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US media: Trump eldest daughter Ivanka will participate in the closing ceremony of PyeongMing Olympic Winter Games

                    (Original title: US media: Ivanka will participate in the closing ceremony of PyeongMing Olympic Winter Games)



Embassy on the situation in the Maldives repeatedly reminded: Temporary high risk temporarily do not go

                    (Original title: Embassy on the Maldives situation repeatedly issued a reminder that the intention to go to help themselves)


BEIJING, February 6, according to the Chinese Embassy in Maldives website, recently, the Maldives capital, Mali large-scale rally occurred. The Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Maldives reminded Chinese citizens to pay close attention to the situation there and not to visit the Maldives for the time being. If there is a recent trip to Malaysia, it is recommended to cancel. The embassy bulletin also said that if temporarily do not go to remind the release, insist on going or facing a very high risk, and therefore the resulting assistance costs borne by individuals.

Screenshot from Chinese Embassy in Maldives website.

Message reminder, in case of emergency, please call the police and contact the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia.

On the land since the helicopter crashed Jalan Abe angrily ordered to inspect all the helicopters

                    (Original title: 日 陆 since the helicopter crashed Jalan Abe angry ordered to check all the SDF helicopters)


Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun reported on February 6 that in the light of the crashes and casualties caused by Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force helicopters, Japanese Prime Minister Abe, on the afternoon of the 5th, held a meeting with the anti-phase Five Temples of Ono Temple in the Prime Minister’s residence. All helicopters of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces were inspected, and 12 AH-64D helicopters of the same type as the plane were also stopped.

On the evening of the 5th, Onoji called and apologized to the prefectural governor of Saga Prefecture. At the same time, he sent Defense Defense Agency Commissioner Taro Ono to the scene. At a press conference, Onodera said he was very sorry about the accident and said it will identify the cause as early as possible to prevent the accident from happening again.

The Japanese government set up an information liaison room at the Prime Minister’s Office Crisis Management Center on the afternoon of the 5th to gather information on the accident.

PyeongChang Winter Olympics held at the Chinese Embassy Security reminder: more dress frostbite

                    (Original title: PyeongChang Winter Olympics held in the Chinese Embassy Security Reminder: more clothing frostbite)


BEIJING, February 6 According to the website of the Chinese embassy in Korea, the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Phanom, South Korea and the Paralympic Games will be held from February 9 to February 25 and March 9 to March 18 at the local time Pyeongchang, Korea, held in Gangneung. In order to ensure the personal safety of Chinese citizens in the spectators’ race, the Chinese embassy in South Korea reminds the Chinese citizens of the spectators to watch the snow-covered and ice-skating sports while paying attention to the thick clothing and self-protection to prevent frostbite.

Photo credit: screenshot of the Chinese embassy in Korea.

In order to provide necessary assistance and services to Chinese citizens in the match, the Chinese Embassy in South Korea will set up a 24-hour Winter Olympic Games service hotline (0082-10-20048831) from February 7 to March 20 local time Remind the observers of Chinese citizens to pay attention to the following:

I. Before going abroad. Please download the Official APP of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics to learn more about transportation, accommodation, schedule, venue facilities and other information. Please visit China Consular Service (, Chinese Embassy in South Korea’s website ( for general information about Korea, immigration, safety precautions, travel, customs and other information .

Second, the time of entry and exit. Please comply with the relevant requirements of Korea’s exit and entry, customs and health inspection and quarantine. During the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the South Korean government has stepped up its entry and exit safety and health inspection and quarantine checks. When entering Korea, hand luggage and checked baggage have to be checked again. Do not carry contraband goods on board or immigration, do not piggyback luggage or items for strangers. In case of unexpected situations, we should deal with the situation rationally and keep the relevant evidences.

Third, take the opportunity. Please read carefully the terms of the contract at the time of purchase of the ticket, and fully understand the limitations on the rights to service. In the event of flight delays and the like, rational rights protection is based on contractual stipulations and avoid over-exaggerating the demands of the contract, so as to avoid unnecessary legal disputes.

Fourth, during the Republic of Korea. Abide by Korean laws and regulations, respect local customs and habits and show the good image of Chinese citizens. Pay particular attention to:

(I) Strengthen risk prevention and ensure personal safety. Obedience to the staff of the tournament, with the local people and other countries players, tourists get along friendly and civilized concept match. Watch snow and ice sports, pay attention to the thick and self-protection, to prevent frostbite. If sudden discomfort or injury, please promptly seek medical advice and inform the family.

