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A hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, attacked residents with gunshots heard on the 1st floor

                    (Original title: News! Interview with Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, reported multiple deaths)


[Global Network reporter Zhao Jindong] The Afghan Interior Ministry confirmed that the capital Kabul Intercontinental Hotel was attacked by militants. At least four gunmen broke into the hotel and opened fire on guests. Police have blocked the scene.

According to local media reports, gunshots were heard on the scene. Police said many people were killed and militants host some of them as hostages.

Local officials said the hotel is currently on the 4th floor on fire and some are hiding on the 2nd floor. A guest heard a gunfire near the 1st floor.

According to the BBC, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan said that the special forces are fighting with gunmen and criminals. An official said a gunman was “shooting the guests.” The current casualties are unknown.

At least 15 people were killed or injured in eyewitness accounts at the Intercontinental Hotel in Afghanistan’s capital

                    (Original title: Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, hit by at least 4 gunmen)


阿富汗首都洲际酒店遇袭 目击者称至少15人死伤

When Trump administration anniversary celebration “close the crisis”

                    (Original title: When the Trump administration anniversary encounter “closed crisis”)


The federal government “closed crisis” is also Trump’s crisis.

Late on January 19, the U.S. Senate of the United States completed a procedural vote on the continuation of the resolution by funding the ratio of 50 to 48. In essence, it rejected the legislative move to continue with the interim grant to the federal government, causing the early morning of January 20 From the temporary suspension of the non-core agencies of the U.S. federal government, the so-called “crisis of closing the door” reemerged in less than five years. Ironically, this “crisis of crisis” has added a landmark symbol to the first anniversary of U.S. President Trump’s administration. Objectively speaking, this coincidentally coincides with the fact that the January 19 appropriation due date is determined by the allotment of interim allocations passed by both Houses of Congress on December 21, 2017, just to the effect that Trump is in power one anniversary.

But it is undeniable that the “crisis of closing the door” took place during the first year of Trump’s administration and there is a high degree of certainty.

During the past year of his administration, Trump not only set aside a budget plan for substantially raising military spending, but also took an extreme attitude toward immigration policies and social welfare programs. For example, in September last year, the Trump administration first sought to dismantle the so-called “deferred repatriation program for childhood visas,” and later stated that it did not support the continuation of the child health insurance program due on September 30. Therefore, the polarization agenda of expanding Republican fiscal preferences and suppressing the propensity of Democratic policies quickly broke the “consensus of appropriation” maintained by the two parties in the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives and finally aroused the ” Zero and “the party strives for thinking. Some analysts believe that Trump seems to play a role in helping him close the crisis. He even hopes to adopt the so-called “brinkmanship” to force Democrats and some opponents within the Republican Party to finally compromise.

Whether such destructive thinking will work well or not can not be conclusive at this time, at least to see the direction of transmission of public opinion pressure in the future. However, this “crisis of closing out” has at least conveyed two signals that are unfavorable to the Trump administration. First, the well-balanced Democratic balance may have been unsolicited. As expected, it is highly probable that Democrats will regain the majority of the parliament (House of Representatives) in the mid-term parliamentary election in 2018, dragging Trump into a “lame state of control.” However, for now, Democrats have been able to avail themselves of the subtle situation in the Senate of the National Assembly and effectively check the Trump administration ahead of schedule.

South Korea drunk run hotel to find Miss refused to pour gasoline petrol arson burned 5 people

                    (Original title: South Korea drunk run hotel to find a lady refused to spill petrol burned 5 people)


Arson man Liu Moumou was taken away by the police overseas network January 21 (Xinhua) Local time Saturday morning (Saturday morning), a two-story hotel building in Seoul, South Korea, a sudden fire broke out, killing five people were injured five people were injured. After investigation, the police found that arsonist was a 53-year-old man named Liu, who broke into the hotel on the day of drunkenness and asked to stay and ask the boss to find “Miss.” After being denied, Liu bought anger arson, eventually led to this tragedy.

In the early morning of 20 January, a hotel in Jongno in Seoul was set on fire.

According to reports from Korean media, NEWS 1, Ryoum is a takeout deliveryman in a restaurant. On the 20th, he finished his drinking with his colleagues and came to a hotel in Xiaogong-dong, Jong-wu district, Seoul. He not only requested check-in, but also asked his boss to find “Miss.” However, the hotel female boss Kim (71 years old) to Liu a drunk and the store does not provide special services, refused to let him stay.

