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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China has made great sacrifices for the full implementation of the Security Council resolution

                    (Original title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China has made great sacrifices for the full implementation of Security Council resolutions)


It is reported that US Secretary of State Henry Tillerson today issued a statement calling on China and Russia to take direct action against the DPRK to show intolerance of North Korea’s provocative behavior. In this regard, today (15) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs routine press conference, spokesman Huachun Ying said, “throw pot” does not help solve the peninsula nuclear issue, political and diplomatic means is the fundamental way out. Foreign Minister Spokesman Hua Chunying : China strictly and comprehensively implements the relevant resolutions of the Security Council and has made great sacrifices for it and paid a heavy price. China’s efforts to promote the realization of the denuclearization of the peninsula, the maintenance of the international nuclear non-proliferation system and the serious commitment and serious commitment to the implementation of the relevant international obligations are unquestionable. Chen Chunying said that the successive Security Council resolutions, including the newly adopted resolution 2375, have clarified the unanimous position of the international community against North Korea’s efforts to develop nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities and maintain the international nuclear non-proliferation regime. To solve the problem by peaceful, diplomatic and political means. These two aspects are equally important and can not be neglected.

Foreign Ministry: Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will visit China from 19 to 21

                    (Original title: Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will visit China)

                                   Beijing, 15 Sep (Xinhua) – Chinese Premier Li Xinglong will pay an official visit to China from 19 to 21, at the invitation of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

China: Any third party does not intervene in any form of Sino-Indian territorial dispute

                    (Original title: China: any third party not in any form involved in the Sino-Indian territorial dispute)


1505390061380964.jpg Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Indian Prime Minister Modi (Figure source: “Hindustan Times”)

overseas online September 15 in the electric Foreign Ministry’s regular press conference on the 15th, the spokesman Huachun Ying on the recent hot to respond. Related content is as follows:

Q: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ended his visit to India. The Japanese leaders issued a comprehensive joint statement after the meeting. The statement reiterated that the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea should be peacefully resolved in the Indian-Pacific region, including the South China Sea dispute, in the context of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and that China should follow the international standards and embody the inclusiveness. The two countries also said they would set up the “Act East” forum. Japan also said it would increase its investment in the northeastern region of India. My question is long. I would like to know the views of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this joint statement. A: We also note that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to India, I also carefully read the United States and India that you mentioned the joint statement. I have not found this statement to mention the word “China”. However, as if the Japanese and Indian media are very concerned, you have just mentioned that the statement may have “shadow” China’s meaning. So, I feel a little curious, which in the end is some media want more? Or both sides of India and India really like some media speculation, there is any hidden purpose (hidden agenda)? I think you can not ask the Japanese side and the Indian side directly to see if they can make any clarification on this.

As far as you mentioned so many points, I can respond briefly. The statement refers to the issue of freedom of navigation and the peaceful settlement of disputes, and we all know that it is the consistent position of the Chinese side to be resolved by the direct parties to resolve disputes through dialogue and consultation and to maintain the freedom and freedom of countries to enjoy international law. We hope that all parties will work together to safeguard the freedom of navigation and freedom of the countries in accordance with international law in the relevant seas, and to resolve their problems and disputes through dialogue and consultation.

In promoting regional interconnection construction, China has always maintained a positive and open position. In fact, China put forward the “one by one” initiative, it is in the open and inclusive, mutual benefit and win-win spirit, in co-operation, build and share the principle of promoting countries to strengthen regional interoperability and infrastructure construction, so that everyone Together to benefit from, to achieve common development and prosperity.

Chongqing City ushered in the new Standing Committee he had participated in the inspection SFC

                    (Original title: Chongqing City, welcomed the new Standing Committee he had participated in the inspection SFC)

                                   According to the “Chongqing Daily” news, approved by the CPC Central Committee, Comrade Hu Wengrong as the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, member of the Standing Committee. According to the People’s Network local leadership database shows that Hu Wenrong has long been working in the Shandong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, in June 2017 for the first time selected for the Shandong Provincial Standing Committee, and served as secretary of the provincial party committee. This also means that transferred to Chongqing, is Hu Wenrong promotion sub-provincial less than three months after the new performance.

