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Sun Zhe Ren Harbin acting mayor Shuangyashan municipal party committee secretary

                    (Former title: Sun Zhe Ren Harbin City People’s Government Acting Mayor)


According to the Harbin City People’s Congress Standing Committee nomination meeting, Harbin City, the fifteenth session of the Standing Committee of the Tenth Meeting decided: Sun Zhe Harbin City People’s Government acting mayor. Male, Han nationality, born in October 1963 in Longkou, Shandong Province, joined the work in August 1985 and joined the Communist Party of China in March 1984 and graduated as a postgraduate in municipal engineering in the School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering of Harbin Jianzhu University in March 1984. , Engineering doctor, professor.

1981_9456_9_65473_9 1981.09-1985.08 Department of Urban Construction, Harbin Institute of Construction Engineering Water Supply and Drainage Students

1985.08-1996.02 Harbin Institute of Civil Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering Department Party branch secretary, director (During the period: 1988.09-1991.01 Harbin Institute of Architecture and Engineering graduate Class study, a master’s degree in engineering)

1996.02-1999.07 Harbin Institute of Technology Municipal Environmental Engineering College Party branch deputy secretary, vice president (during which: 1996.02-1999.01 Harbin Architecture University graduate classes, received a doctorate of engineering)

1999.07 -2000.10 Assistant mayor of Jiamusi city government

2000.10-2007.01 Deputy Mayor of Jiamusi City (During the period: 2002.12-2005.06, Harbin Institute of Technology and Jiamusi Enterprise Group postdoctoral research station)

2007.01-2010.04 Good Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor

2010.04-2010.05 Jiamusi Municipal Committee, Mayor Candidate

2010.05-2013.12 Jiamusi Municipal Committee, Mayor

2013.12-2014.01 Qiqihar Municipal Committee, Party Secretary, Mayor Candidate

Lvma government officials to pay wages to employees who won the title of national model workers

                    (The original title: no money for wages? The official wine to staff offset this Office!)



Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Agency website today (January 22) released a message that Hubei Yihua Group Co., Ltd. former party secretary and chairman Jiang Yuanhua suspected of serious violations of discipline, is now subject to organizational review.

Da Bai News Noted that Jiang Yuanhua served as workshop technician, workshop director, assistant general manager, deputy general manager, general manager and chairman of the board. He also won the title of “Model Worker of the Whole Country.” At that time, there was no shortage of mediocrity in the media for Jiang Yuanhua. According to the report, Jiang Yuanhua brought a small local enterprise on the brink of collapse to China’s top 500. In December 2015, the media had exposed Hubei Yihua wine arrived 40% salary, employees dare to speak out, much public opinion controversy.

Public Information, Jiang Yuanhua, Male, Han nationality, born in March 1966, University Culture, Yidu, Hubei Province, June 1988, Wuhan University of Technology graduated to Yichang Regional chemical plant (Hubei Yihua Group predecessor). He served as workshop technician, workshop director, assistant general manager, deputy general manager, general manager and chairman. February 2001, Hubei Yihua Group Party committee secretary, chairman and general manager.

In December 2013, Hubei Yihua announced that the Board of Directors received a written resignation from Jiang Yuanhua on December 11. Jiang Yuanhua applied for resigning from the post of director, chairman of the board of directors and director of the strategy committee of the board of directors. The resignation report shall take effect as of the date of serving on the board of directors. It is reported that the company did not elaborate on the reasons for resignation, only said that after careful consideration, based on further improvement of corporate governance structure, improve the company standard operating level and promote sustainable development of the company and other reasons, agreed to Jiang Yuanhua resign. However, Hubei Yihua had said at that time, Jiang Yuanhua no longer hold any position in the company after resigning, but still served as chairman of the controlling shareholder of Hubei Yihua Group Co., Ltd., general manager.

