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Hanhai Police New Developments in Fires on Chinese Fishing Vessels: One Chinese captain was arrested

                    (Original title: Hanhai police opened fire on Chinese fishing new progress: one Chinese captain was arrested)


4日,2艘中国渔船被韩方海警扣押(现场图) On the 4th, two Chinese fishing vessels were seized by the ROK Marine Police (on-site map). On the 4th of 4 January, ROK Fanghai Police detained two Chinese fishing vessels suspected of illegal fishing and 20 crew members while using the M -60 machine guns fired 453 rounds of bullets to warn Chinese fishing boats. According to the latest news from Korean media, South Korea’s Mokpo Maritime Police said on the 8th that a Chinese fishing boat captain was arrested on suspicion of hindering the execution of special official duties.

 被韩方海警扣押的中国船员接受调查 Chinese crew seized by South Korean maritime police under investigation

According to the Yonhap news agency, Mokpo Marine Police said the arrested captain Zhang (33 years old) was allegedly arrested at 9:40 local time on the 4th Southeastern Hokkaido, south of Hsin-An County, Lon Ninh Island, wounds iron pipes, wooden chairs and other items to South Korean police who attempted to board the ship to “stop illegal fishing.” Zhang in South Korea Coast Guard garrison approached evacuation.

The report also said that Mokpo Marine Police demanded that the naval commander and chief engineer commander pay the guarantee deposit with Zhang, and if they do not pay, they will be arrested for investigation.

Earlier reports

According to earlier reports from overseas websites, the Yonhap news agency quoted the South China Sea Local Maritime Police Agency as saying on the 4th that local time at 9:40 on the 4th and southwest of the island of Shinan, south Jeollanam-do, 35 Sea (64.82km) sea area, found that more than 50 60? 80-ton Chinese fishing boats for “illegal” fishing operations. Yonhap said South Korea’s Coast Guard put 1,500-ton 3,000-ton warship, a fishery vessel and a helicopter to deal with.

It is reported that some Chinese fishing vessels suspected of illegal fishing were seized by ROK maritime seamen. In order to help them escape, other fishing vessels clashed with the South Korean marine police and were warned by their squadrons of weapons. After the ROK Marine Police fired a warning with the K2 rifle, 60 machine guns fired 453 rounds of ammunition. In addition, a Chinese fishing boat approaching 3,000-ton Korean kills was also warned by the K2 rifle. Then the Chinese fishing boat evacuated. Finally, the ROK SEA detained two Chinese fishing vessels suspected of illegal fishing and sent 20 crew members from the ship to Mokpo, South Jeolla Province. Among them, one Chinese seized detachment suffered a loss of water during the conflict.

 去年12月19日,韩国海警向中国渔船射击警告 South Korean maritime police fired on Chinese fishing boats on December 19 last year warning

Japanese media: Japan’s foreign visit to China in January paves the way for the leaders of three countries in Japan, the ROK and Japan

                    (Original title: Japanese media: Japan’s foreign counterparts January visit to China paved the way for the leaders of the three countries in Japan, South Korea)


Global Sources Several Sino-Japanese relations sources disclosed on the 11th that Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kano initially decided to visit China in the second half of this month to hold talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Currently, both China and Japan are adjusting their positions on the 27th and 28th days. Japanese media believe that this Kono trip is likely to consider considering the schedule of the leaders’ talks on the leaders of China, Japan and ROK held in Tokyo in April and exchanging views on improving Sino-Japanese relations.

Japan’s Kyodo news agency said this will be the first time that Japan’s foreign minister will pay a visit to China after Wen Hsuda kicked off the end of April 2016. This is the first time that Kono took office. According to reports, 2018 marks an important year for the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between China and Japan. The Japanese government seeks to achieve mutual visits of leaders of China and Japan after the leaders of the three countries are engaged in the talks.

In addition, the report also said that under the situation that North Korea announced that it would send a delegation to participate in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea to show a harmonious posture between the DPRK and the ROK, Kono plans to exchange views with Wang Yi on the situation in the Korean Peninsula Opinions and strive to cooperate in the realization of the issue of the denuclearization of North Korea.

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Park Geun-hui lawyer was besieged by 10 colleagues: To encourage crime should be punished

                    (Former title: Pu Gehui lawyer was besieged by 10 colleagues: to encourage crime, the penalty!)



