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Media: for the official who do not put the people as “transparent”

                    (The original title: for the official who do not put the people as “transparent”)


Transparent person, refers to someone who is ignored by the attention of people, see like not see the same. Nowadays, some officials ignore the people, not the people in their hearts, the people as “transparent people.”

In recent years, some cadres “for the official not” “not in the state”, just want to officer did not want to do things, just want to take the right do not want to worry, just think of color do not want to contribute, just want to seek personal help, “slow, Lazy, scattered, “the problem is quite prominent, all things buckle, inefficient, and decided to decide, not strict, strict supervision, poor slack, discipline relaxation, the people’s difficulties turned a blind eye, indifferent, believe in” More than one thing less than “or” open one eye close one eye “, resulting in frequent problems in the field of Huimin.

“There is no small thing, people’s livelihood as big as the day.” Officials have to do practical things for the people, always pay attention to the people, concerned about the people, care about the people, and put their own position, when the people public servants, do people intimate people, as the people as “food and clothing parents.” Hard work and hard work, perseverance to do good things. Really do “the right to use for the people, the situation for the people of the Department, for the people seeking.”

In the Tang Dynasty Wu Zhou’s politician Di Renjie, his life as an official, as I said, “saints no sense of heart, to the people heart for the heart”, in order to save the innocent, dare to brush against the monarch’s meaning, always keep sympathy for the people, fear of power , Is always above the temple, to the people for the worry, was later known as the “pillar of the Tang”. Di Renjie just arrived in Dali Temple, the backlog of the case has been very much. He bent on the work, day and night, the pen kept, a full fight for a year, put the backlog of cases are all cleared, involving more than 17,000 people involved, even after a shouting innocence did not. The number of the number of good quality, at the time for the elephants. This kind of people want to think, the urgency of the urgency, never the people who mind the official, is able to get people love.

A poet once wrote this feeling: “Do not forget the mountains of the village of those mothers, do not forget to sleep with a broken kang seats brother, do not forget to fill the sisters of sisters, their troubles and difficulties to think a lot. Is our character, but also our origin, it is like a stone carved in the heart! People, this is the official of God, all the gods than he was not as magical. “The poet with a beautiful language interpretation of the official The public servant of the character, warned the official must be filled in the hearts of the people.

He will take the lead in the promotion of Jiao Yulu, Kong Fansen, Niu Yuru and other people good public servant “bow for the time,” the people will support him, close to him; who no people in the heart, the people will oppose him, alienate him. Ruzi cattle “spirit, the heart of the people, diligent and honest. “The people in their hearts,” the famous public servant – Fujian Dongshan county party secretary Gu Wenchang. People’s Liberation Army south, he went down with the army, joined the liberation of Fujian’s battle. After the liberation, Gu Wenchang obey the organization, stay in Fujian Dongshan work. He is afraid of hardship, seeking truth from facts, to lead the people of Dongshan County hard work for 14 years, and finally a desert island into a treasure island. He won the trust and respect of the people with his words and deeds. In the Dongshan Island, the annual Qingming villagers will be held to worship the activities of Gu Wenchang, “first sacrifice Gu Gong, then ancestors” is Dongshan people unwritten a custom.

Xiong’an New Area Geological Survey: Underground Space Development and Utilization Condition is Superior

                    (Original title: Xiong’an New Area geological survey: underground space development and utilization of superior conditions)

                                Beijing, Sept. 7 (Xinhuanet) – Wang Kun, deputy director of the China Geological Survey Bureau, introduced the latest progress in the urban geological survey of Xiong’an New District, which was held at the 6th meeting on “Guidance on Strengthening Urban Geological Work”. He said that in accordance with the “world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, high point positioning” requirements, clear the security of the New District geological survey ideas, put forward the “building a world-class transparent Xiong, to create a global model of geothermal resources, built multi-elements Urban geological survey demonstration base for the Xiong’an District planning and construction operation and management to provide the whole process of geological solutions “four vision goals.