In addition, Hu has also been in the central inspection group as deputy head of the experience. In 2015, Hu Wenrong, then Deputy Minister of Organization Department of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, was also appointed as deputy head of the Central Seventh Inspection Group and participated in the special inspection of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange. Chen Wen, who is 63 years old, can be said to be a scholarly official, who holds a Ph.D. degree and a part-time professor at Shandong University. He was born in 2001 by the State Council special government allowances, in 2004 selected for the new century millions of talent project national candidates. He served as director of Shandong Province Environmental Science Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong University part-time key post professor, trained 10 master and more than 10 doctorate.

His pollution of the Yellow River water treatment process and its filtration technology in the application of water treatment in 2004 by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award (first); contaminated water and algae and new biological activity filter Processing technology research by the top ten scientific and technological achievements in Shandong Province, Shandong Province Environmental Protection Bureau of outstanding scientific and technological achievements and the 2002 Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress Award (first). In addition, Hu Wenrong has also published a monograph independently, that is, published in 1996, “coal mine water treatment technology”; published a textbook, published in 1998, “coal mine water and wastewater treatment and utilization technology (Coal Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China Textbook) “. Hu Wenrong also published as the first author of more than 30 papers, presided over the completion of 12 provincial and ministerial level science fund projects, more than 20 enterprises commissioned by the project.

Since the completion of the general election in May 2017, Chongqing Municipal Committee Standing Committee has added two cross-provincial exchange of cadres. In addition to Hu Wenrong, the former secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee Chen Miner transferred to the Chongqing municipal party committee secretary, fill the missing investigation of Sun Zhencai.

Hu Wenrong transferred to Chongqing, Chongqing Municipal Committee Standing Committee of the existing 13 people. Respectively: municipal party committee secretary Chen Min, mayor Zhang Guoqing, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee Tang Liangzhi, executive vice mayor Wu Cunrong, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Zhang Ming, municipal Party Committee Organization Minister Zeng Qinghong, City Commission for Discipline Inspection Chen Yong, Municipal Secretary Wang Xiangang, Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, vice mayor Liu Qiang, deputy mayor, the two river New Area Administrative Committee Director Chen Luping, Municipal Committee United Front Minister Tao Changhai, Wanzhou District Party Secretary Du Heping, and just fresh Hu Wenrong. 7, 2008, Putian people in Fujian, Institute of Environmental Science, Tongji University, graduated from the Department of Environmental Engineering, graduate, doctor of engineering, Professor………….. In 1990 May to join the Communist Party of China, in July 1985 to participate in the work.

worked in the Department of Geology, Shandong Mining Institute.

1996.04 Deputy Director of Department of Earth Sciences, Shandong University of Technology, Associate Dean of School of Environment and Chemical Engineering, Shandong University of Technology, Director of Science and Technology Department of Shandong University, Director of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee

2004.12 Assistant to the Organization Department of Shandong Province Inspector, cadre three ministers

Taiwan officials play the Japanese to attract visitors: Japanese godfather recognize you?

                    (Original title: Tainan officials play the Japanese to attract tourists User comments: Japanese godfather recognize you?)


台官员扮日本人吸引游客 网友:日本干爹认你吗?

[World Wide Web Comprehensive Report] from the memory of the Japanese worship bronze statue, to openly say “Friends”, pro-US, by day, “Taiwan independence” elements of the face of the day, already well known. 14, hello Taiwan microblogging is burst, Tainan Tourism Director Wang Shi Si and others, simply dressed as a Japanese, to attract the so-called “tourists at home and abroad.” 10_89456_9_65473_9

integrated media news, 2017 Tainan Guanziling Hot Spring Food Festival held on September 23, the event requires anime style, event organizers created two special cartoon characters to Cosplay role-playing shape, inviting people at home and abroad To Tainan bubble soup taste food. As last year, the island tourism industry bleak, Tainan Tourism Director Wang Shi Si and others, they put on Japanese bathrobes, dressed as a Japanese, hoping to attract more tourists.

The matter has been exposed, friends meal scolding, many netizens denounced, Wang Shi think of the behavior “is nausea” “since the sale of its ugly.” More friends on such a “pride day” trip, said, “Japanese godfather recognize your dry son daughter?”

