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South Korean presidential palace: start the national crisis management center to deal with the Mianyang fire

                    (Original title: South Korean presidential palace: start the national crisis management center to deal with Miryang fire)


韩总统府:启动国家危机管理中心应对密阳火灾 Legend: fire in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

[World Wide Web] South Korean presidential palace Cheong Wa Dae in the morning of January 26 announced the launch of the National Crisis Management Center in response to Miryang, South Korea’s Gyeongnam Province City Sejong Hospital fire.

According to the Yonhap News Agency reported, Cheong Wa Dae, the relevant person on the day told reporters that the Miryang fire hazards, decided to start the crisis management center. In December 2017, a serious fire broke out in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. At that time, Cheong Wa Dae launched the Crisis Management Center.

u0026 nbsp; 韩总统府:启动国家危机管理中心应对密阳火灾 u0026 nbsp;


Russian Olympic Committee: 169 Russian athletes will receive an invitation from the International Olympic Committee

                    (Former title: the Russian Olympic Committee: 169 Russian athletes will receive the invitation of the International Olympic Committee)


俄奥委会:169名俄运动员将收到国际奥委会参赛邀请 Image courtesy of RIA Novosti

Abe intends to attend the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games

                    (Original title: Abe intends to attend the opening ceremony of the PyeongMing Olympic Winter Games Welcome to the Korean presidential palace)

                                   Xinhua BEIJING, January 24 According to Japanese media reported on the 24th, Japanese Prime Minister Abe said he would attend the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games, South Korea’s presidential palace on the 24th expressed “a welcome, will work closely to promote the successful visit to South Korea” . According to officials at the presidential palace, consultations have been launched on the visit to South Korea by Abe on the ROK Embassy in Japan.

日本自民党第84届大会3月5日在东京举行,正式决定将其党章中原先规定的“最多2届6年”的总裁任期,改为“最多3届9年”。藉此,现任日本首相安倍晋三,得以在明年秋季其任期届满后,连续第三次参选自民党总裁,从而打开其孜孜以求的长期执政之门。 中新社记者 王健 摄

Media comment “Cloned monkey birth”: the public need not worry too much

                    (Original title: “Cloned monkey was born,” the public need not worry too much)


Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that the world’s first somaclonal monkey “Zhongzhong” was born on November 27, 2017 and the second cloned monkey “Huahua” was born after 10 days. The international authoritative academic journal “cell” January 25, Beijing time to cover the article online publication of the results. Since the birth of the first cloned sheep, Dolly, in 1996, scientists from all over the world have cloned animals such as cattle, rats, cats and dogs using somatic cells in 21 years, but they have not crossed nonhuman primates closest to humans The “barrier.” (January 25 Xinhuanet)


At the birth of the first cloned sheep, “Dolly,” it was indeed astonishing and has drawn worldwide attention as one of the major events of the year. Subsequently, scientists from all over the world are constantly exploring cloning techniques and making breakthroughs in various fields. Animals such as cattle, rats, cats and dogs have all been successfully cloned. The birth of the cloned monkey means that Chinese scientists have made breakthroughs in the field of cloning monkeys. The biological cloning technology that represents China has leapt to the leading position in the world, but with breakthroughs in research and development of original technologies. It is also extremely scientific in China Big inspiration.


It has taken 21 years to complete this historic breakthrough from cloned sheep to cloned monkeys. This is not a simple one-step process from the difficulty of cloning techniques. Instead, it has crossed the technical barrier of cloning non-human primates and has become a major technological breakthrough that many experts have always considered impossible to achieve. In the history of cloning technology research and development, China had been in the stage of follow-up and learning for a long while. The birth of cloned monkeys has achieved its goal of surpassing other countries and has become an important step toward the all-round development of cloning technology and industry in China.


Because non-human primate and human genes are close to each other, a large number of monkeys with the same genetic background can be cultivated to meet the urgent needs of brain diseases and advanced cognitive function of the brain and can be widely used in new drug tests to replace traditional Mouse test mode Therefore, the success of somaclonal monkey will promote our country to take the lead in the development of a new pharmaceutical R u0026 D industrial chain based on the animal model of non-human primates disease, promote the development of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism and immune deficiency, Cancer, metabolic diseases, new drug development process, for the majority of patients is a huge benefit.