Park Geun-hye and lawyer Liu Rong Xia

overseas online January 11 electrical u0026 nbsp; Park Geun-hye’s most trusted lawyer Liu Xia Rong recently stalls fix. On the 11th, 10 South Korean lawyers accused Liu Rongxia of “furtherance of crime” and submitted a petition to the Seoul District Bar Association for allegations of punishment in violation of the Lawyers Ethics Act.

Recently, South Korean prosecutors petitioned to freeze Park Geun-hye’s property, but they found in the investigation that Park Geun-hye had handed over 3.0 billion won (about 18 million yuan) to Liu Rongxia, but Liu Rongxia called it “hiring a lawyer for advance payment “. In this regard, 10 lawyers are very dissatisfied. They wrote in the petition that “the move prevented the prosecution from freezing the property and could not tolerate it.”

Liu Rongxia explained to the prosecutors that “the money is for the benefit of Park Geun-hye, so that lawyers can be hired for payment in the future.”

0002977283_002_20170614083817337.jpg Park Geun-hye and Lawyer Liu Rongxia

However, lawyers are apparently dissatisfied with such explanations. They accuse Liu Rongxia of violating the “Lawyer’s Law” on “not misrepresenting facts and making false statements in the course of performing their duties”, and “shall not assist the principal in committing a crime Conduct “” Lawyer Ethics Act “provides. And pointed out that Liu Rong Xia has helped Park Geun-hui to suspect the transfer of property.

In the Diaoyu Islands waters monitor the Japanese ship they have created the most naval history of the most

                    (Original title: The original is them! In the Diaoyu Islands waters monitoring 2 Japanese ships)


Legal Evening News · View News On January 11, our Ministry of Defense disclosed that two ships of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force entered the adjoining area to the northeast side of Chiwei Island, China’s Diaoyu Island and the Yiyang Ship in charge of the alert immediately took action and followed the whole process.

Views Journalists noted that the “Yiyang” missile frigate entered the East China Sea Fleet in October 2010 and has twice conducted the escort mission to the Gulf of Aden, completing several “firsts” and setting the highest naval history.

在钓鱼岛海域监控日舰的他们 曾创多个海军史之最 (Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang)

Ministry of Defense: the Japanese side to blame

January 11 afternoon, a reporter asked the Japanese government says there is an unidentified submarine into the Diaoyu Islands 12 sea miles contiguous zone It is quite possible that Chinese warships have entered the same area and Japan has already protested this.

My Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang said: This morning, two ships of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (KMSDF) have successively entered the adjoining area to the northeast side of Chiwei Island. The Chinese navy has implemented full follow-up and monitoring of the Japanese side’s activities. At present, the Japanese navy has left the relevant area. He also stressed that Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are China’s inherent territory and that China has full historical and legal basis for its sovereignty over Diaoyu Island. The Japanese side can not change the objective facts of the Diaoyu Islands belonging to China in the slightest, and it can hardly shake the firm determination of the Chinese side to safeguard the sovereignty over the Diaoyu Island.

在钓鱼岛海域监控日舰的他们 曾创多个海军史之最

Then, more details were disclosed by the Department of Defense Information Service: the entire naval surveillance mission was conducted by the Chinese navy’s “Yiyang” guided missile frigate. Moreover, the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands have been the inherent territory of China since ancient times. The Chinese navy’s activities in the sea area are completely legitimate and legitimate.

When the Japanese side knew this well, the wicked complained in advance that they should be upside down and confused right and wrong. They wantonly hyped the just and legitimate rights activism of the Chinese military. The Defense Department expressed its strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition. The Chinese army will, as always, take all necessary measures to firmly safeguard the territorial sovereignty and security interests of the country.

They run for 309 days in a row voyage

Views News reporter noted that the implementation of the escort mission Yiyang ship’s hull number 548, is a 054A frigate, is designed and built by our own a new type of modern missile frigate. Started in 2006, launched on November 16, 2009. The end of May 2010 trial flight, held in October named column flag ceremony, into the East China Sea Fleet active service. It is reported that Yiyang Ship has repeatedly escorted the task, has joined the 12th convoy fleet, the first batch of 20 convoy mission. And in July 2012, the twelfth batch escort formation flew to the Gulf of Aden, Somali waters to perform escort missions, Yiyang Ship or formation of the command ship.

