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Lanzhou, Hefei, Chengdu, housing regulation and relaxation? Housing Department: Misreading!

                    (Original title: Chengdu, Hefei, Lanzhou, and other places to regulate the relaxation? Habitat Construction Department: misunderstanding!)


Recently, some media reported that Lanzhou “loosely bonded” housing purchase measures, Hefei cancel the housing price limit measures, Chengdu and other places by talent settled in the policy of “relaxation” regulation. In response to these circumstances, today, Lanzhou, Hefei, Chengdu, head of relevant departments and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development responsible for this clear, loose control of the Department of misreading.

Lanzhou: The policy is to improve the control accuracy

Lanzhou City Housing Authority official said: Lanzhou City reported on January 5 the introduction of the New Deal, canceled part of the housing purchase restrictions. The actual situation is that Lanzhou City, the prominent contradiction between supply and demand of housing strict implementation of the restrictions on purchase and other regulatory measures, part of the larger remote areas to limit the sale of alternative purchase restrictions; the same time to improve the audit methods, buyers will provide relevant proof, change By the real estate department through the social security and tax department system verification, to facilitate people’s work. January 8, Lanzhou City, the government website has been clarified that the policy adjustment is not to relax control, but the strict control and improve the accuracy of control.

Hefei Bureau of Land and Resources official said: Media reports Hefei Land Bureau on January 3 in the reply 12345 people hotline said the commercial housing by the developers to their own pricing, and The land parcel until November 2016 is not restricted. The actual situation is that the hotline service staff in Hefei do not understand the meaning of price-fixing measures and made a general reply, has been speculation Hefei “relaxed regulation.” January 6, Hefei Land Bureau has rumors online, did not adjust the price measures.

Chengdu: Uncontrolled Measures

Some cities reporting to the media broke through the existing regulatory policies by relaxing their workforce. According to the official from the Chengdu Housing Authority, Chengdu City, in its policy of introducing qualified personnel, The general conditions for the introduction of qualified personnel to settle down after the purchase, did not adjust the purchase and other regulatory measures. The introduction of a very small number of high-end talent, the provisions of the purchase of personal housing for sale without the residence, social security and tax conditions. The introduction of high-end qualified personnel identified as the urgent need of scarce professionals, mainly through personnel apartments and other means to solve the housing problem, there is no one case to apply for the purchase of commercial housing. In addition, according to the reporter, other cities have taken a similar approach and have not relaxed their control measures.

National Marine Inspector Group: Fujian Coastal Water Pollution Prevention and Control to promote ineffective

                    (Original title: State Oceanic Inspector Group: Four major problems exist in Fujian reclamation control)


Approved by the State Council, the State Oceanic Inspectorate Group on the 16th fed back to the Fujian provincial government regular inspectors and reclamation special inspectors. Inspectors pointed out that there are four major problems in Fujian Province such as the partial system of reclamation management in the country, the inadequate implementation of policies, the irregular approval of reclaimed land projects, the inadequate supervision and control, the weak links in law enforcement supervision and the ineffective prevention and control of pollution in coastal areas .

Non-compliance Adjusting Marine Functional Areas Sea Island Restoration Slowly Moving

Inspector pointed out that the implementation of the partial government reclamation management system in the country is not in place.

– The deduction of gold use fee in the sea area is inconsistent with relevant state policies. Fujian Province, “Fujian Province, the use of gold collection and management of levied gold” and other three involving the use of gold reduction of sea area documents, expanding the use of sea gold reduced the scope of the national regulations do not match. From 2012 to June 2017, of the 262 reclamation projects approved by Fujian Province, 110 projects reduced the use of sea area fees by about 211 million yuan based on three documents.

– Violation of the Ocean Functional Area. In some cities, the marine functional zoning is inconsistent with the provincial marine functional zoning, and some reserved areas, marine reserves, agricultural and fishery areas and other areas are adjusted to other functional areas with a total area of ​​3289.63 hectares. Among them, 2143.04 hectares were adjusted in Putian, 1040.59 hectares in Ningde, and 106 hectares in Xiamen.

