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National People’s Political Consultative Conference to replace the image of the release of what election signal?

                    (Original title: What election signal is released from the general list of CPPCC members?)


On January 24, Xinhua News Agency released the list of members of the 13th National Committee. A total of 2158 people on the list. Among them, the CPC members accounted for 39.8%, non-members accounted for 60.2%. The average age of 55.9 years old. 1971 college degree or above. All 56 ethnic groups have elected to enter the CPPCC National Committee.

From the personnel arrangement of the CPPCC National Committee, which candidates are revealed?


strict image off

全国政协换届名单严把形象关 释放了什么选人信号?

January 23, the thirteenth CPPCC National Committee members, especially the right candidates by the Minister of the CPC Central Committee commission, the CPC Central Committee, the Central United Front Work on Recommended nominations and suggestions list, in the 12th NPC Standing Committee at the 24th meeting made a note. You Yuzhong introduced the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the change of work of the CPPCC National Committee, clearly defined the three principles and requirements: First, highlight the leadership of the party; second is full communication and consultation; third, strict checks of candidates.

In the strict selection of candidates, specifically refers to strict political selection of candidates, clean customs, the image of Guan. It is understood Sijia understand that the 19th Plenary Session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection put forward the second plenary session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, “strict selection of personnel political clearance, clean customs, image off, a comprehensive clean-up within the political ecology.” Among them, the “image off” is the first time Appear, is particularly interesting.

Therefore, the selection of current members of the CPPCC “image” as one of the important criteria for employing people. According to reports, the candidates are nominated in the organization, and fully listen to opinions of all parties on the basis of screening through checks at each level, and some experienced leaders, and some academic and professional fields make a difference, and some at the grassroots level Achieve outstanding results. Generally have a good ideological and political quality, professional quality, cultural quality and strong ability to participate in politics, mass base and social image is better.

The “image” mentioned here is not based on the facial features but on the attitude of work, the relationship with the masses and the style of life. Every word and deed reflects personal conduct and accomplishment. Strictly applying “image-related” has also put forward higher requirements for the work of employing candidates: we must enhance the ability to distinguish and practice the “golden eyes” and be wary of the “image design.” We must pay attention not only to whether party members and cadres are excellent in politics but also honest and clean. We must also pay close attention to the assessment and reputation of party members and cadres. For party members and cadres who have poor reputation and even indecent nicknames, they must pay special attention to finding out the facts and making accurate portraits.


adhere to the cause of the

selection and appointment is a major problem, which is very important point is that “people with appropriate post,” not in proper working is not conducive to progress. What kind of cadres are needed for the development of a local cause, and what types of cadres are selected for use in selecting cadres who adapt to the development of the cause and the needs of the people. SI Siong brother noted that the CPPCC National Committee members recommended list of candidates in all aspects of the overall consideration, a very important guide is “insist on the cause of the above.”

Adhere to the cause, with a distinct characteristics of the times. The 19th Plenary Session of the Party emphasized that building a contingent of highly-qualified and specialized cadres should adhere to the principle of “doing business in all corners of the globe, employing the best in one’s career.” It can be said that “adhering to the cause of doing things” indicates the direction for the candidates of the new era.

To uphold the cause, we must make full use of high-quality professionals. Chen Xi, minister of Central Organization Department, once pointed out in an article published in the People’s Daily that the members of the higher-level organs and leading bodies must have experts who are familiar with the core business of the department. Only in this way can we improve the overall function and decision-making level of the team and promote the development of the business better and faster. It is understood that the list of candidates recommended focusing on economic and social development and the work of the CPPCC National Committee needs to pay attention to arrange economic, scientific and technological experts and scholars in the field of outstanding contributions and candidates. CPPCC members of the contingent of high-quality professional level to further improve.

In practice, we should think about “who should be used” rather than “who should use” because we should stick to the cause. In a local development, what kind of cadres are required to carry out a unit’s business, they should find the right candidate according to their job requirements instead of “looking for a job because of one’s job,” or even pulling “both” and “post” Hard, simple match. Between “man” and “post”, we should “look at each other” and match each other.


importance to the rank

According to reports, the current CPPCC members, not only pay attention to arrange the experts and outstanding contributions of candidates, also increased the front-line workers, the number of farmers, pay attention to arrange basic education, Vocational educators and primary health care workers, public health and disease control work at the grass-roots front-line representatives, so that the structure of the representative candidates more reasonable.

