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China will challenge the U.S. dominance in Latin America? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

                    (Original title: China will challenge the U.S. dominance in Latin America? Ministry of Foreign Affairs response)



Which Chinese leader will attend the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

                    (Original title: Which Chinese leader will attend the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics? Ministry of Foreign Affairs response)



A magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck the sea east of Aomori Prefecture in Japan at a depth of 40 kilometers

Seismological Bureau of China formally measured: At 18:51 on January 24, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred in the sea near Hokkaido, Japan (41.13 degrees north latitude and 142.37 degrees east longitude) with a focal depth of 40 kilometers.

Kins and pro! Gatai’s former president kissed the Spanish flag at 800,000

                    (The original title: pro and pro! Canada’s former chairman kiss the Spanish flag was 800,000 people concerned about)



former President of Catalonia and kissed the flag of Spain

overseas online January 24 electric u0026 nbsp; Catalonia before the main 席普伊格德 Montreal recently on Twitter upload a video he kissed the flag of Spain, and Message that the pursuit of independence does not mean that he wants to go with Spain. The film is hot on the Internet, and Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Santa Maria called him “a show.”

Pui Gede Montan kisses the national flag film It is reported that a few days ago shooting, he was drinking coffee in a shopping mall in Denmark, a man took him the Spanish flag came to him and said: “Puig God Monte, I am here Have a Spanish flag and I know you like it. Please take a kiss. “Puig Sedmonte smiled and said” no problem “and had been twice pro. The man pursued, “Is that independent? No problem?” And then warned that “the Spanish prison is waiting for you.”

The Catalan autonomous government led by Pricey de Montserrat last October Unilaterally declared independence. Since then, Spain dissolved the autonomous government and was ready to arrest him. After that, Prigdemont stayed in Belgium and did not return home.

Japan’s only 30-year-old speed skating star suicide prior to losing the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics list

                    (Original title: Japan speed skating star suicide at home: only 30 years old, after losing the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics list)


日本速滑名将自杀年仅30岁 此前落选平昌冬奥名单 Live Kyrgyzstan.

Beijing January 23, according to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun and other media reports, Japan’s short track speed skating live Kyrgyzstan was found on January 20 died.

The news was released by its sponsor, Lawson Inc., where his residence in Nagano County was home. The sponsor did not reveal her cause of death, but according to media reports such as the NHK, her side speculates she was suicide. According to the wishes of the family living in Kyrgyzstan, her funeral will not be public.

Sumida was born in March 1987 and has not yet spent his 31st birthday.

In 2013 and 2014, she finished 13th in both short track speed skating World Championships in Salt Lake City and Nagano.

At the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, she participated in both women’s 500 and 1000 meters, finishing 14th and 22nd respectively.

According to the Japanese media, live in Hokkaido’s live Kyrgyzstan at home under the influence of her sister, the first grade in primary school started embarked on the road to skating.

She has started to show off her high school career. After entering Shinshu University, she quickly grew to be the best among the same age group and was highly regarded by the outside world.

However, at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, her performance did not reach the expectations of the people, and after that, her competitive state has also declined.

MH370 restart search for Australian scientists: hope to find the wreckage within a month

                    (Original title: MH370 restart search, Australian scientists: hope to find the wreckage within a month)


In response to the search of MHL MH370, which has disappeared for nearly four years, the renewed search of U.S. Marine Corps has revived the expectation of the search. On the 22nd of local time, one of the company’s search boats arrived in the search area. One of Australia’s top scientists who participated in the search believes that with the advanced search facilities, Ocean Unlimited hopes to find the MH370 in the first month of its search.

According to the AFP report on the 24th, oceanographers from CSIRO, Australia’s leading national research institute, David Griffin, said: “We hope they (Marine Unlimited) will be able to search for the first The plane was found within a month. “He also said:” Malaysia has given them three months to complete the search and is now in its first week, and we hope to hear from them in the coming weeks. “Last month, Griffin also met with Ocean Unlimited’s team in London and helped the company determine the scope of the search.

MH370重启搜索 澳科学家:希望在一个月内找到残骸

Ocean Unlimited’s search vessel Seabed Constructor is equipped with eight autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that dive into the seabed for autonomous search.

On January 10, the Malaysian government signed an agreement with US Marine Corollary Corporation in Kuala Lumpur to restart the search for the MH370 lost-control passenger plane. The search for the ocean, which is unlimited, will be based on “no gain, no charge”, meaning that it will not be paid until the wreckage of the aircraft or the flight recorder (cockpit voice recording and flight data recorder) is found and the search deadline It’s 90 days. According to the agreement, the company will pay 20 million U.S. dollars (127 million yuan) if it finds it within 5,000 square kilometers of the search spot in the first stage. If it finds within 10,000 square kilometers of the second-stage search spot, it will receive 3,000 Million US dollars (about 199 million yuan) remuneration. On the 22nd of January, a search vessel of Oceanic has arrived in the search area and launched an underwater submarine submarine search.

AFP reported that Ocean Corporations was daring to sign such an agreement because their search would rely on a great deal of evidence and analysis that would help scientists get as close as possible to the scene of the accident. In a recent interview with Surging News (, Ocean Unlimited said that high-tech search devices will help them in their search. The company’s search ship Seabed Constructor is equipped with eight autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that dive into the seabed for autonomous search. These eight autonomous underwater vehicles are equipped with a series of high-tech equipment such as scanning sonar, multi-beam detectors, undersea section profilers and HD cameras. They are able to do their own search at a depth of 5000-6000 meters without having to hunt down the ship. These properties of autonomous underwater vehicles can help them collect deeper and higher quality data.