Of course, the birth of cloned monkeys is inevitably reminiscent of human cloning problems. As for biocloning, the voices of supporters and opponents are very strong. Proponents think it is a scientific and technological progress. Making good use of this technology can bring more benefits to human beings. Opponents are worried that cloning technology can be applied to human cloning , Human beings become “God” role, abuse of cloning technology can cause social out of control, collapse, and lead to a series of ethical issues. As a result, many literary creations and science fiction movies have also emerged. From the perspective of criticism and fears, the negative social consequences of cloning people are seen.


The newspaper reported that the EPA building was sprayed into ice sculptures: Wipe dry air to monitor moisture content

                    (Original title: Wring moisture in air monitoring data)


Recently, the photo album of the EPB building in Shizuishan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, was sprayed into ice sculptures and was widely circulated. This building is equipped with automatic monitoring of national ambient air quality sites, fog gun aimed at site spray hard, no doubt to make the data look good. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Department of Environmental Protection joint Shizuishan municipal government, investigated and dealt with this man-made interference with environmental monitoring events. It is noteworthy that the use of fog guns, sprinklers and other air quality monitoring data to the “water” phenomenon, in other places also exist. In December last year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that the names of non-stop fogging sprayers near the State Control Point of Xinyu City, Xinyu City, Xinyu City, Henan Province, and the direct spray air quality monitoring sampling port Surrounding the local environment, interfere with the normal monitoring activities.

Accurate and accurate environmental monitoring data can objectively evaluate the quality of the environment, faithfully reflect the effectiveness of pollution control and accurately implement environmental management and decision-making. The Central Party Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the quality of environmental monitoring data. The central leading comrades have made many important instructions on this issue in recent years. Last year, the Central Office and the State Council issued the “Opinions on Deepening the Environmental Monitoring Reform and Improving the Quality of Environmental Monitoring Data”. Xi’an, a monitoring station to the air sampler “wearing a mask,” the sentencing of data fraud cases, but also played a huge warning and deterrent effect. Through a series of effective measures, the past environmental monitoring data and the masses’ personal feelings of “two skins” have changed dramatically. Nowadays, people open PM2.5 real-time data on the phone, which is generally true and reliable, and people’s growing blue sky happiness is consistent. Interference with air quality Automatic monitoring site phenomenon only appeared in some cities.

Although the phenomenon of fraud on the environmental monitoring data under the weight of assessment is an individual phenomenon, it can not be ignored. Urgent measures need to be taken to combat and prevent it.

Wringing out the moisture of air quality monitoring data in some places requires more accountability and accountability so that those who attempt to counterfeit the counterfeiters can not fake them. In the recent exposure of several monitoring stations spittering interference incident, touch the environmental monitoring data quality “red line” accountability of accountability, it seems to be strengthened. For example, Shizuishan municipal government only to Dawukou District Environmental Health Management Station owners, deputy owners were given warnings, and public notification. Fog gun spray site really just unintentional loss? What are their motives for interrupting environmental monitoring? Is there a chase in the end? Some people are concerned about the problem, yet to be answered.

Wringing moisture from air quality monitoring data in some places requires implementing concrete and feasible measures so that those attempting to counterfeit the counterfeiters can not be faked. For example, a clear warning sign may be set up next to the site to strictly regulate the operation of the fog gun and the sprinkler while encouraging the masses to supervise and report suspicious behaviors. For some fog gun vehicles that are treated as “haze artifact” Can consider to force the installation of GPS monitoring facilities to prevent the mist gun to monitor data over a fog.

The corrupt official was publicly accused of injustice and was now cleaning his prison

                    (Original title: That openly innocent corrupt officials, is cleaning the prison)


Legal Evening News · Opinion News On December 28, 2017, Gansu High Court issued criminal ruling: The former director of Lanzhou Traffic and Transportation Bureau, Yancheng Lu, was commuted to life imprisonment for 22 years.

Opinion The reporter noted that Yan Chenglu, 64, who was arrested in May 2012, was sentenced to life imprisonment for bribery of 10.338 million yuan and 20,000 pounds in the first instance in June 2012.

After the verdict, Yancheng Lu claimed that “this is an unjust injustice, I am going to appeal.” Later, the appeal was rejected and the original verdict was maintained.

