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Beijing troops to correct 50 outstanding problems involving military vehicles, housing and so on

                    What are the 50 outstanding questions about the corrections in Beijing?


In less than two months, the Beijing forces reported 50 violations of the provisions of the law.

This is July in the capital garrison to carry out the rectification activities found in the investigation. Political and political attention to note that the military media is also very concerned about this, the remediation focus on checking the correction of military order, personnel management, business order and other aspects of the problem, as of the end of August, has been found in violation of the provisions of the provisions of 314. This is not the first time the capital of the garrison, after several remedial activities involving military vehicles, procurement, housing and other aspects…. ?? ..

7_89456_9 correction dress is not the whole

The last time lasted a month of renovation, is just set up after the military reform of the Central Military Commission Training and Management Department of the special deployment.

political notice noted that this is also the military training department to adjust the main leadership after the first large-scale renovation activities. In January this year, the media revealed that 31 Army Army General Li Huofei Major General Zheng He served as the military training and management minister. After three months, the Military Training and Management Department will take the lead in coordinating the investigation of the whole army. According to the then military media reports, that large inspection is a specific implementation of the President of the safety work on a series of important instructions. And the implementation of the common law, the formal “four order”, focus on a series of problems rectification ↓ ↓

day life system, the cadres of the physical and mental health, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health, the People’s Republic of China,

Military personnel do not wear a military hat, the accumulation of exotic hair, military vehicles do not run according to regulations;

military camp management and security work is not the work of the military system management and security work is not Specifications and so on.

Military Training and Management Department requirements, the capital garrison units self-examination and self-correction, the unit camp guard guards to effectively assume supervisory responsibility.

In this regard, the land, sea and air forces were set up a plan. The army to distinguish between the leading organs, the establishment of business camps, small scattered far straight units and other different levels of the implementation of the regulations, the Navy system regulations and military demeanor inspection; air force focus on improving the officers and men of the standard, standardize the daily development, shaping the hard style and Good image.

This is the military reorganization of the military within a year. In September last year, military media disclosure, the capital garrison to carry out military capacity remedial activities, focusing on correcting the military do not wear the military cap, do not support wearing uniforms and duty officers are not uniform and other issues. At the time of the military training department of the Ministry of Training and Management Department of the person in charge, because the capital of the Central Military Commission organs, arms and arms units and scientific research institutes, military capacity rectification activities in the military authorities and the capital of the garrison to carry out, is to play a leading role model The These dress requirements, as required by the military, are clear and “not new” in the House Order. The military is that the purpose of this rectification is to meet the party’s nineteenth meeting as an opportunity to establish a new image of the army………….

almost front and rear foot, the Beijing forces are also involved in another of the remediation activities, and military safety. In the beginning of the month, the Ministry of Railways Logistics Security Department unified deployment in the army to carry out the 13th “military traffic safety month” activities, the serious traffic police drivers to focus on training, revocation of driver’s license and other treatment.

驻京部队纠治50个突出问题 涉及军车、住房等方面

political perception remember, five years ago, in September 2012, in order to meet eighteen, Beijing Military Region, specifically to carry out the “six check six rectification” campaign:

check driving style, remediation speeding, overtaking, drunk driving,

check the concept of discipline, rectify private out of the car, bypass the traffic and other phenomena;

check unified standards, such as the bus, the road, the road, the road, the road,

check driving skills, remediation is not familiar with the performance of vehicles, can not rule out the failure and failure with the fault of the traffic laws and regulations, the traffic regulations do not know, not familiar with the phenomenon;

check driving skills, Traffic and other phenomena;

check professional awareness, remediation does not love their own work and so on.

that rectification, but also on the serious traffic police organizations a week-long focus on training.

