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Trump to physical examination White House: He does not mind the assessment of his mind very clearly

                    (Former Title: Trump Names Physical Exams for Health But White House Claims No Spiritual Assessments)


QQ截图20180109145049.jpg US President Trump (Figure source: “Capitol Hill newspaper”)

overseas online January 9 Electric u0026 nbsp; from Trump since the beginning of the campaign, the media repeatedly questioned his physical and mental condition , While the U.S. president will conduct a health check in January immediately after the relevant report is exposed. However, on the 9th of the local time, the White House said that the physical examination conducted by Trump this week will not include the mental assessment of this one.

According to a report by the U.S. “Parliament Hill” on the 8th, when a reporter asked whether Trump would undergo a mental assessment during a physical examination, White House Spokesman Hawking Kidley answered “No” straightforwardly and said that the United States The president “has a clear mind, he worked hard, and asked his staff to be like him.”

Gideley was reluctant to reveal the exact inclusion of a medical examination, which the White House had previously said that the doctor, Ronny Jackson, ) Will make a public report on Trump’s medical results. The report usually contains brief details about the president’s health and any instructions on health issues. It is reported that 71-year-old Trump plans to conduct routine physical examination at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center outside Washington, D.C.

The reason why this physical examination caught the attention of the public was that a new book entitled “Fire and Fury: The Trump White House Inside Story”, which describes the confusion in the White House, involves Trump’s mental ability to be the leader of the United States The task of responsibility. According to earlier reports from overseas websites, Trump also responded to the allegations on the 6th local time. The United States said on Twitter: “After a year of intensive investigations, ‘Tong’emun has proven to be a scam. Democrats and their lackeys, the fake mainstream news media, are holding the old Ronald Reagan’s script shouted that my spirit was unstable and that I had a problem with my intelligence. “

He later posted another Twitter saying,” In fact, my two biggest assets in my life were : Mentally stable and very clever … Cunning Hillary Clinton also struggled to play these cards, we all know that she fell in a blazing fire.I went from a very successful businessman to a top television star, and then To the president of the United States, being a president is not enough to be smart, to be genius, and to be a very stable genius! “

It is reported that Wolf wrote in the book that it is close to President Trump’s The source said he was forgetful and unable to grasp the complex policies and politics necessary for his presidency activity. Trump replied, “Wolf is an out-and-out loser, and he’s made a story to market this boring, unreal book.”

The Syrian government stormed the rebels’ final site to resolve to regain control of the entire country

                    (Original title: Syria government stormed rebel hands in the final site determined to restore control of the country)


叙政府猛攻叛军最后地盘 决心恢复对全国控制

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 9 New Media Specialists Foreign media said on the 8th, Syrian government forces stepped up the pressure on two of the remaining remaining sites in Syria by Syrian insurgents. In the province of Idlib Launched an air strike and broke the siege of the rebels on a military base on the outskirts of Damascus.

According to AFP, January 8, Syrian and Russian aircraft bombed the targets of Idlib in the northwestern part of the country, thereby intensifying the military operations. The one week-long military operation has targeted the last province in the country that is completely outside government control.

British pull the final determination of whereabouts! Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand: She has been staying in England

                    (Original title: British pull the end of the trip sure! Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs: She has been in the UK)


3.jpg Former Prime Minister of Thailand Ying La. (Source: Reuters) On Tuesday (9th), Thai Foreign Ministry said that Espanyol, the former Thai prime minister who had fled abroad for the purpose of evading the rice purchase case, said on the 9th (local time) on the 9th (from 9th to 9th) local time Since last September, has been staying in the United Kingdom.

Reuters quoted Thai Foreign Minister Dunbam Muvina as saying that “former British Prime Minister Ying La has been in the UK since September in London and we confirmed this from the British Foreign Office.”

Dun Bamu Venener also said he was temporarily unclear about her presence in the United Kingdom. He also disclosed that the passport held by Ying La in the United Kingdom is a passport to a country other than Thailand because her 4 Thai passports were revoked last year.

Thai media said on the 8th that Ying La has applied for political asylum from Britain and is waiting for the reply from the British authorities. The source said she submitted an application for political asylum to Britain in November last year (2017) after the Supreme Court in Thailand announced Yingraan’s guilty verdict on the alleged “rice malfeasance.”

