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Russian attorney general: in the past 3 years, the number of Internet crimes in Russia has increased by 5 times

The Russian satellite news reported on August 24th, the Russian prosecutor general Yuri Chaika said that since 2013 the number of cyber crime in the country increased by 5 times, has been to maintain this trend. These data are published on the BRICs attorney general Chaika will be held in Brazil from 24.
The Russian General Prosecutor’s office news department said kindling aid card, “from 2013 to 2016, the number of Russian territory using modern information and communication technology crime increased 5 times (from 11 thousand to 66 thousand). The number of crimes rose significantly in 2017 (an increase of 26%, 40 thousand new)”.
The global network is widely used to spread all kinds of extreme ideas. In 2016, 2/3 of Russia’s extremist crimes and 1/9 of terrorist crimes were carried out through the internet.
According to reports, in the first half of 2017, the losses caused by cybercrime have exceeded $18 million

Canadian nationals will have the choice of “third sexes” in their passports”

China News Agency, Toronto, August (reporter Yu Ruidong) – the Canadian federal government announced in August 24th, will provide citizens in the passports and other identity certificates, in addition to men and women, third of the 25 gender options.
According to the preliminary plan, the Canadian federal immigrant refugees and the Department of Civil Affairs announced on the afternoon of the same day, “transgender” in the national travel documents and other documents in the “gender” column, will be able to choose with the letter “X” on behalf of the male or female (M) (F) outside options.
Beginning in August 31st, the Federal Department of immigration, refugees and citizenship will become the first to take this measure. Details of the implementation will be announced later.
When the Bureau expectations of a move can reflect government equality, pluralism, tolerance values and policy orientation. Federal Minister of immigration, refugees and Civil Affairs Canada Hu Sen (Ahmed Hussen) said in Ottawa, the measures to make Canada in the promotion of equality has taken an important step “”.
The federal government will continue to collect information in the coming months to study how to reflect the gender of citizens more accurately in a wider range of government documents while preserving civic privacy

French media: 1069 robots dancing world record in China was broken

French Franceinfo television network reported on August 23rd, the original title: robot synchronized dance world record in China was broken, 1007 robot dance world record was broken. A Chinese science and technology company has completed a collective choreography for 1069 robots, which have been successfully staged in a city in Guangdong, China (pictured).
According to the Guinness world records, live video released on YouTube in August 17th shows that thousands of robots have been marked with numbers, painted in a uniform, gray and neat manner. According to the Guinness book of world records, these robots are called dobby. They can both dance and play Tai chi. It is understood that the scene to participate in the performance of the robot, there are several temporary failure, or the completion of the performance of the robot will be more

Japanese media: Chinese social enterprises found in Japanese agriculture DNA

Since last year, the author began to observe China’s social enterprises, and found that such enterprises have changed rapidly. Although there are still a lot of problems, with the emergence of young people engaged in social enterprises, they began to use IT technology to solve problems such as the use of chemical fertilizer. In June this year, when I came back to China again, it seemed that I found two different times in japan.
The author first went to a farm run by a Sino Japanese joint venture in Tianjin. More than half of the company’s employees are more than 20 year old young college students. The farm Chen Lin standing in the fields of weeds before proudly told reporters that the other side of the road that vegetable barren, is the use of herbicides. The weeds in my vegetable garden are not clean because I’m useless. Composting and insect repellent methods he learned from Japan played a big role in growing organic vegetables, he said.
In the Beijing Sanlitun market, every week to hold a vegetable, meat and other organic food fairs. Liu, who sells organic vegetables there, said he had worked in a trading company and was inspired in Japan in 2008 to decide on his own “farming” in his later life. Today, he buys vegetable seeds only from Japan and Italy, and is confident of the kind of pollution-free vegetables. The above two examples, the former inherits the last century in Japan in 70s the public to participate in social practice of DNA, which is reminiscent of the last century in Japan by 90s, urged the public to participate in social practice to create a good atmosphere of the city. However, China’s social enterprises, while absorbing Japanese technology, are also developing and changing independently.