In fact, over the years, the capital of the garrison of the rectification operation, military vehicle renovation is the most intensive and prominent. As early as 2006, at the time of the four headquarters to carry out the special operation of military operations in Beijing troops, and then a number of years, the PLA headquarters, the Beijing Military Region and other units have carried out a range of military special rectification. The relevant departments in Beijing in 2014 with the capital garrison, armed police stationed in Beijing to establish linkage mechanism, will investigate and deal with military vehicles illegally copied to the internal traffic safety committee; 2015, the capital of the garrison investigation and rectification Military vehicles in and out of high-end consumer premises, illegal use of warning lights alarm device, running a red light, walking ban line, drunk driving, accident and other illegal acts; 2016, just set up soon Army units in Beijing to start a 30-day military traffic safety activity.

7_65473_9 Why is the military so attention to the regulation of military traffic? 7_89456_97_89456_9

According to the relevant provisions of the “Guard Service Order”, the garrison command on the military vehicle picket function, “received military, military vehicles involved in traffic accidents and disputes report, Rushed to the scene to assist the local public security organs to deal with the traffic management. “In other words, military vehicles illegal, more should be handled by the military, the local police have a certain degree of difficulty.

Over the years the military in this area remediation effect is remarkable. According to the military disclosure: 7 _ 89456 _ 85 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Discipline records relative to eighteen before the drop of about Liu Cheng. The recent direct effect of the “military traffic safety month” is the military organs and the Beijing Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Rocket Army, the strategic support forces and other military vehicles, the number of traffic violations than in previous years have decreased significantly.

7_65473_97_89456_9 Advancing clean heating 7_89456_9

Political opinion also noted that the capital garrison to participate in some remediation activities are also related to the situation in the resident capital, such as the people of the people concerned about the improvement of air quality.

US government accountability: a large number of US ships in Japan combat qualification failure

                    (The original title: “US ship hit ship” survey found that: a large number of US ships in Japan combat qualification failure)


on the US Navy ships a series of boat collision occurred in the United States, continuous fermentation in the United States. September 7, the US government supervision department of the relevant investigation has a new and amazing discovery. According to Reuters reported on September 8, the US Government Accountability Office (Government Accountability Office) submitted to the US Congress on Thursday, a survey report shows that the US military in Japan has more than one-third of the US military readiness to slack the US politics, according to Reuters, September 8, A naval vessel’s operational qualification certificate has expired. September 7, the US “Navy Times” network reports also show that the US military ships in the combat readiness level in recent years continued to decline, nearly 40% of the crew of the operational qualification certificate has been invalid. There are a number of expired war qualification certificates, and more than two-thirds have expired for at least five months.


The United States Seventh Fleet warships stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. John Pendleton, the director of the Defense Unit’s Defense Capability Administration, quoted the director of the Seventh Fleet’s crew qualification certificate expired more than fivefold as compared to the report released in May 2015, according to the Navy Times.

The combat qualification certificate is a standard for the US Navy to measure whether its ships and crew are adequately trained and prepared for combat. For the US military, the ship’s combat qualification required for up to 12 or more, including navigation, anti-ship, anti-missile and many other aspects. Only by accepting regular training and through the assessment, a warship is considered to be a sufficient level of combat readiness.

The data disclosed by the Accountability Bureau triggered the vibrations of Capitol Hill. Reuters said the concerns about the decline in US naval combat capability are being filled by US military, parliament and government.

“Our warships have fantastic advanced technology and equipment, but if there is no well-trained, technologically sound, patriotic and combat experience, and get the right leader of the sailors, then these hardware do not make any sense.” US Navy Operations Deputy Chief Rob Wittman said.

Congressman Rob Wittman also said that “negative training situation, is undoubtedly an important reason McCain and Fitzgerald No. No. lack of crew sailing ability.”

Seventh Fleet caught in severe fatigue since

this year, The US Navy fortune seems to be poor. June and August, the US “Fitzgerald” destroyers and “McCain” destroyers in Japan near the sea and the Malacca Strait hit a large civilian vessels, resulting in 17 sailors died. Previously, the “Antioch” cruiser was stranded in Japan in January, and the “Chaplen Lake” cruiser collided with Korean fishing boats in the Japanese Sea in May.

