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Li Yihuang resigned as deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Procuratorate had been checked

                    (Original title: Heavyweight | Li Yihuang resigned as deputy of the 12th People’s Congress of Jiangxi Province)


又一老总出身的副省长落马 仕途与这个人极其相似

Information Daily Jiangxi government editor Xiao Bian was informed that on January 19, the 38th meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee was held in Nanchang. The meeting reviewed and voted on and passed the examination report on the qualifications of delegates of the qualification examination committee of the Standing Committee of the 12th NPC of Jiangxi Province.

First disclosed! Beijing this bureau-level party was reorganized because of what

                    (Original title: First disclosed! Beijing this Bureau-level party was reorganized because of what?)



Today, the Beijing Daily Daily of Ideological and Political Bureau has published “Thirteen Special Remedies to Maintain Responsibility and Supervision Responsibly in the End – The Capital Has Become a Full-fledged Strict Governance Party,” Beijing Municipality has for the first time disclosed the Beijing Agricultural Products Central Wholesale Market Problems Existing in CMC Party Committee and Rectification.

On November 16, 2017, the municipal party committee held a cautionary education conference for leading cadres in the municipal party committee of the municipal party committee and informed of the decision to reorganize party committees of the CMC Central Wholesale Market Administrative Committee. This is the first time that the municipality has conducted party-level party committees since the reform and opening up Reorganization.

After the city’s leading cadres alert education conference was held, the Beijing Agricultural Products Central Wholesale Market Administrative Committee profoundly reflected on the lessons learned. With the help of the municipal party committee, the Bank effectively strengthened organizational leadership and implementation of special rectification opinions and strictly supervised and implemented accountability. Guided by a comprehensive self-examination and self-correction.

Taking the poor rectification work of the inspection feedback problem conducted by the CMC as an example, when the inspection team of the municipal party committee pointed out in the feedback inspection that the CMC replaced the party committee with the leading group, the party committee has no name –

Since 2013 , The CMC has never convened a separate party committee and has been studying the important issues decided by the party committee such as the party committee and the cadre and personnel work of the CMC in the manner of the leadership meeting of the CMC.

In February 2014, CMC renamed Beijing Nongtong Industrial Development Corporation as “Beijing Vegetable Basket Group Company” without prior approval. Not long afterwards, without reporting the report to the superior party organizations, they arbitrarily expanded the scope of the leadership team and listed five self-appointed deputy directors of the Northern Group as members of the leading body of the CMC instead of the party committee leaders.

In view of the above problems, the CMC conducted an article-by-article analysis and summarized and further highlighted the key points and perfected the system. It also initiated the legislative reform and canceled the power of self-appointed leading cadres in the vegetable baskets to participate in the decision-making of the party committees and administrative bodies of the CMC , Established and perfected a series of conference systems such as party committees and party committees, revised and improved the rules of procedure for the special committees for party committees and party committees, and conducted the relevant procedures in accordance with the law after the study on the “triple major and one major” issues was first approved by the party committees.

In view of other issues raised in the feedback from the inspection tour, the MC also elaborated the details one by one. As of now, 57 inspections and rectifications have been completed and 5 are in the process of rectification.

Jian Zhengjun introduced that the Beijing Agricultural Products Central Wholesale Market Management Committee was established in 1993 and is a state-level public institution dispatched by the Beijing Municipal Government to specialize in the circulation of agricultural products.

On April 19, 2017, the Seventh Inspection Team of the Municipal Party Committee sent a special inspection tour to the party committee of the Central Committee of the Beijing Agricultural Products Central Wholesale Market. Zhou Jingsheng, leader of the inspection team, pointed out that during the inspection tour, the inspection team found some problems with the cadres and masses, mainly including:

Zhejiang Public Security welcome two people in charge of the same year admitted to the same political and legal colleges and universities

                    (Original title: Zhejiang Gongzheng law usher in the new head of the same day)


Near the time of the convening of the local two sessions, we will adjust personnel closely. January 19, Zhejiang Province, the main person in charge of public security system changes the same day.

On the afternoon of the 19th, Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department held a cadre meeting to announce the appointment of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee: Wang Shuangquan was deputy secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of Political Science and Law and party secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau.

