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Trump and Congress Bargain: US $ 25 Billion to Fix Wall Expenses for Immigration Policy

                    (Original title: Trump and Congress bargain: use 25 billion U.S. dollars to repair the wall for immigration policy)



Overseas Network January 25 U.S. President Trump said on Wednesday (24 January) that he intended to provide services to young immigrants in the next 10 to 12 years As long as Congress agreed to allocate $ 25 billion for the construction of the border wall and other security measures.

According to reports from the US Parliament Hill newspaper, Trump told reporters that immigration special protection project “Childhood Deferral of Child Breakers” (DACA) beneficiaries will be in the next 10 to 12 Years “transfiguration” as a citizen.

Subsequently, a senior government official clarified that citizenship is currently only a “discussion point” in the plan and that young immigrants need to meet certain conditions in order to obtain citizenship. The official also said the policy applies only to the 690,000 immigrants under the Obama administration’s DACA project, who are expected to continue working and living in the United States without fear of being deported.

It is reported that in exchange, Trump will claim 25 billion U.S. dollars to build the U.S.-Mexican border wall and another 5 billion U.S. dollars to other border measures. In addition, the White House said earlier on the 24th that Trump hoped to limit family immigration and stop or re-examine the “multi-visa drawout plan.”

It is reported that the White House is expected to release the general framework of the relevant immigration policies early next week. Trump told Chief of Staff John Kelly that he hoped to see a specific deal when he returned from the Davos forum in Switzerland this weekend. Kelly will also cancel the plan to Switzerland, leaving to study immigration policy.

The DACA program is a policy launched by the Obama administration to protect juvenile delinquents who were brought into the United States by their parents from deportation at a young age. This group of about 80 Million, known as the “dreamer.” On September 5, 2017, U.S. Attorney General Saysos announced the abolition of the DACA program and asked Congress to draw up a corresponding alternative law within six months.

It is reported that Trump told reporters on an improvised Q u0026 A on the west wing of the White House that “there is nothing to worry about,” as the fate of hundreds of thousands of children of illegal immigrants under the project reportedly reported. “

Reportedly, The remarks are the clearest statements by Trump about immigration agreements to date, after Democrats and Republicans have complained about his lack of concreteness in his immigration policies.

It is said that Trump, the “transaction” used for wall-for-DACA protection, is said to be very similar to the proposal by Democratic Senator Charles Schumer three days before the federal government shut down. Schumer once made a major concession of 25 billion U.S. dollars in wall repair, but subsequently claimed that the money was out of the discussion on Tuesday (January 23).

Filipino maids abuse in the Middle East Duterte threatens to cut off manpower output

                    (Original title: Due to Filipino abuse in the Middle East Duterte threatened to interrupt the human output)


【Global Network reported】 Swiss information January 24 AFP reported that the Philippine President Duterte on January 24 local time said that if the country to continue to be domestic helpers in Kuwait sexual assault, he will ban dozens Mwani women work in the Middle East.


54-year-old Italian Mafia leader killed or killed by gunfire

                    (Original title: Italian Mafia leader killed or been vendetta)


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 25 A woman leader of the “Camora” in Naples, Italy, was shot dead near the city center on the evening of 22.

54岁意大利黑手党女首领遇枪击毙命 或遭仇杀 Killing the scene. (Xinhua / Xipal)

The woman named Anna Maria Palmiri, 54 years old. Italian media reported that the female leader had “theft” and drug trafficking. According to the Italian “Morning News”, the murderer may come from the mafia, and the murderous tactics are brutal and not possible to survive.

Three bullet shells were found near the body of the deceased and two more were found about 10 meters from the body. The Morning News speculated that the murderer first fired 2 guns at a distance in Palmyrie, making her unable to move and then firing 3 guns at close range, causing fatal wounds. When the police arrived at the scene, the deceased had fallen in a pool of blood with his face facing the ground.

The Morning Post reported that the incident was located on the outskirts of Naples, not far from the place where the deceased son lived. The murderer may follow Palmiye and “stay” near her son’s home until she emerges from the building.

Democrat Mayors Collective Trump White House Trump Disappointment

                    (Original title: Democrat mayor collectively Trump, White House: people’s livelihood regardless disappointing)


民主党市长集体爽约特朗普 白宫:不顾民生令人失望 Mayor of New York Bai Sihao.

After the U.S. Department of Justice warned 23 U.S. “sheltered cities”, several mayors of the Democratic Party, including New York City mayor Bai Sihao, said they will refuse to attend the meeting with President Trump on the 24th and the White House will make his speech The man later said he was very disappointed with these mayors’ disregard for people’s livelihood.

According to a report by Bloomberg News on the 24th, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio displeased with the Justice Department decision on “sheltering cities” at noon of the day and therefore refused to attend with many Democratic mayors President Trump meeting.

The White House had previously said that the meeting’s topic was to address the abuse of opioids and to rebuild old infrastructure.

“disappointed” at the White House, the mayor who refused to attend the White House meeting but held the usual meeting. The White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters said: “We are disappointed with the fact that some mayors have been out of politics for important meetings with the president,” said US media, according to the Department of Justice, which said The agency has sent a letter to 23 jurisdictions, including New York, Chicago and San Francisco, asking them to provide material on whether or not “illegally restricting the sharing of information between law enforcement officials and federal immigration authorities” on the ground. The Ministry of Justice had previously demanded that these cities provide information to the immigration authorities. If these 23 cities still do not respond promptly or continue their actions after this warning, then the Ministry of Justice will issue a summons to them. The subpoena will result in the federal funds for these cities was rejected.

