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The Peruvian government announced that the expulsion of the DPRK ambassador to its departure within 5 days

                    (The original title: the expulsion of ambassadors in Peru within 5 days of departure)

                                   According to the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website reported that the Peruvian government on the 11th local time announced that the DPRK ambassador to Peru as unpopular, and limited to 5 days to leave. The decision is based on the DPRK’s repeated and flagrant violation of the UN Security Council resolution and the international community’s request for its fulfillment of its international obligations and compliance with international law, and insists on completing its nuclear test program, which has been committed to international security, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, And peace, as well as the stability of East Asia and the world, have created serious and unacceptable threats.

Peru is following Mexico, the second exporter of North Korean ambassador to Latin America. Prior to September 7, the Mexican government announced the expulsion of North Korean ambassador to Mexico, and limited to leave within 72 hours.

WHO: Congo (DRC) cholera spreads at least 528 people were killed

                    (Original title: WHO: Congo (gold) cholera spread over 500 people died)

                                   According to the South African Witnesses News Network reported on September 11, since the outbreak of cholera in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since the country at least 528 people infected with cholera.

The World Health Organization says more than 500 people have died from the cholera epidemic in Congo (DRC). In the Congo, water-borne disease often breaks out because of poor sanitation and lack of clean water.

The United States or the deployment of nuclear weapons in South Korea? Korean media: unrealistic on the air bombs

                    (Original title: US media said the United States or in the deployment of nuclear weapons in South Korea and South Korean media: unrealistic on the air bombs)

                                   According to foreign media reports, Trump government is discussing the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea, and to allow South Korea and Japan to establish their own nuclear weapons and other offensive policy toward the DPRK. South Korea’s “Korean National Daily” on September 11, said the US media on the implementation of the lower content of the content of the report is that the United States hopes that the United Nations Security Council in the process of consultation on the sanctions against China and Russia to pressure, is not Tangible to China. (NBC) local time on the 9th, many experts believe that this is not possible. But if South Korea asked, do not rule out the Trump government in South Korea to deploy tactical nuclear weapons possible. If tactical nuclear weapons can be deployed, the 30-year US policy of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula will be broken.

US government officials said that if China does not impose stronger measures on the DPRK, South Korea and Japan or will promote the establishment of their own nuclear weapons program. The United States has expressed to China that it will not stop it. “Compared to North Korea, this is more of a message sent to China.”

South Korean Foreign Ministry official also said that so far, the US government did not mention considering the re-deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the peninsula. The redeployment is far away, and there will be a great burden on the return of the United States to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

“Korean National Daily” said the redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons in violation of the 1991 signed the “Joint Declaration on the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”. If the declaration was abolished and the law of North Korea for the abandonment of nuclear weapons was required, morality would be untenable.

Dongguo University Professor Kim Fung Hyun said that if the United States really made such remarks, it is only used to put pressure on China, and further pressure on the DPRK “card” only. The New York Times reported in March before the Sino-US summit, the Trump government to consider the re-deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, but the US government denied.

Report analysis that allows South Korea and Japan will also shake the nuclear non-proliferation treaty system, so the international community can not accept. This means that the United States will abandon the hegemony of the implementation of nuclear deterrence on the alliance in the Northeast Asia, so the United States must be a comprehensive conversion of foreign policy, it is impossible. When Trump needs to press on China, the above remarks will always be issued directly or indirectly.

“Korean National Daily” also reported that such a ” This is only a tactic, that is, to put pressure on China, the purpose is to improve the intensity of the sanctions against the Council.

Korean official statement: do not consider the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons

issue for so-called deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, South Korean Prime Minister Lee Luo Yuan day of the 12th meeting of the Congress government question quiz at the meeting said that the official position is not considering deploying tactics Nuclear weapons. Li Luoyuan stressed that South Korea in the United States under the umbrella of nuclear protection, can not discard the principle of denuclearization. For the South Korean Defense Minister Song Yongwu had “will discuss the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons issue,” the statement, Li Luoyuan said Song Yongwu means that the matter will be included as a matter of consultation, not in the deployment of the premise of the consultations.

Zhang Yingying suspects are more experienced by public lawyers to defend new lawyers

                    (The original title: Zhang Yingying suspects by the public lawyers to defend the new lawyer experience more foot)

                                   According to the American newspaper network comprehensive report, the University of Illinois University Chinese scholar Zhang Yingying kidnapping case in the local time on September 8 again, the judge agreed to the original lawyer’s request, lifted his right The agent of the suspect, and agreed to appoint a public defense counsel agent suspects. Analysts say the new lawyer’s ability and experience are above the original lawyers. It would not be clear whether the replacement of a lawyer would cause any delay in the proceedings of the case itself.

辩方原律师团队伊凡·布鲁诺 (左)和汤姆·布鲁诺(右)。(美国《世界日报》特派员黄惠玲/摄影)

Defense original lawyer team Ivan Bruno (left) and Tom Bruno (right). (United States, “World Daily” Commissioner Huang Huiling / photography)

local time on September 8, the judge, Bruce asked the former lawyers why the withdrawal of the reasons at this time, their answer is, in addition to the cost of lawyers , Now know that the federal prosecutor will have additional prosecution, and the possible penalty for the new offense is the death penalty. The federal prosecutor also confirmed this.