Emphasis on front-line talent can help solve the most immediate and immediate interests people are most concerned about. Younger children have some education, learning to teach, labor income, sickness and medicine, old and dependent, living in and living with weakness, these are the common expectations of the people. Only when it is sharpened in the frontline can we truly be considerate of the masses and truly understand the needs and pain points of the people so that the people will have more sense of gain in the process of building and sharing the development.

Training and selecting cadres on the grassroots level is the principle of cadre that our party has always emphasized and upheld. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party pointed out: We must vigorously find reserves of young cadres, pay attention to cultivating young cadres at the grassroots level and in difficult and difficult places, and continuously select and use excellent young cadres who have been proven through practice.

The strongest cold wave of winter snowfall in the next few days are cold and cold

                    (The original title: the strongest winter cold snowfall in the next few days are cold and cold)


Recently, the central and eastern part of our country is experiencing the most extensive and long-lasting low-temperature snow and ice freezing process since the winter. Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places have Blizzard, local blizzard. Central Meteorological Observatory on the 25th issued a blizzard orange warning.

Enjoy the snow: the warmth of tourists in the southern city of welcoming snowfall

In these two days, the southern cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou ushered in snowfall. Although the snow is not big, it is also exciting to everyone. Shanghai welcomes the 2018 first snowfall magic all night overnight white gauze

On the 24th, Shanghai ushered in the first snow of this winter, the temperature also dropped, but did not affect the public to enjoy the snow Good mood

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

Meteorologists said that by the intersection of cold and warm air currents, from the 24th to the 28th, Shanghai has a clear process of overcast and rain. On the 29th, it is affected by the strong cold air in the north, and the overcast and snowy weather will come to an end. However, by the impact of additional cold air temperature in Shanghai will continue to decline.

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

Hangzhou: Tourists visit the West Lake in the snow

On the 25th, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, many people rushed to the scenic spot in the morning. Broken bridge on the sidewalk a lot of tourists, a small accumulation of snowmen, enjoy the West Lake snow, winter scenery adds a joy.

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

snowfall and more traffic? Highway speed limit line

affected by the snow and road icing, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, There are 79 highways in 12 provinces (districts) of Xinjiang and 101 sections are closed.

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

Jiangsu: Highway accident-prone multiple traffic control Sihong usher in snowy weather

, as at 25 afternoon, snow depth up to 7 cm, on the territory of all hazardous chemicals highway vehicles, buses As well as three super vehicles restricted access.

In Huaian, Jiangsu, the snowfall gradually reaches the middle-heavy snow level and the temperature drops to below zero. During the snowfall, some sections of the expressway accidentally rubbed and rubbed, and the traffic police department dispatched police officers to timely divert traffic. As of the afternoon of the 25th, the first-class traffic control was still carried out in the high-speed area of ​​Huai’an, with a speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour.

Zhejiang: Snowfall to Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge Multi-car rear-end

On the 24th, Zhejiang Haiyan ushered in the first snowfall since entering winter, causing many vehicles to rear-end accidents and accidents on the Hangzhou Bay Bridge A total of 6 vehicles were damaged to varying degrees, but fortunately no casualties.

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

In order to cope with the hidden dangers caused by the continuous snowfall, the high-speed traffic police department adopted some measures such as the temporary closure of part of the lane and the speed limit of the full bridge to protect workers from slipping on the lanes. As of the morning of the 25th, Hangzhou Bay Bridge traffic back to normal.

Anhui: Severe snowfall caused a large area of ​​traffic paralyzed

Most of Anhui suffered heavy snowfalls. There were 65 cities and counties in the country with snow accumulation, most of which covered more than 5 cm of snow. The maximum depth of snow appeared in Lu’an, reaching 10 cm, the provincial capital of Hefei snow depth reached 8 cm. Snowfall caused a large area of ​​domestic traffic paralyzed, more than 10 high-speed sections of the entrance was temporarily closed. Strong snowfall in Anhui in the next three days will continue.

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

snowfall multi earthquake EMU train running or temporary adjustment outage

According to the China Railway Customer Service Center Web site news, affected by the snow, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanning and Taiyuan All local railway bureaus released some temporary adjustment and operation of EMU trains and announcements of temporary stoppages respectively. Passengers visiting the above areas should pay close attention to the relevant information released by the railway authorities.