– Sea area and island remediation are slow to promote. During the period from 2011 to 2016, the overall progress of the 18 island-island restoration projects funded by the central government was slow and the project budget implementation rate was low. Among them, 11 projects did not complete the repair work on schedule, three projects were not implemented.

– To handle the formalities for land use directly in the sea area within the sea area. Since 2012, the province has directly handled the formalities for land use within the sea area, involving 958.2 hectares of sea area.

Irregularities in project approval u0026 nbsp; Incontinence of coastal pollution prevention and control

Inspector pointed out that the approval of reclamation projects is not standardized and the supervision is not in place.

– Approved reclamation project is not standardized. Ten functional reclamation projects were approved within the functional area of ​​the provincial maritime zoning “Prohibition of Changing the Natural Attributes of the Sea”, covering an area of ​​268.08 hectares. Fu’an City, ultra vires on the six reclamation projects carried out the right to issue certification. Of the 262 approved reclamation projects, 61 have not been monitored by environmental monitoring, accounting for 23.28% of the total.

– There is a weak link in law enforcement regulation. The project exists before the first batch of construction, while building the phenomenon of batch. Since 2012, the province has not approved the construction and construction of 253 reclamation projects along the border. 58 projects have yet to be investigated and dealt with according to law, including 19 in Ningde and 18 in Putian. Out of the items that have not been investigated and dealt with according to law, traffic and other relevant departments illegally construct 37 Lujian traffic terminals.

– Incontinence pollution prevention and control work in the coastal areas was ineffective. Inspectorate group to understand the setting of sewage outfall into the sea in Fujian Province, the Fujian Provincial Environmental Protection Department provided 68 industrial and mining enterprises, urban areas, industrial clusters and other sewage outfall situation, the inspection team found that the province of all kinds of land-based sources of sewage into the sea 2678 sources (including breeding drainage 799), the huge gap between the number. Quanzhou East Sea Sewage Treatment Plant, Chengdong sewage treatment plant outfall into the sea located Quanzhou Bay Estuary Wetland Nature Reserve. The second phase of Xiamen Jimei Sewage Treatment Plant has not been constructed in the first batch, and the existing tail water discharge port does not meet the requirements of the maritime zoning of Fujian Province.

– Regulation of Marine Protected Areas Weakening. Fujian Chongwu National Ocean Park occupies the phenomenon of beach occupation, there is illegal occupation of the sea area in Meizhou Island National Marine Park, and Zhangzhou Chengzhou Island National Marine Park has not approved the construction of wharfs. Changle City, in violation of marine function zoning in the marine park expansion Zhangying three Ying O fishing port.

In addition, the problems discovered by the inspection team include the ineffective treatment of the source of sea-drifting rubbish, the exploitation and exploitation of uninhabited islands in violation of rules and regulations.

Exposure Issues u0026 Serious Accountability

Inspectors require that Fujian’s governments at all levels should strictly implement the relevant laws, regulations and policies and systems of the State’s maritime administration and implement the most stringent reclamation control measures to strengthen and standardize reclamation We must manage and effectively solve the marine resources and environmental problems such as reclamation.

The United States or China to take new trade export restrictions? China responded

Q: In recent weeks there has been news that the United States may adopt new trade export restrictions on China. Does the Chinese side think that President Xi Jinping’s call with Trump will reduce the possibility that the U.S. side will take relevant measures? A: Just now I said that the heads of state of the two countries discussed in the call this morning in Beijing how to make joint efforts to promote the further development of Sino-U.S. Relations, including the economic and trade relations between the two countries. As we all know, since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States for nearly 40 years, economic and trade relations have always been an important propeller and ballast for Sino-U.S. Relations and have played an important role in promoting the development of bilateral relations. As President Xi Jinping made it clear during the call, over the years, the economic and trade cooperation between China and the United States has brought tangible benefits to both peoples.