(Yancheng Lu)

Official sources show that Yan Chenglu is now serving his sentence in Xinqiao prison, Gansu. On November 10, 2017, the penalty execution agency considered that the criminal did show his repentance in the near future. The specific facts are as follows: pleading guilty conscientious, repentant attitude and compliance with disciplinary discipline, and strictly restraining his own words and deeds in accordance with the “Code of Conduct for Prisoners in Prison” , Correct attitude, no violation of discipline and discipline.

The official also said that during the prison sentence reform, the offender obeys the police administration and can overcome the difficulties of his own fraility and age. He has conscientiously completed the task of labor remodeling such as sanitation cleaning in the district and has taken a proactive and correct attitude and has done a good job The various labor tasks arranged by the supervisory district have performed well.

Public information shows that Yan Chenglu, who was born in March 1954, was a Lanzhou native and worked successively in Lanzhou Municipal Government and Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection. Since April 2007, Yan Chenglu has successively served as director of the Municipal Bureau of Transportation and director of the Municipal Transportation Bureau.

In December 2012, Yan Chenglu was sentenced. Lanzhou Intermediate People’s Court determined that it has taken the advantage of its position to accept others’ petitions and seek benefits for others. It repeatedly solicited and accepted 10,380,000 yuan and 20,000 pounds from others, which constituted a crime of taking bribes and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

After the court found out: From April 2007 to April 2012, Yan Chenglu successively served as secretary of the party committee of Lanzhou Traffic Bureau, director of Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Transportation and party secretary, director of the post. February 2012 was dismissed. In the meantime, Yan Chenglu took advantage of his position to seek benefits for others, accepting and obtaining tax payments from a number of taxi companies and other individuals and individuals.

这名贪官获刑后曾公开喊冤 现在正在监狱打扫卫生 (Yancheng Lu for trial)

Beijing to Xiong An Intercity Railway EIA report publicity: a total length of about 93 km

                    (Original title: MEP publicity Beijing to Xiong An intercity railway EIA report: a total length of about 93 km)


On January 26, MEP announced the “Environmental Impact Report on the Construction of New Beijing to Xiong’an New Area Intercity Railway” (the “EIA Report”) on the official website.


new preliminary design line plane from Beijing to male An inter-district city railway engineering schematic u0026 nbsp; Photos from the Ministry of Environmental Protection website

the construction unit of Beijing-Shenyang Passenger Railway Line Beijing and Hebei Co., EIA unit for the China Railway Design Group Co., Ltd.

According to the EIA Report, the newly built Beijing-Xiong’an New Area Intercity Railway is located in Beijing and Hebei Province. The line runs north from the Liying Line to the Xiong’an Station (including the Beijing hub) with a total length of 92.783km. It involves Gu’an County, Yongqing County, Bazhou City and Xiong’an New District along Daxing District of Beijing and Langfang City, Hebei Province. Set across the board Huangcun station, the new airport station, Gu’an East Railway Station, Bazhou North Station, Station five stations. The project is dedicated passenger line, Li Ying to the new airport design speed target of 250km / h; the new airport to the new section of the safety design speed target of 350km / h. The total investment of 33.377 billion yuan.

This project is all tunneling works in Daxing District of Beijing. The project is mainly used for the second phase of Beijing New Airport. The project will not interfere with the ground structures. Coordination with planning. After the project in Langfang City Gu’an County, Yongqing County, Pa City. Line routing in Langfang City are not involved in the county along the center of the city. Langfang Urban and Rural Planning Bureau agreed in principle to project Langfang project site selection program. The alignment of the project in Xiong’an New Area is closely linked with China Urban Planning and Design Institute, which is the compilation unit of the urban planning of Xiong’an New District. The plan of the station will be determined together with the Central Planning Institute according to the planning of the new district and the reserved project access has been considered in the new district planning. The location of line station and motor car meet the planning requirements of the new district. Xiongxian County Urban Planning Administration said in principle agreed that the location of the line program.

The major environmental issues involved in the project include:

People’s Daily: 2018 property market still need to maintain the current severe regulatory situation

                    (The original title: rent-purchase to make up for rental short board)


People’s Daily newspaper said in 2018, the property market will undoubtedly need to maintain the current severe regulatory situation. In terms of means, we should implement differentiated control policies for all kinds of needs. In our measures, we will strengthen regional coordination and urban-rural co-ordination. In addition, in 2018, a series of measures will help to make up for the shortage of leasing short board, speed up the cultivation and development of the housing leasing market in large and medium-sized cities with net population inflows, promote the construction of state-owned leasing enterprises, and give full play to market leading, regulating, activating and regulating functions; At the same time, it supports the development of specialized and institutionalized housing leasing enterprises, accelerates the legislation on housing leasing and protects the legitimate rights and interests of leasing stakeholders.

