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Former German Prime Minister: will recommend comfort women victims to win the Nobel Peace Prize

                    (Former title: former German prime minister: will recommend comfort women victims of the Nobel Peace Prize)

                                   On September 11th, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder visited the Japanese “comfort women” victims during his visit to Korea. Gyeonggi-do Gyeonggi-do “Schroeder said he was very sorry for Japan’s lack of courage to apologize for the violence that had been committed in the past and announced that it would actively recommend these elderly people who were victims of war violence as Nobel Peace Prize candidates. Let people remember history. July 11 morning, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder visited South Korea

According to the “Korean National Daily” reported that the morning of September 11, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder visited South Korea , In the Speaker of the meeting room to the National Assembly Speaker Ding Shisheng greetings. When it comes to the historical issue of comfort women, Schroeder said he regretted that Japan had no courage to apologize for the violence that had committed in the past. Schroeder said, “I know that you are not (of Japan) heart of revenge or hate, but earnestly hope that Japan can recognize the past wrong history, and apologize.”

September 11 afternoon 3 , Schroeder visited the Japanese “comfort women” victims gathered in Gyeonggi Province Gwangju City to return to the village “to share the home.” Schroeder was the German prime minister during the period from October 1998 to November 2005, and this was the first time a former foreign head of state was visiting the “home of sharing”.

Schroeder in the view of the “share home” before the bronze statue, they went to the victims of the grandmother’s cemetery and monuments before the flowers and silence. After visiting the “Japanese comfort women history museum”, he visited the old people such as Park Yu Shan (94), Li Rongxiu (90), Li Yu Shan (91), River Point (96)

t01030c7d791c7b2091.webp.jpg Local time on September 11, Schroeder, who is visiting the country, visits the victims of comfort women.

Schroeder’s home for victims of comfort women

He said on the spot that the comfort of the comfort women and women was essentially the same as the Jewish massacre carried out by Nazi Germany in World War II. The world should understand these women who sacrificed and suffered in the war, and the account of these victims is not the past, but the history of writing the future.

Talk, Li Rongxiu grandmother said, to Schroeder from afar, very grateful, and asked that “hope to help us, let us get the death of Japan before the apology.” Li Yu Shan grandmother even off the wrist worn on the “Japanese comfort women victims memory bracelet”, it was stuffed to the former German prime minister.

Millions of Palestinians signed a call for a peaceful settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli issue

                    (Original title: millions of Palestinians call for a peaceful settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli issue)

                                   7 – Ez – letter. The letter calls on the United Nations to help end Israel’s occupation of Palestine and to establish an independent Palestinian State. “This signature is drafted by the” opposition to the wall and Jewish settlements “, which aims to call on Palestine to achieve peace as soon as possible and to establish a Palestinian independent State to express the Palestinian people to the international community.” The desire for peace and the founding of the country. The agency began to solicit signatures a few weeks ago and received a positive response from the Palestinian community, especially among young students.

Reuters to sing bad iPhone8: too expensive Chinese people can not afford

                    (Original title: Reuters sing bad iPhone8: too expensive, the Chinese people can not afford)

                                   The new generation of smart phones “iPhone 8” will be Apple’s new headquarters in Apple Park among the “Steve Jobs Theater” (Steve Jobs Theater) release of the new generation of smart phones “iPhone 8” will be Apple’s new headquarters Apple Park “Steve Jobs Theater” (Steve Jobs Theater) release Meeting to the world starting.

However, the face of being fired uproar in the “iPhone 8” in the end how much money to buy this matter, Reuters put the focus on the “$ 1,000 iPhone 8 Chinese people can afford it?”

Local time September 11, Reuters published an article entitled “” Lucky 8? “$ 1,000 price so that China lost the enthusiasm of the iPhone,” the report.

路透社唱衰iPhone8:太贵了 中国人买不起

▲ Reuters original screenshot

article said, after a decline in sales in China up to six quarters, Apple hopes that by Tuesday the launch of a new generation of smart phones “iPhone 8” , To regain its dominance in China’s largest smartphone sales market in the world.

However, their “expectation” may be shattered. The face of the price will be up to $ 1,000 or even higher “iPhone 8”, Chinese consumers have been in the heart “playing their own small abacus”, especially considering its price is equivalent to twice the per capita monthly wage in China, These consumers are likely to “discouraged”.

report also said that for Apple, the next generation iPhone in China’s success is essential. After a period of low tide, has been “coveted” Apple mobile phone advantage has ceased to exist. Apple is currently ranked fifth in the Chinese market, behind China’s domestic brands Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and millet.

