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Abe vs. Japan LDP President Election Not Confirmed to Attend Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

                    (Original title: Abe vs. Japan LDP president election not sure to attend PyeongChang Winter Olympics)

                                   According to Japanese media reported that local time on the 15th of this month, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the visiting capital of Sofia, Bulgaria on the fall of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party president’s election said, “Whether inside or outside the cabinet, I hope someone Volunteered “, indicating the idea of ​​accepting the election of Japanese general affairs minister Nobuhiko Tanaka.

Information Figure: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

About the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea, which opened in February, Abe said that “we must deal with it so that the budget can be approved and we want to study while looking at the agenda of the Congress”, which he said will be carefully considered. Abe made the above statement during a panel discussion with accompanying reporters.

Regarding the entry into the future of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party chief Koizumi Junjiro, Abe said: In the election, he said only: “When the ice and snow melt, the trees emerge new shoots and begin to plan when the greenness becomes thicker.”

Another together! South China Sea Police buckle four Chinese fishing boats for two days on weekends

                    (Original title: another together! South Korea Coast Guard buckle four Chinese fishing boats two days weekend)


associate_pic 14 pm, the Marine Police boarded the Chinese fishing boats

overseas online January 16 electrical u0026 nbsp interrogations inspection; Niuxi Si, according to South Korean news agency reported on the 15th, the weekend 13, within two days 14, A total of four Chinese fishing vessels were seized in South Korea’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) by the South Korea’s Mokpo Maritime Police. In addition, on the 14th day alone, five Chinese fishing vessels were seized by the “South China Sea Fishery Management Corps” and the “Western Sea Fishery Management Corps” affiliated with the South Korean Ministry of Marine Fisheries.

Thai speedboat blast a crew member was allegedly seriously injured the captain will be the focus of investigation

                    (Original title: Thailand speedboat explosion accident tracking: a crew accused of being seriously injured captain will be the focus of investigation)


One of the crew members in a Thai speedboat bombing was charged.

According to a report by the Thai National newspaper on the 15th, Krissana, deputy spokesman for the Thai Royal Police Station, told a news briefing on the same day that the crew member was charged with recklessness causing injuries.

The police did not disclose the details of the link between the behavior of the crew charged and the accident.

The report also said the police are still collecting evidence to decide whether to charge others. Giza said 28-year-old speedboat captain Kriengkrai Boonsri is the focus of the investigation. However, Boonsri was seriously injured and is still in a hospital intensive care unit. In addition, the police have investigated the speedboat license to confirm that it is qualified.

Foreign students in Japan nearly 270,000 students in mainland China accounted for 40%

                    (Original title: Nearly 270,000 foreign students in Japan accounted for 40% of overseas students in mainland China)


According to a report by the Japanese “China Herald”, the Japanese Student Services Agency announced the results of the survey on December 29, 2017, saying that as of May 1, 2017, the total number of foreign students studying in Japanese universities and Japanese language schools is 267,042, 27,755 more than in 2016, an increase of 11.6%, a record high. Among the foreign students studying in Japan, the number of foreign students in mainland China exceeded 100,000, accounting for 40% of the total, ranking top.

Data Map: Tokyo, Japan.

Overall, the number of Mainland Chinese students and Vietnamese students totaled 168,931, accounting for 63.3% of the total. The total number of Asian students is 249,242, accounting for 93.3% of the total.

Judging from the students studying in Japan, there are 188,384 higher education institutions including universities and 78,658 Japanese language schools.

In terms of provenance, mainland China added 8,777, the highest number of 107,260. Followed by 6,1671 in Vietnam and 21,500 in Nepal.

Judging from the gender composition of men and women, there are 149,920 male students, accounting for 56.1%. 117,122 female students, accounting for 43.9%. In the distribution of overseas students, there are 149815 people in Kanto region, accounting for 56.1%; 45,526 people in Kinki region, accounting for 17%; Kyushu region, 28,613 people, accounting for 10.7%; and Central Region, 21,884 people, accounting for 8.2%.

