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District Party Secretary to be sentenced to women who were mistresses when they conspired to take bribes both were sentenced

                    (Former title: District Party Secretary actually found a woman who had been sentenced to be mistress)


Legal Evening News · Opinion News On December 20, 2017, former secretary of Fangchenggang District Fangchenggang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China 莫林林 received 15.15 million yuan and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. It is not well known that as early as December 8, Liang, a 10-year-old lover, was sentenced to 8 years’ imprisonment for the first instance on the ground of accepting bribes of 8.8 million yuan.

View News reporter noticed that this person had the previous record before becoming Moulinlin’s lover. In December 2008, he was sentenced to one year imprisonment and one probation sentence for contract fraud.

(莫小林) (Mo Kobayashi)

Party Secretary was reported, two months later sacked

January 2016, Mo Kobayashi serious disciplinary cases occurred due to subordinate units, subject to accountability. Two months later, he was real name report. The other said that his wife and Mo Kulin closely related, seriously affecting their family relations. Soon, Mo Kobayashi suspected of serious discipline, accept the organization investigation. Public information shows that was born in January 1967 Mok Kobayen, a former deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the City of Fangchenggang, the Secretary for Commerce and Municipal Bureau of Commerce. In June 2011, this person was appointed secretary of the Fangcheng District Committee, until the fall.

On June 29, 2016, Mo Xiaolin was doubly open. The circular shows that this person, apart from making money, has also had undue sexual relations with extramarital women, causing serious adverse effects. As a result, the report was confirmed.

Qinzhou Intermediate People’s Court found that as early as 2009, when he became the director of the Bureau of Commerce and Commerce, he had already started to corrupt the interests of individuals such as Zhang and Guangxi and some real estate development companies in Guangxi, seeking to take part in specific relationships Liang received illegally or solicited a total of RMB1515 million yuan.

区委书记找曾获刑女人当情妇 两人共谋受贿均获刑

View News The reporter noticed that the official disclosed his violation of the law. For example, in the first half of 2013, Ding Moumou to invest in a shantytowns redevelopment project to find Mo Kobayashi. One day later, Mo Xiaolin deliberately Dingmou together, about the leaders to eat. Under the coordination of Mo Kobayashi, the project was quickly approved.

In return, in the second half of 2013, Ding Mou accompanied Mok Lin to see real estate. See Mokulin fancy 2 sets of buildings in the building, Dingmou said: “If you think these two houses fit, I will pay to buy you.” Mok Lin said buying a coffee shop is not bad, Dingmou take the hint , Immediately delivered a one million yuan deposit.

One day in the first half of 2014, Mo Xiaolin and Dingmou said that they did not want the two sets of buildings in the middle of the building and Ding promised to send 3 million yuan in cash. In early 2015, when Mo Xiaolin said he would be transferred, Dingmou immediately remove 3000000 gave him.

“Work 27 years and 22 years are dealing with all kinds of bosses .I work while helping the boss, access to a number of benefits.” After the fall, Mo Xiaolin just Fanran, the boss’s welcome Is “Wai hunting.”

The court found Liang as a recidivist, should be severely punished

It is noteworthy that the Qinzhou Intermediate Court made it clear in the judgment that among the 15.15 million who received bribes from Mo Kobayashi, With a specific relationship between Liang received.

Who is Liangmou? Recently, a verdict released by China’s referee’s book opened the mystery – she is Mok Lin’s lover. Born in November 1977, Liang Mou counted 10 years younger than Mo Xiaolin, since 2011, they have maintained a lover relationship.

Before getting acquainted with Mok Kobayashi, Liang had a previous record: December 4, 2008 was convicted of contract fraud by Liubei District People’s Court in Liuzhou, Guangxi for one year, suspended for one year and fined RMB 10,000 yuan.

The verdict shows that Liang Mou and Lin Xiaolin conspired to make use of the convenience of Mo’s position to repeatedly accept property illegally and seek benefits for others. Among them, Liang Mou, respectively, to accept a real estate development company, Zengmou, Cai a fee of 8.2 million yuan, 500,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan, a total of 8.8 million yuan.

