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General Yang Hucheng Yang Zhengmei died in Xi’an at the age of 86

                    (Original title: Comrade Yang Zhengmei died of General Yang Hucheng)


杨虎城将军之女杨拯美在西安逝世 享年86岁

China’s second-hand housing price ranking: Beijing, the first city of 68,000 lowest 2600 yuan

                    (Original title: China’s second-hand housing price ranking: Beijing’s lowest city of 68,000 first only 2600 yuan)

                                   Beijing Economic News on January 9 Beijing Joint Laboratory of Housing Big Data, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Financial Strategy Housing Big Data project data released today show that in December 2017 the highest price of second-hand housing in China is the city Beijing, reaching 67,822 yuan / square meter, the lowest city for Guangxi guests, only 2652 / square meter.

The data show that Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin and Qingdao ranked the top ten in second-hand housing prices in cities in China in December 2017 respectively. In addition to Beijing’s top ten cities outside the price of housing were: Shanghai 52,584 yuan / square meter, Shenzhen 50,900 yuan / square meter, Guangzhou 40030 yuan / square meter, Xiamen 39,723 yuan / square meter, Hangzhou 30,729 yuan / square meter, Fuzhou 29,000 yuan / Sq m, Nanjing 26714 yuan / square meter, Tianjin 23333 yuan / square meter, Qingdao 22126 yuan / square meter.

Data also show that the average price of first-tier cities was 52,834 yuan / square meter, second-tier cities average price of 14,364 yuan / square meter, 34 cities and below the average price of 6982 yuan / square meter.

According to the introduction, the analysis based on the 4.3 million second-hand housing quotations from the Internet made an incomplete sample ranking of the median quoted second-hand housing prices of cities in China at the prefecture level and above in December 2017.

中国二手房价排名:北京6.8万居首 最低城市2600元

In 2018, China’s space industry opened its doors successfully! 03,04 Star High King successfully launched

                    (Original title: High King One 03,04 stars successfully launched China’s space launch 2018 usher in “good start”)


At 0924 hours on January 9, China launched a long-march II Ding carrier rocket at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, which launched the high-altitude 03,04-star high-rise satellite and successfully entered the scheduled orbit. The first launch of China’s space flight in 2018 A complete success.

High King One 03,04 stars with 0.5-meter high resolution for continuous strip imaging, multi-strip stitching, stereo imaging, multi-target imaging with wide coverage, multi-target, multi-mode, fast application Features.

State Administration for Industry and Commerce: Conduct pilot publicity on consumer complaints in a nationwide scale

                    (Original title: State Administration for Industry and Commerce: a comprehensive pilot complaints on consumer complaints work)


SAIC recently released the Circular on Piloting Consumer Disputes Publicity in an All-round Way and decided to conduct a pilot nationwide pilot program on consumer complaints publicity in 2018 and open up the after-care and advance prevention sectors of consumer rights protection.

High influenza this winter, the Standing Committee: expected flu peak will continue for some time

                    (Original title: Why this winter flu so high? National Health and the State Planning Commission responded)


今冬流感为何如此高发?卫计委:综合因素叠加导致 Information Figure: Hebei entered the high incidence of influenza, children’s respiratory tract surge. Xinhua News Agency, Zhai Yu Jia photo

BEIJING, January 9 9, the reporter learned from the State Health Planning Commission, since the winter of 2017, the level of flu activity in China rose rapidly, and is still on the rise . More hospital outpatient and emergency patients and inpatients, an increase of critically ill patients, diagnosis and treatment pressure. Expert analysis shows that the high incidence of influenza this winter is caused by the combination of factors, including: winter is a season with high incidence of influenza and abnormal weather this winter. The predominant strain (Yamagata Type B) that has been prevailing this year has not become the predominant strain and has led to the lack of population Immune barrier, increased susceptibility to the crowd. It is expected that the peak of the flu activity will continue for some time. As the winter vacation takes place in schools and kindergartens, the level of flu activity will gradually decline.

