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India’s Uttar Pradesh ship has caused at least 22 people to die

                    (Original title: the scene: India Uttar Pradesh occurred overturned at least 22 people died)

                                   On the morning of 14th, at least 22 people were killed and many people were missing in the Uttar Pradesh, India.

The accident occurred on the Yamuna River in Baghdad County, North Korea. The rescue and rescue work is currently underway and 10 people have been rescued and taken to the hospital. Baghdad local officials said the accident had killed at least 22 people, many people missing. It is understood that the initial cause of the accident may be caused by overloading the vessel. It was reported that there were more than 60 passengers on board, mostly local workers, who planned to travel from nearby villages to Haryana to find work. Uttar Pradesh chief minister Adi Nate announced the payment of 200,000 rupees (about 20,000 yuan) to each family member of the victims. Rainy season in India ship accidents frequent, the cause of the accident mostly overloading, vessel disability and relaxation of security measures.

印度北方邦船只倾覆事故 已造成至少22人死亡 印度北方邦船只倾覆事故 已造成至少22人死亡


Russia said the attempt to repair Russia-US relations was ignored US officials: wrong

                    (The original title: Russia to the Trump government showed a good impression of the United States officials: wrong)



overseas online September 14 electrical u0026 nbsp; Kremlin on Wednesday (September 13), said earlier this year told the US government issued a presidential trump designed to repair Russian-US relations According to the Wall Street Journal, the Russian Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov said that the Russian side has been through various forms of the United States issued a resumption of diplomatic and military channels of the proposal, but the United States, Unfortunately, did not get the US response. Peskov said that Russia has always advocated the exchange of views through the resumption of dialogue, and try to work together to find a solution. Peskov made the above statement when asked about these proposals.

According to the US news website BuzzFeed reported on September 12, Russia has sent a document to the Trump government, including the reconstruction of both military and intelligence contact proposals. It was reported that the March issue included a specific meeting and deadline for the implementation of a series of initiatives aimed at promoting bilateral trade, including the establishment of joint working groups on cybersecurity and counterterrorism. The White House side, the National Security Council (National Security Council) did not confirm, also denied the report on the Russian proposal. A US government official said the administration was hoping to improve US-Russian relations when it took office. Unfortunately, this vision has not been fulfilled, but it is wrong. Since the 2016 US election, the US-Russian relations have entered an unprecedented and harmonious stage, but with the Russian intervention in the US election news, “through the Russian” continuous fermentation and the latest sanctions on the United States and Russia, the United States and Russia The future trend of future relations is unknown.

Korean media: Lotte Mart sells by Goldman Sachs is responsible for Chinese companies want to buy

                    (Original title: Korean media: Lotte Mart sold by Goldman Sachs responsible for the Chinese enterprises want to buy)

                                   South Korea’s New Jersey news agency 14 days quoted Lotte parties sources said Rakuten recently decided to sell in China Supermarket Lotte Matt, and choose Goldman Sachs as a sales director in charge of the company……….. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| The current scope of the sale has not yet been determined, but does not rule out the 112 supermarkets in China are all possible to sell. According to the South Korean media Edaily reported that day, Lotte Matt said, although want to continue to do business in China, but very difficult. The official said, “is currently selling the program, if possible, will consider selling all stores in China.” The report also said that some of China’s local circulation companies interested in acquiring Lotte Matt business in China. But did not disclose the specific company name.

Ministry of Commerce: China has been fully and strictly enforce the resolution of the Security Council

                    (The original title: the Ministry of Commerce: Sino-Korean trade growth rate to maintain the trend down month by month)


United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution, decided to impose new sanctions on the DPRK. Chinese Ministry of Commerce press spokesman said at a regular meeting today that China has been fully and strictly enforcing the relevant DPRK resolution adopted by the UN Security Council.

Ministry of Commerce News spokesman Gao Feng : China has been a comprehensive and strict implementation of the United Nations Security Council adopted the relevant resolution. For the new resolutions adopted by the Security Council in respect of sanctions in the economic and trade areas, the Ministry of Commerce will issue relevant measures with the relevant departments in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of China and timely.