After the suspect asked the judge to appoint a lawyer for him and submitted his financial report to the court, the basic situation is that the suspect currently has about $ 60,000 in student loans, $ 4,000 in loan, his wife’s income is 2500 per month The dollar. According to these circumstances, the judge decided to appoint a lawyer for the suspect.

Due to the lack of experience in the local public defense lawyer in champagne to defend the death penalty for the death penalty, Robert Tucker, the lawyer of the Public Defense Office, proposed that he would be the chief lawyer , While the local federal public lawyer is responsible for assisting. Tucker was a lawyer of the Federal Public Defense Counsel’s office in Washington D.C, who had represented the death penalty four times.

Why does the United States have a lawyer for a suspect?


Data Figure: Chinese scholar Zhang Yingying.

explain why the United States will have to appoint a lawyer to the rules of the suspect. This rule comes from the sixth amendment to the US Federal Constitution. One of the provisions of the Sixth Amendment provides that each offender has the right to have a defense counsel who can be represented by a public defense counsel if the economic capacity of the suspect is not sufficient to hire a criminal defense counsel. The lawyer will represent the suspects in the whole process of trial, including the pre-trial investigation and interrogation stage, the whole process of trial, the judge sentencing process, including at least the first appeal.

The suspect needs to show the court his own income and property to prove that he is incapable of paying the attorneys’ fees before the judge considers the designated government lawyer to represent the suspect.

In this case, the cost of attorney appointed by the court is borne by the government. At all levels of the United States, the government has a legal body that provides a defense for the poor criminal offender, often called the Public Defense Counsel’s Office. The federal public defense office is the federal government department whose personnel are federal employees.

At the same time, in federal law, the Office of the Federal Public Solicitors may require private lawyers to be appointed by the court to represent the case at the expense of the Federal Public Defender’s Office. And the payment of such fees has a certain limit, much lower than the cost of private lawyers.

According to these circumstances, the judge decided to appoint a lawyer for the suspect. In the next week or two, the designated lawyer will be required to submit his own motion, to be appointed by the court, and to be required to be allowed to practice in this court and to approve the budget for his submission.

In addition, the judge also authorized the suspects to destroy all the evidence received and requested the Office of the Federal Prosecutor to submit the evidence to the newly appointed lawyer. At present, the date of the trial has not changed, but it is now difficult to determine whether the date of the meeting that will be held on February 27, 2018 will be changed.

The presidency of the Constitution of the Han Constitution was rejected by Congress to be the first in the history of constitutionalism

                    (The original title: the first case of constitutional history! Han Constitutional Court of the appointment of the motion was rejected by Congress)

                                   According to South Korea KBS television site reported on September 12, the South Korean Congress of the Constitutional Court President Kim Jee-soo after a personnel hearing after a lapse of 95 days, the appointment of the motion was submitted to the plenary session of Congress, but ultimately failed to cross The threshold of Congress. This is the history of the Constitution of the Constitution of the Constitution of the Constitution of the Constitution of the Court for the first time was rejected, but also in the government after the establishment of the first case was rejected.

On the same day, a total of 293 Members voted in favor of 145 votes against 145 votes, 1 abstentions, 2 votes in favor, and two votes in favor of the statutory standard. According to the principle of non-retrial, Kim Il-Sou appointed motion has been unable to submit to Congress again, so the text will find another person in the election.

It is reported that the free Korean party and the ruling party and other conservative opposition parties opposed the appointment of Kim Soo-soo as the president of the Constitutional Court. Another member of the opposition party members of the Kuomintang, there are more than five members of the vote vote.

International Atomic Energy Agency: A special working group has been set up to deal with the DPRK nuclear issue

                    (Original title: International Atomic Energy Agency to set up a nuclear issue working group)


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Amano said yesterday that the agency has set up a special working group for the DPRK nuclear issue to strengthen its response to the DPRK nuclear issue and prepare for future verification of DPRK. Amano said regret that North Korea’s recent nuclear tests have called for North Korea to stop nuclear tests.


Chinese woman killed 5-year-old daughter husband to help his wife hide the village was sentenced to 12 years

                    (Original title: US-Chinese restaurant Chinese and his wife killed five-year-old daughter confessed to prison for 12 years)


美国中餐馆华裔夫妇打死5岁女儿 父亲获刑12年 Zhao Liang (left) will prove his wife Chen Mingming (right)

overseas network September 12
A 5-year-old girl in Ohio reported that it was missing, after which the body was found hidden in its family restaurant. Her father admitted on Monday (11th) that he was hampered by justice and improper handling of corpses. He also admitted to tampering with evidence and endangering children’s crimes, but he was willing to turn himself into a tainted witness.