According to statistics classified by the students in Japan, 124,305 people in the humanities, 67664 people in the social sciences, 3452 in science, 30,804 in engineering, 3739 in agriculture, 4356 in health care, 4787 in housekeeping, 3,221 in housekeeping, 8,432 in education, , Other 16282 people.

In the city distribution, Tokyo led the way with 103,456 people, followed by Osaka with 21,683; the third was Fukuoka, with 17,519 people.

Waseda University ranks the first among 5071 students in receiving foreign students, with 3733 from Tokyo University of Wellbeing, 3618 from Tokyo University of Science and Technology, and 3 from Japan University of Economics. 2804 people in college, ranking five. Among the top 10 accepted foreign students are Tsukuba, Osaka, Kyushu, Ritsumeikan, and Kyoto.

Saudi for the first time in 35 years to resume movie screenings Hollywood Animation debut

                    (Original title: Saudi for the first time in 35 years to resume movie screenings, Hollywood animation debut)


沙特35年来首次恢复电影放映 好莱坞动画率先登场 For the first time in 35 years, Saudi Arabia has returned to filming. Visual China Information Figure

In the 1980s, due to various reasons, the Saudi government announced that it banned the cinema from publicly screening various films. By 1982, theaters and cinemas, which were originally distributed all over the country, were closed completely and the cinema became a completely lost entertainment. For more than three decades, people in Saudi Arabia can only watch movies on satellite TV, DVD or download movies. If you really want to experience the past in theaters, you can only pick up your passport and go abroad. In this regard, the neighboring countries, the UAE, have always been their first choice. Saudi youths have contributed so much to the UAE cinema box office over the years (El Kubaya, the eastern center of the country, has an IMAX theater, the only cinema in Saudi Arabia, but it is usually used for science-fiction screening films, all of which are similar The kind of geological and ocean documentary we looked at at the Science and Technology Museum). However, at the end of last year, the Saudi government announced that the 35-year “ban order” will be lifted in 2018. The first cinemas are expected to start operation in March this year, and the long-term goal is to reach 2030 by 2030. When 300 cinemas were opened nationwide, it is estimated that it will bring about 24 billion U.S. dollars in revenue and 30,000 jobs to Saudi Arabia.

沙特35年来首次恢复电影放映 好莱坞动画率先登场

This week in the port city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the first public screening of films after the lifting of the ban has been held. The film was released last year by the Hollywood cartoon “Fantastic Fantasy” (The Emoji Movie). Because there is no formal theater relationship, this screening can only be achieved through a local cultural center and also with projection.

沙特35年来首次恢复电影放映 好莱坞动画率先登场

“Fantastic fantasy adventure” was released in the United States last summer. The story is about the adventures of a group of “expression packs.” Although the box office did a good job, most of the people who read it said the film was extremely bad, Tomato and other scoring sites to give it a low score. For the first time I had the opportunity to watch movies with big guys and see such a “bad movie”. Many foreign netizens are fighting for Saudi film fans. Fortunately, this show adopted a two-piece and linked way, followed by another cartoon “Captain Underpants” which appeared immediately after “Fantastic Fantasy” and was relatively good in quality, The Saudi audience who voted is worth it.

沙特35年来首次恢复电影放映 好莱坞动画率先登场

Of course, the most important thing is to sit in the dark with the big guy to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the movie, so many people laugh with you, with sadness, it is absolutely impossible for you to watch DVD at home To

沙特35年来首次恢复电影放映 好莱坞动画率先登场

Park Geun-hye wants to cry! Second-hand housing is frozen prosecution and eyeing her pension money

                    (Original title: Park Geun-hye to cry! Second-hand housing was frozen prosecution and eyeing her pension money)


??? ? ??? ‘???? ??’ ???? ??... ???? ??? ?