People’s Daily: China’s local government debt rate of 80.5% The overall risk control

                    (Original title: China’s local government debt risk is generally controllable (hot spot analysis))

                                   At present, there is a view that exaggerates the negative impact of local government debt on economic and social development in our country, and even calls it an imminent crisis. This view is clearly biased.

To understand the problem of local government debt objectively, we first need to clarify its statistical scope and scope. In 2014, our country cleaned up and screened the debts of local governments in accordance with the three-pronged approach: debts with repayments, debts with guarantee liabilities and debts that may assume some relief. The data after liquidation screened showed that as of the end of 2014, the balance of local governments’ debts of repaying debts amounted to 15.4 trillion yuan, and the debts with guaranteed liabilities and the debts that may bear some aid amounted to 8.6 trillion yuan. Since then, China has further regulated the borrowing behavior of local governments, and clearly stipulated that local governments should adopt the method of issuing government bonds to borrow their debts. Governments at all levels and their respective departments should not borrow government debts either directly or indirectly through enterprises, public institutions and any other subject, For any unit and individual debt in any way to provide security. The conversion of PPP model into corporate debt and the new debt of financing platform companies from 2015 are no longer included in the local government debt. This also means that since 2015, the increase in debt of the financing platform can no longer be equated with an increase in local government debt, and local governments will no longer generate new liabilities with guarantee liabilities. Some people fail to notice the changes in these statistical norms and even include the debts of some state-owned enterprises in the statistics, thus exaggerating the scale of local government debts.

From the actual situation, the scale of local government debt in our country is within the controllable risk range. As of the end of 2016, the balance of local government debt in China was 15.32 trillion yuan, within the annual local government debt limit of 17.19 trillion yuan, the local government debt ratio (debt balance / comprehensive financial resources) was 80.5%, lower than the International Monetary Fund 90 % -150% control standard reference value. If combined with the 12.01 trillion yuan of central government debt under budget management, our government debt will be 27.33 trillion yuan, accounting for 36.7% of the GDP, not only below the warning line of 60% of the internationally accepted government debt burden rate But also lower than the average of major market economy countries and emerging market countries.

Further analysis of the causes of debt It can be found that the government debt in Western countries is mainly due to the “consumptive” nature of administrative consumption, stimulating consumption and meeting the needs of voters. However, local government debt in our country is mainly caused by local capital construction investment. It has the characteristics of “constructive” and “productive”, which can not only improve the production and living standards, but also enhance the potential for economic development in the future. Therefore, the situation of debt security and risk control of local government in our country is much better than western countries.

Cold yellow warning continue to be released: northeast of North China local cooling 10 ℃ above

                    (Original title: cold wave yellow warning continue to release: northeast of North China local cooling 10 ℃ or more)

                                   January 9 Xinhua Central Meteorological Observatory continue to release the cold wave yellow warning at 6:00 on the 9th: Affected by the cold air, 9 to 10 days, Inner Mongolia, the eastern and central regions, northeast China, central and southern Yunnan and other places will be temperature Decline 6 ~ 8 ℃, local cooling will reach 10 ℃ above. There are 4 to 6 northerly winds in most northern areas and 7 to 8 gales in the eastern and southern sea areas.


Jiamusi, Heilongjiang, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee ruled that the police killed him

                    (Original title: Jiamusi City People’s Congress Mei-Xue Xue, deputy director of fall)


黑龙江佳木斯人大常委会副主任坠亡 警方排除他杀 Mei Zhen Xue. Data

People’s Daily Online Harbin, January 9 From the news office of Jiamusi Municipal Government, at 2:40 a.m. on January 9, the Command Center of Jiamusi Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses and someone from Guanjiang International was falling. Xiangyang Public Security Bureau of the police, 120 rushed to the scene, confirmed by the doctor, fell on the scene died. The investigation, the deceased was Jiamusi City People’s Congress, Mei Zhen Xue, deputy director.