Pugh survey: Sino US global goodwill is basically flat, the image of Russia is rising

[Global Times reporter Yao Lijuan Ma] “the world’s most popular countries, Sino US first fight, a report on American Pugh Research Center released 23 analysis on the United States and Russia in popularity around the world, and focuses on the comparison of the two countries in different favorability. The result shows that the reputation of China and the United States is basically the same, and in recent years, China has narrowed the gap with the United states. The survey also shows that although Russia can not squeeze into the Sino US race, but in recent years, countries in Russia’s positive evaluation is rising.
This research report based on the Pugh research center in the spring of this year’s Global Attitudes survey data in recent years and the same survey data, the survey includes Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America in 36 countries. Studies show that Vietnam, Israel, Philippines, South Korea, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Garner, Japan, South Africa, Columbia and India, 12 countries, have a higher positive rating of the United States than china. Holland, Spain, Greece, Australia, Indonesia, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Senegal, Tanzania, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina 15 of the China favorability is higher than in the United states.
Pugh analysts say China is generally popular in Latin America and the Middle East, while high scores for the United States are concentrated in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. In particular, the difference between Vietnam and the United States is the largest in the country, and 84% of people approve of the positive image of the United States. Only 10% of Vietnamese like china. In addition, Japan and South Korea are also far superior to China in evaluating the United states. 75% of Koreans approve of the American image, 34% of them approve of China; 57% of Japanese think American image is positive; 13% of them think Chinese image is positive. The difference is over 40 percentage points. Of China’s higher than the United States, Tunisia, China and the United States “sub difference” the largest, 63% of the people expressed their preference for China, 27% of the people like the United states. Lebanon, 63% of people believe that China’s image positive, recognized by the United States as 34%. The research of international relations at China Foreign Affairs University professor Li Haidong 24 to accept the “Global Times” reporter said, Vietnam recently on regional issues of Chinese challenges, the United States diplomatic and security support, and increase the favorability of the United states. And Japan and South Korea are allies of the United States, the evaluation of the United States is significantly higher than China is also expected.

Secret: how to quickly become rich people

What is wealth?
Just money?
How can we generate sustained wealth?
How to change the invisible wealth into reality?
How can we enjoy the great wealth of life already exists? You can be rolling in even if you’re broke. Come with me, please……
What is wealth?
If you really want to understand wealth, first of all, it has two parts, inner and outer, spiritual and material, yin and yang.
In physics, it is energy and matter.
Second, to understand the law of wealth change, wealth can be transformed from material into energy, or from energy to substance.
Therefore, wealth is the sum of spirit and substance, the sum of yin and Yang, and the sum of deficiency and excess. For example, stocks and bank deposits are virtual, invisible wealth, cash is real, visible wealth.
Einstein has long proposed that all substances are manifestations of energy. If the energy is very intensive on the performance of solid energy, slightly loose on the performance of liquid, energy is slightly loose point for gas, if the energy is not completely loose form, even the gas does not exist, it becomes invisible.
Although all this is invisible and cannot be touched, it can be transformed. It’s like air, cosmic rays, solar energy, nitrogen gas are energy, but we can’t catch these energy, we can only transform it in one way.

