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Wu Zhongqiong, vice governor of any Jiangxi Jiang Xi

                    (Former title: Wu Zhongqiong, Director of Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Qin Yi, deputy secretary of Hulun Buir Party Secretary of Jiangxi Province)


On January 17, the 37th meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee of Jiangxi Province voted to appoint Wu Zhongqiong and Qin Yi as the deputy governor of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government and Tian Yunpeng as the deputy public prosecutor of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Procuratorate.

Combing Resumes: Before he assumed office in Jiangxi Province, Wu Zhongqiong was secretary and director of the Party Committee of Development and Reform Commission of Liaoning Province; Qin Yi was secretary of Hulun Buir Municipal Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Two new vice governors are 60 after a long fight in the economic front. Wu Zhongqiong is a member of the “female generals”, served successively as party secretary and director of Liaoning Science and Technology Department, mayor of Anshan City, party secretary and director of Liaoning Development and Reform Commission, prior to Liaoning’s work in the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. Qin Yi is a “native” Inner Mongolia, from the department store stems from the former mayor of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia living and working hall party secretary, director, Hulun Buir party secretary.

In addition, Tian Yunpeng was previously the deputy secretary of the party’s group and deputy chief procurator of the People’s Procuratorate of Ningxia Autonomous Region. Wu Zhongqiong Resume

Wu Zhongqiong, female, born in September 1964, attended the work in August 1988, and joined the Communist Party of China in December 1987 with a postgraduate degree.

2006.03 comprehensive plan for National Defense Secretary

2008.06 SASTIND Chief Engineer

2010.11 Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Department of party secretary, deputy director

2011.01 Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Agency director, party secretary

2013.02 Anshan Municipal Committee, the municipal government acting mayor

2013.06 Anshan Municipal Committee, Municipal Mayor

2015.12 Development and Reform Commission, party secretary of Liaoning province

2016.01 Development and Reform Commission, party secretary of Liaoning province, director

2018.01 vice governor of Jiangxi provincial people’s government (Resume Source: China Economic Net, People)

Resume of Qin Yi 7_89456_35_65 473_9

Qin Yi, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, male, Han nationality, born in September 1963, Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics degree, joined the Chinese Communist Party in April 1985, July 1985 to work.

1981.09-1985.07 Inner Mongolia Institute of Finance and Economics Planning and Statistics Business Plan Statistics Professional Study;

1985.07-1988.03 Inner Mongolia Keshiketengqi Department Store Secretary, Deputy Manager and Manager

1988.03-1990.08 Keshiketengqi Commercial Bureau, Inner Mongolia Secretary;

1990.08-1993.11 Secretary of Inner Business Bureau;

1993.11-1994.03 Trading Corporation of Inner manager;

1994.03-1998.11 deputy of Inner banners;

1998.11-2000.05 Inner Mongolia Keshiketengqi Standing Committee, Deputy Chief;

2000.05-2001.02 Inner Mongolia Keshiketeng Banner Deputy Secretary, acting chief;

2001.02-2003.01 Inner Mongolia Keshiketeng Banner Deputy Secretary and Party Secretary of Inner Mongolia Keshiketeng Banner;

2003.12-2004.04 Inner Mongolia Chifeng Development and Reform Commission Director and Deputy Party Secretary

2004.04-2006.02 Development and Reform of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Chairman of the Committee and Party Secretary;

2006.02-2010.09 Inner Mongolia Chifeng Municipal Committee and Secretary General;

2010.09-2010.12 Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Bureau of Letters and Calls Bureau, Secretary of the Party Committee;

The most stringent reclamation control out of the sea reclamation prohibit the development of real estate projects

                    (The original title: the history of the most stringent reclamation control measures issued reclamation prohibit the development of real estate projects)


Beijing News (Xinhua News Agency) Recently, the State Oceanic Administration announced the feedback from the first batch of 6 provincial (district) marine inspectors in Fujian and Hainan. Lin Shanqing, deputy director of the State Oceanic Administration, said that in combination with the inspector’s rectification work, “the most stringent reclamation control measures in the history” will be adopted. The measure stipulates that all commercial real estate development by reclamation will be banned.

This “history of the most stringent reclamation control measures” stipulates that in the future, in general, the general reclamation projects will no longer be approved and the reclamation will focus on the protection of major national construction projects, public infrastructures, public welfare undertakings and national defense construction. Sea projects.

