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Trump is accused of belittling immigrants to argue that I and the people of Haiti are good too!

                    (Original title: Trump is accused of degrading immigrants Arguably: I’m good with Haitian people!)


001.jpg Trump

Overseas Network January 12 US President Trump improper remarks on immigration triggered media questions and public criticism, which, Trump on the 12th in Twitter on the text as Excuse yourself.

On January 12, Trump defended himself on Twitter by telling him that “I’ve never said anything that belittle the people of Haiti, saying that Haiti is a very poor and turbulent country, which is plainly obvious.” I have never said that they should be expelled (referring to immigrants from countries like Haiti), all fabricated by Democrats, and I have had a good relationship with the people of Haiti, and perhaps future meetings should be recorded, so unfortunate that there is no Trust! “

image.png Trump 12 Tweets.

Foreign media: German Social Democrats approved Merkel’s coalition party’s cabinet agreement

                    (Original title: Foreign media: German Social Democratic Party approved Merkel’s coalition party’s cabinet agreement)


1515745373633216.png data for: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

overseas online January 12 electric AFP, the German Social Democratic leadership cabinet approved an agreement with Chancellor Angela Merkel belongs to the Conservative Party.

According to previous reports, local time on January 11, the German Chancellor Merkel led the coalition party and the Social Democratic Party formally reached a breakthrough in negotiating the outcome of the talks, or pave the way for the formation of a coalition government.

Chinese Ambassador to Iran Clarified False Information on East China Sea Collision

                    (Original title: Chinese ambassador to Iran on the East China Sea collision accident description of the situation to Iraq)


Xinhua News Agency, Tehran, January 12 Chinese ambassador to Iran Ponson met with Ibrahimovic Minister Rabié on the 11th to explain the relevant circumstances of the collision in the East China Sea and the progress of China’s rescue and clarify the false information.

On January 6, a Panamanian tankers and a Chinese Hong Kong cargo ship collided about 160 nautical miles east of the mouth of the Yangtze River, causing a fire in the tankers leaving missing 30 Iranian crew members and 2 Bangladesh national crew members on the tankers . Ponson said China attaches great importance to the incident and the relevant departments are fully engaged in search and rescue operations. The Maritime Search and Rescue Center of the Chinese Ministry of Transport, as the comprehensive coordinating and commanding agency for maritime search and rescue operations, is responsible for dispatching command and rescue forces to the scene.

“Continued burning and explosion of the accident vessel caused the harsh sea conditions in the area of ​​the incident, and Chinese rescue workers risked many threats to approaching the accident vessels several times and carried out search and rescue operations and fire fighting operations at close quarters. At the same time, China also coordinated search and rescue forces from Japan and South Korea to participate in maritime search and rescue Work, “Ponson said.

Ponson introduction, the scene there are about 20 rescue vessels. On the morning of the 11th, China organized a drone to carry out search and surveillance tasks in the relevant sea and air space. Up to now, the body of a foreign citizen has been salvaged. China is coordinating the identification of Iran and Bangladesh’s embassy in China.

Fu may enemy! Is this your hometown in the top 14 cities in China?

                    (Original title: This is China’s top 14 cities, rich and powerful! Have your hometown?)


Who do not say good hometown, so ranking competition among cities on the network will always be a hot topic.

Two of the cities currently in the pipeline are starting to publish their own 2017 Annual Report, of which GDP data has become the most important indicator of PK among cities.

In 2017, the GDP of Wuxi and Changsha was divided into 1.05 trillion yuan and 1.02 trillion yuan. Since then, the number of trillion city clubs in China has increased to 14. Meanwhile, Guangzhou’s GDP in 2017 is expected to reach 2.15 trillion yuan, which means that the hegemony among China’s top cities has entered a 2 trillion-year era.

中国又一城市GDP超万亿 万亿GDP俱乐部达14个 ▲ Source: Vision China

It is worth noting that these top cities in China have surpassed the economies of many countries in the world in terms of their economies and can be regarded as “invincible.” At the same time, citizens living in these cities can also receive real “big red envelopes.”