In June this year, Xiong’an New District geological survey field work officially launched, after more than two months fighting, the first phase of geological survey work first victory. Wang Kun revealed that the geological survey mainly made the following five conclusions:

First, the stability of the site and the overall construction of the overall suitability is better, site stability and basic stability area of ​​89.5%, are suitable or suitable for construction;
Third, the focus of the investigation area of ​​the soil environment clean, clean area accounted for 99.3%; Fourth, the overall quality of groundwater is good, but the current groundwater is still in the state of over-exploitation, groundwater And the ground subsidence is increasing. Fifth, the area is suitable for the development and utilization of shallow geothermal energy. The land area suitable for the development and utilization of geothermal resources in the starting area is about
 12 square kilometers, to meet the needs of about 30 million square meters of building area heating and cooling. Wang Kun further said that the next step will be precise docking needs, targeted to promote the new security survey work, full service Xiong’an District planning, construction and management.

Wei Planning Commission: three links to confirm the identity of foreign patients to ensure the safety of funds

                    (The original title: Wei Planning Commission: three links to confirm the identity of foreign patients to ensure the safety of funds)


卫计委:三环节确认异地就医患者身份 确保资金安全

Data Figure: Patient visits. On the day of the National Health and Health Commission held a routine meeting, Guangdong Sun Yat-sen Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital Vice President Liu Chao in answer to the problem of medical settlement in different places, said from three A link to the identity of foreign patients to identify patients to ensure the safety of funds.

Powerful! Rocket Army in a rain to launch intercontinental missiles to refresh the five records

                    (Original title: powerful! Rocket army in a rain in the launch of intercontinental missiles, refresh 5 records)


eyes always staring at the future battlefield, footsteps always keep up with the information frontier. Rocket officers and soldiers to loyalty and blood temper the “big power”, the security of the motherland from the sword Jian shield. Today’s strategic missile force weapons and equipment experience many times for a change, the range farther and farther, more and more accurate, more and more powerful.

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

This is a rocket army an intercontinental strategic missile brigade carried out a launch mission, the officers and men in accordance with the new combat process to complete the missile launch before the preparatory work, when the missile power, the system failure.

After a quick investigation, the officers and men finally identified the cause of the problem, the missile at the scheduled time on time launch, hit the best accuracy of this model.

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

Rocket Army An Intercontinental Strategic Missile Brigade, founded in July 1959, formerly known as the first ground missile camp, is our army’s first strategic missile force, successfully launched the so-called “fight bombs,” the first Ground missiles.

In the fall of the year, the troops received a special task, and in the past, the launch was an important part of the joint operations of the army, and the troops advanced to the northwest, Random pumping point unit, in accordance with the combat process on time punctual launch.

Intercontinental missile system is huge, complex structure, involving more than 10 disciplines, more than 30 professional, thousands of core principles, how to ensure the normal launch of the missile, the hands have their own housekeeping skills.

missile into the launch shaft, the system ready, but the day of launch, the sky suddenly began to rain, and the rain is getting bigger and bigger.

Intercontinental missile launch in the rain has never been precedent, ignition hand Kang flat staring at the launch table before the monitoring instrument, once the abnormal will terminate the launch. Time to pass one by one, is to continue to launch or exit positions security, test the commander of the field decision-making ability.

The launch, not only successfully break through several training restricted area, but also a refresh of the missile five records.

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

As a nuclear missile force, in the future war to win the battle, survival protection, rapid response and penetration ability is particularly important. To this end, they are in the whole brigade grouping training, to explore the optimization of combat processes, combat preparation time to shorten 4/5, greatly enhance the ability to quickly counterattack.

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

To become a qualified missile weapon, the position of closed life training is a must go through a storm. In recent years, the force began to system in the launch tunnel for anti-hunger, anti-anoxia, anti-fatigue and time difference training, closed survival training period, the officers and men to carry out continuous special disposition to complete the established test launch process tasks. Today, the forces of closed life training has become a norm, to explore a scientific and effective closed survival model in the Rocket Army troops to be promoted.