Lin Shanqing introduction, the control measures clear “ten uniform.” Any illegal and severely damaged marine environment sewerage shall be demolished in phases and in batches. Outfalls illegally set up and seriously damaging the marine ecological environment shall be closed in batches and in batches. Land reclamation and long-term idle land shall be closed according to law Owned enterprises; the state-owned enterprises shall be subject to the approval of the State Council; the supervision and approval of non-compliance and chaos should be regarded as accountability; the reclamation projects that are not filled in and do not conform to the current policy of using the sea shall be stopped; commercial real estate development through reclamation shall be prohibited; Reclamation projects that do not involve the national economy and the people’s livelihood will not be approved at all; and the approval authority for reclamation will not be delegated. The reclamation of the Bohai Sea area is prohibited. The annual reclamation plan targets will no longer be assigned by provinces.

Tsai suggested that Taiwan Affairs Office respond to the “new three noes” in cross-Strait relations

                    (Original title: Tsai Ing-wen proposes cross-Strait relations “new three do not” Taiwan Affairs Office response)

                                   BEIJING, January 17 (Xinhua) Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen recently proposed at the year-end press conference the “new three noes” of cross-Strait relations. In response, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang responded today. He said: Taiwan authorities refuse to accept the 1992 consensus and do not recognize that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to the same country, causing cross-Strait relations to stalemate politically. Whether the future will return to the common ground of the “1992 Consensus” or intensify in the opposite direction will depend on the Taiwan side.

Information Figure: Ma Xiaoguang u0026 nbsp; China News Agency reporter Yang Kejia

Two industry associations involved in illegal fees involving more than 400 million by the Ministry of Civil Affairs punishment

                    (Original title: Violation involving enterprises charges up to more than 400 million two industry associations were punished by the Ministry of Civil Affairs)


Beijing News Express According to the website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry recently warned China Construction Decoration Association and China Association of Water Power Quality Management about the illegal charges of enterprises and imposed administrative penalties of confiscating the illegal gains.

According to the survey, from 2013 to 2016, China Building Decoration Association illegally conducted evaluation and promotion of top 100 enterprises in China’s building decoration industry, review of top 50 Chinese building decoration design institutes and outstanding professional design institutes of China’s architectural decoration, architectural decoration Industry science and technology demonstration projects, scientific and technological innovation achievements, outstanding project manager declaration and other appraisal commendation activities and charge fees, carry out the National Construction Decoration Award selection process illegal fees, the activities of the illegal income of a total of 431 million yuan. From 2014 to 2016, China Water Power Quality Management Association violated the appraisal activities of the National Electricity Industry Quality Award and charged fees, with the illegal gains amounting to more than 110,000 yuan.

The above acts violate the provisions of Articles 3, 4 and 5 of the Interim Provisions on the Management of Criteria for Recognition and Appraisal of Social Organizations (Guo Shui Fa [2012] No. 2). According to Article 30 (1) (8) and 2 of Article 30 of the Regulations of the Registration and Administration of Social Organizations, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a warning to China Building Decoration Association and confiscated over 4.31 million yuan of administrative penalty for illegal income. China Association of Water Power Quality Management to give a warning and confiscate the illegal income of 11 million yuan of administrative penalties.

Civil Aviation Authority: will increase the default tying Internet ticket penalties

                    (Original title: Civil Aviation Authority: will increase the default tying behavior of the Internet ticket regulatory penalties)


民航局:将加大对互联网机票默认搭售的处罚力度 January 17, China Civil Aviation Administration routine news conference. On January 17, at a routine news briefing held by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Liu Feng, director of the Transportation Division of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, introduced the recently adopted Provisions on the Administration of Civilian Passenger Domestic Transport Services (solicitation Draft) “.

Liu Feng said that the original regulation was promulgated in 1996 and this amendment follows the principle of decentralization and simplification of market power and plays a decisive role in the market mechanism. It also administers the law in accordance with the law and protects the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. It also adapts to the new development of civil aviation transportation and enhances the principle of true service to passengers .

