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Korean Defense Department: the United States will be out of the aircraft carrier battle group to participate in the October Korea and the United States

                    (The original title: South Korea Department of Defense: the United States will be out of the aircraft carrier battle group to participate in October Korea and the United States)

                                   According to the Korean Association reported on September 18, the South Korean Defense Ministry in the 18th to the Congressional Defense Committee to submit the report data, said the South Korean Ministry of Defense reported that the South Korean Defense Agency on August 18, Army will be held in September B-1B bomber deployment training, early in October will be South Korea-Japan missile warning training. In addition, the US military in October will also be out of the nuclear power carrier “Ronald Reagan” aircraft carrier battle group to the South Korean waters and the South Korean naval joint exercise.

South Korean Defense Ministry said it would strengthen the US military strategic weapons on a regular basis, and as soon as possible to complete the revision of the “Korean-American missile guide” related negotiations. In addition, Han Jun will soon realize the “Korean-style three-axis system” combat effectiveness, through a variety of national defense dialogue mechanism, and the international community to strengthen cooperation in the DPRK issue.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry also said that in response to the possibility of Korean missiles flying over Korean airspace, ongoing preparations for warnings to nationals and the military. If there is a sign that North Korea’s missiles will fly over Korea’s airspace, the Aerospace Operations Division (KAOC) in Gyeonggi-do, Urumqi will issue a notice to the Central Civil Defense Commission’s alarm center, and the South Korean Air Force Central Air Defense Control Center (MCRC) make a notification.

Indian hospital consecutive neonatal deaths: doctors accused of not responsible

                    (Original title: a hospital in India, a continuous neonatal death: the doctor was accused of irresponsible)

                                   According to the Indian media, the infamous BRD Medical College affiliated hospital in Bangalorek, northern India, is still suffering from child deaths, and most of them are newborns. Over the past 10 days, nearly 120 children have died. According to the Indian “Degan Herald” website reported on September 17, according to the hospital records, 14 and 15 and 14 infants died. Although the previous 30 children died anger caused the country up and down, and the government has to the public to ensure that the hospital will improve the medical conditions, but still a new death.

All Nippon Airways in a passenger cabin is now available for 10 minutes after returning

                    (The original title: ANA a passenger cabin is now suspicious coke off 10 minutes after the return)

                                   According to the Japanese “Yomiuri Shimbun” reported on September 18, at 9:15 on the 18th or so, in Aichi Prefecture, Japan Changhua City Central International Airport, a passenger plane to Fukuoka due to the cabin (7), the Japanese air- There are scorched scent, in the take-off ten minutes after the return to the airport, 131 passengers on board no one was injured. All Nippon said, can not be confirmed as a fire or smoke, and the body has no obvious damage, the current cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Han Shen to consider to the WTO v. China: loss does not return to the consequences of hard to bear

                    (The original title: Han Shen to consider to the WTO v. China: loss does not return to the consequences of hard to bear)

                                   On the ROK plan to the WTO (WTO) Service Trade Council and other channels called on the Chinese side to revoke the “anti-measures measures” issue, Cheong Wa Dae first said that the difficulties between China and South Korea need to strengthen communication through the two sides, And cooperation to solve, hinted to give up the WTO meeting to complain to China, South Korea’s industrial and commercial resources on the 17th and then called the relevant issues “need to explore from various aspects.” Korean media on this analysis, said the South Korean government to the WTO filed a cautious action against China, is to take into account the many reasons. On the 13th, South Korea’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Commerce discussed the “Sad” to complete the “temporary” after the deployment of Sino-Korean economic and trade relations, as well as the so-called China “anti-measures” and Its response program and so on. The meeting agreed to abolish the “anti-measures” by the Chinese side through various channels such as the WTO Trade Council. It is reported that this is the third in March and June this year, the ROK third time in the WTO related to raise such issues. July 14, Cheong Wa Dae on China’s Sade economic retaliatory measures, said, “to the World Trade Organization (WTO) prosecution, not the current situation should take the means”, suggesting that even fooling against the “chips” of the “chips” of the \ Things have been temporarily interrupted. Then, South Korea’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Commerce said on the 17th, “(in addition to the formal prosecution), had planned in the October 6 at the WTO Council urged China to withdraw Sade retaliation, but the plan is also from many aspects Carry out (re) research “.

For the South Korean government to bring a cautious reason to the WTO litigation, “Korean National Daily” said, in addition to considering the “geopolitical situation in the peninsula”, the Korean side there are “real” problem. The most important thing is, once the situation evolved into a prosecution situation, the future situation will be “unpredictable.” If China and South Korea to economic retaliation against, then there may be a dangerous situation, and the difficulties of Korean companies is also very difficult to immediately resolve.

South Korean lawyer Song Jihao (Civil Affairs Council Chairman) said, “through the commission of the WTO (WTO) dispute settlement mechanism, and can not solve the Sade problem.” It is reported that even if the win, the results can only be obtained and the Chinese kimchi import tariff rates, the Chinese imports of products imposed retaliatory tariffs, or from the WTO permission to prohibit the Korean people to China tourism and other similar confrontation Retaliation measures. In other words, there is no possibility that China will withdraw retaliatory measures or restore the loss of Korea.