The convoy was escorted from 35 batches of 62 vessels of suspicious vessels and set up the first capture of the seamen in Hobo shore beach in Somalia for the first time in the Red Sea’s Mandal Strait. The Gulf and the U.S. Navy held joint anti-piracy exercises for the first time and visited and docked Australia, Vietnam and other six countries.

在钓鱼岛海域监控日舰的他们 曾创多个海军史之最

In April 2015, the formations of Jinan Ship, Yiyang Ship and Qiandaohu Ship once again voyaged until 309 days, that is, in February 2016, they successfully returned. These days, with a voyage of 52,300 nautical miles and 3 oceans and 5 continents, they have visited 18 ports of 16 countries and have not only successfully completed escort missions in the Gulf of Aden and Somalia, but also have made global visits.

According to the military, this mission is far away from the voyage and takes a long time span to visit as many countries as possible. The high frequency of both China and foreign joint concerts has created the highest naval history.

Yi Yang ship captain had led the cruise South China Sea

View News reporter noted that the current captain Yi Yang ship is Zhang Jin. In early October 2017, Yiyang Ship went to a certain area of ​​the South China Sea to conduct combat readiness patrol missions. After just leaving the sea, “Expedition Battle Alert” Ringtones ringing throughout the ship. Captain Zhang Jinjun said that combat readiness mission is the closest to the combat training field, but also the best move to protect the motherland’s watershed with practical actions.

在钓鱼岛海域监控日舰的他们 曾创多个海军史之最 (Yiyang City, the leadership of the Yiyang ship officers and soldiers)

Jiayue Ting clearance Coolpad: sell the last 11% of the shares held by foreign companies then plate

                    (The original title: Jiayue Ting clearance Cool: last sold nearly 11% stake, foreign companies take the plate)


Jiayue Pavilion cool cool camp.

On the night of January 11, Coolpad Group (2369) released a notice that Leview Mobile HK Limited sold 551 million shares. Upon completion of the transaction, Leview Mobile HK Limited no longer holds Coolpad shares.

The purchaser of the 551 million shares was Zeal Limited, a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

Earlier on January 4, Leyon Mobile’s Leview Mobile HK Limited has sold 897 million shares of Coolpad at a price of 0.9 Hong Kong dollars per share, with a total transaction value of approximately HK $ 808 million (about 6.7 billion yuan). The purchaser is Vrije Ventures Limited, a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

Trump said the United States is willing to carry out dialogue with North Korea

                    (Original title: Trump said the United States is willing to carry out dialogue with North Korea Chinese response)



Overseas Network January 11 u0026 nbsp; Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang’s regular press conference on the 11th will respond to recent hot spots. Related content is as follows:

Taiwan’s military threatened to upgrade to phase out tanks against the Liberation Army was ironic: Since hey

                    (Original title: Taiwan threatened to escalate the elimination of tanks against the PLA was satirical: since hey)



M60A3 tanks (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News” data plan)

overseas online January 11 electric Taiwan defense department “CAS” recently said, To Taiwan army of nearly 400 M60A3 tanks Improve performance, is expected to spend 40 billion Taiwan dollars (about 8.8 billion), and even threatened “hope that performance will be able to withstand the People’s Liberation Army to attack Taiwan.” In this regard, Taiwan military experts satirical, this is simply a “self-Hey joke.”

According to Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that the retired lieutenant colonel Huang Junmin of the Taiwan Army said on the 11th that “the Chinese Academy of Sciences” can not even make 120mm smoothbore gun. Moreover, the M60 tank is no longer needed in the Asia-Pacific region. “Who will upgrade you?” Satirical: “This is a ‘CAS 7’89456_17_65473_9 Another unforgotten jokes.” Huang Junmin pointed out: “‘ CAS ‘ Expected to spend 40 billion yuan for 400 M-60A3 tanks for performance improvement, but also to make it to be M-60 Performance Improvement Center in the Asia-Pacific region, which is probably a joke, do not think of anything from Hi. “

According to Taiwan Today’s News earlier reported that the M60A3 tank was the main force of the Taiwan military, but these purchased from the United States Into the “second-hand tank” car age more than 30 years, already out of advantage. Therefore, Taiwan’s “Chinese Academy of Sciences” set up a Performance Improvement Center and is expected to spend 40 billion yuan on 400 M60A3 tanks for performance improvement.