路透社唱衰iPhone8:太贵了 中国人买不起

As of July last quarter, iPhone in Taiwan, The However, contrary to the growth in other regions, this figure in the Greater China region fell by 10% compared to the same period last year.

reported that “the price is really too expensive, I will wait until the price to buy,” an iPhone 6 from Nanjing, China users say. “This time Apple really needs to introduce very innovative products.” However, the influence of China’s domestic rivals continues to rise, so that the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Business work “becomes more and more difficult”

路透社唱衰iPhone8:太贵了 中国人买不起

The depths of the magnitude 5.3 earthquake in the southern waters of Mexico are 61 km

                    (The original title: the southern waters of Mexico, 5.3 magnitude earthquake source depth of 61 km)

                                   According to the US Geological Survey website news, Beijing time at 13:38 on the 12th, the southern waters of Mexico, the Richter earthquake, the magnitude of the earthquake, the source of the earthquake, the source of the earthquake, the source of the earthquake. Depth of 61 km.

China prohibits the import of foreign garbage US threat to its more than 300 billion yuan business

                    (Original title: China for the public health ban imports of foreign garbage, the reputation of its more than 300 billion business …)

                                   “For decades, shipping containers loaded with US waste to China for recycling. This is a $ 5 billion (about 32.7 billion yuan) per year of business, but now face noodles.” [/ Url] [/ url] [/ url] [/ span] [/ url] [/ url] On the risk of fading. “CNN (CNN) published an article on September 11, the headline impressively wrote:” China to the United States: Please stop us to transport garbage. ” For the Chinese government’s decision to improve the environment and protect people’s health, the US side believes it “threatens” US export trade, and the US Waste Metal Recycling Industry Association claims to “fight against the Chinese ban.”

CNN refers to a document submitted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection to the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 18 July: requiring an emergency adjustment of the list of imported solid wastes to be banned from importing four types of 24 solid wastes by the end of 2017, including Living sources Waste plastics, vanadium slag, unsealed waste paper and waste textile raw materials and other high-polluting solid waste. Most of these wastes come from the United States. According to the United States Abandoned Metal Recycling Industry Association (ISRI) statistics, in 2016 China imported a total of $ 5.6 billion worth of scrap metal products, $ 1.9 billion in waste paper (totaling 13.2 million tons) and $ 495 million in waste plastics (1.42 million tons). Huge export volume gave birth to a huge industrial chain, ISRI President Robert Weiner said that the United States has 15.5 million jobs are dependent on the US exports to China’s garbage.

Such an industry is precarious as China proclaims the ban that came into effect in September. According to WTO data, the United States and Japan are China’s major sources of waste plastics and waste paper. According to CNN reported that the waste accounted for the sixth largest US exports to China. ISRI estimates that about one-fifth of the trade was “threatened”. China’s decision to make US companies almost too late to prepare, the United States involved in China’s trade recovery industry tense. According to reports, ISRI officials Adler said: “The ban has begun to affect the US-China trade, Chinese buyers in the cancellation of orders, no longer under the new orders, some people do not even take the port container.”

“The discovery of a large number of highly polluting waste and hazardous waste, mixed with recyclable solid waste, seriously pollutes the Chinese environment,” said the Ministry of Environmental Protection in the documents submitted to the WTO. “To protect China’s environment And the health of the people, we have to urgently adjust the list of imported solid waste, prohibit the import of high-pollution solid waste. “

World Wide Web reporter found that CNN mentioned the ban on imports of solid waste and the country allowed to import solid waste Difference, the former is low value, heavy pollution, which is renewable raw materials can be used as raw materials. In the future, the focus of China’s solid waste imports will shift from low-value, heavily polluted waste plastics and waste paper to high-value and low-pollution scrap metal. At the same time, it will also improve the recycling of domestic solid wastes and protect the ecological environment and people’s health.

In spite of this, ISRI has said it will fight against the Chinese ban, saying that “China has an environmental crisis to deal with, need to take action, but we do not agree with the implementation of the ban.

Canadian Chinese girls were raped by her boyfriend

                    (Original title: Canadian Chinese students were raped school punished man to write 2000 words check)

                                   Recently, studying at the Ontario Polytechnic University, Chinese female college students were raped by her boyfriend, after the boyfriend was only the school punished to write a review.. ?? .. The case caused a wide range of hot friends.