Ministry of Commerce data show that this year, China-DPRK trade growth overall maintained a trend to decline month by month. January-July, Sino-Korean trade volume increased by 10.2%, compared with the first quarter growth rate down more than 21 percentage points.

Trump Prevents Chinese Companies from Acquiring US Chip Manufacturers

                    (Original title: Trump to prevent Chinese companies to buy US chip maker Chinese response)

                                   On the 14th day of the regular meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spokesman Huashun Ying to respond to the recent hot spots.. ?? .. Q: It is reported that President Trump has prevented China from supporting a private equity firm to buy a US chip maker. What’s your response?

A: You mentioned the specific acquisition of the project I do not understand. I would like to reiterate that the Chinese Government has always encouraged Chinese enterprises to carry out foreign investment cooperation on the basis of local laws in accordance with market principles and international rules. We also hope that the countries concerned provide a fair environment for Chinese enterprises to invest. I noticed that this morning the Ministry of Commerce spokesman has answered this question.

US media: US Secretary of Commerce Ross or by the end of September to visit China Trump camp

                    (Original title: US media: US Secretary of Commerce Ross September or visit China, for Trump hit the station)

                                   According to US media reports on September 14, informed sources, the US Commerce Secretary will be at the end of September to Beijing, finalized US President Trump in November during the visit between China and the United States may reach a series of trade transactions.

Up to now, the US Department of Commerce has not yet released the relevant information. But the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA) website shows that Ross will lead a delegation to visit China in mid-November, “as part of US President Trump’s first visit to China.”

美媒:美商务部长罗斯或9月底访华 为特朗普打前站 US Secretary of Commerce Ross. Data for China-US

intensive preparation Trump’s visit

At present, the two countries being ready to carry out intensive Trump planned to visit China this year. According to CCTV news reported on the 14th, US State Department spokesman Nuoer 13 in an interview with CCTV reporter said that Trump is looking forward to China’s state visit. Nuoer Te said that there is no specific timetable, but the White House will soon announce the itinerary and arrangements. On September 13, State Councilor Yang Jiechi met with US President’s National Security Adviser McMaster and President’s Senior Advisor Kushnina at the White House, according to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China on September 13. The two sides exchanged views on Sino-US relations and international and regional issues of common concern. The two sides agreed to strengthen the high-level and all levels of communication, expand cooperation and jointly do President Trump should Xi Jinping invited the preparation of China’s state visit during the year to promote the healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations.

Previous day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website news that Yang Jiechi visit Jamaica after crossing the United States Washington, the United States State Department met with Secretary of State Tillerson. Yang Jiechi said that at the invitation of Xi Jinping, President Trump will pay a state visit to China during the year, and China is willing to make joint efforts with the United States to promote positive results. Tillerson said President Trump was looking forward to a state visit to China during the year and planned the future development of US-China relations with Xi Jinping. July 7, the US media on the 14th, informed sources, the US Department of Commerce officials will soon go to China, then, Commerce Secretary Ross will be at the end of this month to Beijing, finalized Trumpe during his visit to China during the United States and China may reach Some of the trade deals. Among them, how to reduce trade imbalance between the United States and China will be one of the key issues discussed by Trump in China with China.

The report also said that US Secretary of State Tillerson or national security adviser McMaster may be in October to China, for Trump visit to China to do the final preparations.

Previously, the US media reported that Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Kushna and his wife may visit China, for Trump visit to China before the station. But the Hong Kong “South China Morning Post” reported on September 13 that this channel may be changing. Douglas Paal, former vice chairman of the White House, said that the former head of the White House, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, Kelly, said that Kushner was “inappropriate” as a communication channel, The visit of Ramp’s visit to China should be through “responsible officials”.

However, the New York Times reported on the 6th, the White House is now no one responsible for China’s policy “backbone.” Kushner’s influence on China’s policy seems to be fading, and Tillerson, Ross and others on Trump’s influence is also weakening. The report quoted White House officials said the Trump government may break the past by a person to dominate the Chinese policy model, changed to a team composed of several officials to lead.