China’s GDP Trillion Club City Increased to 14

According to the First Financial Report, at the second meeting of the 16th NPC in Wuxi City recently, Wuxi Mayor Wang Quanzuo introduced the government work report, In 2017, the city of Wuxi is expected to achieve a GDP of 1.05 trillion yuan, an actual growth rate of 7.4%. At the same time, Changsha in the central region also exceeded the trillion yuan mark. Changsha City, the second session of the 15th NPC on January 2 opening, Changsha City Mayor Chen Wenhao announced in the government work report, the city’s GDP in 2017 is expected to reach 1.02 trillion yuan, an increase of 9%.

▲ Source: CSD

Before Wuxi and Changsha, 12 cities have successively entered the trillion club ranks. Among them, in 2006, 2008, 2010, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, “Trillions of trillion”, “trillion club” in 2011 influx of four members: Shenzhen, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chongqing; Chengdu joined hands in 2014; Hangzhou was among them in 2015; Nanjing and Qingdao entered in 2016.

中国又一城市GDP超万亿 万亿GDP俱乐部达14个 ▲ Source: Vision China

Of 14 trillion club members, including Changsha and Wuxi, 10 regions in the east, 2 in the middle and 2 in the west have not yet been reached in the northeast There are cities into the column. In terms of urban agglomeration, the Yangtze River Delta has a total of five cities, namely Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Wuxi. After the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Chengdu-Chongqing and the Yangtze River each have two. These five urban agglomerations are also the five most important national urban agglomerations in our country.

In terms of provinces, Jiangsu Province, the second largest economic province, has the largest number of cities in the list, with three in total (Suzhou, Nanjing and Wuxi) and the second largest economy in Guangdong followed by Guangdong with only two , But its two cities, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, are both first-tier cities. Shenzhen and Guangzhou have successively crossed the 2 trillion yuan threshold in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Zhou Jianjun, director of Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission disclosed in an interview on the 10th that it is estimated that in 2017 Guangzhou’s GDP will exceed 2 trillion yuan and its per capita GDP will exceed 150,000 yuan. This is also the fourth city in China with a GDP of more than 2 trillion yuan. It is also the first time that a total of more than 2 trillion yuan has been collectively passed by the four first-tier cities in the north and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen.

“Endemic” Chinese cities

What is the concept of 1 trillion and 2 trillion GDP? According to the well-knit data on Wall Street, only the 2016 GDP data shows that the economies in China’s top cities will be as good as those in some countries.

中国又一城市GDP超万亿 万亿GDP俱乐部达14个 ▲ Source: Wall Street

For example, the GDP of 23 million Shanghai reached 2.75 trillion in 2016, in line with Thailand’s population of 68.86 million. Beijing’s GDP in 2016 reached 2.49 trillion yuan, The affluent Middle East Middle East UAE. Shenzhen 2016 revised data for the total GDP reached 2007858000000 yuan (above is un-revised data), more than the European country Ireland. At the same time, both Shanghai and Beijing have entered the top 30 “national economies” in the world. Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the first-tier cities can rank No. 40 in the world.

Of the other cities, Tianjin and Colombia, Chongqing and Chile, Suzhou and Finland, Chengdu and New Zealand have comparable economies. More importantly, the development potential of cities in China is generally bullish.

According to a report from the Information Net, a report by Oxford Economic Consulting Agency pointed out that at present, only 18 Chinese cities have entered the top 100 global GDP cities, but by 2035 this number will increase by 15 more.

中国又一城市GDP超万亿 万亿GDP俱乐部达14个 ▲ Source: Vision China

It is reported that by 2035, the total GDP of the 150 major Chinese cities covered by the above study will more than double by 11 trillion U.S. dollars to 25 trillion U.S. dollars. They will contribute nearly half of the total gross domestic product of the 780 metropolitan areas.

The above studies predict that some of today’s top megacities will still retain their status, with New York, Tokyo, London and Los Angeles still in the top five. Only Paris will fall out of the top five and Shanghai will be the fifth to replace it, while Beijing will climb from No. 15 to No. 6.

Urban development is closely related to the well-being of residents

However, some people may ask: Is urban GDP going high again? Is it related to ordinary citizens? Have.

In fact, the development of urban economy is closely linked to the welfare of each resident.

