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Foreign media: Trump decided to cancel the visit to the United Kingdom due to fear of protest demonstrations

                    (Original title: British media: Trump canceled visit to the United Kingdom because of fear of protest demonstrations protest)



overseas online January 12 electrical u0026 nbsp; Trump was supposed to London in February to cut the ribbon for the new US embassy, ​​while holding talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May, but according to the British According to media reports, Trump has decided to cancel his visit to Britain and send Tillerson to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

According to the Sun newspaper, the news said that since British human rights activists have indicated that they will launch a demonstration during Trump’s visit to Britain, British parliament members also indicated that they will not allow him to address Congress. The date of Trump’s visit to Britain has not yet been set. Another media said that Trump was dissatisfied with the visit arrangements and specifications, and decided to cancel the trip. In response, the White House has not yet responded, while the British Prime Minister ‘s Mansion Downing Street on the 10th denied this rumor, but hinted that Trump’ s visit is likely to be postponed.

In fact, Teresa and Trump have been slapped on social media for anti-Islamic videos by a far-right British party on a number of occasions when many British Conservative members attacked Teresa Suspend Trump’s visit. If Trump visits the original visit, he will meet with Teresa at the Downing Street mansion on February 26 and 27, but will not travel to Buckingham Palace to meet with Queen Elizabeth II. This will be his first visit to Britain as a leader since he took office.

Trump refused to visit Britain because he did not like the new embassy: let me go to cut the ribbon no way!

                    (Original title: Trump refused to visit Britain due to dislike of the new embassy: let me go to cut the ribbon, no way!)



overseas online January 12 electrical u0026 nbsp; Trump was supposed to London in February to cut the ribbon for the new US embassy, ​​while holding talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May, but special Mr Lumpe has decided to cancel his visit to Britain and send Secretary of State Tillerson to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony. British media speculation Trump is worried about the protest encountered himself, he personally denied this on the social network, and said that selling the original embassy to build a new point is not worth the money, let me go to cut the ribbon, no way !


Trump’s post said: “I canceled London because I was not a fan of the Obama administration, and they sold the embassy in London’s best location and spent $ 1.2 billion on other According to the “Sun” reported that the news that as British human rights activists have already indicated during the Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom to protest, the United Kingdom Members also indicated that he will not allow him to address Congress, Trump’s date of the U.N. engagement has not yet been decided. Another media said that Trump was dissatisfied with the visit arrangements and specifications, and decided to cancel the trip. In response, the White House has not yet responded, while the British Prime Minister ‘s Mansion Downing Street on the 10th denied this rumor, but hinted that Trump’ s visit is likely to be postponed.

South Korea 4 infant collective deaths lead to injection of contaminated more likely

                    (Original title: Han neonatal causes of collective death: man-made injection of contaminants is more likely)


韩4名婴儿集体死亡 人为导致注射剂污染可能性较大

On December 16 last year, four newborns treated at Mukdong Hospital, Seoul National University Hospital, Ewha Womans University, were reported to have died. In this regard, the Yonhap news agency reported January 12: neonatal death is due to bacterial infection-induced sepsis. Analysis, man-induced injection of contaminants more likely, and the incident related to five medical staff will be investigated.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Department Wide Area Search Team said on the 12th that the autopsy results of the Korea National Institute of Scientific Research (“NSK”) indicated that the neonatal death was caused by sepsis caused by Citrobacter freundii and died Four infants were tested for Freund ‘s citrullosis in their blood.

The Disease Management Division said that before the death of three of the infants, blood was found to contain the same bacterium-citric acid bacteria as the fat-nutrient injection injected into these infants. The results of the autopsy confirmed that all four infants had detected the bacterium .

It is reported that the National Science Section and the South Korean police believe that the fat bottle may be contaminated with nutrients in the glass itself, it is possible to open the glass bottle on the syringe, in the process of connecting the baby’s central venous tube pollution .

For the fatty nutrition itself, it has not been shown by the Food and Drug Administration to date. Police believe there is a greater risk of contamination during the injection procedure.

Putin Talking on Global Hot Spots: The United States “Nudgets” Bring Trouble to Yourselves

                    (Original title: Putin: the United States “miserly” to give yourself trouble)


Russian President Vladimir Putin met with media executives on the 11th and expressed his opinions on many hot issues such as the relations between Russia and the United States and North Korea. Putin reiterated that Russia did not interfere in the U.S. presidential election and at the same time accused the United States of interfering in other countries’ affairs.


Putin first talked about the Russian presidential election in March. Russian opposition Najnahr was banned from participating in the presidential election because of corruption, the West criticized Russia. In this regard, Putin said Navarney is not the only one to be banned from the election, but the United States only focus on Navarney. This is because Navarny is the leader of Russia that the United States has chosen to see. Putin criticized the United States for always interfering in other countries’ affairs and warned the United States that it will certainly bring troubles to itself.


