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Also spread the matter? U.S. officials point to Russia’s intervention in the Mexican election

                    (The original title: Russia also spread the upper case! U.S. officials refer to Russia intervene in the Mexican presidential election)


2.jpg Assistant to the U.S. President for National Security refers to Russia’s intervention in Mexico’s presidential election. (Data sheet)

Overseas Network January 8 – u0026 nbsp; Herbert McMaster, the assistant president of the U.S. National Security Agency, said there are signs of “Russian intervention” in Mexico’s forthcoming presidential election.

Mexico’s presidential election will be held on July 1, 2018. According to the Russian satellite network, Herbert McMaster said recently that the U.S. government is very concerned about Russia “carrying out complicated sabotage activities and using cyber tools to spread false reports and propaganda messages.” McMaster said the United States has noticed “preliminary signs of Russia’s intervention” in the Mexican general election. According to the report, the U.S. “The Hill” quoted McMaster as saying that Russia is making every effort to split a democratic society, undermine European integration and create a crisis of confidence. It is worth mentioning that besides some officials accused Russia of intervening in the Mexican presidential election, some U.S. officials have accused Russia of trying to intervene in the 2018 U.S. election. According to overseas network reported on the 8th, 2018 November will be the United States parliamentary election, a series of governors and some state legislatures will also conduct election activities. On January 7 local time, CIA director Mike Popeaux was asked on CBS Television’s program whether Russia’s frontal view undermined the U.S. election this year. In response, he said: “Yes And this has been decades away. “

Pompeo also said:” I am not only concerned about these Russians, but also about other people’s actions and we have many enemies who want to destroy Western democracy. “He believes Russia’s interference in U.S. elections persists and continues to take place.

The spread of the flu in Italy has caused more than 2 million deaths in 3 people

                    (Original title: Italian flu outbreak has caused more than 2 million people infected with 3 dead)


According to the French media “European Times” reported on January 6, the recent outbreak of influenza in Italy has led to the death of 3 people and 6 critically ill.

According to Italian media statistics, there were about 673,000 flu cases in the 1 week from December 25 to 31, The previous week the number of flu cases as high as 387,000 cases. Since the initial influenza statistics up to December 31, 2017, a total of 2,168,000 flu cases have been detected.

Trump from the Reagan foreign media: Reagan is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

                    (Former Title: Trump To Himself Reagan Media: Reagan Suffering From Alzheimer’s!)



Overseas Network January 8 – u0026 nbsp; In recent days, questions about Trump’s mental condition have been heard. In an effort to prove he was unwell and mentally fit, Trump updated Twitter with several tweets and “rumored” for himself, noting that Trump twice compared himself with former president Reagan. The media does not seem to buy it, but also pointed out that former President Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease) passed away.

image.png Trump Twitter Screenshots.

Following a rumor on the 6th on Twitter that the former President Ronald Wilson Reagan was mentioned in a rumor about his poor mental condition, Trump once again issued a document on the 7th that ” I had to endure this type of fake news from the first day of the presidency, and now I have to endure a fake book by an entirely untruthworthy author (the new book by American journalist Wolf, “Flames and anger: White House Insider. “) Ronald Reagan has encountered the same problem and he has done a good job and I will!”

image.png Trump Twitter Screenshot.

Trump made a statement on Twitter on the 6th. “After a year of intensive investigation, ‘Tongzhimen’ has proved to be a fraud. Democrats and their lackeys, the fake mainstream news media, are taking The old Ronald Reagan script shouted that my spirit was unstable and that I had problems with my intelligence … “

The British” Daily Mail “pointed out that Trump and Reagan do indeed share much in common Where, they have done actors, later became the United States President. Reagan was among the oldest of Donald Trump’s 70-year-old presidents (at the age of 69). Reagan is also the president of the only remaining actor outside of Trump. In addition, both parties have had disputes with the media about “unreasonable chaos”.

British Daily Mail quoted The Boston Globe As reported during Reagan’s reign, the former Republican president has tried to bypass the mainstream media to create a “new White House exclusive service” for the president and his office Provide “unedited official coverage”. Trump and his White House team are also sparing no effort in fighting the media by tagging them as “fake news.”

