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Several attacks in eastern Iraq have caused 3 deaths and 8 injuries

                    (Original title: Multiple attacks in eastern Iraq killed 3 dead 8 injured)

                                   Xinhua News Agency, Baghdad, January 17 Attacks took place on the 17th in the province of Diyala in eastern Iraq, killing three people and injuring eight others, most of whom were police officers.

Philippine drug-related female member scolls Duterte: You are the governor from China

                    (Original title: Philippine women’s drug detention center scolded Lao Du: You are the governor from China!)


[Global Network] “In the presidential palace, not the Philippine president, but the governor of China!” Philippine Senator Dilima pointed to the Philippine President Duterte on the 17th and denounced him for approving the Chinese expedition staff Scientific research was carried out in the “Bingham Uplift” waters east of the Philippine island. However, the location of the Lima is not the parliament building, but the Philippine National Police Detention Center in Quezon City. Because the parliamentarian who has been a strong critic of Dutert has been arrested in February last year on suspicion of involvement in the drug trade.

The U.S.-Chinese couple was shot dead three days Police arrested three suspects involved

                    (Original title: Chinese-American couple killed: Police arrested 3 suspects involved)


美华裔夫妇遭枪杀陈尸3天 警方逮捕3名涉案嫌疑人 Affected Chinese couple. According to reports by the U.S. local television station, the trio were arrested on suspicion of ambushing and shooting the 61-year-old Chinese surnamed Lin.

According to the surveillance video released by the local police, two men were found guilty of major crimes. It is reported that the couple’s son Lin started receiving news of his parents on the 11th, on the evening of the 13th to visit their parents and seek police assistance, the police arrived on the scene, and his son broke through the window and found that the couple was looted, The two were tied and killed. According to the police surveillance video, the two suspects arrived at the scene on the evening of the 11th about 8:20 local time The scene, “two suspects crawled into the scene from below the gate. “Around 8:40 that night, the couple returned home.” When they stopped, they were ambushed by suspects. About 3 hours later, two suspects left the scene of Porsche with Mr. Lin and In the morning after returning to the scene of the accident and drove away his car, we think that in the next few days, the suspect has repeatedly returned to the crime scene. According to earlier reports, Bao Lam, his 61-year-old Chinese man, and Jenny Lam, his wife, were found by the police in his home in Texas on Saturday (January 13). Police received help numbers from Rich Lam on the same day and Rich Lam claimed he could not get in touch with his parents for several days, and Rich Lam said he came to his parents’ home and no one answered or answered the phone. He looked through the window and saw that the house was looted and he called the police.

Police Night Arrived at 9am, the two reached the window when the police arrived, and they found the first floor of the corpse of the two corpses, bound together and shot dead, believing they had died for more than three days. Quiet and secure Northgate Country Club community with $ 1 million worth of properties and only 18 houses in this community with gated control.

Li Mingbo prosecutors private investigation of secret fund investigation: political retaliation

                    (Former Title: Investigation by Lee Myung-bak on Prosecutions of Private Secret Funds: Political Retaliation)


[Global Network] South Korean prosecutors investigate a case of suspected private secret fund Lee Myung-bak is investigating. His cronies, former General Counsel Kim Bo-chun, was arrested in the early morning of the 17th for involved in another case. In a statement on the afternoon of the 17th at his office in Seoul, Lee Myung-bak said the prosecution investigation is purely political revenge. The Yonhap news agency said on the 17th that Lee Myung-bak said that the purpose of the recent investigation by the prosecution of the former Cheong Wa Dae public servants working with him is very clear. The goal was locked in him from the very beginning. Prosecutors should not conduct “brash” surveys on public officials serving the country, but should be directly accountable to him. Lee Myung-bak also said that many people also believe that the prosecutor’s investigation conducted under the name of liquidating malfeasance is actually a political attack on the conservative forces and a political retaliation against the death of former President Roh Moo-hyun.

NATO European Supreme Commander of the Allied forces will hold a meeting with the Russian Chief of Staff

                    (Original title: Supreme Commander of NATO European Allied Forces confirmed that they will hold a meeting with the Russian Chief of Staff)


China news agency, Brussels, January 17 (Reporter Hu Jintao) On the 17th, Scarpati Di, the supreme commander of NATO allied forces in Europe (concurrently the commander of the U.S. military headquarters for Europe), confirmed that he will work with Gera, the chief of general staff of Russia’s armed forces and the first deputy defense minister of the Russian Defense Ministry. Simov held a meeting, which will be the first such meeting between NATO and the Russian generals after the armed clashes broke out in Ukraine in 2014.

Scarperia attended the Chiefs-Staff Meeting of the NATO Military Commission in Bruges on the very day and held a joint press conference with NATO Military Committee President Pavel. He said he had a telephone conversation with Gerasimov in September last year, when both sides finalized the meeting.

“We are now preparing for this, and we will meet,” Scarparotti said. He said the meeting aims at ensuring smooth communication between the two men so as to enhance the transparency of each other’s military operations and prevent misunderstanding or miscarriage of justice.

