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Another U.S. helicopter crashed Okinawa apology: to prevent the accident from landing

                    (Original title: Another US helicopter forced to wipe out the U.S. whitewash in Okinawa: “Preventing a landing” to avoid accidents)


又一美军直升机在冲绳迫降 美道歉:预防着陆

Recent U.S. accidents in Okinawa and successive failures have occurred in Japan. On the afternoon of January 8, another U.S. helicopter landed near a hotel in Yomitan, Okinawa Prefecture.

According to a report by Japanese NHK television station on the 8th, about 5 pm on the 8th, some people said that there was a “U.S. helicopter landing” near a hotel in Yomitan, Okinawa. Police said a U.S. helicopter landed there and the U.S. military explained to the police that “the warning light showing the aircraft’s fault was on.” Allegedly, neither the locals nor the flight crew were injured.

A staff member at a garbage disposal plant near an inn told NHK television that “I heard a loud noise and went out to see a U.S. helicopter parked in an open space in the field. It looked as if the fuselage had not been damaged, No one was injured. ” Relevant sources from Japan’s Defense Ministry disclosed that the aircraft landing in Yomitan was the U.S. AH-1 attack helicopter.

Accidents and failures of U.S. military aircraft have occurred recently in Okinawa Prefecture. On the 6th of this month, a U.S. helicopter just landed at the beach in Uluma, Okinawa Prefecture.

又一美军直升机在冲绳迫降 美道歉:预防着陆

Also reported by Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, an AH-1 attack helicopter belonging to the U.S.Afrio Aerospace Airport was forced to land at the Yudatari Waste Disposal Plant in the county. County police said there were 2 people on board and no one was injured. It is learned that the reason may be due to landing pressure warning lights flashing. According to the county party, the landing site is located about 250 meters northeast of the village’s hotel site. U.S. troops and county police are investigating the details.

A magnitude 5.5 earthquake struck Tajikistan at a depth of 7 km

China Earthquake Networks Official Determination: At 09:05 on January 09, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit Tajikistan (latitude 38.00 degrees north latitude and longitude 72.59 degrees east) with a focal depth of 7 kilometers.

US media to tell friends from broke the news: Oprah Oprah will participate in the 2020 presidential election

                    (Original title: US media by the close friends broke the news: Oprah Oprah will participate in the 2020 presidential election)


US famous hostess Oprah to run for president? CNN reported on January 8 that it has been “positively considered” that Oprah Winfrey will “participate” in the presidential election in 2020 through the news of two of her closest friends at Oprah.

Two of Oprah’s confidants reportedly talked about the 2020 election when they chatted after their Golden Globe speech. One of them said that there was a topic a few months ago, but Oprah has not yet decided.

Her close friend also said that some of Oprah’s befriended friends were urging her to run privately. But Oprah’s agent has yet to respond.

Prior to the mid-2018 election, the presidential election within the U.S. Democrats will not be officially launched, but many potential candidates have already begun to occupy a favorable position and travel to Iowa. (Iowa election is landmark)

South Korean delegation of 5 arrived in Panmunjom North Korea players into South Korea’s attention

                    (Original title: South Korean delegation of 5 arrived in Panmunjom to be held talks with North Korean officials)


韩国5人代表团抵达板门店 即将与朝鲜官员会谈 South Korea High-Level Talks on the Korean 9 South Korea Representatives

Overseas Network January 9 At 10 am on the 9th, the ROK and the ROK will hold talks at the “Peace House” at the South side of Panmunjom. Both sides will discuss the DPRK’s participation in the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics and the improvement of the relations between the two Koreas at the talks. According to the latest news from the Yonhap News Agency, the current five representatives of the delegation headed by Zhao Mingjun, the unified minister of South Korea, have already arrived at Panmunjom.

韩国5人代表团抵达板门店 即将与朝鲜官员会谈 On the morning of the 9th, ROK vehicles passed Tongyi Bridge, Paju, Gyeonggi Province on the 9th.