Let’s take Shanghai as an example.

中国又一城市GDP超万亿 万亿GDP俱乐部达14个 ▲ Source: Shanghai Statistics

through access to relevant data, you can see, the 2006 Shanghai urban households per capita disposable income of 20,668 yuan, rural per capita annual disposable income of 9213 yuan; 2012 Into the two trillion times, Shanghai’s per capita income of urban households has reached 40,188 yuan, per capita rural families also reached 17,401 yuan.

中国又一城市GDP超万亿 万亿GDP俱乐部达14个

中国又一城市GDP超万亿 万亿GDP俱乐部达14个 ▲ Source:

new employment Survey, 2006 Shanghai, employees’ average annual income of 29,569 yuan, 68.99 million new urban employment; in 2012, the annual total of new Shanghai 613,800 jobs, the average annual wage of workers reached 56,300 yuan.

To sum up, we can see that from 2006 to 2012, the average income of urban and rural residents in Shanghai nearly doubled. The income of workers also doubled.

Beijing rental apartment expensive than the surrounding Sanlitun 27 flat 11000 yuan / month

                    (Original title: Long-term rental apartments are generally expensive than the surrounding Sanlitun 27 square meters 11,000 yuan / month)


调查:长租公寓普遍贵过周边 Reporter Lu Xiao Xiao Intern Li Wei Beijing

On January 10, “China Times” reporter visited a number of long-term apartments as consumers. The first stop came to the Gulfstream International Youth near Sanlitun community.

Gulfstream International: 27 square meters of 11,000 yuan / month



staff introduced the community, where the monthly rent of the house 6900-15000 per month, the flagship of the community Beijing high-end private courtyard house, the room with a separate toilet, bed, table, wardrobe, sofa, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV and other configurations. Staff, here’s sheets, quilt cover, pillows, quilts and so is fully equipped, you can do bag check. In addition to indoor facilities, the apartment also has video zone, gym, coffee bar, laundry and so on.

Staff to reporters about the house monthly rent of 11,000 yuan, an area of ​​27 square meters, the reporter a rough calculation, the house’s rent reached 400 yuan / square meter / month. Reporters on the scene saw most of the privacy of the room less, windows facing the channel or next door courtyard.

The reporter learned through the chain stores in the area around the studio a month most of the monthly rent in the house 5500-6000 yuan, the reporter saw the East Lake in Unity Lake a studio rent of 6000 yuan, the area is 44 square meters, newer furniture in the room, the package is relatively complete, the average rent per square meter is about 136 yuan / square meter / month.

Cube apartment: small bay more expensive than the one-bedroom second station reporter visited


, came to the apartment Cube Beiyuan shop, house staff briefed reporters on the area of ​​about 30 square meters, the rent is 4700 yuan a month, with separate bathroom, kitchen, bed, wardrobe, table and other furniture, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, television, induction cooker and other appliances. Roughly calculated that the space rent of about 156 yuan / square meter / month.


Reporters saw that the community is mostly about 0.5 square meters of small windows, the house also has more columns and other internal structure, indoor lighting is more general. The third floor lobby is a public area of ​​the community with billiards, table football, spinning and other public facilities, which are free to use.

Subsequently, the reporter learned from the area I love my home store, mostly in the area of ​​newly built residential quarters, the monthly rent in the studio room at 4500-6000 yuan. Willing to sink a set of 53 square meters of a hall of a monthly rent of 4,500 yuan, complete indoor furniture, about 84 yuan / square meter / month.

A resident in Rubik’s Cube told reporters that Cube Apartments have more access control and are free to exercise in the lobby. But come in to know that utilities are all water business, two people a month to add up to more than 300 pieces of utilities, while housing soundproofing is not very good, next door to watch TV, listen to songs and so can be heard. In addition, compared with the surrounding community, rent a lot more expensive, the lease expires plan to look for other quarters to see.

YOU +: LOFT premium fashion three times higher than the third stop


long-term lease apartments, reporters came to YOU ​​+ International Youth community is located in the Suzhou Bridge. Staff introduction, the community rent 4380-5580 yuan range, are loft-style design, the lower floor for free space, the upper floor is a double bed. Public areas supporting a kitchen, dining room, office area, billiard hall and so on. The community also holds regular cinema and other collective activities to promote communication between neighbors.


