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Freezing $ 65 Million in Assistance to Pakistan United States: Not for Punishing Who

冻结6500万美元对巴援助款 美国:不是为了惩罚谁

[Freeze $ 65 million in aid to Palestine
U.S.: Not to Punish Who? The U.S. State Department said on the 16th that it has already frozen 65 million U.S. dollars and originally planned to provide assistance to Palestine through the UN agencies. A U.S. State Department spokesman said the move was “not aimed at punishing anyone” but that the United States wants UN reform and more countries to assist Palestine. Earlier, Trump once said that the United States “gives billions of dollars to the Palestinians every year,” but Pakistan “did not know how to be grateful.”

North Korea Panmunjom Talks: Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony Held the Korean peninsula flag common admission

                    (Original title: North Korea agreed: PyeongChang Winter Olympics opening ceremony held by the Korean peninsula flag common admission)

                                   Xinhua News Agency, Seoul, January 17 On the 17th, on behalf of the DPRK and South Korea, representatives of the DPRK and the ROK held a sub-official rank at the “Peace House” on the Korean side of Panmunjom to attend the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics on the 17th. Level) substantive talks and agreed on a number of issues.

According to the common report released by both parties on the same day, the DPRK and ROK will jointly hold “Korean Peninsula Flag” at the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. North and South Korea will also team together in the women’s ice hockey team entries.

The DPRK side will send more than 230 cheerleaders to visit South Korea to cheer on the DPRK and South Korea players during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. North Korea’s cheerleading team will also work with the South Korean cheerleaders cheer for the players. Both North and South Korea safeguard the activities of the cheering team of the Korean Allied Federation in Japan.

The DPRK will also send a demonstration of Taekwondo Demonstration Group consisting of more than 30 people to perform Taekwondo Demonstration performances in Pyeongchang and Seoul in South Korea. Both parties will continue to discuss the specific performance schedule.

North Korea will send a press corps to interview the DPRK Olympiad team, cheerleaders and Taekwondo demonstration teams participating in the Olympics. The ROK supports the activities of the press corps. Matters concerning the coverage of the Winter Olympics and its scope of support will be decided by the IOC in consultation with the NOCs of both countries.

DPRK Olympic delegation delegation, athletes group, cheerleaders, taekwondo demonstration group and reporter group will visit South Korea via land of Gyeonggi Line. The DPRK team will visit South Korea on February 1, the delegation of the National Olympic Committee, the cheerleaders, the Taekwondo Demonstration Corps and the press corps will visit South Korea on February 7. The time for the return will be decided through negotiation between the two parties.

The size and entries of the DPP delegation to be dispatched by the DPRK will be decided by the IOC in consultation with the NOCs of both countries. The DPRK will send an advance team to carry out a field visit from January 25 to January 27.

Japanese scholar: The SDF can sink a Chinese submarine at any time on the Diaoyu Islands

                    (Original title: Japanese scholars clamor: Japan SDF at any time in the Diaoyu Islands sunk Chinese submarine)



Japan claimed Diaoyu Islands Chinese submarine entered the contiguous zone (Source: Kyodo)

overseas online January 17 electric 11th, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force ships have entered the two Akao adjoining the northeast side District activities. However, Japan wickedly filed a public notice of protest against the entry of Chinese submarines and warships into the northeast of Chiwei Island on the Diaoyu Island. On the 16th, on the program broadcast by Japan’s Abema TV, Japanese military scholar Ogawa and Kyushu even threatened that the SDF could sink Chinese submarine at any time.

According to a report by Japan’s Abema TIMES website, the Japanese government claimed on the 12th that the submarine to sail in the contiguous area near the Diaoyu Island belongs to the Chinese navy. This is the first time that Chinese warships and submarines have entered the Diaoyu Islands together.