US media previously quoted informed officials as saying Scarperial and Grasimov will meet later this month in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, during which they also plan to hold “medium-range missile treaty” negotiations. At present, neither the NATO nor Russia have confirmed the news.

Following the outbreak of armed clashes in eastern Ukraine in 2014, the NATO-Russia relations fell to the bottom and the high-level dialogue and substantive cooperation between both sides were halted. In March last year, Pavel and Gerasimov made intercommunications to become the two sides since 2014 First-level contact.

The 2nd Anniversary of the Implementation of the Iraqi Nuclear Accord The UN Secretary-General called for the maintenance of the nuclear agreement

                    (Former title: UN Secretary-General called for the maintenance of Iran nuclear agreement)


United Nations, January 17 (Xinhua) On the second anniversary of the implementation of the Iran-Iran comprehensive nuclear agreement, UN Secretary-General Guterres passed a statement on the 17th by the spokesman Diyarik, calling for the Iraqi nuclear agreement to be maintained.

The statement said that the Secretary-General firmly believes that Iran’s nuclear agreement is the best way to ensure that Iran’s nuclear program is limited to peaceful purposes and a major achievement in the field of nuclear non-proliferation and diplomacy, contributing to regional and international peace and security. The Secretary-General noted that the International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed on several occasions that Iran has fulfilled its commitments related to the nuclear issue in accordance with the agreement.

The Czech minority government voted not to win parliamentary vote to resign

                    (Former title: Czech minority government decided to resign)


Prague, January 17 (Xinhua) The minority government led by Czech Prime Minister Bobazis decided on the 17th to submit his resignation due to not winning the vote of confidence in the parliament.

Czech minority government meeting on the 17th. Barbados said at a press conference after the meeting that the government passed the decision on his resignation at the same day’s meeting. He has asked President Zeman to meet and submit his resignation in person. On the same day, Presidential Office spokesman Ovchaksek told local media that Zeman had not found a suitable time to meet with Babish because of preparations for the second round of presidential election. The exact timing of the meeting has not yet been confirmed.

Czech House of Representatives held a vote of confidence on the new Czech government on the 16th and more than half voted no-confidence vote. After his vote in parliament, Barbish said his work will not be affected in any way and the government will continue to work step by step as a caretaker government.

The United Nations Palestine Refugee Aid Agency is concerned about the freezing of aid funds by the United States

                    (Original title: UN Palestine Refugee Aid agencies are gravely concerned about the U.S. freeze of aid funds)


当地时间2014年10月21日,加沙,巴勒斯坦艺术家Eyad Sabbah用玻璃纤维和粘土在废墟之中展出雕像,描绘在巴以冲突中巴勒斯坦人逃离家园的状态。

Local time October 21, 2014, Palestinian artist Eyad Sabbah in Gaza, using glass fibers and clay to display statues among the rubble, depicts the Palestinian fleeing their homes during the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

China news agency United Nations January 17 According to the UN website on the 17th, responsible for assisting Palestinian refugees in the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) issued a statement on the day the United States freeze part of the aid to the agency Funding expressed serious concern.

The U.S. State Department announced on the 16th that it will provide 60 million U.S. dollars to UNRWA and will freeze another 65 million U.S. dollars in aid. U.S. State Department Spokesman Nolte stressed that the frozen funds are not canceled. At the same time, she denied that the move had a political purpose or punished any country or individual.

Pierre Krhenbühl, UNRWA Commissioner-General, said in a statement that the United States has provided more than $ 350 million to the Agency in 2017. The reduction in aid to the United States will affect more than 700 schools run by UNRWA and some 425,000 Palestinian children are at risk of being out of school. In addition, a large number of Palestine refugees urgently in need of emergency assistance will also face difficulties. He pointed out that it is incumbent upon the international community to assist Palestine refugees until a fair and lasting solution is found to the refugees’ plight and eventually to end the conflict in the Middle East. Krungimbul called on all parties to provide support for the UNRWA fund-raising.

5.9 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Kemake Islands 20 kilometers depth


Formal determination of China Seismological Network: At 06:56 on January 18, a 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit the Kemake Islands (30.12 degrees south latitude and 177.76 degrees west longitude) with a focal depth of 20 kilometers.

European Commission Chairman: I hope the United Kingdom to apply for re-entry after the EU

                    (Original title: EU Executive Chairman: I hope to apply for re-joining after Britain and the United Kingdom)

                                   Comprehensive report, the EU executive chairman Juncker said on the 17th, I hope the United Kingdom remain in the EU; at the same time, he said that even if the completion of the UK to complete the process of Brexit, I still hope that the UK apply to rejoin the EU. In his address to the European Parliament, Juncker pointed out that the EU convention not only provides for the withdrawal but also provides for the possibility of joining the European Union.

资料图:欧盟委员会主席容克(右)。 Figure: EU Executive Chairman Juncker (right).

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