人民日报:2018年楼市还需保持当前严厉的调控态势 (Picture: Zhang Fangman)

4 months, 179 projects for sale and sale of real estate for sale, whether there is unauthorized sale of commercial housing, public housing sales did not follow the provisions of the program, the publication of false prices and sales Progress message trickery buy 30 illegal activities … … Late in 2016, Wuhan, Hubei Province focused on remediation of the real estate market, delineated a special inspection range. In the real estate scene, urban and rural law enforcement officers at the two levels with law enforcement. On illegal activities, the Housing Department ordered rectification, overdue change, the regulatory authorities to close the net sign channel, real estate can not be sold.

Since 2017, nationwide efforts have been made to rectify the norms of the real estate market and severely crack down on illegal activities of real estate enterprises and intermediaries. In 2018, how to insist on the house is used to live, not used to speculation positioning? How to improve the long-term mechanism of steady and healthy development? With heavy problems, Li Changhai, director of the Hubei Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Living, recently took part in a nationwide conference on housing construction.


“In the past five years, remarkable achievements have been made. At the same time, we must clearly see that there are still many deficiencies in our work. There are structural contradictions in the supply and demand of housing, Reasonable, new employees, migrant workers and other new members of the public housing more prominent problem. “Li Changhai said Minister of Housing and Urban Wang Menghui at the meeting of this passage,” let me feel the deepest. “

Last year, China’s real estate market Regulatory effects continue to show, first-line, some hot second-tier cities fell house prices, housing prices in the third and fourth tier cities stabilized. After attending the discussion, Huang Yongping, director of Shanghai Construction and Construction Commission, said that some comrades suggested that we should not only insist on and perfect administrative measures, but also explore more ways and means for comprehensively using the market during the unswerving process of regulation and control.

In 2018, there is no doubt that the current harsh regulatory situation still needs to be maintained. In terms of means, we will implement differentiated control policies for various needs to meet the first set of requirements and support the improvement of demand so as to curb speculative real estate. Some third- and fourth-tier cities and counties with more inventories should continue to do inventory work well. In addition, it will also strengthen market monitoring and analysis, improve the ability and level of precision control and regulation, and further strengthen the responsibility of local government. On the initiative, we will strengthen regional coordination and urban-rural co-ordination so as to promote interconnection and interoperability among cities in medium and small cities, and raise basic public services such as education and medical care in small and medium-sized cities, counties and central towns so as to guide the rational distribution of population and housing needs.

Recently, China Vanke Park Beijing Tiantan opened. The long-term rent apartment for six months, set the area from 15 square meters to 40 square meters range, furniture, home appliances, will hold book clubs and other activities. In my country, renting has always been a worrying thing. However, the rise of long-term rental apartments in the past two years has raised the attractiveness of renting houses.

In 2018, a series of measures will help to make up for the shortage of rental shortages: to speed up the cultivation and development of the housing leasing market in large and medium-sized cities with net population inflows, promote the construction of state-owned leasing enterprises and give full play to market leading, regulating, activating and regulating functions; At the same time, it supports the development of specialized and institutionalized housing leasing enterprises, accelerates the legislation on housing leasing and protects the legitimate rights and interests of leasing stakeholders.

Strong leasing, renting both at the same time, how to “multi-agent supply” “multi-channel protection” from top to bottom?

Supply will be more diverse. We should develop housing for shared property rights according to local conditions and solve the mass housing problems in various channels. Recently, Haidian District, Beijing, a common property rights housing project began to apply for registration, according to the provisions of the proportion of property buyers share of 70%, the price is lower than the market average – including decoration costs average selling price of 35,000 yuan / square meter. Beijing made it clear that it will supply 250,000 sets of shared property houses within five years.

人民日报:2018年楼市还需保持当前严厉的调控态势 (Source: Photo Network)

The protection will be more powerful. This year, China will also transform 5.8 million sets of various shantytowns. At the same time, increasing the supply of public rental housing should not only give priority to the protection of the disadvantaged groups in industries such as sanitation and public transportation, but also include eligible newly-employed non-house workers, migrant workers, young doctors and young teachers in the scope of protection, Low-income housing difficult families, but also should be guaranteed.