In view of the frequent sailing accidents, the US Navy first on August 23 in the absence of leadership on the grounds of the release of the Seventh Fleet Commander Joseph Aucoin (Joseph Aucoin) duties, and on the 25th request the US Surface Fleet Command 60 Days to improve the fleet operation system. Although the investigation is still ongoing, more and more discussions have focused on the contradiction between the ever-shrinking size of the US military and the increasingly heavy task – the report submitted by the US Government Accountability Office on 7th is also supported by the US government’s accountability report on the 7th, This is the point. According to the CNN report on the 7th, the report of the Accountability Bureau points out that the continued decline in the size of the US fleet in recent years is associated with an increase in security risks, according to CNN (Reuters). The US Navy currently has 277 active ships (this figure is 333 in 1998), but the amount of overseas deployment is always around 100, which means that a single ship and each sailor need to complete the deployment to maintain the frontier exist. At present, the US military sailors working hours per week up to alarming 100 hours or more, an average of more than 14 hours a day. As the workload is too heavy, these sailors have little time to accept the necessary training.

This phenomenon is particularly serious in the Seventh Fleet. In recent years, the Seventh Fleet has maintained a total of about 30 main warships and submarines, but the combat area includes the international date change line to the west until all the waters of Africa, an area of ​​1.3468 billion square kilometers. Although the Seventh Fleet is the largest US frontier delivery force, but to be responsible for such a large area, a large number of hot areas, as the Office of the Accountability said in the report, the US military can only compress a single ship training and maintenance Time at the expense of completing more long time overseas deployments. In fact, as early as the May 2015 survey, the US Government Accountability Office expressed concern about the lack of training and overhaul of naval fleets deployed overseas, especially the Seventh Fleet, as the Navy’s 2014 accident The number of times than in 2009 almost doubled. However, although the US Navy high-level development of the relevant adjustment program to ensure that the deployment of overseas ships dedicated training time, but this program has not yet been implemented. Until this year a major accident occurred, the problem was exposed to the spotlight. Although this is the case, the US military is still trying to maintain the front of the Western Pacific, especially the South China Sea, the existence of the United States. According to “The Wall Street Journal” reported on September 1, the US Department of Defense for the first time in the South China Sea to carry out regular regular naval cruise. Although this constitutes a more coherent challenge for China, it is undoubtedly a greater burden for the already exhausted US military.

In response to this problem, the US military desire for years of fleet expansion plan should be an effective solution, the US President Trump in the campaign period will also restore the size of the 300 naval vessels as one of its ruling goals. But the US Government Accountability Office pointed out that this program requires more equipment and sailors, the national financial support is not clear. As the “Navy Times” pointed out on the 7th, the US Navy’s current crisis is to challenge its cold war after the power of ocean hegemony has emerged, but the strength of the US military is relatively decline.

Peruvian fishermen dive after rising too fast a serious decompression sick upper body swollen into the ball

                    (Original title: suffering from severe decompression sickness! Peruvian fisherman upper body swollen into the ball)


秘鲁渔夫潜水后上升太快 患严重减压病上身肿成球

秘鲁渔夫潜水后上升太快 患严重减压病上身肿成球

秘鲁渔夫潜水后上升太快 患严重减压病上身肿成球

Wanda Network Technology $ 1.5 billion financing case postponed or due to business is not clear

                    (Original title: Wanda Network Technology Group 1.5 billion US dollars financing case delayed, investment bank that business is not clear)

                                July 8, surging news from informed sources was informed that Wanda Network Technology Group to postpone the original $ 1.5 billion financing program this year, the time postponed to at least 2018 early.

The insider told the surging news: “The first half of the international investment bank led to the network of the Group made a round of adjustment may not be very satisfied, because the business carding is not very clear, in addition to financial and technological sector profits, the rest Plate business is still not very clear.Finally commercial and intellectual life (formerly Faye APP) are not yet profitable, where the APP is still in the revision of the public cloud business is and IBM cooperation, but also time to project landing . “

At present, Wanda Network Technology Group’s four major business segments, including digital business, intellectual life, financial technology and financial services, and digital business sector is to make a platform, is still a constant investment in the expansion period. Public cloud services. In the 2016 annual meeting, Wang Jianlin said in his speech, the Group approved the flight of the network from 2017 to 2019 development plan, and approved the five-year flight plan. In accordance with this plan, flying to strive to achieve the overall profit in 2018, profits of over 10 billion in 2020, to achieve the overall listing of flying.

