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Foreign media: Trump last extension of the non-sanctions Iran’s provisions

                    (Original title: Foreign media: Trump last extension of non-sanctions Iran’s provisions)



Overseas Network January 13 According to reports from Russia today, U.S. President Trump has decided to extend the immunity from Iran’s sanctions. U.S. officials said this is the last time he signed such an extension.

Trump will take office one year “time” out of this cover

                    (Original title: Trump inauguration will be one year, “Time” out of this cover)


US President Trump has always accused the media of their country making fake news, which in turn is not “friendly” to Trump. No, the latest cover of Time magazine in the United States has been freshly baked: a burning “matches head.”

特朗普就职将满一年 《时代》祭出这张封面 Report Screenshot

According to the Huffington Post’s January 11 report, the latest cover of Time magazine “placed a fire” on Trump’s hair as a symbol of 2017 in Hell .

Reported that U.S. President Trump on the cover of this week’s Time magazine has “hot hair” in a show of “alarm” in the first year of Trump’s administration.

Of course, this is not the first time that TIME has spoiled Trump.

On August 22, 2016, Times had compared Trump to a melting popsicle, satirizing his downfall at Meltdown and certainly not president.

点击查看大图 Twitter Screenshot

In October of the same year, Trump was already completely melted into a pool of water.

特朗普就职将满一年 《时代》祭出这张封面 Report Screenshots

The authors of these three “Trump Portraits” are illustrator Edel Rodriguez, a veteran of “Dark” Trump.

Rodriguez was born in Cuba and claims to leave the motherland for “freedom of expression” and entered the United States as a refugee in 1980. This time, he wanted to greet Trump’s inaugural anniversary with this burning “match head.”

In fact, Rodriguez has created several illustrations featuring Trump, whose artwork has appeared on the covers of several magazines.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, “Trump”, created by Rodriguez, is “beheading” the Statue of Liberty on the cover of the German “Der Spiegel” magazine published on February 3 last year, which sparked heated debate both inside and outside Germany.

点击查看大图 Twitter Screenshot

In this painting, “Trump” holds a blood-stained long knife in one hand and holds the head of the Statue of Liberty in New York, the other hand; the blood flowing in his head symbolizes “democracy Beheaded “and with the text” America First. ”

Rodriguez said the picture is a response to Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven countries in West Asia and North Africa to the United States. But Alexandre Graf Lambsdorf, then vice chairman of the European Parliament and a member of the German Liberal Democrats, said the painting was “tasteless.”

About “Matchhead Trump,” on the cover of Time magazine, Rodriguez explained in an interview The burning red hair that Trump is burning points to Mike Wood’s new book Fire And the anger . Allegedly, the book reveals many of the secrets of the mess in the White House, revealing much of the fierce anticipation of Mr Trump and his family, including Trump’s horrifying election win, his inauguration and his intentions to become president Hankuka “Secret” Father’s hair and other secrets.

But Trump anger refers to the book “lies” and subsequently his lawyer wrote to book publishers and authors asking him to stop publication immediately.

The author of the latest cover art from Time magazine argues that “the United States we used to live in was a very stable country, but now every day you wake up, you have to see where he put the fire . “

Rodriguez also created a cover for Fire and Fury because someone told him that the book’s existing cover was awful, wasting an” opportunity “…

特朗普就职将满一年 《时代》祭出这张封面 Twitter Screenshot

Zhang Yingying suspects want to prevent experts testifying prosecutors: no reason

                    (Original title: Zhang Yingying suspects want to prevent experts testifying prosecutors: no reason)


QQ截图20180113065835.jpg Zhang Yingying Suspected Christensen (Source: US Chinese Network)

Overseas website January 13th Chinese female scholar Zhang Yingying was recently exposed in the United States and the latest case of the latest developments: suspect Christensen Brendt Christensen’s lawyers have tried to stop experts from the U.S. government from testifying during court trials. However, the prosecutor said they had provided enough evidence and documents to Christensen’s lawyers.