The staff introduced the monthly rent of the house for the reporter to 4380 yuan and the house area of ​​15 square meters. Calculated that the community monthly rent of about 292 yuan / square meter / month. However, the reporter saw that the room was not equipped with refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances, laundry to go downstairs to pay for the laundry room, the room is located on the second floor, windows west, opposite a high-rise office building, the basic lighting are blocked inside the house .

Due to the limited interior space, some rooms Loft design of the upper bed space is also more narrow, one and a half 78 boys get up, the head almost hit the roof.

Reporters learned that the area of ​​the studio rent a house in the 4000-5500 yuan per month, of which a small community Nanoshou 4,000 yuan a month, an area of ​​45 square meters, the house facilities, the average per square meter Rent is about 88 yuan / square meter / month.

However, for renters, in addition to location, transportation, facilities and other factors, the price is still the primary factor determining the choice of renters. Miss Wang met in the show when interviewed, YOU + International Youth Community supporting community environment, transportation and other conditions are still OK, but the price is higher, he or to the surrounding area to find something, do a comprehensive contrast to do Decided.

Not only these three apartments, Cloud House data show that the rent of long-term apartments is generally higher than the surrounding area, and some can reach 2.5 times the rent next door.

The Lok Ma official accused his friends of contracting unauthorized construction projects and charged 10.73 million profit

                    (Original title: He was charged “profit” 10.73 million yuan)


这位落马官员让朋友承揽拆违工程 被控获利1073万
Wu Pihua trial.

Own demolition compensation, privately run a cafe, home also has rental housing, but also investment and financial management, Haikou Longhua Politics and Law Committee, former deputy secretary Wu Pihua quite profitable, but as Longhua District Urban Management Bureau Life still greedy. In a year or so, he asked two friends to call the company to contract the illegal construction of Longhua Urban Management Bureau and he was accused of “profiting” tens of millions of yuan from it. He was also charged with receiving commissions to act as an “umbrella” for illegal construction.

After Wu Pihua brought the case, the prosecutor’s investigation found that Wu Pihua had a huge amount of property totaling more than 20 million and 100,000 U.S. dollars, of which nearly 4 million and 100,000 U.S. dollars were unable to explain the legal sources.

January 12, Haikou Intermediate People’s Court held a public trial of Wu Pihua suspected of taking bribes, a huge crime of unknown property source. Wu Pihua was charged 12,338,000 yuan bribery, a huge amount of property from unknown sources. The court trial lasted one day, and Wu Pihua challenged some of the alleged facts.

The court will pronounce the case on the same day.

let two friends undertake illegal building projects

he was charged with “profits” 10.73 million yuan

Pi Hua Wu, aged 49, Haikou, former deputy secretary of the Department of Longhua District, Haikou, worked in the police station, Longhua District Urban Management Bureau and other units worked. Prior to his appointment as the director of Longhua District Urban Management Bureau, Wu Pihua already had rented out houses and operated a variety of income sources such as cafes, private investment and wages in the name of laid-off friends. His wife said that in addition to the purchase of a set of commercial housing down payment, the family usually the expenses are basically the wife in charge. It can be said that Wu Pihua economically well-off.

According to the allegations, in March 2015, Wu Pihua Ren Longhua District Urban Management Bureau, agreed with Hwang Wu, Wupi Hua to help Hwang contract Longhua District Urban Management Bureau of illegal construction projects, Hwang will be demolitions of 50% of the project money as a benefit Give Wu Pihua. After the bidding process, Hankou anchored Hainan Anxin Xin Demolition Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid Longhua District Urban Management Bureau of illegal construction. Wu Pihua Ren Longhua District Urban Management Bureau to take advantage of his position, the Longhua District Urban Management Bureau most of the illegal construction projects to Hwang contract. In December 2015, Wu Pihua instructed Hwang to open a bank card with his name Hwang and allow Hwang to deposit the benefits into the card. From December 2015 to July 2016, Hwang paid $ 6.13 million Divided into seven times the card, each time by Hwang to Wu Pi Hua take the bank card, the deposit will be returned to the card after Wu Pi Hua custody. Wu Pi Hua also helped Chen contract a lot of Longhua District Urban Management Bureau demolition projects. Chen received Longhua District Urban Management Bureau to pay the project money, six times to give Wu Pi Hua fee 4.6 million yuan.