Taiwan military officials once touted that the M60A3 tank will outperform the U.S. M1A1 tank after some upgrades. However, the blind optimism for Taiwan’s defense department, the island netizens questioned.


Some netizens shocked: “Key is 40 billion.” There are also users questioned:. “Really used to develop and upgrade the remaining several hundred million do not know,”


Shenzhen, rent a mortgage: 3,500 yuan per month to pay the house loan interest nearly ten thousand years

                    (Original title: Shenzhen, rent a mortgage: 3,500 yuan a month to pay the house lending interest rates nearly million cost it)


Many banks in Shenzhen are actively preparing for the rental loan business. How to rent? Interest high? Banks introduced the benefits of rental loans is to allow tenants to rent a one-time payment of financing needs, access to long-term residence rights, but also lock the rental level for a longer period of time. On the other hand, the lending rate is the benchmark interest rate. For example, the rent of the house is 3,500 yuan per month, and it is necessary to lend for 3 years’ rent and the interest meter is 9,439.43 yuan. Do you think it worthwhile?

Bank: one-time payment for many years the rent will help reduce costs

on the Shenzhen Construction Bank launched the “individual housing lease loan” business (by ranking mortgage), Shenzhen Construction Bank said that the use of the “press Habitat loan” product, for On the one hand, tenants ‘home loan products meet the financing needs of one-time rent payment by tenants and obtain long-term residence rights through banking and financial means. On the other hand, tenants can use the one-time payment method to obtain tenants’ Housing enterprises) get rent discounts, reduce leasing costs, lock the rent for a longer period of time, while the bank will review the authenticity of property rights and the landlord’s credit profile. For the landlord (house-source enterprise), on the one hand, it can collect the rent of a long-term lease contract on the one hand and avoid the trouble of reminding the rent and changing the tenant. On the other hand, the bank will examine the tenant’s credit status, residence and occupation Stability, screening of premium tenants for the landlord.

Prepare all information for bank approval two weeks can be put 歀

About rental loans, Southern reporter telephoned Shenzhen CCB phone customer service, staff said the loan application for the current sub-types of long-term rental apartments and rental housing. Cooperative long-term rent apartments can be applied for in CCB’s “Jian Rong Homeland” APP, and the loose rent room needs to go to the counter to apply.

Southern Reporter Trying to Download the “Rongrong Homeland” App Experience Loan Application and Discover Seven Submenus Under “I Want to Rent a Room”, Only “Brand Apartment” Can Query, Other 6 Features Are Showing “Upcoming, Stay tuned” .

In Finance, you need to fill in the identification information before you can use the included “Home Loan” “Home Loan” “Home Loan” function. Less than 5 hours after filling in the information, the reporter received CCB certified information. Then click on the three major loan services, then suggested that “the loan service has not yet opened.” The big brand apartment display column, after loading 20 sets of houses no more data. On the whole, there are many functions that online application needs to be perfected.

Southern Reporter went to Shenzhen, one of the outlets in the consultation, a loan manager came up with a table that must have signed in the intermediary leasing contracts, as well as the first lease for the record, and finally together with the bank water, social security list , Identity information submitted to the bank for approval, two weeks before the loan.


If you rent 3,500 yuan / month, three years rent 126,000. The amount of customer loans is equal to the rental contract amount (126,000 yuan). The loan interest rate is the 3-year benchmark interest rate (4.75%), repayment method is equal principal and interest. A total of 135,439.43 yuan principal and interest, a total of 9439.43 yuan interest. Shenzhen CCB reminds that, according to the home loan amount of up to 10 years, the maximum period of 5 years.

tenant (applicant) conditions

1 aged 22 to 70 years of age

2. There are legitimate stable income and debt-servicing capacity, good credit

3. recently in Shenzhen, more than 3 successive and Social Security or Provident Fund

4. Term of the Lease Contract is one year and over

The customer signs the lease contract and handles the loan through the CCB Jian Rong Apartment, and the entire process is completed without paper. Customers only need to provide ID card and China Construction Bank savings card (as commission debit account).