区委书记找曾获刑女人当情妇 两人共谋受贿均获刑

Air defense invincible? Taiwan experts reprimand Taiwan media narcissistic people: the concept of immature war

                    (Original title: Taiwan air defense Invincible Taiwan experts deprived Taiwan media narcotic people: immature view of war)

                                   Taiwan media said on January 24 that a U.S. Apache pilot said Taiwan has a high concentration of air defense firepower and that even he is well-versed in battlefield Afghanistan and can not fly into Taiwan at will Airspace, because there is no way to dodge so many missile attacks.

Taiwan when the electronic newspaper on January 23 quoted Taiwan’s “wind the media,” the report said, this came to Taiwan technical exchange of military instructors to the military in Taiwan pointed out that, before he in many theater flown “A Patch “helicopter operations, that Afghanistan has experienced the most terrible battlefield, flight often encounter rocket attacks without warning. However, when he came to Taiwan, he saw that the Taiwan military deployed a multi-level, high-density air defense firepower that was “scary” for helicopter officers.

Cen Aohui, one of Hong Kong’s “top Chinese” leaders, admitted having a US passport

                    (Original title: Cuddling thighs! “One of the heads” Cen Aohui admitted to having a US passport)


【Global Network Integration】 During the illegal “Occupy Centralization” in 2014, there are many rumors of “Occupy Central” leader possessing or reserving a US passport, but some people have been mum on their claims.

On the 23rd, Hong Kong’s East Network reported that Cen Aohui, former deputy secretary-general of the student union “Xuelun”, has finally admitted that it has obtained a U.S. passport but did not say when the passport was obtained. According to reports, Cen Aohui 22, in an interview with the media that he had no intention to run for the election, but also for the first time confirmed that he has a US passport.

4 major municipalities 18 provincial ministerial adjustment: Tianjin vacancy two months after the mayor in place

                    (Former title: 18 provinces and autonomous regions in 4 major municipalities densely adjusted)


After 2018, the provincial and ministerial-level cadres are closely adjusted. Among them, the changes in the four major municipalities are of great concern.

In the adjustment of the party and government leadership in 4 municipalities, a total of 18 personnel positions were changed: 10 people were transferred in different places, 7 people were transferred and 2 people were adjusted for work.

Of these, Chang Guoqing, mayor of Chongqing, who has just held office for one year, has been transferred to acting mayor of Tianjin; the Chongqing municipal team has 10 staff positions to adjust his position; and deputy mayors, all of whom are “airborne” in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin.

Beijing: Jing Junhai, deputy secretary of the municipal government transferred to governor of Jilin Province on behalf of

“Government Affairs Children” noted that since the New Year, the party and government leading bodies in Beijing have each newly promoted one.

January 3, Beijing “military uniform standing committee” appearance. On the same day, Jiang Yong, political commissar of the Beijing Garrison, attended the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee as a member of the Standing Committee and was filled up with a “military uniform standing committee” for eight months.

On January 19, the 44th meeting of the 14th NPC Standing Committee of Beijing Municipality appointed Yin Yong as Vice Mayor of Beijing.


Yin Yong is a post-70s financial system cadre, formerly the vice governor of the central bank. Beijing Municipal Government commented on its recommendation: “In the major market fluctuations such as the European debt crisis, we promptly launched a crisis response mechanism, tightened our risk policies in a timely manner, increased our flexibility and held the bottom line in asset safety.”

There are also two cadres in Beijing who have been transferred.

On January 2, the very next day of the New Year, Jing Junhai, former deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Government, was transferred to Jilin to replace Liu Guozhong, who assumed his new position in Shaanxi Province, as acting governor. Jing Junhai has served for a long time in Shaanxi Province. He used to be the vice governor of Shaanxi Province, the provincial party committee member and the propaganda department minister. In June 2015, he was the vice minister of the Central Propaganda Department and was transferred to the deputy secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee in April last year.

On January 17, Wu Guiying, former secretary of Chaoyang District Party Committee, was transferred to the vice governor of Hunan Province.

Wu Guiying is a female cadre born in 1966. Prior to that, she served in Chaoyang District for 10 years as deputy district governor, mayor and secretary of the district party committee.

Shanghai: Airborne One Deputy Mayor of the Financial System

Similar to Beijing, Shanghai also “airborne” a deputy mayor from the financial system.

On January 2, Wu Qing, former party secretary and chairman of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, attended the plenary session of the municipal government in his capacity as a member of the party group of the municipal government. January 16, at the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, was appointed deputy mayor. Wu Qing worked for the CSRC for a long time. From 2010 to 2013, he served as the district governor and district party secretary of Hongkou District in Shanghai. He returned to the financial system in May 2016 and was transferred to the party secretary and chairman of the SSE as one of the deputy Ministerial level.