According to Canadian media reports, Chinese students Shan Qin 23 years old, outstanding performance, she not only for the school students president, also received the Wenzhou City Law School admission notice. Shan Qin and her boyfriend first met in the rowing boat competition, they are with the university rowing team members.

On August 14, 2016, Shan Qin accompanied her boyfriend to the University of Windsor to participate in a football match. After returning to the hotel, Shan Qin was asleep by drinking two glasses of wine. The next morning, she felt the lower body extremely painful, opened the quilt found the sheets are all blood.

After the incident, Shan Qin went to the hospital alone to do the ultrasound examination, the results were told vaginal tear. The doctor can only open a large number of drugs, for the Shan Qin lower body to stop bleeding. Shan Qin sadly said: “I did not expect this thing will happen in the most intimate person, I was really shocked.”

The next week, Shan Qin boyfriend is always reluctant to admit their mistakes. See the woman almost collapsed, the man only through the information to apologize, saying that they should not act without the consent of the woman recklessly.

13.jpg Man sent a message screenshot. After the incident, Shan Qin did not report to the police station, but to the UOIT University filed a complaint, asked the school will be in the name of sexual assault on the man to investigate…. A month later, the school has responded to review the student code of conduct. 5 months in the past, Shan Qin received only two school calls, they asked whether Shan Qin really did not agree with her boyfriend sex. Since then, the case will be heard.

After a long wait, the school ruled that the boyfriend violated the student code of conduct because he had sex without the consent of the woman. The school punishes boys as follows: writing a two-thousand-word essay on the topic of how to respect others and clearly express the need for “consent”; until the end of 2017, the man can not come to college resume until the end of 2017 , To suspend all activities of its college team.

When the school was informed of the results, Shan Qin was shocked. Boyfriend also made a complaint, question why they can not class? As a result, the dispute went on for a period of three months, during which Shan Qin was asked to provide records, including pharmacies, hospital certificates, and friends.

14.jpg Source: Canada Le live network

During the dispute process, Shan Qin also completed the school survey, the question is as follows: 1. What kind of wine drink that night? How long will I drink wine? 3. you “boyfriend” did not accompany you to the hospital what feelings? But after the appeal is completed, the school still insists on the original sentence. The six-year trial gave Shan Qin a great deal of mental damage, and now she can only rely on sleeping pills to sleep.

In May 2017, Shan Qin sent the school to the Human Rights Court. Shan Qin said she had hoped that the school would be fair to the victim, but did not expect such a result.

According to Canadian law, any unacceptable sexual contact has an attribute of aggression. The degree of sexual assault is divided into three levels: first-degree sexual assault: the victim involved minor injuries or no injuries. Level 2 sexual assault: refers to carrying weapons, threats and cause human injury. Three levels of sexual assault: leading to human injury, disability, disfigurement or endanger the lives of the victim.

At present, the police are conducting an investigation and have not submitted any prosecution.

Greek oil tankers sank heavy oil or cause serious environmental pollution

                    (Original title: Greek coast oil tanker oil pollution caused by sea water or major environmental disaster)

                                   July 14, according to foreign media reported on the 12th, the Greek Coast Guard said on the 11th, in the Greek oil tanker sank in the Gulf of Sorrento oil sled oil pollution caused by seawater, may lead to major environmental disasters.

A mayor of Belgium in the cemetery attack death official preliminary estimate non-fear

                    (The original title: a mayor of Belgium was killed in the suspects arrested and the case has nothing to do with fear)

                                   July 12, according to French media reports, the local time on the evening of September 11, the Belgian Mayor City Mayor in the city of a cemetery attack killed. The police have arrested a suspect, the cause of the incident is still under investigation.

According to reports, the victim was 71 years old, in 2006 began to serve as Mayor of Musk Long City. The victim is at the opposite of his house.

The case is now referred to the District Court for preliminary investigation and has nothing to do with terrorism. The court is expected to hold a media meeting on the 12th local time.

The incident caused a lot of attention, the Belgian prime minister also expressed on the social networking site of the victims of the family condolences. It is reported that Musk Long City is located in the west of Belgium, adjacent to France, is the famous Belgian textile industry center.