At that time, Wang Jianlin mentioned Flying A round of private placement, and its full of confidence. Wang Jianlin said, flying plans to raise 10 billion yuan in the first half of 2017 to complete the demonstration project and valuation assessment report, the third quarter began private placement. “To find a good investment bank and investors, not completely looking for friends circle, can not completely find financial investors.I am on the annual meeting of the development goals that fly, next year (2017) to profit, profits in 2020 over 100 Billion, where the private equity is not worried about looking for investors. “Wang Jianlin said. However, for the network technology group’s business model is not clear this problem, Wang Jianlin Wanda Group in 2017 also mentioned at the group meeting. Wang Jianlin was said that at present in addition to the network and financial companies, other companies business plate basic shape, business model also see clearly. Wang Jianlin also stressed that 2017 will be Wanda network key year.

The CIA missile control system documentation was leaked to direct missile launches

                    (Original title: US CIA missile control system file was leaked)


Xinhua News Agency, Los Angeles, September 7, “Wiki Secret” Web site 7, once again announced the US CIA secret documents. Unlike in the past, the disclosure of the content is not used to attack the hacker tool or the implementation of monitoring tasks of the software, but on a missile control system.

“Wiki Secret”, said the day leaked the file is “armor body” missile control system of the four documents and 37 related documents, involving the design and manufacture of this system and so on.

Provincial Party Committee Secretary nominated the Provincial Committee spent 400 million yuan to buy gold bullion bribery election

                    (The original title: Provincial Party Committee Secretary nominated the Standing Committee, 400 million to buy gold bullion bribery election)


by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Propaganda Department, China Central Television jointly produced a TV feature film “tour sword” yesterday (September 7) broadcast the first episode “sword hanging.” Wang Min, Su Shulin, Wu Changshun three inspectors found by the clues to be investigated at the provincial and ministerial level officials appeared. 3, political circles know that Wang Min, Wu Changshun broadcast in July, “the reform will be in the end” has appeared, Su Shulin is Lok Ma after the first time, he lay off in October 2015, in July this year only before Was double open, for investigation. I am responsible for the political responsibility, the main leadership responsibility and direct responsibility.I should be to the CPC Central Committee, to the masses of cadres in Liaoning confession. “

” Indeed, I am willing to vote for the people of the Communist Party of China. I told you later I think now, not only is extremely irresponsible, is simply take my own political life joke. “7 broadcast” sword “, Wang Min specific analysis of their own problems.

省委书记提名的省委常委 花400万元买金条贿选

“Tour review” found clues

Wang Min Wang Min question, from 2009 to 2015, served as secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Committee, Liaoning canvassing of vote buying exactly what happened during his administration.

Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, the National People’s Congress deputies of the three elections, the continuous emergence of illegal nominations, identity fraud, canvassing bribes. Xu Yongzhang, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, Wang Yang, Zheng Yuzhuo, are elected by bargaining bribes; 102 elected NPC deputies in the 45 votes in the election, to vote for the 616 provincial people’s congress Representatives of 523 people received money and materials, 116 people as a middleman transfer money and materials. During the first visit to Liaoning, Wang Min was deeply disturbed. “There is worry about the patrol group, but also do everything possible to inquire about, ask them to tour some of the group trends, to find some people talk, for example, they refer to the group, editor note, sent to Dalian to go, they sent to Anshan went, is not the case of investigation Wang Yang. “Wang said. At that time, the central patrol team found a serious problem with the election, but there is no evidence to point to Wang Min. Until 2016, the central tour for the first time to carry out “look back”, the Liaoning as four “look back” one of the provinces, Wang Min himself was also listed as the focus of attention.