As for the differences that have emerged in the economic and trade relations between China and the United States, as I said just now, it is not surprising that there are some problems with Sino-U.S. Trade and economic cooperation. The key issue is how to handle differences in a constructive manner without affecting the overall economic and trade cooperation between China and the United States or affecting the bilateral economic and trade relations that have brought tremendous benefits to the people, businesses and businesses of China and the United States over the years. During the call, President Xi made it clear that both sides should take a constructive approach to opening up their markets to each other, expanding their cooperation in cakes and properly solving the economic and trade issues of mutual concern. Trump also said that the United States would like to work with China to broaden the cooperation in the pragmatic fields by strengthening high-level and all levels of exchanges, handle the problems in economy and trade between the two countries and promote greater development of bilateral relations.

We have also noticed your remark about the recent emergence of Sino-U.S. Economic and trade relations in the United States. A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce last week elaborated on issues such as the trade balance and other Sino-U.S. Economic and trade relations. I will not repeat them here. I would like to reiterate the remark that it is impossible for the Sino-U.S. Economic progress to continue for nearly 40 years if it does not bring tangible benefits to the business communities and people of the two countries. As far as I know, the trade volume between China and the United States in 2017 has exceeded 580 billion U.S. dollars. If it is not for the benefit of both sides, the development of Sino-U.S. Economic and trade relations will not be able to continue such positive and sustained development.

传美国或对中国采取新贸易出口限制措施 中方回应

U.S. lawmakers urged telecom operators to abandon the response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with Huawei

Q: For reasons of national security, US lawmakers urged AT u0026 T, the US telecom operator, to abandon all its cooperation with Huawei and oppose the move of China Mobile into the U.S. market. What’s China’s comment on this?

A: We do not usually comment on specific business cooperation at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I do not know the situation you mentioned. I suggest you get to know the Chinese authorities. However, I also wish to point out that the Chinese government has always encouraged Chinese enterprises to carry out their overseas investment and cooperation in accordance with the market principles and international rules while abiding by the laws and regulations of their host countries. At the same time, we also hope that all countries will provide a fair and favorable environment for the operation of Chinese enterprises. I still want to emphasize that the Sino-U.S. Economic and trade relations are in essence mutually beneficial and win-win results. This has been proved by a large number of facts. We hope that both China and the United States will work together to safeguard the sound and stable development of the economic and trade relations between the two countries, which is in the common interest of both sides.

Office officials Fengcheng power plant 73 dead accident negative main leadership responsibilities official excuse me

                    (Original title: Office officials Yao Di Ming career crashed off: Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant accidents have a major leadership responsibility)


厅官对丰城发电厂事故负有主要领导责任 仕途折戟 Yao Doming Information Figure

On January 16, a batch of departmental-level leading cadres were announced before the official WeChat account of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Organization Department called “Jiangxi Team Workers Weixun”.

Among them, Jie Xiaojian, male, born in October 1965, a member of the Communist Party of China, holds a postgraduate degree from the Central Party School. He is currently party secretary, chairman and general manager of Jiangxi Dacheng State-owned Assets Operation and Management Co., Ltd., Party secretary, chairman.

January 15, Jiangxi Investment Corporation official website information: On the afternoon of January 9, Liu Gang, deputy party secretary of the group company who presided over the full-scale work, conducted a series of work on safety production in Fengdian Phase II. The above news shows that Yao Diming, who previously served as party secretary and general manager of Jiangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd., has no longer presided over the overall work of the company.

In order to complete the reform of the company system, Jiangxi Investment Group Company recently officially changed its name to “Jiangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd.”.

Jiangxi Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce Information display: On December 27, 2017, Jiangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd. was changed from a wholly-owned enterprise to a limited liability company (wholly state-owned); its registered capital was changed from 3,164.54 million yuan to 6,000 million yuan. Representative from Yao Daming changed to Liu Gang. It is noteworthy that former Jiangxi Provincial Investment Group Secretary and General Manager Yao Di Ming did not serve as Jiangxi Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd. Director, Supervisor. Liu Gang is currently Chairman and General Manager of Jiangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Xie Min.

Surging news reporters learned from various sources that the democratization of the cadres at the department level, Yao Di Ming, has been related to the collapse of the “11 · 24” cooling tower construction platform in Fengcheng Power Plant.