Park Geun-hye

overseas online January 16 electrical u0026 nbsp; 12 days, around the South Korean intelligence agencies to Park Geun-hye bribery case, the Seoul Central District Court accepted the prosecution request approval to temporarily freeze some of her personal property, including A second-hand housing purchased last year (2.8 billion won, about 17 million yuan). However, the prosecution did not let go. On the 15th, they once again applied to the court for a freeze on the pension fund of 3 billion won (about 18 million yuan) in Park Geun-hye’s passbook. On the 16th, the court approved the freeze.

韩国女演员出道20年未火 卖房给朴槿惠一夜成名 Park Geun-hye Park, a new home located in Gul-dong, Seongnam-ri, Seo-gu

The Yonhap News Agency said that the prosecution’s application for freezing of property was prepared in response to Park Geunjeon’s conviction for the bribe of the Nyeongtaer National Hospital. Park Geun-hye will be banned from using the 3 billion won of bank deposits or disposal of properties, including sale, transfer or lease, before the judgment of the case.

朴槿惠要哭!二手房被冻结 检方又盯上她的养老钱 Park Geun-hye is located in Jiangnan Rui dong grass area

new house in April last year, Park Geun-hye deep “interference in domestic affairs cronies door”, the prosecution of abuse of power, bribery, disclosure of confidential and other 18 charges prosecuted. However, the handling of the case of dry administration is still going on, and Park Geun-hye was again targeted by the prosecution because of being “involved in” the scandal involved in the NIS.

170421071210_NCGcxXNPh_副本.jpg Park Geun-hye is located in Jiangnan Rui dong grass area new home

Prosecutors suspect that Park Geun-hye during the ruling in May 2013 to last July, indicating conditions Dean monthly handed originally part of the state budget Of the special event fee, the total amount of 3.65 billion won (about 22 million yuan), by the Secretary responsible for the transfer of Cheong Wa Dae.

On January 4, the prosecution announced its findings and announced that it prosecuted Park Young-hoo again for receiving a 3.65 billion won bribe from the National Intelligence Agency. Prosecutors said that Park Geun-hye violated the “specific crime aggravating punishment law,” the bribery, resulting in treasury losses, embezzlement and other public funds. As a result, Park Geun-hye charges were increased from 18 to 20.

Park Geun-hye’s recent activities

On 13 October 2017, South Korea’s Central District Court decided to extend the period of imprisonment on the ground that Park Geun-hye had the possibility of destroying evidence. Park Geun-hye’s custody of the longest time will be extended for 6 months, that is, to be released in April next year, which led to Park Geun-hye’s strong dissatisfaction.

On 16 October 2017, Park Geun-wai made a rare statement during court hearings. She denied her suspicion that the trial was a “political retaliation” for her. The same day, Park Geun-hye seven defense lawyers collectively indicated the resignation. Lawyer Liu Rongxia accused the court of deferring the arrest of Park Geun-hye’s judgment “unreasonable,” saying “it will be the most shameful black history in the history of South Korean judiciary.” Park Geun-hye said: “Trust in judges has no meaning and will be adjudged by judges in the future . “

On October 19, 2017, Park Geun-hye refused to attend the first hearing after the lawyer’s resignation on the ground of health.

On 25 October 2017, the South Korean court announced that it had identified five new lawyers for Park Geun-hye.

On November 3, 2017, the ROK Freedom Party, the largest opposition country party, convened the Supreme Council Meeting and made a decision to expel Ms Park Geun-hsing.

On November 27, 2017, South Korea’s Seoul Central District Court resumed trial of Park Geun-hye case, and Park Geun-hye refused to attend on the ground of health. The trial was adjourned the next day (28th). As Park Geun-hye refuses to go to court again, the court finally decided to go by default.

