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“Dong Qing kneeling interview” is the Church Social Responsibility Demonstration Course

n                    (Original title: “Dong Qing kneeling interview” is the Church Social Responsibility Demonstration Course)n                


Recently, “Dong Qing kneeling interview” on the microblogging hot search, the origin is in September 1 a TV program “start the first lesson”, the host Dong Qing interview 96-year-old translation master Xu Yuanchong, in order to more Good to talk with the elderly, had three knees on the ground, the move was praised by users.n


learned the news interview people know that in order to show respect, narrow the distance with the interviewee, the interviewer should try to look with each other head down. In the program, Xu always sat, Dong Qing facing the audience to speak, when she asked the old teacher, will kneel down for a while, this is actually an interviewer is a normal work posture. In addition to the media, many occupations have similar norms, requirements or suggestions, which in life also belong to a social etiquette and skills. This thing itself is nothing special, but was hot praise, indicating Dong Qing’s practice in line with people on a well-known host, a public figure of the expectations, but also that the performance of this level, in the public view is still rare.n


This is not the first time Dongqing “kneeling interview”, such as “reader”, the inconvenience of standing guests or children, she will kneel or kneel, with a flat angle to communicate with them. Not to say that there is no other host also so pay attention to work etiquette, but the audience did see a lot of counterexamples. Some of the host in the program words and deeds, take guests “open rinse”, the guests domineering, even if it is so called “program effect”, objectively also left no polite, no one in the eyes of the impression. Moreover, some of the host is still working outside the continuation of this “style”.n


Interestingly, many of the people who left the “nostrils” impression of the host, at the beginning of the camp has also been careful, treat guests courteous, saying “teacher”, but later fame up, only arrogant. Attitude with the “worth” changes, it seems that some public figures of the “common problem”, more than the host, there are some people in the entertainment industry, network and so on. Of course, some people have been walking “drag the line.” Respect for individuality, adhere to the self is a good thing, but hurried is not equal to rude, no quality, whether it is “Feng Ge laughing hill” personality of the mad, or grandstanding, ignorant fear, the audience always see clearly.n


Media: “public leadership phone” just “looks beautiful”

n                    (Original title: “public leadership phone” just “looks beautiful”)n                


In recent years, openly leading calls have become a trend in many places. This is the smooth flow of public opinion channels, closer to the dry group from the good move. However, from the feedback from the masses and the situation of the reporter call, announced the leadership of the phone or no one answered, or was told “wrong.” (September 4, “Qinghai Daily”)n


public leadership number is not “no answer” is told “wrong”, when the people encounter such a “routine”, the natural gas is not a place to come. After the news exposure, involved in the leading cadres were pushed to the cusp of public opinion, was ruthless criticism of netizens, and even abuse. It is true that the leadership is responsible, but if the “pot” are thrown to the leadership, which is unfair. Because the “leadership phone unfinished” may not be the leadership of the wrong, it is possible to facilitate the service to open the wrong “prescription”, after all, the actual operation of the results, openly lead the phone number of the practice, the problem a lot, outdated.n


public leadership phone can really play a smooth channel of public opinion? This may be itself a “look beautiful” thing. Back to the reality of the scene, the public leadership phone is more like a publicity gimmick, the necessity of its existence is doubtful. Now many units have opened a government WeChat, microblogging, also launched a “network asked the government” platform, opened the “hotline”, there are so many channels of public opinion, it is necessary to also open the leadership number? Besides, even if these channels are unreasonable, each unit has a duty phone it, why must the leadership call to solve the problem?n


say, to the leadership of the call to solve the problem, behind with a strong “power worship” thinking. In the eyes of some people, as long as the leading cadres, many problems can be solved. This is not the case, especially in the “normal in the front of the rules,” the new normal, the leadership must also follow the procedures, rules, any “greater than the law” behavior, are subject to accountability. In other words, to the leadership of the call and directly to find the staff, the effect of the same, but the people are still caught in the “leadership made a good job,” the cognitive errors Bale.n


In addition, there are many potential problems with public leadership phone numbers. For example, every day to answer all kinds of calls, will make the leading cadres numerous trouble, its normal work and life will not be guaranteed; another example, now the telecommunications fraud rampant, assuming the leading cadres of the telephone number and other key information obtained by criminals, In the fraud or trafficking in personal information, the loss caused by who should pay it? Finally, the leading cadres in many occasions is not suitable for answering the phone, if this time the masses call, will be caught in a dilemma.n


The magnitude of the magnitude of the magnitude 5.4 earthquake in the eastern part of the Bay of Bengal is 86.8 km

n                    (The original title: the eastern part of the Bay of Bangladesh occurred 5.4 magnitude earthquake source depth of 86.8 km)n                


孟加拉湾东部发生5.4级地震震源深度86.8公里 Source: US Geological Survey website. According to the US Geological Survey website news, Beijing time at 8:10 on the 6th or so, the eastern part of the Bay of Bangladesh occurred 5.4 earthquake occurred, the focal depth of 86.8 km.