4ae0bbf825dc3be974773454d4a80102.jpg Reagan

Political observers on Twitter also quickly pointed out that Reagan was a bigger “problem” with the president, rumored to be saying that Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease later in his tenure, Dementia. Reagan performed especially badly in a presidential campaign debate with Democrat Walter Mondale in 1984.

Reagan was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease five years after he left office, in 1994. But Reagan’s son Ron Reagan said in his memoir “A Century of Fathers” published in 2011 that he believes his father has shown signs of brain degeneration during his tenure. Degenerative brain disease is a common aging disease, patients with memory disorders and aphasia and other symptoms. On June 5, 2004, 93-year-old Ronald Reagan died of a pneumonia and Alzheimer’s disease in her home in Los Angeles.

Ron Reagan also considered that Father Reagan was not aware of his illness during his tenure, saying “I believe he would leave in 1987 if he knew his condition.”

1477184108698.png Trang Pu

Trump once said that it is a waste of time to negotiate with North Korea? U.S. Response: Position has not changed

                    (Original title: Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations: U.S.-North Korea negotiating position remains unchanged)


When the United States representative to the United Nations, Niki Blackie, responded to a question raised by the host on the ABC live broadcast on the 7th, the position of the United States on opening negotiations with North Korea has not changed. She stressed that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un first must stop nuclear tests “for a considerable period of time.”

This Week “Presenter George Stefanoopoulos : Trump has said that Secretary of State Tillerson is wasting time negotiating the DPRK. So why is the current position Change it?

Naki, the Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations: No changes. He basically said that it will take time for the DPRK to negotiate and there is much to be done before the actual talks are started. North Korea must stop nuclear testing. I think that it is a very important premise that North Korea will stop nuclear testing and that it will take a long time to stop the nuclear test before proceeding to the next process. This should be done in stages, as we have seen, and this can not be done in one move.

Japanese media revealed World War II U.S. large-scale attack on Japan: throwing 7,000 tons of bombs

                    (Original title: Japanese media revealed World War II U.S. large-scale attack on Japan: throwing 7,000-ton bombs)

                                   On January 7, Japanese media learned from the declassified US government archives that on the offensive of the Pacific War the U.S. military took advantage of Okinawa’s occupation of Japan as its stronghold against the Japanese mainland Launch a massive attack. Archives show that within about 3 months before the war ended, more than 65 targets in 13 of Japan’s 9 prefectures, including Japan, were targeted, with the U.S. hurling some 7,000 tons of bombs.

According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported that Japan’s Kanto University Professor Lin Bo history (modern history) collected and analyzed more than 10,000 pages of the National Archives of the Army Aviation Corps and Naval Air Force historical data and confirmed.

It is now known that the base of the Pacific Mariana Islands has become a stronghold and partly that of Okinawa as a result of the U.S. air strikes on Japan’s mainland. Masahiko Yamagama, a researcher at Tokyo’s Great Attacking Data Center for Combat Disasters (Tokyo), said that the U.S. military’s overall situation with respect to attacking the country from Okinawa is not yet clear and said “it would be very meaningful to grasp the overall situation if the historical data were comprehensively described” .

North Korea and South Korea will hold high-level talks at Panmunjom on the 9th Chinese response

It is reported that North Korea and South Korea will hold high-level talks at the “Peace House” on the Korean side of Panmunjom on the 9th. In response, Lu Kang, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry at a routine press conference today (8 August) said that China supports both sides in their positive efforts to ease their relations and hopes the international community will give their support.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang: As a neighbor of the Korean Peninsula, China welcomes and supports the positive actions taken by the two Koreas in recent years to ease their mutual relations. We also hope that all parties concerned in the international community will give their support to this positive trend. And work together to find a good way to ease tension, enhance mutual trust and resume dialogue and consultation. Lu said that for a long time, China has made unrelenting efforts to solve the peninsula issue and has always played an active and constructive role. China will continue to closely monitor the development of the situation on the peninsula and will continue to actively work with all parties concerned and actively promote peace talks.