Printers: India plans to increase 15 battalions of border guards mostly on the Sino-Indian border

                    (Original title: India: India plans to add 15 battalions to border guards Most of the deployment of the Sino-Indian border _ “Reference News” official website)


印媒:印度计划为边防部队增加15个营 大部分部署中印边境_《参考消息》官方网站 Information Photo: On November 12, 2013, on the Waqa border checkpoint connecting Pakistani city of Lahore and Amritsar, India, the guard officers of the two countries took a step forward and raised their legs during the ceremony of closing down and lowering the flag. Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Zongzhi photo

Reference News Network January 16 reported The media said the government plans to increase the force of 15 battalions in the border area with Pakistan, China and Bangladesh.

The Indian newspaper Trust reported on January 14 that the Indian government is planning to increase the recruits of 15 battalions of its two major border guards, the Border Defense Forces and the Tibetan-in-Tibet Border Police, Meaning of defense against the border with Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.

A senior Indian Interior Ministry official said the Interior Ministry is “actively considering” the addition of 6 battalions and 9 battalions to the border guards and the border police in India.

It has been reported that each of these border guards includes about 1,000 combatant and military personnel.

The border guards stated that the border guards had been planning an increase of troops so that they could deploy their troops to the Indian-Mongolian border areas in Assam and West Bengal. In the meantime, the same will be needed in the near future to increase the troop strength to defend the Indian-Pakistani border, especially in Punjab and Jammu.

The South Korean government set up a joint working group to facilitate North Korea’s visit to the Olympic Committee

                    (Original title: South Korean government set up a joint working group to facilitate North Korea visit to Austria)

                                   According to the Yonhap news agency reported on the 16th, according to a report by the South Korean Unification Ministry, the South Korean government set up a joint working group that day to provide all-round support to the North Korea delegation to South Korea’s participation in the Olympics.

The joint working group in South Korea consists of more than 20 people from relevant departments and agencies including the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. The joint working group will be put into operation on the afternoon of the same day.

On January 9, on the 9th of January, the delegation headed by Zhao Mingjun (right), head of the ROK delegation and head of the DPRK delegation and the chairman of the DPRK Peace Unification Commission, Li Shanquan, at the “Peace House” on the ROK side of Panmunjom. shake hands.

It is reported that the Joint Working Group is responsible for coordinating with relevant departments as well as providing support to the activities, performances and publicity of North Korea’s sports delegation, cheerleaders and art troupes. After the North Korean delegation arrived in South Korea, the working group will further expand it.

The PLO Central Committee announced the suspension of its recognition of Israel

                    (Original title: Central Committee of the PLO announces suspension of recognition of Israel)


International Online Report The 28th meeting of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Central Committee made a closing statement on the evening of the 15th in the West Bank city of Ramlala, expounding Palestine’s latest position on the United States, Israel and the Palestine-Israel peace process , And announced the suspension of recognition of Israel.

The two-day meeting was convened urgently at the request of Palestinian President Abbas. The theme of this meeting is “Jerusalem is the permanent capital of the Palestinian state.”

Selim Zhanoun, chairman of the Palestine National Committee and chairman of the Central Committee of the PLO, read the closing statement that night. With regard to its relations with the United States, the statement condemned and rejected the decision of U.S. President Trump to announce early last month the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and the move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The statement said that the United States has lost its eligibility as a mediator for the Palestine-Israel peace process. The United States will not become a partner in the peace process until Trump’s decision on Jerusalem is abolished.

