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North Korea before the Winter Olympics or another army memorial? US officials: continue to pressure

                    (The original title: North Korea before the Winter Olympics or another army memorial activities? U.S. officials will continue to maintain its pressure to voice)


Before PyeongChang Winter Olympics, North Korea may hold “parade”.

According to a report by the Business Insider on January 18, North Korea will hold a military theme at home one day ahead of schedule at the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics in Korea on February 9. Related activities in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Korean People’s Army.

It is reported that from North Korea’s invitation letter sent to the officials of the Ministry of National Defense and their families, the DPRK authorities are planning to hold “celebratory” activities, which may include military parades in Pyongyang.

The report also quoted Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Monterrey Institute of International Studies at the University of Minnesota, as saying that the satellite image near a nearby North Korea airport has shown that North Korea has been planning for a large Parade preparation. If this news is true or will trigger renewed tension in the DPRK-ROK relations because Korea is preparing to host the Winter Olympics, it is still fresh in its mind that North Korea will continue to launch missiles despite the warming signs of the recent relations between the two countries.

“This may not be called a parade, and it is possible that there will be a celebration at the Kim Il Sung Square.” North Korean analyst Fyodor Tertitskiy said “(though one day prior to the Olympics) North Korea may not see this as a hostile act, after all, North Korea has never canceled its regular parade and has never been asked to do so. “

Earlier, after the South Korean presidential letter was discussed with U.S. President Trump, North Korea The once-strongly-opposed joint military exercise with the United States postponed to the Olympic Winter Games. Since then, DPRK supreme leader Kim Jong-un expressed his willingness to improve the DPRK-ROK relations during the New Year’s speech. The talks between the two sides ended more than two years and made some progress. At present, the two countries are discussing the specific issues of sending a delegation from North Korea to Korea to participate in the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics. On the 17th, North Korea and South Korea reached an agreement that their athletes from both countries will join together under the same banner at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games held in February. However, the United States has always maintained its vigilance on the improvement of the relations between the two Koreas. According to the Voice of America on January 19, the U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations, Niki Blackie, said in an exclusive interview that the DPRK-South Korea dialogue is a good thing. However, North Korea can not endanger the DPRK if the two sides stay in talks about the Olympic Games eliminate.

“North Korea is doing what they have been doing, and that is, once things are too hot, they start talking to them, but the problem is that we will not play the same games we’ve been playing.” Turning to North Korea’s initiative to seek When improving relations with South Korea, Heili said the United States and the international community will maintain pressure on North Korea to completely eliminate its nuclear weapons.

Another one! Saudi military announced another interception of missiles fired from Yemen

                    (Original title: Another one! Saudi military announced another interception of missiles launched from Yemen)

                                   According to Agence France Presse reported on the 20th, the RAF spokesman said the Saudi military intercepted a Yemeni al-Qaeda guerrillas launched ballistic missiles.

The missile was reportedly targeted to the civilian area of ​​Najran in the south-western part of the country, near the Yemeni border.

Earlier Saudi-led multinational coalition headquarters said that after the outbreak of Yemeni civil war, more than 150 missiles were fired from Yemen to Saudi Arabia, and the vast majority were successfully intercepted. u0026 nbsp;

North Korea finalized 22 ginseng Austrian Korean women’s team together ice hockey team

                    (Original title: News! North Korea participate in the Olympic list finalized 22 people to participate in three projects)


朝鲜敲定22人参奥名单 朝韩组女子联合冰球队

? On the morning of June 20, Beijing time, the four-nation talks on discussing DPR Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympics were held at the IOC Headquarters in Lausanne and formally ended at 19:10 GMT. After the talks, the chairman of the International Olympic Committee issued a statement saying that the IOC approved the qualifications of 22 athletes from North Korea, 24 coaches officials and 21 media representatives to participate in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. North Korea athletes will participate in the three major items in five small competitions, North Korea and South Korea delegation to participate in the opening ceremony under the unified banner, North and South Korea formed the first Olympic women’s federation hockey team.

At the end of the statement, representatives of both North and South Korea joined hands with the IOC president and took part in the competition with the International Olympic Committee, the International Olympic Movement and the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Coordination Committee. International Olympic Committee Chairman Bach said 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics opened the door for a peaceful dialogue on the Korean Peninsula. The Olympic Movement is a bridge between the two sides. Today is a brand new beginning. The future is brighter. The process is still long. Today, however, we have taken a remarkable step forward. (CCTV reporter Lu You Li Chunyuan)


The U.S. military reports that China responded to the Defense Department of the U.S. strategic rival

                    (Original title: Ministry of National Defense spokesman Ren Guoqiang on the United States announced “2018 U.S. National Defense Strategy Report,” a reporter asked)

                                   Q: According to media reports, the U.S. Department of Defense has issued the “2018 U.S. National Defense Strategy Report.” Many of these mentions China and refers to China as the “United States National Defense Strategy Report.” A strategic competitor to the United States. What’s your comment? A: The U.S. Department of Defense released the summary of the “2018 U.S. National Defense Strategy Report” on January 19, in which the U.S. defense strategy was used to plan the modernization of the Chinese armed forces by disregarding facts and rendering the so-called big power competition and “China’s military threat” Zero-sum “game, antagonistic antagonism and other false statements. It is another extremely” cold-war “report after the” National Security Strategy Report “of the United States.

China firmly pursues the path of peaceful development, resolutely pursues a defensive national defense policy, does not engage in military expansion and does not seek the sphere of influence. It has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of the international order. In recent years, the Chinese military has taken an active part in international responsibilities and obligations and provided international public safety products. The efforts and contributions made by the Chinese military are universally acknowledged and praised by the international community. Non-self-meritorious and fair people’s minds. Unlike some countries that harbor the idea of ​​hegemony, China does not intend to hegemony, and the hat for “seeking hegemony” can not be deducted from China’s position.