On November 24, 2016, 73 people were killed and 2 injured. The direct economic loss was 101.972 million yuan, a major accident that collapsed the cooling tower construction platform in the third phase expansion project of Jiangxi Fengcheng Power Plant.

On September 15, 2017, the State Administration of Work Safety promulgated the Investigation Report on the Collapse of Cooling Tower Construction Platform of “11 · 24” in Fengcheng Power Generation Plant in Jiangxi Province. The investigation identified the accident as a production safety accident It is suggested that responsibility be accorded to 7 responsible units and 85 responsible persons in accordance with the law.

Survey Report shows: Yao Diming, Party Secretary and General Manager of Jiangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Leader Team Leader of Phase III Expansion Project of Fengcheng Power Plant. Not conscientiously implement the national safety production policies and laws and regulations, Jiangxi Provincial Investment Group Corporation and Jiangxi Ganneng related units and departments do not conscientiously perform their duties, the lack of supervision of the project construction issues out of control in the construction headquarters and Jiangxi Gan The relationship between joint-stock company is not clear, the project construction and management chaos problems and other aspects of dereliction of duty. The main responsibility for the leadership of the accident occurred, it is recommended to cancel the party posts, dismissal punishment.

The above investigation report also shows that the cooling tower of the incident belongs to Phase III Expansion Project of Jiangxi Fengcheng Power Plant and Jiangxi Jiangxi Power Co., Ltd. Fengcheng Phase III Power Plant is the legal construction unit of the project. Jiangxi Ganneng Co., Ltd. Subsidiary of Jiangxi Jiangxi to the controlling shareholder of Jiangxi Investment Group Company.

As the unit of Jiangxi Ganneng Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd. established the Leading Group for Phase III Expansion Project Construction and the Engineering Construction Command of Fengcheng Power Plant to define the management authority of the project not clearly defined. Jiangxi Jiangxi can not supervise the company on the Fengcheng Power Generation

Plant Phase III expansion project quality and progress control supervision and coordination. No safety supervision system for capital construction projects has been drafted, and the supervision and inspection on the safety management of Phase III expansion project of Jiangxi Ganneng Co., Ltd. and Fengcheng Power Plant has been ineffective.

Rescued officers trapped sea rescue tourists: I am a soldier I do not save who saved

                    (Original title: Navy officers risking their lives to rescue the trapped sea tourists: I am a soldier, I do not save who saved!)


On the afternoon of January 14, there was a touching scene at the Ba Daguan beach in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Two tourists were trapped on the rocks because of the high tide of the sea. At this critical moment, Cao Haibin, a military officer of the Navy’s North Sea Fleet, jumped into the cold, Of the sea, risking death to life jackets, the two safely back to the shore, and he himself was frozen halo past.

As you can see from the monitoring picture, the two tourists are trapped on the rocks, and the surrounding area is in a very rough condition. The situation is precarious. It is reported that these two are foreign tourists, go play on the reefs of the sea. At that time, before there was no tide in the sea, there was a trail leading to the shore. After the tide was up, the road was submerged and people could not come back!

The ambulance can not get near the reef because of the storms. Watching the waves wave after wave, soon to reef flooded. Cao Haibin took the initiative to borrow a life-saving rope, and then took two life jackets, a coat off, step by step toward the middle of the sea, 100 meters away, Cao Haibin spent more than 10 minutes. Cao Haibin said that the speed of the tide is very fast, if the clothes on the body stained the water, who can not be saved by that time. At that time sea icy cold, I thought must be rescued by these two individuals!

After arriving at the reef, Cao Haibin donned the lifejacket to both, and then tied the rope to himself, letting the two people pass by the sea and the tourists were rescued.

军官冒死跳海营救被困游客:我是军人 我不救谁救

At this point, however, Cao Haibin was struggling to put his head down on the ground. Other rescue workers hurried him to the hospital for rescue, the current Cao Haibin body recovery in good condition. Cao Haibin said that when the trapped tourists issued a very clear cry for help, will feel very sad to hear. Both themselves and their wives are Lianyungang, Jiangsu, fighting outside, to win glory for the family, but also for the Navy glory!