Barcelona 1 million people parade despite the independent referendum in Catalonia

                    (Original title: Barcelona 1 million parade support Catalan independent referendum)


巴塞罗那100万人大游行 支持加泰罗尼亚独立公投 In the September 11 parade of Barcelona, ​​the people held high “independent” banners. According to Reuters, local time on Monday (11), about 1 million Catalan people marched in the streets of Barcelona, ​​they hold high the red and yellow stripes banner and propaganda, etc., in Spain, the United States, the United States, the United States, The government has prevented the support of the independent referendum after the withdrawal of Catalonia from the Spanish referendum. July 11 is Catalan’s “National Day” (Diada), is to commemorate the 1714 Spanish occupation of Barcelona, ​​independent activists traditionally used this day to appeal to Catalonia Sub-independent. However, this year’s activities in the independent referendum three weeks before, so of special significance, independent supporters to show the power of independent movement. Earlier, the Spanish government has announced an independent referendum illegal, and take measures to legally obstruct. The other people are holding the slogan “We will be a free country!” “Hopeful” Says “Yes”. Local police in the social media, said that about 100 million people took part in the parade, is one of the largest in recent years. Protesters expressed the hope that the independent referendum can be scheduled to be held on October 1.

reported that the Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy on the legitimacy of the referendum questioned on Thursday (7), the Spanish Constitutional Court suspended the original scheduled for October 1 held an independent referendum. Police began to search newspapers, publishers, etc., looking for preparations for referendum related clues.

Catalan Autonomous Region President Carles Puigdemont said on Monday that “we have never considered stopping the referendum, and there are 20 days when we have overcome many obstacles.” It is reported that Pugermont Is facing criminal proceedings, accused of organizing referendum and abuse of public property, rebellion and insulting the government. Pugermont said he was ready to go to jail.

So far, most of the mayors of the Catalan Autonomous Region have already stated that they will be allowed to use municipal facilities. Barcelona mayor Ada Colau said on Monday that she would do her best to allow the public to vote, but would not risk losing the job. According to reports, Barcelona in August after a terrorist attack, in a peaceful show for peaceful demonstrations, dissatisfaction with the Spanish government of the king of Spain and Prime Minister Rajoyi issued a boo and ridicule. In this week’s parade, demonstrators for the fear of victims of the victims for 1 minute silence.

巴塞罗那100万人大游行 支持加泰罗尼亚独立公投 About 100 million people participated in the day of the procession. According to today’s Russian television reported that support for independent camps believe that full sovereignty will make Catalonia benefit, especially in Spain due to economic crisis led to high unemployment and tightening of the policy of the United States, Case. “The root cause is the economic crisis of 2008. We have witnessed the implementation of austerity policy,” said Shafei, chairman of the Radical Independent Movement (RIC). “The situation now is that people seek to better control their own lives and seek more It is reported that the Catalan Parliament on September 6 through a bill, will be held on October 1 to try to divorce from Spain referendum. “

The Spanish government regarded the decision as an offense, the Spanish Prime Minister Rajoyi will be Catalonia’s independent referendum as “intolerable defiance.” The Attorney General of Spain said he would sue the relevant legislators and government officials in Catalonia.

US senior officials: against extreme ideas and terrorist organizations propaganda is the key to counter-terrorism

                    (Original title: US senior officials: against extreme ideas and terrorist organizations propaganda is the key to anti-terrorism)

                                   According to foreign media reports, the United States declared war on terror 16 years later, this war on terrorism in some aspects of the progress seems unsatisfactory. US President of the Homeland Security Committee, Michael McCall, said the use of force to smash the terrorists did prevent a lot of terrorist conspiracy in the United States, but the UAVs were far from enough to launch an effective campaign against extremist and terrorist organizations.

当地时间9月11日,“911”15周年纪念活动在美国纽约911纪念公园举行。 中新社记者 廖攀 摄

Data Figure: “911” 15th anniversary commemorative event held in New York 911 Memorial Park. According to many current and former US officials said that failed to effectively against the “Islamic countries,” such terrorist organizations, publicity, not because there is no effort…. But they also admit that this effort so far, the results are unsatisfactory.

White House Homeland Security Adviser Bob Sartre said at a security summit in Washington last week that “Islam” and “al-Qaida” are deeply rooted in some countries, and this is “very worrying”. At first, US government officials wanted to dominate the “Islamic State” terrorist organization in the military to defeat Iraq and Syria, according to the report. They argue that once the “Islamic state” collapses, its attractiveness to followers will disappear. However, the failure of the “Islamic State” terrorist organization on the battlefield did not effectively combat extreme ideas and terrorist organizations.

资料图:“911”15周年纪念活动在美国纽约911纪念公园举行。 中新社记者 廖攀 摄

Data Figure: “911” 15th anniversary commemorative event held in New York 911 Memorial Park. China news agency reporter Liao climbing

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