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Hong Kong bus rollover accident caused 19 dead 66 injured 15 dead announced

                    (Original title: Hong Kong bus rollover accident 19 dead 66 injured 15 dead announced)


BEIJING, February 11 According to Hong Kong media reports, double-decker bus rollover occurred on the evening of the 10th of Tai Po Road in New Territories, Hong Kong. So far, 19 people were killed and 66 wounded. At present, 47 wounded people are still in the hospital for medical treatment. Eleven of them are still in critical condition and 21 are in serious condition. The identity of the 15 dead have been announced, and still four dead still do not confirm identity.

<img alt="点击进入下一页" src="×0" title="2月10日傍晚,香港大埔公路近松仔园附近,发生导致最少19人死亡的严重交通意外。一辆双层九巴失事侧翻。警方说,17男2女在现场证实死亡,几十人受伤。大批警察和消防员将巴士的车顶割开,救出伤者。

On the evening of February 10, a serious traffic accident occurred near the Tai Po Road in Hong Kong near Song Tsai Park. As of 10:30 on the 11th, of the 66 wounded, 10 men and 1 woman were still in critical condition, 21 were seriously injured, 14 men and 1 woman was stable or satisfied, 18 men and 1 woman had been Discharged.

Hong Kong radio station reported that on the 11th, Hong Kong police blocked the investigation of the destroyed bus stop and seized some evidence at the scene. The families of the deceased went to the mortuary to go through the formalities of autopsy.

According to the website of Sing Tao Daily, there are still 3 deceased persons, including 4 males and 1 woman, who have not yet confirmed their identities.

has confirmed the identity of the deceased list is as follows:

Zhou Qi F (54 years old)

Libing Lin M (67 years old)

Zhao Jin cast M (58 years old)

Liu Meilian F (61 years old)

Wang Yulin M (60) Li Si

gave M (66 years old)

Huang Zhaoliang M (50 years old)

Tian Tiansong M (62 years old)

venturi calf M (61 years old) M di partner

yellow (58)

Zhang Chaowei Male (65 years old)

Zheng Zhansheng Male (61 years old)

7_89456_42_65 473_9 Chen Xianmei female (61 years old)

Tang surname man (65 years old)

Chen surname man (37 years old)

More than 90% of Taipei’s buildings have been stamped with a high risk of strong earthquakes collapsing

                    (Original title: Taipei 9 over 5% of the houses in case of strong earthquake collapse risk)


台北超过9成5建筑物加盖违建 遇强震倒塌风险高

old apartment Taipei schematic diagram (Source: Taiwan “in the electronic newspaper”)

China Taiwan Reuters February 11 Taipei Deputy Mayor Ou Chin-der ago recently issued a warning that Taipei Over 95% of the buildings are stamped with illegal structures and the weight is generally overloaded. Coupled with the inherently fragile nature of Taipei, the risk factors of these buildings are increased. In the event of strong earthquake collapsing, the risks of urban collapse have to be promptly updated.

According to the “United Daily News” reported that once in the “921 Earthquake” East Star Tower collapse site commander of the Western Jinde that, Taipei urgently needed to carry out more. He pointed out that the Taipei Basin belongs to the weak geology, and the potential danger itself is relatively large. Coupled with the houses in the 1960s and 1970s, the earthquake resistance rules and construction quality management are not enough, and the inherently more fragile problem exists.

At the same time, Europe and Germany also mentioned that up to 95% of the buildings in Taipei are stamped with illegal construction and are overloaded. Many old apartments are being demolished for the first floor of a store, supermarkets or restaurants. The second floor and above Also used to make suites suites, which are the primary target of the disaster, the collapse of these houses in the event of a strong earthquake risk will naturally increase.

In this regard, Augent reminded Taiwan authorities that urban renewal must be carried out as soon as possible. He suggested that old houses should be encouraged by incentives such as floor area ratio or building height.

Next week the country will be welcoming the New Year Eve before the highest temperature rose to 20 ℃

                    (Original title: Central Meteorological Station: next week, the national warmer New Year’s Eve the highest temperature rose to 20 ℃)


China Weather Network (Xinhuanet today (11) cold air impact is coming to an end, only in Northeast, North China, South China and other places still cooling. Most of the country’s temperatures will return to high levels next week, reaching the highest temperature on the 14th and the highest temperature in some areas in the southern part of the country will rise to about 20 ℃. In addition, tomorrow the rain stopped the country, suitable for travel purchase New Year.