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

over the Yangtze River Delta airport delayed hundreds of flights canceled

affected by the snow weather, the Yangtze River Delta region of Hefei Xinqiao Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, Nanjing Nanjing airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport 5 airports, canceled about 560 sorties out of Hong Kong flights, of which Nanjing Lukou Airport about canceled more than 220 flights.

After 10 o’clock last night, Pudong Airport snow significantly increased, the photo shows the Eastern Airlines crew completed the aircraft in addition to anti-icing work, the plane successfully departed.

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

Liaodong Bay over four percent of the sea ice hit a large number of fishing boats were frozen sea

by the strong cold air, the Bohai Sea and northern Yellow Sea temperature drops, the rapid growth of sea ice. Liaodong Bay, the heaviest in ice conditions, has an area of ​​over 12,700 square kilometers of ice floe and has covered over 40% of the Liaodong Bay. At the same time, sea ice with an enlarged area and an increased thickness has an impact on marine aquaculture, maritime transport and oil and gas exploration in the Liaodong Bay and its coasts. It is estimated that the sea ice in Liaodong Bay will continue to increase in the coming week.

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

forecast: snow, cold wave continued struck

Zhejiang and other provinces are still 4 heavy snowfall

Central Meteorological Station at 18:25 on January Blizzard issued a yellow warning: Estimated 25 20 At 20:00 on the on the 26th, there will still be heavy snow in parts of southeastern Anhui, central and northern Zhejiang, northern Jiangxi, southeastern Chongqing and northern Hunan, among which blizzard (10-15 mm) is in parts of western Zhejiang. The above-mentioned new snow depth of 4 to 8 cm, the local up to 10 to 12 cm. In addition, northern Hunan and northeastern Guizhou have freezing rain.

Continue to Post Cold Blue Warning

The Central Meteorological Observatory will continue to issue the Cold Blue Alert on January 25 at 1800 hours. On the 25th to the 26th, there are still 4 to 5 northerly winds in parts of the central and eastern parts of China. The temperature in the southeastern part of the southwest region, the western part of southern China and the northern part of the country has dropped by 6-8 ° C, and the temperature drop in some areas has reached 10-12 ° C. In the meantime, the minimum temperature of 0 ℃ will push the south pressure to the northeast of Jiangnan to the northeast of Guangxi and southern Guizhou, etc. The -10 ℃ line is located in the eastern part of Huanghuai-southern North China-Northwest China.

今冬最强寒潮降雪发威 未来几天都是冷冷冷

General practitioners gap up to 500,000 State-owned office to encourage the implementation of general practice clinic

                    (Original title: General practitioners in our country have a gap of 500,000 from the planning goal to encourage social forces to hold general practice clinics)


“Illness enters the community and causes serious illness to go to the hospital.” General practitioners working in grass-roots medical institutions are the most recent health gatekeepers to residents and also the first gateway for residents to see a doctor. It is also important for advancing the classification and treatment system A ring.

On January 24, the General Office of the State Council released the Opinions on Reforming and Improving the General Physician Training and Use Incentive Mechanism (hereinafter referred to as “Opinion”), proposing to have 2 to 3 qualified residents per 10,000 inhabitants in urban and rural areas by 2020 The goal of physicians is that by 2030, every eligible population in urban and rural areas should have five qualified general practitioners.

Judging from the current actual situation, general practitioners in our country are facing the awkward situation of staff shortage and can not meet the actual needs. Zeng Yi Xin, deputy director of the State Health Planning Commission, said at a news briefing held by the State Council on January 25 that the current general practitioner population in China is still short of nearly 500,000 people.

To this end, the opinions put forward a series of requirements such as expanding the scope of general practitioner transfer training, reforming and improving general practitioner salary system, and encouraging social forces to hold general practice clinics.

There are only 1.5 general practitioners 7,000+ people

General practitioners are called “gatekeepers” of residents’ health and play an important role in establishing a hierarchical medical treatment system, safeguarding and promoting people’s health and promoting healthy construction in China. Zeng Yi-hsin said that the common people should be general practitioners because the majority of GPs should be working at the grassroots level. After the diagnosis of general practitioners, to make a judgment on the disease, if it is a small problem can be treated in time, if it is more complex problems referral to other medical institutions. In addition, GPs work in the community to promote, popularize and promote more health concepts so that they can do more to prevent health and health management and reduce the incidence of diseases.