In the access to information, the inspection team found the Wang Min and election chaos directly related to the important details. Liu Hongjia as deputy secretary of the Central Committee of the third tour group introduced, Su Hongzhang as the provincial party committee of the difference between the candidates, is Wang Min privately put forward, not through the provincial committee of the collective study, which can access the Provincial Standing Committee The minutes of the meeting to prove. Wang Yang, deputy director of the Provincial People’s Congress as the difference between the candidates, but also Wang Min insist on nomination, by the staff holding a passer, so that the Provincial Standing Committee to sign, a serious violation of political discipline and work procedures. The central inspection team in line with the attitude of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee to trust the views of the first to express the views of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee on the election of the issue of the investigation and rectification of the election issues, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the People’s Republic of China, The And Wang Min is that even if they cross the border, the requirements of the central just go through the field.

“literally step by step to rectification, but I now tell the truth, there is no serious to go from the details of each one to implement it. Just want to be found, do not open the lid, As long as you can cover, this thing is able to mix in the past. “Wang said. Liaoning Province in fact no problem on the investigation, bribery officials and representatives of the National People’s Congress have no one to be pursued.. ?? .. At that time, Hengyang sabotage election case and Nanchong ticket bribery have been severely punished, Wang Min since that the central has arrested two votes can be bribed, should not be more real problems in Liaoning. I would like to think from the political point of view will not catch a province, will only catch a prefecture-level city, grab a county-level city.I also think I (yes) old secretary, and in the two provinces as a provincial party committee Secretary, had two sessions, the country few people. “Wang Min judge the situation is clearly wrong. “I went to the late Liaoning, I actually keep the stall, I can not think of a thing. Sometimes the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to my signature, which said to double regulation, which which one of the two, To be on file, I have to say to them for a long time, this evidence is not particularly fixed, I said if you can protect, the best less grasp, I hope we can soft landing. “Wang said.

In this state, Liaoning canvassing bribery gradually become no scruples, send money to send things are almost semi-public state. 7,89456_53_65473_54_65473_9

Liaoning Provincial Committee Standing Committee, political and legal committee secretary Su Hongzhang mirror mentioned that the understanding of the provincial party committee members he directly meet, talk directly about the idea. “When you leave, there is a small gift to give you, that small gift wrapped in the bag or some time dodge about, sometimes (say) that line, polite, to accept it.”

7_65473_97_89456_8省委书记提名的省委常委 花400万元买金条贿选

△ involved Gold bars

The so-called small gifts are not small. Liaoning bribery involved in the gift of gold bars, tens of thousands of shopping cards, Apple phones, etc., involving bribes more than 50 million yuan. Su Hongzhang a person spent 4 million yuan to buy gold bars and shopping cards, the money is to ask the boss. Xu Hongzhang in Shenyang gas company’s internal small canteen, many times to convene a letter of faith, to discuss the bribery of the division of labor and steps……….. To Wang Min bribery, is also one of the steps agreed here. “I would like to use your company would like to use some money to get some money.” Shenyang City Gas Company, former general manager Zhang Guohui said, Su Hongzhang with a small black bag to borrow money, he asked how much, the Soviet Union on the side of the Soviet Union, Pointing to the next small black bag, said, “you give me that bag got it.” Zhang Guohui to Su Hongzhang small black bag installed on the 300,000 US dollars, the black bag soon went to the office of Wang Min. Su Hongzhang by reporting the work of the occasion to leave the black package, “put it after that I said Wang Shuji something put it, all understand.”

“Open a look at the dollar, I quickly closed, The next morning I called the secretary to inform him that you must be a problem, you take this. “Although Wang Min did not dare to accept the money, but Su Hongzhang face with a huge sum of money bribes, Wang Min not only did not criticize, Also continue to report him as a candidate. In the course of several elections, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department and other departments, including Wang Min ‘s secretary have reported to Wang Min election irregularities, but Wang Min are laissez-faire……….. ?? ..

“My secretary told me that the Secretary of the Municipal Committee of Fuxin City, called him to vote for Wang Yang vote, he said that this is a canvassing organization with me a report that there are four people fake. Do not be too chased, this thing out, what good? “

Not only that, Wang Min even personally come forward for several business owners say hello to help them get nominations. “Because of my own corruption, can not stand the temptation, I do not take other people’s things, come to me (say) I am willing to when the NPC deputies, you help me say that I said, to help you talk about. “

number one such attitude, so that the election of Liaoning bribes like the plague as a vicious spread. When I heard that Wang Yang activities around the canvassing, I have some sit still, afraid to affect their own, they greeted, and some also use the public funds for my canvassing. “Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Former deputy director Zheng Yuzhuo said.