Yesterday, most of our country was affected by cold air and the temperature dropped obviously. Monitoring showed that at 14 o’clock yesterday, temperatures in Northeast China, most of North China, most of Huanghuai and parts of western JAC generally dropped 4-8 ° C compared with the previous day, and even exceeded 10 ° C in some parts of central-southern Northeast China, like Shenyang’s decline 11 ℃, the weather is cold. In the eastern part of South China, cold air has not affected the temperature continues to rise, some parts of southern Guangdong rose 4-6 ℃. Yesterday morning, rain and fog in Chongqing hazy. (Picture / Liu Shuang’e)

Today’s cold air impact is coming to an end. The temperature in most of the country will gradually return to a high level next week. In particular, the warming in some parts of southern China is most obvious. The highest temperature will rise to about 20 ℃. In the warm New Year.

The Central Meteorological Observatory estimates that in addition to the northeast, the North China Plain, South China and other places are still cooling, the remaining areas will be transferred to the warming channel. On Monday, there is not much left in the area to cool down. Most of the country will start the mode of overall warming. The warming process will continue until the next weekend and reach the near-term temperature around the 14th. The maximum temperature of 0 ℃ will be returned to the northeast. The 10 ℃ line Will be lifted to southern North China, temperatures will have risen to all over the high level, such as Changsha, Nanchang, yesterday’s maximum temperature is only 9 ℃, but by the 14th may reach 21 ℃, spring is getting stronger. However, the rebound in northern and northeastern regions is not large, and the temperature is still low. For example, the maximum temperature in Harbin in the next week will basically remain below -10 ℃.

下周全国将迎大回暖 除夕前江南最高温升至20℃

Yesterday, the weather in the south was rather gloomy and the precipitation area was also wider. However, the weather was mostly light rain. Central Meteorological Observatory, Today, the main features of the national precipitation is small and weak, with the cold rain south of the water will quickly stop, tomorrow, only Yunnan and Guizhou Bureau of weak rainfall. In addition, today’s rain and snow will also appear in the northeast, northern Shandong Peninsula and Sichuan Tibet and other places, snowfall forces are generally not strong. However, judging from the current forecast, after 14 days, the whole country will once again enter a rainy and snowy time zone, with a longer time limit and need to pay attention to the near future forecast.

Meteorologists advise that next week into the peak during the Spring Festival, the road, the railway station, airport traffic is larger, the public need to pay attention to traffic safety travel. In addition, the national temperature fluctuations, hot and cold, the public need to be based on weather forecasts, timely adjustment and dressing, careful before the Spring Festival cold. Today, the national weather is good, suitable for travel to buy New Year.

Hualien earthquake caused 17 dead cloud Tsui buildings into the affected areas were investigated

BEIJING, February 11 (Xinhua) Integrated Taiwan media reported that a 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck the sea near Hualien in Taiwan on the 6th, killing 17 people and injuring more than 270 people. The collapse of the Cloud Gate Green Building into a hardest hit, causing many casualties, causing outside questions as to whether the hotel due to collapse into the main compartment, Hanoi District prosecutors will gradually summoned the relevant personnel.

<img alt="2月6日晚,台湾花莲市发生6.5级地震,造成花莲市4栋建筑物倾斜,倒塌。截至9日上午6时,花莲地震已致11遇难、269人受伤、失联人数仍有6人。图为云门翠堤大楼在地震中受损严重。 中新社记者 黄少华 摄" src="×0" title="2月6日晚,台湾花莲市发生6.5级地震,造成花莲市4栋建筑物倾斜,倒塌。截至9日上午6时,花莲地震已致11遇难、269人受伤、失联人数仍有6人。图为云门翠堤大楼在地震中受损严重。 中新社记者 黄少华 摄" > On the evening of February 6, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck Hualien in Taiwan, causing four buildings in Hualien to tilt and collapse. The picture shows the Yunmen Cui Di building damaged severely in the earthquake. China Television News Agency reporter Huang Shaohua photo

The earthquake in Hualien caused the collapse of the Grand Marshal Hotel and the Cui Di Building at Cloud Gate and the leaning of No. 2 and No. 4 (Platinum Double Star Building) and No. 41 (Wu Ju Wu Su Building) , Causing serious casualties.

Among them, the Cloud Gate Green Building is the hardest hit. Hualien District Prosecutors Prosecutor Prosecutor Wang Yiwen said in an interview that he has been classified as his investigation of the case, as has been summoned innkeeper and other related people, Wang Yiwen does not confirm or deny.

Since large-scale machinery has been deployed to the building beside Cui Di for demolition, he said that at present the situation is so complicated that prosecutors, prosecutors and civil technicians have been put into investigations and seconded from Tainan and Taipei to 3 Name of battalion Prosecutor’s Office Assistants.