According to the local government revealed that the defendant Zhao Liang (transliteration: Liang
Zhao reported that his daughter was missing on January 9 this year. Police found the body of the girl in the restaurant they operated the following day. After investigation, the police think that the girl mother Chen Mingming (transliteration: Chen Ming
Repeated beat her daughter, Zhao Liang once tried to save her daughter but did not succeed, and to help his wife hide her daughter ‘s body. Zhao Liang will be sentenced to 12 years imprisonment after turning to a witness. According to the US China Network reported that as part of the plea agreement, the judge withdrew Zhao Liang’s murder charges. Zhao Liang also agreed to testify, accused his wife Chen Mingming. Chen Mingming had been charged with murder and many other charges. According to the plea agreement, Zhao Liang will be sentenced to 12 years, six years after the expiry of the sentence can apply for other parole, the final sentence of his sentence will be in Chen Mingming case after the trial. Zhao Liang case trial from Monday onwards, the trial judge is Hannett (Chryssa

If all of Chen Mingming’s charges are established, she will be sentenced to 30 years, but according to the Ohio law, Chen Mingming will not be sentenced to death. Lawyer
Drucker) in June this year, had asked the prosecution to provide a psychological assessment of Chen Mingming, the current court scheduled for October 16 trial Chen Mingming part.

World Meteorological Organization: Global warming may lead to more frequent hurricanes

                    (The original title: global warming may lead to more frequent hurricanes)

                                   The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said in a statement that global warming could lead to more frequent hurricanes, such as “Harvey” and ” So that the destructive four hurricanes will be more and more of this century.

Foreign media: the West does not believe that North Korea on their own nuclear breakthrough to guess who is the helper

                    (Original title: foreign media: the West does not believe that their own nuclear breakthrough to guess who is helping North Korea)


外媒:西方不相信朝单凭自己取得核突破 猜测谁在帮助朝鲜_《参考消息》官方网站 KCNA 10 released photos show, Kim Jong-un (second from left) in Pyongyang to attend the celebration of the success of a hydrogen bomb test explosion

Reference News Network September 12, British media reported that senior officials of the British government on the “Sunday Telegraph” Reporters said that North Korea alone by their own scientists to obtain technological progress is incredible. “North Korean scientists do have a certain ability, but they are obviously not working in a closed state.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DPRK) has not been able to work in a closed state. “

According to the British” Daily Express “website reported on September 10, a government official said: Another source said: “said they are entirely on their own efforts to do this beyond the scope of credibility.”

Iran is suspected of some form of assistance to the DPRK to help the first list of countries, Russia is also suspected.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had responded to questions about the North Korean crisis also hinted that the Foreign Ministry was worried. “We are investigating whether the country has achieved this technological leap in the end, and we are exploring whether or not some countries that have previously owned nuclear weapons have no intention or intention to play a role in this.”

In North Korea last week, After the sixth and most explosive nuclear weapons test, there was growing concern about the Third World War. According to the Russian satellite news agency reported on September 11, the Russian Federal Council Committee on Defense and Security First Vice-President Franz Kelinshevich said that the United Kingdom there is no evidence that Iran’s participation in the DPRK nuclear program, the only link between the two countries They are all included in the US sanctions list. The British government is concerned that Iran may provide a secret support to the DPRK nuclear program, according to the report. “The Sunday Telegraph” quoted sources as saying that the British government believes that North Korean scientists independent of the implementation of nuclear projects in the progress of the argument is not credible. The report points out that Iran is among the first in the list of countries suspected of providing help. “This is an out-of-the-box conspiracy theory, and it is clear that such conclusions are based on what Iran’s anti-American stance and the technology it possessed, nothing, without any clue, and lacking concrete evidence,” he said. According to a report by the Yonhap news agency on September 10, a panel of experts from the United Nations said North Korea was suspected of violating UN Security Council resolutions in cooperation with Syria in the development of chemical weapons and ballistic missiles.

This eight-member panel of experts is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the sanctions against the DPRK. The group made the above statement on September 9, The panel said it is investigating “rumored illegal chemical weapons, ballistic missiles and conventional arms cooperation” between North Korea and Syria, including the Syrian Scud missile program and the maintenance and repair of the air defense missile system in the country.

The panel is also investigating whether North Korean institutions and individuals included in the blacklist are still active in Syria. “The two (United Nations) member states stopped the goods destined for Syria, and the other member states told the group that there was reason to believe that the goods were part of the contract signed by the Korean mining trade development company and Syria.”


reported that the Korean mining trade development company is the main Korean arms dealers, but also ballistic missiles and conventional weapons-related goods and equipment, the main exporters.

The report said that “the recipient of the goods was a Syrian scientific research center identified by the European Union and the United States as a guise” and noted that the Panel had confirmed that the Syrian Center for Scientific Research had previously had trade with the Korean Mining Trade Development Corporation The

Spanish 3-year-old Chinese children were killed: the perpetrators were released from prison

                    (The original title: Spain 3-year-old Chinese child was killed in the case of the perpetrators were released from prison)

                                   July 4, Spain, Spain, a 3-year-old Chinese children were rushed into the shop car crash killed, the current young people were released from prison, according to the Spanish “wave” reported that the local time on September 4, Madrid, Spain, The

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