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

厉害!火箭军某旅雨中发射洲际导弹 刷新5项纪录

Ministry of Commerce hungry Mody acquired Baidu takeout: did not receive the relevant transaction declaration

                    (The original title: the Ministry of Commerce hungry the acquisition of Baidu takeaway: did not receive the operator to declare)

                                7 days ago, hungry Mody acquisition of Baidu takeaway, the industry questioned the operator involved in the behavior of the concentration. In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce press spokesman said today that the Ministry of Commerce has not yet received the relevant transaction operators to declare. Operators to meet the declaration criteria, should be reported to the Ministry of Commerce in advance, not declared not to implement the concentration.

高峰资料图。图片来源:中国网 Peak data graph. Source: China Network

Prince George goes to the royal family sun drying Anna sent William Harry into school photos

                    (The original title: time flies! George Little Prince into the Japanese royal sunry Harry Harry’s old photos)

                                7 days old, 7-year-old British George Little Prince ushered in the first day of elementary school. In the father of Prince William and the teacher’s companions, the little prince arrived in southern London, a noble primary school, his mother Kate because of pregnancy discomfort and did not appear. On the same day, the British royal family also in the social media drying out Prince William and Prince Harry in Diana Princess accompanied by the first day of school pictures, so that netizens feeling time flies, blink of an eye has come to William to send his son to school. According to the United States, “World Daily” reported that the little prince wearing a blue V-collar sweater, shorts, red stockings and black shoes, accompanied by his father, Prince William, arrived in southern London, the private Thomas Bathe Greek noble primary school The According to the media shot the picture can be seen, Wang on the first day of school performance is very calm. He took his father William and primary school teacher’s hand, love son eager to help George George holding a bag. But unfortunately, the daughter of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, was still unwell with the body and could not accompany Prince George to attend the first day. Kate earlier also revealed that I hope to attend the first day of his son to accompany.

It is reported that Thomas Barthes primary school tuition per year in 17604 pounds (about 150,000 yuan). The school in the briefing described that this is a “busy large school, very popular with their parents.” The school enrolled a total of 560 students from 4 to 13 years old, about 20 people per class. George and classmates in class include ballet, art, theater, French, music and sports. On the occasion of George’s first day, the British royal family of Kensington Palace also published in the social media, Prince William and Prince Harry was in the year of Princess Diana accompanied by school photos. From the photo can be seen, Harry and William dress handsome, smiling at the mother of Diana’s companionship, to meet the first day of school. In the twinkling of an eye, Prince William has begun to accompany his son to school, which also makes a lot of foreign users emotionally said, “these old photos are really too precious,” “time flies, like yesterday.”…. ?? .. And for the two princes when the students dress up, netizens also exclaimed “too cute”, “Harry’s smile is too good” and so on, and hope that the small prince of the first day of all the smooth start. A_product

Followed by Wang Qishan to Hunan’s deputy to lead the men who won the people?

                    (The original title: follow Wang Qishan to Hunan vice, led the men who won the people?)


The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection official WeChat today (September 7) disclosed the Central Discipline Inspection Commission Eighth discipline inspection room (hereinafter referred to as “eight rooms”) case story. According to the understanding, Wanqing Liang, Tan Li, Zhu Mingguo, Yu Yuanhui, Secretary Xianmin, Liu Zhigeng, Zhang Wenxiong and other cadres in the case of serious violations of discipline by the eight room for investigation. The article is also the first disclosure of Zhang Wenxiong, Zhang Li Fu was the story. In an article in June this year, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has disclosed that the eight-room task force set up by Liu Zhigeng, the former deputy governor of Guangdong Province, found the main disciplinary facts and transferred the trial 50 days after filing the case.

