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Russian Foreign Minister: Russia Supports DPRK Direct Contact with the United States to Promote the Dialogue between the United States and North Korea

                    (Original title: Lavrov: Russian-Chinese joint initiative should seek political solution to North Korean nuclear issue)

                                   On the 15th, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held an 2017 press conference to sum up Russia’s diplomatic achievements over the past year, answer questions raised by journalists from various countries and introduce Russia’s foreign policy in the new year.

Speaking about the Korean Peninsula and the Iranian nuclear issue, Lavrov said the external political situation last year was not optimistic. There were many hotbeds in many parts of the world that have led to tensions.

The threats that the United States sent in the last months of last year, including the issue of resolving the Korean Peninsula by force, have seriously aggravated tensions. The solution of the DPRK issue by force is an adventure that will lead to catastrophic consequences. Russia and China jointly proposed to freeze any confrontation on the Korean Peninsula and resolve the North Korean nuclear issue through political means. North Korea and the United States are two important sides in the issue. Russia has actively supported North Korea’s direct contact with the United States and is willing to push bilateral dialogues between the United States and North Korea with the participation of all countries involved in the Six-Party Talks.

U.S. councilors to defend the government communication bill to the government banned ZTE Huawei machine

                    (Original title: U.S. lawmakers mention defending the government communication bill, asking the U.S. government to disable ZTE Huawei handsets)


美议员提保卫政府通讯议案 要政府禁用中兴华为手机 Local Time January 9, 2018, Las Vegas, 2018 CES exhibited at CES International Consumer Electronics Show Huawei Mate10. Oriental IC Figure

US politicians hostile attitude toward China’s telecommunications companies are still widespread.

According to technology media TheVerge reported on January 15, Mike Conaway, a Texas congressional, last week introduced a bill entitled “Defense of U.S. Government Letters,” a ban on U.S. government agencies Chinese company’s telephone and communications equipment.

The act aims to prohibit the use or purchase of any telecommunications equipment or services provided by the two companies as “a substantial or an essential part of any system”. Prohibition Requirement: US government agencies are forbidden to engage entities using telecommunications equipment manufactured by Huawei or ZTE (subsidiaries or affiliates), to prohibit the use of telecommunication services provided by these entities, to prohibit the use of telecommunications equipment owned, controlled or related by foreign governments Telecommunications equipment or services produced or provided by entities. However, the bill still needs to be approved by the U.S. Supervisory and Government Reform Commission before it can be voted on by the U.S. Congress. If the bill succeeds, it will be sent to the US Senate, eventually signed by the president, before it becomes law.

Kona, the lawmaker who proposed the bill, said in an online article that the equipment using them will threaten U.S. national security in the future, given the relationship between Huawei and ZTE and the Chinese government. He said it is like “inviting China to monitor every aspect of our life.”

The United States Congress and the government are cautious about promoting and investing in the U.S. telecoms market from Chinese companies and funds. They are over-vigilant in some areas so that they tend to treat Chinese companies indiscriminately and treat them arbitrarily with state-owned Capital linked together.

This also directly leads to the Chinese manufacturer represented by Huawei, which has struggled to expand the related fields in the U.S. market.

Huawei just released Huawei’s new mobile Mate 10 handset at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just ended. However, due to the sudden collapse of its cooperation plan with AT u0026 T, the second-largest operator in the United States, Huawei can only pass other Open channels such as Amazon website sales of this phone.

The government will no longer monopolize the housing supply these effects you want to know

                    (Original title: The government will no longer monopolize the housing supply these effects you want to know)


BEIJING BEIJING, January 16 The Minister of Land and Resources Jiang Da-ming told the media on the 15th that China will study and formulate the right to change, in line with the planning conditions, non-real estate companies to obtain the right to use the land as a residential Way to use the land. The government will no longer be the only provider of residential land. The government will no longer monopolize the supply of housing, which will bring about the impact? Look at the expert interpretation.