With regard to its relations with Israel, the statement stated that in view of Israel’s cessation of the agreements signed with Pakistan, the Central Committee of the PLO has emphasized its commitment to achieving the independence of the Palestinian state and the transition from an autonomous state to an independent state established in 1967 On the 4th of June of the year, the state of Palestine, with its full sovereignty over East Jerusalem as its capital, The statement called for the PLO Executive Committee to discontinue recognition of Israel until Israel recognizes the Palestinian state bound by 1967, dismisses its decision to annex East Jerusalem and ends its settlement. The Central Committee reiterated its cessation of all forms of security coordination with Israel and its separation from the economic affiliation established in the Paris Economic Agreement so as to bring about the independence of the Palestinian national economy and demanded that the PLO Executive Committee and the Pakistani government agencies begin implementing this decision . The statement stressed that Israel’s settlements built in early 1967 were not legitimate and that Palestine will continue to work together with all other countries in various fields to jointly resist Israel’s colonialist settlements and will publish a database of UN agencies on the operation of Israeli settlements. Palestine will push forward the campaign aimed at boycotting Israel and withdrawing its investment and calling on all countries in the world to impose sanctions on Israel so as to prevent its flagrant violations of international law and to deter its continued aggression against the Palestinian people and impose apartheid on the Palestinian people.

The statement said that Palestine will implement the resolutions of the previous Summit of the League of Arab States on Jerusalem, especially the relevant decision passed by the Arab League summit in Amman in 1980. The decision calls for the exclusion of all relations with any country that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel or relocating the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. In his closing statement, Zhanong said the current situation demanded accelerated Palestinian national reconciliation and put an end to the pace of internal divisions. In a statement, he said he plans to hold a meeting of the Palestinian National Committee and will invite the Palestinian Islamic Resistance (Hamas) and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (Jihad) to participate in the election of the new Palestinian National Council. The Palestine Islamic Resistance (Hamas) and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (Jihad) did not attend this meeting of the Central Committee of the PLO.

U.S. troops held large-scale large-scale exercises in foreign media: prepared to deal with North Korea’s biological warfare

                    (Original title: U.S. troops held large-scale large-scale exercises in the Mainland and the media said they are preparing to deal with North Korea’s biological warfare.)


Are the U.S. troops quietly preparing for the war on the Korean peninsula?

According to the New York Times reported on the 15th, last month, the U.S. armed forces mobilized 48 Apache helicopter gunships and Chinook helicopters to carry out personnel and arms mobile bombing activities at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Two days later, the 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army simulated an enemy attack in Nevada to launch an airborne night maneuver.

Reported that the Fort Bragg was part of the largest air strike drill in recent years. In the Nevada Air Force Base exercises, the number of air vehicles used by the paratroopers was twice that of the previous exercises. Next month, more than 1,000 reserve armies will also exercise at camps in the United States to set up a mobile center to deploy personnel to flee overseas in a short period of time.

The U.S. Department of Defense also plans to send more special forces to the Korean Peninsula during next winter’s PyeongMeng Olympics in South Korea. Some officials pointed out that these units may eventually become similar to Iraq and Syria’s action team, but some people think that the plan is purely for the implementation of counter-terrorism tasks.

The New York Times said the exercises were ostensibly part of DoD training, but the scope and timing of the exercises seems to indicate that the military is aiming to prepare the U.S. military for what might happen in North Korea.

TCDC, chairman of the U.S. Defense Chief Martis and chief of staff of the U.S. Army, has been pressing strongly for diplomatic solutions to the DPRK nuclear crisis. Matisse said in August last year that fighting the DPRK would result in “disastrous consequences.”

However, it is reported that more than 20 current and former Ministry officials and commanders interviewed still believe that the series of U.S. military exercises mainly reflect the direction the military received from Matisse to do possible military operations for the Korean Peninsula Ready.

Some White House officials also believe that a targeted localized crackdown on North Korea can have minimal or no impact on South Korea. However, sources said Matisse doubts, but preparations warn the Trump Department of Defense to take the threat seriously, and will not make Matisse appear inconsistent with the pace of Trump.

Flournoy, who served in the Defense Department during the Obama administration, said: “The job of the military is to prepare for any possible emergency … Even without any DPRK-related decisions and instructions, the president and his national security team Much attention is still focused on preparing for emergencies, which will encourage commanders to step up their preparations through the proposed exercises, just in case. “

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