According to the Yonhap news report earlier on the 9th, at 7:30 am on the 9th, the ROK representative proceeded from the South-North talks headquarters of Samcheong-dong, Seoul, Go to Panmunjom “Peace House” meeting place. Five DPRK delegates led by Li Shanquan, chairman of the North Korean Committee for the Peaceful Unity of Motherland, will cross the military demarcation line at 9.30 am and arrive at the “Peace House” on foot to attend the talks.

The Talks Focus on North Korea’s Participation in Olympics

Jiayue Ting investment vehicle opening trial run said the financial situation to ease

                    (Original title: Jia Yueting American new car open trial ride: Lenovo Haier personnel to attend, said the financial conditions ease)


贾跃亭投资新车开放试乘 负责人称资金状况缓解
Appearance of FF91

Faraday Future (FF), an electric car company invested by Jia Yuanting, did not attend CES (Las Vegas) this time but held a hotel near the convention and exhibition A small range of test riding activities.

US local time at 8:00 on January 8, surging news correspondents at a hotel near the CES show FF staff and parked on the roadside production car – FF91. In the next two days, FF invited a handful of media to participate in the FF91 test ride.

According to Faraday’s future, the electric car with autonomous driving plans to complete small-lot delivery by the end of this year, its pricing will not be the benchmark Tesla, the product claims to be the target Bentley, Rolls-Royce . However, when the surging news reporter FF91 test car on the day of the test, there is no interior, the interior was forbidden to take pictures.

Concerning the progress of financing, Faraday’s future official said the most troublesome funding issue is easing and 75% of suppliers have resumed supply. However, he declined to comment on the source of funding.

Surging news reporter saw from a list of test riders, in addition to media reporters, Faraday’s future also invited personnel from Lenovo, Haier test ride. Fang Xingdong, founder of the Internet laboratory involved in the controversy over “black draft” in Ali and Jingdong before, is also on the list.

贾跃亭投资新车开放试乘 负责人称资金状况缓解
FF91 Appearance.

Autopilot function

FF91’s acceleration from 0-97 km was 2.39 seconds, based on previous FF data.

The entire trial run took 25 minutes, with a clear push back and weightlessness during cornering and straight acceleration. The vehicle started quite rapidly, drawing passers-by while crossing the intersection.

It is understood, FF91 canceled the car and the car on both sides of the rearview mirror to multiple cameras instead of the car originally belongs to the rearview mirror position is a display, real-time display around the car four directions Outside the car screen. A staff member told reporters that at present FF91 has been designed in two versions. One completely replaces the rearview mirror with a camera and the other one partially retains the “because in some countries the law does not allow vehicles without the rear view mirror to go on the road.”

FF91 The front of the FF91 is equipped with an autopilot sensor and is said to achieve L3-level autopilot and some L4-level functions.

“Burn-in” and mechanical failure

Perhaps due to the relationship between the prototype car, there was some malfunction of the FF91 for trial operation on that day. During the surging news reporters’ ride, the vehicle just turned right into a straight road from an intersection and was getting ready for acceleration. The tire seemed to have reached a hard object on the curb, and the car stopped suddenly. After a few seconds the car filled up A strong rubber burning smell. After the driver’s brief commissioning, only to re-run.

Accompanying staff member said that this is the phenomenon of burning tires, car can show the “ultimate performance.”

Among other media test takers, surging journalists also noticed that the FF91’s rear doors were once closed for mechanical problems.

贾跃亭投资新车开放试乘 负责人称资金状况缓解
FF91 Replaces the rearview mirror with a camera.

Small batch delivery planned before the end of the year

As for the issue of mass production vehicles when it is time to go public, an early Le Toy employee and a responsible official for FF transmission in the United States said: “Before, because of funding problems, Products do not keep up and are now doing a great deal of testing and engineering validation, such as driving the car in extreme environments to verify the reliability of the vehicle. When we finish the factory, we are scheduled to complete the delivery in small quantities by the end of the year. It will take 10 months to prepare and plan an annual capacity of 10,000 vehicles in the future. “

In December 2017, surging journalists visited Faraday’s future plant in Hanford, California, but there are no signs of getting started.