Thai Media: Ying La has applied for political asylum in the United Kingdom waiting for a reply

                    (Original title: Thai media: Ying La has applied for political asylum in the United Kingdom pending a reply)


2.jpg Thai National Police Sergeant said it will continue its efforts to extradite Indra from home. (Source: Pattaya Post)

Overseas website January 8 (Xinhuanet) Some media broke the news on the 8th that former Thai Prime Minister Ying La has applied for political asylum from Britain and is waiting for the reply of the British authorities . On the same day, however, Thai media claimed that the Thai National Police Sergeant said Thai police would continue their efforts to extradite Indra to Thailand.

Thailand’s National Police Chief Chakthip Chaijinda said his deputy, Srivara Ransibrahmanakul, deputy police chief of Thailand, has been trying to extradite Indra from Thailand, according to the Thai Pattaya Post on the 8th. Work hard to return home to allow her to return home as soon as possible to face all the allegations concerning the rice purchase.

Just as Gadda made the speech on the same day (8th), Thai media quoted Taiwanese sources as saying that Yingla has applied for political asylum from Britain and is currently waiting for a reply. The source said she submitted an application for political asylum to Britain in November last year (2017) after the Supreme Court in Thailand announced Yingraan’s guilty verdict on the alleged “rice malfeasance.”

It is understood that, according to the formal flow, Yinglai application for political asylum in Britain must go through the British investigation, that its reasons for the application of reasonable and there is sufficient evidence that if the return will encounter being bullied, hurt, unfair Handling cases, being threatened, etc. will be considered for approval. In addition, Ying La must also submit their proof of address in the UK. Ying La can also apply for evacuation at the same time for her children under the age of 18, and she will be able to reside in the UK for five years if she is approved.

There has been no official confirmation of her whereabouts since her death from Thailand over the past four months due to her “rice malfeasance case”. But it is worth noting that, in recent days, Ying La was frequently filmed in London, England, and her photos were constantly appearing on the media and social platforms.

3.jpg British pull has been filmed in the United Kingdom generously with tourists taking pictures.

Thai NEW18 channel website on December 29, 2017 said that some users captured Ying La’s shopping at Westfield, a famous British shopping mall. Indra immersed in the atmosphere of Christmas Day, the mood is completely free from domestic issues. This is the first time since the netizens met at London’s London shopping mall in November and photographed photos of suspected former Thai Prime Minister Ying La.

The next day (December 30, 2017), the Thai National News newspaper exposed another photo of suspected former Thai Prime Minister Ying La in the London shopping mall. He added: “Suspected Thai Prime Minister Ying La was present in London A mall with its 15-year-old son Supachai Eameschart around. “

On January 5, there was a picture posted by the media saying that Indra was recognized by Thai tourists outside a department store in London and was associated with The other photo. The day she seemed in a good mood and smiled. In response, Thai police confirmed that the woman in the photo was Yingla but failed to confirm when the photo was taken.

Review of the British Incident:

Yingla is the sister of Thaksin Shinawatra. In August 2011, she started her career as Thailand’s first female prime minister. She was only 45 years old when she reached the top of the political arena and in two years Doric remained politically stable. She is also young and beautiful and has attracted much attention from the international community. However, the beauty of the prime minister can be described as multiple career path. Since her step down in May 2014, Yingla has been mired in litigation over the acquisition of rice.

The rice acquisition project is a policy that began when Ying La came into power. From 2014 onwards, this policy has been criticized for causing the country’s financial deficit and breaching corruption.

Thailand’s Supreme Court was originally convicted of the rice takeover on August 25, but Yinglai did not appear on the grounds of bodily discomfort and the court issued an arrest warrant. Followed by reports that Ying La has left Thailand.

What are the sensitive issues involved in the upcoming high-level talks between South and North Korea at the Winter Olympics?

                    (Original title: Hot question and answer: the impact of high-level talks between South Korea and North Korea geometry)


South Korea and North Korea plan to hold high-level talks between South and North Korea at the Peace House on the Korean side of Panmunjom on the morning of the 9th to discuss issues of common concern such as North Korea’s sending delegations to the PyeongMing Olympics and the improvement of North-South relations. At the beginning of the new year, both sides of the two countries frequently interacted with each other and all parties involved made positive statements. So what consensus is expected from the high-level talks between South and North Korea? In turn, what impact will it have on the ongoing tension in the Korean Peninsula?

What the Talks Will Talk about?

