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Some 50 million people spent 150,000 to promote these ministerial level officials

                    (Original title: In order to rise Deputy Ministry, someone spent 50 million, someone spent 150,000)


Within five days, the two former deputy governors were “doubly open.” The circular of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection pointed to the same issue – canvassing.

Liu Qiang, former deputy governor of Liaoning Province, took the lead in appointing leading cadres at the sub-provincial level to engage in organized canvassing and bribery activities under his authority. Former vice governor of Hebei Province Zhang Jiehui, who served in Liaoning for a long time, Engage in canvassing and other non-organizational activities.

There are subtle differences in carefully reviewing the language of the two circulars:

First, Liu Qiang has a “bribery” and Zhang Jiehui does not. That Zhang Jiehui just around the trustees, please cast a vote of cadres vote him; Liu Qiang is not the same, certainly sent some specific property. Therefore, Liu Qiang not only violated discipline, but also suspected of undermining the election crime, Zhang Jiehui did not have this one.

The difference between the two can be seen in the readme of Su Hongzhang, former secretary of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and former secretary of Politics and Law Committee. Su Hongzhang said: “For example, the provincial party committee members, I directly met about to meet directly, I talk directly to him about my idea. Before leaving said that there is a small gift to you, that gift wrapped in or in the bag , Give you some, sometimes dodge, sometimes (say) that line, politely accept it. “In this process,” meeting to discuss the idea “is a canvassing,” leaving to give gifts “even bribery It’s

为晋升副部级 这些官员有人花5000万有人花15万

The so-called “small present” is not a small one. The former vice mayor of Shenyang, Qiming, said: “There has also been a fear because the bullion is too heavy.” The inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Sword “disclosure, Su Hong Zhang spent 4 million yuan to buy gold bullion and shopping cards, the money is required to the business owner, for example, the former General Manager of Shenyang Gas Company Zhang Guohui Su provided 300,000 US dollars for the province Committee secretary Wang Min bribe (after the king returned). Court finally found that Su Hongzhang used for bribery of the property equivalent to RMB 1,106,949 yuan.

Second, Liu Qiang’s “Making Use of Official Positions to Conduct Organized Canvassing and Bribery Election” shows that not only can she be able to vote and vote in a large scale, but also have plans and arrangements. Similarly, Liaoning is another “bribery vice minister” – former deputy director of the Provincial People’s Congress Zheng Yu Zhuo.

In order to promote the Deputy Minister, Zheng Yuzhuo bribed provincial people’s congress deputies and relevant leaders with a number of Apple’s 4S mobile phones. He also took the post of director of Liaoning Provincial Department of Finance to give more than one deputy to help his canvassing. Some of his subordinates sent dollars and mobile phones , Apple tablet computers and other property, all the object of the canvassing involved a total of 76 provincial people’s congress in Liaoning Province.

为晋升副部级 这些官员有人花5000万有人花15万

Where did the apple phone from Zheng Yuzhuo come from? He asked about 30 4 Apple mobile phones worth RMB 156,000 to Suning Min, director of the Finance Bureau of Tieling City, through his staff. In return, he provided assistance to Tieling Municipal Bureau of Finance in terms of financial subsidies and fund disbursement.

We know that bribery requires financial support. Liu Qiang holds a leading position in PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical Company for a long time and has the condition to make the funds of state-owned enterprises available for personal use. This can be confirmed from the case of Ren Run-hou, the former vice-governor of Shanxi Province.

Ren Runhou In Luan Coal Group as general manager and chairman of the board for more than 10 years, has repeatedly instructed subordinate Kwak, to the group’s coal mine chief bribe: 2007 for 15 million for Ren Runhou election provincial reserve cadres in Shanxi Province Buy bribe gifts; 2010 were 250,000, 300,000 for the election of any deputy governor of Shanxi Province bribe election expenses.