图为北京郭公庄一期正在建设中的公租房项目。中新网记者 金硕 摄 Information Figure: The picture shows the Beijing Guo Gongzhuang a public housing project under construction. According to media reports, Jiang Daming said that China will study and formulate the ownership unchanged, in line with the planning conditions, non-real estate enterprises to obtain the use of the law We should deepen the pilot project of building rental housing by using the rural collective construction land to promote the establishment of a multi-agent supply system and guarantee the housing system with multi-channel protection of rent and purchase so as to allow all the people to live in dwelling houses. The government will no longer be the only provider of residential land.

Research Institute of E-Home Research Center Yan Yue-yue, director of the Center for the new site, said in the housing system reform, it is clearly mentioned the “multi-agent supply” content. Therefore, similar multi-agent supply will also be reflected in the supply of land. Generally speaking, from the land source of the land market, it mainly includes state-owned land and collective land. Therefore, the MOF stated at this time that the land for collective construction will be gradually liberalized in terms of land use in the residential market.

Yan Yuejin believes that one thing to note is that at present only the rental market has the opportunity to let go of residential land. In fact, it is unlikely that other areas will be let go at once. While the villages in the cities and the villages in the metropolitan areas will become the main focus of this policy.

“This time the statement is more positive on the exploration before, may mean that the collective rental housing pilot will be further expanded.” Peking University Institute of Real Estate Law Lou Bo told reporters.

In fact, Beijing, Zhengzhou and other places have started piloting collective rental housing. In August 2017, the Department of Land and Resources cleared the first pilots of collective construction land for the construction of rental housing in 13 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing and Chengdu .

According to the plan, Beijing plans to supply 1,000 hectares of collective land within the five years from 2017 to 2021 for the construction of collective rental housing. Zhang Dawei, chief analyst at Centaline Analysts told reporters that 1,000 hectares of collective land, about 30-40 million sets of rental housing can be built, equivalent to the next 5 years, to Beijing to increase 10-15% of rental housing. “This will effectively alleviate the balance between supply and demand in the regional leasing market and reduce the rent of housing.”

It is estimated that the urban leasing market will be the most affected.

According to experts, “non-real estate enterprises that obtain the right to use land according to law” Including collective economic organizations, non-development-related enterprises, individuals and financial investment companies that hold shares by way of shareholding. Among them, the development of land for state-owned enterprises has attracted much attention.

According to Yan Yuejin, in the past, the industrial land for state-owned enterprises for residential use was seldom mentioned. At present, it is also necessary to make a positive transition. It is not to be ruled out that some major cities will actively activate such stocks in the case of limited land increment market Land, for the commercial housing, affordable housing, shared property room, rental housing, “Quaternary product line” to provide more secure land supply.

Zhang Dawei believes that the government no longer monopolizes the supply of housing land and will have a very big impact on the value of collective land. Among them, the urban leasing market has the greatest impact and can also play a role of easing supply and demand in the housing market for commercial houses. He predicts that the future non-real estate development of collective land policies will accelerate the pilot.

图为成都城区一角太阳正从东方升起。中新社记者 刘忠俊 摄 Information Figure: The picture shows the corner of Chengdu City, the sun is rising from the east. China News Service Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Zhongjun photo

Homestead will be “Separation of Powers”

More attacks on police and insulting police Ministry of Public Security: Seriously investigated for legal responsibility

                    (The original title: Assaulting police will be strictly investigated for legal responsibility)


Southern Metropolis Daily According to the Ministry of Public Security January 15, in response to the recent occurrence of more front-line public security police and auxiliary police officers in regular law enforcement duties violating laws and even abusive assaults, the Ministry of Public Security requires all local public security organs to crack down on violence against the police and violence against the law And other crimes, serious investigation of police officers and police officers and legal responsibilities. Recently, the Ministry of Public Security specially sent a working group to go to Shandong, Henan and Hunan to visit and represent the party committees to visit condolences injured police and auxiliary police.

Maintaining Normal Law Enforcement Order and Police Enforcement Authority

According to the Ministry of Public Security’s briefing, more than one front-line public security police auxiliary police occurred successively in Nanyang and Kaifeng in Henan Province, Jinan and Heze in Henan Province and Changsha in Hunan Province. Encounter violence against law and abuse of assault. Even a handful of unlawful officers not obeying on-the-spot law enforcement and management, wantonly abusively beaten, beating the police and auxiliary police, and even slandering and slandering, causing serious injuries to the personal safety and personal reputation of the front-line civilian police and auxiliary police and giving police law enforcement authorities and normal social belt To harsh challenges.