Visited by on-site survey and investigation to exclude him from killing. On the relevant circumstances, the public security organ has further investigated.

According to China Economic Net, January 5, 2018, the second meeting of the 16th People’s Congress of Jiamusi elected Mei Zhenxue as the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the 16th People’s Congress of Jiamusi City. Male, Han nationality, born in May 1963, native of Taian, Liaoning Province, joined the work in July 1984 and joined the CPC in December 1989. He graduated from the provincial Party School with a degree in economic management, Party school degree.

He is currently a member and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the 16th NPC in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province.

1981.09-1984.07, Jiamusi agriculture agronomy school professional learning

1984.07-1987.12, Jiamusi agricultural school office secretary

(of which: 1985.09-1987.12, Jiamusi Municipal Party party and government cadres special training course to learn)

1987.12-1990.04, Jiamusi City Sanjiang Plain Integrated Development and Construction Leading Group Office Planning Coordination Office Section

1990.04-1994.08 Jiamusi Sanjiang Plain Comprehensive Development and Construction Leading Group Office Deputy Section Chief

1994.08-1997.03, Jiamusi Sanjiang Plain Development and Construction Leading Group Office Development Chief of Construction Section

1997.03-2001.12, chief of various management sections of the leading group office of comprehensive development and construction of Sanjiang Plain in Jiamusi

2001.12-2002.12, good City Bureau of Water

2002.12-2004.04, Jiamusi City Water Authority Deputy Director

(In the meantime: 2001.03-2003.07, Heilongjiang Provincial Party School of Economics and Management Correspondence undergraduate class study; 2002.09-2003.07, Renmin University of China society and economy Development of advanced training class learning)

2004.04-2009.03, Fujin Municipal Committee, secretary of the Politics and Law Committee

Taiwan’s rear-end collision occurred at a speed of 1 people were killed and 4 were injured

                    (Original title: News! Taiwan high-speed rear-end accident resulted in a dead 4 injured)


台湾高速发生追尾事故 致1人死亡4人受伤 The rear-end accident scene. (Source: Taiwan Media) On January 9, Taiwan Media reported that on the morning of the 9th, Taiwan’s “Provincial Highway No. 1” started a rear-end collision on the north side of Anding Road in Tainan, causing one death and four wounded.

According to a report from Taiwan’s pro-green media, at about 4:42 am on the morning of the 9th, Taiwan’s “Provincial Highway No. 1” went north on the Anding Road in Tainan. A pallet truck suddenly slipped and hit a barrier and landed across the lane. And the car dodge can not hit it, the United Federation passenger Qiu surname driver trapped in the car, ambulance rushed to no signs of life, the car accident caused a total of 1 dead 4 injured. The car accident caused a big congestion on the scene, and it was not until 7 o’clock on the 9th that it gradually recovered. Taiwan’s police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Spring Festival passenger traffic into and out of Beijing is expected to reach 42.63 million passengers by 70% of the railway traffic

                    (Original title: Spring Festival passenger traffic is expected to reach 42.63 million passengers)


春运进出京客流预计达4263万人次 铁路运量近七成

This spring festival will be kicked off on February 1 for 40 days and ends on March 12. The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Committee of Transportation that yesterday afternoon, Beijing held a mobilization meeting for the 2018 Spring Festival work to conduct a full-scale deployment of the Spring Festival transport work. As the Spring Festival this year after the holiday and the two national summits are highly superimposed, according to the Municipal Communications Commission is expected that the Spring Festival passenger flow is relatively fragmented before the holiday, after the holiday a variety of passenger flow highly concentrated trend.

After the Spring Festival, the four passenger flows will be highly superimposed.

