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Italy sent three episodes of corpse murder Police suspect some kind of religious ceremony

                    (Original title: Italy New Year’s Eve bursts of hair 3 episodes of murder case police have no clue)


French media The European Times reported on January 4 that a number of areas at the junction of the Veneto area in northeastern Italy and the Lombard northern area were spotted with horror and complexities in a number of areas, A layer of shadows.

The report quoted Italian media as saying that on December 30, 2017, a local farm worker found some scattered bags in the fields in a remote village in Valeggio de Onillo, Verona province. , Opened and found inside imprisoned corpses. Confirmed by the police, the body was cut into 10, a preliminary analysis is likely to be cut with a chainsaw. The police later found all parts of the body.

South Korean Maritime Police said Chinese fishing boats fired 453 rounds of bullets 20

                    (Original title: Hanhai police fired on Chinese fishing boats again: launching 453 rounds and 20 bullets)


韩国海警称中国渔船非法捕鱼 开枪警告并扣押20人

Overseas Network January 5 According to the Yonhap news agency reported on the 4th, South Korea’s Western Sea Marine Police Agency said at 9:40 on the 4th local time, Shinan-gun, South Jeolla Province, South Korea Habitat Island Over 35 nautical miles (64.82km) of sea area to the southwest, more than 50 Chinese fishing vessels aged 60 to 80 tons were found to have engaged in “illegal” fishing operations. Yonhap said South Korea’s Coast Guard put 1,500-ton 3,000-ton warship, a fishery vessel and a helicopter to deal with.

According to the report, some Chinese fishing vessels suspected of illegal fishing were seized by ROK maritime seamen. In order to help them escape, other fishing vessels clashed with the South Korean marine police and were warned by their squadrons and weapons. After ROK officers used the K2 rifle to launch a warning, 60 machine guns fired 453 rounds of ammunition. In addition, a Chinese fishing boat approaching 3,000-ton Korean kills was also warned by the K2 rifle. Then the Chinese fishing boat evacuated.

In the end, the ROK police seized two Chinese fishing vessels suspected of illegal fishing and transferred 20 crew members from the boat to Mokpo, South Jolu. Among them, one Chinese seized detachment suffered a loss of water during the conflict.

韩国海警称中国渔船非法捕鱼 开枪警告并扣押20人 South Korean maritime police fired on Chinese fishing boats on December 19 last year. Warnings

Chinese Malaysian Malaysian Cyclists Rush Their Vehicles on Their Own Homes

                    (Former Title: Chinese Malaysian Malaysian Cyclists Rush Their Vehicles on Their Own Homes)


BEIJING, January 5 According to the Malaysian “Guanghua Daily” reported that a Malaysian Chinese woman local time on the 3rd morning, riding home by bike was unfortunately knocked down by the vehicle on his way to the hospital, died of severe head injury rescue .

The world’s tallest hotel will open in Dubai this year than the previous record of 1 meter

                    (Original title: The world’s highest hotel will be opened in Dubai this year than the previous record of 1 meter)


BEIJING, January 5 Russian satellite network quoted the UAE media reports said the latest “world’s highest” hotel will be opened in Dubai this year.

Currently, the tallest hotel in the world is JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, with a height of 355 meters. The Gevora, the soon to be opened hotel, is also located in Dubai, a total of 75 floors, 356 meters high.

Reported that The Gevora Hotel has 528 rooms, 4 restaurants and set up leisure shopping facilities such as swimming pool, fitness center, SPA center, designer clothes store.

Allegedly, The Gevora Hotel is scheduled to open in the first quarter of this year.

Sevilla spate of shop robberies in succession in China need to be wary

                    (Original title: Sevilla, Spain, a series of Chinese robbery case need to be wary of)


BEIJING, January 5 According to the Spanish newspaper Ou Lang Wang, Sevilla, Spain, there have been multiple store robberies recently, of which two robbery cases even occurred near the police station. Chinese shops even became robbers The goal.

Spanish media reported that the last few store robberies occurred in the last few days of December 2017. On December 22, the robbers carried out a violent robbery at a post office in Seville, taking away 500 euros in cash. Subsequently, another robbery occurred at the post office in Gavilanes, where criminals used a revolver to threaten their staff and loot them. The case happened in the neighborhood of the local police station.

local time on December 27 around 9:30 pm, the Chinese shops gathered in the airport warehouse area again robbery, the robbers are eyeing a garment warehouse. At the time of the incident, there were no staff members in the warehouse. Four robbers broke through violence and stole several boxes of clothes in the warehouse.

South Korean Unification Ministry: North Korea accepted the proposal of holding a meeting between South Korea and North Korea at Panmunjom on the 9th

                    (Original title: heavy! Two years after the inter-Korean government talks will be restarted on the 9th)

                                   According to Yonhap news agency reported on the 5th, South Korea’s unification ministry said that North Korea accepted the 9th meeting held in Panmunjom Korean proposal. Talks include practical issues related to improving North-South relations such as the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Korean media said that this will be the first inter-Korean and inter-government talks since the DPRK and the DPRK will hold the first inter-Korean government talks after Yin took office.