Shizuoka Prefectural University Professor Extraordinary, military analysts and scholars Ogawa Kazuhisa (Source: Japan Abema TIMES website)

Shizuoka Prefectural University in Japan, Professor Extraordinary, military analysts and scholars have long claimed that Ogawa, the Japanese The Maritime Self-Defense Force has been tracking the Chinese submarines from beginning to end. The Japanese side can track the Chinese nuclear submarines and is very “calm and calm.” He even threatened that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces were ready to sink the Chinese submarine at any time. According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported earlier, on the 12th, the submarine hit the Chinese flag in the open sea five-star red flag. Japan’s Defense Ministry said it was the first time a Chinese submarine sailed in the adjoining Diaoyu Island. Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Sugirasuyama Sugimoto called the “solemn protest” by telephone to Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua

South Korea Foreign Ministry: Most countries stress the parallel sanctions and dialogue with North Korea

                    (Original title: Vancouver conference ended, South Korea Foreign Ministry: most countries emphasize the parallel sanctions and dialogue)



On January 16, Vancouver, Canada, top diplomats from 20 countries met in Vancouver, Canada. Visual China Figure

Local Time On January 16, top 20 diplomats from the “United Nations forces” who participated in the Korean war in the 1950s met in Vancouver, Canada, and discussed the current situation in the Korean Peninsula. .

According to the latest report of the Yonhap News Agency on the 17th, the ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a briefing on the main result of the meeting of the foreign ministers of Vancouver on the same day. Most countries in the 20 participating countries emphasized that they should find a balance between imposing sanctions on North Korea and seeking dialogue and negotiation , Believing that the two-track approach of parallel sanctions and dialogue should be adopted and that only 2-3 countries should advocate that sanctions should be concentrated.

Most Countries Emphasize Parallel Sanctions Dialogue

South Korea is currently in frequent contact with North Korea on the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics when attending the Vancouver meeting. Therefore, the position and attitude of South Korea are of particular concern.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the ROK Foreign Ministry stated that all the participants in the meeting agreed that sanctions against North Korea are only a means to urge North Korea to return to the dialogue and conduct various programs such as sharing information and enhancing cooperation with the UN sanctions Committee on North Korea Discuss. The ROK Foreign Ministry also pointed out that all parties expressed their welcome and support for the DPRK-South Korea dialogue and for the DPRK’s participation in the Olympics. They also expressed their willingness to work together to make the DPRK-ROK dialogue and development a breakthrough in the peaceful resolution of the DPRK nuclear issue.

At the meeting, the ROK also briefed on the recent developments in the high-level talks on the 9th ROK and DPRK. And in the co-presidential statement released on the same day, it also mentioned the offer made by South Korea to support and welcome the DPRK-South Korea dialogue, North Korea’s participation in the Olympics, and to ease tensions on the peninsula and restart the dialogue on denuclearization. However, there are also some countries that have raised questions about the inter-Korean talks. Japan’s foreign minister Taro Kono said the DPRK’s purpose is to allow some countries to relax their sanctions and undermine the alliance among their allies while winning some time for their nuclear weapons and missile programs. North Korea simply wants to benefit from the dialogue. US Secretary of State Tyshler also stressed that the United States and South Korea should maintain an impeccable policy of mutual assistance with the DPRK and reiterated that the goal of pressured the DPRK is to urge North Korea to return to a meaningful and non-nuclear dialogue.

7 -89456_27_65473_9

According to the report of the Russian satellite news agency on the 17th, U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson told a press conference held during the meeting in Vancouver that “if we will hold talks with North Korea, then the purpose of the talks Yes, the irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the corresponding inspection. ” At the end of the Vancouver meeting, Tillerson also emphasized that the unanimous attitude of the United States, Russia and China on North Korea’s nuclear issue will remain unchanged, that is, to achieve a comprehensive, controlled and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Not be shaken by Pyongyang.

However, this meeting, China and Russia were not invited to attend the meeting. Earlier, both China and Russia opposed the meeting.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang has repeatedly said at such a conference that the “Cold War mentality” has become outdated.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the annual press conference that the relevant conference arrangements were “unacceptable.” He did not expect what “constructive” results the meeting could achieve.

Korean media said that Lotte Mart has not yet withdrawn from China: it can not sell and can not open Zhang

                    (Original title: Korean media said Lotte Mart has not yet withdrawn from China: can not sell can not open Zhang)


Reference News Network January 18 reported Korean media said last year Lotte Mart announced plans to withdraw from the Chinese market during the year, but the New Year has passed, the sale still no progress. The Special Working Group (C), responsible for China projects, was originally scheduled to be dissolved by the end of 2017 but was still exposed to the present operation.

According to South Korea’s “Asia Economy” website reported on January 17, Group C was formed in June last year when Lotte Wharf suffered a full-scale hard-fought task and is currently responsible for communicating with Chinese headquarters about the sale of Lotte Mart and other related businesses in China. Lotte Group originally planned to operate only Group C until December 31, 2017, after which it ended the sale of Lotte Mart. However, according to the analysis, Group C, which is responsible for the work, continues to operate due to the delay in the sale.