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Stand up, soldier bloody and instinct!

For military personnel, being courageous and courageous is its natural responsibility and has sometimes even become the instinct of the Chinese military. In our lives, soldiers often appear in times of difficulty. There is always an instant, stay in the depths of our memory … …

Critical situation, the Navy soldier hand-tearing glass to save lives

December 2017, in Anxin County, Hebei Xin’an District, an off-road vehicle at Rollover on the way, body deformation, two men were trapped in the car. Just when everyone is at their fingertips, a guy shocked everyone in one action! His hand-torn glass save the video was competing forwarded users, widespread concern.

军官冒死跳海营救被困游客:我是军人 我不救谁救

According to reports, the young man who tearing off the window glass by hand was named Ma Jun-dong, and now the Navy’s Command and Guard battalion serves. At the time of the accident, it was the last day of Ma Chundong’s vacation when he was on his way to the train station. After the rescue and proper placement of the wounded, Ma Jun East let the doctor simply give him a deal about the wound, hurry to let his father quickly sent him to the train station.

Armed police soldiers “Princess hug” ran for 300 seconds!

Directly into the emergency room

On the afternoon of December 12, 2017, a couple in Chizhou, Anhui came to work in Nanjing. Suddenly the woman fainted when she took the subway. At such a critical juncture, an armed police soldier who was on duty inside the station picked up this middle-aged woman decisively and sent him to the emergency room. After a concerted effort from both sides, the woman eventually turned critically ill.

man suddenly collapsed roadside

a car Medical orderly rescue saved the day

军官冒死跳海营救被困游客:我是军人 我不救谁救

January 10 morning, Xinqiao Hospital Army Medical University, more than 20 surgeons and nurses perform the task back to finish Unit, a man fainted on the road encounter. Zhang Chun, director of the medical education department, immediately called the driver to stop, and organize experts to view the passers-by fainted across the road. In everyone’s rescue, about 10 minutes later, the man slowly woke up and turned the corner.

rollover truck driver was trapped

critical moment armed police soldiers brother about saving lives

军官冒死跳海营救被困游客:我是军人 我不救谁救

at 14:02 on December 2017 Ri 40 minutes, leave to visit relatives in Jiangsu Armed Police Corps detachment of the Second Squadron, a Taizhou Class monitor Hang Guobao, is traveling with his wife went to visit her grandmother Yizheng home on the way, via Wenchang Road west of the Gan Bank Line, the head of a truck filled with bricks, in order to avoid another large truck, not Caution rollover, hit the left side of the roadside poles.

Hang Guobao witnessed this situation, while his wife called 120,119, while quickly rushed to the scene of the accident, from the deformation of the front of the truck heard a weak cry for help, Hang Guobao immediately comfort: “Auntie, I Armed police soldiers, please be assured, I will be safe to save you. “Finish, Hang Guobao and one after another came to the masses to quickly rescue.

roar overawed criminals

goddess instructor sword save

军官冒死跳海营救被困游客:我是军人 我不救谁救

Soong Chu-yu sent a book to Tsai Ing-wen suggested that his study of Shang Yang’s change adhere to his own opinion

                    (Original title: James Soong gave a book to Tsai Ing-wen suggested that they study Shang Yang change persist)


c7288cb0be64714_w519_h339.jpg James Soong and Tsai Ing-wen

overseas online January 16 held electric hosted Tsai Ing-wen 16, the feast of the People First Party Chairman James Soong specially brought not only his new book, “Chiang Ching-kuo Secretary to report “, Returned to Tsai Ing-wen as a” mentor “, suggesting that she” no way for the government, save the people, patience only. ” For the recent policy of Tsai authorities suffered a strong rebound, James Soong not only failed to express his aspirations to the people in Taiwan, but with Shang Yang change as an example to encourage Tsai Ing-wen, “the insistence will insist.” Tsai Ing-wen held a banquet on the 16th and PFP Chairman James Soong hosted a banquet. Since this year marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Chiang Ching-kuo, Soong Chu-yu sent his new book, “Report of Secretary-General Chiang Ching-kuo,” for reference by Tsai Ing-wen. James Soong also served as a “mentor,” suggesting that Tsai Ing-wen, “There is no way to rule the government, to save the people and endure patience.”

