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Korean Volkswagen Group: 4 Sade launch vehicles will be deployed on the morning of 7th

n                    (Original title: Korean civil society: 4 Sade launch vehicle will be deployed on the morning of 7)n                


South Korea Star state local opposition to the deployment of “Sade” civil society said on the 6th, from a number of channels that four “Sade” launch vehicle will be deployed early tomorrow morning. According to Yonhap news agency, “Shaocheng in the comprehensive situation room,” said the residents are expected to be deployed tonight, “Sade” launch vehicle notice, the police will arrive near the Shaocheng neighborhood residents, the police will block the road.

Withdrawal of the deployment of the “Sade” Starry Committee said that all the people opposed to the “Sade” deployment tonight at 6 o’clock in the “Sade” near the deployment of Shaocheng in the collection.

Putin considered additional expulsion of 155 US diplomats in Russia: diplomatic reciprocity

n                    (Original title: for diplomatic equivalents Putin consider additional expulsion of 155 US diplomats)n                

n                                According to foreign media reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the 5th, he considered additional expulsion of US diplomats in the United States. He said that this is done for “diplomatic equivalence”.

Russia and the United States in the other country each have 455 diplomats. But there are 155 US diplomats in the United Nations work, can not be considered diplomats in the United States. So the Russian side to consider and then lose the US Embassy 155 to reach.

参观航展的普京在大量政府成员和工业企业领导的陪同下走近一个售货棚,那里摆放了很多品种的俄制冰淇淋进行售卖。 普京问售卖冰激凌的女售货员问道,“请我们吃些什么呢?” 女售货员有些不好意思,简单地介绍了冰激凌的种类。俄总统选择了沃洛格达牌的奶油冰淇淋。 普京用一千卢布的钞票付款,售货员开始找零,但普京决定请大家吃冰淇淋。普京朝陪同他的官员方向点头示意称,“不用找钱,给他们也来点冰淇淋吧。” 俄罗斯技术集团公司总裁切梅佐夫表示,“我们有很多想品尝冰淇淋的人”。 普京又地问道,“请您看看,钱够不够”。售货员非常难为情地答道,“说实话,我没算清楚”。此时切梅佐夫向女售货员又递出了五千卢布钞票。普京对...

Data: Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin said on the 5th, he considered to reduce the US foreign diplomats in Russia. The reason is to be equal. At present, the United States and Russia in the other diplomatic staff are 455 people. But among the 455 diplomats in the United States, 155 people work in the United Nations, Putin that these people can not be regarded as Russian diplomats in the United States. He said that to be equal, then need to lose 155 US diplomats in Russia. It is reported that Trump ordered the closure of the Russian Embassy in San Francisco and the New York / Washington business district, and the expulsion of some Russian diplomats, September 2 for the deadline, this is revenge before the expulsion of US diplomats in Moscow. Prior to the end of July, Putin for revenge Washington due to the Ukrainian crisis to increase sanctions against Russia, ordered the US staff in Russia from 755 to 455 people, including the Americans and the Russian local employees.

US search Russian diplomatic corps was protested by the US State Department: it is legal

n                    (US title: US search Russian diplomatic mission by Russia protest US Department of State: this is legal)n                

n                                A spokesman for the State Department said that the State Council has said it has “checked” Russian diplomatic assets after the closure, which is legal. July 2, Russia in San Francisco and Washington diplomatic missions by the United States search, which, Peskov responded that the act in violation of international law, the Russian side can not accept and deeply regret. A_de

Leaked documents show: Britain after the euro to limit the EU immigrants

n                    (Original title: leaked document disclosure: Britain after the euro to limit the EU immigrants)n                

n                                According to the British “Guardian” reported on September 5, the leaked documents on the site show that the British government plans to take off Europe, the low-skilled EU workers to impose restrictions and limit the EU citizens of the family members of the European Union, according to the British “Guardian” reported on September 5, Immigration.