Da Bai News Inquiries Public reports found that Jiang Yuanhua’s most recent public appearance was on September 29 last year. Hubei Yihua Group Co., Ltd. official website shows: Yihua Group in the park Pavilion held a theme of “keep in mind the safety, respect for the law, abide by the system, cherish life,” safety education and training on-site meeting. Yihua Group Party Secretary, Chairman Jiang Yuanhua presided over the meeting. At the meeting, Jiang Yuanhua emphasized that from the various security incidents that occurred in recent years, the core reason is that people’s unsafe behavior, middle and lower management cadres, operators, maintenance workers, electrical instrument workers, contractors and other key groups The “three defaulters” are not controlled. In particular, long-term grassroots workplaces, experienced management cadres and staff, strong randomness, ignorance of the rules and regulations and safety education have passed the court. At present, the most important task in safety management is to really awaken the safety awareness and the fear of life of these groups of people.

Hubei Yihua has been controversial for “substituting alcohol for wages”

In December 2015, the media exposed that Hubei Yihua used alcohol to pay 40% of the salary.

It is reported that integrating proprietary products such as white wine and wine into the group revenue generating system is a diversified strategy for listed Hubei Hubei in the downturn of the main industry. However, the move has been strongly criticized by all walks of life. Under the winter wine industry, Hubei Yihua Group Sands back to the wine sales to achieve 37 years of growth in 8 years, a dark horse industry. Behind this, Yihua Group’s internal staff sales model contributed. However, according to the media survey, this marketing strategy re-entertained by top management of Yihua Group has been interpreted as an alternative way for wine employees to offset their wages and even offset suppliers’ accounts so that many Yihua employees and buyers And dare to say suppliers dare to speak.

According to the report, a public information shows that in 2014, Yixi Sands Back to Wine Group annualized 2.56 billion yuan and sold more than 400 million yuan through the internal channels of Yihua Group. In addition to mandatory suppliers, buyers buy wine, Hubei Yihua had also used the staff wages, the company’s employees are also suitable for sale of wine objects. At that time, Yihua Group stakeholders to the media denied the above statement. “These are all misunderstandings. We have received similar reflections and found out that they were misunderstood by suppliers. Our employees can voluntarily use private channels to sell their wines. This encourages employees to make additional revenue and is entirely voluntary and will never be forced to However, a number of internal staff interviewed by the media indicated that Yihua Group had used wine to offset staff wages, such as 60% of wages and 40% of wines. At the same time, Hubei Yihua Group companies to force its staff selling wine, and the task is also an open secret of distribution. According to an old worker retiring from Yihua Group, his family still has children working in the group, saying: “My son is a task of 4,000 yuan, and his salary is only four or five thousand. The children seem to be pinched by the neck, do not sell it or not. ” It is reported that from 2005 onwards, Yihua Group has in Guizhou Xingyi, Bijie and Zunyi and other places to invest in the construction of coal chemical projects. Data show that as of 2011, Yihua Group invested a total of 6.1 billion yuan in Guizhou, with an annual sales revenue of 6 billion yuan and a profit of 2 billion yuan to solve the employment of 14,000 people. Yihua Group considerable attention to the resources of Guizhou. In mid-November 2010, Jinsha County, Guizhou Province, signed a contract with Hubei Yihua Group Co., Ltd., and will invest 12.5 billion yuan coal-fired electricity and electricity integration cycle project in Jinsha County during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. At that time, Jiang Yuanhua, head of Yihua Group, said that in the future development of Hubei Yihua Group, Jinsha County will be one of the key areas for investment. According to the media survey, before and after investing in Guizhou Liquor, Yihua Group has both involved in investment in relevant local industries and has certain relevance in terms of time and space. Investing in Liquor may be “unwilling.”