Wu Pihua illegal construction project “profit” ten million yuan. In the trial, Wu Pihua said Hwang and Chen are his friends, one is a taxi, one is the decoration, when the Longhua Urban Management Bureau to find someone to do illegal construction projects, Wu Pihua think of looking for yellow A, Chen.

After the money was collected, the illegal construction was not completely demolished.

He was charged with taking bribes to act as an “umbrella”

Professor Peking University, a famous ancient writing expert Gaoming died at the age of 91

                    (Original title: Professor Peking University, a famous ancient writing scientist Gaoming died at the age of 91)


北大教授、著名古文字学家高明逝世 享年91岁 In 2008, Mr. Gao Ming, a famous ancient writing expert and professor at the Institute of Archeology and Museology, Peking University, was at home in Peking University’s Blue Flag.

Surging news reporter learned from the Peking University Institute of Archeology and Museology, Peking University Institute of Archeology and Museology, the famous paleographer Mr. Gao Ming invalid because of medical treatment, at January 06, 2018 at 13:06 in Beijing died at the age of 91 year old.

At present, the Office of Archeology and Museology of Peking University has set up the office of Mr. Gao Ming for the administration of funeral expenses. Mr. Gao Ming’s farewell ceremony is scheduled to be held at the Babaoshan funeral parlor hall in Beijing on January 14 (Sunday) at 11 a.m.

Public information shows that Gao Ming was born in Tianjin in December 1926 and graduated from the Department of History of Peking University in 1956 and stayed on for teaching. In 1987, Clement was promoted to professor.

As an ancient philologist, Gaoming was once a council member of the Chinese ancient writing research association, a director of China’s Shangxu Culture Society, a member of the expert committee of the Chinese Characters Museum, and an academic advisor to the Chinese Qin Wen Studies Association.

Officials charged with extortion in custody for six months for six years were acquitted on 10 convictions

                    (Original title: former secretary of Hebei Quyang County Direct Work Committee charged with extortion, after ten judgments, ruling finally acquitted)


Zhao Yangzhang, secretary of the Direct Work Committee of Quyang County, Hebei Province, obtained state compensation. Earlier, he was arrested for extortion on suspicion of extortion, after 12 judgments of 12 years, ruled that he was acquitted.

On January 12, 2018, according to the “Zhao Zhenzhang’s Decision on Innocence in Retrial” issued by China’s Judgment Document Network, the Compensation Commission of Baoding Intermediate People’s Court made a compensation decision on Zhao Zhenzhang and indemnified RMB 4.7 million for the compensation of personal freedom. Mental damage to pay solace gold RMB 15,000.

12 years experience 10 decisions, ruling

By “Zhao Zhenzhang and Cao Haifei criminal rulings on extortion and retrial” made by Hebei Higher People’s Court on July 21, 2011, Zhao Zhenzhang was originally the secretary of the Direct Working Committee of Quyang County, On April 15, 2004, they were detained by Quyang County Public Security Bureau for criminal detention on April 15, 2004, and arrested by Quyang County People’s Procuratorate on April 23 of the same year. On October 13, they were released on bail pending trial by the People’s Court of Quyang County. Along with Zhao Zhenzhang, Xing Ju was also arrested by Cao Jiefang, Gao Jingqiu, and the employee of “Depth Communication” magazine for allegedly extortion.

The verdict clearly shows Zhao Zhenzhang’s litigation process of adjudicating 10 times in 12 years and ruled that the final verdict will not change:

On October 11, 2004, Quyang County People’s Court made a 44th criminal verdict to convict Zhao Zhenzhang Extortion, sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for three years. Zhao Zhenzhang was released on October 12, 2004, for a total of 182 days in custody.

On December 22, 2004, Baoding Intermediate People’s Court ruled that the verdict of first instance should be revoked and be sent back to Quyang County People’s Court for retrial.