Hualien earthquake caused the highest in Hualien County, 40,000 without water, after the water company to repair, there are still 4,000 households without water.

Hualien County Mayor Fu Kunlu said at a press conference on the morning of the 11th that Zhang Shanzheng, head of the Taiwan Administration, allocated 20 billion yuan (NTD) for disaster relief and reconstruction when the Tainan Earthquake hit. In addition, And 43.5 billion yuan for Hualien County. However, the private donations in Hualien County amounted to 595 million yuan. The Taiwan authorities initially allocated 300 million yuan to the Hualien County government. The follow-up still waits for orders from Taiwan’s administrative agencies.

For these questions raised by Fu Kunluo, Lai Qingde, chief of the Taiwan administrative agency, said on the 11th that “it will not be unique to Tainan,” or would rather care less about Hualien.

China will become the largest donor in East Asia? US media: or replace the United States

                    (Original title: China will become the largest donor in East Asia? US media: or replace the United States)


Data Sheet: This is the head office building of the AIIB at Financial Street on March 31, 2017 in Beijing. (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

The U.S. media said the Trump administration’s “U.S.-first” foreign policy marks the reversal of U.S. global influence and the U.S. withdrawal from multilateralism. An integral part of the retreat is the drastic reduction of U.S. foreign aid while the rise of other global powers to fill the vacuum.

According to a report by the U.S. diplomat scholar February 1, China is a rising power in all fields of economy, culture and politics. Over the past decade, China has rapidly developed its own economy and provided financial assistance to a large number of developing countries, especially developing countries in East Asia.

It is reported that as Washington withdraws from global affairs, China’s aid is surpassing that of the United States and will likely dominate East Asia if the Trump administration cuts aid. In fact, if we simply define foreign aid as government development assistance, then China’s aid in East Asia will be broadly similar to that of the United States. However, many of China’s largest recipients are in Africa or South America, not in East Asia.

Critics will immediately point out that the status of the United States will not easily be overthrown. First, China’s aid is not the same as that of the United States, or any other donor to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Second, China’s aid does not have a clear management structure.

It is reported that all of these criticisms will also turn to the United States: Washington also uses aid for political purposes, and many government agencies do not coordinate their aid.

Will China outnumber the United States as the largest donor? If the United States eventually reduces the size of its aid, which can not be guaranteed, the first road to making China the largest donor in East Asia may be to increase China’s government aid for development. A more viable alternative is an even more indirect one: use the multilateral institutions created by China to dominate the area of ​​aid in East Asia.

The first such organization is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a group established in China that provides loans for infrastructure projects in various parts of Asia. As China’s leading financial institution, the AIIB is significant because the United States is not a shareholder of the new lender.

Taiwanese groups were exposed in the quake-stricken areas to take show-off films and rub aid and food

                    (Original title: Taiwanese groups were exposed in the quake-stricken areas to take a show also rub eating aid food)


Overseas Network February 11 (Xinhuanet) Taiwan search and rescue workers have been searching and salvage for a few days during a search and rescue operation in search of clouds. Taiwan’s Internet users broke the news Sunday and suspected religious groups were on the scene of the search and rescue. Promos, and ordered meals to search and rescue vehicles and to the media only.


The religious community in search and rescue suspecting the filming of the propaganda film. (Source: Apple Daily)

According to the “Apple Daily” in Taiwan, some Internet users in Taiwan (11th) issued a document in the Facebook group “broke the commune” saying that the suspected religious groups at the scene of the search and rescue were filming the videos, Search and rescue workers and the media to provide meals meal car ordering. In response, many Internet users have repeatedly denounced the group: “shameless!” There are people who criticize them for their success. Related groups have made an apology in Fb.

According to the article, the incident occurred last Saturday (10 October) when dozens of members in yellow blouses and suspected religious groups ran back and forth in front of the building. A woman lurked in the back and shouted “Are you ready? Ok, action!”, “Well, do it again!” Allegedly they took this episode a total of 5,6 times. Later, the group members came to provide free meals to search and rescue workers, and the media car meal point 5 meals, and even designated delivery location.

China’s GDP in people’s livelihood less spending? Development and Reform Commission angrily: purely fabricated


BEIJING BEIJING, Feb. 11 (Xinhuanet) Recently, a so-called “UN-HABITAT distribution chart comparing China’s GDP flow with developed countries” circulated online, claiming that China’s GDP is spending less on people’s livelihood, Spending more on administration.

