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North Korea’s Olympic Winter Games delegation has more than 400 cheerleaders accounted for more than half

                    (Former Title: North Korea’s Winter Olympics Visiting Group Has Over 400 People)


Both South Korea and North Korea are busy organizing North Korea’s participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. At the vice-ministerial working meeting held on the 17th, the two sides reached a consensus on the participation of the cheering team of more than 230 Korean troops in the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics. Given North Korea has confirmed the dispatch of more than 140 art troupes and more than 30 Taekwondo Demonstration Group to participate in the Olympics, North Korea has decided to send the delegation size of more than 400 people.

朝鲜冬奥访问团规模已逾400人 拉拉队占一多半

The two sides reached an agreement on the DPRK’s dispatch of a 150-member delegation to participate in the PyeongChang Winter Paralympics. In addition to the personnel announced to date, the size of North Korea’s Winter Olympics visiting delegation will be further expanded with the addition of high-level delegations, IOC delegation and press corps.

North Korea held a high-level meeting on the 9th that it said it would consider dispatching a 400-500-member delegation to participate in the Olympics and is expected to not exceed the size of the 2002 Busan Asian Games. At that time, North Korea dispatched 318 sports delegations and 288 cheerleading teams, totaling more than 600 visiting delegations. It was the largest of North Korean delegations to participate in the international sports events held in South Korea.

朝鲜冬奥访问团规模已逾400人 拉拉队占一多半

North Korea In the 2003 Daegu World University Games, 221 sports delegations and 303 cheerleaders were sent to North Korea totaling more than 500 people. At the 2005 Incheon Asia Athletics Championships, 20 sports delegations and cheerleaders 124 In the Incheon Asian Games in 2014, 273 delegates were dispatched. In 2017, at the World Taekwondo Championships in South Korea, the DPRK sent a 36-person Taekwondo demonstrative delegation.

朝鲜冬奥访问团规模已逾400人 拉拉队占一多半

North and South Korea will conduct joint training skiers

on the vice-ministerial level talks held on the 17th, both Koreas also agreed to hold inter-Korean joint cultural activities in DPRK’s Mount Kumgang area before the opening of the Olympic Games , And Korean and Korean ski runners at the Maligin Ski Resort in North Korea. At a press briefing, Qian Hai-cheng, chief representative of the ROK delegation and South Korea’s unified deputy official, said the advance team will go to Mount Kumgang on the 23rd to check the venues and go to the Majiling Ridge to inspect the facilities.

朝鲜冬奥访问团规模已逾400人 拉拉队占一多半

The Majiling Ski Resort is located in Xinfengli, Wonsan District, Gangwon-do, North Korea. It is one of the key construction projects in North Korea. It takes about two hours by car from the military separation line between Korea and the DPRK and about 200 km from Pyeongchang. Built in 2013 by Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s supreme leader, the ski slope includes several pistes, a restaurant, helipad and ski lift.

朝鲜冬奥访问团规模已逾400人 拉拉队占一多半

International Olympic Committee will decide the details of the Korean ginseng Austrian

local time on the 20th, North and South Korea trilateral meeting with the IOC in Switzerland on, will be finalized participate in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics North Korea’s number of players and North Korea’s sports delegation size. It is predicted that North Korea’s sports delegation size is about 10-20 people, may participate in figure skating double skating, women’s ice hockey, alpine skiing and cross-country skiing four projects.

朝鲜冬奥访问团规模已逾400人 拉拉队占一多半

Trump to Mexico for the border wall to pay 20 billion U.S. foreign minister: dreaming

                    (Former title: Trump makes ink for the border wall to pay $ 20 billion Mexican Foreign Minister: Dreaming!)


特朗普.jpg US President Trump. On the 19th of the same day, U.S. President Trump made a push on the U.S.-Mexico border and said that Mexico will directly or indirectly pay for the U.S.-Mexico border. In response, the Mexican foreign minister responded that in any In the circumstances, Mexico will not pay for the border wall.