Although it is more optimistic about the Ocean’s finding of the MH370, David Griffin also warned that even though the new search area could find the wreckage of the MH370, the most important parts of the MH370, such as engines and flight recorders, may be buried Other areas deep in the sea.

Winter Olympics did not start with the Korean girl to raise the flag of South Korea before the first fire

                    (The original title: Winter Olympics did not start with the North Korean girl to raise the flag of South Korea first fire guy)


South Korea Bobsleigh Runner Yuan Runzong

Overseas Network January 24 During the opening and closing ceremonies of the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games, the DPRK and the ROK will send two flag bearers, one male and one female, to play the Korean peninsula flag “Uniform flag”) common admission. According to Korean media, “Beijing Township News” reported that 33-year-old Korean bobsled player Yuanrun Zhong (transliteration) will serve as South Korea’s flag bearer. The news came out, triggering public opinion. In addition, other analysts believe that although the status of North Korea’s flag bearer has not yet been announced, it is likely to be selected from the women’s hockey team.

South Korea Prime Minister (left) shook hands with Yuan Runzhong

On 20 July, the International Olympic Committee presided over the North Korea-North Korea talks on the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Both South Korea and North Korea decided to send a beggar together at the opening and closing ceremonies Take the Korean Peninsula flag.

For the first time in 2008 Sydney Olympic Games, the men and women of the DPRK and South Korea took the flag of the United States for the first time together.

According to overseas websites, the DPRK and the ROK stately sent flag bettors to join international sports events. During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the men and women of the DPRK and South Korea jointly held the first uniform flag to marvel at the world. At that time, the two flag bearers were respectively Judo Parker, a Judo coach of North Korea, and Zheng Yashun, a South Korean women basketball player. In 2007, the Changchun Asian Winter Games was the last time the DPRK and South Korea’s sports delegations joined together and they also joined for the 9th time.

“Beijing Rural News” said that after the common entrance of South Korea and North Korea, bearer arrangements for the “South Male North Girl” and “South Female North Male” alternately. The PyeongChang Winter Olympics will follow the usual practice, South Korea will send a male flag hand, North Korea sent a female flag hand.

It is reported that senior members of the Korean Sports Association said in an interview on the 23rd that “Yuan Runzhong has been identified as the flag bearer of the Republic of Korea National Team and will also serve as the common-bearer of the DPRK and the ROK. Order, Yuan Runzhong will hold a uniform flag with the North Korean women’s standard uniform. “

冬奥没开始 要跟朝鲜姑娘举旗的韩国小伙先火了
North Korea Women’s Ice Hockey Player

Qualcomm received EU over billions of dollars in fines for bribing Apple

                    (Original title: Qualcomm received EU over $ 1 billion ticket, guilty of bribing Apple)


In the evening of January 24, the European Commission announced today that it has decided to fine Qualcomm 997 million euros (about 1,229 million US dollars), which is the highest since the investigation of Qualcomm antitrust cases the highest fine record. Qualcomm subsequently responded that an appeal will be filed immediately.

EU surveys suggest that Qualcomm abuses its market dominance by offering Apple exclusive payments for Qualcomm chips in its smartphones and tablets. Qualcomm is said to have paid Qualcomm billions of dollars between 2011 and 2016 to make the latter exclusive use of Qualcomm chips, helping to further strengthen Qualcomm’s market position.

In addition, Qualcomm also sells some model chips below cost to crush its competitors.

Trump Signs Short-term Spending Act The U.S. government’s official closure is finally over

                    (Original title: Trump signs short-term spending bill the government ended the formal closure)


Overseas Network January 23 – According to the Associated Press, the U.S. President Trump’s signing of the Short-Term Spending Bill on Monday night (22 July) means that the government’s state of closure is over.

Another new book exposes the White House insider: Trump tweets his aides

                    (Original title: Another new book exposes the White House insider: Trump tweets the aides at arm’s length)



overseas online January 23 electrical u0026 nbsp; at the famous American correspondent Wolf published “flames with anger: Trump White House insider” book caused a shock is necessary to ease the occasion, and A book that exposes the Trump White House insider – The Media Madness: Trump, The Media And The Truth Battle, is due on January 29.

Howard Kurtz, author of the book, is the host of Fox News’s “Media Buzz,” according to the Washington Post. He said in a new book that at the end of July 2017, the White House had just completed the ” People “in military service, Trump and then White House chief of staff Reince Priebus agreed to go to the Oval Office to discuss the four options that need to be decided. But Trump unexpectedly tweeted his own decision ahead of the conversation, stating that the government did not allow transsexuals to serve, and the entire team was overwhelmed. Pulitzer said: “God, he sends such a tweet. There’s no need for a meeting at all.”

The Washington Post According to a summary of new books it has received, Koz’s new book, The Media Madness: Trump The White House scenario from the Battle of the Media and the Truth “is full of chaos and the aides are hectic about the president’s impulse and tweeting. Coase, who worked in the Washington Post from 1981 to 2010, wrote that Trump’s aide even privately offered a new expression of “disdain for chaos” to his behavior, referring to Trump’s irresistible urgency , Regardless of how strongly opposed by the staff, then let his team deal with the consequences. Koz wrote that in the early days of the Trump administration, White House aides woke up on a Saturday morning and found that Trump did not have any ground-based allegation in Twitter that former President Barack Obama was monitoring him during the campaign, leaving them Suddenly plunged into chaos. Koz said: “Nobody at the White House knows what to do.” Subsequently, explosive emails and text messages were received on the phones in Puriposte, and White House staff had to find every way to prove that Twitter was right, not a priori His statement, because the president’s tweet will not be withdrawn once it is issued.

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