Once a Small Local Business Entering China’s Top 500

Da Bai News noted that in 2010, when he was Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Hubei Yihua Group, Jiang Yuanhua won the title of “National Model Worker” title. At that time, the media reported that from 2005 to 2010, he was “an entrepreneur who can really make this enterprise bigger only when he really loves his motherland, loves his business and loves his staff. Strong “for the practice of philosophy, advocate the development of the country is to” eliminate discrimination, the pursuit of equality and building a harmonious. ” Over the past five years, he led the team to make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties and create a living for the country with nearly 20 billion yuan of nonperforming assets. It created more than 40,000 new jobs for the country, nearly 3 billion yuan of taxes for the state, 3.6 billion yuan to a breakthrough 40 billion yuan.

In addition, Jiang Yuanhua has also won the “National May 1 Labor Medal”, “China Economic News People”, won the title of “Hubei Top Ten Economic Personals” for two consecutive years, and his team has also been awarded the “National Advanced Grass-roots party organizations “,” state-owned enterprises to create “four good” leading group advanced collective “honorary title.

Bein American Supervisory Authority documents required to clarify this performance forecast amendment

                    (Original title: Bein Mei Ju Regulatory Documents: Requirements Explanation Four directors can not guarantee the true content of the information disclosure)


Beinmei received the document from China Securities Regulatory Commission of Zhejiang Regulatory Bureau and requested clarification that in the amendment notice of this performance forecast, the four directors of the Company stated that they could not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the information disclosure on the basis of their respective reasons. Asked whether the Company provided sufficient and necessary information on the above directors’ performance of their duties, whether there were any significant risks in the Company’s internal control, whether the Company provided directors with repeated and different information and statements, their causes and whether the Company’s financial management was flawed. Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau will also conduct an on-site inspection of the company in January.

Jiang Wanan does not participate in the mayor of Taipei Cause: do not want to become the second winning text

                    (Original title: Jiang Wanan does not participate in the mayor of Taipei because: do not want to become the second winning text)



Jiang Wan’an said that “I will not attend the 2018 Taipei mayoral election” and will remain in the “Legislative Yuan.” (Source: Taiwan Times China)

Taiwan Network January 22 According to Taiwan’s “China Time Electronics News” reported that the KMT “legislator” Jiang Wanan recently said she would not attend the 2018 mayoral election in Taipei, triggering outside discussions . It has been reported that Kuomintang internal analysis said Jiang Wanan’s decision not to consider may not be to become “the second winning streak.”

Chinese officials have received an average of 800 billion kilograms of grain each year to help farmers increase their incomes by more than 200 billion yuan

                    (Original title: China’s official annual income of 800 billion kilograms of aid to farmers to increase income over 200 billion yuan)


China news agency, Beijing, January 22 (Reporter Zhang Leifeng, director of China’s State Food Administration) revealed in Beijing on the 22nd that since the 18th CPC National Congress, China has acquired an average of 800 billion kilograms of grain annually without any large-scale sale of grain. .

Zhang Wufeng made the remark when he made a work report at the national food circulation conference. He said that in the past five years, the official government has steadfastly pushed forward the reform and development of grain circulation and the ability of China’s food security to be fully improved.

First, the grain policy has benefited farmers and benefited significantly. Average annual acquisition of 800 billion kg of grain, there is no large area “selling grain difficult.” Through the care of the market acquisition, high quality and low price, post-natal impairment and other measures to help farmers increase total income of 200 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), the effective protection of the interests of grain farmers. Second, the level of modern grain storage has been significantly improved. The new standard storage capacity of more than 1600 billion jins, maintenance and transformation of the “old warehouse dangerous warehouse” over 2500 billion jins, the total good warehouse capacity of 1.2 trillion jins; grain storage facilities and technology to the world advanced level, the overall grain inventory remained stable.

Shanghai 16 district-level monitoring commission listed Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission Office anti-corruption office

                    (Original title: 16 district-level Shanghai Supervision Commission now listed Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission Commission Office “heavy” anti-corruption)

                                   Shanghai, January 22 Shanghai 16 district-level inspection committees were all set up on the 22nd, which is an important node in Shanghai’s pragmatic and orderly promotion of the pilot reform of the regulatory system.