Ren Run-thick in the Lu’an Group can be described as one of the best, that even after he left the Luan Group spent more than 100 million. In the second half of 2011, Ren Runhou has been promoted to vice governor and still requires Lu’an Group to arrange tourism and convalescence for it. Accompanied by the board secretary Mao et al., Ren Runhou and his family went to Shanghai, Sanya, Hangzhou, Suzhou and other places for tourism and recuperation. Lu’an Group spent a total of 1,235,055,490 yuan on this. Many cases show that some leading cadres who have long been CEOs of state-owned enterprises regard the enterprises as private sites. They not only enjoy their own extravagance but also claim money from government bribe companies for reimbursement of enterprises. They also engage in gang operations to foster the formation of cronies. For example, Yu Haiyan, once the chairman of the Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group, reported in the media that after he took office in Lanzhou, he transferred over 100 cadres from Jiuquan, including Jin Jinzhe, his former secretary. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection also pointed out that “Liu Qiang, a long time official, severely damaged the political ecology of the enterprises and localities where he was located.”

The governor of Chang’an Avenue noticed that many of the cadres who went to the canvassing and bribing positions were all trying to “cross” this step from the main hall to the deputy department. One of the most distorted psychological to Shaanxi Provincial Department of Land and Resources, former director of the registration of Wang, he promoted to Vice Minister, looking for the boss to pay 50 million to the activities of the relationship, who was cheated liar, basket empty.

Hualien earthquake caused 17 dead 285 injured 2 mainland tourists remains have not yet sent

BEIJING, February 11 Xinhua BEIJING, Taiwan, January 11 (Xinhua) According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” reported on the 6th night in Hualien, Taiwan, a strong 6.5 magnitude earthquake, killing a total of 17 people were killed and 285 were injured (14 were still in hospital). The two mainland tourists trapped in the Cloud Gate Building have not yet been sent out and are replaced by machines.


Hualien County Governor Fu Kunlun said on the 11th that the remaining two mainland tourists lost their fate will stop searching and rescue and their families also agreed to station large-scale excavation equipment. Photo: “Central News Agency”

Hualien offshore at 11:50 on the 6th midnight 6.5 magnitude earthquake occurred, Hualien City, earthquake magnitude 7, resulting in Marshal Grand Hotel, Cloud Gate Tower collapse, and “Guosheng” 6th Street, 4 (Platinum Double Star Building), No. 41 (Wu Gu Wu Su Building) tilt. As of noon on the 11th, a total of 17 people were killed. One mainland tourist was pressed under the girders and could not be removed. The remains of a mainland tourist have yet to be discovered. Another 285 were injured (14 of whom were still hospitalized) and 493 were affected by the disaster. About 106 hours after the quake, that is, at about 10 am on the 11th, the search and rescue ended in a row. The search and rescue workers lined up in two rows and whistled twice to bow deeply to the building and then evacuated. The remains of two mainland tourists were not sent out and were changed to machines Excavation.


The remains of a mainland tourist inside the Cui Tianyuan Cloud Gate in Hualien still can not be removed because of the girders. The remains of a mainland tourist have yet to be discovered. With the consent of their families, noon on the 11th to change the excavation of machinery, search and rescue workers to cover the remains with blankets and planks to prevent damage. Photo credit: Central News Agency

The worst disastrous area was the Cloud Gate Green Building, killing a total of 14 people. Among them, 11 were tourists who lived in a beautiful lifestyle hotel, including the mainland residents Yang Jie, Ding Wenchang and Ding Shouhui , He Fenghua, Yang Haoran a family of five, and Yang Liurong, Li Yangqi, Yu Fei, Wei Jia, and two Canadian-born Hong Kong residents (Su Wai-yi and Siu Min-yiu) and Jiang Zhenchang, a Taiwan resident hotel counter.

The other two victims were Melody, a Filipino caretaker of a Japanese couple’s household, Dai Shizhang, a resident of Cloud Gate Greenway.