“Pricing will not target Tesla, product benchmarking Bentley”

The responsible person for the above FF also said that with the ease of funding, FF will release and announce FF91 more in phases this year More details. “Last year we released the appearance and performance, the first quarter of this year we will open the interior, release the car networking capabilities in another two or three months, the final release will be completed before the mass production.”

FF has not yet announced the production car After the media reported that the final price of 120,000 US dollars. In this regard, a staff member told reporters that the price is not easy to announce, but the FF91 is definitely a super-luxury car positioning products, “pricing will not benchmark Tesla, the product will be marked Bentley, Rolls-Royce , But the price will be much cheaper than them. “

贾跃亭投资新车开放试乘 负责人称资金状况缓解
FF91 A professional racer was invited to drive.

Reasons to Reject Talks

It is reported that FF recently completed a financing of 1 billion U.S. dollars.

According to the person in charge of FF mentioned above, the most troublesome fund problem is now being alleviated and 75% of suppliers have resumed supply, of which most of the arrears have been paid off. However, for the source of funds, he remained silent and repeatedly said that he did not comment on the issue of financing.

Fang Xingdong, who also took part in the test ride, told reporters that he met Jia Yunting many times in Los Angeles. The current funding situation did improve but the sources of funding were not clear. Earlier, the rumor in the FF financier “Little Superman” Li Zekai, the Thai national oil company, have been on the surging news denied the participation of Faraday’s future financing news.

“All the C’s do not need any O and are managed by the management committee.”

At the end of last year, FF’s CTO and CFO left one after another, which triggered the collapse of FF high-rise and the unsustainable operation of the FF guess.

Speaking of the phenomenon of executives leaving, the responsible person in charge of FF said to the surging news reporter: “We profoundly summed up the lesson that startups can not find what they call big cafes. If you look for such a world-class professional manager He will only consider his own interests and will not treat the company as his own business, so we have canceled C level, all of the C do not need anything, flatten the organization and manage it by the management committee. “

” It’s normal for a start-up company to get around, but we’ve been very steady with the core team (R u0026 D team), “the official told reporters.

Russian fleet across the English Channel tension followed the entire surveillance

                    (Original title: Russian fleet across the English Channel tension followed the surveillance)


Overseas Network, January 9 British Defense Ministry released on January 8 the news that four Russian warships crossed the English Channel, and the British military sent an emergency frigate to follow and monitor it. British Defense Ministry said the Russian Navy recently “near the territorial waters of the United Kingdom” action frequently. ”

According to Reuters, the British Ministry of Defense released information on the 8th that four Russian warships crossed the English Channel “very close to the British territorial waters.” The Royal British Navy urgently dispatched HMS Westminster to track the Russian fleet. , And monitor the movements of its fleet throughout.

Royal Navy’s Westminster Corvettes (profile)

It is reported that the Russian fleet includes “Soobrazitelny” light destroyer and “Boiky” Light destroyer, in addition to two supply vessels, speculation should be completed in the Middle East after the return mission.

Commander of the Royal Navy’s Westminster Aberdeen Corps said that the English Channel is the absolute lifeblood of the British, and the British Navy is duty-bound to remain vigilant about the conditions at this strategic site. The British Defense Ministry also said there have been signs of increasing activity by the Russian navy in the waters off the coast of Great Britain recently.

British Defense Minister said on December 26 last year that a Russian naval vessel “approached” the territorial waters of the United Kingdom on Christmas Eve and the British Royal Navy frigate was in urgent “escort” vicinity. Reuters released a day by the British Royal Navy helicopter infrared camera photographs, the image shows the British naval St Albans (HMS
 St Albans) was accompanied by a Russian Frigate of the Admiral Gorshkov.