跟着王岐山去湖南的副部 带领手下拿下了哪些人?

morning of departure, the night took Zhang Wenxiong

article describes, involved in the original investigation and handling of Hunan Provincial Party Standing Committee, the propaganda minister Zhang Wenxiong of room eight cadres Zhao day in advance are asked to prepare their luggage in the office, before traveling to a destination and mission Ignorant July 10, 2016 evening, is preparing to get off work from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Eighth discipline inspection room (hereinafter referred to as “eight room”) cadres (hereinafter referred to as “eight rooms”), Xiao Zhao received the leadership asked. At that time, he did not know anything about his trip destination and his mission. 7_89456_18_65473_19_89456_19_65473_9 the next morning, and the latest notice: “You take things clean up, we immediately start!” Xiao Zhao then dragged on the desk next to the suitcase, with colleagues arrived at the airport. 7:25, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of Supervision website published a message, “Hunan Provincial Standing Committee, Propaganda Department Minister Zhang Wenshuang suspected of serious violations of the organization to accept the investigation.”

跟着王岐山去湖南的副部 带领手下拿下了哪些人?

跟着王岐山去湖南的副部 带领手下拿下了哪些人?

△ Zhang Wenxiong

noted that the government knows, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection article revealed released in June, eight rooms with Zhang Wenxiong case as an opportunity to combine the central inspection found problems, point and face and root out widespread Hunan cadres relatives Business and other issues, and urge Hunan Province to fully absorb the lessons of Zhang Wenshong case.


7_65473_9 The article also introduced the situation of the former deputy director of Hainan Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Zhang Lifu was investigated. “After careful and meticulous ideological and political work, Zhang Lifu on the day of the trial on the truthfully account for the discipline of discipline, but also take the initiative to explain the organization did not have the other circumstances, take the initiative to pay off discipline, admitting the wrong attitude. By the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee of the decision and reported to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China approved, given its dismissal of party sanctions, in accordance with the sub-class to determine the retirement treatment. “Eight room relevant person in charge said. On March 30, 2010, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of Supervision website published a message, the former deputy director of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial People ‘s Congress Zhang Li Fu due to serious violations by the party dismissal, according to the sub – class to determine the retirement treatment.

跟着王岐山去湖南的副部 带领手下拿下了哪些人?

跟着王岐山去湖南的副部 带领手下拿下了哪些人?

△ Zhang Lifu

article said, after Zhang Lifu checked, were named communication of its eight provisions violate the spirit of the central issues of the case by the exposure and the handling of eight chamber further promote Hainan, especially the local state-owned farms to increase the transfer of non-compliance State-owned land, receive red envelopes, accept the payment of public funds and other issues, and achieved good political results, disciplinary effects and social effects.

7_65473_97_89456_9 In addition to the LRA officials mentioned earlier, the article has not yet mentioned a few of the middle managers.

The following are examples of the eight chamber comrades in the text:

  • We have a letter on the management of their families to hold a green card question, but the written instructions of the tube manager, For this reason, we have made a serious statement on the specific question by telephone.


    There is also a written explanation of the cadres in charge of the matter with our grasp of the facts, in the letter, we have a conversation with him, and finally prompted him to account for the party is not honest or not honest, not truthfully explain the situation problem. A local supervisor of a province, the local on his own and his wife’s problems reflect the strong, their own work in the front desk, his wife behind the scenes wantonly “investment” business “in the form of money .We investigated and dealt with the cadres, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, business profit and other issues in this part of the leading cadres relatives at provincial form a great deterrent 7 _ 89456 _ 72 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 73 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 74 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 75 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 76 _ 65473 _ 92016 in conversation 67 provincial and ministerial level cadres

    article revealed a lot of data, such as:

    • 2016, eight room Contact provinces (regions) provincial In the first quarter of the first quarter, there were 20719 leading cadres in the eight – room contact provinces (autonomous regions), including 67 provincial and ministerial – level leading cadres, accounting for 48.2% of the total number of leading cadres at the provincial and ministerial level, and the number of leading cadres at the provincial and ministerial level was 87.2 percent. The leading cadres at the district level 011 people, accounting for 45.8% of the total number of leading cadres at the county level; the county level leading cadres 18641 people, accounting for the county level leading cadres of the total 26.5%. 7 _ The comrades of the communication and the comrades of the comrades in the case of the four major groups of democratic life meeting on the relevant issues were explained. 7 years since the party room in the work of honesty and reply to the work of the proposed five people should not use or suspend the promotion of the use of In addition, the article introduces the eight-room how to manage clues.