During the dinner, Tsai Ing-wen asked attendees to provide advice on current affairs and claim that they should listen to voices outside the circle of the DPP. However, James Soong has quoted the Code, with “Shang Yang change” as an example, so that Tsai Ing-wen, “stick to your mind.”

Recently, the DPP pushed Taiwan’s legislative body to crack down on the “law of Lao Ji”, causing strong resentment in Taiwan’s society. Taiwanese labor groups launched a street protest and even labor groups protested on a lying track, clashing with the police. Taoyuan Industry Association said that before the DPP authorities came to power, Tsai Ing-wen promised all the workers in Taiwan to reduce the total number of working hours in the entire year, propose a number of reforms in their labor policies and rely on all sorts of beautiful illusions to bring about the re-election. The result turned out to be another A nightmare. The Kuomintang also invited Taiwan’s labor representatives to shout to the Cai authorities. According to Luo Tianfu, secretary general of the Taiwan Security Industry Federation, “the best way is to let it step down.” Taiwan’s logistics industry representatives once said that they should “see everyone”.

The DPP insisted on following the principle of “era forces” that have always followed the DPP. The “legislators of the era forces” sat for a hunger strike for 52 hours before going to Tsai Ing-wen’s office. Hundreds of academics in Taiwan jointly opposed the objection and asked to withdraw their revision. One of the professors participating in the joint campaign launched a photo of cutting off the DPP card ID on the Internet, saying that it would withdraw from the DPP and “disdain with this party again.”

In the face of such a full-scale opposition, James Soong’s advice to Tsai Ing-wen is “insist on this insistence.” James Soong said Qin Dynasty Shang Yang reform as an example of the old aristocracy, said the reformers will certainly rebound, so the leaders have the determination, the process will be very hard, but “the insistence will insist.” Song also mentioned that Shang Yang was a year before the change, it took several days and Qin Xiao Gong communication policy.

Three years ago, major changes in the central authorities made new changes this year

                    (Original title: Three years ago, major changes in the Central Government made new changes this year)


On January 15, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting throughout the day and listened to the work report of the NPC Standing Committee, the State Council and the CPPCC National Committee, the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (hereinafter referred to as the “Five Departments”) Party Working Group, .

In the Xinhua News Agency’s report, it was specially emphasized that the meeting was held “all day long”. In the past reports, the meeting time is usually morning, afternoon or evening.

This high-level action started in January 2015.

On January 16, 2015, in Zhongnanhai, the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau held a meeting all day and listened to the report of the party-group from the five departments for the first time. On January 7, 2016, the Politburo Standing Committee met for the first time and listened to the work report of the Central Secretariat. During the previous meetings, Xi Jinping presided over his position as General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee.



January 16, 2015, when for the first time to listen to the Party Group report five departments, Xinhua News Agency through the draft mentions “ the Politburo Standing Committee of the NPC Standing Committee listened to the State Council, the CPPCC National Committee, the Supreme People The reporting work of the party and the court of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate is a systematic arrangement for ensuring centralized and unified leadership by the Party Central Committee. It is of great significance to the entire party and also has a very important exemplary role for the entire party.

Politics It has been noted that according to the conventions, After listening to the NPC Standing Committee, at the next meeting of the Central Political Bureau, it will consider a comprehensive report.

3年前中央的重大动作 今年有了新变化

It is common to schedule this general situation report at the Politburo Meetings, which are held for the first time each year, which are all close to the end of the month. To put it in a nutshell, under normal circumstances, the Politburo meeting will be held once a month, with more time to choose at the end of recent months.

But 2018 is an exception.

This year the first meeting of the Politburo was held in mid-January. On January 12, the Central Political Bureau held a meeting to study proposals for revising part of the constitution.

