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Media people said Ma Ying-jeou received 4400 million political contributions were sentenced to about 400,000

                    (Original title: planted! Zhou Yue Kou Ma Ying-jeou received 200 million political contributions were sentenced to 1.8 million)



overseas online January 9 electric u0026 nbsp; Taiwan media person Chou Yu-kou through talk shows, etc. refer to the former leader Ma Ying-jeou in Taiwan Ting Hsin Group received 200 million yuan (NT, the same below, about RMB 44090000 yuan) political contributions, Ma Ying-jeou that damaged his reputation, Zhou Xukou made damages lawsuit, claim 10 million yuan (about 2.2 million yuan), the newspaper apologized. At the first instance, the Taipei District Court sentenced Ma Ying-jeou to defeat and Ma Ying-jeou refused to submit his appeal. Taiwan’s High Court of Justice announced in the afternoon of today (September 9) that Zhou would pay 1.8 million Ma Ying-jeou (about 400,000 yuan) and apologize in the four newspapers.

For Zhou’s defamation, Ma Ying-jeou pointed out that he even specified the specific time. According to Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that Ma Ying-jeou said that Zhou Yukun first talked about sex programs, “said the KMT has a top 200 million yuan Xin Wei Wei political contributions”, referring to the Kuomintang Central People’s Government is a new god, she also in December 2014 On the 22nd, he wrote down on Facebook: “Ma Ying-jeou campaign team received 200 million yuan of donations during the election period.” He also added the code to the E-newsletter on the following day. “It took Ma Ying-jeou, the head of Ma Ying-jeou team, .

Ma Ying-jeou believes that for the so-called “acceptance of 200 million contributions”, the special reconnaissance group has concluded the investigation and proved that there is no empirical evidence. Zhou’s statement is not true.

Ma Ying-jeou accused of receiving top political contributions is not the first time, earlier in the “Beautiful Island News” Vice Chairman Wu Zijia lawsuit, Ma Ying-jeou also won the award and 1.8 million claims apology, This is very similar to Ma Ying-jeou’s verdict in the Zhou Yuko case. According to earlier reports from overseas websites, Wu Zijia once wrote that “the Ma Ying-Jeou team received more than 1 billion top political contributions during the 2012 general election.” Ma Ying-jeou filed a complaint in anger and pleaded for a compensation of 3 million yuan and apologized for the newspaper. On December 21, 2017, Taiwan High Court ruled that Wu Zijia should pay 1.8 million yuan in compensation and apologize in three newspapers such as “Beautiful Island Newspaper”.




v. Ma Chou Yu-kou for the verdict of the case, many users have a message applauded Taiwan. “It rained for days in a row, and after hearing the news, people were quickhearted.” “It is unclear, the next step is to implement, so that the trend can be rectified” and “the female liar has lost again.”



there are users of Chou Yu-kou only 1.8 million pay Ma Ying-jeou expressed dissatisfaction, saying that “1.8 million only a tiny fraction of Chou Yu-kou”, “What kind of 1.8 million, just invite charges of disinformation program talking heads are more than 1.8 million The decision to compensate 180 million is simply to encourage continued rumor. ”


Health Commission: let the primary health care institutions can diagnose the most common diseases and frequently-occurring disease

                    (The original title: Health Committee: let the primary health care institutions to treat most common diseases frequently-occurring disease)


BEIJING, January 9 (Xinhua) Today, the National Health and Family Planning Commission held a regular press conference and the deputy director of the State Health and Family Planning Commission Medical Administration Authority Jia Yahui said that the policy of establishing a pre-screening and triage system for medical institutions will be further promoted in the whole country Clearly require that grassroots medical institutions to bear the vast majority of common diseases, frequently-occurring disease diagnosis and treatment tasks.