This 82-page document outlines the proposal by the British Ministry of the Interior to manage immigration after leaving the European Union. This is a free and easy entry and exit for EU citizens. The document says: “This means that for the whole country, immigrants should not only benefit the migrants themselves, but also benefit the existing residents.”

reported that the British government enrolled in Europe, Of the EU citizens to take a double system, hope that long stay in the UK who can apply for a two-year residence permit. As for those who are considered “high skills”, you can apply for a residence permit for up to five years. 7_89456_7_65453_9

Hong Kong East announced that the relevant documents were marked “sensitive”, the government also said it may “tighten” to allow the EU staff to accompany the definition of family members in the UK, the proposal confined to partners, children under the age of 18 and need Dependent dependent relatives. The British borders will also change, and the British government plans to require all EU citizens to present their passports, rather than the currently allowed national identity documents. Britain will be divorced from the European Union on March 29, 2019, showing that the passport measures may be implemented as soon as possible, but the Ministry of the Interior promised to give “full notice”. It is expected that the UK will have a two-year grace period to fully implement the new plan.

Is also a fight! Governor personally in charge of inspectors environmental protection penalty amount exceeding 100 million yuan

n                    (The original title: the governor personally in command, the amount of punishment over billions of dollars! The province is also a fight)n                


Recently, under the leadership of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, eight provinces blowing the “green storm”, which governor of Sichuan Province, Yin Li personally commanded to supervise the work of environmental protection inspectors, the province’s amount of billions of dollars, causing public attention. 7 months ago, approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the fourth batch of eight central environmental protection inspection team of Jilin, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hainan, Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang (including Corps) and other provinces (autonomous regions) The

Recently, this inspection has been a stage of the results, as of September 4, eight inspectors have completed the second phase of the task of retiring inspectors, received a total of 32,277 effective reporting, the total amount of more than 280 million yuan fine. In July of July, the 14th meeting of the Central Committee for Deepening Reform of the Central Committee of the People ‘s Republic of China (CPC) examined and approved the “Environmental Protection Inspector’ s Program”. The plan puts forward that it is necessary to strictly implement the responsibility of the main body of environmental protection, perfect the system of responsible responsibility for the leading cadres, hold the responsibility of leadership and supervise the responsibility, strengthen the environmental protection “party and government responsibility” and “one responsibility”. “Only” is the difference between the target, but the object from the enterprise into a provincial party committee and government (hereinafter referred to as the “green”), “check” and “check” And the relevant departments, highlighting the central decision-making. In the past two years, the central organization has carried out three batches of environmental inspectors, covering 23 provinces, for the non-emphasis on ecological and environmental protection practices, accountability of party and government cadres more than 10,000 people, more than 15,000 enterprises investigated and dealt with, at present, environmental supervision Work has entered the fourth batch.

Throughout this round of inspections of the results, some found to be called shocking, the number of polluting enterprises and the proportion of shocking, a large number of dereliction of party and government cadres, people see the dead ends of environmental protection work.

However, the problem is found, but also a good thing. Early detection, will be able to early governance, so many problems can be exposed in the inspectors, to prove the effectiveness and role of inspectors.


Governor of Sichuan Province Yin Li to guide the work of environmental protection inspectors in the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the fourth batch of four provinces, Sichuan Province has shown great determination. In 2016, Sichuan Province issued a series of policy documents on the implementation of the Regulations on the Responsibility of Ecological and Environmental Damage of Party and Government Leading Cadres in Sichuan Province (Trial Implementation) and the Work of Resiliation of Environmental Protection Work in Sichuan Province, so that environmental protection inspectors have the basis ,method. At the same time, Sichuan Province, the establishment of the governor Yin Li as the head of the provincial authorities are mainly responsible for the members of the “Sichuan Provincial Environmental Protection Inspector Working Group”, specifically supervise the work.