counter application materials

1. In mediation, signed a lease contract

2. tenancy record

bank water

3. 4. 5. Social Security Listing


three percent of respondents believe Rent Loans Did Not Help for You

Of the polls jointly conducted by Nandu and Onetone, nearly half of the respondents were renting for a period of 5 years or more and those earning a monthly income of 10,000 yuan or above. Obviously, respondents are not strangers to the long-term apartment, 67% of respondents are willing to rent long-term apartments, but the rent is the most concerned, nearly 40% of respondents hope monthly rent of not more than 2,000 yuan , Followed by traffic and the surrounding environment. As for loans and lending by banks, nearly 40% of the respondents said they did not understand it, and more than 30% of respondents think that lending to renters did not help them.


Spring Super: If there is a suitable choice of long-term rental apartments, because the living environment will be much better. Rent, transportation, ancillary facilities, community activities, interior decoration and the surrounding environment will of course be taken into consideration in combination with our ability to stay abreast of the times. Currently able to accept the monthly rent of 3000-5000 yuan, will also consider the loan renters, hoping to pay interest after the original repayment, because rent can invest in other directions.

Song: Before long concerned about the long-term apartment, but to see what type of long-term apartment, because I got married, so pay more attention to choose to meet family living rental environment. Rent is the most concerned about the location, the surrounding environment, property, apartment layout, rent. The hope of a large one-bedroom rent within 3,500 yuan, 2 rooms to about 5,000 yuan. Do not want to loan, I think this is not fair, but also to lend a loan, then I might as well buy second-hand housing.

Yiyi: At present acceptable rent is 2000-3000 yuan, but generally do not choose to loan, I feel unrealistic.

Lingling: Do not lend a loan, do not feel very reliable, not carefully understand, but I can spend money renting the house, but also to the loan, but not become owed to the landlord owed money to the bank money ? It is a very unreasonable option, it will really go to choose who will not be really no money spent, but for such people, consider the value of credit banks will accept it, nor necessarily, individuals are not optimistic about this one Business launch.

yoyo: Shenzhen prices are too high, you may choose long-term apartments, long rent more stable, the rent is most concerned about the rent and transportation, supporting the relative right of it, rent three to five thousand can also receive love. Not understand the rental loans, if used, will focus on interest rates.

Guan Jie: I will not choose long-term rental apartments. Too expensive, like customs, are basically five or six thousand, 5000 may be a little better to accept. Rent should be the first traffic, the second is the surrounding environment.

Mrs Carrie Lam: The SAR will introduce a draft law on the legislation of the national anthem

                    (Original title: Mrs Carrie Lam: The government will draft a bill on “one place, two places” and the anthem law to the Legislative Council)


 Xinhua Hong Kong On January 11, when Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR, Mrs Carrie Lam, attended the Q u0026 A session of the Legislative Council on the 11th, she said that in the coming few months, the SAR Government will introduce about 16 bills to the Legislative Council, including implementing "one and two Seize "the arrangements and implementing the national anthem law in Hong Kong. 

林郑月娥:特区将就国歌法向立法会提出草案 Chief Executive of the HKSAR, Mrs Carrie Lam

On the very day, the Legislative Council of the HKSAR convened the First Chief Executive's Question and Answer Forum in 2018. Mrs Carrie Lam attended the opening ceremony and made a keynote address. She then answered questions from Members.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Activities of Two Japanese Ships in the Diaoyu Islands Surveying and Tracking of the Chinese Navy

                    (Original title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Japan, two vessels in the waters of the Diaoyu Islands activities, the Chinese Navy tracking control)


【Global Times – World Wide Web】 According to Japan’s Jiji News Agency reported that the Japanese government said on the 11th, Chinese naval vessels and submarines that day into Diaoyu Island 12-day seaweed contiguous area. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has issued directives to all provincial and ministerial departments demanding vigilance and vigilance. Japan also said it may express “serious protests” to China through diplomatic channels.

In response to a reporter’s question on the 11th regular press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang said: “According to the information held by the Chinese side, two ships of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force this morning have successively entered the northeast one of Chiwei Island Side adjoining area activities.The Chinese navy carried out full tracking and monitoring of Japanese activities.At present, the Japanese navy has left the adjoining area. ”

Lu Kang said that Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are China’s inherent territory. China’s sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands has full historical and legal basis.

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