Media: “stall legalization” so that small business hawkers had a good day

n                    (The original title: “pendulum legalization” so that small business hawkers had a good day)n                


Recently, small vendors around us usher in a good news: the State Council announced the new “undocumented operating practices”, will be implemented on October 1. The method will allow the unlicensed operation to be extended to “the place and time designated by the local people’s government at or above the county level, the sale of agricultural and sideline products, daily necessities, or personal use of their own skills in accordance with the law without the need for permission to facilitate labor services.” (September 5 “Guang’an Daily”)n


The State Council issued a new “undocumented and unlicensed operating practices” requirements, the local government at or above the county to give a license to operate, set up a small shop to provide a “business space.” This “business space” has two meanings. First, refers to the location of space, to delineate a number of places can be set up stalls. Second, refers to the time and space, such as some places are not 24 hours a day is not suitable for stall, should be based on the actual situation, set a specific time to allow stall.n


Previously, China’s implementation of the 2003 issue of “unlicensed operation to investigate and deal with ways”, which do not need to apply for a license of the legitimate business only “farmers in the bazaars or local people’s government designated areas of production of agricultural and sideline products.” This provision, but also lead to urban management and small business hawk fire and water can not, irreconcilable fuse.n


and the new provisions to expand the scope of undocumented business, at the policy level of tolerance, to the undocumented business stall hawker a “live space.” In addition, in the future in addition to the market in the market stalls, in the government delineated in the morning market, night market show stalls selling needle line brain, selling breakfast, barber, home appliance repair and other business activities, no longer require the operator for industrial and commercial registration, no business The license is also legally operated.n


such a new provision, by experts and the community interpreted as “swing out of legalization.” This is a policy of accommodation, which is a policy of landing. In the past, the city management personnel in accordance with the old rules for law enforcement, not confiscation of goods, is to break the scales, so that urban managers and small business hawkers become the opposite, the resulting disputes continue to occur, affecting social harmony.n


Five-star hotel does not change the bed: do not always let the social institutions to exposure

n                    (Original title: “five-star hotel does not change the bed”, do not always let the social institutions to exposure)n                


Only identify the pain of the consumer where, good at finding the blind spots in the field of supervision, it will not be in the sudden exposure of the problem, in the huge “look forward to gap” public opinion embarrassment. Recently, a evaluation agency issued a “five-star hotel, why do not you change the bed” article, quickly lead to the crowd, friends circle Tucao one.

The article said that its institutional staff has stayed in Beijing five five-star hotel and found that the hotel “did not check out the room after the complete replacement of bedding”, of which three hotels “bed sheets, pillowcases did not change.” In addition, five hotels are not clean bath, some hotels “toilet ring, mouthwash cups, etc. are not completely clean.”

Many users have expressed stunned. Some users even ridicule that before their own like to bring their own toiletries, even after the bed with a single quilt should also take, plus self-cleaning? And more voice is exclaimed: even five-star hotels are so, then three or four stars, fast hotels, budget hotels do? Scrutiny. 7 5, according to the Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission official microblogging news, has begun to talk about the above five hotels, to understand the verification of the situation…. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ From the social institutions from the media exposure, to the social network communication, and then to the formation of public opinion, regulatory intervention, such a monitoring path, reflects the Internet era of “service” efficiency, but also exposed the problem: a test can be found so The general problem, five hotels without a sparring, routine testing which went?

At present, the test side has a picture of the truth, given the principle of UV testing, the process of interpretation, and provides the final results. Five-star hotel side, its staff said the hotel has strict requirements for health, sheets, toilets and other appliances will be checked out after the guests check, clean. Obviously, “will do” and “have done” between, there is an imaginary space, the most easy problem is the implementation level.

In fact, it is not so much that the test is exposed to health problems, it is better to expose a blind spot. To know, if not pre-purpose with the test, ordinary customers, and several know that the room items are “second-hand”? There are several can think of items left “predecessors” traces? This reminds the relevant departments, in the daily checks, may wish to learn the wisdom and attitude of social institutions.

For example, in the case of unpaired sheets and quilts, the results of the tests may be in accordance with the standards of the appearance, bacteria and other microbiological indicators in accordance with the routine testing method, but do not meet the requirements of “replacement for each passenger”. And once the former customers have skin diseases or other infectious diseases, then the follow-up customers may suffer. Although this is a small probability event, but it is safe and health risks.