At present, South Korea can win is still uncertain, but “possible”. Huo Jianguo, vice president of the China WTO Research Association, told the “Global Times” reporter that the Chinese authorities have not promulgated the “anti-Sade measures”, if the WTO prosecution must have clear evidence. South Korea believes that the promotion of the deployment of “Sade”, the Chinese tourists to South Korea travel restrictions, South Korean enterprises in China limited, South Korean goods are boycotted, but foreign companies operating in China or the products exported to China must comply with China’s laws and regulations, In violation of the relevant provisions, China has the right to punish it. While the Chinese folk spontaneous resistance can not stop, WTO can not decide. Coupled with Saddle and other national security issues, may be in the implementation of China-Korea free trade agreement obligations were identified as “exceptions”, so South Korea wins can only be said that one of the possibilities. 7 – 89456_16_65473_9

face the deployment of Sade and lead to the turmoil between China, South Korea’s Minister of Trade and Trade Minister Kim Hyun Tsun 13 unexpectedly said that South Korea will come forward to expand the opening of finance, insurance and other huge service market in China, as well as China and South Korea National cities to build a free trade area to start consultations. This is interpreted as the South Korean government does not rigidly adhere to whether to use the “to the WTO litigation,” this chip, but to its so-called “anti-measures” as an opportunity to guide the Chinese side to expand the transaction negotiations table The But the Korean media also said that South Korea to take action to make the other party to change the action measures of this strategy, it is shown in South Korea’s “narrow situation.” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang has said that China welcomes foreign companies, including South Korean enterprises, to invest in China and protect foreign enterprises according to law, according to the so-called Chinese “anti-measures” mentioned by the ROK. Legal rights and interests in China. At the same time, the business in China must also be legally enforceable. Geng Shuang also advise the ROK, with its hearsay and suspicious (the so-called “ban on Korean”, the Chinese limit to travel to South Korea, etc.), it is better to listen to the voice of the people, take practical measures to avoid Sino-South relations and bilateral exchanges and cooperation caused further damage The

September 7 morning, Han Meijun side will be “Sade” anti-missile system, the remaining four missile launchers and related materials into the Korean Star “Sade” base. On the same day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a regular press conference that China has made solemn representations to the ROK on the “temporary” deployment of the United States and South Korea. “I would like to reiterate that China’s resolute opposition to the deployment of the ‘Sade’ anti-missile system in the United States is clear, consistent and firm.” He said that China would like to once again urge the United States and South Korea to pay attention to the security of China and other countries Interest and concern, immediately stop the deployment process, remove the relevant equipment.

British media: Venezuela released in renminbi-denominated oil prices abandoned the dollar

                    (Original title: British media: Venezuela issued in renminbi-denominated oil prices deprecated dollars)


英媒:委内瑞拉发布以人民币计价的油价 弃用美元_《参考消息》官方网站 Information Image: Flag of Venezuela Oil Company logo for a gas station in Caracas. Venezuela on September 15 released the yuan-denominated oil and fuel prices, saying the move is to let the country from the “dollar tyranny” in the liberation, echoes the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, The Venezuelan president Maduro recently announced plans. According to Reuters reported on September 18, Maduro said the government would avoid using the dollar. Earlier, the United States announced sanctions against Venezuela to prohibit specific financial transactions with Venezuela.

Aung San Suu Kyi will make a major speech for the first time to talk about the Luoxingya crisis

                    (The original title: Aung San Suu Kyi will talk about the first time Luo Xingya crisis speech is significant)

                                   On August 25, the outbreak of clashes and clashes, resulting in 400,000 Luoxing people fled to Bangladesh, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, According to the French media reported on September 17, the federal government of the Republic of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi will be the first time this crisis to the people of the country to give a speech. 7 – 89456_6_65473_9

According to reports, the Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi will publish her most important speech since taking office, this through the national television conversation will break her since the crisis since the outbreak of almost completely silent situation. July 1, United Nations Secretary General Guterrez accepted the British Broadcasting Corporation, said the visit, Aung San Suu Kyi 19 speech is significant, is to prevent this humanitarian disaster to expand the last chance. If she can not reverse the situation now, this tragedy will definitely become horrible, then I do not know how the situation can be reversed. In 2016, after 50 years of military government rule, Aung San Suu Kyi became the first scholar leader in Myanmar. She has been focusing on subtle political operations, between the literati government and the military generals still holding a lot of power.

Analysts believe that Aung San Suu Kyi constrained the military’s power is limited, so far the reaction shows that she can only take the two elements of light.

Yizhou University held Zhang Yingying missing a hundred days evening school school family apology

                    (Original title: Yizhou University held Zhang Yingying missing hundred days candlelight party, people sing her favorite song)

                                   July 11 evening, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) held Zhang Yingying disappeared hundreds of candlelight party………….