In this regard, the Ministry of Public Security attached great importance to requiring public security organs in all localities to crack down on criminal activities such as violent attacks on the police and violence and anti-crimes, and strictly pursued the legal responsibilities of assaulting police, insane and police officers. They also sent special teams to go to these places. In the course of performing their duties, they encountered condolences on police officers and auxiliary police who were subjected to violent and anti-violence laws, violent attacks on the police and insulted and injured, and conducted special investigations on further strengthening the enforcement of police’s law enforcement and safeguarding the authority of police enforcement. In the recent incident of violent assaulting police, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Public Security said that public security police and auxiliary police are facing a lot of law enforcement and law enforcement duties all the year round. They face lots of contradictions and various kinds of crimes every day. They are under pressure, heavy tasks and high risks. Protecting front-line law enforcement police Auxiliary Police and their families personal safety and safeguarding the normal law enforcement order and police enforcement authority, both on social public order and people’s lives and property safety, but also related to social fairness and justice and national legal dignity.

Exploring and Establishing a Police Exemption System According to Law

The official said that public security organs at all levels, especially leading cadres, should conscientiously step up the protection of the law enforcement rights and interests of the police and support the police in performing their duties according to law. At the same time, we must also explore the establishment of police duty-based exemption system, as long as the police law enforcement actions in line with legal norms and legal procedures, we must resolutely support the protection of malicious smear police law enforcement, to be clear-cut, according to law, resolutely safeguard the police enforcement authority. In December last year, Party Secretary and Minister Zhao Kezhi of the Ministry of Public Security, at the video conference of the national public security organ, demanded that police officers in public security strictly regulate impartial and civilized law enforcement while also specifically talking about protecting the rights and interests of law enforcement by police and police Law enforcement authority. He said: “Without strict enforcement of this strict law enforcement, it is a failure of duty to support and protect strictly enforced laws without support and protection, as well as dereliction of duty.”


“Audi sister” also slapped the illegal Auxiliary u0026 nbsp; held in administrative detention

Southern reporter learned that the abuse assault police, auxiliary police event, once causing users concern.

Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Angry: This is a bank move to challenge the central authority!

                    (Original title: CCDI anger: This move is to challenge the central authority!)


Bohai Bank is suffering a flashy punishment because of a fruit card worth 168 yuan.

According to media reports, on the 15th, Bohai Bank sent 168 RMB fruit gift cards by mail to the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other important institutions in Tianjin Municipality. After the Commission for Discipline Inspection learned of the incident, it immediately notified the CBRC and Tianjin of its request for a thorough investigation.

The search of Chang’an Avenue governors found that Bohai Bank was established on December 31, 2005 and opened to the public in February of the following year. It is a national joint-stock commercial bank and its head office is located in Hexi District, Tianjin.

Just in December 2017, Bohai Bank won the “Most Socially Responsible Enterprise”, “SME Financial Service Award” and “Excellent Financial Institution” at the 7th “Model Tianjin” Awards Ceremony Grand Prize. It is worth mentioning that this list of election activities, with the theme of “sharing a new mission and embracing a new era.”

After the “Fruit Card Incident” was exposed, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission was furious and classified it as a top discipline violation and a challenge to the central authority, demanding strict and prompt treatment. Subsequently, Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Hongzhong also severely criticized the matter. Some media reports, Tianjin Commission for Discipline Inspection has sent six Bohai Bank assigned special inspection. At present, the incident has spread to other financial institutions, the Jinmen Financial Bureau and other bureaux have held internal meetings, self-examination introspection, serious reflection on regulatory omissions.

For financial institutions, a $ 168 fruit card caused a massive regulatory storm.

Governor of Chang’an Avenue Previously analyzed since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee has consistently and unswervingly pushed forward the party in strict and strict control and has shown a clear-cut stand and tenacious will and quality in order to strictly control the outstanding achievements of the party governing the party. Won the hearts and minds of the people, corrected the social values.

“Leading discipline” is not injustice!