Under the lead demonstration by Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, 16 pilot districts in Shanghai were set up as the first pilot group for the reform of the monitoring system and the team leader of the Party committee. They conscientiously performed the duties of “construction team leader” and took the lead in front-line command and review Check the implementation of reform programs, coordinate the work of major and difficult points, and strengthen the whole process of reform pilot leadership.

Among them, personnel transfer is the “bull nose” of reform pilot work and is the key link in supervising the reform of the system. 16 districts have fully completed the work of “full coverage of the two rounds of talks”, and the Discipline Inspection Commission and the Procuratorate of each district have respectively conducted talks on conversions of cadres one by one, intensified the awareness of “entering one family, one family, one family, one family, one family” We should do a good job in ideological and political work, unite consensus on reform and form a joint force for reform. The reform pilot personnel transfer into the retreat, 16 districts were adjusted 23 District Commission for Discipline Inspection members, 30 Procuratorate transferred to the cadres into the district committee.

In addition, the reform has integrated decentralized anti-corruption resources and forces and has a clearer fist. Shanghai Supervision System Reform Pilot Working Group Office of the person in charge, “reasonable allocation of posts by cadres to achieve complementary advantages and promote the integration of personnel, and further stimulate everyone in the new post to show their skill, ability and contribution to the initiative, initiative Sexuality. “

In the whole month of December last year, over the weekend, thousands of cadres in Shanghai discipline inspection and supervision authorities concentrated their efforts to invite all front-line cadres and experts and professors in law enforcement and judicial departments to give priority to explaining relevant legal knowledge on job-related crimes and fighting corruption Skills and so on. In the procuratorial system, all the departments that are going to transfer to cadres in batches carry out training in batches, focusing on training the party discipline rules and regulations and monitoring the implementation of discipline and accountability, laying a solid foundation for quick transition to a working state afterwards.

After the transfer, the districts adopted various methods to actively promote personnel integration, institutional integration and business integration. Yangpu District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission take the lead in the city to achieve office work together, housing in place, the staff in place, then organized all discipline inspection and supervision cadres training, district leaders of the mobilization of the leaders, asking everyone from the formation of a team to become A collective, to further update their concepts, enrich their knowledge, familiar with the business, into the role, firmly shoulder the political responsibility.

Zhong Mian added as Sichuan Provincial CPPCC members have resigned as vice governor of Guizhou

                    (Original title: Zhong Mian added to Sichuan Province CPPCC members, has resigned as vice governor of Guizhou Province)


钟勉增补为四川省政协委员 已辞任贵州副省长 Zhong Mian CCTV News Client Figure

After working in Yunnan and Guizhou, Zhong Mian, a cadre at the provincial level, returned to work in Sichuan.

According to the news released by the CPPCC Sichuan Provincial Committee on the evening of January 22, authorized by the Standing Committee of the 11th Committee of the Sichuan Provincial CPPCC, on January 22, 2018, the 76th chairman meeting of the 11th CPPCC Sichuan Provincial Committee passed : Supplement Zhong Mian member of the CPPCC Sichuan Province.

Public resume shows that Zhong Mian (1963.5) is a native of Sichuan. He joined the Communist Party of China in May 1983 and joined the work in July 1984. He graduated from the Socialist Market Economy Research School of Economics of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics with a doctor’s degree and Doctor of Economics .

Zhong Mian worked in Sichuan for many years and served in the provincial government office for a long time in his early years. Since then he has served in Leshan City, Provincial Tourism Bureau and Ziyang City. In February 2007, he served as Secretary General of the Provincial Party Committee and Director General of the Provincial Party Committee. After 3 months Among the Provincial Standing Committee, in January 2008 as vice governor of Sichuan Province.