On the afternoon of the 19th, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Procuratorate held a meeting of all cadres in the hospital. The meeting was chaired by Wang Changrong, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Politics and Law Committee. Ren Zhenhe, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Organization, arrived at the meeting. Zhang Xuewei, standing deputy minister of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, read the working papers of the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee and decided to appoint Jia Yu to the party secretary of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Procuratorate. .

On the afternoon of the 19th, Zhejiang Higher People’s Court held a cadre meeting to announce the appointment of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee: Li Zhaoguo was the party secretary of Zhejiang Higher People’s Court.

Inquiries by the surging news correspondent found that the three new leaders of the public security and prosecution system in Zhejiang Province all belong to exchange posts outside Zhejiang Province. They have not only “airborne” from the central ministries but also have trans-provincial transfers, but three people are all from the public security and prosecution system Internal, have been plowing for many years in their respective fields.

Wang Shuangquan served as Deputy Minister of Justice, director of the Political Department, member of the Party Committee and party secretary of the organ directly under the Ministry of Justice before taking up his duties in Zhejiang. Jia Yu previously served as deputy party secretary and deputy Attorney General of the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Procuratorate; Deputy executive secretary.

Wang Shuangquan: The First Legal Class Leader in the History of Zhejiang Public Security

According to Legal Daily Zhejiang Press Station WeChat “Zhejiang’s Rule of Law” Introduction Wang Shuangquan is an author of “The Old Politics and Laws”, Master of Laws, born in 1963 Dayi County, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, was admitted to the Southwest College of Politics and Law in 1979. After graduation, he was assigned to work in the Higher People’s Court of Tibet Autonomous Region and started from the court clerk until he was the executive vice president. Since then, he has been working in the public security, procuratorate, Served office.

In 2015, Wang was appointed as the deputy secretary general of the Central Political and Legal Committee. In February 2017, Wang Shuangquan replaced Mr. Loonuang, who was inspected for serious misconduct in December 2016, as Deputy Minister of Justice and Director of the Political Department so far.

Wang Shuangquan became the thirteenth head of the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau since the founding of New China, and became the top public security officer of the first law course in Zhejiang Public Security History. Jiayu: “The Top Ten Outstanding Young Jurists in China”

Born in Qinghai Province in 1963, Jia Yu, a law doctor, professor and doctoral tutor, was born on the same day with Wang Shuangquan. He was the president of Northwest University of Political Science and Law, And won the “top ten outstanding young jurists.”

After 38 years of studying, living and working in the Northwest Politics and Law School, Jia Yu was appointed as Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Attorney General of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Procuratorate in July 2017.

Jia Yu was born in a rural teacher’s family in Qinghai Gui De. He preferred literature and history in 1979 and became one of the first batch of undergraduates of Northwest University of Political Science and Law after the “Cultural Revolution” in 1979, thus becoming associated with law.

After graduating from his master’s school to teach, he was promoted to an associate professor at the age of 29. After studying for a doctorate in criminal law at Wuhan University, he studied at Mark Keat. He devoted himself to teaching and theoretical research. He was the author of “Jurisprudence Research” Law “and other publications on academic papers published more than 10 articles, in 2007 won the fifth” top ten outstanding young jurists. ”

Jia Yu’s research fields include Chinese criminal law, international criminal law and criminology. It is the earliest theoretical opinion and practice advocated in the domestic system of publication of the death penalty system, and has actively and actively committed to promoting change in this area.

At the graduation ceremony for students of Northwest University of Political Science and Law, Jia Yu’s speech caused a sensation in the legal science community. He interacted with the students’ blessings: “This goes to a bright future, Return is still young “win universal praise.

Li Zhaoguo: Deep Prosecutor’s Prosecution System 19 years

Li Zhaoguo, who took office together with the above two persons on January 19, also belongs to the “insiders” in the area of ​​public security. Li Zhaoguo was born in February 1962 in Linqing, Shandong Province, Southwest College of Political Science and Law 1979, Bachelor of Laws, two senior prosecutors. Since June 1994, Li Zhaoguo has shifted from a teacher to a procuratorial system in Shandong Province. For over 19 years, Li Zhaoguo grew from an ordinary cadre at the Procuratorate to the deputy procurator of Shandong Provincial Procuratorate.