On the first day of the 2018 New Year, the official website of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission welcomed the first revision of the Nineteenth Congress and launched a new section entitled “Four Winds Surveillance Posts.” The main task of 2018 announced by the Second Session of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission last weekend was: Also highlighted the issue of “consolidating and expanding the achievements of the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Government.”

Major General Chang Chang-yin has served as director of Army Political Work in the Central Theater

                    (Original title: Major General Chang Chang-yin has served as director of the Central Plains Army Political Work Department)



On January 11, 2018, the 68th activity of “One Hundred Centuries Forum of Core Values” co-sponsored by the Propaganda Department and the Guangming Daily was held in the Army of Three Gorges “. Director Zhang Changyin, Army Political Work Department, Central Theater Theater, delivers a speech. According to official reports, Major General Chang Changyin, former director of the propaganda bureau of the Political and Military Department of the Central Military Commission, has served as director of the Army’s Political Work Department in the Central Theater.

Fengcheng, Jiangxi Province, caused 73 dead power plant accident: another department-level cadres were chased

                    (Original title: Fengcheng Power Plant in Jiangxi Province continued the responsibility for the accident: Department-level cadres Yao Diming no longer preside over the full work)


江西丰城致37死电厂事故:又一名厅级干部被追责 Yao Di Ming Information Figure

Following Yupun former deputy mayor Yang Yuping, another department-level cadre in Jiangxi Province was held responsible for the main leadership responsibility for the Fengcheng Power Plant accident.

On January 15, 2018, on the afternoon of January 9, Liu Gang, deputy party secretary of the group company that presided over the overall work, and his entourage investigated and worked safety in Phase Two of Fengtai Power. The above news shows that Yao Diming, party secretary and general manager of Jiangxi Investment Group, no longer presides over the company’s overall work.

In addition, recently, the name of “Jiangxi Investment Group Company” has been officially changed to “Jiangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd.” and its legal representative has also been changed from Yao Daming to Liu Gang.

Jiangxi Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce Information display: On December 27, 2017, Jiangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd. was changed from a wholly-owned enterprise to a limited liability company (wholly state-owned); its registered capital was changed from 3,164.54 million yuan to 6,000 million yuan. Representative from Yao Daming changed to Liu Gang.

It is noteworthy that the former Jiangxi Provincial Investment Group Secretary and General Manager Yao Diming did not serve as Jiangxi Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd. Director, Supervisor, Liu Gang, chairman of Jiangxi Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd., general manager, chairman of the board of supervisors for the Xie Min.

Surging news reporter learned from many sources, Yao Di Ming is no longer presided over the full work of the company and Fengcheng Power Plant “11 · 24” cooling tower construction platform collapse is particularly important accident responsibility.

On November 24, 2016, there were 73 serious deaths and 2 injuries to the cooling tower construction platform caused by the collapse of the third phase of the Fengcheng Power Plant in Jiangxi Province. The direct economic loss was 101.972 million yuan.

After the accident, eight state leaders made successive instructions on the matter. General Secretary Xi Jinping, who was currently on an overseas visit, issued an important directive immediately. Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions. Zhang Gaoli, Liu Yandong, Vice Premier Ma Kai and State Councilor Yang Jing, Guo Shengkun and Wang Yong also gave instructions.

Xi Jinping instructed Jiangxi Province and other relevant departments to organize efforts to rescue, treat and deal with the aftermath. They should find out the reasons as soon as possible, draw lessons from them and hold the responsibility seriously.

Li Keqiang issued a directive requiring race against time to rescue the trapped people and spare no efforts in treating the wounded and trying their best to reduce casualties. The SAFE should take the lead in setting up a working group under the State Council to step up to the scene, guide and assist local authorities in carrying out relevant work such as search and rescue, treatment and rescue, and identify the cause of the accident and hold accountable in accordance with the law.

On September 15, 2017, the State Administration of Work Safety promulgated the Investigation Report on the Collapsing of Cooling Tower Construction Platform of “11 · 24” in Fengcheng Power Generation Plant in Jiangxi Province, and found that the accident was a production safety accident It is suggested that responsibility be accorded to 7 responsible units and 85 responsible persons in accordance with the law.