台官员扮日本人吸引游客 网友:日本干爹认你吗?

台官员扮日本人吸引游客 网友:日本干爹认你吗?

Korean missile launched after the fall of the Korean military response: not 100% can be successful

                    (Original title: Han “basalt -2” missile launch within a few seconds after the bombing Han Junfang this response …)

                                   According to South Korea, “Jingxiang News” reported on September 15, North Korea on the 15th morning to the eastern part of the peninsula launched a missile 6 minutes later, Han Jun also launched the same direction to the “basalt” -2A ballistic missile. But the missile in the launch within a few seconds due to unexplained fall into the sea. South Korean military stakeholders explained that the missile launch is not 100% can be successful. 7i_89456_3_65473_9

reported that “basalt” -2A is one of the four-axis system of the Kill Chain Kill Chain (Kill Chain) core combat capability. This is also the missile after the actual deployment, the first time after the launch of the crash occurred in the sea. 7_3456_5_65473_9

South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said that 7:3 Xu, Han Jun to the eastern part of the peninsula launched the “basalt” -2A ballistic missiles. One of which flew 250 km after the hit target, the other just a few seconds after the fall into the sea, but did not cause personal injury.

India if the Chinese economic growth path if the success of prepress diplomats: hopeless

                    (The original title: If you take the road to China’s economic growth, India can succeed? Prepress diplomat: hopeless)

                                   “India blindly follow the example of China’s growth model or not feasible,” the United States, “Quartz” September 14 this issue, citing India’s former foreign secretary Shari Yam (Shyam Saran) book “India how to See India “(How India Sees the World) content, said that if you look at India’s current” including India “, including the development strategy, it is undoubtedly want to rewrite China’s economic growth story.


The world economy is undergoing major changes


In the development model centered on cheap labor-intensive manufacturing, China’s huge growth achievement has been seen as a proof of the early and successful implementation of investment and export-led economic models in early Southeast Asia. At the same time, this strategy is also based on good energy and resource supply. However, after the global financial and economic crisis of 2007-2008, the world economy is undergoing major changes, and such a model may no longer be viable.


China as a low-cost manufacturing center and the emergence of major commodity exporters, thanks to a longer period of favorable international economic environment. The major consumer markets, which are composed of the United States, Europe and Japan, have remained relatively open and sustained. The average annual growth rate of global trade is 6%, twice the rate of global GDP growth. In addition, more than 50% of China’s exports are produced by wholly-owned subsidiaries of multinational companies or Sino-foreign joint ventures.


Recently, China has gradually joined the global supply chain of large multinational companies, including Apple and Microsoft. The supply chain of the production plant in many countries, each manufacturer only produces some components, the final product from the assembly of these components.

India want to join these production chain hope is very slim. At an early stage, foreign companies are investing in China as a low-cost production platform, which is sold to Western markets rather than the Chinese domestic market.

Since its accession to the WTO in 2001, China’s share of the joint market for the US, Europe and Japan has grown to 18%. This favorable international economic environment has brought economic growth to China and, to some extent, played a leveraged role in India between 1991 and 2008. However, this will not happen again. Even if the global economy is fully recovering from the shadow of the financial crisis, such an economic environment will not necessarily recover.

India’s investment and development strategy or can not receive the expected return
   Some longer-term factors or will change the global economy and trade structure, which may make India’s investment and export-led strategy can not receive the expected return. Despite the slowdown in economic development, the United States, Europe and Japan remain the most important markets in the world. However, the global trade volume that has developed faster than global GDP has now fallen to the same pace as global GDP growth, and the decline has been more pronounced in the last two years. And although China is the world’s second largest economy, its share in the global import market is only 2%.

In view of this, the current global market does not welcome India as in the past (welcome to China).