Currently, the leadership structure of the Shanghai municipal government is “one positive and seven vice”: Mayor Ying Yong, Deputy Mayor Zhou Bo, Vice Mayor Weng Tiehui, Shi Guanghui, Wu Qing, Xu Kunlin, Peng Shenlei and Chen Qun.

Tianjin: More than two months after the vacancy, the mayor is in place.

At the beginning of the new year, the leading bodies of the Tianjin municipal government have “made progress in three stages.”

On January 2, Zhang Guoqing, who became mayor of Chongqing for one year, was transferred to Tianjin acting mayor. In October last year, former Tianjin Mayor Wang Dongfeng was transferred to Hebei to replace Zhao Kezhi as secretary of Hebei Provincial Party Committee. Since then, the mayor has been vacant for more than two months.

On January 17, Yan Qingmin, former deputy mayor of Tianjin, was removed from the post of director of the Tianjin Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee. Earlier, by the end of December last year, Yan Qingmin has assumed the vice chairman of the Commission. Two days later, on January 19, Tianjin commissioned two deputy mayors: Kang Yi, vice president of Agricultural Bank of China, and Jin Xiangjun, party secretary of Fangchenggang, Guangxi.

Kanye has worked in China Construction Bank for many years. He used to work in Gansu Branch, Governor of Fujian Branch and General Manager of Personal Deposit and Investment Department. In November 2016, he was transferred to ABC.

Jin Xiangjun has worked in three provinces of Sichuan, Hainan and Guangxi. He came to Guangxi in 1998, of which 13 years in Yulin, and in January 2014, he was transferred to the party secretary of Fangchenggang.

“Government Affairs Children” noticed that Tianjin recently also exported two cadres at the departmental level and re-deployed them as vice governors.

On the 21st, Li Jinbo, former deputy director of Tianjin Public Security Bureau, was transferred to the deputy governor of Jilin Province and director of the Public Security Bureau. On the 22nd, formerly Qu Xiuli, secretary of the Hongqiao Party Committee of Tianjin, was transferred to the vice governor of Shanxi Province. .

Chongqing: The municipal leadership to adjust up to 10 people

Into 2018, the Chongqing municipal party committee leadership, there are 10 people positions to adjust.

On the last day of 2017, former deputy secretary of Chongqing Municipal Committee and mayor Zhang Guoqing were transferred to Tianjin Municipal Committee and acting mayor.

After Zhang Guoching left his post, January 2 this year, Tang Liangzhi, deputy secretary of Chongqing Municipal Committee, took over as acting mayor of Chongqing.


Since January 19, the leading group of Chongqing municipal government has been “three into four.”

On the same day, Chongqing “military uniform standing committee” appearance: Chongqing garrison commander Han Chih-kai assumed the Chongqing Municipal Committee.

On the 21st, according to the “Chongqing Daily News”, Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee member Wang Fu and Guangxi Party Committee Standing Committee Mo Gongming were transferred to the Chongqing Municipal Committee. Currently Mo Gongming clear job, Renzhou District Party Secretary.

Outgoing four members of the municipal party committee are Chen Luping, Tao Changhai, Du Heping and Wang Xianang.

January 19, Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, decided to appoint Chen Luping as Vice Governor of Liaoning Province. Chen Luping served as standing member of Chongqing Municipal Committee, vice mayor of the municipal government, member of the party group, secretary of the party committee and leader of the CMC in Liangjiang New Area.

21, the former Chongqing Municipal Committee, Municipal Committee Secretary-General Wang Xian Gang, transferred to deputy governor of Yunnan.

On the 22nd, there were two other municipal members of the CPC Committee, including Du Heping, secretary of the Wanzhou District CPC Committee, and Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress. Tao Changhai, the minister of the United Front Work Department, was transferred to the vice governor of Guizhou Province.

“Sanjay” round of the scene of the accident clean-up area over 100 square nautical miles

                    (Former title: “Sanjay” round of clean-up site cumulative total over 100 square nautical miles)


“桑吉”轮事故现场清污面积累计超过100平方海里 The “Huaji” round of Shanghai Salvage Bureau is carrying out decontamination work.