“City of Asylum” means cities that restrict local law enforcement officials from sharing information about the identity of suspects with the federal government. In New York, for example, “sheltering cities” is typically done by releasing immigration suspects according to their own laws without notifying the immigration authorities; even if they receive a “detention order” from a immigration authority for someone, .

“I’m constantly asking these jurisdictions to reconsider their policies that pose a security threat to communities and residents,” Justice Minister Seife Sessions said in a statement. “Protecting foreigners from federal immigration agencies Criminals violate common sense and undermine the law, and we have too many examples of how these cities threaten public safety, and those examples are actively cracking down on federal law enforcement. “

A fishing boat carrying 21 people in Japan Sea lost search and rescue work is being carried out

                    (Original title: A Russian fishing boat carrying 21 people lost in the Sea of ​​Japan)


Vladivostok, January 25 (Xinhua) Russia’s Primorsky Region Emergency Headquarters released a news bulletin on the 25th that a Russian fishing boat carrying 21 people lost contact with the Japanese Sea area that morning.

The bulletin states that the maritime search and rescue department detected the radio buoy signal from the fishing vessel “Orient” in Russia in the area of ​​the Sea of ​​Japan about 200 kilometers south of the coast of Primorsky Krai. However, the maritime search and rescue department was unable to cooperate with the “East” No. fishing vessels get in touch. According to preliminary statistics, there are 21 crew members on the fishing boat.

The announcement said that the Russian coast guard force has sent patrol boats rushed to the incident area, the Russian Defense Ministry also sent Mi-8 helicopters to participate in the search for co-fishing vessels, but the poor maritime weather increased the difficulty of rescue.

At present, relevant search and rescue work is under intense work. The Investigation Bureau of Far East of Russia, the Investigation Commission of the Russian Federation, has started to investigate the investigation of the accident.

Philippine media: Philippine Air Force patrol over Huangyan Island did not receive China’s radio protest

                    (Original title: Philippine media: Philippine Air Force on the 23rd Huangyan Island Patrol military said it did not receive China’s radio protest)


图片 Huangyan Island (data plan)

Search finished residential search company! Han prosecutors suspected Lee Myobo actual control of the enterprise

                    (Original title: Search finished residential search company! Han prosecutors suspected Lee Myobo actual control of the enterprise)


搜完住宅搜公司!韩检方搜查疑李明博实际掌控企业 Legend: DAS Corporation suspected to be the actual control of South Korean former President Lee Myung-bak

[According to the Yonhap News Agency reported January 25, South Korea’s Central Prosecutor’s Office on the day of the suspect search team DAS, the company in charge of South Korea’s former president Lee Myung-bak, searched and seized some of the items.

American banknote truck accidentally spilled a policeman to clean with a broom

                    (Original title: US dollar banknote car accident accidentally sprinkled with a broom to clean up the police (Figure))


bknint-20180125095814245-0125_17011_001_01b.jpg The scene of the accident (Image from Hong Kong East Network)

Overseas Network January 25 local time on the 24th, the United States a truck loaded with banknotes in an interstate highway, the suspect due to speeding accident, resulting in car Banknotes spread over the road. Internet users attracted hot events, many people laugh that can help retrieve the banknotes.


It was reported by Hong Kong East Network that the van was traveling on an interstate highway in Illinois with a batch of $ 5, $ 10 and $ 20 banknotes from gambling slot machines. Reportedly, the truck ran out of control and crashed into the railing and another car before rushing out of the road. Another private car to avoid the scene, but also an accident occurred, all three cars were damaged.

When an accident occurs, the bank notes are spilled out and covered with long paved roads. Then police rushed to the scene, a banknote cleaning with a broom, but also one by one the police picked up the money into the bag.


Italy rental fire flames to Chinese husband and wife died two and a half years

                    (Original title: Italian rented house fire caused by 2 Chinese death sentenced to 2 years and a half)

                                   BEIJING, January 25 Xinhua BEIJING, Italy, January 25, according to Italy, January 23, 2018, the Italian Prato court re-hearing the 2017 rental housing accident caused by 2 Chinese deaths, and involved in the case in accordance with the law The lessor of the house made a judicial decision.

A police shootout in Colorado was shot dead

                    (Original title: A police shooting in the U.S. state of Colorado was shot dead)


美国科罗拉多州发生枪击案 一名警察被枪杀身亡 Photo credit: Fox News

Overseas Network January 25 According to the Fox News in the United States, shooting was reported in Thornton, Colorado, on the night of Wednesday (24 July), killing one police officer. Police are currently conducting a search and raid. One suspect was arrested and another two were still at large.

Local police in Adam County are reportedly reminding people to avoid areas on the 88th and Dawson streets, and the police are conducting a wide-ranging search for those in flight. Police said people living in the area should seek shelter, beware of doors and windows.

John Hickenlooper, the governor of Colorado, said in a statement that “a police officer was shot in response to an alarm from Adams County.” We are saddened to learn that he has suffered a heavy gunshot wound Died.Our thoughts and prayers were with Adams County Police Station, their family and friends.A survey is ongoing and the government will remain committed to restoring calm on the ground. “

Local residents say the atmosphere in the community after the shootings Very nervous, the SWAT team is raiding the suspects, the police carrying a rifle to patrol back and forth. One resident said the police had just told them, “Be careful! I just pointed the gun at you and thought you had a gun.”

美国科罗拉多州发生枪击案 一名警察被枪杀身亡 Photo credit: Fox News

A Denver correspondent reported that the police UAV search near the scene of the incident, the target is unknown, to remind the local people dressed in dark clothing, do not send light. Supermarket staff near the scene said the supermarket was closed due to the arrests being carried out.

It was reported just less than a month ago that an “ambush” shootings took place in Douglas County, Colorado, killing one police officer and wounding another.

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