According to WeChat’s “Introduction to the Rule of Law in Zhejiang Province”, being modest and cautious is the common impression many people make about Li Zhaoguo.

In May 2006, Li Zhanguo was appointed as the Attorney General of Linyi City. In the face of the high appraisal given by the inspection team of the Provincial Procuratorate and at the same time outspoken questions, Li Zhaoguo said after hearing the comments, “We pay more attention to the inspection process Instead of the final score, we sincerely accept that the comrades of the inspection team pointed out the problems in our work and immediately started to study solutions to the problems in order to better perform their legal supervision duties in their future work. ”

In July 2009, Li Zhaoguo soon assumed the post of Deputy Prosecutor General of Shandong Provincial Procuratorate and went deep into Weifang and other places to visit and help the difficult enterprises, village houses and families to ask questions about the masses, Activities to research.

He has been a special airborne defender since the adjustment of personnel at the top levels of the CPPCC provinces

                    (Original title: CPPCC high-level adjustment constantly he is a special airborne)


Politics Seems to talk about today is the transfer of personnel. These two days, the CPPCC provincial CPPCC continuously adjust the top personnel, such as Anhui, Hubei Province, the CPPCC cross-cutting change of positions, Hebei Province, Shandong Province, three provinces CPPCC linkage adjustment, vice chairman of Gansu CPPCC New Party Political Consultative Conference party secretary.

In addition, the lists of CPPCC members released by many provinces have added many new faces.

Detailed analysis, it is not difficult to see the new trend of this round of adjustment.

New Features

“Interchanges” between the provincial CPPCC National Committee members are the new features after the 19th National Congress.

On the 17th, 61-year-old Hubei Provincial CPPCC Chairman Zhang Changer took the post of CPPCC party secretary of Anhui Province, and the same 61-year-old CPPCC party secretary Xu Liquan took on the post of party secretary of CPPCC Hubei Province. However, there are also local promotion.

For example, Gansu. 60-year-old deputy secretary of Gansu CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman Ouyang Jianxin CPPCC party secretary, currently serving as chairman of Gansu Provincial CPPCC is more than 65-year-old Feng fitness.

The provincial CPPCC Chairman is a provincial governorate with a retirement age of 65 years.

Zheng Zhijun noticed that Ouyang Jian was a native of Yunnan and was the secretary of Lijiang prefectural committee in June 2001. Ouyang Jian became the first party secretary of Lijiang after Lijiang dismantled the market in 2002.

In 2004, he raised the Central Propaganda Department and successively held positions of vice minister of the Central Propaganda Department and vice minister of the Ministry of Culture. In September 2011, Gansu was airborne as deputy secretary of the provincial party committee. Counting, since 2005, as vice minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Ouyang Jian has been working for 12 years at the position of deputy provincial ministerial level.


In addition to these provinces, CPPCC members list published in many provinces, there have been many cases among the members of the CPPCC Vice Minister –

政协高层调整 这名从国务院空降的官员为啥特殊

but the point to note is that this does not mean that the incumbent CPPCC chairman will not appear in the CPPCC members list. Zang Xianfu, chairman of Tianjin CPPCC, Wang Rong, chairman of Guangdong CPPCC, and Huang Yuejin, chairman of Jiangxi’s CPPCC, are on the list.

From the perspective of age, among the new faces, the three new faces of the members of the provincial Party committees and groups, except for the three who cross the change of duties and airborne, are all “60 afterwards.”


sources, there are four new faces –

First, the province Party Committee to become chairman of the CPPCC provincial CPPCC members

incumbent, there are a number of people before the new position These are the members of the province’s party committee, which is the practice. Judging from the current adjustments, this practice will continue.

Among the new faces of the CPPCC National Committee in Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guizhou and Jiangxi, all are members of the Party’s Standing Committee of the province. Among them, Yao Zengko, a member of the CPPCC Jiangxi Provincial Committee, is the deputy secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Committee.

In addition, there are 3 of these 5 people waiting to be replaced –

Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Publicity Minister Ge Huijun, Guizhou Provincial Committee, United Front Work Department Liu Xiaokai and Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary Yao Zengke.