On the 19th, Trump sent a message on Twitter saying that “Mexico will pay for the wall, either directly or indirectly, or through long-term repayments, with a ridiculous 71 billion U.S. dollars of trade surpluses Mexico and the United States export to the United States The $ 20 billion wall is peanuts compared to peanuts. “North American Free Trade Agreement is a joke!” To this Mexican Foreign Minister said Mozambique reiterated that under no circumstances would Mexico be a border to the United States or Mexico Walls and pay bills, Mexico will not negotiate North American Free Trade Agreements or other bilateral relations matters through the media or any social media.

特朗普推特.jpg Trump Twitter Screenshots.

Russia condemns Japan for deploying the Aegis system: pouring cold water on Japan-Russia relations

                    (Original title: Russia condemned Japan’s deployment of the Aegis system: poured cold water on Japan-Russia relations)

                                   On the 15th of this month, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov referred to the new anti-missile system “Shore-based Aegis” that Japan decided to introduce at a regular press conference on the New Year’s day. According to Japanese media reports, on the 15th of this month, Saying “this is a real source of cold and water for Russia-Japan relations,” thereby re-emphasizing Russia’s opposition to Japan’s deployment of the system.


British Belgium intercept Russian military aircraft Russian Defense Ministry: did not infringe upon the airspace of another country

                    (Original title: Britain, Belgium, “common” Russian aircraft interceptor Russian Defense Ministry: did not violate the airspace of his country)


“British fighter intercepts Russian bomber again”. According to the British “Independent” reported on January 15, the British Ministry of Defense released the same day that two RAF “Typhoon” jet fighters were launched on the 15th and intercepted close to their Russian airspace graph -160 strategic bombers.

British Defense Ministry said at 9:30 on January 15 local time, the Royal Air Force, two “Typhoon” jet fighters from Scotland Eslma Air Force Base emergency lift to intercept two British territories trying to approach the airspace Russia Figure -160 strategic bombers. British fighters stopped tracking after the Russian bombers entered the Norwegian sea. British Defense Ministry said the Russian military aircraft did not violate British airspace.

“Russian military aircraft abide by international rules and did not violate the airspace of other countries”. According to a report by the Russian unit on the 15th, the Russian unit reported that two Tu-160 strategic bombers were completed on the 15th in the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea neutral waters Planned flight over. The MiG-31 fighter crew escorted the long-range fleet aircraft. The voyage more than 13 hours, Figure -160 in the flight also carried out the air refueling. The report stressed that Russia’s long-range aviation flew regularly over the Arctic, the North Atlantic, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and the pacific Pacific waters. “All flights of the Russian air force are strictly in compliance with relevant international rules and have not infringed upon the airspace of other countries.”

British politicians have accused Hong Kong’s Office of Rule of Law, Foreign Affairs Administration and Chief Executive Cheuk unjustifiably

                    (Original title: British politicians allegations of unfounded Foreign Affairs Office of the Rule of Law in Hong Kong and the Chief Executive Qi rebuked)



As the political organization headed by Ashdown, a British politician, has applauded the rule of law in Hong Kong, Mrs lam criticized the unfounded .

Overseas Chinese Network January 16 British politicians, former Liberal Democrats and political organizations led by British parliament members have issued reports accusing Hong Kong of interfering in the rule of law by interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs. The Hong Kong Office and Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Mrs Carrie Lam, responded today (16), expressing strong dissatisfaction with foreign agencies’ intervention in China’s internal affairs and Hong Kong affairs.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the so-called “Hong Kong Watch” led by Ashdown, former leader of the Liberal Democrats in the UK, has reported that Hong Kong Legislative Councilors were disqualified and that illegal “taking up” Wong Fung-feng and others were commuted Jailed, etc., claiming “to reflect the worries about the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary in Hong Kong”. He believes China and Britain have the responsibility to safeguard human rights in Hong Kong.