12月13日,小朋友在医院做雾化治疗。近日,呼和浩特进入流感高发期,当地多家医院的流感儿童患者增多,医院日接诊量大幅增加。中新社记者 刘文华 摄 Information Figure: Children with flu in the hospital to do the atomization treatment. China News Agency reporter Liu Wenhua photo

A reporter asked the current influenza patients are mainly concentrated in some large hospitals, some patients said that this is mainly because grass-roots medical institutions do not receive flu patients, fever, a practice . How to play the role of primary health care institutions? There are some measures to strengthen? Jiao Yahui responded that from the national health reform strategy, the first is the strong grassroots, it is necessary to improve grassroots medical services. In terms of relevant national policy requirements, I hope grassroots units can solve these common diseases and multiple clinics at the grassroots level. Regarding the treatment of febrile patients, the Minister of Health in 2005 ordered the medical institutions to set up a pre-screening and triage system in order to detect patients with serious and serious infectious diseases in a timely manner and to promptly sub-serticate the patients and then admitted to hospitals where treatment conditions are met. In particular, respiratory diseases, because other means of transmission of disease through contact or blood, relatively low risk, the highest risk of transmission through the respiratory tract.

This system requires that medical institutions above the second class should establish infectious disease departments. Other medical institutions that have not established this department should also implement the pre-screening and triage system. According to the different seasons, different key patients should be screened, For example, many hospitals in summer and autumn have gut clinics because of the high incidence of intestinal infectious diseases. In winter and spring, when high-risk respiratory diseases occur, some hospitals have fever clinics in winter and spring. In such a system, ordinary patients with fever And infectious diseases with potential risk of infection can be separated. Jiao Yahui pointed out that in the primary health care institutions have to establish pre-screening triage system, you can set the triage point, do not have to set up this section. The vast majority of fever patients are not necessarily infectious patients, such as the common cold, including many other diseases will have fever symptoms, the fever of patients can be treated in primary health care institutions. Primary medical institutions through the pre-screening triage process and found that suspected major respiratory diseases. During the epidemic of specific respiratory diseases, the health and family planning administrative department will issue a specific early warning of infectious diseases. Relevant patients may be referred to the infectious diseases department or infectious disease hospital of higher-level hospitals in time for treatment through the triage of primary medical institutions. After the differential diagnosis, excluding patients with infectious diseases can completely stay in the primary medical institutions for routine diagnosis and treatment. In fact, the vast majority of patients with fever can still be a clear initial diagnosis, there are a small number of unexplained causes of fever patients, promptly transferred to the higher hospital for treatment.

Former Vice-Minister of Organization Department of Provincial Party Committee opened a company bribery officials were sentenced to punishment

                    (Original title: Wang Shikun, former vice minister of Organization Department of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, guilty of giving bribes to a unit and exempting from criminal punishment)


Former vice minister of Organization Department of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and former director of the HR Department, Wang Shikun, initiated the establishment of a self-employed company as its top executive on the eve of retirement. Thanks to Mr.Zhu Zhongzhi, the director of Land and Resources Bureau of Kunming, who helped with the land withdrawal process of more than 200 mu, the head of a wholly-owned subsidiary of the self-employed company discussed with Wang Shikun and others and bribed Chu Zhongzhi for cash of RMB1.6 million.

Recently, the “Yunnan Sihai Venture Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and Wang Shikun’s criminal conviction on the second instance for bribery” publicly disclosed the above case.

Wang Shikun service contract, the company appeal

second trial 刑事裁定书 show trial the defendant unit Yunnan universal Venture Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is the original name of Yunnan own jobs Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to choose their own jobs company, universal start-up companies). Its legal representative is Wang Yuanwei, male, born in 1960.

Plaintiff Wang Shikun, male, Han nationality, born on May 13, 1944, university culture, Xifeng County, Guizhou Province. Former Deputy Deputy Minister of CPC Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Yunnan Provincial Personnel Office of the former director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of the original director; independent career sponsor, former chairman of the board of supervisors, senior adviser. On February 25, 2016, he was released on bail pending trial by the People’s Procuratorate of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture.