The revised version changed the name of the regulation and adjusted the “Rules for the Domestic Civil Aviation Passenger and Baggage Domestic Transportation” to “Provisions for the Administration of Civilian Passengers Domestic Transport Services”, highlighting the revised original intention of strengthening the supervision of civil aviation domestic transport services, clarifying the protection of consumers’ rights and interests Regulatory focus:

First, the carrier has added the obligation of informing the transportation service information after ticket purchase when passengers purchase tickets and fully protects the passenger’s right to know and other legitimate rights and interests. For the current Internet ticket sales occurred in the default tying behavior to be explicitly prohibited to protect the passenger’s right to know and the right to choose.

Second, the new regulations on the protection of consumers ‘rights and interests during overbooking were clarified, the principle of oversold disposal was clarified, the obligation of interpretation, the principle of compensation and refunding, the service guarantee measures, etc. were ensured to ensure the maximum protection of consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.

Thirdly, the contents of service commitment and service report of new carrier are added to facilitate the consumers to obtain the service quality information of the carrier, and it is also convenient for the government regulatory department to grasp the service quality information such as the carrier’s management accident error, overbooking and disabled passenger transportation . Regulated the rules of passenger transfer modification and refund, regulated the rules of ticket cancellation and re-issue according to the transportation practice, unifiedly stipulated the handling requirements of change and refund in different situations, and better protected the legitimate rights and interests of passengers.

Fourth, safeguard the operation of the rules and supervision. In order to make the main body of the law have the expectation of compliance, the regulatory authorities have basis for law enforcement, increased supervision and legal responsibility of the two chapters, the supervision and inspection of the industry management authority, market players violations of the provisions of a clear provision to ensure the operability of the new rules And execution. The current revision of the rules is seeking advice from the whole society. It is noteworthy that, “Civil Aviation Passenger Domestic Transport Services Management” draft, which explicitly prohibits the default tying, but also tacit consent of the tying rules, which, Liu Feng said in recent years , With the popularization of the Internet ticket sales, Internet ticket sales also appeared some chaos, the default tying is one of them.

Taiwanese terrorist historical words? Taiwan Affairs Office: inconsistent with the actual sensationalism

                    (Original title: fear of Taiwan businessmen historical term? Taiwan Affairs Office: inconsistent with the actual sensational)


BEIJING, January 17 (Xinhua) Recently, the well-known Taiwanese furniture manufacturer Taisheng Furniture Co., Ltd., which set up a factory in Dongguan, announced the discontinuation of production on the 21st. Some Taiwanese media reported that “the history of Taiwanese terrorists is a historic term.” State Department spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said today that if it is because a company is discontinued, Taiwanese businesspeople have become a historical term, a little sensational. In fact, tens of thousands of Taiwanese and Taiwan-funded enterprises are still living in mainland China now. Some of these rumors are not in line with the actual situation.

资料图:国台办新闻发言人马晓光。中新社发 张勤 摄 Information Figure: State Department Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang. China News Service sends Zhang Qin photo

Taiwan Affairs Office today held a regular press conference. A reporter asked: In the last days of 2017, the industrial cooperation park of both sides settles in Sichuan. It can be said that cross-Strait cooperation has added a new platform. May I ask the spokesman about the overall progress of industrial cooperation across the Taiwan Strait in 2017? Will this year 2018 another cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Park? In addition, please speak to the spokesman about the overall operation and operation of the major Taiwanese investment zones in the mainland in 2017. In this regard, Ma Xiaoguang said that we must first correct that there is no dedicated investment zone for Taiwanese businessmen. If Taiwan businessmen invest more than 30 years in mainland China, they can go wherever the law allows. Of course, from the current situation, mainly in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai Rim, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing and so on. However, over the past few years, with the mainland’s economic reform, economic restructuring, and even greater opening up, the investment of Taiwanese businessmen has greatly shifted to the central and western regions. He pointed out: As for the cross-Strait industrial cooperation zones, all of you may have noticed that in order to assist Taiwanese-funded enterprises to transfer to the central and western regions and help Taiwan businessmen to participate in the “Belt and Road Initiative,” the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, together with the NDRC and the Ministry of Commerce, In September and December 2017, industrial cooperation zones across the Taiwan Strait were set up in Guangxi and Sichuan. The cooperation zones in Guangxi include three industrial parks of Fangchenggang, Chongzuo and Qinzhou. They are located in the cooperation zone of Sichuan including Chengdu, Deyang, Meishan A industrial park. At present, Guangxi and Sichuan both have promulgated specific policies and measures and pay close attention to building a cooperative zone. The traffic advantages, location advantages and cost advantages of the cooperation zone have attracted a large number of Taiwan-funded enterprises to visit. It is understood that many Taiwanese-owned enterprises have settled down into the cooperation zone. He further said that in the future, the Taiwan Affairs Office will continue to guide, support and promote the construction of cross-Strait industrial cooperation zones and expand new development space for Taiwan-funded enterprises.

