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Paris and Los Angeles officially became host of the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympics

                    (Original title: IOC: Paris and Los Angeles officially became the host of the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympics)

                                   July 14, Beijing time on the 14th morning, the International Olympic Committee Lima plenum heard in Paris, France and the United States Los Angeles statement of the report, the collective vote through the two cities were 2024 and 2028 respectively. Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games City. This is also the last few decades, the International Olympic Committee for the first time at the same time selected two consecutive Olympic host cities. The IOC and the two sides signed the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic agreement agreement.


International Olympic Committee President Bach said that taking into account only Paris and Los Angeles to compete for the actual situation of the Olympic Games in 2024, the two Olympic Games will be the right to organize the package of the program will reduce the cost of organizing the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games More sustainable, more viable, while the two cities can also share the experience, so as to ensure that the Olympic Games in the next period of time can be more stable development.


Changbai Mountain South Scenic Area Suspension of the opening officer slightly late at night to clarify: to clean up the stone

长白山南景区暂停开放 官微深夜澄清:为清理落石

长白山景区再发通告:南景区暂停开放 清理山体落石

on Changbai Mountain scenic area south pause opening announcement

September 13, the Changbai Mountain scenic scenic South has released “open” and “pause open” at 15:46 and 19:48 The message is as follows:

1, South scenic opening time delay, the other to do the specific open to the public, the residents of the city, Notice:

2, the scenic area delayed postponement of the reasons: 13 pm 16:40 or so, near the South scenic area during work, the mountain burst slightly rockfall situation, the scene staff confirmed at the scene, need to further clean up, and landslide still Sporadic stone, there are security risks To be late for reinforcement;

3, Changbai Mountain rockfall phenomenon occurs only in the south of Changbai Mountain scenic area, period, Changbai Mountain North Scenic Area, west scenic normally open, please rest assured tourists travel.

Changbai Mountain Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd.

September 13, 2007

The US-led international coalition killed 22 civilians on Syrian air strikes

                    (Original title: (international) US-led international alliance in Syrian air raids caused 22 civilians died)


Damascus, Sept. 13 / PRNewswire-FirstCall / – The United States led the International League on the 13th against Syria’s target air strikes, killing 22 civilians.

According to the Syrian news agency reported that the League of Nations on the same day Syria Laca City residential area and Syria eastern Dyer Zul province north of the air strikes, resulting in 11 civilians were killed. In recent months, the International League has repeatedly carried out air strikes against Syrian targets, which have killed hundreds of civilians.

In September 2014, the United States and other countries set up an international alliance, the Syrian and Iraq in the extreme organization of the “Islamic countries” target air strikes. Syrian government that the move without the United Nations Security Council authorized, and accused of air raids led to a large number of Syrian civilian casualties. On 30 July this year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the Council to call for the dissolution of the international coalition.

The county party secretary in the mistress was commuted after his own have also been commuted

                    (The original title: mistress was commuted, the county party secretary was also filed for commutation)

                                   September 13, the national court commutation, parole, temporary supervision of the implementation of information network published news, Shanxi Lingshi County former county party secretary Yang Hong was brought to life imprisonment, reduced to 22 years in prison.

view reporter noted that this person bribed over 20 million, but also because of superstition feng shui, that affect the career, put the local gypsum mountain to “high mountains.”

And, just two months ago, his mistress – a local deputy procurator, Yang Xiaoping, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for 22 years.

这名县委书记在情妇获得减刑后 自己也被提请减刑

(Yang Hong)

supported printers in prison and learning facilitators

filing public display, Jinzhong Prison proposed commutation proposal on August 21, said Yang Hong commutation assessment period in There is a repentance, guilty of repentance, punishment, their own crimes and social harm and have a deep understanding, can self-analysis of the reasons for the crime, corrective abuse, with the correct transformation of the attitude and atonement efforts, efforts to reform. In addition, he also conscientiously abide by laws and regulations and regulatory discipline, to accept the education reform, no serious violations of discipline; actively participate in the ideological, cultural, vocational and technical education study, class lectures, on time to complete the homework, test scores are 89 points the above.