According to the original judgment, in July 2003, the defendant Wang Shikun initiated the establishment of a self-employed company, Wang Yuanwei served as the company’s legal representative, chairman, general manager, Wang Shikun as the company’s senior adviser, chairman of the board of supervisors. Wang Shikun played a major role in the company’s development and major issues and personnel arrangements. November 23, 2009, independent employment company changed its name to the universal start-up company.

In March 2005, the independent employment company acquired Yunnan Natural Biological Products Development Company (referred to as “Natural Company”), with Liu as the legal representative and Zhou Hongqiao as the general manager. Natural Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of private companies. January 17, 2011, the natural company was canceled due to business.

In the process of surrender of 215.14 mu of sheep intestine village in Guandu District of Kunming jointly by self-employed companies and natural companies, coordinated by Wang Shikun, Wang and Liu, Zhou Hongqiao and then Chu Zhizhi, director of Kunming Land and Resources Bureau, In the end the land was returned to the natural company illegally.

One day in May and June of 2006, in order to thank Chu Zhongzhi for his assistance in land withdrawal process, Liu and Zhou Hongqiao, together with Wang Shikun and Wang Miao, gave Chu Zhongzhi RMB1600,000 in Kunming Liangyun Hotel .

Public information shows that Chu Zhongzhi was born in September 1967. He served successively as director of Kunming Land Resources Bureau, deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Department of Land and Resources, deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Highway Bureau, deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Dali State Committee, Dali Municipal Committee secretary and other staff. January 7, 2015, Chu Zhongzhi was arrested. Due to the bribe of more than 340 million yuan, the dollar 10,000 yuan, 550,000 yuan dry shares, November 17, 2015, the court of first instance sentenced him to 12 years imprisonment.

On May 22, 2017, the Intermediate People’s Court of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture made a verdict of first instance and found the defendant Unit Sihai Chuangye Co., Ltd. guilty of bribing and sentenced a fine of RMB 100,000 yuan. The defendant Wang Shikun committed a crime of bribing a company and was exempt from criminal punishment.

After the verdict of the first instance, the defendant Wang Shikun, the trial judge, did not appeal. The plaintiff defendant unit Sihai start-up company refused to accept the appeal. Sihai start-up company made the appeal, the company did not seek the purpose of illegitimate interests subjectively objectively did not get the relevant benefits from land surrender, the appellant does not constitute a crime, request a retrial.

Second trial upheld

After the Higher People’s Court of Yunnan Province accepted the case, it formed a collegiate bench according to law and listened to the appeal opinions after it was screened, believing the case was clear and decided not to go to trial.

The above second instance criminal ruling shows that the other former accomplices committed the same sentence as Liu, Zhou Hongqiao and Wang (independent career consultants), but did not disclose the specific sentence.

State Department: Free Trade Zone tentatively adjusted 15 provisions of the multi-sector expansion and opening up

                    (Original title: Decision of the State Council on Issuance of Provisions on Provisional Adjustment of Administrative Regulations, State Council Documents and Departmental Regulations Approved by the State Council in a Free Trade Zone


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 9 By the approval of Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council recently issued the “Decision on Provisional Adjustment of Administrative Regulations, State Council Documents and Departmental Regulations and Approvals by the State Council in a Free Trade Zone” (the “Decision” ), Effective from the date of issuance.

“Decision” Clearly, in order to ensure smooth implementation of the measures for reform and opening up in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, 11 administrative regulations such as the “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Ship Registration” were tentatively adjusted in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, “the State Council General Office forwards the State Planning Commission Notice on Implementation of Urban Rail Transit Facilities Localization, Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening Management of Urban Rapid Rail Transit, 2 State Council documents and Guidance Catalog for Foreign Investment Industries (Revised in 2017), Foreign- Aviation Industry Regulations “2 by the State Council approved the departmental rules and regulations.

The Decision requires that the relevant departments of the State Council and the people’s governments of Shanghai Municipality, Guangdong Province, Tianjin Municipality, Fujian Province, Liaoning Province, Zhejiang Province, Henan Province, Hubei Province, Chongqing Municipality, Sichuan Province and Shaanxi Province should, in accordance with relevant administrative regulations , The State Council documents and the adjustment of departmental rules approved by the State Council, make timely adjustments to the regulations and normative documents formulated by the department, the province and the province, and establish a management system that is compatible with the requirements of the pilot projects.