BRICs cooperation to promote common prosperity of developing countries

“For the first time since the 2009 meeting of the leaders of the BRIC countries, through greater participation in the global economic governance, let the world see more of the needs of developing countries, but also for many developing countries hold the ties.” The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean interviewed before the executive secretary Alicia Barcena pointed out that the development of the BRIC countries made an example for other developing countries.
In the past few decades, the emergence of a large number of developing countries and emerging market countries has increased their influence on the world economy. In the eyes of Senna Barr in the world, with more than 70 years ago, has been a big difference – at that time, there is no restriction to the developed countries dominate the world economy, which is also reflected in the developed countries to control the major multilateral financial institutions. However, global economic governance needs to change from time to time. In 2016, the BRICs economy accounted for about 23% of the world’s total, contributing 50% to world economic growth, but only 13% of the world bank and 15% of the international monetary fund. This imbalance must be broken, otherwise it will endanger the legitimacy and rationality of global governance.
The BRICs leaders meeting in Xiamen is an important milestone to witness the closer and stronger brics.” The uncertainty in the context of the international situation at the moment, Barcena for the upcoming BRICs leaders meeting full of expectations, “we look forward to the meeting in support of multilateralism,” Paris agreement “in 2030 and the United Nations agenda for sustainable development, achieve more consensus and oppose protectionism.”
China’s leadership in the BRICs cooperation mechanism and other multilateral cooperation is an important reason for Barcena’s belief in the future development potential of the BRICs cooperation mechanism. She believes that China provides the world with a common development, peaceful and United China program. “The current global situation is complex and worrying: economic growth and trade activity weakened, continued weakness in the globalization trend, the rise of the inverse question of multilateral cooperation to strengthen cooperation and” grow with each passing day, the The Belt and Road ‘cooperation is the substantive solutions to these problems.”
“Belt and Road Initiative reiterated China ‘initiatives to promote global economic and social development as the values. Only by enhancing the breadth and depth of trade and investment cooperation, and by maintaining openness, social and economic development towards inclusion, can the international system be well functioning.” Barcena stresses. This value is based on the Chinese and the other BRIC countries through political and financial and other ways to make an important attempt to improve the current system of global governance, to help other developing countries to achieve common progress and common prosperity.