Integrated U.S. Wandtv and US Chinese Network reported on the 12th that Christensen and his lawyer filed a motion on December 31, 2017 to try to stop the testimony of experts from appearing before the court. The motion said that the Prosecutor had still not submitted to the Christensen party a complete list of the expected evidence of the experts involved in the case, leaving them with insufficient time to prepare for the forthcoming trial. For this reason, the defendant demanded that the court prohibit the appearance of experts in court. Earlier, the Tribunal requested prosecutors to submit these documents by December 15. However, the prosecutors responded to the motion on the 9th local time on the 9th that they submitted all the evidence they have at the moment, including hundreds of pages of documents, hard disks containing electronic evidence, and all those who will attend court to testify The list includes DNA and blood, electronic evidence, fingerprints and even experts in Chinese culture. Prosecutors also said they could even require two professional dog trainers to testify in court if necessary.

In response, Prosecutor Chadles said: “According to the law, witness testimony does not have to be submitted, and the government has submitted more evidence than requested (on the prosecutor’s side) has responded to all the demands of the respondent party . “Although some analyzes were not submitted before December 15, Chadles said it was because the FBI did not complete the reports by the deadline.

Chadles also mentioned that the defendant’s claims were unreasonable and would also affect the jury’s role in “seeking the truth.”

According to court documents, Christensen’s abduction of Zhang Yingying’s death case and any pre-trial motion must be filed by January 15, 2018, and the court must respond on January 29, 2018; as for grams Whether Listensen will be sued for death penalty, government departments need to be notified by February 1, 2018. In addition, all final pre-trial related documents also require filing by February 9; the pre-trial date is February 12, 2018.

According to earlier reports from overseas websites, in October 2017, Christensen, a suspect in the Zhang Yingying case, passed a defense lawyer and proposed to the court a motion to postpone the trial date. The U.S. Federal Prosecutor’s Office opposes the motion put forward by the suspect’s extension trial. Subsequently, Judge Bruce of the Federal Court of Equancia rejected the motion. Bruce said that the suspects had enough time to review the relevant evidence and documents. Therefore, the jury trial day of the entire case remained unchanged on February 27, 2018 Hold.

Event Review:

The FBI announced on the evening of June 30, 2017 that 27-year-old man Christensen was arrested for abducting Cap Yin Ying, a Chinese female scholar at the University of Illinois at Champaign, who was driving black on June 9 Saturn car, champagne Iraqi campus Zhang Yingying will be carried away. However, on an interrogation, Kristensen said he admitted to having carried an Asian woman, but said he sent the woman out after a few blocks. The FBI was found on the man’s cell phone and in April he visited a website on the abduction and hijacking plan.

On the afternoon of July 20, Christensen was formally brought before a federal court in Urbana, Illinois, USA. In the trial, Christensen made a speech of 4 minutes and 15 seconds. When asked by a judge about whether Christensen was taking any medicine during the mortgage at McKay County Prison, Christensen replied positively that he was taking Klonopin as an antidepressant. Christensen also told the judge that the drug did not affect his ability to understand what he was accused of.

On the evening of September 17, at 6 o’clock on the evening of September 17, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign held a candlelight party with Zhang Yingying’s family members. There were over 200 people holding candlelight and prayed together with Zhang Yingying.

Saudi Arabia held the domestic soccer league women for the first time allowed to enter the tournament

                    (Former Title: Saudi Women First Allowed to Enter Soccer Stadium)



Han Xiangchao proposed on the 15th North Korea to participate in Pyeongmong Winter Olympics substantive talks

                    (Original title: Han Xiangchao proposed 15th DPRK to participate in Pyeongmong Winter Olympics “practice talks”)


South Korea and North Korea hold high-level talks at Panmunjom on the 9th to reach agreement on North Korea’s participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and military talks between the two sides.

On the 12th, the South Korean Unification Ministry confirmed that on the very day the ROK government again communicated with Panmunjom through the channel of Panmunjom and proposed to North Korea at 10am on the 15th (9am Beijing time) at “Peace House” on the Korean side of Panmunjom North Korea delegation to participate in Pyeongmong Winter Olympics “practical talks.” South Korea will send a delegation of three delegates who will serve as the chief representative with a total of 100 senior officials. At the same time, the ROK also submitted to the DPRK the position materials on the DPRK delegation’s participation in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and related cultural activities.

Trump again exposed the peach scandal! To cover the extramarital affairs to pay Yan 13,000 US dollars

                    (Original title: Trump has exposed the peach scandal! To cover extramarital affairs to pay Yan Star 130,000)


QQ截图20180113091524.jpg Former adult actress Cliveford (AP)

Overseas Network January 13 u0026 nbsp; US President Trump has repeatedly been exposed by the media since taking office Pile affair, but recently with extra-marital affairs has been Pa out. According to sources, Trump’s private lawyer paid a $ 130,000 sealing fee to an adult actress before the election to avoid a public discussion of the relationship with Trump.