Suicide bombings in Nigeria killed 12 and wounded 48

                    (Original title: News! Suicide bombing in Nigeria killed 12 to 48 wounded)


Overseas Network January 18 According to a Reuters report, Maiduguri, a city in northeastern Nigeria, was hit by a suicide bombing attack on the Boko Haram, killing 12 people and injuring 48 others.

Korean Unification Ministry: South Korea will visit the DPRK by land to hold joint cultural activities

                    (Original title: Korean unified unit: South Korea will visit the North by land to hold joint cultural activities)



On January 17, a press conference was held at the Government Seoul Building, the ROK Chief Representative of the ROK Winter Olympics Work Talks and the Deputy Minister of the Korean National Ministry, HE Hai-Cheng (right). According to the Yonhap news agency, South Korea’s Winter Olympics working group’s chief representative of the ROK side, South Korea’s Uni-President (deputy minister) Qianhai Cheng said at a press conference on the 17th, The ROK will visit the DPRK through the land of Mount Kumgang and hold joint cultural activities with the DPRK.

Qian Hai-cheng said that the advance team will go to Mount Kumgang on the 23rd to check the facilities and then go to the Majiling Ski Resort. The advance team also considered visiting Geum Airport in Yuan Shan City and advised the DPRK that relevant personnel participating in the joint training may take the flight to the DPRK.


Thousands of sea into the sea, said Korea North Korea ski runner skiing in the Korean Common Training proposed by the South Korea, the agenda for two days. At the same time, the DPRK and the ROK coach are fully responsible for the selection of women’s hockey players in the Korean team, the DPRK also expressed their understanding. Thousands stressed that it is the ROK government’s basic position to avoid the damage to the interests of South Korean athletes due to North Korea’s entry.

Held a joint cultural event between Korea and North Korea in the Mount Kumgang region of North Korea before the opening of the PyeongMing Olympics, Thousands of stars said that the schedule may be one day in late January or early February.

In addition, Qian Haicheng, who was asked about whether the DPRK delegation includes a delegation, said the delegation will not be included in consideration of the DPRK’s position. At the same time, Han and DPRK held a unified flag at the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games and jointly formed a women’s ice hockey team. Thousands of people said they need to cooperate with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and other related competitions After consultation and permission, it can be determined.


Trump suspected of Alzheimer’s medical group rumor: It is recommended that the president lose weight

                    (Original title: 71-year-old Trump suspected of Alzheimer’s medical team rumor suggests President lose weight)


CCTV News (International News): At 12 local time, Trump accepted his first medical examination since taking office. On the 16th, the White House medical team released some of the results of the medical examination. The head of the medical team, Ronnie Jackson, said that Trump, 71, was “very good.” So, what projects did Trump accept?

White House Medical Unit Leader • Ronnie Jackson : All clinical data show that the president is currently in very good health and will remain in office for the duration of his presidency.

Earlier, on several occasions, Trump had been unable to speak clearly, causing speculation that Trump was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease.

May God bless the United States 9/11 as 7-11

Ronnie Jackson said that at this physical examination, Trump volunteered for a cognitive test. This test is usually done for the elderly, the test includes identification of some animals as well as some memory tests and so on. A total of 30 questions, Trump all right.

Ronnie Jackson, White House Medical Team Leader : The president’s mind is very agile and spiritually healthy.

Reporter : Do you think he can do his job?

Ronnie Jackson Of course, he is absolutely competent and I think it would be okay to hold another term even during his remaining tenure.

There reporter’s question, said, “Trump is a long-term eating McDonalds, drinking Diet Coke, but people do not like to exercise, how to maintain a healthy body so it?”

White House medical team in charge Ronnie Jackson : This is the so-called gene, I’m not sure, do you know? Some people have strong genes and I also said to the president that if he had a healthy diet for the past 20 years, he might live to 200 years.

Medical Team: Advocate Trump to Strengthen Exercise

However, Ronnie Jackson said that before Trump had high cholesterol, she had taken medication. And 1 meter tall and above 9 Trump, weight 217 kg, 3 kg heavier than last year, are overweight. He suggested that Trump healthy diet, exercise, lose weight 10 pounds on it.