In addition, GPs are “gatekeepers” who control the cost of medical care. Zeng Yixin said that over 80% of the people suffering from diseases are able to deal with in towns and villages in the community. The real serious illness, serious illness and the need to turn upwards are not high. If this is done, the burden on the big hospitals will be relieved. This is a very important cornerstone and foundation of the entire health system. However, the general practitioners in our country have always been faced with the awkward reality of serious staff shortfalls. According to the statistics compiled by the State Health Planning Commission, as of the end of 2016, the number of trained general practitioners in our country was 209,000, accounting for 6.6% of the total number of practicing (assistant) physicians and 1.51 general practitioners per 10,000 population. This compares with 10,000 The number of people 8 to 10 is still a big gap.

According to the target of “five qualified GPs per 10,000 inhabitants in urban and rural areas by 2030”, there should be nearly 700,000 general practitioners in our country. In other words, the current general practitioner population is nearly 500,000 from this target gap.

Expand the range of general practitioner transfer

How to make up for this huge gap? Opinion put forward to establish and improve the characteristics of the general practitioners to train the system of trades. Among them, the transfer of general practitioners training is one of the main means.

In fact, since 2010, our country has carried out general practitioner transfer training in grass-roots medical and health institutions and trained a large number of general practitioners. According to the announcement of the State Health Planning Commission in October 2017, a total of 110,000 general practitioners have been transferred to training.

The suggestion was made to expand the implementation scope of general practitioner transfer training and encourage related specialists in hospitals of secondary level and above to participate in general practitioner transfer training. If the training is qualified, the scope of practice of general practitioners should be increased based on the scope of original registration practice , Allowing it to provide general medical services at training bases and primary health care facilities. Rural doctors with the qualifications of practicing (assistant) physicians are encouraged to attend general practitioner transfer training.

“For example, I used to be a cardiologist who, after passing the transfer training, can raise the scope of GP practice, thus further expanding the source of general practitioners.” Zeng Yixin said. However, specifically to expand the scope of the implementation of the transfer of general practitioners training, Zeng Yixin said, “Although this is a word, but it has a very rich content, different professional background doctors how to transfer training for general practitioners, let him Need to be further elaborated. “

In addition, who needs to undergo job-change training and how to conduct tests and evaluations to prove that they have met the requirements of general practitioners also need to have Specific operational methods. In addition, how to carry out assessment and evaluation is also an urgent problem to be solved. Zeng Yi-hsin said that it is deploying this work, the next step is to speed up the progress and implement it.

Encouraging social forces to hold general practice clinics

The solution to the shortage of GPs is essentially to enhance the attractiveness of general practitioner positions.

Chinese Medical Association Vice President Qi Xuejin told the “Daily Economic News” reporter said that in the current actual situation, general practitioners are not very attractive positions, on the one hand specialist income is relatively high, there is no transfer of Urgent needs, on the other hand, pass the examination required for the transfer of training for some specialists, is not a small challenge.

“At present, the willingness of specialists to transfer to general practitioners is generally not high because GPs are relatively lower in terms of income level.” One vice president of the Shanghai First-Class Hospital responded to the “Daily Economic News” Reporter bluntly. In this case, it is urgent to reform and perfect the general practitioner salary system.

The suggestion was made to rationally approve the total performance pay of the government-run primary health care institutions, raise the general practitioners’ salary level in basic medical and health institutions, and connect their wage levels with the salary levels of clinicians in the same conditions at the county level general hospitals .

The Opinion also requires that primary-level medical and health institutions be encouraged to hire general practitioners who have undergone standardized training by resident physicians. Local authorities should give them further leanings when approving the total performance payroll. Establishing a mechanism for the normal growth of the performance salary of primary health care institutions. Improve the performance of the distribution of wages, mobilize the enthusiasm of medical staff in primary health care institutions, the internal performance of the salary distribution can be set up general practitioner allowance. Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the State Health Planning Commission, said that it also includes a series of measures such as signing subscription service fees for family doctors as a source of income for general practitioners and encouraging local governments to implement general practitioner programs. “As a result, the source of income has expanded, and general practitioners’ remuneration levels have increased, and there has been a good appeal.”