Chinese actively seek the transformation of Chinatown

The picture shows San Francisco Chinatown.
Data picture
From Southeast Asia to Oceania, from Europe to the United States, almost everywhere in the world, we can see the end of Chinatown or China city pailou. Once the Chinatown is the sea, living in a foreign country of the Chinese people have shelter, in accordance with the. But in recent years, along with the social development of many countries, many Chinatown “Chinese elements” become more and more weak, and the “decline” of Chinatown is also frequently seen in newspapers.
Wither away
According to Australian local media recently reported that, because the new generation of Chinese reluctant to take over their fathers in Chinatown’s business, many shops on the street began to disappear. Along with other ethnic groups to buy industry or business here, the change has been irreversible, with nearly 200 years of history in Sydney, Chinatown may soon become the past. There are not only Chinese, but also Koreans, Japanese, Thais, Malaysia people, Singaporeans, and even white shops. The entire community group, Chengdu, has changed and is no longer a residential place for Chinese people, and commercial competition is becoming more and more fierce.
This phenomenon is not a case in Sydney, the global Chinatown in the same situation, faced with the threat of extinction. In many places, was the city’s landmark Chinatown scale shrinking: many Chinese shops to the scene again, showing the potential of former spectacular liaoluo.
Vancouver Chinatown is one of the largest Chinatown in North America, where not only are many Chinese shops, is also a collection of hundreds of years of history of Chinese guild hall of the old building, Sun Zhongshan came to Vancouver he stayed in the hotel and so on, a section of history are telling the glory here.
When I first arrived in Vancouver 7 years ago, I went to Chinatown. It was a depression. Young immigrants were reluctant to go, and only the older ones stayed there. “Friends said,” you yourself, do not come, the security is not good, “said Li Jie, who lives in Vancouver in an interview with this newspaper.
Trendy cafes and boutiques are taking place of Chinese noodle shops in New York’s Chinatown, the financial times reported. Census data show that in the past ten years, the Asian population in Chinatown, New York, has decreased by 15%, even though the population of Asians across New York has increased by 30%. At the same time, the population of Asians dropped by about 23% in San Francisco Chinatown and its surrounding areas.
Leave Chinatown
For this phenomenon, Jinan University overseas Chinese Research Institute Professor Zhang Yinglong in an interview with this newspaper said: “the decline is a number of traditional Chinatown, there are new Chinese settlements in the rise. But the reasons for the decline of traditional Chinatown are manifold.” He believes that many of the Chinatown in the city center, along with the development of city center area, traffic to the development of Chinatown also added a lot of “blocking”, inconvenience makes people begin to run away; some people in Chinatown will go away after their purchase, update more real estate; some areas because of the need to the transformation of the old city reconstruction the Chinatown, but in the new building up, old tenants can not afford the rent, but moved away. Such phenomena are widespread from Chinatown in London to San Francisco Chinatown.
In the United States Chinatown in Boston as an example, there was a nearly hundred Chinese shops, nearly 100 thousand Boston Chinese cohesion centripetal force, is one of the largest Chinatown in North america. Here is in the center of Boston, is calculated in recent years, the soaring housing prices forced the generally low income of local residents can not afford and were forced to move out, wealthy businessman instead of new immigrants to stay here. According to local media reports, the Chinatown in traffic fortress now already bustling, crowded, dirty ground. The automobile exhaust from a lot of traffic makes the air dirty.
Cai Wenyao, an adviser to the American Chinese business association, also admitted that in recent years, some Chinatown in the United States has indeed shown signs of decline. “It has something to do with the formation of Chinatown,” he said. The former immigrants had many barriers in language and culture with the local community. They liked to get together to protect their personal safety, and they could also find jobs in Chinatown. But unlike many new immigrants, who have high academic qualifications, language skills and a strong ability to work, do not necessarily choose to live in Chinatown.”
Moreover, the deterioration of social security and the rise of new commercial centres are catalysts for the decline of Chinatown. But as a whole, the decline of Chinatown everywhere, the Chinese and Chinese businessmen’s exodus is the most direct reason. “Chinatown without Chinese, is it also called Chinatown?””
Seek transformation
As more and more Chinese come out of Chinatown, many new Chinese communities begin to emerge. The view is that, this shows that the scope of Chinatown is expanding, and Chinese culture has also been incorporated into the local process, and a new generation of Chinese are more integrated with the mainstream society.
But no matter how the rise and fall of Chinatown as the overseas Chinese, the “spiritual home”, the future of Chinatown always affects the local Chinese heart.
In August this year, Feinikesi, Arizona, a Chinese cultural center regarded as a cultural landmark by the local Chinese, was “gone” overnight, and the architectural style was also greatly changed, which led to discontent. Hundreds of Chinese protesters protested and asked the government to protect the Chinese building. On May, Chinese organizations in Vancouver launched protests, I hope the government can limit the Chinatown floors of the building height, in order to preserve Chinatown style.

42 people were injured in a train crash in Philadelphia

San Francisco on 22 August, (Zhang Jiexian) local time 22, 0 PM, the western suburbs of Philadelphia for more than a train station, a high-speed train crashed into another train docked at the station, in which 42 people were injured, 4 of them seriously.
According to the traffic bureau in southeastern Pennsylvania, the incident was when the speeding train was approaching the station and crashed into another unmanned train parked on the platform. The driver was also injured, but fortunately no one was in danger.
The cause of the accident is still under investigation.
In February, a train collided with a train station and a train crashed into the rear of another train, injuring 4 people.
In 2015, a Amtrak train derailed near Philadelphia, killing 8 people and injuring 180 others.