Taipei 101 ready-made group Nazi flag Taipei police: a category of freedom of speech

                    (Former Title: Taipei 101 Ready-made Nazi Flag German Israel Office in Taiwan Condemns)


台北101现成群纳粹旗 台北警方:属言论自由范畴

台北101现成群纳粹旗 台北警方:属言论自由范畴

台北101现成群纳粹旗 台北警方:属言论自由范畴

台北101现成群纳粹旗 台北警方:属言论自由范畴

Liaoning bribed high-ranking officials make money nearly 10 million was sentenced to plead claimed blow retaliation

                    (Original title: Another Liaoning bribed senior officer was sentenced)


Legal Evening News · Opinion News Recently, Liu Tieying, former vice chairman of the CPPCC Liaoning Committee, guilty of taking bribes and embezzling crimes, and dismissing the case of a huge crime of unknown property source for the purpose of upholding the original verdict. Earlier, he was sentenced to 9 years in jail and was fined 1.2 million yuan.

View News reporter noted that one of this person’s disciplinary action is the use of public funds to elect a deputies. In addition, Liu Tieying also concealed the truth of the traffic accident, not truthful to the organization explain the problem.

Official disclosure that when he first dropped his claim that he was retaliated, he was falsely accused. Until his distant relatives confession on the project to bribe him, the psychological defense of the person finally collapsed.

辽宁贿选高官敛财近千万获刑 曾辩称遭打击报复

long in the prosecution system, money-making nearly ten million

was born in May 1957 of Liu Tieying Yingkou man, 22 years old to work, has been working in the Procuratorate, from Yingkou City Procuratorate clerk, then gradually increased Anti-Corruption Director, Attorney General and so on.

In February 2004, he was promoted to the Attorney General of Panjin Procuratorate. In January 2013, he was transferred to Panjin as vice chairman of the CPPCC. October 22, 2015, Liu Tieying suspected of serious discipline, accept the organization investigation. February 2, 2016 was doubly open and transferred to justice.

In addition to the common issues such as engaging in transactions of color and color, accepting financial gifts and illegally posting public funds, this person also concealed the truth about traffic accident and used public funds to bribe NPC representatives and set up a “small treasury” , As well as intervention in normal judicial activities.

On August 25, 2017, Liu Tieying committed the crime of accepting bribes and embezzling crimes. The source of a huge amount of property was unknown. He was sentenced to nine years in jail and sentenced to a fine of 1.2 million yuan. The ruling shows that this person received a total of more than 255 million yuan, more than 12 million yuan in corruption, while another 666 thousand yuan, 70 yuan and 0.06 yuan huge sum of money can not explain the legal sources.

After the first instance verdict, Liu Tieying refused to accept his appeal. On December 21, 2017, the Liaoyang Court of Justice rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict.

The businessman sent 100,000 and two people were therefore not prosecuted.

PRINCIPLE After reviewing the reporters, most of the bribery and corruption found by the court occurred after the transfer of Liu Tieying to the Panjin Procuratorate.

In July 2003, the third branch of a construction limited liability company in Liaoning Province contracted a technology-only building in Panjin City. During the contracting project, there was a problem with the construction of the conference room. The responsible person of the company, Wang, introduced Liu Tieying through his friends, Liu Tieying 100,000 yuan, the conference room decoration and other projects funded to be carried out smoothly.

This distance Liu Tieying as Prosecutor General of Panjin City Procuratorate only two months time. March 2004, Wang again sent 70,000 yuan.

From the point of view of time, after Liu Tieying took the post as Attorney General of Panjin Procuratorate, the frequency of accepting enterprise commissions and using his powers and functions to handle certain matters began to rise markedly.