Party Secretary

In the past, after the opening ceremony, Xinhua News Agency will have the contents of the draft. However, who should report on specific work, the work report will not be mentioned in general. However, in March 2015, Cao Jianming, the highest inspection and prosecutor, disclosed in an interview that in January that year, when the Politburo Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee heard the report of the work of the two high-party groups, the reports of the two high- Made by the leader

He disclosed that At that time, he and the Supreme Court President Zhou Qiang each had a brief report of only 5 pages. The reports of the two individuals took less than 25 minutes, but the Standing Committee discussed the “two highs” report for a half Hour, all Politburo Standing Committee members have requested . He said: “Sincerely, our progress and development can not be separated from the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the oversight of the NPC.” One background is that the party group is established by the CPC Central Committee and local Party committees at all levels in the leading bodies of non-Party organizations Organizations are important organizational forms and institutional guarantees for the party’s leadership over non-party organizations.

The party leaders of the five departments are top leaders:


  • Party Secretary of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress: Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress


  • Party Secretary of the State Council: Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council


  • Secretary of the CPPCC National Committee: CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng


  • Supreme Leader of the Party Group: Supreme Court President Zhou Qiang


  • The highest inspection party secretary: Cao Jianming, the highest inspection and prosecutor


Since 2015, the number five leaders have always been them. Among them, Zhang Dejiang, Li Keqiang and Yu Zhengsheng are the 18th Central Political Bureau Standing Committee.

After the convening of the NPC, the situation has changed. A new Standing Committee member of the Central Political Bureau was created and Zhang Dejiang and Yu Zhengsheng no longer hold positions. Li Bei war, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji, Han Zhengxin elected member.

For the party group under the State Council, Li Keqiang, party secretary of the State Council, and Wang Yang, members of the party group, are all members of the Standing Committee of the 19th Central Political Bureau. In 2018 this briefing, both should be present as usual.

Hu Angang, dean of the National Institute of China under Tsinghua University, mentioned in the “China’s Collective Leadership System,” that “the cooperative relations among individual members of the Standing Committee are usually achieved through the exchange and negotiation among individuals.” Institutional cooperation between the parties by the agencies to submit reports to the Central Committee (Central Political Bureau Standing Committee) to study major decisions.


Government know that this action started four years ago, also Formed a system.

October 27, 2016 The Sixth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CCP approved “Several Guidelines on the Political Life of the Party within the New Situation,” which clearly states that “the NPC Standing Committee, the State Council, the CPPCC National Committee, the Central Government The disciplinary inspection committees, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the various departments of the central and state organs, the mass organizations of people’s governments, provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and their party organizations shall report regularly to the party Central Committee. “

On 27 October 2017, when the new Central Political Bureau met for the first time, it passed an important document entitled “Several Provisions of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening and Maintaining the Centralized and Unified Leadership of the CPC Central Committee.”

This document mentions that “the CPC Central Committee and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the NPC Standing Committee, the State Council, the CPPCC, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Central Party Standing Committee, the Central Political Bureau Bureau reports. “

The point to make is that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection will report on the work of the year at the Politburo meeting held at the end of each year. However, in the above documents, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection reports the work of more “Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee.”


The specific contents of the report on the work of the party and the department of the five departments and the work of the Central Secretariat are not known to the outside world. However, according to the official press release, this meeting of the Standing Committee of the Politburo will generally comment on the work of the five departments and the Central Secretariat in the past year and then propose new requirements for the new year.

Look at five departments.

First, we affirmed the work and self-construction of the party groups in the five departments.

“Seriously implement the decision-making arrangements of the Central Party Committee, fulfill the duties around the overall work of the party and state work, to ensure that the party Central Committee made major decisions and deploy and implement”, “strengthen the party’s own construction, persevere relentless righteous cause, Played a role model. ”

Second, make a request.

People’s deputies involved 450 million criminal cases Police have not yet been approved by the police

                    (Original title: People’s deputies involved 450 million criminal cases, the police drew the program has not been approved)


White News Today learned from many sources, the Tianjin one deputies “worth 450 million relics destroyed” case with the latest progress, the parties to the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection real name reported the case of the relevant issues, the Commission for Discipline Inspection has now received Related materials and accepted.