Investigation Report:

The cooling tower of the incident belongs to Phase III Expansion Project of Jiangxi Fengcheng Power Plant. Jiangxi Jiangxi Energy Co., Ltd. Fengcheng Phase III Power Plant is the statutory construction unit of the project and Jiangxi Ganneng Co., Ltd. (Jiangxi Ganneng Co., Ltd.), and Jiangxi Ganneng Co., Ltd. is the controlling shareholder of Jiangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd. (Jiangxi Investment Group for short).

Jiangxi Investment Group was established on August 10, 1989 with Yao Dingming, the legal representative, and a registered capital of 3.039 billion Yuan. It is a provincial enterprise regulated by Jiangxi SASAC.

As the superior unit of Jiangxi Ganneng Co., Jiangxi Investment Group, the leading group of Phase III Expansion Project Construction and the engineering construction headquarters of Fengcheng Power Plant, which is established, have no clear division of management authority over the project. Jiangxi Ganneng Co., Ltd. was not urged to supervise and coordinate the quality and schedule control of Phase III expansion of Fengcheng Power Plant. No safety supervision system for capital construction projects has been drafted, and the supervision and inspection on the safety management of Phase III expansion project of Jiangxi Ganneng Co., Ltd. and Fengcheng Power Plant has been ineffective.

The above investigation report also put forward the handling opinions to the responsible persons and responsible units of the accident. Among them, given to the Jiangxi Investment Group discipline and discipline disciplinary staff of 2 people, admonishing Mian interview staff 1 people.

Yao Diming, Jiangxi Investment Group Party Secretary, General Manager, Fengcheng Power Plant Phase III expansion project construction Leading Group Leader. Do not conscientiously implement the national safety production policies and laws and regulations, the Jiangxi Investment Group and Jiangxi Ganneng related units and departments do not conscientiously perform their duties, supervision of the project construction of the problem is not observed in the construction headquarters and Jiangxi Ganneng Co., Ltd. The relationship is not clear, the project management and organizational chaos in areas such as negligence. The main responsibility for the leadership of the accident occurred, it is recommended to cancel the party posts, dismissal punishment.

Luo Zhiqing, Member of the Communist Party of China, Jiangxi Investment Group Safety Production Director. Neglect management, did not promptly urge Jiangxi Ganneng Co., Ltd. and relevant departments of Fengcheng Phase II Power Plant to carry out safety supervision and inspection on Phase III expansion project of Fengcheng Power Plant, and found no hidden danger of major accident in the construction of cooling tower in related departments Oversight. It has important leadership responsibility for the occurrence of the accident and recommends giving intra-party warnings.

Given that Zhi-Qing Luo does not belong to the object of administrative supervision, it is proposed that Jiangxi State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission will entrust Jiangxi Investment Group with appropriate handling and punishment.

Li Zhongqing, Member of Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Investment Group, in charge of Production Safety Department. Neglect management, oversight of the production safety department of Fengcheng Power Plant Phase III expansion project construction problems. Proposed admonition talks.

There are 27 people in this post nationwide, with only one woman

                    (Original title: This post has 27 people nationwide, only one woman)


Recently, mayor elections for capital cities in several provinces. January 14, the first meeting of the 16th Hefei People’s Congress held its fourth plenary session, Lingyun was re-elected as mayor of Hefei Municipal People’s Government.

Referred to as “reelected” because Lingyun was officially elected as mayor of Hefei in October 2016.

The day before yesterday, on the 13th, Yinchuan City, the 15th NPC meeting, Yang Yujing was by-election Yinchuan Mayor. The reason why “by-election” is because Yang Yu-jing has been acting mayor of Yinchuan in November last year, this is to go “on behalf of” positive, officially became the mayor.

In addition to Lingyun and Yang Yujing, Chengzhi noticed that after the 19th NPC, at least the latest mayors of the four capital cities were to be elected.

the only capital city mayors

space experts appointed mayor of the capital

have four new capital city mayor elections, took over as mayor of Hefei were four Lingyun, Yinchuan City Mayor Yang by Zhang Weiwen, mayor of Lanzhou, Chen Yan, mayor of Guiyang.