Not only accepting bribes, Liu Tieying also made use of his position and powerfully interfered with the judiciary as well as selling his official. In September 2010, Jiangsu Group Co., Ltd. clashed with local people during the construction of Panjin City, causing casualties. To be taken care of, the group Shenyang Branch Manager Gao Moumou found Liu Tieying, sent 100,000 yuan, the two suspects have not been prosecuted. In 2004, Yuemou, general manager of a Panjin Co., Ltd., Learned that someone was reporting his corruption in the Procuratorate. In November of the same year, he bought a Toyota Jeep valued at 810,000 yuan for Liu Tieying. In addition, he also received 700,000 yuan selling official. In 2010, Qianmou, Chairman of Liaoning Papermaking Co., Ltd., approached Liu Tieying for a closer relationship with Liu Tieying and sent 700,000 yuan for the job promotion of X-chang Wang Wang, then of Panjin City, to be taken care of by Liu Tieying. By the end of 2010, Liu Tieying up to recommend Wang, after Wang Wang X Panjin City, as a member of the Political Department.

Starting from his relatives, the prosecution successfully solved the case

However, it was just a dozen years of procuratorial career that investigators encountered many difficulties in investigating the case of Liu Tieying’s alleged violation of laws and disciplines, so that Liaoning Province Many city procuratorates feel that it is too difficult to accept.

In such circumstances, Party Secretary and Prosecutor General Sun Naiying, People’s Procuratorate, Liaoyang Sub-district, were appointed as head of the task force. A “British Eagle” showdown to start.

Official media disclosed that Liu Tieying is a national procuratorial system business expert who has participated in the revision of criminal law and has strong anti-investigation capabilities. Just contact, Sun Naiying felt the difficult progress of the case. No matter how the investigators questioned, Liu Tieying said nothing.

Sun Naiying’s name, Liu Tieying is still familiar. When investigating the case of “Muma” in Shenyang in 2000, both were dispatched by the task force of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission. At that time, Liu Tieying was still the leader of the team. Sitting in front of Sun Nai-ying, Liu Tieying is still very friendly, but his face contains a sneer. That laugh does not float on his face, but hides in the depths of his eyes.

“Brother, did not expect us to meet in this way ah!” Sonai Ying said with emotion. He hoped that with a sincere awakening the heart of a former Big Brother lost knowledge, Liu Tieying slightly awkward, but still silent.

辽宁贿选高官敛财近千万获刑 曾辩称遭打击报复 (investigating the case of Sun Naiying)

“Big brother, why do you know sitting here? You are also an old business expert, the old leadership, organizational policy, you also know .Active cooperation with the problem Speaking clearly, is the only way out. “

Liu Tieying’s face unnaturally twitched. “All are false accusations, working for a lifetime, and dealing with job-hunting crimes almost all day. How can I break the law?” He was somewhat angry. “As an expert who once participated in the revision of the criminal law, you have not guilty of the crime, and you know best in your own mind.” Sun Nai-ying immediately said something coldly.

“What else are you going to ask?” Liu Tieying’s voice began to dope with iron filings and had a fangs feeling. “You do not want to be falsely accused about, some people are deliberately rectifying me, handling crimes these years I offended a lot of people .I soon retired, someone retaliation me.”

Sun Naiying severely knocked on the eyes of Liu Tieying look, Well, then give it a try and see what evidence of criminality we have in the world. “Sun Nai-ying knew he would not bow his head to confession if he did not face the ironclap.

The report said the Chinese people trust the government up to 84% of the United States only 33%

                    (Original title: Reported that Chinese people trust the government up to 84% The United States only 33% facing a crisis of confidence)


According to Taiwan media, the 2018 annual “Edelman Global Trust Survey” shows that one year after President Trump came into power, the American public expressed concern that the U.S. agencies, especially the government, Confidence plummeted; in contrast, Chinese people’s trust in the government has risen dramatically.

According to the website of Taiwan’s Central News Agency quoting Reuters on January 21, the “Edelman Global Trust Survey Report” published on the eve of the World Economic Forum shows that on the whole, the American public has no clear understanding of the role of government, enterprises, the media and the non- The decline in trust in government organizations is the largest of the 28 countries surveyed.

Reported that Trump repeatedly condemned the media and judicial system, critics believe that these attacks have undermined the public’s risk to the media and the justice system.

Reported that, by comparison, Chinese people’s trust has risen, with the largest increase in 28 countries.

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