Comprehensive The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and other media reported on the 12th, Trump was in a golf tournament in July 2006 met Cliveford, and their encounter was at Trang Pu with her current wife Melania married a year later. It is reported that the 28-year-old Clift has shot dozens of adult movies. She had privately told her friends that they had had sex with them after meeting with Trump in 2006.

To cover up this shameless “extramarital affair,” Cohen’s attorney, Cohen, paid the adult actress $ 130,000 on the eve of the 2016 election and signed a non-disclosure agreement. In response, the White House also responded on the afternoon of the 12th. “These are all repetitive stories that have also been reported before the election but have all been strongly rejected.”

Trump stall thing! 54 African countries asked him to apologize for the incident

                    (Original title: Trump stall thing! 54 African countries collectively asked him to apologize)


800_副本.jpg Trump at the meeting (Source: AP)

Overseas Network January 13 (Xinhua News Agency) According to AFP, 54 African countries asked the U.S. President Trump to withdraw his inappropriate remarks made earlier and Apologize for this.

Trump Migration Invasion Controversies

Earlier, according to reports by the Washington Post and other U.S. media, when U.S. President Trump heard a proposal by Senate members on immigration policies on the 11th, defamation was used against some countries Wording, questioned why the United States to receive immigrants from those countries. White House rejected the Republican and Democratic Senators sponsored a proposal that day.

Democrat Senator Dick Debin and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham reportedly briefed Trump on the same day at the White House presidential office, covering reservations to immigrants in Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries “Temporary Protection of Identity” project. Trump was frustrated by the performance and publicly blasted the immigrants and their country as saying: “Why do we want people from bad countries to come to the United States?” According to several media reports, The words used by the country are rather vulgar. He said in particular that the proposal should not cover Haitian immigrants. “Why do we need more Haitians? Get them out.”

It is reported that the entire speech was reportedly dumbfounded by the officials present. For Trump’s remarks, the two senators were “stunned.”

The “Temporary Protection of Identity” project currently applies to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Syria, Nepal, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen. The U.S. government finds that these countries are temporarily unsuitable or have insufficient capacity to handle the return of citizens because of natural disasters or chaos.

Last year, the U.S. government announced that it will terminate the “temporary protection of identity” for immigrants from Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan and set immigration deadlines for the three immigrants. On the 8th of this month, the U.S. government announced the termination of its “temporary protection status” for Salvadoran immigrants.

America’s Haiti despising: he is the villain

According to the Associated Press reported on the 12th, Trump’s remark immediately led to many people’s dissatisfaction, some Haitian-Americans angrily criticized not only inappropriate, but also Is ignorant.

Trump’s speech was reported to anger Kwame Raoul, a senator from Illinois, whose parents in Haiti immigrated to the United States in the 1950s. The Chicago Democrat said to Trump: “I do not think there is any apology to make up for this error. His remarks are extremely inappropriate. He simply does not understand the history and immigration of these countries, especially the contribution of Haitian immigrants to the country. History. “Raoul added that it was purely Trump’s personal subjective remarks and criticized:” I’m embarrassed by this person as president of the United States. “

Farah, Haitian immigrant in Miami, Larrieux said “It’s not just bullying. It’s a racial campaign against immigrants.” Djenane Gourgue of the American Chamber of Commerce in Haiti, Florida, admitted frankly that she would no longer have Trump’s The remarks affect yourself. “We spend too much time commenting, watching what Trump is saying and often getting annoyed.” Gerdor, who was born in Haiti, said: “These words can not affect me, he’s just a villain.”

image.png Trump 12 Tweets screenshots. Trump: I did not say those words.

Trump defended himself on Twitter on the 12th for media inquiries and public criticisms. “I’ve never said anything that belittle the people of Haiti. It is obvious that Haiti has only said that it is a very poor and volatile country, and I have never said that I will drive them out (referring to immigrants from countries like Haiti), all fabricated by Democrats and I and the people of Haiti Good relationship, maybe the future of the meeting should be recorded, too unfortunate, no confidence at all! “

Armed elements attacked the Russian special forces units of the Russian air base to wipe out all of them

                    (Original title: Armed elements attack Russian air base Russian special forces to destroy their full crew)


俄国防部:俄特种部队歼灭此前攻击赫梅米姆基地的破坏小组 (视频) - 俄罗斯卫星通讯社.mp4_20180113_104355.688.jpg Russian Defense Ministry video capture

Overseas Network January 13 According to Russian media reported on the 12th, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian special forces in Syria annihilated the December 31 attack on the Home Ming Air Base Destroy the group.