The government office asked the government website to start annual report this year, according to the quarterly statistical accountability

                    (Original title: State Council requires the government website to start annual report this year: on unqualified website quarterly statistics accountability)


The government website will be held accountable if it fails or the rectification is not in place. Accountability by quarterly statistics, January 31 each year focused publicity. This is the state-run letter 〔2018〕 12 requirements.

According to Circular 12, forms of accountability include: interviews, written examinations, notices of criticism, warnings or remembrances, removal from office, removal from office, etc.

January 12 released on the 12th full name of the article: “on the government website annual report release notice” (hereinafter referred to as notice). According to the notice, before January 31 of each year, the public can see two forms on the government website: “Annual Report on the Administration of the Government Website” and “Annual Report on the Work of the Government Website”.

Announcement of Two Statements

According to the notification requirements, the annual report on the administration of government websites is promulgated by the provincial (autonomous regions and municipalities) and various government departments under the State Council in the catalog of government information disclosure by January 31 of each year Highlight the home page. Mainly include site checks, security checks, website integration, “I find the wrong government website” Internet users message processing, fake government website disposal, personnel training and so on.

Various government websites at all levels The Annual Report on the Work of Government Websites is promulgated prominently on the homepage of this website by January 31 of each year. The provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the government departments under the State Council should set up special columns on their respective government websites to focus their annual reports on the work of various government websites at all levels and in their respective regions and departments (this system). Mainly include information release, column topics, interpretation response, service, interaction, security, mobile new media, innovation and development.

The requirements of the State Council are that all regions and departments should attach great importance to the publication of annual reports of government websites, conscientiously organize and implement the work mechanism, and include the release of annual reports in the performance evaluation of government websites. Various types of government websites at all levels should do a good job in website statistics, to ensure timely publication of government website annual reports, the data is true and accurate.

Reporters noted that in the “Government Website Regulatory Annual Report Fill Instructions” in “site checks” in addition to requirements to fill in the “total number of sites, sampling ratio, spot checks the number of sites, the sampling pass rate, not Qualified website “, but also” accountability “made detailed provisions.

Notice requirements, each government website to fill in each quarter of non-conforming accountability website or rectification is not in place of the person responsible for the number of people, as well as full-year accountability of unqualified website or rectification is not in place the total responsible person Person times. Fill in each quarter to interviews, written inspection, notification of criticism, warning or remembered, transferred from the post or dismissed, other forms of accountability. In the same quarter, different types of accountability for the same subject were calculated on a non-repetitive basis according to the most accountable accountability.

The Fill-in Instructions for Annual Report of Government Website Worked for the first time proposed to fill in the new media information such as Weibo and WeChat.

State-owned Consecutive Circulars

In the past two years, the State Council continued to “overweight” the open government information construction. At the end of 2014, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Information Contents of Government Websites (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”). According to the opinions, all localities and departments should regard government websites as the first platform for government information disclosure, establish and improve the mechanism for releasing information, and release the important government meetings, important activities and major policy information as soon as possible. Involving the region, the department’s major incidents, emergency incidents, according to the procedure according to the procedure in the first time through the government website to publish information, announced objective facts.

At the end of 2015, in order to further improve the information content construction of the national government website and effectively solve the problems of “not timely, inaccurate, unresponsive and impractical” government websites, safeguarding the credibility of the government, the General Office of the State Council released the first Times national government website census results.

In early June 2017, the State Council issued the Guidance on the Development of Government Websites, setting out clearly the development and construction of the national government websites. The Guidance clarifies that the General Office of the State Council is the competent unit of the national government website and is responsible for promoting, guiding and supervising the construction and development of the national government websites. People’s governments at all levels above the county level and departments under the State Council should set up government portals. All localities and departments should make concerted efforts to promote the intensification of government websites, unify the technical platform, unify the security protection, oversee the operation and maintenance of information and centralized management of information and data, provide centralized content services, optimize and integrate website resources, integrate and secure platforms, Mutual recognition of data sharing, management and overall planning, service convenient and efficient.

Teen unhappy? Foreign media: happiness is inversely proportional to the development of electronic equipment

                    (Original title: Teenagers are now unhappy? Foreign media: happiness is inversely proportional to the development of electronic equipment)

                                   Western media said January 24, the United States, “Emotion” magazine released a study on the 22nd showed that compared to those who like sports or reading, those who spend more time on mobile devices, young people “Obvious” more unhappy.