At present, the specific date and arrangement of Trump’s visit to China has not yet been announced. But the US media on the 14th reported that the US State Department’s former Asia-Pacific Affairs Assistant Secretary of State Russell said in New York on the 13th, Trump will be launched in November, “Marathon” trip to Asia, “will visit Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, to The Philippines attends the ASEAN summit and attends the APEC summit and visits Vietnam. “

The surging news note that in September, the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA) website recruited US companies in mid-November to follow the Commerce Minister Ross China’s announcement. The announcement said the delegation would be part of Trump’s first visit to China.

The delegation will include executives from 12-25 US companies, covering multiple industries, “to support US companies to enter the Chinese market or expand the scale to increase US exports to China and discuss trade policy with high-level Chinese officials The delegation’s objectives include: “to confirm the US government’s support for US companies’ activities in China to help them with high-level officials of the Chinese government; to confirm that the US government is between the US government and the government and the business To support the development of the competitive strategy and to open up the market; to promote the development of the competition strategy; to promote the development of the competitive strategy; to promote the development of the competitive strategy; US business and Chinese new trade and investment. “

The two-day itinerary announced, including social receptions, discussions with Chinese government officials and industry experts, agreement signing ceremony and other activities. The US Department of Commerce will accept US companies by September 29 and decide to visit the list by October 16th.

Rakuten: only to sell other businesses in China do not consider withdrawing from China

                    (Original title: Rakuten: only sold in China Supermarket other business do not consider withdrawing from China)

                                   According to the Korean media reported on the 14th, affected by the “Sade” storm, Lotte Matt in China’s performance bleak, overwhelmed, and ultimately decided to sell in the supermarket business in China, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, The Analysis that Lotte Matt’s exit or trigger a chain effect, Lotte Group’s department stores and other business will also be fully evacuated from the Chinese market. However, the Lotte Group responsible person denied this. The person in charge said that other business does not consider withdrawing from China.

Lotte has expanded itself in China since 2008. However, in February this year, Lotte Group and the South Korean government signed a land exchange agreement, agreed to let the group under the golf course land, so that the United States to deploy “Sade” anti-missile system. This triggered a strong dissatisfaction with China, Lotte’s business in China has also been hit hard.

It is understood that Lotte Mate in China a total of 112 shops, of which 87 were closed, the rest of the shops are also in a closed state. According to Lotte Mart speculated that its business in China for six months due to “Sade” at least a loss of 500 billion won.

Although many times before the Lotte Group to sell the news in China Lotte, but Lotte Group subsequently denied and urgent clarification, saying “never give up business in China.” September 11, Lotte Has been an urgent clarification, Lotte Group is currently no discussion of any withdrawal from the Chinese market. More than 20 related subsidiaries, such as Lotte Department Store, Lotte Department Store, Lotte World, Lotte Day, Lotte Cinema, etc., are taking into account the market size and growth potential of enterprises in China. Lotte will never give up their business in China. The

But less than a week, the situation has undergone a sharp reversal, Lotte Matt’s business in China was confirmed on sale 14th. Therefore, the Lotte business will all withdraw from China’s argument once again aroused public concern.

Kaspersky responded to the US government banned: never engaged in espionage

                    (Original title: US government announced the ban Kaspersky Software Kabbah response: never engaged in espionage)


13, the US government on the grounds of national security, announced the ban on federal agencies to use the Russian network security vendor Kaspersky Lab software products. Kaspersky Lab responded by expressing disappointment with the US government’s decision and denying an “inappropriate relationship” with any government, including the Russian government.

卡巴斯基回应美政府禁用 :从未从事间谍活动

US government: 90 days, subject to the deletion of Kaspersky products

day, the US Department of Homeland Security issued enforcement action directive requiring all federal agencies to identify Kaspersky product within 30 days of its information systems used , Within 60 days to develop a detailed removal plan, 90 days to remove these products. “It is concerned that some of Kaspersky’s relations with the Russian intelligence and other government agencies are concerned,” the US Department of Homeland Security said in a statement. “It is also said that under Russian law, Kaspersky may be asked, or To help the Russian intelligence agencies to intercept communications on the Russian network. The statement also states that “the Russian government, whether acting on its own or working with Kaspersky, may use the access path provided by Kaspersky products, thereby jeopardizing federal information and information systems that directly involve US national security.”