According to the forecast of the transport sector, the total passenger throughput for and from Beijing during the spring of 2018 is expected to reach 42.63 million, an increase of 1.7% over the same period of the previous year. Among them, railway transport passengers accounted for nearly 70%, reaching 2905 million passengers, an increase of 1.4%. In addition, 11.48 million passengers were transported by civil aviation, representing an increase of 3.8% as compared with the same period of last year; and that of highway interprovincial passengers transporting 2.1 million passengers, representing a decrease of 6% as compared with the same period of last year.

Municipal Communications Commission is expected that the Spring Festival passenger flow showed relatively fragmented before the holiday, post-holiday high concentration of the situation. Spring Festival 2018 is February 16, 19 days later than 2017. Before the holiday, due to the concentration of primary and secondary schools in mid-January and holidays in the second half of the year, most of the students’ passenger flow will be dispersed before entering the Spring Festival. The overall passenger flow before the holiday is relatively moderate. Spring Festival Festival and the two national summits are highly superimposed. By then, a large number of migrant workers, student flow, relatives returning to Beijing, as well as representatives of the National People’s Congress, members of the four passenger interweave overlap, the city traffic and various airports, train stations continued security work put forward higher requirements.

Yesterday, Liu Xiaoming, member of the Party group and vice minister of the Ministry of Transport, pointed out during the 2018 national Spring Festival teleconference that the free passage of small passenger cars on expressways will continue to be implemented during the Spring Festival. He said that smooth road network is the prerequisite for the orderly operation of the Spring Festival transportation. The competent transportation departments at all levels should maximize their transport capacity, maximize transport links and make every effort to ensure the smooth flow of the road network.


During the spring festival this year, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation will closely follow and monitor the passenger flow and analyze the changing trend according to the prediction of passenger flow, combined with the actual situation of capacity and volume, passenger and freight transport, The overall allocation of resources, effective scheduling of organizations to maximize the travel needs of the people.

In addition, there has been no effective precipitation for many days in Beijing urban area since October 23, 2017 up to now. According to the forecast of the meteorological department, there are many uncertainties in the weather during the spring of 2018, which may also bring challenges to the emergency support for the Spring Festival travel. It is estimated that during the spring of 2018, temperatures in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Provinces are mostly high, with the average temperature in Beijing around 1 ° C and 0.1 ° C over the same period (1981-110 average, the same below). Precipitation in the northern part of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is higher than that in the southern part, while precipitation in the Beijing area is 5-10 mm and its annual average is 6.3 mm.



Beijing South Railway Station by three pairs originating passenger

rail transport is still the main force of the spring. During the 2018 Spring Festival, 476 pairs of scheduled buses will arrive at the three major railway stations in the Beijing area, an increase of one against the pre-Spring Festival in 2017. Specifically, there were 102 pairs of Beijing stations, a decrease of 1 pair year-on-year; 168 pairs of Beijing West Railway stations decreased by 1 pair year-on-year; 206 pairs of Beijing South Railway stations increased by 3 pairs year-on-year. As a key area before the Spring Festival, Beijing area arrangements for the end of the long-distance Linke passenger line: 78 pairs before the holiday (an increase of 3 pairs).


358 tourist bus support passenger during

Spring Festival, the city eight inter-provincial bus terminal plans to open line 113 100 trips, which, before the holiday CDB 51,000 flights, CDB 7100 flights during the Spring Festival, Festival Opened 55,000 trips, raising preparation classes capacity 737 vehicles.

Backbone Businesses 358 tourist buses will support the capacity of provincial-class shift-line maintenance classes to ensure the peak passenger flow transportation. Beijing Tourism Distribution Center will operate seven hot-line routes and timely deploy vehicles to meet the demand of individual travelers.

civil aviation

shunt passengers using the airport perimeter

According to projections, during the 2018 Spring Festival in Beijing Capital Airport and Nanyuan Airport inbound and outbound flights planned 73,500 vehicles, compared with 2017 is expected to grow by 1%.

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