According to Effie’s report on January 22, “Why do children who overindulge over the Internet are less rebellious, enduring, unhappy and facing up-and-coming adulthood nowadays?” The main author of the study, the State University of San Diego professor Joan Tweed issued such a question.

To investigate this phenomenon in depth, Twehig and colleagues analyzed data from a survey called “Monitoring the Future”, a study of more than 1 million adolescents aged 15 to 18 in the United States The representative of the questionnaire. The Future of Monitoring surveys how often teenagers use cellphones, tablets and computers, as well as asking about their social interactions and overall well-being.

The study found that on average, adolescents who spend more time in front of the screens of electronic devices are significantly less happy than those who prefer sports, reading and conducting face-to-face social activities.

However, watching the screen altogether does not make you happy, and the happiest teenagers use these devices for less than an hour each day. “The key to the relationship between using an electronic display device and happiness is moderate usage,” said Twig.

More than 130 prisons were blocked in the second week of French prison guards protests

                    (Original title: French prison guards protest into the second week more than 130 prisons were blocked)


法国爆发狱警抗议浪潮。 French wave of prison guards protesting.

overseas online January 24 January 23, according to Russian news agency satellite Paris, France guards union UFAP-UNSa communique issued said that more than 130 French prisons are still blocked more than 6,000 people still Attending protests. At present, the nationwide prison guards protests in France have entered the second week of their quest to strengthen prison security measures.

Famous Institute exposed the article fraud scandal Nobel laureate public apology

                    (Former title: famous Japanese institute exposed papers fraud scandal)


Science and Technology Daily Beijing, January 23 Japan’s Kyoto University website announced on the 22nd that the University iPS Cell Research and Applications Center (CiRA) researchers published a paper in March last year, there is a fraud, CiRA director, Nobel Prize winner Yamauchi held a press conference to apologize for this. Findings

a committee investigation of academic misconduct Kyoto University identified 22 published to CiRA Distinguished Assistant Professor Kohei landscape is the first author of the research team, published in the March 14, 2017 In a paper published online in the Stem Cell Report in the United States, data were faked and tampered with in multiple ways, with all six of the main data in the paper fraudulent and five of the six additional data false.

U.S. Kentucky High School shooting 2 dead 19 injured suspect 15-year-old male student

                    (Original title: U.S. Kentucky High School shooting 2 death 19 injured 15-year-old shooter will be charged with murder)



school before police cars and ambulances

With the Prime Minister will Davos to persuade Germany and France to substantively amend the agreement on Iran

                    (Original title: The Prime Minister will Davos to persuade Germany and France to make substantive changes to the Iran nuclear agreement)

                                   January 23, according to the Russian satellite news agency, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he planned to persuade German and French leaders during the Davos forum to make an agreement on the nuclear Iran Substantive changes.

Philippines Mayon volcano eruption Legazpi Airport canceled multiple flights

                    (Former Title: Mayon Volcano erupts more than flights to Legazpi Airport)


BEIJING, January 24, Metro Manila On the afternoon of the 23rd, Mayon Volcano of the Philippines erupted for the third time with “Lava Fountain” and “Volcanic Ash Plume.” Affected by the volcanic eruption, Cebu Air announced on the evening of 23 that Legazpi Airport canceled nine flights on Wednesday (January 24).

Based on a comprehensive media report, Renato Solidum, director of the Philippine Seismology and Volcanology Institute (Phivolcs), described the May 23 explosion as a “matrix eruption” where you can see lava Jet from different directions of the crater. After the lava erupted, the volcanic ash plunged to form a volcanic ash plume of about 3 kilometers.

Renato Solidek introduction, from the beginning of the volcanic eruption, Mayon Volcano crater cover is opened, the southern crater decreased. The Mayon volcano erupted, the first is the emergence of lava flow, the emergence of a vertical high eruption column from the 22nd, volcanic ash and rock fall from the hillside.

At present, about 40,000 residents have evacuated within an 8-kilometer danger zone near Ma Rong. Philippine authorities are preparing for a possible Mayon volcanic eruption to evacuate urban personnel outside the dangerous area 8 kilometers ahead of schedule.

According to the ABS report, Legazpi Airport has canceled 9 flights on Wednesday (January 24), covering Manila to / from Legazpi, Manila to Nagar and Manila to and from Mindoro.

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