Regardless of rent or purchase, the relationship between urban and rural areas living quality. 2018 urban and rural living environment picture worth the wait. Housing quality is even better. In urban areas, the renovation project of old residential communities will be carried out in depth and more old houses will be rejuvenated. In the rural areas, reconstruction of dilapidated buildings by key households such as poor households with established credit card will be carried out.

Cityscape is more neat. Look at the city, and promote sponge city construction, urban living garbage classification, according to local conditions to promote the construction of underground integrated corridor, to strengthen the construction of urban sewage and garbage disposal facilities. Look at rural areas, the implementation of rural living environment remediation 3-year action, continue to promote rural living garbage control, vigorously promote the rural toilet construction and transformation.

After attending the discussion, the relevant responsible persons of Inner Mongolia Livelihood Building Department said that in order to formulate a more targeted policy, many suggestions were made: a net outflow of population to cities and a net population outflow from the cities reflected differences in policies; , Transformation of old residential areas, renovation of existing buildings, reconstruction of dilapidated buildings in rural areas, and support for infrastructure construction in urban areas, which can reflect policy preferences.

Suggestions · User Suggestion

Public rental policy should cover more people

Planned circus city of Shenyang was approved Official: Merchants just show content has not yet been set

                    (Original title: Shenyang plan to build a circus city heat, authorities: just investment, the performance has not yet decided)


A plan to build a circus city has sparked heated debate.

On the afternoon of January 22, Shenyang’s official microblogging @ Shenyang Propaganda Department issued a plan for the construction of Shenyang International Circus City: “This year Shenyang City will build a circus city near Shenyang Agricultural University. Shenyang acrobatic art, building Shenyang International Circus City on the north bank of the Hun River, to create a unique snow acrobatics Industrial Park, with the Tanglin Park, Shenyang Expo, Qipanshan scenic tourist attractions and other characteristics of the formation of tourists pooling effect. The site is located on a riverbank with an area of ​​1 square kilometer.The overall planning of the circus city is mainly acrobatics and circus performances, and it is also a large-scale cultural complex with multiple functions such as Beijing Pingju Opera performance, variety show, expo exhibition, science and technology innovation, snow and ice world Project. “

This news led to a hot discussion. A number of users leave a message that the construction of the circus city means that in the future may have to carry out animal performances, and then said “refuse animal performances.”

@ Save the Fengtai District, Beijing Institute of the source of enthusiasts, “the performance of animal rescue project also left a message that in order to enrich the cultural life of citizens, increase acrobatics, Beijing Opera and other art performances is a very good way , But please do not perform animal performance. The abolition of animal performance is animal protection, or the general trend of ecological protection.

For the network controversy, on the afternoon of January 26, the surging news was linked to the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio and Television Press and Publication of this project. An official responsible for the department’s art office named Li said that the project was specifically led by the Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe. The progress of the project he learned was “still in the process of attracting investment.”

The official also said that the specific program or performance content has not been determined because the project of Shenyang International Circus has not yet started construction.

“Circus is an art category. We rely on the Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe to perform various types of programs on the basis of acrobatics. It is not limited to the artistic category of circus and acrobatics. There may be some national cultural and opera content. There may be animal shows, and it’s not yet certain. It will take two to three years for the project to be completed and operators will come up with specific program content. It’s too early to say what the show is about, “said the head of the company.

Surging News Combing found that in the past two years some domesticated performances have indeed been stopped or canceled.

According to “Legal Evening News” reported in September 2017, from September 1, the 24-year-old animal behavior exhibition hall in Guangzhou Zoo officially closed. This means that animals such as monkey tangling, chimpanzees playing drums and parrots riding bicycles, which once brought infinite joy to people, will cease to exist.

Two months later in mid-November, the news of the “Fourth China International Circus Festival Farewell Animal Show” was also disclosed by the media.

Surging News We also learned that Shenyang International Circus City is one of the 10 key cultural facilities to be promoted this year in Shenyang.

After the eighteen, which stock tiger to be tried?

                    (Original title: Which “stock” tigers are pending?)