Mrs Carrie Lam: families of deceased bus rollover families will receive 300,000 Hong Kong dollars assistance

                    (Original title: Bus rollover accident Mrs Carrie: Deceased families will receive 300,000 Hong Kong dollars assistance)

                                   BEIJING, February 11
According to Hong Kong media reports, the Chief Executive of the HKSAR Government, Mrs Carrie Lam, met with media reporters on the afternoon of 11 November with a number of government officials. She said that as of 1:30 p.m., a total of 19 people were fatally injured and 60 were injured in a rollover accident on Tai Po Road. The families of the deceased were given 300,000 U.S. dollars (about HK $ 150,000 to 250,000) yuan.

A double decker bus crashed on a highway in the New Territories of Hong Kong on the 10th. China news agency, China’s Xinhua News Agency, Mak Sang-min and Xie Guanglei’s photo

According to the website of Sing Tao Daily, Mrs Carrie Lam said that in the wake of the serious road accident on Tai Po Road, an inter-departmental meeting was held in the morning for follow-up in eight areas. She said that as of 1:30 PM, a total of 19 people were killed and 60 were injured in the tragedy. Nine of the wounded were in critical condition, 11 were serious, 21 were stable and 25 were discharged.

Mrs Carrie Cheung together with Director of Food and Health Bureau, Mr Steven Chan and Director of Social Welfare, Ye Man-kuan, met with the media at government headquarters on the traffic accident in Tai Po this afternoon.

Mrs Carrie Lam said she extended her deep condolences to the bereaved family members and hoped that the injured would recover soon. She said that Pok Oi Hospital, Yan Chai Tong, Keng Oi Hospital, Lok Sin Tong and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and other organizations have made a total donation of 11 million yuan and will pay 100,000 yuan each to families of the deceased and 50,000 injured. Meanwhile, the Jockey Club Special Aid Fund allocated $ 10 million to release $ 200,000 to the dead, critically injured and seriously wounded, and $ 100,000 to stabilize the wounded.

Since the SWD has arranged for full-time social work access to 79 affected families, the donations will be distributed to the affected families through the government. That the families of the deceased received a total of 300,000 yuan, the injured were 150,000 to 250,000 yuan. According to Ming Pao News reported, Mrs Carrie Lam also said that SWD will send special staff to unify the payment of the above amount and “do not want the affected families to worry about financial aid.”

Mrs Carrie Lam also said that burial services are supported by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. If the families of the deceased wish to arrange cremation before the Lunar New Year, FEHD will work together and the Government will assist in the temporary storage of ashes.

Mrs Carrie Lam stressed that at present the primary help for the affected families is to weather the difficult situation. As for the second day of the New Year’s Eve, whether or not the Lunar New Year fireworks display will be canceled on the first day of the seventh day will be decided shortly. She appealed to members of the public to respond positively to the Red Cross blood donation with health permit.

As reported by the RTHK website, as for the accident-related hotline, Mrs Carrie Lam said more than 100 inquiries were received by the Police Hotline and two inquiries were received by the SWD’s hotline.

5 years 50 times State Council executive hot topic Why it?

                    (Original title: Why is it the hottest topic of the State Council executive meeting over 50 times in 5 years?)


fewer and fewer approval of official seals,

“wonderful work” to cancel one after another,

open the company as long as the “one by one”!

These are bonuses for “reform”

Nearly 200 executive meetings of this government, with more than 50 deliberations on issues related to this, are the “big shots” of doing my part.

5年50多次 国务院常务会最热议题为何是它?

“Undertaking management” means that administration should be decentralized and decentralized, optimizing services. Change the government functions, these three things are inseparable Oh!

5年50多次 国务院常务会最热议题为何是它?

Put, the right to put the release must be full!

tube, the government must do everything in place!

service, so that the masses less errands, not Tim! Demands of Central Government Deepen Reform of Administrative Examination and Approval System. Over the past five years, the State Council executive meeting examined and approved the reduction of examination and approval items 10 times.

5年50多次 国务院常务会最热议题为何是它?

More energy and more focus on strengthening regulatory oversight and optimization of services!

5年50多次 国务院常务会最热议题为何是它?

China’s basic science and technology research and developed countries still have gaps in response from the Ministry of Science and Technology

                    (Original title: China’s basic science and technology research and developed countries still have gaps in response to the Ministry of Science and Technology)

                                   BEIJING, February 11
In recent years, great progress has been made in basic research in China, but there is still a gap with developed countries. In response, Ye Yujiang, director of the Basic Research Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, pointed out today that the basic research in our country has been leaping from the accumulation of quality to the improvement of the system capability from a breakthrough point. However, from the perspective of building a world science and technology powerhouse, basic research is still a short board from the entire chain of scientific and technological innovation.