On January 1, Kim Jong-un, the chairman of the Workers Party for North Korea, delivered a 2018 New Year message through North Korea’s Central Television. He expressed his wish that the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games will be a success and that North Korea is interested in taking measures including sending delegations to join the Olympics. The parties held talks as soon as possible.

On January 2, Unification Minister Zhao Mingjun proposed to the North Korea that he hold high-level talks with South Korea and DPRK in Panmunjom on January 9 to discuss North Korea’s participation in the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics. Zhao Mingjun said: “Whenever, where, or what form”, the Korean government intends to hold dialogues with the DPRK.

On January 3, Li Shanquan, chairman of the North Korean Association for Peaceful Reunification of the Motherland, made a speech on the state television station in North Korea and announced that the DPRK will closely follow the ROK side in a sincere and credible manner in accordance with the requirements of the supreme leader Kim Jong-un. North Korea decided to reopen the Panmunjom hotline at 15:00 on the 3rd at Pyongyang.

On 3 April, the ROK Unification Department confirmed that the DPRK and ROK conducted a 20-minute call through the reopened Panmunjom liaison channel on the same day and mainly conducted technical inspections on the communication lines. This is the first time that the channel has been reinstated since the interruption of the channel to North Korea’s Panmunjom in February 2016.

韩国统一部:朝鲜接受9日在板门店举行韩朝会谈提议 Panmunjom. Data Sheet

Philippine President Pushed Five Special Envoys to Look Forward to Strengthening Relations with China

                    (Original title: Philippine President appointed five Chinese special envoys in a breath hope to strengthen relations with China)

                                   Philippine President Duterte (data plan)

Overseas Network January 5 Recently, Philippine President Duterte signed a document to re-appoint five Chinese special envoys to step up its relations with China. Philippine President Duterte signed the document on the 3rd and re-appointed Ferdinand Borja, Carlos Chan, Cheng Yong and William de Jesus Lima as Chinese envoys.

When asked about the need for five Chinese envoys, Philippine presidential spokesman Harry Rock said: “They are the special envoys of the president and will work to promote closer relations between the Philippines and China.”

Boha, Li, Shi Gongqi and Lima 4 had previously served as envoys of the Duterte government in China. Their new term will be from January 1, 2018 until June 30, 2018. Zhuang Jiangsu’s term is also six months, but his term of office did not specify the date of his appointment. In the meantime, Duterte also re-appointed Century Real Estate Group Chairman and CEO Jose Antonio as the U.S. envoy. Miguel Ayala was appointed Australian Special Envoy for a term of office from January 1, 2018 to June 30.

Indian Army Denies Confrontation between China and India: No Direct Contact with Chinese Army

                    (Original title: Indian Army denied that India and India once again confrontation between China and India while emphasizing the establishment of a trilateral mechanism)


印陆军否认中印再度对峙 中印同时强调已建立涉边机制_《参考消息》官方网站 January 3, 2018 Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang held a regular press conference. (Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Web site) “Official Website”

Reference News Network reported January 5 Foreign media said that there have been reports of India and China Du Ting in southern Tibet confrontation, the Indian army sources on the 4th He denied that last week India had stopped a number of Chinese civilians from building roads along the border.

According to a Hindu newspaper website reported on January 4, an Indian army source said: “There was no confrontation there and throughout the incident, the Indian Army did not have any direct contact with the PLA.” Last week, one The batch of Chinese people going deep into the border line between China and India is about 1 km and conducts track alignment activities at Doingham.

When some people in the area were found, they were reported to the Border Police, who informed the Army. On 28 December 2017, a unit composed of the Army and the Border Police came to stop the Chinese civilians who subsequently left.

Indian Army sources said Chinese civilians have thrown away some civil construction equipment, including two excavators. At present, some security personnel remain on the scene. The source said: “The equipment must be returned to the Chinese.”

There are currently a total of several hundred soldiers in that area. Chinese do not have any army near the border.

US government plans to open offshore oil drilling to be rented 47 oil and gas producing areas

                    (Original title: U.S. government lifts offshore drilling ban to be rented 47 oil and gas production areas)

                                   According to a comprehensive report, the U.S. Trump administration plans to open up almost all of the U.S. offshore blocks for oil drilling, and consider for the first time in decades that it will open oil fields in Florida and California.

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Shinkan announced on the 4th that his ministry is planning to start the largest oilfield leasing auction in the history of the United States from next year. The move will open 90% of the offshore blocks for oil drilling within five years, while reversing Obama’s plan to open only 6% of the sea blocks for drilling.

Canadian immigrants reported the Asian children’s emphasis on education outstanding performance

                    (Original title: Canadian immigrants reported baked Asian children’s education children outstanding performance)

                                   According to a report by Canada’s Ming Pao, an internal report by the Canadian Immigration Department recently pointed out that the education of the second-generation Chinese and Indian immigrants is the best among all ethnic groups in Canada. The immigration of Chinese immigrants The second generation of the best job performance.

Immigration lawyer Richard Kurland said the report combines immigration statistics, income statistics from Statistics Canada and the Inland Revenue Department to evaluate the long-term benefits of immigration policies based on the education and economic performance of immigrant children. .

Courland pointed out that the report shows that the introduction of immigration from countries that value education, such as China and India, is why the Canadian immigration system is more successful than European countries.

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