US China trade war dog in the manger

Recently, the United States trade representative announced involved in technology transfer, intellectual property rights and innovation in the field of Chinese officially launched the trade investigation sparked a global outcry. Analysts at home and abroad believe that China and the United States have a large and complementary economy, and the economic and trade cooperation over the years has brought tangible benefits to the two peoples. However, there is no winner in a trade war based on the zero sum game mentality. Experts pointed out that the United States against China “rice bowl” criticism is not fair, and the essence of its trade war threat is to unfair income distribution, economic structure imbalances and other domestic issues, forced to do “external attribution””. In fact, to provoke a trade war, not only can not solve the economic problems, but also may lead to trade partners to counter, drag the United States and the world economic recovery, will eventually fall into the “mistake” file.
Unilateralism is narrow minded
Analysis of the industry, advancing towards the direction of the United States trade war, partly because the Trump government wants to deliver “America first” campaign promises, the transfer of internal contradictions; on the other hand, the United States can also use the survey lasted for half a year to a year as a buffer, increase itself in international negotiations.
Professor Cui Fan of University of International Business and Economics School of economics and international trade in an interview with this reporter pointed out that American foreign trade has been in the current account are not a small deficit, since this year is expanded. As China accounts for a large proportion, the United States hopes to find a breakthrough in China’s balanced trade.
The deficits in the United States over the years are not entirely due to trade partners or trade policies, but rather to monetary policy and fiscal policy, particularly in the global industrial chain. Therefore, Mao’s “301 survey” this unilateral act is not only very narrow, but also has the suspicion of dealing with voters.” Cui Fan says.
At the same time, the “Sino US trade imbalance” itself is debatable. According to Huang Songping, spokesman of the General Administration of customs, earlier, China’s trade in goods with the United States has a large surplus, but in fact, a considerable portion of it is due to the transfer of other industries. In addition, the US export restrictions on China’s high-tech products are also important reasons for China’s “favorable balance”.
Shift the contradiction to a difficult problem
The former US trade representative Michael Frohman said that over the past few decades every American government requires other countries to comply with global trade rules, if the Trump administration began around the World Trade Organization (WTO) and take out unilateral sanctions, other countries will start legal revenge on the United states. The Washington based International Finance Association pointed out that if the outbreak of Sino US trade war will lead to the upstream suppliers and downstream distributors interests, the average American consumers and the interests of us enterprises in China will also suffer.
Bank chief economist Lian Ping said that if the Sino US trade friction upgrade business will greatly affected Boeing in China, so that a large number of U.S. companies on Boeing to carry out production and business activities especially the small and medium-sized enterprises suffered a heavy blow, and the half wave may affect manufacturing.
“It’s an important excuse for the survey to get American blue collar workers back from China,” he said. In fact, in the case of the rising unemployment rate among blue collar workers in the United States, many studies have been done in the domestic academic circles. The main reason is that the simple labor force caused by technological progress is replaced by machines. If you have to look at it from a global perspective, the problem is not in china.” Cui Fan said, the United States as a whole, in the Sino US economic and trade exchanges is undoubtedly lucrative, the problem is that these interests are mostly American investors and businessmen away, but did not form a reasonable compensation mechanism for ordinary americans. Therefore, it will be difficult to solve the concerns of the ordinary American people by shifting the focus of domestic conflicts to China and even preparing for a trade war with china.
Win-win cooperation is the right way
Over the past 30 years, Sino US trade volume has increased by more than 200 times. Last year, bilateral trade volume exceeded 550 billion US dollars. As of the end of 2016, two-way investment between China and the United States has reached more than US $170 billion. Meanwhile, the US China Trade Commission data show that in 2015, the annual income of American households was about $56 thousand and 500, and the average trade with China was $850 per household per year. British Oxford Institute estimates that China’s low-priced goods will reduce the U. S. consumer price level by 1% to 1.5%.
Experts pointed out that Chinese complete industrial system, is the only thing in the world has all the industrial categories UN Industrial Classification in the country, if the United States insists to trade war in the China trade, so the losses may not be more than a little China. At the same time, in the era of global value chain cooperation, the raw material and assembly of a product are often completed in different countries, and the Sino US trade war will also affect the economy of the relevant countries. Therefore, a trade war is destined to prove wrong.
Cui Fan said: “although the United States announced the investigation, but in the past, the two sides also have WTO framework and bilateral dialogue and many other communication mechanisms to bridge the gap.”. For example, some American companies claim that there is “forced technology transfer” in China’s trade, but in fact, this is a commercial category, whether there is coercion and not unilaterally defined. In this regard, China and the United States should take bilateral investment agreement (BIT) negotiations as the starting point and properly resolve the relevant issues

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