4 are all newly elected in January this year, of which, Lingyun is re-elected to continue as mayor, Yang Yujing, Chen Yan, Zhang Weiwen is to go “on behalf of” positive.

Lingyun is the only woman among the four mayors. She is also the only female mayor in the provincial capitals of the remaining 27 provinces except Hong Kong, Maucao and Macao.


Lingyun was born in 1964 in Anhui Province. She first served in Anhui Provincial Department of Finance, later served in Bozhou. In Bozhou, her official to Bozhou Municipal Committee, propaganda department minister, deputy mayor. In 2008, Lingyun went to work for Hefei, capital of the provincial government. He successively took the post of minister of organization department and deputy secretary of Hefei municipal party committee. In August 2016, she acted as mayor of Hefei and became mayor in October of the same year.

In addition to Lingyun, the four mayors are relatively special and mayor Zhang Weiwen of Lanzhou. Before Zhang Weiwen, November 29, 2017, Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced the former mayor of Lanzhou Luan Kejun sacked. In December, Zhang Weiwen was transferred to Lanzhou Municipal Committee, deputy mayor, acting mayor. In January this year, just went to “on behalf of” positive. Of course, Zhang Weiwen’s special point is not that his predecessor was defeated. Prior to his appointment as the mayor of Lanzhou, he was the director of No. 510 Research Institute of the Fifth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. secretary. 510 Institute is Institute of Space Technology physics, located in Lanzhou, Gansu, China is the first batch of spacecraft directly engaged in the development of units. Some readers may not understand that hundreds of products such as aerospace pressure vessels, space electronic instruments and atomic frequency standards developed and manufactured by the institute have been successfully applied to more than 100 satellites recently launched in China from Dongfanghong-1 to “Shenzhou” spacecraft , Beidou navigation and missile weapons.

Zhang Weiwen I have also made great achievements in scientific research and have won many provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards. It is worth noting that there are quite a few officials out of the aerospace system. Zhang Weiwen was one of them. Previously, Hao Peng, party secretary of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Zhang Qingwei, secretary of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, Yuan Jiajun, governor of Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province Governor Ma Xingrui, executive vice governor of Gansu Huang Qiang and others.

27 provincial capital city mayor?

In addition to Lingyun, Zhang Weiwen, after the adjustment of the Nineteenth Congress, there are Yinchuan Mayor Yang Yu Jing and Mayor Chen Guiyang.

Both were born in 1963. Yang Yu Jing is the Hui people, Ningxia natives. Early is the Communist Youth League cadres, officials to the Communist Youth League Autonomous Region Party committee secretary, party secretary. Later served as autonomous region Sports Bureau party secretary, autonomous region culture department director, autonomous region housing and urban construction department director. In November 2017, acting mayor of Yinchuan, officially became mayor in January of this year.


Mayor of Guiyang Chen Yan was previously employed by the Development and Reform Commission of Guizhou Province. In 2011, he headed to Tongren. In 2012, he was the deputy mayor of Tongren City. From October 2012 to August 2015, he served as Chairman of Gui’an New District Development Investment Co., Ltd. In August 2015, he went to Tongren again to serve as acting mayor of Tongren City and in January 2016 Mayor Tongren. In September 2017, he started to serve as mayor of Guiyang City, and officially became mayor this month.


addition to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and four municipalities, the remaining 27 provinces of the country, the mayor of a total of 27 capital cities are as follows:


table can be seen Gun is the only one Mayor of the capital city. At the same time, except for the Mayor of Taiyuan, Geng Yanbo, who was born in 1958, and Zhou Hongbo, Mayor of Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, born in 1970, the remaining 25 mayors are all after the 60th, among which 65 are behind, 65 Before “21,” 65 before “obviously majority.

Same City as Provincial Capitals but with Different Levels of Mayors

Although political knowledge lists 27 mayors together in the broad category of “capital city mayors,” we know there are some differences between these mayoral posts Specifically, the administrative level of the provincial capital city is different. Therefore, the mayor of the provincial capital city also has different administrative levels.

signal! Zhao Leji, secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: focus on identifying such people!

                    (Original title: Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: focus on identifying such people!)