The prison also believes that Yang Hong in the production of labor and brushwork and learning associate duplex workers, to actively participate in labor, to comply with labor discipline, attendance rate of 100%, and strive to complete their own labor tasks.

According to its name, Yang Hong won a total of 11 times the prison, you can use points 471 points. There are repentant performance, in line with commutation conditions, the proposal reduced to 22 years in prison, deprivation of political rights reduced to 10 years.

public resume shows, Yang Hong was born in December 1958, Shanxi Zuoquan County, just to restore the college entrance examination the following year admitted to the Shanxi Agricultural University, was rare at the time. After graduation, it entered the career, has been in Jinzhong, until the sacking, never left. As early as 1995, this person was promoted to the county level Yuci municipal Party committee standing committee, propaganda minister, in 2005 the ruling party, Ren Heshun county magistrate, that is, at the level. 1 year later transferred to Lingshi county magistrate, and in five years after the county party secretary. Who knows, more than a year later, that is, June 2012 that Lok Ma. On July 31, 2013, the Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision Office held a press conference and informed that the original county party secretary of Lingshi County, the use of his office for the convenience of others, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “the People’s Republic of China”), To seek benefits, alone or together with others illegally accept other people’s money, the amount of 25,888,550 yuan bribery, Jinzhong City Intermediate People’s Court sentenced to life imprisonment. Approved by the study, decided to give Yang Hong expelled from the party, dismissed from the public office. According to the “legal system weekend” reported that in the Grand Canal high-speed Lingshi export line and Yongji Avenue Interchange, one of the large seal shape sculpture into the reporter’s eyes. The seal base 8.4 meters wide, India-wide 5 meters, the total height of 15.9 meters, the top is also engraved with a dragon totem. The seal engraved with “China Lingshi”, both sides of the carved “Avenue Yongji”. This side seal sculpture by Yang Hong called “Royal Xi”. According to the letter of the book, “Yu Xi sculpture creation inscription” records, the sculpture creative from Yang Hong, because in this intersection need to have a sculpture embellishment, Yang Hong will think of Sui Wendi set the county allusions, and then in the minds of the song There will be a side of the Royal Seal as a sculpture of the basic prototype of the creative.

There are local officials who are reluctant to disclose the name told reporters, according to his speculation, Yang Hong erected the true purpose of this sculpture is to protect the official, promoted. 7 _89456_44_65473_9

In addition to the “Royal Seal”, Yang Hong also had the gypsum mountain renamed “Shi Gao Shan”, meaning “where the people are high mountains, no official can enter the official, who can be promoted.” However, after the renamed “Shi Gao Shan” and did not bless to Yang Hong Guan Yun prosper, step by step, on the contrary, after the renamed a month, Yang Hong career stopped abruptly. Yang Hong so embarked on the road of crime, can not fail to mention its lover Yang Xiaoping, born in November 1966, Guizhou generous county people……………………. Count down, she was 8 years younger than Yang Hong. According to “Legal Daily” reported that around 2000, when Jinzhong City Yuci District Organization Minister Yang Hong and Yang Xiaoping accidentally met. Yang Hongping Yang Yangping may be fancy to the customs million, and perhaps Yang Xiaoping eye Yang Hong in the hands of the power, the two quickly developed into a lover, began the right color transactions. 7 _89456_54_65473_9

Yang Xiaoping level of the post is Yuci District Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General, it was said that her promotion and Yang Hong’s help have a great relationship.

Lingshi is the richest coal in Jinzhong County, the financial income of more than 30 billion yuan, is the first in Jinzhong. As a county long, looking for Yang Hong boss have to line up. But who is not looking for Yang Hong to buy it, he also see people under the dishes. So some people think of Yang Xiaoping, people known as “Yang check” (also known as “Yang sister”). Afterwards, they did find someone right. This middle, two Yang common bribery. Yang Hongping said, Yang Hong always always “implementation”, so someone was promoted to Yuci sub-prosecutors Yang Xiaoping as “underground organization minister.” With the “underground organization minister” of the matchmaking, the third party contracted 54757 million yuan project, these projects were 5%, 8%, 10%, 15%, etc. as a rebate ratio. The court heard that since May 2008, Yang Xiaoping use of their duties, has received the case in five cases and the trustee bribe 1.58 million yuan, together with others to accept bribes 1791 million yuan, the use of influence bribery 50,000 yuan , And other personal property 4005 million yuan and 1800 grams of gold can not explain the source. Yang Xiaoping was expelled from the party, dismissed from office, and sentenced to life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life, confiscation of all personal property.