March 3, 2005, Quyang County People’s Court made a No. 106 criminal judgment, Zhao Zhenzhang guilty of extortion, sentenced to imprisonment for two years, suspended for three years.

On January 17, 2006, Baoding Intermediate People’s Court made a criminal ruling, rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict.

On August 31, 2009, Hebei Higher People’s Court made a retrial decree, ordering Baoding Intermediate People’s Court to form a collegial panel separately to conduct retrial. During the retrial, the original verdict was not stopped.

On December 16, 2009, Baoding Intermediate People’s Court made a criminal ruling to uphold the previous criminal ruling of Baoding Intermediate People’s Court and the criminal conviction of Quyang County People’s Court.

On July 21, 2011, Hebei Higher People’s Court criminalized the decision to revoke the previous verdicts and sent the case back to Quyang County People’s Court for trial.

On April 13, 2012, Quyang County People’s Court made the (2011) Criminal Convictions No. 3 Criminal Judgment. The defendant Zhao Zhenzhang was guilty of extortion and was sentenced to two years imprisonment and suspended for two years.

On August 15, 2013, Baoding Intermediate People’s Court made the Criminal Judgment (2013) on the Fourth Penalty of the Punishment and the Final Word No.4, and revoked the criminal judgment of Quyang Zaoben Zi No.3 in Quyang County Court (2011) Quyang County People’s Court retrial.

September 22, 2016 Quyang County People’s Court made a (2014) Criminal Verdict No. 68 criminal judgment, verdict Zhao Zhenzhang innocent.

62,000 yuan national compensation

Of the applications submitted to the Compensation Commission of Baoding Intermediate People’s Court, Zhao Zhenzhang submitted 5 compensation items totaling 1,086,000 yuan.

Zhao Zhenzhang said that during the period of detention, the disease was hit and the tumor in the nose and throat was affected. Since it has been coughing continuously, regular hospitals have no money to pay for the maintenance of drugs, leaving insomnia and amnesia. Medical expenses, follow-up treatment costs. Zhao Zhengzhang said that he had been expelled from the party by a state cadre and became a sick prisoner. His father, who was wronged by his own grievances, regretfully passed away in 2006; his wife’s adopter was made at the High Court of Hebei Province on August 31, 2009 Baoding City Intermediate People’s Court ordered a retrial due to insufficient evidence, sadness and excessive death. Injustice caused the family to die, beyond the ordinary torture caused extreme mental blow.

“Based on the above plot, extreme mental attacks hit as long as 12 years, 5 months and 9 days, according to an annual calculation of 40,000 yuan, compensation for moral damage should be 499,000 yuan.” Zhao Zhenzhang claimed.

Peking University PhD exams put the wrong English: correct answer according to the answer

                    (Original title: Peking University in response to doctoral English exams misplaced: the correct answer by the candidates)


CNR Beijing On January 13, according to the Voice of China, “CNR News” reported that on January 6, candidates who attended the Peking University PhD Candidates’ English Proficiency Examination reflected that part two of the exam papers on listening comprehension Article and third article hearing audio sequence wrong. Yesterday (January 12), Peking University Graduate Admissions Office said that some of the questions will be submitted by the candidates correct answer.

On the morning of January 6, Peking University held the 2018 Doctorial English Proficiency Test. On the exam day, some candidates who took part in the English proficiency test reflected that the third article should be released when placing the second essay question in the English listening part. Many candidates present at that time did not react.

China Civil Aviation Authority requires foreign airlines websites and other propaganda channels to carry out self-examination

requirements on foreign airlines to carry out immediately notify the site and other publicity channels self-examination

various foreign airlines Representative Offices:

foreign airlines for a number of recent media reports of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions classified as “national “The report, Civil Aviation Authority attention. Pursuant to the relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China, all foreign airlines operating routes to China are now required to conduct an immediate self-examination of the Company’s official website, APPs and other publicity channels, and whether there is a mistake in listing Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan of China as ” Country “and other situations that do not conform to Chinese laws. If any of the above situations exist, immediate measures should be taken to rectify the situation. Civil Aviation Authority will review the follow-up rectification of the situation, do not meet the foreign airlines will take further measures according to law.

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