On the 15th, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection held the 19th CPC Central Discipline Inspection Commission members to study and implement Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC.

Zhao Leji, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, emphasized in his on-duty training that we should do a good job in discipline inspection and supervision over the current and future period. We must adhere to the principle of political construction and focus on solving the “seven problems” On the transformation of the “two sides” in a timely manner to identify, clear out.

信号!中纪委书记赵乐际:重点辨别清除这类人! Zhao Leji attended the seminar open and spoke. Source: Xinhua News Agency

The Governor of Chang’an Avenue discovered that after the 19th National Congress, Zhao Leji has repeatedly and openly cleared the “two sides” aloud. In early November, Zhao Leji mentioned in his article entitled “Comprehensive Understanding and Accurate Grasping of the General Requirements for Party Building in the New Era” in the People’s Daily at the beginning of the year. Zhao said that “the two sides” worsen the political ecology and damage the party’s hearts and minds, Evil “” both sides “screening out, clear out.

At the end of December, the Central Political Bureau held a meeting to listen to the work report of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission and study and deploy the building of a clean government and anti-corruption work in 2018. It emphasized the need to seriously investigate and punish those “two sides” who are not honest with the Party, Violate the political line of the party and undermine the political and ecological problems within the party.

At the just-concluded 19th Session of the 19th Session of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission at the second weekend of last weekend, Zhao Leji made a work report on behalf of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission. The first of eight tasks for deploying this year’s discipline inspection and supervision is to name the party’s political construction first place. One of the blunt “resolutely cleanse the two sides and two sides who are neither honest nor flirt with the party, but concentrate on the political stance, political principle, political responsibility and political discipline, strengthen the supervision and administration of discipline and accountability, Image-related, a comprehensive clean-up within the political ecology. ”

What is the group image of “Two Faces”? The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has written articles on their characteristics: they know that in order to evade tracing, keep their positions and be promoted, in addition to strengthening the covert nature of corrupt practices, they should also be good at packaging on appearance and cheat organizations and the masses in words and deeds. Due to being good at disguise, once the “two-person” incident occurs, public opinion is uproariously, bringing great impact on people’s psychology.

After the 19th National Congress, “First Tiger,” Lu Wei, former vice minister of the Central Propaganda Department, is typical. He used to be the chief officer of the Central Network Information Office, but seriously deviated from the principle of party spirit and polluted the political ecology. He not only failed to represent the network letter team, but corrupted the party’s image.

信号!中纪委书记赵乐际:重点辨别清除这类人! Lu Wei

Li Jia, former member of the Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee who was sentenced to 13 years in prison at first instance, is a good masquerade representative. In 2012, he was elected 48-year-old Guangdong Provincial Committee, the youngest member of the Standing Committee, once known as the “star of political hope.” However, he violated the law, edged edge edge, informed, a university teacher laments: “Li Jia Sun Yat-sen to study a few years ago, I have been in contact with him, did not think he was like this.”

Wang Sanyun, former secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, also often said that he really likes nothing. While investigating the ecological protection work in the Qilian Mountains, he repeatedly emphasized the extreme importance of environmental protection issues everywhere he went. He asked for “slogans to be honored.” However, he said there is no below. On the surface, there is no problem in looking at “four consciousness” Is to see the position not seen.

What is more, it is Yang Feng yin violation. In September 2013, when the Central Inspector-General visited the Chongqing Municipal Committee for feedback on inspections, then Sun Zhengcai, party secretary of Chongqing Municipality immediately made a position of saying “pay close attention to combating corruption and upholding integrity.” Three years later, the Central Inspectorate carried out a “look back” and found that there were such problems as “lack of comprehensive and strict rule of the party”, “lax control of the candidates for employing people” and “promotion of some cadres with disease”. Later, Sun Zhengcai himself unmasked.

So far, 71 “military tigers” in Slumsky are also lacking in “two sides”. The PLA Liberation Army Daily used the term “two accidents” both at the 19th National Congress – Zhang Yang and Fang Fai-hui. Fang Fai-hui sacked last week. The military’s daily article reads: “It is necessary to resolutely safeguard and implement the chairmanship of the Central Military Commission, and should never be considered a two-person man.” After he committed suicide in November last year, the military newspaper also commented on him: Loyal, behind the corruption.