      7_65473_97_65473_97_65473_97_65473_97_65473_97_89456_9 In addition, the article describes how to manage clues in eight rooms.

      It is understood that eight rooms designated as a clue as a clerk, responsible for all the questions of the entry and entry management and accounting management. Clue administrator has a special room, the door is a row of password cabinet.

      “Whether the Central Commission for Discipline petition room, reading room duct, central office visits or other channels turn leads to problems should be handled in this room.”

      跟着王岐山去湖南的副部 带领手下拿下了哪些人?

      Also determine a dedicated PC for each business location, with the memory of the clues , And clearly hand management, the implementation of access to check the registration system. In order to prevent the private, conceal the clues, missing pieces of lost pieces, eight rooms integrated office, the business of clues to regular summary, reconciliation with each other.

      question clues by piece number registration and signed by the room leader, the eight rooms in accordance with the standard of the whole mark to standardize the disposal. Disposition of the views are subject to the room two levels of clues to deal with the meeting, more than three collective research decisions, the formation of the proceedings to form a meeting record.

      “All the questions to be dealt with clues, each question is not a clue to the final say, through the clue to the collective study of the meeting, and at the meeting, we implement the ‘leadership of the final position system’ to prevent everyone to follow the trend of comments. “Eight room the person in charge said.

      from the contractor to the director of the room, eight levels of each stage of the cues to deal with the views and signature, bear the corresponding responsibility; the views of inconsistent truth, according to the provisions of timely reporting, and resolutely put an end to arbitrarily, free to deal with the behavior of clues.

      Leaves for temporary parking filing before departure

      about discipline cadres eight chambers, released in June aforementioned article mentioned, eight room formulated the “room for eight cadres left Beijing with strict management requirements.”

      This year’s “May Day” holiday, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission Eighth discipline inspection room (hereinafter referred to as “eight room”) a comrade with family travel to Beijing suburbs to play, because from Hebei Zhangjiakou very close wife and children want to take the opportunity To play. The comrades did not report the holidays in advance to leave Beijing, he stopped the car, dial the room led the phone reported the matter, get the promise before proceeding to Zhangjiakou starting.

Will not give up! Korean people will go to Cheong Wa Dae to continue to protest the deployment of Sade

                    (The original title: will not give up! Korean people will go to Cheong Wa Dae to continue to protest the deployment of Sade)

                                South Korea launched a large number of police forces to break through the public blockade, forcibly deploy the “Sade” system

[Global Times] US forces in the morning of 7 to 4 “Sad” launch vehicle into the star base, complete the “Sade” Temporary deployment of the system. Gathered in the Xingzhou South Korea anti-“Sade” people and the police carried out overnight confrontation, witnessed the “Sade” equipment into the deployment, many people paralyzed sitting on the ground burst into tears. 7 rushed to the scene of the “Global Times” reporter felt their grief and determination. More than 400 anti-Sad people were confronted with more than 8,000 policemen before the “Sad” equipment was deployed. At about 5:30 on the 7th, more than 20 people broke through the police blockade trying to block the “Sade” equipment. To prevent the police from dispersing, they tied the body together with a rope, and a man insisted on lying on the truck for more than two hours. Jinguang Zhe is one of the more than 20 people, “Global Times” reporter saw him on the 7th afternoon, he almost did not even have the strength to speak, “the police too much, we simply can not stop. We are carried away. “

gathered in the Star County Shaocheng village anti-” Sade “people on the 7th of the” Global Times “reporter described that the protesters have many elderly villagers, the scene has been people were injured and halo The police finally forced the demonstrators to disperse. It is reported that more than 20 people were taken to hospital for injuries. In the local people often held anti-“Sade” demonstrations rush into the village of Shaocheng villagers, “Global Times” reporter saw a nearby like a ruin, damaged tents, villagers protest slogans and police shield and yellow vest scattered One place. “Like a war!” Is on the road to clean up the mess of the Jeollabuku state state people Liang Zhenxi so describe what happened earlier in the day. She told reporters, “I did not sleep all night, witnessed the whole process, more than 8,000 police surrounded us all, we have done our best in the fight, but it is really powerless.”