(2) Keep your passport, cash and valuables properly. During the tournament, especially where traffic is concentrated, take care of your belongings. If passports and property are inadvertently lost, please report to the police in time and re-submit your travel documents as soon as possible to the Chinese embassy and consulate in South Korea.

(III) Comply with traffic regulations and public order. Do not run the red light, do not chaos the road, do not drink and drive. Restaurants, subway and other public places, do not loud noise and spitting. Smoking is prohibited in public places and major streets in South Korea’s hotels, restaurants, parks, squares, railway stations, etc. Offenders are fined fines.

(D) away from the casino to prevent telecommunications fraud. If there is any dispute with others, please call the police in time and defend their legitimate rights and interests through proper channels so as to avoid over or excessive rights protection.

(5) Please keep in touch (mobile phone, WeChat, etc.) smooth. In the passport details of the family or friends address, telephone, so that emergency situations can get in touch with them.

five South Korean popular Tel

crime alarm: 112

fire, accident and ambulance: 119

Language Services (Dasan Center): 120

Legal Aid (Korea Legal Aid syndicalism): 132

winter Special Advisory Hotline / Tourism Advisory and Complaints (Korea Tourism Board): 1330

Consumer Dispute (Korean Consumers’ Center): 1372

Incheon Airport Lost u0026 Found: 032-741-3114

Gimpo Airport Lost u0026 Found: 02- 2660-4097

Xiangyang Airport lost and found: 033-670-7316

Japan, Russia to Hold Deputy Foreign Ministers’ Consultation Abe plans to visit Putin, Russia, in May

                    (Former Title: Japan and Russia to Hold Deputy Foreign Ministers’ Consultation Abe Proposes Visit to Putin in May

                                   BEIJING, February 6 Xinhua According to the Japanese media reported that around the disputed islands in Japan and Russia in the common economic activities, Japan and Russia, the two governments will be held on the 6th of this month in Tokyo Deputy Foreign Minister consultations. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Russia in May and plans to hold talks with Russian President Putin, pushing forward coordination and striving to make the project concrete.

Information Figure: Local time Russia, Sochi, Russian President Putin met with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on February 8, 2014. Image Source: CFP Vision China

Afro-American juvenile suspect with a gun chased by the police suddenly turned to be shot

                    (Original title: Afro-American juvenile suspect with a gun was chased by the police suddenly turned to be shot)



Data for

overseas online February 6 electric about 8:00 Wednesday night, Los Angeles, 16-year-old black teenager Weber (Anthony Weber) by the local police in the street chase, followed by the number of gun deaths . At the time of the incident, police officers on the scene claimed that he had found a gun on Weber and pursued a gun just as Weber suddenly turned to them during the chase. Local police said no firearms were found at Webber or on the scene at the moment and the investigation is continuing.

Trump just praised the economy in the United States Great Wall Street plunged 1175 points

                    (Original title: Trump just like the economy of the United States, the Dow stocks plunge 1175 points)



(Figure Source: US Chinese network)

overseas online February 6 electric u0026 nbsp; local time, the US stock market crash following the 2nd suffered another “bloodbath.” The Dow Jones index closed at 1175 points, its biggest closing loss so far on the trading day. To this end, although U.S. President Trump once again announced on the 5th a wave of “good news” to promote the U.S. economy, he wisely avoided talking about the stock market.

According to the CNN and the Chinese network reported on the 5th, the U.S. stock market continued to show a “free-fall” on the 5th of local time. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped as much as 1,600 points once, creating the biggest decline in history. It is learned that at the close, the Dow Jones industrial average closed down 1175.21 points, down 4.6% at 24345.75 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 273.42 points, or 3.78%, to 6,967.53 points. The S u0026 P 500 Index closed down 113.19 points, down 4.1% at 2648.94 points.

Surprisingly, the drop of 4.6% this time is the biggest decline since the European debt crisis in August 2011. The stock market, which has risen since the election day, gives investors comfort and the plunge has no purpose to be wary of. In response, the White House spokesman Sanders said: “The president focused on the long-term U.S. economic base, and this economic base is still unusually strong.”

It is reported that the Dow Jones index fell by 800 at 3 pm local time. In a matter of minutes, it dropped by 900,1000 and then by 1500. It slipped up to 1597 points at most. The Nasdaq index fell more than 2%, but soon rose to rise, then fell again. It dropped nearly 4%. S u0026 P 500 index fell more than 4%.

North Korea Winter Olympics Troupe went to South Korea Kim Jung-sister and other senior officials sent off

                    (Former Title: North Korea Troupe Departs to South Korea Kim Jong-Eun Sends Your Own Sister)


朝鲜冬奥艺术团启程赴韩 金正恩妹妹等高官送行

Legend: “Wanfeng Feng 92” Cruise

[Report from World Wide Web] Yonhap News Agency quoted North Korean media on February 6 as saying that the North Korean art troupe who went to perform in South Korea departed Pyongyang on the 5th to set off.