Beijing Police sent a letter to the Tianjin People’s Congress in connection with the case of “Destruction of 450 million Cultural Relics” in Sunhe Township, Chaoyang District, last year and demanded the criminal detention of one of the persons involved in the Tianjin NPC deputies Measures to suspend their NPC deputies, as of today (16) 21:00, Wang’s NPC deputies are still displayed on the NPC website.

Worth 450 million Relics Destroyed

According to previous media reports, at 11:20 on December 28, 2016, an auction company in Beijing, located opposite to the Teaching and Education Team Road, Chaoyang District, Encountered more than 40 masked ambiguous attacks, just a few minutes, the staff responsible for the custody of the Treasury was controlled personal freedom, respectively, tied to the hands and feet forcibly transported to the airport after the abandoned high-speed ramp in the ramp.

More than an hour later, the police rescue staff returned to work and found that the cultural relics warehouse has been destroyed. From January 24 to April 6, 2017, chaired by the Public Security Bureau of Chaoyang District, the damaged cultural relics were cleared under the supervision of the notary public in a notary office in Beijing, clearing up a total of cultural relics, artworks and other collections 6652 Pieces.

Subsequently, the assessment by Beijing’s Chaoyang Public Security Bureau of the damage caused by this violent incident shows that the loss is divided into three parts: the first part is the destruction of 1585 cultural relics, and the public security organ entrusts the price assessment agency to the damaged cultural relics The assessment of forensic assessment carried out showed that the damage value was determined to be more than 450 million yuan. The second part was a warehouse for storing cultural relics, with an estimated loss of more than 700,000 yuan. The third part was a car smashed on site, with an appraisal loss amount of 51700 yuan.

人大代表涉4.5亿刑案 警方提请程序至今未被批准

人大代表涉4.5亿刑案 警方提请程序至今未被批准 victim courtesy

indictment did not mention the damage to cultural relics and warehouse

Legal Evening News reported that in September 2017, the end of the public security investigation stage, the case was subsequently transferred to the Procuratorate for examination and prosecution . According to the “Beijing Gongzhao Zha Zi (2017) 000728” issued by Beijing police, the case of “Song Yanming, Wen Chengyun and Wang Tongsheng deliberately destroyed property” was transferred to Chaoyang District Procuratorate for examination and prosecution.

The indictment shows that the defendant Song at 11 o’clock on the December 28, 2016, tangling others in Beijing Sunni Township, Chaoyang Village before the remediation teaching Tei Road greening land, the use of hook machines and other equipment will be at The buildings erected here are demolished and a Sarbaroe car parked beside the building (license plate number H00609) has been destroyed and has been valued at RMB25,000. The prosecutorial organ believes that Song deliberately damaged other people’s property, a large amount, his behavior has violated the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, criminal shall be held to intentionally damage the property crimes. Da Bai News noted that the indictment did not mention other damaged cultural relics and the Treasury, the procuratorial organs that the other two people involved in the text and Lee “lack of evidence of crime, does not meet the conditions of prosecution,” made a decision not to prosecute.

On December 8, the court made a first instance verdict on the case. Song committed a crime of intentionally damaging property and sentenced him to 11 months in prison. He ordered Song to compensate the plaintiff for incidental civil actions for a total economic loss of 25,000 yuan.

人大代表涉4.5亿刑案 警方提请程序至今未被批准 Photo for victim

Tianjin one-person deputies involved

Ningxia Shizuishan fog gun interference air monitoring related persons were informed

                    (Original title: Ningxia investigation and man-made interference with environmental monitoring events)


Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan, January 16 The reporter learned from the Environmental Protection Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region learned that the Municipal Environmental Protection Department of the autonomous region jointly organized the Shizuishan municipal government organization to investigate and deal with the issue of spray operation affecting the air quality automatic monitoring site of a State Environmental Monitoring Network in Shizuishan City. The responsible person is held seriously responsible.

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