In this round of inspections, in order to allow the inspector to work fully into the grassroots level, no “slip through the net”, Sichuan Province launched more than 20 provincial departments, up to 1994 points were sinking inspectors. It is understood that the Sichuan Provincial Inspectorate to visit the relevant information more than 42000 copies, found and handed over question clues 8924, about 1533 enterprises and institutions, responsible for accountability 765 people, the results can be described as not significant. It is noteworthy that the amount of punishment in the province of Sichuan is as high as 104 million yuan, accounting for more than one third of the total inspections of more than eight provinces (more than 280 million yuan), which shows the intensity of the work of inspectors in Sichuan. Of course, not only is Sichuan, the sinking inspectors stage, the inspectors have a unique performance. Zhejiang Province, through the “bridge action” to help the ban on livestock and poultry farms (households) safe implementation of the relocation; Zhejiang Province focus on promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading; Tibet Autonomous Region clear cadre selection and appointment should be directly linked with environmental protection; Jilin Province for serious Pollution of the Yitong River Basin to carry out remediation, the main channel 28 sewage outfall to achieve closure, interception … … in order to do better in environmental protection, all around want a variety of ways.

The inspection of eight provinces (districts), including Sichuan, is not the only ongoing inspector of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. At the same time, specifically for the northern atmospheric environment, in-depth Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region around the city’s 28 inspection teams, also started work. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, as of August 31, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Air Pollution Control and Strengthening Inspection Group has completed ten rounds of inspections, 28 inspection teams found that the existence of environmental problems of 22832 enterprises, accounting for the total number of checks Of the 54.5%.

Beijing 36 officials of the collective o’clock principals for the first time disclosed

n                    (Original title: Beijing 36 hall official oath, more than the first disclosure of duties)n                

n                                On the afternoon of May 5, the Beijing Municipal Government held a constitutional swearing ceremony.

The swearing by the deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee, on behalf of the mayor Chen Jining supervision oath, in the city hall office hall to participate in the oath of the 36 people for the recent municipal government appointed deputy secretary-general and municipal government departments deputy leadership, municipal government directly under the institutions and units Of the deputy leadership.

北京36位厅官集体宣誓 多人职务首次披露

new three municipal government deputy secretary-general Chen Tian positions clear

“political thing News” found that of the 36 people participated in the oath, including Chen Tian, ​​Wang Youguo, three deputy secretary-general Lin Xiangyang municipal government. Among them, Chen Tim on November 25 last year was removed from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, his duties until this year was clear. At the thirty-first meeting of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People’s Congress of Beijing, held on November 25 last year, the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Secretary duties. Vice Mayor of Beijing Lin Keqing at the meeting to explain the appointment and removal, said the EPA task, taking into account the current Secretary for Environmental Protection Comrade Chen Tian’s physical condition, to avoid his duties. 7_89456_19_65453_9

Chen Tim job of the latest information, from the Beijing Construction Network released this year 5-7 months of appointment and removal, the Beijing Municipal People’s Government Deputy Secretary-General (bureau level), no longer served as the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Party Secretary Duties.

some “number one” specific duties for the first time to disclose

The swearing also includes nine municipal institutions and units of the number one. Including the municipal government petition office director, the city government research director, the city quality supervision bureau director, the city government legal affairs director, the city director of the text, the city government to prevent and deal with the director of the Office of the cult, the city science and technology research institute, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee, the city of rural economic research center director. These new cadres had previously been issued by the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Organization Department before the publicity, but some of the specific duties of cadres or the first disclosure….

such as Beijing State-owned cultural assets supervision and management office director Zhao Lei. According to the municipal government office official website, Zhao Lei served as assistant director of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Organization Department cadres deployment department, deputy director of the city’s direct cadres, researcher, director of economic cadres, director of the city’s direct cadres, Beijing state-owned cultural assets supervision and management Deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Beijing Municipal Cultural Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd. deputy party secretary, vice chairman, deputy general manager, general manager and other duties, from August this year, Beijing State-owned cultural assets supervision and management office party secretary ,director.