There are also questions from reporters about the impact of the implementation of the pollution-stricken decree in Kunshan on some Taiwanese businessmen. In the future, the mainland will regard the beautiful China and attach more importance to the environment. Will the Mainland launch a new coordination or communication with Taiwan businessmen in the new year? ?

Ma Xiaoguang said Kunshan implementation of the restriction order is already a piece of old news. As we all know, one of the major tasks of the mainland’s economic work this year is to tackle air pollution. Taiwan is also facing serious problems of localized air pollution and mainland pollution control efforts. It is understandable to a large number of enterprises, including Taiwan-funded enterprises.

He pointed out that some provinces and cities may adopt some measures to limit pollution in concentrated periods during the concentrated period of possible pollution and ultimately ultimately help enterprises to upgrade and keep pace with the adjustment of the mainland’s economic structure so as to obtain Greater development.

Ministry of Education explain the new curriculum: how to link the college entrance examination? Whether to increase the burden?

                    (The original title: Ministry of education to explain in detail the new high school curriculum: How to link college entrance examination? Does it bring academic pressure?)


After the release of the new high school curriculum and standards, many viewpoints show that if this reform can be effectively implemented, it will be better to promote the all-round development of students. However, some people worry that the reform of high school curriculum can be linked with the college entrance examination? Whether or not students affect college entrance examination because they do not adapt. In addition, the implementation of the new course standard in the end is “increase negative” or “burden” is also of concern.

Related to the Ministry of Education In response to the above questions, it also means that there will be some changes in the design blueprint to the implementation stage and in the middle of implementation and will be affected by all aspects. However, this revision regards development of quality education as a basic concept and eventually ends up in order to better educate people.

talk about how to interface with the entrance

by the “big Wen Dali” to compulsory elective system

new curriculum standards and how to link up the college entrance examination, but also by social attention. Yesterday, the Ministry of Education explained that ordinary senior secondary education is to further improve the quality of the people on the basis of compulsory education. The basic education for the general public should not only prepare students for graduation but also prepare students for social life and career development. Lifelong development to lay the foundation.

Therefore, this amendment reinforces the correct education concept and aims to realize the education of college entrance examination and synergy of high school curriculum reform. Zheng Fuzhi, assistant to the minister of education and director of the Teaching Materials Bureau, said that in practice, we should first promote students ‘comprehensive and individual development, lay a common foundation, and then exert their specialty and advantages to bring students’ individual potential into full play. The concept of reform must be followed.

The second is to train students’ core literacy, by optimizing the structure of the curriculum to adapt to the selective needs of college entrance examination. Zheng Fushi introduction, in the past is the Dali, now under the premise of language test three subjects together, the other three subjects is optional, such as Shanghai is 6 election 3, Zhejiang is 7 election 3.

How to ensure that the new college entrance examination reform 6 election 3 or 7 election 3 is able to do, requires seamless docking. Zheng Fuzhi said that this revision of high school curriculum program, the high school students to study the curriculum is divided into three categories, the common compulsory, all students regardless of what to test, what must be selected. Selective compulsory, that is, to participate in college entrance examination students must repair these subjects, “but give you a choice of room for your subjects, in how much, to the extent you can choose.”

Free elective with the exam enrollment is not direct Relationships are prepared for learning to spare. The Ministry of Education also said that the design of the entire high school curriculum can not be completely followed the exam to go, but to educate people to go. Preparing for the exams for students is an important factor, but considering the students’ hobbies and expertise.

In addition, a major highlight of revision of the curriculum standards is the development of academic quality standards for Chinese high school students. The standard, to the extent of student learning to do a horizontal division, based on the learning foundation of each student and the final study results into different levels.