Second, the vice governor became a CPPCC member

Typical is Guangdong.

The 53-year-old vice governor of Guangdong Province Yuan Baocheng became a member of the CPPCC Guangdong Province. He is also the youngest member of the current CPPCC round of adjustment.

Yuan Baocheng worked in Guangdong during his long career. He was previously the mayor of Shenzhen Yantian District, the deputy mayor of Shenzhen City, and the mayor of Dongguan City. In February 2016, he assumed the position of Vice Mayor of Guangdong Province on the seat of the mayor of Dongguan. From the deputy mayor of the prefecture-level city, he was called “breaking the routine” by many people.

Since 2001, he has served as deputy director of Shenzhen Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and was promoted to vice governor of Guangdong Province in 2016. Yuan Baocheng took only 15 years from now to the vice minister.

政协高层调整 这名从国务院空降的官员为啥特殊

A coincidence is that the incumbent Guangdong CPPCC Chairman is 59-year-old Wang Rong, Wang Rong and Yuan Baocheng had also worked in Shenzhen. From 2010 to 2011, when Yuan Baocheng was the deputy mayor of Shenzhen, Secretary is Wang Rong.


In addition to the above two cases, there are two more special sources. One is the joint adjustment of the provincial CPPCC Chairman, and the other is the overhaul from the seat of the Secretary-General of the State Council.

So far, the chairman of the three CPPCC associations in Hebei, Henan and Shandong have been linked and adjusted.

Ye Dongsong, 59-year-old chairman of the CPPCC Henan Province, became a CPPCC member in Hebei Province and 59-year-old Shandong Province CPPCC Chairman Liu Wei became a CPPCC member in Henan Province. The 61-year-old Fu Zhi Fang of Hebei Province did not appear in the list of CPPCC members in the province.

Finally, to say “airborne” Jiangze Lin. Public information shows that Jiang Zelin, 58, is an Anhui native. He has been a deputy provincial cadres for 16 years. He worked in Hainan and Shaanxi provinces, including over 16 years in Hainan and 4 years in Shaanxi.

政协高层调整 这名从国务院空降的官员为啥特殊

Taiwan police uniforms Zhuangshan mainland public security station users: early unified?

                    (Original title: Taiwan Police uniforms Zhuang Shan mainland public security desk users ridicule: unified in advance?)


Overseas Website u0026 nbsp; Taiwan Police Uniforms Zhuang Shan Mainland Public Security Uniforms? According to Taiwan media exposure, Taiwan’s police election uniforms, there is a color and color of the mainland public security are highly similar. In response, Taiwan netizens discussed enthusiastically, some people ridicule the DPP exposed a little thought, “the DPP is trying to make the Taiwan police first and the mainland public security reunification.”

Taiwan’s “Police Department” announces new uniforms for election. (Source: Taiwan Joint News Network)

Mainland police uniforms. (Data sheet)

According to a report by Taiwan’s United News Network, there are “legislators” who claim Taiwan’s “Police Department” announced the new uniforms to be voted on, one of which is highly similar in color to the color of the mainland public security and the security uniforms There is also the same high degree of mine.

Taiwan User Reviews Screenshots.

North Guangshen economic aggregate broke 10 trillion yuan of total national GDP 1/8

                    (Original title: North Canton Guangshen total economic output of 10 trillion yuan broke the total national GDP 1/8)


Zhongwei New Client Client January 20 (Xinhua) Two local parties have been held in succession. The economic performance of the region in 2017 has been announced one after another. At present, all the “Transcripts” of economic development in the four first-line cities across Guangdong and Guangzhou are published. The gross domestic product In the first place, the total GDP of the four cities exceeded the first 10 trillion yuan for the first time.

北上广深经济总量破10万亿元 占全国GDP总量1/8
Information Figure: Shanghai Bund.

According to the preliminary statistics, Beijing achieved a GDP of 2.804 trillion yuan in 2017, up by 6.7% over the previous year at a comparable price. In the first half of this year, Growth rate slightly lower than the previous year 0.1 percentage point; Shanghai achieved a GDP of 3.013386 trillion yuan, according to comparable prices, an increase of 6.9% over the previous year, the same growth rate with the previous year; Guangzhou is expected annual area gross domestic product of 21,500 A billion yuan more than the previous year increased by 7%; Shenzhen is expected to GDP in 2017 more than 2.2 trillion yuan, an increase of about 8.8%.