On the morning of the 20th, a hotel in Jongro, Seoul, was set on fire.

At 2:27 in the morning, Mr. Liu alerted the hotel of not providing accommodation. In the meantime, Kim gave the police an alarm on the basis of a guest’s drunkenness. After the police came to the local police station, Liu persuasion education left. However, Liu did not immediately go home, he took a taxi to a nearby gas station, buy 10 liters of gasoline and returned to the hotel. And splashed gasoline at 3.08 a.m. on the only entrance corridor on the first floor of the hotel and then set fire to it. Soon, Liu surrendered the police, the police arrived after arrest.

On the early morning of 20 January, a hotel in Jongro, Seoul, was set on fire

A fire broke out in a fireworks factory in the capital of India, killing 17 people and injuring many others

Xinhua News Agency: Fireworks in New Delhi, capital of India, hit a night of fire on the evening of the 20th, killing at least 17 people and injuring many others. The death toll is also expected to continue to rise

Four-star hotel in Prague, Czech Republic at least 2 dead 40 injured

                    (Original title: Czech capital Prague four-star hotel fire at least 2 dead 40 injured)



Overseas Network January 21, according to British “Mirror” reported on Saturday (20 May), the Czech capital of Prague, just a four-star hotel fire , at least two people were killed, 40 people were injured. According to local media reports, there are still people trapped in fire buildings waiting for rescue.

Assailants attacked at a hotel in the capital of Afghanistan carrying weapons into the hotel kitchen

Kabul, January 20 (Reporter Jiang Chao) The Afghan Interior Ministry said on the 20th that the evening InterContinental Hotel in Kabul was attacked by militants.

Two hot spots were attacked at the Intercontinental Hotel in Afghanistan’s capital

                    (Original title: Intercontinental Hotel in Afghanistan attack two sought-after were killed)


BEIJING, January 21 According to the report of the BBC, the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, was attacked by at least four gunmen around 9 pm local time on the 20th. A spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry said security officers have killed two sought-after officers.

At least four gunmen reportedly broke into the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, around 9 pm local time on the 20th of the 20th. Gunmen fired on hotel guests, including foreigners.

Soon after the Afghan security forces exchanged fire on the attackers. At present, the exchange of fire is still ongoing.

This is the latest violent attack on the capital of Afghanistan. So far, no organization or individual claimed to have made the attack.

In 2011, the inter-hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, suffered a Taliban attack, killing 21 people, including the attackers.

India’s first domestic aircraft carrier or delivery in December to begin service in 2020

                    (Original title: India’s first domestic aircraft carrier is expected to begin service in 2020)


Xinhua News Agency, New Delhi, January 20 According to Indian media reports on the 20th, India’s first self-built “Vikrant” aircraft carrier is expected to be delivered to the Navy in December 2018 and will begin by October 2020 service.

Turkey announces the launch of a military operation against Afrin in Syria

                    (Original title: Turkey announces launch of military action against Afrin, Syria)


Ankara, Xinhua News Agency, January 20 Turkish President Erdogan announced on the 20th that the Turkish army started the military campaign against Afrin in northern Syria. On the same day, Erdogan made a speech in the province of Kutahya, Turkey, saying that the current ground operation in Afrin, Syria, “has actually started.” Erdogan said Turkey is determined to safeguard national security and eliminate terrorists in the border areas.

In the afternoon, the Turkish General Staff issued a statement announcing the official start of the related military operations. The statement said the military operation is “a lawful act of self-defense” and that Turkey “respects the territorial integrity of Syria.”

Television shows that the Turkish Air Force dispatched F-16s to fly across Syrian border in Hatay province, southern Turkey, and airstrikes the Syrian military targets and fuel tanks of armed “People’s Protection Forces” in Kurdistan.

With the support of Turkish artillery fire, Syrian rebels armed the “Syrian Freedom Army” into the Aflin area occupied by the Kurds in Syrian armed forces from the Turkish border by armored vehicles and started military operations.

Turkey recently staged a violent shelling in the Aflin area bordering the soil in Aleppo, Syria, and attacked the “People’s Protection Forces” of the Kurdish forces in Syria. The “People’s Protection Forces” said they will fight back and the Syrian government also warned the Turkmenistan not to provoke fighting.

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