Russian President Vladimir Putin: In fact, the United States often intervenes in other countries on its own affairs, at least in an attempt to interfere in other countries’ affairs. They think this is normal and I think it is extremely wrong. If the United States is busy managing for nothing, they must be prepared to meet some of the challenges that they are asking for.

Putin: Russo-U.S. Relations Depends on US Attitude


United States or return to Paris agreement? Foreign media: Trump is famous for capriciousness

                    (Original title: United States may return to the “Paris Agreement”? Foreign media: Trump is known as capricious)


美国可能重返《巴黎协定》? 外媒:特朗普以反复无常著称_《参考消息》官方网站 January 10 At the Washington White House in the United States, U.S. President Trump (right) and Norway’s Prime Minister Solberg held a joint press conference. Xinhua News Agency issued

Reference News Network January 12 reported Foreign media said that on January 10, U.S. President Trump said that the United States may theoretically return to the Paris Climate Agreement, but did not disclose any specific efforts in this direction action.

According to the AFP report on January 10, at a joint press conference with Norwegian Prime Minister Elna Solberg, Trump said: “To be frank, I have no opinion whatsoever about such agreements themselves , But I think there is a problem with the agreement they signed because, as always, they have concluded a bad agreement. “

Trump said:” We might theoretically return (the Paris climate accord). “Previously, Mr. Lappe has opened the door to a return to the Paris climate pact, but his conditions are for a resumption of negotiations, and he is always vague about exactly what to negotiate.

Trump reiterated his conviction for the Paris climate accord, saying that the agreement signed by former President Barack Obama was “unfair to the United States” and negatively affected the U.S. economy. He stressed: “The United States is a country rich in natural gas, coal, oil and other minerals.” He said the agreement “is very bad for our business,” and sets the target for the United States to be lower than its rival, China High Too much.

Within the framework of the Paris Climate Agreement, the United States is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 26% to 28% by 2025 compared to 2005.

According to a report by the American Quartz Financial Network on January 10, as president, Trump is known for his erratic views. This is often persuaded by the other side’s advantages during meetings with consultants or foreign officials.

Trump foul Haitian-Americans on immigration: he’s a villain

                    (Original title: Trump foul on the issue of immigrants Haiti rage: he is a villain)


Trump At the Meeting (Source: AP)

Overseas Network January 12
Local time on the 11th, Trump was exposed at a White House meeting on immigration issues, angered by Haiti, El Salvador and other countries as “bad country.” This statement immediately led to the dissatisfaction of many people, and some Haitian-Americans also angrily criticized its statement is not only inappropriate, but also ignorance.

According to the Associated Press reported on the 12th, Trump’s speech angered Illinois Senator Kwame Raoul (Kwame
Raoul) whose parents in Haiti immigrated to the United States in the 1950s. The Chicago Democrat told Trump: “I do not think there is any apology to make up for this mistake.
His remarks are far from fit, and he simply does not know the history of these countries and the history of immigration, especially the contribution of Haitian immigrants to the country. Raoul added that it was purely Trump’s personal subjective remarks and criticized: “It’s embarrassing to me to be the president of the United States. “

Larrieux, a Haitian immigrant in Miami, received immigration protection after a natural disaster in her own country. “It’s out of politics, and this guy (Trump) does not respect anyone and I endure myself crying,” Larry said.
“It’s not just bullying. It’s a racial campaign against immigrants.”

South Korean Defense Ministry: South Korea and North Korea to promote military talks to finalize the winter Olympics

                    (Original title: South Korean Defense Ministry: South Korea military talks focus will be to ensure the successful winter Olympics)


  , 北      ·            On the 9th, heads of high-level Korean and Korean delegations held handshake before the talks

Overseas Network January 12 On the 12th, ROK Defense Ministry officials said the focus of the Korea-DPRK military talks is to ensure the success of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Equal Chang-Chang Olympics North Korea sports delegation size, visit the ROK path is finalized, the South Korean military will advance military talks between South Korea and North Korea.

According to the Yonhap news agency, related matters such as the size of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics North Korea sports delegation will be confirmed through follow-up talks between the DPRK and the DPRK high-level talks and consultations between the IOC and the South Korea and the ROK on the 20th. Officials from South Korea’s Defense Ministry said that if North Korea makes a separate request, the government may consider holding military talks with it. Korean military test Korean military hotline

Sudan President is making a televised speech as a result of a nationwide power cut

                    (Original title: Sudan nationwide power off President TV talk live interrupted)


苏丹总统正发表电视讲话 结果遇上全国范围大断电

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir suffered a nationwide power outage on the televised speech on the 10th and the live broadcast was interrupted.