After the 19th National Congress, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection did not stop the tiger. How has the “tiger” hit before? On January 26, Zhang Lanyong, dean of the Henan High Court, revealed that Wang Sanyun, former provincial party secretary of Gansu Province, Lu Enguang, former political director of the Ministry of Justice, Liu Shanqiao, former vice chairman of Hubei Province’s CPPCC, and Yang Jiacai, former assistant to the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Tiger “will be in Henan.

On the same day, the first plenary meeting of the 13th NPC in Henan Province held its second plenary session. Zhang Lirong, on behalf of the Provincial Higher People’s Court, reported to the congress.

So the question came, how many tigers were “stocked” left after the 18th National Congress?

Tiger Lost in 2015 3 Pending Trial

According to political knowledge and statistics, there are still 3 other “tigers” who dropped their horses in 2015. However,


Among the above three people, Ma Jian, former vice minister of Ministry of National Security, took the earliest time to drop the horse and has been for 3 years now. According to the current public information, the latest developments of Ma Jian, Su Shulin and Yao Gang are all investigated by the Supreme Prosecutors. It is worth mentioning that the above three people fell from the horse to be the highest detection case investigation, the time span is about 2 years. And this time span, is gradually shrinking trend.

Among the fallen tigers in 2016, they ranged from 4 months to 6 months and 1 year from the time when they were dropped to the time when they were investigated by public prosecutors.

By 2017, the time span will be shorter, more than 3 months. The longest is the former Chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Xiang Junbo, who dropped the horse on April 9, 2017, the highest detection and detection on September 30, 2017, the time span For nearly 6 months.

He has not been convicted for trial in the recent year.

The tigers who dropped out in 2016, 4 were awaiting trial and 1 was pending.


Among the five people mentioned above, the earliest was the Hebei Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, the original secretary of the Politics and Law Committee Zhang Yue, April 16, 2016, Zhang Yue fell from the horse, more than three months later, April 2017 On the 20th, one year after Lok Ma, Zhang Yue passed a courtroom trial in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province.


According to the prosecutor’s allegations, Zhang Yue received more than 150 million yuan of bribes:

From 2008 to 2016, the defendant Zhang Yue used the party secretary of the Public Security Department of the CPC Hebei Province and the director of the Public Security Department as well as the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee , Politics and Law Committee Secretary and other positions on the convenience for the Hebei Longji Tai Industrial Group and other units and Hao Jingzhou and other individuals in the land development, engineering contract, handling of cases, job promotion matters such as seeking benefits, either directly or through the adoption of specific relations between the above units And personal property given, a total amount of RMB 157,888,012,000,000 yuan.

At the end of the trial, the court announced the verdict. In the past nine months, Zhang Yue has not yet been sentenced.

And on December 16, 2016, Loonuang of Lok Ma will be tried in Henan Province. This is the first time that Henan Provincial High Court President Zhang Lidong disclosed.


official first disclosed

and Henan Luen Guang together in the trial, there are three 2017 sacked “tiger” – former secretary of Gansu Provincial Wang Yun, former vice chairman of CPPCC Hubei Province and the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu Shan Bridge Yang Jiacai, former chairman assistant.

This is the first official disclosure.

According to statistics from politics, from January 11, 2017, former Vice Governor of Gansu Province Yu Haiyan sacked, until December 12, 2017 Hebei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Zhang Jiehui accident in 2017, Trial tiger at least 18 people.

It should be noted that the above data do not contain the provincial and ministerial level officials who were downgraded.

Including the original Standing Committee of the 18th CPC Central Committee Political Bureau (former secretary of Chongqing Municipal Government Sun Zhengcai), the 18th Central Committee of the 1 (CPPCC member Sun Huishan), the eighteenth in the alternate 1 (Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the fiscal Ministry of discipline inspection team former leader Mo Jiancheng). However, one man was disclosed after the fall of the way is rather special, that is, former deputy director of Jilin Provincial People’s Congress Zhou Huachen.

By routine practice, deputy provincial officials were questioned by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, but Zhou Huachen’s serious violation of law and discipline was first reported by the local party newspaper.

On July 11, 2017, Jilin Daily published an article titled “Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee Holds Patrols” and read the article entitled “Special Democratic Life Conference”, which states that “in-depth typical cases of serious violations of laws and regulations, such as Gu Chunli and Zhou Huachen, Warning education. ” Accordingly, Zhou Huacheng news of the accident is known to the outside world.


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