Various sources said that the DPRK’s delegation’s participation in the forthcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics in Korea will be the primary and focal topic for this meeting.

On the 1st of the New Year’s message, Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, expressed his delegation’s intention to send some delegations to participate in the forthcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea and ordered the reopening of the Korea-South Korea Liaison Hotline on the 3rd to discuss North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympics Will matter. Both of these DPRK-DPRK positions have focused on dispatching delegations to participate in the Winter Olympics.

South Korean President Cheong Wa Dae said earlier that this high-level talks will take North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympics as a priority issue and that it will consider other issues after negotiation. Zhao Mingjun, head of the Korean delegation and reunification minister, said on the 8th that both sides will focus on North Korea’s participation in the Pyeongmong Olympic Winter Games and will also discuss ways to improve the relations between the two Koreas.

In addition, two people on the list of the two sides of the ROK and the DPRK respectively involved in sports and Olympic affairs. This also shows the core of the talks. Analysts believe that both parties may also take this opportunity to pave the way for further contacts between the separated family members and military talks and preliminary consultations.

What consensus is expected to reach

Analysts believe that the high-level talks between the DPRK and the ROK are more likely to reach a consensus on the DPRK’s participation in the Winter Olympics.

On the one hand, both parties expressed their will on North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympics. The ROK government has repeatedly urged the DPRK and the DPRK to send delegations. The DPRK leaders also said that the Olympic Winter Games are a good opportunity to show their national status. On the other hand, the two sides demonstrated their positive attitudes in the recent contacts and took a rare hit-and-miss on issues such as the venue, date, and candidates for the delegation.

As other issues on the peninsula are more complicated and divergent, the two sides may temporarily shelve the difficult issues and first reach consensus on the topics of the Winter Olympics. Of course, even the DPRK delegation to attend the meeting, also has many seemingly simple, but in fact sensitive details of the issue. For example, whether the head of the DPRK Winter Olympics delegation is sanctioned by the United States or South Korea and whether the sanctioned Korean Airlines passenger plane to Korea is taken.

The geometry of the talks

At the moment, the talks mainly focus on North Korea’s participation in specific events such as the Winter Olympics, but its significance is beyond the reach of sports exchanges. Analysts believe the talks will likely become tentative contacts for thawing the relations between the two Koreas and play a role in establishing channels of communication and mutual release of goodwill and easing of tensions.

Global Internet Rankings Report: Singapore No.1 China Fixed Broadband Ranks

                    (Original title: Latest Global Network Speed ​​Rankings Report: Singapore First, China’s Fixed Mobile Network Speed ​​Up)


According to the new website quoted Australian media on January 8, Ookla’s latest “Speed ​​Test Global Index” report was released recently.

The report shows that in December 2017, the average download speed of global fixed broadband networks was 40.71 Mbps (about 5 MB / s), and the average download speed of mobile terminals was 21.25 Mbps (about 2.66 MB / s).

According to the report, China’s fixed broadband network averaged 63.69Mbps (about 8MB per second) in December, ranking 21st among all countries in the world, up from two in November. China’s average mobile download speed in December was 32.52Mbps (about 4MB per second), ranking 32th among all countries in the world, also up by two places from November.

For the average fixed broadband download speed, Singapore ranked first in the world for its 161-Mbps rocket-like download rate among the 129 countries surveyed. The world’s second and third largest are Iceland and Hong Kong.

The foreign ministry confirmed that Macron will present Xi Jinping with a state horse

                    (Original title: Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Lu Kang’s Regular Press Conference on January 8, 2018)


January 8, 2018 Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang’s Regular Press Conference

Q: It is reported that President Macron brought a horse to China as a gift. Can you confirm? Answer: President Macron just arrived in Xi’an this morning and started his visit to China. This afternoon, he will arrive in Beijing to begin the most important part of his state visit.

President Macronian’s state visit to China at the invitation of President Xi Jinping was a significant one. Both China and France attach great importance to this. Both teams have been closely cooperating and making active efforts. The common goal is to ensure that this visit constitutes a successful visit to promote the further deepening of the Sino-French relations.

You are right, President Macron will present President Xi Jinping with a state horse. China appreciates and appreciates the French side’s friendly move.

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