“At that time have to take the money to the canvassing, if I do not participate in a little, sure I was elected. I was elected to the old representative of the face is very ugly, I put my heart that I do not want to … …” the original National People’s Congress, the village party secretary Zhang Wencheng eventually participated in the canvassing.

In the repentance of the record, Wang Min wrote: “It is because of my irresponsible responsibility,” he said. so that the authority of the Party Central Committee were ignored, so serious electoral system is blasphemy, let ‘people’s representatives’ in the title defiled, resulting in a very bad political influence in the Party and society. “

省委书记提名的省委常委 花400万元买金条贿选

△ Wang Min of Confessions

He is with Kim Jong-un the most foreigners have exposed the fourth generation of gold situation

                    (The original title: Kim Jong-un behind the man)


Who is the closest relationship with Kim Jong-un?

Non-Rodman. As of February 2013, Rodman has traveled to North Korea many times to talk with Kim Jong-un.

Rodman recently visited the DPRK on June 13 this year. A day later, the DPRK released a pre-sentenced to 15 years of labor camp, has been in a coma of American college student Wabi Er (after death).

As the only one by Kim Jong-un as a guest, with cigars, drinking Americans, Rodman and Kim Jong-un forged a deep friendship. In view of the closures of the DPRK, Rodman has thus become a window for many Western media to see the top leaders of the DPRK….. ?? .. 7 and the nickname “big insects” Rodman, the mouth is also very large, many times to accept the media interview, talk about his contacts with Jin Zhenen details.

This is not, lonely, he recently jumped out.

Foreigner (ID: xjb-waishier) to see, this time to Rodman Jindou big open is the British independent television station called “good morning British” program. 7_89456_25_65473_26_65473_9他是与金正恩最密切的外国人 曾曝金家第四代情况

We look at what he has talked about:

He (Kim Jong-un) really like basketball. In my opinion, basketball and music are the keys to the world.

I think this is a good link, and then this happens to be just met by me. He is a super fan of the Chicago Bulls, he invited me to North Korea, and then I agreed.

Every time I go to North Korea, most of the time and stay with him. We laugh together, sing karaoke together, do a lot of cool things together. We still have a horse, a piece of snow, but we never talk about politics, I think this is very good.

Every time he meets him, he is always calm and smiling, especially when he is with a family. If you see him sitting next to the table, you will feel that he is no different from ordinary people. 7_89456_40_65473_41_65473_9他是与金正恩最密切的外国人 曾曝金家第四代情况7_89456_97_89456_9

I know when I say so, many people will think, my God, this guy actually speak for North Korea. But not that.

I went to North Korea without any political purpose, just want to promote basketball only. I have asked them if they will hate me because I am an American and they will not answer.

In my opinion, if the (US) president tries to get in touch with him, it is very likely to happen. If Trump and his sit down and talk in some form, do not have to be like a friend, when a simple conversation, say “hello”, I am interested in your country and some history of our country , And then try to start some conversations. I think (the two countries) closed the door will slowly open a little.

… …

is not feeling the logic of Rodman talking some confusion? But you did not wrong, he did say so.

Anyway, Pierce Morgan is surprised to hear a moment surprised a moment, and finally in the program in public asked Rodman to take him to North Korea, but also to see the mysterious North Korea’s top leaders. It is interesting to note that both Morgan and Rodman have a little-known relationship: both have participated in the reality apprentice program “Celebrity Apprentice” chaired by Trump, but did not appear in the same season. In June of this year, Rodman returned to Kim Jong-un to bring a mysterious gift:

Trump’s bestseller – “The Art of Trading”. If Morgan and Rodman go to North Korea to see Kim Jong-un, I wonder if the two will be through personal relations to Trump “take a word”?

Foreigner (ID: xjb-waishier) familiar with the discovery, compared to several previous media interviews, Rodman did not reveal anything new this time.