It is understood that according to the formal process, Yinglai’s application for British political asylum must be subject to the British side’s investigation and verification. The reason for her application is reasonable and there is sufficient evidence to prove that if her return to China encounters being bullied, hurt and unfair Handling cases, being threatened, etc. will be considered for approval. In addition, Ying La must also submit their proof of address in the UK. Ying La can also apply for evacuation at the same time for her children under the age of 18, and she will be able to reside in the UK for five years if she is approved.

On the same day (on the 8th), Thai media claimed that the Thai National Police Sergeant said Thai Police would continue its efforts to extradite Indra to Thailand.

There has been no official confirmation of her whereabouts since her death from Thailand over the past four months due to her “rice malfeasance case”. But it is worth noting that, in recent days, Ying La was frequently filmed in London, England, and her photos were constantly appearing on the media and social platforms.

Thai NEW18 channel website on December 29, 2017 said that some friends photographed British pull in the famous British shopping mall Westfield photos. Indra immersed in the atmosphere of Christmas Day, the mood is completely free from domestic issues. This is the first time since the netizens met at London’s London shopping mall in November and took photos of suspected former Thai Prime Minister Ying La.

The next day (December 30, 2017), the Thai National News newspaper exposed another photo of suspected former Thai Prime Minister Ying La in London shopping malls. He added: “suspected former Thai Prime Minister Ying La appeared in London A mall with its 15-year-old son Supachai Eameschart around. “

On January 5, there was a picture posted by the media saying that Indra was recognized by Thai tourists outside a department store in London and was associated with The other photo. The day she seemed in a good mood and smiled. In response, Thai police confirmed that the woman in the photo was Yingla but failed to confirm when the photo was taken.

Review of the British Incident:

Ying La is the sister of Thaksin Shinawatra. In August 2011, she started her career as Thailand’s first female prime minister. She was only 45 years old when she reached the top of the political arena and in two years Doric remained politically stable. She is also young and beautiful and has attracted much attention from the international community. However, the beauty of the prime minister can be described as multiple career path. Since her step down in May 2014, Yingla has been mired in litigation over the acquisition of rice.

The rice acquisition project is a policy that began when Ying La came into power. From 2014 onwards, this policy has been criticized for causing the country’s financial deficit and breaching corruption.

Thailand’s Supreme Court was originally convicted of the rice acquisition on August 25, but Yinglai did not appear on the grounds of bodily discomfort and the court immediately issued an arrest warrant. Followed by reports that Ying La has left Thailand.

Korean media: North Korea restarts the West Sea military communications line was cut in 2013

                    (Original title: Korean media: North Korea restart Xihai military communications line was cut in 2013)


韩媒:朝鲜重启西海军事通讯线 2013年曾被切断

According to the Yonhap news agency, North Korea resumed the opening of the Western Sea military communications line on the 9th. The line was cut in 2013.

South Korea Unification Ministry: Restarted at 8:00 on the 10th North Korea military hotline in the Western Sea region

Xinhua News Agency: South Korea’s unification ministry said on the 9th that South Korea and North Korea decided to restart the military communication line between North Korea and South Korea in the Western Hai area starting at 8:00 on the 10th of the local time. According to the Yonhap news agency reported, North Korea on the 9th restart the North Korea and North Korea military communications line. The line has been cut for nearly two years.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry officials pointed out that this line will be able to make normal communications starting tomorrow (January 10) at 8 am local time.

In February 2016, in response to the decision of South Korea’s Park Geunjeong government to completely shut down the industrial park in Kaesong, North Korea cut off the line of military communications between the North Korea and South Korea.

Korean media analysts said that restart this line, you can get the military assistance to North Korea Olympic athletes to help the road to South Korea.

Multi-provincial announced the establishment of the monitoring committee Schedule densely listed cities and counties

                    (Original title: Monitoring system reform steadily “construction” county-level inspection committee intensive listing)


多省份公布监察委组建时间表 县市两级密集挂牌

On January 7, the first municipal-level supervision commission of Anhui Province was established in Xuancheng.