Russia to the United States to release goodwill? Called the United States to help the affected areas

                    (The original title: Russia to the United States to release good intentions called to help the United States affected by the storm)



overseas online September 13 electrical u0026 nbsp; local time on September 13, Minister of Emergency Situations Ministry of Russia Pucci Cove, told reporters that Russia is willing to suffer “Alma” to the recent hurricanes The United States to provide help, but now did not receive the US side of the reply.

According to the Russian news agency reported that satellite, Pucci Primakov said that Russia would suffer from the recent hurricanes, “Alma” attacks on Cuba and the French Caribbean to help. When asked whether Russia plans to help the US hit the hurricane, Picchov said, “We have made such a proposal, the United States, France and Cuba, within the framework of the government bilateral agreement, provisions to provide assistance, but has not yet received a reply to the United States. “

The woman used the airline ticket oversold by giving up the position earned 3 million

                    (Original title: the use of airline tickets oversold women to give up the position earned $ 30,000)


女子利用航空公司机票超卖 靠放弃机位赚了3万元

A woman knows the airline’s oversold “hidden rules”, the airline will raise the amount of compensation to induce passengers to give up the position, she will wait for this opportunity, the results earned $ 4,000 (about 26,000 RMB). According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on the 13th, has three children Tracy Jarvis Smith (Tracy Jarvis Smith) earlier bought by Atlanta (Atlanta) to Indiana, South Bend (South Bend) Delta Airlines (Delta Airlines) tickets, due to run the University of Georgia and Notre Dame University (Notre Dame University) held an American football match, so the position is very tense and oversold.

The plane is full of fans of the University of Georgia team, they are waiting to see their team against the University of Notre Dame team. Therefore, Smith believes that no one on board the aircraft is willing to give up the seat, she had the opportunity to earn money for the next big trip. Smith witnessed the entire process of Delta Airbus negotiations with passengers….

The airline initially used the $ 2,200 (about $ 14,000) to lure passengers to give up the seats, but Smith was unmoved because she thought no one was willing to miss the American football game, even if it was only a minute. She waited for the price to continue to rise, and finally wait until the airline overweight to $ 4,000 price, she gave up her position.

女子利用航空公司机票超卖 靠放弃机位赚了3万元

Although she finally arrived at the destination for 8 hours to see her husband and son, but she felt lucky that she would earn $ 4,000 with her husband to take the first class with Hawaii.

女子利用航空公司机票超卖 靠放弃机位赚了3万元

National 18 Railway Bureau to start the reform of the road changed its name to complete in November

                    (Original title: exclusive | national 18 railway bureau reform start post renamed in November)


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Guangdong Provincial Party Committee United Front Minister for the first time inter-provincial transfer of Anhui

                    (The original title: Guangdong Provincial Party Committee United Front in the history of the first female minister transferred to Anhui, the first inter-provincial service)

                                   Recently, the central decision: Yan Zhi Chan comrades as the Anhui Provincial Committee, the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) White News noted that after it was the head of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee history, the first female minister. In addition, Yan Zhi Chan is in May this year, the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the new members of the Standing Committee, the implementation of the new Anhui Province for its first inter-provincial service. 7,123456_6_65473_9

Public information: Yan Zhi Chan, female, Han nationality, born in May 1964, Guangdong Yangchun people, in June 1985 to join the party, in July 1985 to participate in the work of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, , Sun Yat-sen University School of politics and public affairs management graduate, in-service postgraduate degree, management master, lecturer.