The Foreign Ministry’s Hong Kong office said in its official website that China firmly opposes any foreign government, institution or individual interfering in any form of affairs in Hong Kong. Some British politicians and the so-called “Hong Kong Watch” group are prejudiced. The so-called report they published distorts the facts and is not worth refuting.

The Hong Kong office pointed out that since the reunification of Hong Kong, the Central Government has acted strictly in accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Law. The HKSAR government has strictly implemented its administration in accordance with the law. Hong Kong has achieved universally recognized success in “Hong Kong, one country, two systems” and a high degree of autonomy. It is an undeniable fact that all social, rule of law and democratic affairs are fully developed.

Abe is expected to attend Pyeongmong Winter Olympics? Japanese officials said they will work hard to coordinate the schedule

                    (Original title: Abe is expected to attend the PyeongMing Winter Olympics hope? Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party chairman said he will work hard to coordinate the schedule)


【World Wide Web Report】 Influenced by a series of questions such as the Japanese and South Korean comfort women agreement, whether Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be invited to the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will become a mystery. According to Japan’s NHK television station reported on January 16, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party Director-General Junbo Junbo at a press conference on Abe’s participation, said that in order to facilitate Abe to attend the opening ceremony, efforts will be coordinated parliamentary agenda.

International Olympic Committee member Liu Chengmin will serve as village head of Pyeongchang athletes

                    (Original title: IOC member Liu Chengmin will serve as village head of Pyeongchang athletes)

                                   According to the Yonhap news agency reported that according to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games Organizing Committee on the 16th news, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Liu Chengmin and Ulsan University of Science and Technology Professor Jin Qi 焄 respectively Pyeongchang Athletes Village and Gangneung Athletes Village Mayor, the appointment ceremony will be held on the 23rd in Pyeongchang.

2018 Japan miss this way! 23-year-old company employees won the title

                    (Original title: 2018 Japan miss this way! 23-year-old company employees won the title)



According to Japan’s “Tokyo News” reported on January 15, “2018 Miss Japan” finals held in Tokyo on the 15th, Nagoya, 23-year-old company employee Ishibashi won the laurel.


Shiqiao said: “dance practice over many years so that today I can confidently, proudly standing on the stage.”


Japan’s Sumo wrestling scandal: the highest referee resigned due to sexual harassment

                    (Former title: Japan and the explosive explosion scandal: the highest referee resigned due to sexual harassment)


BEIJING, January 16 According to the Japanese media reported that recently, the Japan Sumo Association held an interim council at the Tokyo National Museum of Science and Technology for the 40th generation of legislation (the highest grade referee) Youth Division to commit sexual harassment, to stop making its disciplinary punishment.

It is reported that in Japan, it is extremely rare for the highest-ranking firms to be punished for scandals. To this end, Iraq’s aid has submitted a resignation report, the association will be in summer venue (that is, the annual competition in May) after the admissibility.

The President of the Octagon (formerly Yokogawa Kitasheng Hai) explained that the postponement of his resignation explained that “this is a time to reflect on him.” Yoshinori apologized to the council for saying “I’m deeply sorry about the (sumo) victims of the sumo wrestlers, associations, and most (victims).”

According to the Association, Yizuke helped drunk a young divorce agent after drinking drunken during the winter tour in Okinawa Prefecture in December 2017. It is learned that Iraqi aid has apologized, and the Secretary and his parents did not intend to demand a punishment.

Visa-free to add a China and the United Arab Emirates today from the full visa-free

                    (Original title: add another visa-free! China and the United Arab Emirates today from the full mutual visa)


On December 12, 2017, the Chinese government and the UAE government amended the “Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the United Arab Emirates on Visa Exemption for Diplomatic Passport Holders”, extending the scope of visa abstentions to the two countries holding regular Passport personnel. The amendment will take effect today (16th).

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