According to the China Maritime Search and Rescue Center, since the sinking of Sanji, the work on follow-up disposal has been tightened in an orderly and orderly manner. As of January 22, a total of 71 launches of maritime law enforcement vessels, professional rescue boats, sea police vessels and clean-up ships were carried out on the scene, with a total clean-up area of ​​107.2 square nautical miles.

Three village chief candidates in Shanxi spent millions of successful candidates for election

                    (Original title: Shanxi village selected village director candidate heavily staged “fight a lot” war)


China Youth Net Taiyuan, January 23 – u0026 nbsp; Recently, the general election of Niulin Village in Jiaocheng County of Shanxi Province was exposed to bribery and other irregularities on the Internet. In the user’s report post wrote that “as long as each villager bribes 1,000 yuan, you can be elected village head.” Among them, there is also sent on the ground stood “three bags filled with money” picture. January 22, China Youth Network reporter visited the site survey in Nairin learned that the three candidates spent millions of election campaign village director, one of the successful elected village head.

山西3名村主任候选人花数百万竞选 正调查是否贿选 Websites reported bribery WeChat conversation screenshot

The announcement of the 11th Villager Committee of the Nirin Village posted in the village shows that Wei Junsheng was elected as village director. Publicity time: January 7, 2018. According to the election announcement posted on January 4, the list of candidates for electioneering village affairs: Ma Shouli, Wang Haisheng (Wang Xingmin), Du Yongzhong and Wei Junsheng.

山西3名村主任候选人花数百万竞选 正调查是否贿选

Announcement of election during the election period posted in the village. According to a netizen named “Nilimura Bribery Campaign” on January 20, the website reflects: “In the context of special poverty alleviation supported by the Central Government, there is a special connection between the poor and the poor in Luliang City County 柰 Lincun, as long as each villager bribes 1,000 yuan, you can be elected mayor this month on the 7th, about 4200 villagers in this village, using the WeChat notification, to a butcher money, but was informed that received The villagers of money must vote for Wei Junsheng, and the new village head who spends millions of dollars in bribes has been born. “Among them, three pictures were also uploaded, namely cash photos of” election site ” To the villagers bribed money in the photo.

On the 22nd, reporters from China Youth Net went to visit Nairin Village and villagers to learn that many villagers are aware of the existence of bribery in this election. One of the elders who participated in the election told China Youth Net reporter that two candidates gave him 500 yuan and one man gave 600 yuan. The next day another man in a hurry, gave him 1,000 yuan at home.

山西3名村主任候选人花数百万竞选 正调查是否贿选 The picture shows the villagers receive the bribe election money count photos. In addition to giving money to the villagers, the bribery was almost openly conducted, and even open propaganda propaganda in the villagers’ village groups in the village led the money. In the village group of Nai Lim village, a man named “auspicious Sambo Ma” sent a message in the group that “people who can save Jun Sang’s ticket come and receive money.” And clearly the price claimed “one vote 1000”. And told the villagers to pay the address, village not far from the “old white meat food shop.” This information is issued in the morning of January 7 10.38 in the morning. At this point, the election is in progress. According to reports, the three candidates for this election cost can be called “huge.” Now rumor in the village, three people this election spent a total of 10 million. Some villagers gave journalists an account. Wei Junsheng gave the villagers the same day 500 yuan, gave the next day 1,000 yuan. There are more than 4,000 people in this village, counting roughly 6 million. Coupled with the other two candidates also gave the villagers money, certainly at 10 million. Du Yongzhong gave 500 yuan, and the oil and rice to the villagers, 3000000. Wang Xingmin made 600 yuan, made more than 200 million.

In random interviews, many villagers did not shy away from admitting that they had received the bribe money from their candidates. During the visit, reporters also learned that some of the same voters received bribes from three candidates for election. At this point, is the competition who give more money. In fact, a number of people have more than one ballot paper, in this election can get a lot of money.

山西3名村主任候选人花数百万竞选 正调查是否贿选

Announcement of the Neilin Village Election Announced on January 7, 2018: Wei Junsheng Elected Village Director. A Middle Aged Villager Introduced a Subtle Change of Situation Between Election and Money to a Reporter from a Middle Aged Villager. There are altogether 4280 votes in Nai Lin Estate. According to the villagers, the election started on the 6th. Wang Xingmin gave the villagers 600 yuan and voted for Wang Xingmin more than 1,700 votes. Du Yongzhong the first day did not give money, the next day 4:00 to the villagers to send 500 yuan, there is a bag of rice barrel of oil, so go to the supermarket collar. The next day tickets from 400 votes from 1200 votes, but the final ballot has not Junsheng more. Wei Junsheng started to the villagers 500 yuan, the next morning more than 9 o’clock, gave 1,000 yuan, he won the election.