Infrared Photos taken by Royal British Navy helicopters

North Korea delegation crossed the military demarcation line talks focus on North Korea participating in the Olympics

                    (Original title: North Korean delegation arrived at Panmunjon crossing the military demarcation line)


韩朝会谈今日举行 朝方代表团已越过军事分界线 DPRK-ROK High-Level Talks on 9th and North Korea

Overseas Network January 9 at 10 am local time on the 9th, the ROK and DPRK will hold talks at the “Peace House” on the Korean side of Panmunjom. It is estimated that both parties During the talks, North Korea will participate in discussions on the PyeongMing Olympic Winter Games and improve the relations between the two Koreas. At present, the North Korean delegation walked past the military demarcation line at 9:30 p.m. local time and arrived at the meeting place. The ROK delegation arrived earlier. According to the latest news from the Yonhap News Agency, the talks officially started at 10 o’clock local time.

韩朝会谈今日举行 朝方代表团已越过军事分界线 the 9th inter-Korean high-level talks on behalf of South Korea

It is reported that the delegation of the DPRK delegation led by the chairman of the DPRK Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland Lee Sun-right members include vice chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, Sports Minister Kim, Ministers of the Peaceful Unification Commission of the motherland and member of the National Olympic Committee.

韩朝会谈今日举行 朝方代表团已越过军事分界线 9 am, the ROK vehicles to Panmunjom

ROK delegations led a delegation from the South Korean Unification Minister Zhao Ming, members also include unified Office Minister, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism the second officer, the Prime Minister’s official deliberation room, Pingshang Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Organizing Committee Planning Division 4.

Talks Focus on North Korea for Participation in Olympics

South Korea’s unification department said that the ROK and DPRK delegations will hold a plenary meeting at 10 am and the timing of the talks will not be finalized. South Korea predicts that both sides will first discuss North Korea’s participation in the PyeongChang Olympics. As a result, whether the DPRK and DPRK sports delegations participate in the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will attract much attention. The two Koreas entered the nine international competitions during the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney from 2000 to the 2007 Changchun Asian Winter Games and expect to see a common admission this time.

DPR Korea Players Seek to the South

Japan refuses to change comfort women agreement South Korean government will take measures

                    (Original title: Japan refuses to change comfort women agreement Korean government will take measures)

                                   According to Japanese media reported that they are visiting South Korea’s Foreign Affairs Bureau of Asia and Oceania Secretary Kim Seok-gi constitutional local time on the afternoon of the 8th of this month with the South Korean Foreign Minister Northeast Asia Secretary Jin Rongji held talks around the two The country negotiated the agreement on the comfort women issue.

At the beginning of the high-level talks between North and South Korea, they first discussed the issue of North Korea’s participation in the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics

                    (Original title: High-level talks between North Korea and South Korea began to discuss North Korea’s participation in the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics)


People’s Daily Online Seoul, January 9 (Reporter Chen Shangwen) At 9:00 on January 9, Beijing time, the plenary session of the high-level DPRK-ROK talks was officially held at the “Peace House” on the Korean side of the Korean border bloc. At 6:30 am GMT, five South Korean representatives led by the UN unified minister Zhao Mingjun will depart from the South-North talks headquarters of Samcheong-dong, Seoul City at 7:46 am and arrive at the Panmunjom meeting places. Five North Korean representatives led by Li Chak-suen, chairman of the North Korean Association for the Peaceful Unity of Motherland, crossed the military demarcation line at 8:30 am and walked to Peace House to walk the talks.

Unification Minister Zhao Mingjun said on the same day that he will strive to make the talks a good start to improving the relations between the two Koreas. At the talks, the two sides will discuss the DPRK’s participation in the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games and the Paralympic Games and the improvement of the relations between the two Koreas. Long-term isolation of the relations between South Korea and North Korea, plus this will be South Korea’s new government after the establishment of the first South Korea-North Korea talks, it has been a great deal of attention at home and abroad.

Korean media: Han and DPRK delegations hold talks at the Korean side of Panmunjom

                    (Original title: High-level delegation from South Korea and North Korea started talks at “Peace House” on the Korean side of Panmunjom)


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