Lu in April 2016 from the Beijing Haidian District People’s Court party secretary, the president was transferred to Beijing Municipal Committee of Politics and Law deputy secretary. The oath of the information also disclosed its duties in the municipal government for the Beijing Municipal People’s Government to prevent and handle the cult office director.

In addition, yesterday to participate in the oath of the “number one” are also just in the new year this year. Including in May this year by the Daxing District Deputy Secretary was transferred to the Municipal People’s Government of Beijing Municipal People’s Government Director of the Office of the Office of Wang Youguo; August this year from the Municipal Government Legislative Affairs Office Deputy Director Li Fuying; and in April this year from the Ministry of Science and Technology Torch Center Party Secretary transferred Beijing Ren Zhongguancun Administrative Committee deputy party secretary, director of Zhai Lixin. In addition to the nine “number one”, yesterday to participate in the swearing of the new Beijing municipal government staff also includes 21 municipal units of the deputy……………… Including the city public security bureau, city environmental protection bureau, city traffic committee, city commercial committee, city health planning committee, city industry and commerce bureau, city quality supervision bureau and some important city government department.

According to the Beijing Municipal Organization Department issued the appointment and removal of information display, these officers are mostly in this year 5-7 men after the appointment of publicity. For example, since 2008, he has been appointed as a member of the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission. On May 24 this year, he announced that he would nominate a deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission and take office in June this year.

In addition to the important members of the municipal government departments, yesterday, swearing new also includes a number of municipal units directly under the leading cadres, including the Municipal People’s Government Tiananmen District Management Committee, deputy director of the Municipal State Cultural Asset Supervision and Management Office, deputy director of the city Social construction work office deputy director.

attached: list of participants sworn personnel

北京36位厅官集体宣誓 多人职务首次披露

北京36位厅官集体宣誓 多人职务首次披露

北京36位厅官集体宣誓 多人职务首次披露

Obama criticizes Trump’s abolition of the DACA decision: cruelty will be self-defeating

n                    (Original title: Obama criticizes Trump to abolish DACA decision: cruelty will be foolish!)n                

n                                The US Department of Justice announced the cancellation of the DACA project at 11:00 am EDT on May 5, 2010. “The DACA is being canceled,” Justice Sessions said, “Trump previously had a six-month buffer for the abolition of the DACA program, which allowed the US Congress to take sufficient time to study the issue. Obama issued a statement criticizing Trump’s decision. US President Barack Obama held his last White House press conference in Washington, DC. US President Barack Obama held his last White House press conference in Washington. “As the president, my highest responsibility is to protect the American people and the American Constitution. I am not punishing these children.We must be aware that we are a country of law and law.I am not simply cutting down the DACA,” said Trump, I would like to give Congress the opportunity to pass the final bill before we ask whether the fair immigration is fair, we should first ask whether this is fair to the American family.We will be sympathetic to solve the problem of DACA. Now is the time of Congress action “

Trump said Obama’s DACA program has not been approved by Congress began to implement, which over the Obama’s terms of reference. Obama said in a statement on the 5th: “Dreams of the hearts and minds that they are Americans. Only the paper is not showing them from a very young time to bring the United States, they do not know other than the other Country. They even do not have any other language except English. “

Obama said on the 5th, Trump abolished the DACA action is” cruel “, and will be self-defeating. “It is wrong for these young people because these young people are not doing anything wrong,” Obama said in a statement. “It will be self-defeating, because these young people want to open new companies, serve the army and contribute to the country. But it is cruel. “7_89456_18_65473_19_89456_19_65473_9 Obama wrote:” This is a political decision. Is a moral question. “” No matter what the Americans have to worry about the overall population or complain, we should not threaten this batch here The young people’s future, they do not have any threat, no threat, they did not take anything away from us. “

Former Vice President Joe Biden also made Twitter condemnation. He said: “By their parents, these children have no choice to come here, and now they are sent back to the countries they are not familiar with. Cruel. This is not the United States.” 7th-page Speak. Greenhouse spokesman Sanders said Trump made a “responsible” decision. We have confidence in the next act of Congress. In addition, she also said it was a tough decision.