The activities of the “face book” on the home page wrote: “In Chinese culture, the tragedy after the first 100 days of family and friends to commemorate the day … … we are eager to Zhang Yingying still alive, we held this ceremony As part of a positive expression of sorrow. “The organizers reminded that in order to show respect, hope participants to wear dark clothes to attend, to avoid wearing red. The organizers also called on people to unite to support the family of Zhang Yingying, with links to crowds of websites. 7.09456_9_65473_9

surging news Previously from Zhang Yingying’s boyfriend Hou Xiao Lin was informed that this event by the UIUC school and family planning, UIUC vice president John Wilkin, agricultural college president Kim Kidwell and Zhang Yingying’s family will speak, singer Ranae Wilson Will sing Zhang Yingying favorite song “The Rose”. Participants will receive specially prepared candles and specially made yellow ribbons. 7 days to participate in the candlelight party there are nearly 200 people, the school also arranged for a professional sign language synchronized introduction………………….

UIUC Associate Vice President John Wilkin in the speech expressed the school’s apology to the family, hoping to find Yingying as soon as possible. At the same time, the school launched the “yellow ribbon” activities that support, to encourage people to spontaneous contributions at the scene, no matter how much, you can get the school made a yellow ribbon.

Then the president of the College of Agriculture Kim Kidwell introduced the school initiated the “yellow ribbon” action reasons. First, the expression of the family has always been looking for Yingying support, and second, respect for the traditional Chinese culture. Hope through the yellow ribbon to express the school’s mind.


, Zhang Yingying’s boyfriend, Xiao Xiao Lin, expressed his gratitude to all the people who had helped himself and Yingying’s family since this time, and about the efforts they had made in the past 100 days. The future set up a foundation, used to help the future and Yingying case need help people. 7 / 89456_19_65473_9

UIUC where the governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner and UIUC Vice-Chancellor Edward Seidel responded to the Zhang Yingying incident in an exclusive interview with Shanghai on September 14th. Lauer said it was “a bad man made a very evil thing”, he was heartbreaking for this tragedy, he is very sympathetic Zhang Yingying’s family, and hope that they can escape from the pain. He also claims that this is an unusual “isolated event”, in general UIUC is very safe, where the Champagne – Urbana region is one of the safest communities in the United States.

Cedar said, UIUC is a small group of people concerned about each other, the school has taken a variety of measures to deal with Zhang Yingying case, such as from various aspects of support Zhang Yingying family, the establishment of funds to support other students to study the school, with law enforcement, And find ways to give more guidance to international students for the first time in the United States.

Two African-American men were shot or associated with racial discrimination

                    (Original title: two African-American men born to the United States and Pakistan) were shot or related to racial discrimination)

                                   A few days ago, the United States Louisiana Baton Rouge City, two African-American men were shot dead, the police said the two cases may be related to racial discrimination, the United States, the United States, The Allegedly, a 23-year-old man was considered the suspects of the two homicides.

The white man named Kenneth Gleason (Kenneth Gleason), 17 because of this has nothing to do with the drug crime was arrested and imprisoned. The authorities say they are still investigating his potential connection with two homicides.

Han government decided to temporarily rest with the Seoul Lotte store temporary withdrawal crisis

                    (The original title: the Korean government decided to leave a temporary renewal of the contract with the Seoul Lotte store temporarily lifted)

                                   According to the Korean government reported on September 18, for the Seoul Lotte Yongdeng Pu Department Store, Seoul Station Lotte Mart occupied the expiration of the matter, according to the South Korean government, according to the Korean government, according to the Korean government, And the financial sector on the 18th news, the South Korean Ministry of Land and Transport decided to renew the contract with Lotte, the relevant shops will continue to operate, the Department of Homeland will be announced in September this news.

It is reported that the Republic of Korea Ministry of Land in September will be published on the three private capital station covers the maturity of the decision. The 30-year land use deadline will expire at the end of 2017, and the Korean government has decided not to extend the deadline and return it to the State, but will be given Business adjustment time.

Iraqi Kurds will hold an independent referendum to urge the United Nations to give up

                    (The original title: the United Nations urges the Iraqi Kurds to give up an independent referendum)

                                   July 15, the country’s northern Kurdish members passed a resolution, held on September 25 an independent referendum. Iraq and the international community are not in favor of this independent referendum. According to the French media reported on September 17, the United Nations on the Iraqi Kurds ready to hold an independent referendum expressed concern that the United Nations Iraqi Special Envoy Jan Kubisi urged the Kurdish family to abandon the referendum and dialogue with the Iraqi government.

The United Nations urges the Kurdish leader Masood Barzani to abandon the controversial independent referendum and hold a dialogue with the Government of Baghdad to target an agreement within three years.

Kubish said the international community supported the immediate talks between the Iraqi federal government and the Kurdish Autonomous Region. In a paper sent to Barzani on 14th, Kubis suggested that the central government of Baghdad and the Kurdish autonomous authorities, in order to solve all the problems and outstanding issues, to conduct a coherent and sustainable outcome-oriented partnership The The government is located in the northern city of El Bille in the Kurdish Autonomous Region government, due to oil exports, budget payments and control areas and other issues with the federal government into a long dispute.

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