According to the scale of GDP, in the four cities north of Guangdong and Guangzhou, the GDP of Shanghai ranks first in Beijing, the first city with a total GDP of more than 3 trillion yuan, and Beijing followed by Shenzhen and Guangzhou Three or four. It is noteworthy that the gross domestic product of the four cities north of Guangdong and Shenzhen together adds up to 10.16 trillion yuan. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the total GDP of China in 2017 is 82.71 trillion yuan, that is to say, The GDP of the four cities in Guangzhou and Shenzhen accounts for about 1/8 of the national total.

How many per capita disposable income of Beijing-Shanghai-Shenzhen?

In 2017, per capita disposable income of Beijing residents was 57,230 yuan, an increase of 8.9% over the previous year, with a real increase of 6.9% after deducting the price factor; per capita disposable income of Shanghai residents 58,988 yuan, representing an increase of 8.6% over the previous year nominal price, a real increase of 6.8% after deducting price factors.

北上广深经济总量破10万亿元 占全国GDP总量1/8
Data for the new Jingwei Wang Peiwen photo

Guangzhou urban and rural residents per capita disposable income grew by 8.5% and 9.5%, respectively, Shenzhen residents per capita disposable income growth of around 8.8%, both of which were not released specific values. In 2016, per capita disposable income of urban residents in Guangzhou was 50,940.70 yuan, per capita disposable income of rural residents was 21,448.60 yuan; and in 2016, per capita disposable income of residents in Shenzhen was 48,695.00 yuan.

Although Guangzhou and Shenzhen did not disclose any specific figures, Shanghai is expected to remain the first place in terms of per capita disposable income of the residents according to the data of previous years and the growth rate of 2017.

Beibei Guangshen 2018 Development Prospects?

Guangzhou Mayor Wen Guohui said that the major economic and social development goals of Guangzhou this year are as follows: the GDP will increase by about 7.5% and the investment in fixed assets will increase by 11% Total retail sales of consumer goods increased by about 7.5%, and the total value of merchandise exports increased by about 5%. Urban and rural income growth and economic growth basically synchronized urban consumer price increases in the control of about 3%, urban registered unemployment rate within 3.5%.

New Chongqing CPPCC members list: former Chongqing Mayor Huang Qifan into the column

                    (Former title: Huang Qifan into the Chongqing CPPCC members)


On January 18, the 34th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fourth Committee of the Chongqing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference passed the list of members of the Fifth Committee of the CPPCC Chongqing Municipality, for a total of 838 members.

“Political Affairs” (ID: xjbzse) Noted that Huang Qifan, former mayor of Chongqing Municipality and currently the vice chairman of the Fiscal and Economic Committee of the Twelfth National People’s Congress, is on the list. He is listed in the Communist Party of China. Born in 1952, Huang Qifan worked in Shanghai for 33 years after working in 1968. He worked in Shanghai Coking Plant, Shanghai Economic Commission and Pudong New Area successively. In October 2001, he was assisted by Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Government Long transferred to the deputy mayor of Chongqing municipal government, the municipal government in May next year into the standing committee, by the end of December 2016 transfer from Chongqing, he worked in Chongqing for 15 years.


MEP: Sewage units shall be responsible for the quality of automatic monitoring data

                    (Original title: MEP: Sewage units shall be responsible for the quality of automatic monitoring data)

                                   According to the official microblogging news of the Ministry of Environmental Protection Propaganda and Education Department recently, the head of the environmental monitoring department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection pointed out that as the sewage allowance system and sewage charges change the tax revenue, the sewage disposal unit needs to explain its own Of the sewage, and automatic monitoring of data quality is responsible.

资料图:天津雾霾天气。中新社记者 佟郁 摄
Figure: Tianjin hazy weather. China News Agency Tong Yu She

The Ministry of Environmental Protection recently issued the “National Environmental Protection Standards for Continuous Monitoring of Emission of Flue Gas from Solid Pollutants (SO2, NOX, Particulate Matter)” (HJ 75-2017), and the director of the Environmental Monitoring Department The question answered a reporter’s question.