Sessions says the DACA program is “unconstitutional” and it denies the work of the Americans. He said the Justice Department could not defend this type of plan. He said the government would “curb” Obama’s plan. Sessions believes that this plan is “unconstitutional” exercise power, the equivalent of “unilateral administrative amnesty.”

Sessions says the president will issue an executive order to cancel the project. Congress will continue this policy through a suitable bill. “We are compassionate and legal people, but we do not have compassion for the failure of the immigration law.”

Chuan Pu announced on Tuesday that he would abolish the DACA project. “[

] He said on Twitter: “Congress, ready to work – DACA!”

Homeland Security also issued a memorandum to abolish the DACA project. 7_89456_39_65453_9

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) made a statement that it was “a brutal day” for all “dreamers” and their families and all Americans. “

” Dreams “protested outside the White House Saying they are ready to fight fiercely. Brazil’s hundreds of people around the city hall demonstrations, China News Agency reporter Wang Huan-shing

Republican congressmen also have their own views on the DACA plan. House Speaker Ryan said: “The Obama DACA program is a clear power abuse.” Republican Arizona Senator John McCain said: “I believe it is unacceptable to cancel DACA for those who apply the DACA project.” Republican “I would like to let those who are so afraid of the rest assured that I will protect those DACA applicants in the United States,” said Don Bacon, a Rep.

The Ministry of Defense responded to the army in the Bohai Bay near the exercise: not targeted at a particular country

n                    (The original title: the Ministry of Defense in response to the Chinese army in the Bohai Bay near the exercise: not specific to the country)n                


Q: It is reported that the Chinese army on September 5 in Bohai Bay near the exercise, firing air defense missiles hit the sea low-altitude raid target. What is the purpose of holding the exercise?

A: This is a routine exercise in the annual plan, the purpose is to enhance the ability of the troops to carry out the task, not for specific countries and objectives.

Putin: Russia reserves the right to expel US diplomats again in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing to participate in the BRIC state leaders said during the meeting, Russia retained the right to expel the US diplomats in Russia again. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Russia reserves the right to expel US diplomats in Russia, but will not take action for the time being, the Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Russia has asked Russia to shut down its diplomatic facilities in multiple cities in the United States. Russian President Vladimir Putin: The Russian side also retains the right to determine the number of US diplomats in Russia, but now we will not make a decision, we will observe the development of the situation.

US and Russia recent diplomatic friction constantly

US commander: or sent to the Korean Peninsula, two aircraft carrier joint military exercise

n                    (Original title: US Pacific Fleet Commander: or to the Korean Peninsula dispatched two aircraft carrier for military exercise)n                

n                                The US Pacific Fleet Commander, Swift, who is visiting South Korea on September 5, said in an interview with the US Army Longshan base in the United States that two ships were sent to the Korean Peninsula, “said Ronald Reagan, Aircraft carrier to conduct joint exercises or become one of the measures to deal with North Korea. In the Pacific Ocean, the US military can travel to South Korea by the “Ronald Reagan” to participate in the aircraft carrier battle group…. ?? .. He also said, “dispatched the US Navy Aegis destroyers and expeditionary groups is also a choice.” Hanlian think that this implies that the US military is considering a variety of programs. Two aircraft carriers to conduct a joint demonstration of the effect of force will be greater. According to the report also said that in late May to early June 2017, the United States also sent to the Korean Peninsula offshore “Carl Vincent” and “Ronald Reagan” nuclear power carrier conducted a drill.

Council against North Korea DPRK-related statement: missile launch is in response to Pyongyang, South Korean military exercises

Xinhua News Agency August 31 news, North Korea 31, he said a comprehensive opposition to the UN Security Council presidential statement on DPRK launched a long-range ballistic missile issue, saying the missile Launch activity is a response to the US-ROK joint military exercise.

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