Trump: If Congress does not stop the DACA legislation I will act again

n                    (Original title: Trump: If Congress does not stop DACA legislation I will act again)n                

n                                US President Trump said that Congress had six months to take legislative action to stop repatriation, and if Congress did not take action, he would discuss the issue again, and that time, Congress of the United States, The

US Attorney General Sessions today announced that it would end the implementation of the Five-Year Plan for Childhood Retirement (DACA), requiring Congress to replace the bill by March 5 next year. This policy change will affect 800,000 people. US President Barack Obama subsequently criticized the abolition of the plan as “cruel”, “self-harm” and “wrong” and called on Congress to intervene. In the year, the Obama administration launched the DACA program, allowing illegal immigrants under the age of 16 to enter the United States before 2007 to be repatriated and to apply for a two-year work permit. The group of 800,000 people is called “dreamer”, mostly Hispanic, and now basically between 15 and 36 years old, most of them are adults. There are about 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. 7_89456_17_65453_9

According to the surging news quoted the “Wall Street Journal” reported that Sessions on the 5th reaffirmed that he has long believed that the former Democratic President Barack Obama founded the childhood repatriation plan is an administrative ultra vires.

Sessions said the plan would allow the United States southwest border did not accompany the increase in the number of minors. This will not only cause terrible humanitarian consequences, but also give job opportunities to illegal immigrants, so that tens of thousands of Americans unemployed. Reuters pointed out that US President Trump later issued a statement. The statement said he was not in favor of punishing the child because of his parents’ behavior, and the majority of the children had grown up. “However, we also need to realize that it is because the United States is a country ruled by law.”

However, In the facebook posted a long article to fight back. According to the Lianhe, Obama wrote: “It is wrong to deal with these young people … because they have not done anything wrong … it is self-harm because they want to start a business in our lab, the army, to us The love of the country has contributed. “

Obama also accused Trump’s action” is not out of legal requirements. This is a political decision, is a moral problem. “

He said:” Regardless of the Americans as a whole We should not threaten the future of this group of young people, they are not because of their own mistakes come here, they do not constitute a threat, nor from any of us other things. “

Another According to the White House report, according to the White House statement, the Trump government is not to immediately abolish the DACA program, most of the existing DACA program beneficiaries will not be affected by March 5 next year, Congress There are six months to consider the appropriate legislative solution. Sixth in the statement once again urged Congress to carry out immigration reform, and said he is looking forward to working with the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to the United States citizens priority way to solve the problem of immigration. On the same day, he also wrote on Twitter: “Congress, ready to work. DACA.” After the summer recess, the US Congress began working on the 5th. A_de

South Korean pastor couple were beaten to welfare homes for disabled people to provide moldy food

n                    (Original title: Han pastor couple exposed to moldy food and long-term beat heavy disabled)n                

n                                According to the Korean Association reported on September 5, South Korea Gyeonggi Province, a pair of people with disabilities to operate the welfare of the pastor couple was reported to people with disabilities to eat moldy food and long-term beat the disabled, the current priest has been involved in South Korea Police detention.

Media: New energy market in the sowing of the people is not necessarily the reaper

n                    (Original title: [evaluation] new energy market, the sowing of the person is not necessarily the reaper)n                


Ford, Renault Nissan set up a joint venture to produce new energy vehicles, has been “tyrants” two weeks, from the appearance point of view, the international giants through such “shortcut” to seek new energy distribution in China, is bound to work hard Of the independent brand caused no small pressure, the Chinese people finally in a car field really bigger and stronger, but also had to face more intense market competition. Reporters believe that the joint venture plant will break the future of the new energy vehicle market balance, after all, the entire industry chain has been moving in a good direction, but the joint venture brand in the high-end products, in this brand loyalty more and more attention Of the era of consumers to invest in the brand of new energy vehicles, the impression is not surprising that the sowing of the people is not necessarily harvest people.

But the facts have occurred, in the new energy field under the new “rules of the game”, a variety of seemingly out of the joint venture is in fact legitimate compliance, for this point only emotional questions, but no need to make more tangled , “Wolf” is a foregone conclusion, it would be better to deal with. First, the new energy vehicles market is also very broad, less than 200,000 in the first half of the sales of new energy passenger cars, only 10 million level of total passenger car sales less than 2%, far from a BYD a Beiqi New energy will be able to fill the market. Second, review the past few years the development of new energy vehicles, and both are being pulled a pull, was pushed by policy, and now, the market also appeared for a number of private users for the highly competitive new energy car products, their own Technology and the market to enhance the feedback, to prove that the pure independent brands can create more than 20 million high-quality new energy vehicles. Through the policy of the wind, the face of the future New Deal, can not have stage fright.

Japan and India to hold talks will expand the defense cooperation to carry out joint training

n                    (Original title: Japan and India to hold talks will expand the defense cooperation to start joint training)n                

n                                July 5, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese defense phase Onodera five classic this month on the 5th of the country in the Ministry of Defense met with Indian Defense Minister Jay Terry.


Data Figure: Japanese Self-Defense Forces training.

Zhejiang Province, the introduction of account migration policy: excellent migrant workers can be settled unconditionally


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