资料图:中国科学家成功培育全球首个体细胞克隆猴。 图片来源:中科院神经所供图

Data Figure: Chinese scientists successfully cultivate the world’s first somatic cell clone monkey. Photo courtesy of the Neurological Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

The State Council Information Office held a news conference today to introduce the State Council’s “Several Opinions on the Comprehensive Strengthening of Basic Scientific Research”. A reporter asked: In recent years, great progress has been made in basic research in our country. For instance, the first prize of the National Natural Science Achievement Award has also been continuously obtained and the innovation capability has been continuously improved. However, the distance between China and the developed countries is still quite remarkable. What are the existing problems in basic research in our country? What kind of arrangements and arrangements has this “opinion” been made to this?

In this regard, Ye said that after years of development, China’s basic research has been continuously developed, forming a complete range of disciplines System, especially the development of basic research since the 18th CPC National Congress has entered into the fast lane. The main performances are as follows: first, the investment has risen substantially; second, the scientific research strength and conditions for scientific research have been greatly improved; thirdly, the high-level teams engaged in basic research have been rapidly Development and Fourthly, major original innovations that have an international influence have accelerated their emergence. There are some data to illustrate the development.

He introduced that the China Science and Technology Information Institute of the Ministry of Science and Technology publishes the scientific papers in our country every year. According to the published situation, the number of scientific papers in our country ranks second in the world for many years. The citations for the first time are ranked second, In the fourth, this is the SCI data. Another recent figure is even more optimistic than this figure. According to the Elsevier SCOPUS database, the number of Chinese papers ranked first in the world in 2016, even more than the U.S. papers.

In particular, some influential achievements have been reported in these years. Results of iron-based superconductivity, quantum information, neutrino, nanoscience, space science and stem cell have been reported. For example, the field of basic physics won the first prize of the National Natural Science Award for three consecutive years. The two items of “the molecular mechanism and variety design of high-yielding and high-quality traits formed by rice” and “aggregation induced luminescence” are the first prize of the National Natural Science Award 2017 Prize, one is the study of plants, one is material research. In particular, in January 2018, Chinese scientists successfully created cloned macaques using somatic cells for the first time in the world. This is the successful creation of a cloned macaque by Shanghai’s neurosciences and has had an important international influence. He further pointed out that in general, the basic research in our country has been in a leap from the accumulation of quality to the quality, from a breakthrough at the point to an important period of system capability enhancement. While seeing these issues, compared with building a world science and technology powerhouse, basic research remains the short board from the entire chain of scientific and technological innovation.

There are several main problems: First, the lack of major original achievements, such as scientific theories and original ideas raised by Chinese scientists are still very few. This is the next major goal of our efforts.

Second, there is a lack of top-notch basic research personnel and teams. In particular, there is a lack of bases and teams capable of concentrating on basic theories for a long-term and stable development. Long-term and stable teams and talents who are deeply rooted in one aspect are scarce.

Third, the overall investment is not enough, and the investment structure is very unreasonable. The basic research invested by our enterprises is very small. Basic research investment is mainly by the government, but mainly by the central government. Fourth, the environment and the social support The basic research environment needs further optimization, especially the evaluation, our open sharing, our flow of talents, stability, incentives and other mechanisms. He said that some arrangements were made in response to these issues, mainly to set forth the direction for the next step in taking the measures. Of course, specific measures are still being implemented in the course of implementing the “Opinions.” One is to innovate the institutional mechanisms and enhance the vitality of innovation. In particular, researchers should be able to devote themselves to long-term basic research. The second is to strengthen the systematic deployment of basic research. In particular, for a big country like ours, we should pay more attention to the basic disciplines such as mathematics and physics. We should increase the advance deployment of major scientific issues and establish a high-level scientific research base. Promote the development of basic research and applied research.

Third, strengthen the steady support and diversified investment in basic research. Fourth, we must further strengthen our workforce, and pay special attention to cultivating strategic science and technology professionals and leading scientists in science and technology, and strengthening the training of middle-aged and young scientists and technicians and experimental and technical personnel. The fifth is to create a good environment for supporting the development of basic research in the whole society. For example, to further deepen the reform of scientific research projects and funding management, we should also explore ways of crowdsourcing and other new scientific research activities in scientific research activities so as to promote the open sharing of science and technology resources, Improve the evaluation of basic research. At the same time, we must vigorously promote the spirit of science and innovation culture.

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