According to the Russian satellite news agency, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that “the Russian military determined the location of the militants’ destruction group in the final phase of the special operations and all the destruction teams were annihilated by the high-precision Red Earth 2K25 artillery shells.”

1019874455.jpg The picture shows the Russian Ministry of Defense. (Source: Russian satellite network)

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry said on January 4 local time, the Russian military in Syria, Hermes Air Base on December 31 last year by terrorists, killing two Russian soldiers were killed . In addition, according to media reports at least seven Russian aircraft were destroyed in the attack, the Russian Defense Ministry denied that the report was false.

Not a movie! Couples car theft was chased after the dead affectionate kiss and surrender

                    (Original title: American couple stealing car was caught in despair affectionate kiss and surrender)


This is not a movie.

Recently, a couple in Arizona, United States escaped after stealing a car and was chased by the police to the desert. They fondly kiss and then fell to the police to surrender …

On January 10, the couple stole one After an off-road vehicle escaped, the police followed.

Two driver vehicles crashed through the fence and swaggered into the desert. Then the car got stuck in the ditch, and the two abandoned the car to flee.

不是电影!情侣偷车被追到绝境 先深情拥吻再投降

but they did not get rid of the police, so they hold together affectionate kiss suddenly, as if Korean male and female ……

不是电影!情侣偷车被追到绝境 先深情拥吻再投降

last two both get down to surrender to the police.

不是电影!情侣偷车被追到绝境 先深情拥吻再投降

users: You can say that true love ……

不是电影!情侣偷车被追到绝境 先深情拥吻再投降

不是电影!情侣偷车被追到绝境 先深情拥吻再投降

不是电影!情侣偷车被追到绝境 先深情拥吻再投降

The status quo in Syria exposes the Chinese who are easy to become terrorist kidnapping targets

                    (Original title: The current situation in Syria exposes the target of Chinese being a moratorium on terrorists temporarily not to go to Syria)

                                    CCTV news: On the 7th of this month, our embassy in Syria has issued an announcement saying that there is a so-called “Syrian photo tour” organized by travel agencies in the near future. However, at present, the clashes between the Syrian parties are continuing. ” Does not have the most basic safety and security guarantee for the travel of individuals or groups of Chinese citizens. “Therefore, the embassy once again reminded Chinese citizens and relevant travel agencies, recent temporary organizations or trips to Syria. Journalists in Damascus, the capital of Syria on the distance between the front and the city for an experience.

Syria’s conflict zone has declined as extremist groups have collapsed in the eastern part of Syria. However, there are still two major conflicts that continue to occur: Idlib and Damascus in East Guta are located in densely populated areas. The conflict has been fierce, especially in the East Tower, just 2.5 km from Damascus city center. Even in the downtown area, people can see the smoke rising from afar off at high altitudes. For security reasons, reporters can only reach the outer area of ​​the East Tower.

It took only 25 minutes to reach Umayyad Square in the heart of Damascus after passing 4 checkpoints in heavy traffic. As the distance from the capital approached, rebels often fired various types of mortar rounds at Damascus, including mortars, and weekly news of gunfire, injuries and deaths was reported. The high incidence of falling area, it is the world heritage, an important tourist attraction – the old city of Damascus. In addition to mortar attacks on a daily basis, Damascus has committed at least 12 suicides since early 2016 and has caused the deaths of nearly 100 people.

Near Damascus, the only thoroughfare outside Damascus, including in Damascus, to Aleppo, a northern Syrian city, is one of the most recent fighting in Idlib. Although the war in Aleppo has ended, “Conflict Front” and other terrorist groups still control the area west of Aleppo. The easily identifiable Asian faces, and especially the Chinese faces, are likely to be kidnapped and extorted by some terrorists. At present, the situation in Syria has been moderated, and most of the regional reconstruction is slowly beginning. However, it is still too early to organize a tour to Syria.

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