Medical team: the media should not “watch”

Previously, some well-known media such as CNN and BBC quoted some psychiatrists as questioning Trump’s mental status . In response, Ronnie Jackson criticized professionals for not commenting on the patient’s condition without first diagnosing the patient. And there is a kind of “watchfulness” mentality in these media.

Trump Complete Physical Examination

South Korea and North Korea to discuss the issue of Olympic referendum sports diplomacy has four aspects

                    (Original title: Korea and North Korea once again discussed the issue of North Korea to participate in sports should be four points of sports diplomacy)


CCTV News (International): This meeting is still focused on North Korea’s participation in the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics. According to the communique, North Korea will send a delegation of 550 people to participate in the Winter Olympics, including 230 cheerleaders, 140 literary and art workers, and 30 Taekwondo players. Well, what are the highlights of this meeting?

again Koreas agreed Winter Olympics jointly admission

韩朝再次会谈商讨朝参奥事宜 体育外交有四大看点

according to Yonhap news agency reported, both Koreas agreed to fight in the Korean peninsula flag on the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics opening ceremony common admission. From the 2000 Sydney Olympics to 2008, the Korean and North Korean athletes have appeared together for 8 times at major international events such as the Olympic Games, the Asian Games and the East Asian Games. That was also a time when the relations between the two Koreas were relatively modest, and then entered into a state of tension for nearly 10 years. Sports diplomacy also stalled. The PyeongChang Winter Olympics is expected to become a breakthrough.

Fourth North Korean cheerleaders are expected to enter the competition

韩朝再次会谈商讨朝参奥事宜 体育外交有四大看点

No. 17 South Korean Unification Ministry said the DPRK side on the vice-ministerial level talks Winter Games held the same day said it would send 230 people to participate in Pyeongchang-scale cheerleaders Winter Olympics. In 2002, 2003 and 2005, North Korea sent cheering teams to participate in sports events held in South Korea. If this trip can be made, it will be the fourth time in the history of North Korea that cheerleaders will be sent to join the sport in Korea.

27 years after South Korea and North Korea will regroup the team

韩朝再次会谈商讨朝参奥事宜 体育外交有四大看点

In the working meeting on the 17th, the two sides agreed that the establishment of women’s ice hockey team played in the Winter Olympics. In South Korea, the news shocked the women’s ice hockey team in South Korea, they believe, adding new players may not be conducive to teamwork. There are also Korean Internet users petitioning at the forum of the presidential palace to oppose this practice.

South Korea’s government responded on the 17th that the Korea-North Korea Team hockey team is part of the concept of a peaceful Olympics. ROK spokesman for the unification of Thailand White Tae-hyun: The government’s position is clear. Such efforts are part of the concept of a peaceful Olympics. We have turned the Olympic Games into a stage of reconciliation. Yonhap news agency said that if the team is successful, it will be the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships and the World Youth Soccer Games, South Korea once again set up a separate team in 27 years, will also be the first time in North Korea and North Korea in the Olympic Games such international sports events Joint team.

North Korea is expected to attend the first Paralympic Games for the first time

韩朝再次会谈商讨朝参奥事宜 体育外交有四大看点

North Korea Participates in Olympics What Does a Korean Think? Contribute to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

                    (Original title: North Korea Senate South Koreans how to look? A nuclear-free Korean Peninsula favorable)


CCTV News (International News): Recently, several meetings between the ROK and the DPRK focused on North Korea’s participation in the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics and did not touch on the core sensitive issues such as North Korea’s nuclear guidance program. How do ordinary South Koreans think about such talks?


Seoul resident Kim Tae-tai: North Korea is being sanctioned for the development of nuclear weapons. I am worried that if we accept North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympics, the international community will think of us. I personally hope that North Korea will not accept Winter Olympics.


Song Wenzhe, Seoul resident: The international community is worrying about the tension between South and North Koreas. This can improve our image if Han and North Korea form a united wing. Sport is the first to offer opportunities for negotiations on politics or other issues. South Korea ordinary people on North Korea to participate in the Olympic Winter Games different views. Industry scholars generally have positive opinions. Yang Wuzhen, a professor at North Korea Institute of North Korea, believes that North Korea may hope to ease the sanctions by establishing channels of dialogue with the United States by participating in the winter Olympics talks. However, such dialogue is still beneficial.


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