卡巴斯基回应美政府禁用 :从未从事间谍活动 Kaspersky Labs issued a statement on the same day: “US accusations are based on false allegations and inaccurate assumptions that no one or any organization, nor any organization or any organization,” said Kaspersky Lab, Openly provide any reliable evidence. “The statement stressed that Kaspersky has never helped or will help any government in the world engage in cyber espionage or cyber attacks.

卡巴斯基回应美政府禁用 :从未从事间谍活动

The rumors have agreed to reach an agreement with the Democrats on the DACA program

                    (The original title: rumor! Trump denied and the Democratic Party on the DACA plan to reach an agreement)



overseas online September 14 electrical u0026 nbsp; local time on September 14, US President Trump tweet denied Democrats agree on the DACA program, but he said that is large-scale border security It is necessary.

Earlier reports pointed out that the US Senate minority leader Schumer and the House of Representatives minority leader Pelosi on the evening of 13 issued a joint statement that the Democratic Party has reached an agreement with President Trump, as soon as possible to the protection of DACA into Law, and formulate a series of border security policies, but not included in the border to build walls. July 13th, Trump and Schumer and Pelosi dinner at the White House. After the meeting, Schumer and Pelosi said in a joint statement that they had a fruitful meeting with Trump. The discussions on both sides focused on the DACA issue and agreed to turn the protection of DACA into law as soon as possible and to develop a series of border security policies, but not including walls at the border. This is acceptable to both sides. The White House side said that Trump and Schumer, Pelosi and some government officials had a constructive dinner to discuss policy and legislative priorities, including tax reform, border security, DACA program, Infrastructure and trade. The White House said it was a positive step towards finding a cross-party solution for these important issues and said the Trump government looked forward to continuing the dialogue with the bipartisan leaders of Congress.

It is noteworthy that the White House press spokesman Sanders on the evening of 13, wrote a message on Twitter, although the two sides discussed the DACA program and border security, but did not “do not include the border to build the wall” to reach a consensus The Schumer’s news director, House, forwarded Sanders’ tweets and said Trump made it clear that he would continue to build the border, but it was not part of the agreement.

Ampimodfa joint statement: will jointly fight the Pakistani armed groups

                    (Original title: Ampimodfa joint statement: will jointly fight the Pakistani armed groups)

                                   Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Indian Prime Minister Moody’s issued a joint statement on September 14, when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Indian Prime Minister Moody’s issued a joint statement, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the Indian Prime Minister Moody’s issued a joint statement, Said the two countries have reached a consensus, will work together to combat Pakistan as the base of the armed groups. According to the “Hindustan Times” reported that Abe and Modi issued a joint statement, severely condemned the border between India and Pakistan, “terrorism” and “extreme”, but also in the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States and the United States, Doctrine “growth. They believe that the global response to “terrorism” to hold “zero tolerance” attitude, requiring Islamabad severely punish domestic armed groups. “All countries should work together to eradicate the ‘safe haven of terrorism’, to combat their infrastructure, to undermine their networks and to stop them from crossing their borders,” the press said. “This statement is clearly aimed at Pakistan,” the statement said. Abe and Modi also said they are looking forward to the fifth “India-Japan Terrorism Consultation” held to strengthen the two countries to jointly combat the “terrorist organization” ability.

[Palestinian militant group said it would have been a night raid across the border in India against Indian military camp]

September 5, the Indian government had summoned the Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan, urged the Government of Pakistan militant group in Kashmir border to combat. Including Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, with Pakistan as the base of activity. “Jaish-e-Mohammad” (Jaish-e-Mohammad) had night attack on the Indian barracks, resulting in eight Indian police death, which is the Indian national security sector since September last year, the worst casualties. The organization advocates separating Kashmir from India and merging with Pakistan. India has also said that the Kashmir real line near the “penetration” behavior and the number of armed organizations more and more, “the Indian army commander, As long as we think, we can break this line, across the real control line to combat these organizations. He claims that India wants to convey a “subtle message” through rapid and accurate military attacks, that is, “Kashmir’s real line is not can not be destroyed.”

The Republic of Pakistan has also been accused by US President Trump. On August 21, US President Trump accused Pakistan of providing a “shelter” for terrorist groups, including the Taliban, when it elaborated on the US government’s new strategy on Afghanistan.

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