Ban Nong after the first visit to television interview: will continue to support Trump

                    (Original title: Ban Nong after the first reception to receive a television interview: I am a street fighter, will continue to support Trump)

                                Since the last month by Trump lifted his duties, after leaving the White House, the White House chief adviser, chief strategist Stephen Bannon recently for the first time to receive a television interview…. Ban Nong in the United States Columbia Broadcasting Corporation (CBS) brand-name program “60 minutes” will be called a “street fighter”, and said it would continue to support Trump. He said to let Trump’s enemies understand that they “can not shoot any”.

“60 minutes” Interview with Ban Nong will be broadcast at 7:00 am on Sunday (10) US time. “I am a street fighter”, “by the way, I think this may be Trump and I so get the reason. Trump is a.” Fighter, a great counterattack boxer, a great counterattack boxer, he is a fighter … I will be his winger from start to finish. Tyrone made some remarks after the violent behavior of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on July 7, 2007. Trump said it was responsible for the occurrence of the violence in many ways, including members of the Whites and the very left anti-fascist organizations. He was severely criticized by the outside world. Gehen, former chief adviser, chief strategist Stephen Bannon

Bandon said he was the only person in the White House who defended these words for Trump. There was a woman who died in the violence. Ban Nong criticized some of the members of the Trump group who opposed Trump on this issue. “My question – my question, I told (White House Office Director) Kelly said that if you are someone on one side, you should stand on his side. I am doing my best for the day in the media Who was proud of the defense of President Trump. “

Cohen, chairman of the White House National Economic Council, said that he had seriously considered his resignation after Trump had made such remarks. He said that the government had to do better when condemning the white supremacy. “He said in an interview with the Financial Times that” it is never possible to come forward to ask for equality and freedom of citizens and white supremacists, Nazi or three K party equated. “


Chen Gang: China Railway Construction as the eldest son of the Republic can not be absent Xiong construction

                    (The original title: chairman of China Railway Construction and so on to visit the security of the new party committee secretary)

                                July 6 morning, China Railway Construction Chairman, Party Secretary Meng Fengchao, President Zhuang Shangbiao in the Xiong’an New Area to visit the Hebei Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor, male security, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, The new party secretary of the Party Working Committee, director of the CMC Chen Gang, the two sides on the construction of Xiong’an District and other related matters in-depth conversation, and reached a consensus. Vice Minister Li Baoling, deputy secretary of the Provisional Party Committee, Zhang Weiliang, chairman of China Gongan Construction Group, Li Ning, vice president of China Railway Construction, attended the talks.

Meng Fengchao on the Xiong’an New District Party Committee, the CMC gave China Railway Construction’s trust and support expressed gratitude. He briefed the history of China Railway Construction, the main business sector, the development of performance, combined with the development of Sunan New District, the concept of innovation, focusing on the next step to participate in the construction of new areas of specific ideas. He said that as a central enterprise, China Railway Construction resolutely responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee to obey the overall situation, the construction of security, service security as the overall goal, give full play to talent, capital, professional, resources and the advantages of the whole industry chain, Contribute to development.

Zhuang Shangbiao brief introduction of China Railway Construction to participate in the construction of the early work of the new security situation. He said that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council decided to set up a notice of Hebei Xiong’an District issued only 4 days, China Railway Construction will convene the Standing Committee of the party committee, research and deployment to participate in the construction of Xiong’an District, and the establishment of relevant institutions. China Railway Construction has repeatedly organized on the Xiong’an District for field visits, the establishment of research groups, and the construction of the Neixing District, relative to the demand. In the future construction of new areas, China Railway Construction will be advanced technology, innovative ideas, high quality to complete the various tasks, while continuing to actively fulfill their social responsibility.

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