It is understood that Wei Junsheng, 50 years old, operates a hotel, and also operates a parking lot for long-distance car parking. In the past, the villagers mouth is “no action in the past, idle”, had run twice. Wang Haisheng also operates a car park, to the driver picking, but also operating decorating. Du Yongzhong is a former village director, but the unsuccessful. For another candidate, Masanori, the election campaign was unknown and many people did not mention it.

As a result of bribery, it also led to a series of negative effects. According to the villagers, the candidates who spent the money not being selected went to report the winners. For the voters, they also reported the candidates with less money. As Wei Junsheng did not give everyone “equal” to the full 1,000 yuan, because of this reason, did not receive money villagers also sued.

山西3名村主任候选人花数百万竞选 正调查是否贿选 Internet postings to report bribery material content shot

In addition, a supermarket election therefore also be involved, according to another villager reflects, in order to allow the villagers to vote for a new reactor paralleled his own, supermarket vouchers issued to the villagers to let Vouchers go to the supermarket oil and rice. More than 3 o’clock in the afternoon after the election, immediately call to stop dispensing oil and rice, many did not have time to receive oil and rice, but holding a supermarket shopping voucher villagers are not happy, and the supermarket also had a dispute. In addition, the two deputy directors also gave 50 yuan to each villager respectively.

Some villagers said that the money bribed by these people, apart from their own money, has also been funded by enterprises that own the land owned by the village.

An in-know humanitarian secretarial for why a large amount of money needs to be spent on running for a village chief with little or no “bureaucrats”, and a number of factories and enterprises in the village area occupying the village’s land Every year, the village will pay a lot of land-related costs. In addition, it is also possible to “return capital” in the sale and purchase of village collective land.

Nowadays society is a competitive society. What a villager reveals is even more astonishing when it seems that the “unspoken rules” of irregularities have become accepted by the “clear rules”. Bribe election situation is not yet a case, the villagers have taken the trouble, and to reporters and other villages more, in the villages around Nai Lin, Beiguan Street is 500 yuan, Wang Mingzhai a person three or four thousand dollars. Those who fail to sign the report, in fact, they have not paid? Also paid.

山西3名村主任候选人花数百万竞选 正调查是否贿选 Website posted in the report of the bribery scene picture, the verification is not true

Ye Hanbing any deputy governor of Sichuan province has taken the lead in investigating Wenzhou motor car accident

                    (Original title: Ye Hanbing served as vice governor of Sichuan Province, has led the investigation Wenzhou motor car accident)


On the morning of January 23, the 28th meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee of Sichuan Province convened the 2nd plenary session of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and voted to approve the nomination made by Yin Li, governor of Sichuan Province, to the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress and decide Appoint Ye Bingbing as vice governor of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government.

Da Bai News noticed that after Wenzhou Motorcycle accident happened in 2011, Ye Hanbing was the leader who investigated Wenzhou motor vehicle accident.


Vice Governor Ye Ice Sichuan Provincial

public resume show, leaf ice, male, October 1965, Han nationality, Zhejiang three people, in August 1982 to work in October 1985 joined the Chinese Communist Party , Central Party School graduate, senior MBA.

From August 1984 to August 1986, he studied at the Public Security Administration of Zhejiang Police School.

From August 1986 to June 2004, he successively took the posts of three clerks and clerks in Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau, secretaries of office confidential group, secretary of deputy section level, secretary of general level, chief of confidential team, assistant researcher, Deputy Chief of three; security corps commander.

From June 2004 to March 2009, he was Governor of Zhejiang Huzhou Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and Secretary of the Party Committee.

March 2009 to January 2012 Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, member of the Standing Committee, Municipal Public Security Bureau Secretary, party secretary.

From January 2012 to January 2018, he successively took the posts of member of Party committee and deputy director of Zhejiang Public Security Bureau and deputy secretary of CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee and deputy political and legal committee; secretary of party committee, director general and chief inspector of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau.

On January 23, 2018, he was transferred to the vice governor of Sichuan Province.