信号!中纪委书记赵乐际:重点辨别清除这类人! Zhang Feng, Fang Feng-hui

In addition, since the 18th CPC National Congress did not investigate and deal with unconformities, do not accept the hand of party members and cadres, especially the top leaders, such as Huang Xingguo, Zhou Benshun, Wan Qingliang, Wang Min, etc. Different words and deeds, the typical representative of the light. “China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Magazine” once described them as: “The stage is a pious example, and the people in Taiwan are indiscreet;

The death sentence was passed on two lines of conviction

                    (Former title: corrupt officials “special” charges)


Recently, the China Judgment Paper published a criminal ruling, in which the officials involved in the commutation of offenses, covering all the charges, took up exactly two lines: corruption, intentional injury, confession by torture, bribery, Abuse of power, crime of innocent misconduct, illicit manufacturing of mail-and-mail storage and sale of firearms and ammunition.

These charges point together in common, which is Wu Xianfei, former political commissar of Yingquan Branch of Public Security Bureau of Fuyang City, Anhui Province. According to the ruling, Wu Xianfei did show his repentance during his term of service and was in compliance with the statutory reduction conditions. Department of criminal criminals, commutation should be strictly controlled. The court finally decided to sacrifice the criminals for eight months in prison. Speaking of Wu Xianfei, I have to mention 13 years ago, Fuyang City traffic police system a nest case. In 2005, Hanming Ting, a former detachment of traffic police detachment involving 10 million yuan in Fuyang City, was charged with 1.1520 million yuan of bribes while there were also bank deposits of 13.31 million yuan, 4301 yuan of U.S. dollars, 1 gold statue of gold and one memorial gold bullion, G, watch two other property, can not explain its legal source. However, the court has sentenced Han Mingting to 11 years’ imprisonment because of his significant meritorious performance of surrendering himself and exposing others. Han Mingting object of prosecution, it is his “old” Fuyang City Public Security Bureau former director of the kind of Yongji. According to Han Mingting confessed, Han wanted to be a traffic police detachment long, had given Yongji line bribery.

Because of this report, Yongji and his son-in-law, Wu Xian-fei, have been embezzled. In the end, Yongji was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life for taking more than 2 million bribes, as well as the crime of illegally holding and possession of firearms and ammunition and the huge source of unidentified property.

Among the Yongji charges, the crime of possession of firearms and ammunition is particularly noticeable. After his retirement, he should have handed over allotted guns and ammunition in accordance with the provisions but refused to turn over the guns and illegally held one May 4-type pistol and possession of over 1,000 rounds of various types of bullets. After the incident, Yongji also launched its son, daughter, relatives and others helped him hide the bullet.

Governors of Chang’an Avenue found that in recent years many officials have fallen to horses. In addition to corruption and bribery, many people suspected of holding illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

In February 2017, former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Zhao Liping, was sentenced to death and deprivation of political rights for life for intentional homicide, bribery, illegal possession of firearms, ammunition and illegal storage of explosives. After investigation, Zhao Liping hiding a revolver pistol, a 64 pistol and 49 bullets, there are 91 detonators.

In 2016, the former secretary general of Henan Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee and former party secretary of Sanmenxia City Lian Zicheng was sentenced to 15 years and 6 months’ imprisonment for illegally possessing guns and ammunition for accepting bribes for crimes involving huge amounts of unidentified property. Lian Zijian was accused of illegally holding Sanmenxia City Bureau of Coal, Lei Jianguo sent 10 guns and 800 rounds of ammunition.

In addition, Li Ruohong, former chairman of Guangdong Development Bank Co., Ltd. and former deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Financial Office, was sentenced to life imprisonment for accepting bribes and illegally possessing firearms. Li Ruohong or his mistress and co-owned firearms, prosecutors seized two guns and system guns.

Bai Zhiming, former deputy secretary general of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Party Committee, who was sentenced to death, and Yu Guohua, former vice mayor of Jilin City, sentenced to indefinite perpetration, both guilty of carrying illegal guns.

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