“After this division, the teacher can according to the actual situation of his students, grasp the difficulty of teaching, in fact, to really teach students according to their aptitude. The basis of this student’s education and teaching is based on the level of him, according to him To cultivate him, so that we can match, a little more focused, but also seek truth from facts .Another purpose, that is, to college entrance examination and academic level test proposition provides a reference, so proposition, to better grasp the proposition test Degree of difficulty, the level and level of questions. “

Because academic quality has been divided into levels, then the proposition, according to the different types of exams, college entrance examination or academic level exams, exams of different types of levels, then the corresponding quality Horizontal level, docking it well, in fact, to really difficult degree is controllable. After this division is completed, in the future, our goal will be that the entrance exams and academic proficiency examinations will all become real proficiency exams in the future.

“That is to say, after the completion of a discipline, what level and level have been achieved and not related to other students? The key is the degree to which the student himself has learned in the discipline, ? To what extent? Such teaching, talent selection, we have a few hearts. “Zheng Weizhi said.

Talking about the burden of reduction

Is the child busy? To be valuable

The new curriculum increases the number of recitations of ancient poetry, from 14 to 72, and some people think that, to some extent, it will increase students’ burdens.

Shen Jiuliang, inspector of the Board of Education and Materials of the Ministry of Education, believes that in the past, the burden of making a judgment was often based on the length of time, for example, when the child learned at night, and whether the weekend was a break and how many questions had been done. Looking at the issue of the burden today, we must analyze it from a more perspective and look for ways to solve the problem of over-burden.

“There is a basic truth. Everyone, no matter he is studying or working, is sure to be a cadre. The cadres are the burden, the light and the heavy.” According to Shen Ji-liang, Is there any value for society to consider if it is a burden?

In his view, many children are now busy, may be “blind”, “he may be somewhat busy with the contribution of growth and the contribution is not so great, for example, we are doing everyday problems to improve his sense of social responsibility and foster innovation Spiritual and practical ability to help. “

Shen Jiliang that work methods, learning methods for the cultivation of literacy is not much contribution, but also the burden. “Is it a burden, I think that speaks to recite this can not be generalized, in conjunction with subject characteristics?.”

core subjects to talk about literacy:

no longer had only high school knowledge

in this amendment Curriculum programs and curriculum standards, condensed core disciplines are highlighted. What is the core of discipline? Zheng Fuzhi, assistant to the minister of education and assistant director of the Board of Education, introduces the most important three aspects of core literacy. First of all, it is necessary to cultivate students’ correct values. Second, it is the character of man’s work. In addition, it is the key ability of students to adapt to the evolving and modern information society.

Peitou District of Taipei occurred 5.7 earthquake focal depth of 140 km

                    (Original title: Taiwan media: Peitou, Taipei, 5.7 earthquake occurred focal depth of 140 km)

                                   According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, at 1:59 p.m. this afternoon, a magnitude-5.7 earthquake hit Taipei, Taiwan. Today’s meteorological department in Taiwan observed that the epicenter was in Beitou, with an earthquake depth of 140 kilometers Taipei, Ilan earthquake 3.

Taiwan’s “Fire Department” said that Taipei, Taipei, Keelung, Taoyuan City, no disaster came. According to China Seismological Bureau, a magnitude 4.1 earthquake struck Xinbei, Taiwan at 1:59 p.m., with a focal depth of 129 km.

According to overseas network news, At present, the Wenhu line of Taipei Metro has been suspended due to the earthquake.

Office officials bribed 1.15 million were investigated before the vote said 50,000 received probation

                    (The original title: a clues pulled out retired more than ten years Department-level cadres)


Yang Jiu Gao, 76-year-old former deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Transportation, has retired at home for over 10 years. However, a bribery clue pulled out the retired department official for more than 10 years ……

Today, according to the Yuxi Intermediate People’s Court, the reporter of Legal Daily learned that recently, Yuxi Intermediate People’s Court held a public hearing on Yang Jiu-gao taking bribes Case, Yang Jiu-gao found guilty of accepting bribes, the first instance sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 4 years and fined 500,000 yuan, is now detained in Yuxi City People’s Procuratorate involved 115 million yuan to be confiscated, turned over to the treasury.

Yang Jiu Gao said in his statement that in 2000 he knew Wim Engineering. One day in 2001, he went to Yuxi Longma hotel meeting, Wotou called to bring some native products to him, at that time, he thought some native products, let Wei put things on the black Passat sedan trunk.