Had taken the lead in investigating the Wenzhou motor vehicle accident and issued a rescue order

According to media reports, on the evening of July 23, 2011, a D301 motor car traveling from Beijing South to Fuzhou and a motor vehicle traveling to Fuzhou D3115 from Hangzhou to Huanglong A rear-end collision occurred near the area under Shuangliu Village in the street, resulting in the drop of four viaducts in the carriage, with an estimated 400 people in the carriage and derailment of 16 cars. Wenzhou City leaders Chen Derong, Zhao Yide, Bao Zhendong, Zhu Xianliang, Cao Guoqi, Ye Hanbing, Yu Meisheng, Ge Yiping, Chou Yangjun and Chen Hao rushed to the scene for the first time, inspecting the accident, directing the rescue of the wounded and guiding and coordinating on-site rescue work . At that time, Ye Bingbing served as Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Committee, Municipal Public Security Bureau Secretary, Party Secretary.

Afterwards, rescue team members recall the rescue details. When I cleaned up the ruins above, I found a little girl’s right hand still moving when we had been rescued for more than 20 hours and people were not able to work, but one As soon as we saw the little girl’s hand moving, we were just like doping. “

In the face of a sudden discovery of life miracle, Jiang Jianzhu immediately made plans with the rest of the team and decided to abandon the use of large machinery Rescue facilities, switch to dig with both hands, in order to prevent heavy machinery from causing secondary damage to the little girl. In addition, Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau SWAT detachment Shao Shu Rong participated in the rescue command at the scene. In the process, he received instructions from Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Public Security Bureau Ye Hanbing: scramble against time and never give up.

Comments from others: dare to face criticism, work ability is very strong

The leaders of the least populated cities in China have the common characteristics and top leaders as deputy governors

                    (Original title: China’s least-populated city top leader promoted to vice governor)


On the morning of January 23, the 34th meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee of Fujian Province decided to appoint Tian Xiangli as the vice governor of Fujian Provincial People’s Government.

Tian Xiangli, 56, was born in politics and law system and worked in various courts at all levels, including Hunan and Hainan. Since 2011, he has been the deputy secretary and secretary general of Hainan Provincial Politics and Law Committee, and the secretary of Sansha Municipal Committee of Hainan Province in May last year.

As we all know, Sansha is one of the youngest cities in China. In June 2012, the State Council approved the establishment of Sansha City, which will govern the islands and reefs of the Xisha Islands, Zhongsha Islands and Nansha Islands and their waters. As a result, Sansha became the prefecture-level city in the south of China with the largest total area and the smallest land area and the smallest population.

Chang’an Avenue (ID: Capitalnews) Once introduced, Sansha City also undertakes the important task of promoting the construction of the marine economy demonstration zone and safeguarding the national maritime rights and interests as compared with other prefecture-level cities.

Working at Sansha is also a test for leading cadres. In general, most leading cadres go out to take ordinary cars, people often take the van. However, the officials in Sansha went in and out of the city but wanted “big boats for small boats” – they could only ride rubber boats before boarding the island. From the Yongsan Island, where the Sansha administrative center is located, to other islands, it is not uncommon to spend the last couple of days back and forth. Apart from transportation, they have to accept the test of the environment. Chang’an Avenue governor (ID: Capitalnews) once introduced such a scene: Sansha City leadership last year to sea research, the resulting assault boat suffered a wave of “attacks”, up and down bumpy, splashed waves hit everyone’s face on. It is in such a difficult and objective environment that Sansha has played an active role in safeguarding rights in the South China Sea in recent years and successfully handled many cases of fishing boat infringement.

中国人口最少地市领导有共同特征 一把手任副省长

The scene on the left of this composite map was taken in 2016 when Tian Xianli was deputy secretary and secretary general of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee for Politics and Law. On January 3 this year, his color was dark.

中国人口最少地市领导有共同特征 一把手任副省长

Dark skin has become a common feature of the Sansha leadership team. Tian Xiangli is the second party secretary of Sansha. His predecessor, Xiao Jie, the first party secretary of Sansha City, took up this post since 2012, and was promoted to a standing member of Hainan Provincial Party Committee and a secretary of the Politics and Law Committee in 2017.

Since the time of entering the NPC and CPPCC sessions, there have been many cases of cadres at provincial and ministerial levels held in different places.

