeasure, the ROK-US FTA negotiations, the US military stationed in Korea and other issues, as to whether to discuss the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea to compete North Korea nuclear weapons threat, it is much concerned about the parties. The article said that Trump had publicly criticized China’s trade and exchange rate policy and insisted on “freedom of navigation” on the South China Sea issue, and promised to defend Japan’s obligations on the basis of the US-Japan alliance. While the United States has withdrawn from the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), which has helped frustrate efforts to advance Asia-Pacific trade liberalization. Trump’s stance on the United States to withdraw from the TPP is that it may be impractical to change his position after visiting Asia. The article said that Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met twice, it is expected that the two will discuss deepening cooperation in diplomacy and defense, based on the US-Japan alliance to seek regional stability and security attitude, but Trump’s economic protectionist claims will be a continuing challenge for Japan, and may even face more demanding trade demands, such as restrictions on Japanese cars exported to the United States.

Trump United Nations Conference First Warnings: Bureaucracy hinders progress

                    (Original title: Trump United Nations Conference first warning: bureaucracy hinder progress)




overseas online September 19 electric u0026 nbsp; AFP reported that US President Trump first appearance of the United Nations Conference on Monday, and warned that “bureaucracy” hindered in his speech This international organization progresses. On December 26 last year, US President Trump had made a tweets: “The United Nations has such a big potential, but it is now only used as a club where people are chatting with pleasure.”

, Trump attended the conference on the reform of the United Nations on the 18th, he said that the United States as a founding member of the United Nations and the largest funding sponsor, hoping to make a better return on investment.

Japanese media: Japanese spies arrested in Dalian or related to Chinese aircraft carrier information

                    (Original title: another Japanese spy 918 anniversary in China was arrested or suspected of Chinese aircraft carrier information)

                                   In addition to paying attention to the commemorative activities of all walks of life in China, the Japanese media is particularly concerned about the “Dalian Daily” on the 18th of a message: on suspicion of engaging in spy intelligence activities in China by Dalian City, the city of Dalian, National Security Bureau to review the Japanese staff Higuchi Kin, will be September 18, 2017 by the prosecution approved the arrest. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed the news on the 18th. The person was engaged in what kind of “spy intelligence activities” was arrested is still unknown, but the Japanese news agency on the 18th mentioned that Dalian is a military port city, in April this year, China’s first domestic aircraft carrier launched here. The arrested Japanese “may be suspected of being associated with military intelligence as a spy”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Zhang 18, said in response to a reporter’s question, the relevant Chinese authorities in accordance with the law on the alleged safety of China’s national security behavior of Japanese citizens to review, and in accordance with the “Sino-Japanese Consular Agreement” timely notification of the Japanese Consular body. “Global Times” reporter on the 18th to inquire about the Japanese Consulate General in Shenyang resident in Dalian consular office, the other side has expressed concern about the news, but the matter under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (Japan) Overseas Japanese Safety Section jurisdiction, so inconvenience to give a response. “Global Times” reporter then contact the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the other said, “have to master the relevant information, but at this stage there is no response.” Kyodo said that Dalian in May detained a 60-year-old Japanese man, the report involved may be the man. According to Kyodo News reported on the 18th, since 2015, due to espionage and other suspects were detained in China at least 12 Japanese. Of which 6 people in March this year, “the study of hot spring resources” in the name, respectively, in-depth China’s Shandong Penglai and Hainan Sanya Wuzhishan area, the implementation of illegal survey activities, was arrested by the Chinese side. Reported that it is understood that four of them were released in July this year has returned to Japan, the remaining 8 people are still in detention, of which five have been sued by the Chinese side. On the morning of September 18, Liaoning Province in Shenyang, “September 18” Museum of History held a bell-ming ceremony to commemorate the “September 18” incident broke out 86 anniversary. Japan’s news agency said that about 1,000 people attended the Shenyang “nine one eight” historical museum commemorative ceremony, the number and almost 2016 years. Reported that from the beginning of this year, the Chinese official to the starting point of the war of resistance from 1937 to the Lugou bridge to 1931 “wicker lake incident” (that is, “September 18” incident), the Chinese school textbooks also made Corresponding changes. Japanese media “Sino-Japanese News” 17-day editorial said that the Showa war from 86 years ago on September 18 start. The Japanese army has tasted the success of the Manchuria Incident, and the government and some of the senior officials of the military have made “capture the neighboring countries” public opinion, even at the expense of creating a “Manchurian Incident” conspiracy to fight the war, and such a history should not be forgotten.

According to Russian media reports, the Chinese naval fleet has arrived in Russia Vladivostok, Sino-Russian “sea joint -2017” second stage of the exercise will be September 18 to 26 in the Russian Pacific Fleet Base Held. The exercise will cover the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

New York, a bus and a small tourist bus crash caused by 3 dead 16 injured

NEW YORK, September 18 (Xinhua) At least three people were killed and 16 others were injured by a bus accident with a tourist bus on the 18th morning in Flushing, New York City.

Guterres: The United Nations is carrying out a thorough management reform

US Secretary-General Guterres said on Monday that the existing bureaucratic style of the United Nations has hindered institutional development and that the United Nations is undergoing a broad and bold reform and progress has been made.

Park Ji-hui has been exposed to black material: buy 14 US helicopters are second-hand goods

                    (Original title: Park Ji-hui and exposed black material: buy 14 US helicopters are all 45 years ago)



CH-47 D-type “Chinook” helicopter

overseas, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) u0026 nbsp; according to South Korean JTBC television station reported on the 18th, Park Geun-hye was in power, had In 2014, 14 CH-47 D-type “Chinook” helicopters were ordered for the transportation of military equipment and supplies. However, this batch of 150 billion won (about 900 million yuan) to buy the helicopter, but the US military production in 45 years ago, second-hand goods. As the helicopter problem after another, Han Jun big headache.

It is reported that last month, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting that the helicopter although the purchase of 3 years, but serious aging, even if the performance improvement, it is difficult to guarantee life expectancy, and expensive. So the joint decision to give up to improve performance.

In addition, the South Korean military in the inspection, also found that the problem of these helicopters everywhere. Reported that the helicopter at the time of purchase, with the US military GPS navigation equipment has been removed, which led to the helicopter can not be used in bad weather and the implementation of maritime missions. Although the US military promised to provide a separate, but 3 years past so far, the fastest end of this year is expected to install successfully.

In addition to no navigation equipment, these helicopters are also missing as a survival equipment, missile warning system. In addition, the bottom of the bulletproof, however, the helicopter in situ flight only when the manual operation, dashboard information is not easy to confirm … … Another point to Han Jun is more troublesome, the US military sold only one year after the announcement Selling parts, which led to a helicopter in the event of failure, parts access has become a big problem.

According to South Korea NEWS 1 website reported on the 18th, the US military to South Korea to sell these second-hand helicopters, they began to change their own helicopter models. Since 2003, when the helicopter’s design life (10,000 hours) reached 70%, the US military to stop production and began to replace the new models.


Parke Hui Hui test by South Korea Surion helicopter

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