Later, Yang Jiugao opened the trunk and found that there was 500,000 yuan in cash inside the carton. He called Wei to take it back and said that anything could help. However, Wimbledon has not been looking for money Yang Jiu-gao, Yang Jiu-gao also received the money.

After a period of time, Wie called Yang Jiu-gao and wanted to bid for a highway project from Yanshan to Wenshan and Xichou to Zhujie with the qualification of a company and let Yang Jiu-gao say hello to the leaders of Wenshan Transportation Bureau.

Yang Jiugao Convenient to use the office of deputy director of the Department of Communications to facilitate the post to Wenshan when the business, specifically to find Wenshan Prefecture Department of Transportation Hou Houmou when Hou, so Hou in accordance with the bidding process under the same conditions to consider the company. A few days later, Wie told Yang Jiu Gao, his company won the bid.

Hou Mou also confirmed that by the end of 2000, in Wenshan to Yanshan, Xizhilizhu Street two bidding process of the highway, Yang Jiu-gao to Wenshan guidance, told him to take care of this Wie this Construction company. At that time, he considered that 60% of these two highways were funded by the Provincial Communications Department and that Yang Jiu Gao was the supervisor of local highway construction. Afterwards, the funds and projects of Wenshan highway construction needed his support and promised Yang Jiuogao. In bidding process, he separately greeted with two or three bid evaluation experts. Say hello to experts for the successful bidder has a great impact, as long as the construction company short-listed, the price is reasonable, you can win the bid.

In his statement, Yang Jiu Gao said that in 2001, the project of highways to highways to Haikou was completed. Early in 2002, Wei found him that he would like to participate in the bidding of a high-sea highway project with the qualifications of an out-of-provincial company, letting Yang Jiuogao say hello when he served as deputy director of the Transportation Bureau of Kunming and deputy commander of high-sea highway bidding Liu About their company

After Yang Jiu-gao greets Liu, the construction company Wim has found has won the bid. After a period of time, Wie to Yang Jiu Gao home, put a cardboard box in the study, the carton with 600000 yuan in cash.

Liu also confirmed that when Yang Jiu-Gao told him that the construction owner Wie wants to participate in the sixth contract section of Gaohai Highway sub-construction project bidding for him under the same conditions given care.

Later, when Liu reported to Yang Jiu-gao, Yang Jiu-gao once again said that Wei was borrowing the qualifications of Panzhihua Highway Bridge Engineering Corporation to participate in the bidding. After the bid evaluation, Panzhihua Highway Bridge Engineering Corporation won the bid for the sixth contract section of high road subgrade engineering, the winning price of nearly 100 million yuan.

During the pre-qualification and bid evaluation process, Liu did not greet the experts, but after the calibration, Liu did not object to the winning objections.

In 2002, Yang Jiuogao recurred due to chronic bronchitis and was hospitalized in Yunnan Provincial Communications Center Hospital. During his stay in Yang Jiu-gao, Wie specifically visited the hospital and sent 50,000 yuan of money.

Wei also admitted that he went to the hospital to visit Yang Jiu-gao. The purpose of his money was to maintain good relations with Yang Jiu-gao, and later to be helped by Yang Jiu-gao in the construction of highway projects.

Yang Jigao’s criminal verdict shows that Yang Jiu Gao was born December 15, 1942 and is 76 years old this year.

On July 4, 1997, Yang Jiu Gao was appointed deputy director of the Department of Communications of Yunnan Province, and was 55 years old at the time. Five years later, Yang Jiu Gao retired as deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Department of Communications. July 12, 2002, Yunnan Provincial Department of Communications inspector.

A sudden 5.7 magnitude earthquake in northern Taiwan may be related to geological activities

                    (Original title: Size 5.7! A sudden earthquake in northern Taiwan or related to geological activities)

                                   According to Taiwan media reports, at 2 pm on the 17th, an earthquake occurred in the Beitou area of ​​Taipei (Taiwan media said that the scale is 5.7). Relevant data have yet to be released by the “Central Meteorological Administration.” According to Taiwan media reports, at 17:00 on the 17th, It is understood that the Taipei Metro Man Wharf also suspended due to the earthquake.


Recently, Yangmingshan witnessed the foothills of the relative position of the small oil pits at the south foot of Qixing Mountain in Shandong Province. The picture is for local residents.

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