BEIJING BEIJING, January 11 News: In November last year, pilot reform of the state oversight system was launched in various parts of the country. So far, many provinces, prefectures and cities 鈥 檚 supervisory committees have been heavily listed. When the three provinces around the county surveillance commission set up? Pilot Area Audit Commission’s record card?

Counties and Cities Supervisory Board Diversified Listing

Since the New Year, many provinces have ushered in the first commission of inspection. For example, the first monitoring commission of Jiangsu was listed on the Hongze District Monitoring Commission of Huai’an on January 3; the first monitoring commission of Guizhou was listed on Guiyang on January 5; the first monitoring commission of Shandong Province was held on January 6 Heze City listing.

At the end of October last year, China’s central government issued the “Pilot Program on Promoting the Reform of the National Surveillance System across the Country” and deployed it in the exploration and practice of nationwide reform of the national supervisory system throughout the country, completing the formation of the supervisory committees at provincial, municipal and county levels , To achieve full coverage of all public officials exercising public authority. In November last year, the NPC Standing Committee passed the decision to pilot the reform of state oversight throughout the country.

According to public reports, at present, Liaoning, Anhui and Jilin provinces have completed the establishment of the county (city, district) commission. In Heilongjiang, on the basis of the report of January 6 in Heilongjiang Daily, Heilongjiang Province took the lead to complete the listing of the municipal, county (city and district) commissioners at the two levels in Heilongjiang.

Multi-provincial Announcement of Establishment of Surveillance Commission

Reporters observed that since the reform of the supervisory system was launched throughout the country, the schedule of formation of the provincial commissions varied.

For example, provinces such as Anhui, Hunan, Liaoning and Jiangsu will explicitly complete the establishment of provincial, prefectural and county level 3 supervisory committees by January 2018.

Yunnan and other provinces require provinces, prefectures and counties to complete the establishment of third-level monitoring commissions by mid-February. Sichuan and Henan provinces require that they be completed before the beginning of February and Qinghai and Guizhou provinces will be established and listed by the end of February.

According to the “Proposal” released by the above-mentioned center, a third-level monitoring committee will be set up at the provincial, city and county people’s congresses at the beginning of 2017 at the end of 2017 to bring the reform into close contact with the general election of local people’s congresses.

This month, the 2018 provincial and municipal governments will hold two sessions of intensive meetings. Among the announced agenda of provincial people’s congresses around the world, most of the provinces involved in the election are clear and will elect provincial inspection commissioners.

Pilot for a year, three monitoring commissioner record how?

In December 2016, the NPC Standing Committee passed the decision on piloting the reform of state oversight system in Beijing, Shanxi and Zhejiang. At the provincial people’s congress at the beginning of last year, the provincial pilot of the above three pilot sites was elected.

Over the past year since the reform pilot program, how have the “Supervision Records” of the three places?

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection informed that the Beijing Municipal Commission of Supervision and various districts’ inspection committees have been established for nearly a year. After the reform, the number of people under surveillance in Beijing increased from 210,000 to 997,000. All 12 survey measures were used and 61 people were retained . Beijing unified the power of discipline inspection commission and procuratorate responsible for recovering and recovering stolen goods. In 2017, Beijing has recovered a total of 32 flight fugitives, doubling the full year of 2016.

British Foreign Minister Responds to the whereabouts of Ying La: In London but did not see his real person

                    (Original title: British Foreign Secretary: Ying La in September last year in London, but only the news but did not see his real person)


英国外交大臣回应英拉行踪:在伦敦 但未见其真人

Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: In 2017, 58 cadres at the provincial and ministerial level are assigned to the country

                    (Original title: The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection informed the discipline inspection of the discipline inspection and supervision organs in 2017)


In 2017, the country’s discipline inspection and supervision departments accepted a total of 2.73 million petitions and letters, handled 1,212,000 clues and handled 284,000 interviews and filed 527,000 petitions and punished 527,000 people, of whom 443,000 were party members. Discipline 58 provincial and ministerial level cadres, bureau level cadres 3300 people, county level cadres 21000, township level cadres 78000 people, general cadres 97000 people, rural areas, enterprises and other personnel 327000 people.