North Korean Central Television said that the North Korean Performing Arts Corps, led by Quan He Feng, director of the art performance and operations division of North Korea Provincial Department of Culture and the Xuan Song-yue, head of the Sanchih yuan orchestra, performed for the 23rd Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Leave Pyongyang on the 5th.

North Korea’s propaganda and incitement minister Park Kwong-hao and Kim Jong-un’s younger sister Kim Kim-soo are reported to personally visit the troupe for performing arts troupes. Art troupe by train to Wonsan, take the “Wan Jing Feng 92” ship to South Korea.

According to the Korean Unification Ministry, the PyeongChang Winter Olympics Art Troupe of North Korea will take the “Wan King Feng 92” cruise liner to reach Mohon Port, Gangwon-do, Korea on the afternoon of the 6th.

Korea Winter Olympics anti-terrorism army dog ​​ran! 10 hours after being captured innocent

                    (Original title: Korea Winter Olympics anti-terrorism army dog ​​ran! 10 hours after being captured innocent face)



escaped from the barracks 10 hours after being recaptured Winter Olympics dogs

overseas online February 6 electric Recently, Pyeongchang, South Korea and some suck. Winter Olympics this Friday (9th) will start, but it is still episode. First, 30 security personnel food poisoning, detonated public opinion questioned. Shortly thereafter, the South Korean military also found itself anxiously that a military dog ​​sent to Phan Chang to help fight terrorism quietly slipped away!

66-year-old uncle itchy throat pan with the handle shovel itch results Kaka live

                    (Original title: Zhejiang 66-year-old uncle itchy throat, actually stir-fry pan with handle shovel, the result stuck …)


“When the patient came, his mouth had been flushed, constantly nauseating, speechless, very scary …” Last Friday, an emergency room at Shaoxing People’s Hospital came with such a patient that he would cook The shovel handle is stuffed into the throat and tickles, causing the entire shovel handle to get stuck in the throat.

Chopping handle for cooking in the throat

This patient is Wang, 66 years old this year. New Year approaching, he came to Shaoxing Spring Festival with his children. Last Friday afternoon, when Uncle Wang was at home, he suddenly felt an itchy throat. So he took a stir-fry spatula and stuffed the shovel handle into his throat. Accidentally, shovel handle stuck in the throat, how can not pull out.

66岁大伯喉咙奇痒竟用锅铲柄挠痒痒 结果被卡住
Remove the pot spatula Bing

He tried to pull several times, the result shovel head is pulled out, the shovel handle did not come out. And because the fragile throat mucosa was stabbed, blood flow straight out from his mouth … … At this time Wang Dabo also kept vomiting, speechless.

When the family saw his mouth braving blood, Wang Dabo helplessness gestures were shocked. After recovered, the family quickly sent him to the Shaoxing People’s Hospital. After CT examination found that this root up to 10 cm shovel handle, occupy the upper throatopharyngeal esophagus.

“Fortunately, King Dabo did not have any underlying diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. His breath was fairly smooth when sent by his family. However, his mouth was covered with a coarse root with a handle for cooking. Scary. “Otorhinolaryngology surgeon Zhu Feng told reporters,” This situation we first encountered. “

Finally, the chief physician otolaryngology spent a full three hours before helping Uncle Wang removed the card in the throat Department of shovel handle. This root is covered by the shovel of blood, because of the longer insertion, the blood has completely penetrated into the wood inside.

66岁大伯喉咙奇痒竟用锅铲柄挠痒痒 结果被卡住
ct Figure

feel itchy throat gargle with salt water

available through inquiry and examination, found Zhu Feng, Wang Dabo is due to throat polyps in trouble long before often feel itchy throat. So, why did he think of using a spatula to “stop itching?”

“In fact, we found that Wang Dabo was not the first to do so.” Zhu Feng told reporters that “he habitually uses foreign bodies to his throat” Itch ‘, the throat has been covered with all kinds of large and small old scars, can not bear to look straight. “

In the meantime, stomatologists found that he also grew soft palate polyps. Polyps belong to a kind of benign tumor, the doctor recommends Wang Dabo hospital observation, debridement, soft palate polyp removal. However, the first 2 days after the removal of foreign body surgery, Wang Taibo himself feel very good, do not want to continue to undergo surgery, they were discharged directly.

66岁大伯喉咙奇痒竟用锅铲柄挠痒痒 结果被卡住
ct Figure

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