In 1981, Yan Yan Chan in South China Agricultural University Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department of poultry and poultry disease prevention and control professional learning. Since then, served as the school animal husbandry and veterinary cadres, political counselors, deputy secretary of the party branch. In 1992 April was named lecturer, in January 1995 to mention deputy level. In 1988, Yan Zhi Chan went to Sun Yat-sen University Department of Political Science and Administration of ideological and political education professional learning, Bachelor of law degree. In 1996, Yan Shiman was promoted to vice chairman of the Party Organization Department of South China Agricultural University. Since then, he has served as secretary of the Communist Youth League of the school, vice minister of the Party Organization Department, and secretary of the Party branch of animal sciences.

2003 began, Yan Zhi Chan began as Zhanjiang Municipal Committee, Organization Department Minister. Since then, Yan Zhi-chan served as deputy secretary of Zhanjiang municipal Party committee, organization minister, secretary of political and legal committee, director of Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice, deputy secretary of the party committee, director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice, party secretary. In the next year, Yan Yan Chan transferred to Jieyang municipal party committee secretary, city people’s Congress Standing Committee, the provincial Department of Justice. In May 2017, Yan Zhi Chan became the Guangdong Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Minister (Guangdong Provincial Party Committee United Front history of the first female minister). In addition, Yan Pu Chan is also the eleventh, the 12th Guangdong Provincial Committee. It is understood that in May this year, Yan Township was elected the Guangdong Provincial Standing Committee, which is the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the new one of the four newly elected members of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee…. In addition, Yan is also the only female Guangdong Provincial Standing Committee. The north of the Anhui Provincial Standing Committee, its specific division of labor to be announced. 7 years old (born in May 1964), Guangdong Yangchun people, graduated from the South China Agricultural University Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department, after the school service. In 2003, she was from the South China Agricultural University College of Animal Science Party branch secretary into the career, served as Zhanjiang Municipal Committee, the Municipal Organization Department, the municipal deputy secretary, municipal party committee secretary.

In 2011, he was promoted to the head of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice. In early 2015, he was transferred to the secretary of Jieyang Municipal Party Committee. In May 2017, he was elected to the Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Committee. She became a former head of the Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference. On the first female minister, the same month was elected representatives of the Chinese Communist Party. According to media reports, in January 2015, Guangdong 10 prefecture-level cities and provincial units of the party committee (party group) secretary to the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection four plenary session for the “three” (described in the case of Cham Taku) report, accept the province Discipline Committee members review. “I have never used the authority and the role of the interests of relatives for the improper interests of the idea, the husband is the middle school cadres, children in the province of enterprises, and their own work,” said Mr. Yan, who was the director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice. The scope of the duties have nothing to do. “

Since last year, Anhui has” output “2 Standing Committee

It is understood that since the Guangdong Provincial Committee since the beginning of Yan Pu Chan is the first inter-provincial exchange office of the Standing Committee. She is also the second north of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Standing Committee, in March 2017, when the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Mayor Xu Qin transferred to Hebei, the current deputy secretary of Hebei Province, governor.

India to Russia to purchase early warning aircraft was three times the price increase to the Indian Air Force shouting

                    (Original title: India to Russia to purchase early warning aircraft was price increase three times to India Air Force shouting)

                                   India has long been to Israel and Russia to buy a lot of armaments, but many times by the outside world questioned whether the high price to buy, the Indian Air Force plans in the air more than the same time, Tim “eye” and from Israel and Russia to introduce two new early warning aircraft, but the supplier has greatly increased the price, resulting in the Indian Air Force had to call the emergency call this call.

Japanese media: the US military in Okinawa misleading nuclear missiles and Hiroshima atomic bomb quite

                    (Original title: Japanese media: the US military in Okinawa, the nuclear missiles and Hiroshima atomic bomb equivalent)

                                   Japan’s NHK recently broadcast a special program reported that under the rule of the United States under Okinawa, in 1959 had accidentally fired nuclear warheads equipped with missiles and into the sea, Okinawa County that “at that time,” the time of the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, There may be a major disaster “, the matter caused a great uproar. It is reported that the accidental launch did not cause a nuclear explosion, the missile was secretly recovered. According to Japan’s Kyodo news agency, allegedly the accident occurred in the US military Naha airport (now Naha airport), the US military is considered to conceal the fact that nuclear-related accidents. The county councilor (64 years old) who grew up in Naha City was scared and said, “If there is a nuclear explosion, I have been dead.”

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