2018 recruiting online registration January 10 to give priority to college students

                    (Original title: Department of Defense recruiting Office issued “notice” deployment 2018 conscription preparations)

                                   Military News Reporter Beijing January 9 Ministry of Defense recruiting office recently issued “on 2018 conscription preparatory work notice”, arrangements for the deployment of the new year conscription preparations, require all localities to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, We will make concerted efforts to promote the construction of conscription organizations, construction of laws and regulations, build capacity and clean government so as to ensure high-quality completion of the task of recruiting new troops for the new year. We will also make clear that the conscription network of the whole country officially opened on January 10 and that all military registrations, application registrations and policy advice Work

国防部征兵办下发通知 部署2018年度征兵准备工作

“Notice” requirements, we must strengthen the organization and leadership. The conscription offices at all levels started to focus their work on April 1. To level by level business training and examination and acceptance, not to participate in training and examination shall not be placed on the job unqualified. After the opening of the national conscription network, all localities should promptly issue a notice of military service registration, specifying the time, objects, and methods of military service registration. June 30, completed the registration of military service, registered in previous years to be verified one by one, according to the law should be determined to be military service, military service and military service shall not object, according to not less than three times the number of tasks collected the pre-requisite target selection .

国防部征兵办下发通知 部署2018年度征兵准备工作

According to the “Notice”, all levels should make “five rates” (enrollment rate, attendance rate, pass rate, choice rate, withdrawal rate) as important starting points for improving the quality of conscription work and formulate We will improve the implementation details of quantitative appraisal at this level and gradually establish a conscription performance appraisal system that integrates and links up and down to meet the needs of operation. The “five-rate” real-time dynamic monitoring should be strengthened. Regular bidirectional notification should be made on the progress of the preparatory work for military conscription. Supervision and inspection should be conducted in areas and units with low “five-rate” targets, weak bases and contradictions, and rectification within a time limit.

国防部征兵办下发通知 部署2018年度征兵准备工作 Data Sheet

Shandong Provincial Governor Ji Qiao Qi Provincial People’s Congress expired a few days ago was checked

                    (Former title: Ji Yong Qi, deputy governor of Shandong Province was terminated deputies)


山东副省长季缃绮被终止山东省人大代表资格 Site screenshot. Shandong Province People’s Congress Standing Committee Notice No. 227

Time: 2018-01-09

Dongying Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee decided to accept Jianye Qi resign from the twelfth Shandong Provincial People’s Congress delegates. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the representative law, Ji Ruiqi representative’s termination.

Now, the twelfth people’s congress of shandong province actually has 915 people.

Hereby announced.

Shandong Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee

January 9, 2018

山东省副省长季缃绮涉嫌严重违纪 正接受组织审查

Spring Festival travel received good! Holiday congestion congestion toll station ten sections released

                    (Original title: Spring Festival travel Please take good! Big Data tells you the holiday congestion congestion toll stations ten sections)


In the past two years, every holiday, traffic congestion is a prominent issue of transportation and social concern. During the spring peak, a large number of vehicles travel concentrated, congestion will still be more prominent. At the 2018 National Spring Festival Video and Telephone Conference held on the 8th, Li Weiliang, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that efforts should be made to govern a number of heavily-jammed road sections and nodes ahead of the peak of the Spring Festival and should take precautionary measures in advance.

Spring Festival is expected to send 2.98 billion passengers for a total of 40 days starting from February 1

                    (Original title: Spring Festival this year will begin on February 1 a total of 40 days is expected to send 2.98 billion passengers)


Reporters learned from yesterday’s (8th) National Development and Reform Commission held 11 departments such as Spring Festival teleconference was informed that this year’s Spring Festival national passenger deliveries are expected to reach 2.98 billion person-time.