India’s recent export stagnation has proved this point. Some people think that if India wants to accelerate economic development, it must strive to become part of the global supply chain. However, the major global supply chains and regional supply chains in Asia are concentrated in China and are well established and difficult to penetrate, especially in terms of infrastructure, logistics and quality. In addition, changes such as 3D printing technology are emerging as a new trend in repositioning manufacturing. A breakthrough in the field of robots can make the cheap, repetitive labor force no longer needed in industrial production. From 1980 to 2010, China’s exports grew from US $ 17 billion (US $ 111.34 billion) to US $ 1.7 trillion (US $ 11.3 trillion), and the growth rate was very rapid.
   A large number of investment into China, in fact, due to the global economy between the main body of the growth of capital. For example, in 1980, US foreign direct investment (FDI) was $ 19 billion (about $ 124.44 billion), and by 2013 it had grown to $ 338 billion (about $ 2.21 trillion). Japan from the original $ 2.3 billion (about 15.06 billion yuan) increased to 135.7 billion US dollars (about 888.77 billion yuan). While Europe’s investment in 1980 was $ 21 billion (about $ 1375.4 billion) miraculously increased to $ 809 billion in 2000 (about $ 5.3 trillion), but fell to 2,500 in 2013 Billion (about RMB 1.64 trillion). Such a huge capital flow, may be in the future for some time will not appear again. (India) also noted that trade protectionism is on the rise, which may make the global economic decomposition…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. India is welcoming the withdrawal of the Trump government from major trade and investment groups, including the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP).

14-year-old boy arson nearly 20 have caused more than a railway outage or imprisonment for 15 years

                    (Original title: France “bear child” arson nearly 20 or imprisonment for 15 years)

                                   According to the French “Express” reported on September 15, a French 14-year-old junior high school boy was accused of arson nearly 20, may be sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

This boy was born in the eastern part of Marseille in Marseille, in the local time on the 15th night when trying to arson was caught on the spot. Prior to this, the State Forestry Administration and the local fire station has launched a few weeks of its investigation.

The boy admitted at the trial that he had a total of 18 arson in Aubagne between June and September 2017. Which in August a fire had burned 240 hectares of forest, and led to the southeastern France a number of railroad emergency outage, 3,000 passengers trapped in the way.

reported that the boy has been detained in the local juvenile prison, he may face 15 years in prison.

Human rights organizations: Syrian refugee children aid has not yet been released

                    (Original title: human rights organizations: Syrian refugee children’s relief payments are still not in place)

                                   According to the Russian satellite network reported on September 14, Human Rights Watch (HRW) at the press conference that day, the international community promised for the Syrian refugee children to provide millions of dollars, according to the Russian satellite network reported on September 14, according to the Human Rights Watch (HRW) Assistance is not yet in place and may be postponed.

Human Rights Watch read a new rescue report at the press conference: The millions of dollars that aid the Syrian refugee children promised by the international community last year were not yet in place and could be postponed, Or because the information is not perfect can not trace the remaining funds. The 55-page report on “Tracking the Fund: Lack of Transparency in Donor Funding for Syrian Refugee Education” was conducted at the donation held in London in February 2016 The commitments that have been made have been tracked.

At the meeting, the United States, the European Union, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and Norway pledged to provide more than $ 1.4 billion in education funds for Syria and the Middle East countries hosting Syrian refugees. The report notes that despite the commitment of the Conference to exceed the target funding for 2016, the education budget in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey still has serious funding shortfalls.

Embarrassment! Merkel direct answer to the public asked the female cleaners asked speechless

                    (The original title: embarrassing! German media broadcast the public to the Prime Minister asked Merkel was asked on the spot)


尴尬!默克尔直播答市民问被女清洁工问得无言以对 尴尬!默克尔直播答市民问被女清洁工问得无言以对

   July 15, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the 14th to participate in the German television two “Mingwen Klartext” column to ask the public to ask the public. During the live process, a female cleaner from Bochum, Germany, challenged Merkel on the German pension system, and Merkel was speechless.


reported that the cleaners work in a hospital, little income. She will retire after five and a half years and will receive a monthly pension of 656 euros. In the live, she first praised the Austrian pension insurance system, and to Merkel questioned “why Germany does not have such insurance?” In this regard, Merkel asked the female cleaner whether to pay the government to support the supplementary pension Insurance “Lister endowment insurance”. The female cleaning workers are asked Merkel to buy the insurance can get 1050 Europe? Merkel is speechless.


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