Q: Why should we revise “Technical Specification for Continuous Monitoring of Flue Gas Emission from Stationary Sources (for Trial Implementation)” (HJ / T 75-2007)?

A: On-line monitoring of pollution sources is an effective technical means for real-time dynamic monitoring of pollution sources and provides the basis for environmental management and environmental enforcement. It is of great significance to improve the efficiency of environmental monitoring and enhance the modernization of environmental monitoring. The current HJ / T 75-2007 standard can not fully support the current stage of environmental management and needs to be revised urgently, mainly in the following aspects:

First, the effective implementation of the “Air Pollution of the People’s Republic of China Prevention Law “clearly stipulates that” key pollutant discharge units should install and use automatic monitoring of air pollutant emissions monitoring equipment, and monitoring of environmental protection authorities network to ensure the normal operation of monitoring equipment and the public discharge of information according to law “” The key pollutant discharge units should be automatic monitoring The authenticity of the data and the accuracy of the responsibility, “the responsibility of the body to monitor the discharge more clearly the subject of the on-line monitoring equipment acceptance and management of the new requirements;

Second, with the sewage permits and sewage charges to promote tax reform , The sewage disposal unit needs to explain its own sewage disposal situation and is responsible for the quality of the automatic monitoring data. Thirdly, due to the requirement of environmental management and the rapid development of the technology of exhaust gas pollution control, Of the HJ / T 75-2007 standard automatic monitoring equipment technical indicators have been difficult to meet the requirements;

Fourth, according to the Office of the State Council issued “on the deepening of environmental monitoring reform to improve the quality of environmental monitoring data,” the request to cancel The environmental protection department is responsible for the effectiveness of audit, change the sewage unit responsible for the automatic monitoring of data quality, and therefore need to be inconsistent with the current standards of the provisions of the amendment.

Q: What has changed since the newly released HJ 75 standard?

A: The revision of HJ 75 mainly includes the following aspects:

First, the requirements of online monitoring equipment installation are refined, the installation location is regulated, and the existing pollution sources that can not meet the installation location are proposed. Sampling platform requirements, a clear sampling platform length, width, method of arrival and the necessary safety precautions;

Second, refine the testing requirements, increase the moisture content of the relevant requirements, revised the relevant technical indicators;

three Is to delete the requirements of the environmental protection department on-line monitoring equipment acceptance statement, the strict acceptance of technical requirements, in particular, strict compliance with the technical requirements of low concentrations of particulate matter to meet the needs of ultra-low emissions; increased humidity monitoring unit Of the technical indicators required;

Fourth, a clear inspection and maintenance of regular requirements to improve inspection Regular maintenance of frequency, while increasing the frequency of calibration and verification within the range of economic and technological feasibility, to keep the continuous monitoring system of flue gas emissions in good running state, delete the relevant requirements of the environmental protection department for validity review and regular comparison ;

Fifth, the data review and processing requirements were revised to clarify the concept of data invalid period and the addendum and revision method of SO2, NOX and particulate emissions during the invalid data period;

Xinjiang Construction Corps approved February 1 in the area under the exercise of administrative functions

                    (Original title: Resolution of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Approving the “Decision of the Autonomous Region People’s Government to Award the Administrative Functions and Administrative Enforcement Powers of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps”)


Resolution of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Approving the “Decision of the Autonomous Region People’s Government to Award the Administrative Functions and Administrative Enforcement Powers of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps”

Gansu: Prohibit the issuance of three sets and above housing provident fund loans

                    (Original title: Gansu: prohibit the issuance of three or more housing provident fund loans)


Xinhua News Agency, Lanzhou, January 20 Xinhua Gansu Province, housing construction and other departments issued the latest notice, the provident fund will give priority to ensuring the first set of mortgages, prohibit the issuance of three or more housing loans.

In Gansu Province, housing, construction, finance and land and other departments recently issued a joint circular recently notice, Gansu Province requires around the housing provident fund management center to give priority to ensure that employees pay the purchase of the first set of housing loan demand, moderate support for the purchase of improved housing loan demand , Prohibit the issuance of three or more housing loans.

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