Patient! Park Geun-hye all the property was frozen Property was also banned sublease

                    (Original title: Zha heart! Park Geun-hye all the property is frozen by the court)



Overseas Network January 12 According to the Yonhap News Agency, the South Korean Central Prosecutor’s Office on the 8th filed a lawsuit before the court to preserve property, called for the freezing of property of Park Geun-hye. On the 12th, the South Korean court approved the application.

On January 4, Park Geun-hye was sued by South Korean prosecutors for allegedly accepting 3.65 billion won (about 22 million yuan) of bribes from National Intelligence Center. Korean media said prosecutors apply for the freezing of property in preparation for the conviction of Park Geun-hye. Yonhap said that if the court approved, Park Geun-hye’s entire property or will be frozen before the case decision. By then, Park Geun-hye will not be able to sell or transfer the property. Movable property such as deposits will be frozen and property will be banned for sale, donation, sublet.

扎心了!朴槿惠全部财产被冻结 房产也被禁止转租
Park Geun-hye Park, located in Samseong-dong, is now on sale.

How many properties is owned by Park Geun-hye? Korean media said there may be only one second-hand house and several millions of RMB deposits. According to statistics at the end of 2016, then, Park Geun-hye had a total of 3.7838 billion won (about 23.315 million won) in a single home in Seoul’s Samseong-dong house (2.71 billion won) and 1.0282 billion won. However, Park Geun-hyei later sold and built a third-hand house in Noond-dong, Gangnam, with no special income. In the case of presidential impeachment case and crony-guard case, because of spending a large sum of legal fees, Park Geun-hye’s current property should be subject to change. In April last year, Park Geun-hye was deeply involved in the “government-led dictatorship.” Prosecutors prosecuted 18 charges of abusing their power, taking bribes and disclosing secrets. The handling of the case of dry administration is still going on, and Park Geun-hye is once again eyeing the prosecutors because of being involved in the scandal of the State Department. Prosecutors suspect that during his time from May 2013 to July last year, Park Geun-hye instructed the president of the State Department to submit monthly special activities fees, amounting to 3.65 billion won, belonging to the state budget and handed over by the secretary of Cheong Wa Dae.

On January 4, Prosecutor appealed Park Jin-hoo for alleging it was receiving 3.65 billion won of bribes from the NIS. As a result, Park Geun-hye charges will be increased from 18 to 20. Prosecutors said that Park Geun-hye violated the “specific crime aggravating punishment law,” the bribery, resulting in treasury losses, embezzlement and other public funds.

It is learned that the property preservation refers to the court before the prosecution of the interested parties or the parties after the prosecution, in order to protect the future entry into force of judgment can be executed or to avoid the loss of property, the parties’ property or the subject matter of the dispute, to restrict the parties to dispose of Mandatory measures.

Park Geun-hye’s recent activities

On 13 October 2017, the Central District Court of Korea decided to extend the period of imprisonment on the ground that Park Geun-hye had “the possibility of destroying evidence”. Park Geun-hye’s custody of the longest time will be extended for 6 months, that is, to be released in April next year, which led to Park Geun-hye’s strong dissatisfaction.

On October 16, 2017, Park Geun-wai made a rare statement at trial. She denied her suspicion that the trial was a “political retaliation” for her. The same day, Park Geun-hye seven defense lawyers collectively indicated the resignation. Lawyer Liu Rongxia accused the court of deferring the arrest of Park Geun-hye’s judgment “unreasonable,” saying “it will be the most shameful black history in the history of South Korean judiciary.” Park Geun-hye said: “Trust in judges has no meaning and will be adjudicated as judges. . “

On October 19, 2017, Park Geun-hye refused to attend the first hearing after the lawyer’s resignation on the ground of health.

On October 25, 2017, the South Korean court announced that it has identified five new lawyers for the Park Geun-hye case.

On November 3, 2017, the ROK Freedom Party, the largest opposition party in the ROK, held a summit meeting of the Supreme People’s Liberation Army to set forth the decision to expel Ms Park from membership.

South Korean Defense Ministry: 4 times a day with North Korea due to aging lines noise

                    (Original title: South Korean Defense Ministry: 4 times a day with North Korea due to heat aging noise)


   軍            …      ·       Han Jun personnel use military hotline to test the call

Overseas Network January 12 On January 10, the North Korea-China military communication line of the Western China Sea was restarted after being cut off for two years. On the 12th, officials from South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense said that it is now conducting a trial call with the DPRK square four times a day because of a murmur of line aging calls, but it does not affect communication.

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