春运于2月1日开始共40天 预计发送旅客29.8亿人次

The 2018 Spring Festival will begin on February 1 and end on March 12 for a total of 40 days. It is estimated that the total number of passengers sent by the country during the Spring Festival this year will reach 2.98 billion, basically the same as last year and the growth rate has slowed down significantly over the previous few years. However, the passenger transport structure has changed. The railway and civil aviation are expected to increase by 8.8% and 10% respectively, still maintaining a relatively fast growth rate. This year, a batch of new railway lines, such as Lan Yu and Xicheng, have been opened one after another, greatly improving the capacity of passenger transport in the direction of Sichuan, Chongqing and the northwest, and the tense situation of transportation capacity in these areas will be significantly improved.

春运于2月1日开始共40天 预计发送旅客29.8亿人次

Sichuan Province to implement the first case of retention measures: deputy magistrate was kept for 24 hours

                    (Original title: Sichuan implementation of the first case of lien: Suining, deputy county magistrate was lien for 24 hours)


Front Cover News News January 9, Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Released:

Chen Xianping, deputy county chief and county party secretary of the county government, is seriously suspected of breaking law and discipline and is currently under investigation and investigation by the organization.


Recently, Suining Municipal Commission of Supervision decided to take the measure of imprisonment to the deputy head of the county seat of the county and county party secretary and director of the county public security bureau Chen Xiaoping, becoming the first case in our province to implement the lien measures.

Recently, Suining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection received the reports of the masses, reflecting Chen Xiaoping’s violation of party discipline and state laws and regulations and other issues. After preliminary verification, found that Chen Xiaoping suspected of serious violations of discipline and law. At 9:00 on January 4, Suining City, held a city monitoring committee was established and listed. After the meeting, the Municipal Commission of Supervisors convened a meeting and decided upon a collective study and reported to the higher level for approval. Chen Liping took the indictment according to law. Within 24 hours of taking the stay, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Municipal Commission of Supervision entrusted the party’s discipline and government affairs “decision-making book” and “stay decision letter” to Chen Xiaoping’s work units, respectively, and informed his family members.

Suining City Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission in promoting the national supervision system reform pilot efforts to achieve seamless convergence of law and order, the Commission immediately after the establishment of efficient performance of duties, listing that is started. “We will pinpoint the positioning and performance of duties, integrate the work force, work through law enforcement, effectively implement the functions of supervision and administration of discipline and accountability and supervision and investigation and disposal functions, and conscientiously treat the forest rangers as a political and ecological environment and spare no effort to safeguard the green water of Suining’s political ecology Castle Peak. “Municipal Standing Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Xiong Longdong City Supervision Commission said.


四川实施首例留置措施案:副县长被留置24小时 Chen Xiaoping data diagram.

Biography of Chen Xiaoping

Chen Xiaoping, male, Han nationality, born in July 1975, Suining, Sichuan, university culture. August 1999 to work in October 2003 to join the Chinese Communist Party.

Zhang Weiwen was elected Mayor of Lanzhou Gou Hailong Ren Lanzhou City Commission

                    (Original title: Zhang Weiwen was elected mayor of Lanzhou)


Western Business Daily News In the just-concluded Lanzhou City, the twelfth session of the Second Plenary Session of the Elections, elected by Zhang Weiwen as mayor of Lanzhou, Gou Hailong was elected Lanzhou City Commission of Supervision, Wang Yanze and other four comrades were elected as members of the Standing Committee of the 16th Lanzhou Municipal People’s Congress.


张伟文当选兰州市市长 苟海龙任兰州市监委会主任

1986.09-1990.07, Dalian University of Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering Mechanical design and manufacture of professional learning

1990.07-1996.08, Aerospace Industry, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, the fifth fifth ten Research Institute Room 11 Engineer

1996.08-2001.04, China Aerospace Industry Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Fifth Research Institute No.101 Institute Deputy Director (Deputy Director level)

2001.04-2003.11, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group No. 5 Research Institute No. 510 Research Director of Science and Technology Division (at the level)

2003.11-2005.08, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Fifth Research Institute of the fifth one, deputy director of the Institute

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