To know that in the previous interviews, the outside world from the Rodman mouth that a lot of “exclusive” information.

such as the fourth generation of gold situation. 7 _89456 _ 77 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _78 _65473 _ 92009 years, Kim Jong-un and Li Xue main marriage. Rodman visited the DPRK, South Korean media have reported that Li Xue main production in 2010 and 2012 twice. 7_89456_79_65473_80_65473_9他是与金正恩最密切的外国人 曾曝金家第四代情况

But the situation of the two children, the outside world has been little known, do not know its gender and name. In September 1910, Rodman accepted the British “Guardian” interview for the first time revealed that Kim Jong-un has a daughter, called Kim Jae love (Kim Ju-ae).

I hold their baby beads love, and his wife talked. He is a good father, there is a beautiful family.

他是与金正恩最密切的外国人 曾曝金家第四代情况

July 2015, Rodman and American fashion magazine “DuJour” interview reaffirmed Kim Jong-un had a daughter news:

I and his family spent some time together, I also hold his daughter, I did not have any other foreigners before me. I also sent his daughter one of my little jerseys. In August of this year, the South Korean media quoted the South Korean National Information Service, said Li Xue, who was born in February this year, the third child, but I do not know the child sex….

Another information that has been confirmed from Rodman is Kim Jong-un’s birthday.

In Korea, the leaders’ birthday is generally set as a legal holiday. For example, “Sun Festival” (April 15) is Kim Il Sung’s birthday, “Light Star Festival” (February 16) is Kim’s birthday. But North Korea did not mark Kim Jong-un’s birthday as a statutory holiday, the DPRK official only vaguely mentioned Kim Jong-un was born in January, so the outside world can not know his birthday is the day.

Fortunately, Rodman. He told Kim Jong-un, should be organized a basketball game, so that more (US) players to North Korea……………………………………………………………. So he asked Kim Jong-un what day of his birthday, the answer is January 8. On January 6, Rodman’s third visit to North Korea, really brought a star team composed of several former NBA players. On the same day, at the Pyongyang Stadium, the star team and the Korean torch team conducted a basketball game, Kim Jong-un and Li Xue main to the scene to watch.. ?? .. Finally, the torch team defeated the star team at 47:39.

After the game, Rodman also stood in the middle of the stadium for Kim Jong-un singing a birthday song. In the words of the official Korean media, “expressed the admiration of Kim Jong-un, so that the audience deeply moved.” Of course, Rodman went so many times to the DPRK, though they went in private, not a little “down to business” did not dry. In May 2, in the second visit to the DPRK, Rodman in the push on the call of Kim Jong-un was released by the Korean government was detained in the Korean American Pei Junhao.

I will call the DPRK top leaders, or my dear “little gold” friends release Pei Junhao, just to help me a favor. 73 years after November, Pei Junhao was released back to the United States….

Although the US mainstream media that the US government and the North Korean authorities directly to the direct dialogue, is to promote the release of Pei Junhao main reason, but Pei Junhao returned after the expression of the Rodman is still grateful:

his visit so I was imprisoned The matter is taken seriously.

他是与金正恩最密切的外国人 曾曝金家第四代情况

Indian workers in Kazakhstan to participate in the fight more than 60 people were repatriated

                    (Original title: Indian workers in Kazakhstan to participate in the fight more than 60 people were repatriated)



(data plan)

overseas online September 8 electric ? Recently, Kazakhstan, Astana city government Web site news release, more than 60 Indian workers in the building complex, the site of the city of Abu Dhabi Plaza with local security Personnel conflict, participation in the fight, will be repatriated recently.

Some people fake prosecutors official website deception the highest check: the site does not issue arrest warrant

                    (The original title: criminals fake prosecutors official website deception the highest check: the site does not issue a warrant, can not query the case message)


recent police received a report, there are foreign criminals using counterfeit “Supreme People’s Procuratorate of the People’s Republic of China” website set up the “wanted” and other columns, coercion to trick investors in the name of asset inventory fraud. At present, some people have been deceived. The judiciary received the relevant report has been formally put on file and is to seize the crackdown on the case.