British pilot covered with alcohol to drive away 300 passengers were towed by the police

                    (Original title: covered with alcohol to drive away 300 passengers British pilots towed by the police)



Overseas Network January 21 u0026 nbsp; Recently, a British Airways pilot (first officer) was dragged away by heavily armed police under full arrest. The passengers present were all surprised. The crew said that because he was found to be covered in alcohol, he reported the police.

Five gunmen shot dead 2 police killed 5 injured terrorist gang leader in front of police officers

                    (Former Title: 5 gunmen shot dead 2 dead 5 police, terrorist leader in front of police officers)


The Venezuelan Interior Ministry announced on the 15th five members of a terrorist group. The gang leader, former police officer Oskar Perez, stole police helicopters last year and conducted a grenade attack on the Supreme Court building.

The Ministry of Interior stated that there were fierce gun battles between the SWAT team and the gang in Caracas, the capital of the capital, two police officers killed and five police officers seriously injured. It is not clear Perez himself arrested.

委枪战5人落网警方2死5伤 恐怖团伙头目系前警官
The arrest operation unfolds on a highway in the western suburb of Caracas. VISION CHINA

5 people arrested

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that the arrest operation was launched on a highway in the western suburbs of Caracas that “the terrorist group initiated an armed resistance and was eventually destroyed.” The five criminals were Arrest and detention. ”

The statement confirmed that several members of the group were killed, but did not say Perez’s whereabouts.

“This terrorist group is heavily armed, armed and possessing heavy weapons, and is shot by police officers who have taken them.” The statement said police officers had been “violently attacked” in persuading them to surrender. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said in a televised address late on the 15th that the group is preparing to launch a car bomb attack on a foreign embassy in Caracas. On June 27 last year Perez co-operated a police helicopter with others, flew over the Supreme Court building and dropped a grenade. The helicopter also fired 15 shots towards the Interior Ministry office building. Fortunately, no casualties were caused.

The Venezuelan Government has finally identified him as “a terrorist attack” and later with the release of the arrest warrant for Peres by INTERPOL.

委枪战5人落网警方2死5伤 恐怖团伙头目系前警官

inciting demonstrations

Peres Thursday morning released a video in social media, there is blood on the head, claiming to be police raid encounter.

“They fired at our grenade launchers and we were planning to surrender, but they did not let us surrender at all, they just wanted to kill us.” Perez also took the opportunity to incite netizens to support anti-government activities.

British media: Luo Xingya repatriated may apply for Burmese citizenship

                    (Former Title: British media: Rohingya repatriated may apply for nationality of Burma upon verification. Official Website)



Reference News Network January 17 reported British media said, Bangladesh January 16 after talks with neighboring Myanmar indicated that repatriation will be completed within two years, as many as hundreds of thousands flee Myanmar Conflict Rohingya mission. According to a Reuters report on January 16, Myanmar said the bilateral repatriation program will begin January 23, but NGOs have doubts about this. They said the plan did not take full account of safety, livelihood and long-term plans Settlement problem.

It was reported that a statement was made by the Bangladeshi Ministry of Foreign Affairs that repatriation is intended to be “family-based” and that Burma has provided temporary shelter for returned Rohingya and then rebuilt housing for them.

The statement said Bangladesh will establish 5 temporary refugee camps to send Rohingya to two reception centers on the Myanmar side of the border between the two countries.

Trump’s attitude has changed? We welcome immigrants from all over the world

                    (Original title: Trump attitudes big change welcomes immigrants from all over the world)


CNN reported on January 17 that before being interviewed by Kazakh President Nazarbayev on the White House on the same day, Trump was asked whether he wanted more immigrants from Norway and said: Welcome immigrants from all over the world “, which is quite different from its previous attitude toward immigrants.

Trump said at the White House on Thursday the White House’s “deferred repatriation of children” program: “Why do we want to allow those who come from ‘crap’ countries into the United States? Why should we receive so many Haitians? Put them Out. “He also said that the United States needs more immigrants from countries like Norway.

Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao reported that Trump’s remarks were leaked from participating Democratic senator Dunning. According to him, Trump used the term “pit” more than once. Trump later denied on Twitter of a pejorative term in which the people of Haiti talked about, and said Durbin misunderstood him. He also stressed that he is not a “racist.”

Seoul 36 million haze one day but the effect is not good Han experts also rely on China

                    (Former title: 36,000 ha spent a day in Seoul haze but poor results Han experts relied on China)


The Central Daily News reported on January 17 that in order to alleviate the hazy smog in recent days, Seoul City, South Korea, opened its public transport facilities to the public free of charge on the 15th and buses and subways reached a peak of 0 yuan during peak hours. After the implementation with little effect.

Seoul is expected to spend 6 billion won (about 36 million yuan) a day to open public transport to the public free of charge. Many people said that these transport expenses together are a huge sum of money. The government should use the money to help people in difficult situations or to improve the environment and other environmental protection areas.

In addition, the unification of local policies and programs in South Korea also aroused public dissatisfaction. Some people said that Seoul and Gyeonggi provinces are geographically adjacent to each other, but different policies and programs are applied, somewhat differently.

The UN Secretary-General announced that 2018 will focus on China with full expectations

                    (Original title: Guterres announced that this year’s key work is full of expectations for China)


古特雷斯宣布今年重点工作。李秉新 摄
Guterres announces key work this year. Li Bingxin u0026 nbsp; Photo

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