01.png Figure 1: Disciplinary officers of discipline inspection and supervision organs of the country are divided according to rank

In 2017, the discipline inspection and supervision organs of the whole country used the “four forms” of supervision and discipline handling to deal with 1.136 million person-times. Among them, the first form of 786,000 passengers, accounting for the “four forms” of the total handling 59.7%; the second form of 41.2 million passengers, accounting for 31.3%; the third form of 70,000 passengers, accounting for 5.3%; fourth Form 48,000 people, accounting for 3.7%.

02.png Figure 2: Proportion of “four forms” used by discipline inspection and supervision organs in monitoring and discipline management

Indian officers said that China has drastically reduced its efforts to deploy its troops to a long and hard spot. The Chinese side responded

                    (Original title: Indian officers said China has drastically reduced its overall strength and deployed China’s response)


Overseas Network January 9 u0026 nbsp; Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang’s regular press conference on the 9th, responding to the recent hot spots. Related content is as follows:

Q: Yesterday, the Indian Army Chief of Staff said that China has now drastically reduced the troops deployed in the Donglang area. Can you confirm and comment?

A: The Donglan area has always belonged to China and has always been under the effective jurisdiction of China. There is no dispute. The Chinese border guards patrolling and setting up in the vast area have exercised their sovereignty rights and maintained territorial sovereignty in accordance with the stipulations of historical conventions.

Tsai Ing-wen tweeted repeatedly thanks to the United States was angry friends criticism: selling Zuorongrong

                    (Original title: Tsai Ing-wen push repeatedly thanks to the United States was approved: selling Zu Ju-wing!)



overseas online January 11 electric US House of Representatives on the 10th through the so-called draft “Taiwan Travel Act,” the draft advocating officials at all levels to achieve “visits” between “US-Taiwan” can be described Is challenging the “one China” red line. However, Tsai Ing-wen promptly pushed on the 10th “Thanks for the support of the U.S. House of Representatives,” which was also criticized by Taiwan’s netizens for being “selling Zushengrongrong.”

According to Taiwan’s dark green media, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the “Taiwan Travel Law” draft (HR 535) on the 10th without objections. The draft mainly advocates the “mutual visits” of officials at all levels in the “U.S.-Taiwan dispute.” Tsai immediately dispatched the tweet of U.S. Speaker Xia Boxer who proposed the bill on the 10th and thanked the U.S. House for supporting the so-called “democracy” of the Taiwan authorities. He also shouted that the “Taiwan Travel Act” will help strengthen the ” US-Taiwan “between the” continuing partnership. ”

1.png Tsai Ing-wen Tweet Screenshots

Tsai Ing-wen was ridiculed by netizens in Taiwan. According to users’ comments, “others are proud of ethnicity and you are selling ancestors.” “Tsai Ing-han is very happy Kneeling to thank, and then is to bring the bad Taiwan? “

Previously, Cai Lin spokesman Lin Heming also clamored, thanked the U.S. Congress for its emphasis on the” U.S.-Taiwan exchange “and for the friends who promoted the” Taiwan Travel Law ” This makes the “United States and Taiwan” more close contacts. Lin Heming also made a vain remark: “We also foresee there will be more U.S. people from all walks of life coming to Taiwan for exchange and participating in important activities.”

What kind of abacus did the Tsai authorities pay so much attention to this “Taiwan Travel Law”? In fact, since the “U.S.-Taiwan Interruption” in 1979, the leaders of Taiwan, the heads of foreign affairs departments and the heads of defense departments have so far failed to “visit” Washington and the United States sent officials to Taiwan to avoid sensitive military defense Department, mostly in business, education exchanges between the main sectors. The “Taiwan Travel Law” is intended to lift the ban on “mutual visits” of such “restricted” top-level officials.

Some media warned that once the bill finally becomes law, it means that the “official contact” between the two countries will be severely affected. If “high-level officials from the United States and Taiwan” visit each other, it will inevitably lead to a crisis of high intensity. By then, the entire Sino-U.S. Relations will face unprecedented challenges. This will not only be a difficult issue for China, but will also be hindered by the interests of the United States.

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