Supreme prosecution statement: the Supreme People’s Procuratorate website does not release the “law enforcement warrant, national arrest warrant”, there is no “case information open network” and other query function. A_de

The governor of the southern governor of Beijing, who had been recruited by Beijing, tried to destroy the evidence

                    (The original title: arrested in Beijing, the governor of the South, had borrowed from Beijing to conspire to destroy evidence)


by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Propaganda Department, China Central Television jointly produced a TV feature film “tour sword” yesterday (September 7) broadcast the first episode “sword hanging.” Wang Min, Su Shulin, Wu Changshun three inspectors found by the clues to be investigated at the provincial and ministerial level officials appeared. 3, political circles know that Wang Min, Wu Changshun broadcast in July, “the reform will be in the end” has appeared, Su Shulin is Lok Ma after the first time, he lay off in October 2015, in July this year only before Was double open, for investigation.

Su Shulin when the mirror began to cry. Su Shulin is the former deputy secretary of the provincial party committee in Fujian Province, has worked in the oil system for many years, from 2007 to 2011 as Sinopec Group leaders……………………………. ?? .. In November 2014, the Central Sixth Patrol Group visited Sinopec, Su Shu-lin, who had already worked in Fujian, and paid close attention to inspecting Sinopec. 6 years old to become the Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau number one, less than 40 years old to become a member of the Group of Petroleum Group, deputy general manager of the Group. Position in the process of continuous promotion, Su Shulin has gradually lost, for some enterprises in the equipment promotion, contract projects, cooperative development, sales of products and so on to help and receive their money and materials. “I know that the central tour group at the end of 2014 on the tour of Sinopec to visit, but also had to worry about to inquire about some of the news.” However, the investigation or let Su Shulin some accidents, “At that time I felt very sudden reaction, but also feel no sudden feeling.” Very suddenly, that is, I did not think I will take organizational measures, not suddenly I have a problem. “

big brother let his brother in front to run

” I started to private enterprises to the boss, and then receive their benefits And later to Sinopec work, and later the official big I thought, and then directly to help them do, the impact of large, the risk is also big.Then I let my brother to help private enterprises, I give him the platform to help He greeted, and then let him run in front of him on behalf of my benefit. I let him do, I hurt him. “Su Shulin said. According to reports, in addition to profit through the project, usually, Su Shulin to the state-owned oil companies can be freely available as a private bank. In addition to the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, Subordinate enterprises for his custom high-end clothing, funded the purchase of millions of dollars, he is safe to accept; private spending are also in the petrochemical reimbursement, even after serving in Fujian is still the case.

public funds for reimbursement of personal expenses are reported coordinator delete posts

Su Shulin public funds for reimbursement of personal expenses, no longer a secret in the petrochemical cadres and workers. When he moved to Fujian after the reimbursement, there was someone who could not understand this approach posted on the Internet. Su Shulin see the first time after the action taken, not to stop reimbursement, but to find ways to delete posts.

Su Shulin arrangements for the coordination of these staff to delete these net posts, then the purchase of these large amounts of these invoices replaced by a small invoice. Then, the original specific manager transferred from the original reception posts. 7_89456_41_65473_42_65473_9 take advantage of the opportunity to Beijing to conspire to destroy the evidence

“he discipline has a very typical characteristics, while wiping side by side, first in front of the danger may appear to put it aside, but it continues in this matter Close hand, do not converge, continue to do. “Central Commission for Discipline Inspection discipline inspection room staff said. The Soviet Union is very clear that naturally feel nervous, he still maintain a consistent thinking, think of ways to do so, the Soviet Union, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Smooth the loopholes.

“What information do we have, read what the accounts, find someone, they are also step by step close attention, and we every day with Su Shulin report.” When the Central Committee of the sixth tour group Level inspector, contact officer Wang Haifeng introduction, Su Shulin also took advantage of the opportunity to meet in Beijing, find someone conspiracy.

Interestingly, Su Shulin is finally caught in Beijing. At the end of the National Day holiday, he was preparing to fly back to Fujian.

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