中国人口最少地市领导有共同特征 一把手任副省长

North Korean athletes how powerful? British media: three world record holder

                    (Original title: North Korea athletes how powerful? British media: three world record holder gold medal over India _ “Reference News” official website)


朝鲜运动员有多厉害?英媒:三项世界纪录保持者 金牌数超印度_《参考消息》官方网站
Information picture: North Korean gymnast Li Shiguang won the gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. (BBC website)

According to British media, although the recent turmoil around North Korea, but with “emphasis on participation” to describe next month to go to PyeongChang Korea to participate in the Winter Olympics in North Korea Athletes, however, too much.

According to the BBC website reported on January 17, North Korea’s athletes can enter the Pyeongmong, still to be finalized. Perhaps the outside world has paid little attention to the fact that North Korea has consistently performed well and even ahead of individual sports. In the Summer Olympics, North Korea won 54 gold medals, more than India and Nigeria and other countries, mainly in the weightlifting project. North Korea is currently the holder of three Olympic weightlifting records in three worlds.

During the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, North Korean athletes won a total of seven medals, including two gold medals, in the medal standings.

North Korea women’s football in the International Football Association ranked 11th. Although they were unlucky to win the 2019 Women’s World Cup in the qualifying round, they also won the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2016 (20-year-old and below-footed players can participate) and in December last year’s “East Asian Cup” Win the championship.

Over the years, the North Korean men’s soccer team has been nominated twice for the World Cup finals only twice and currently ranks 126th in the world rankings. However, the semi-finals in the 1966 World Cup in England made it an unforgettable performance.

In 2010, North Korea played only one goal against North Korea in the South Africa World Cup Finals Week against North Korea at a ratio of 2: 1, but defeated Portugal in a 7-0 defeat.

Under the leadership of Norwegian coach Joan Anderson, North Korea forced China 1-0 in the East Asian Cup in December last year.

It is expected that North Korea will send a team of Taekwondo “demonstration groups” to Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. In one of the Taekwondo competitions, North Korea’s athletes have been internationally leading; although the International Taekwondo Federation admits such a match, the competition system adopted by the Olympics is different.

Tourists refuse shopping guide is embarrassed: Who to buy more things on temper good

                    (Original title: Tourists voyage to Vietnam refused to shop tour guide embarrassed)


Earlier this year, Ms. Liu enrolled in a tour group in Vietnam for a time-sharing purpose in Wuhan. What she did not expect was that she was barred from getting guided by a tour guide when she was traveling in Vietnam.

On January 19, Ms. Liu from Gansu Guojian Hankou Branch of the Corporation, told Beijing Youth Daily reporter that the travel agency has dismissed the tour guide, revoked the tour guide’s qualification of bringing a delegation to Vietnam and fined 5,000 yuan for tour guides.

Refuse to shop by tour guide to ask for “get off”

On January 12, Ms. Nguyen took part in the Nha Trang tour in Vietnam. After touring the attraction, the tour guide took a group to go shopping. Another small tourists with the group Yan Yan (a pseudonym) told the Beiqing Daily reporter, the shopping point of the goods are mostly latex mattresses or silk, as more elderly people in the regiment, that such items have home, so many people There is no shopping.

Ms. Liu is one of these people. Small Yan recalls, when the silk shop, the tour guide was very unhappy, pointing Liu said with a finger these few days did not spend pennies, but also asked Ms. Liu so sorry, and then in front of everyone noisy up. Arrived in the car, the tour guide began to cry, “said he had a small old man, life is not easy, but also to blame Ms. Liu did not shop, rely on the old to sell the old.”

Ms. Liu told the newspaper reporter, that day after getting on the bus, tour performance Very wronged, has been complaining that she did not shop. Later, Ms. Liu and the tour guide would like to reason about the problem of shopping, did not expect the tour guide to dispute her and asked her to get off immediately.

“Whoever is good at telling anyone who buys something”

Ms. Liu thinks she has long had conflicts with tour guides. On the morning of the same day, the tour guide urged everyone to get on the bus as soon as possible, but because of the day before eating seafood, some people belly belly. Ms. Liu offered to return to the hotel to take their own medicine. “The tour guide told me that I would not let me back to the hotel and said inconvenient, let me quickly get on the train.” Ms. Liu said, “At that time we were a little contradictory.”

In addition to taking medicine, Ms. Liu said, I usually do not eat seafood, so I did not sign up to eat seafood activities, tour guides at that time have been dissatisfied.

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