The other three were Zhou Zhi Xuan, the staff of Marshal Grand Hotel, and Lin Tze-ching and Liu Dong-teng, who died in their own home. As of 10:30 on the 11th, there are still 2 remains of mainland tourists living inside the beautiful life hotel at Cui Di Building. According to on-site rescuers, as two victims were pressed under large steel beams, If we rashly cut, dig, we fear the collapse of a sloping building threatens search and rescue workers.

Hualien County Governor Fu Kunlu subsequently announced that it would stop the search and rescue after having obtained the agreement of the families of tourists from mainland China. The search and rescue workers lined up in two rows, whistled twice and then bowed deeply to the building. Subsequently, they were withdrawn from the scene and the search and rescue ended. Dig, before preparing the excavation equipment, search and rescue workers first blankets and wooden cover to protect the body from damage.

As of noon on the 11th, donations of NT $ 600 million from all walks of life poured into Hualien.

After the search and rescue are over, we will face such issues as reconstruction, resettlement and judicial investigation. Zheng Bolian, a Hualien County police prevention and control officer who is also a victim of Cuih, said that when the tenants held a relief meeting on the 10th, they talked about redevelopment. However, no matter how rebuilding this area is, it is still a fault zone. Big problem

Increased supply of coal to the tight supply Development and Reform Commission: more measures to protect the supply

2月2日,南昌铁路局九江车务段九江北站职工正在抢运电煤。当日是农历正月初六,九江车务段开辟绿色通道,强化运输组织力度,采取快编快解、快取快送等方式,保障春节期间用电。鲍赣生 摄 Information Figure: Railway departments rush to transport coal. Xinhua BEIJING, February 11 Xinhua NDRC held a news conference today to release macroeconomic conditions and respond to hot issues. Development and Reform Commission spokesman Meng Wei said that in response to the current surge in coal demand led to tight supply situation, the National Development and Reform Commission, together with the parties concerned, has taken a series of measures. Key coal-producing provinces and coal enterprises should be guided to arrange ahead of time and arrangements should be made for the production and supply during the Spring Festival and the “two sessions” so as to maintain the continuous production and stable supply of coal mines.

A reporter asked: What is the current situation of coal supply, which has been attracting much attention recently? In addition, in the next phase, in order to ensure the stable supply of electricity during the Spring Festival, what measures the NDRC is prepared to take to protect it?

Meng Wei said that with the steady economic growth and rising industrial production growth, coal consumption and electricity consumption increased rapidly in 2017. Annual electricity consumption increased by 6.6% YoY and coal consumption increased by 8% over the same period last year %, Changing the continuous decline in recent years. Since the beginning of this year, there have been two rounds of low temperature rain and snow freezing weather in the central and eastern regions covering Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, Henan, Jiangxi and Jiangsu provinces. The minimum temperatures in some areas have approached or exceeded the historical historical extreme. Affected by this, the national electricity consumption and generation capacity maintained a relatively rapid growth in one stage. The demand for coal continued to rise, with an average daily consumption of 6.26 million tons. The rapidly rising consumption led to a continuous decline in coal inventories. By the end of January, the coal storage in the national regulated power plants dropped 11.4% over the previous year and was available for 15 days, which was at a relatively low level in recent years. The coal supply in some provinces in central and eastern China was tight.

Meng Wei said that in order to cope with the current situation where the demand for coal has risen sharply, the NDRC has taken a series of measures with the relevant parties. First, key coal-producing provinces and coal enterprises should be guided to arrange ahead of schedule to deploy and supply their production and supply during the Spring Festival and the “two sessions” so as to maintain the continuous production and stable supply of coal mines. Second, policies and measures to further improve the exchange of production capacity indicators were put in place to speed up the release of high-quality production capacity in the northern region. Give full play to Shanxi, Shaanxi and other key coal producing areas, increase the effective capacity of production. According to the dispatch data, in January, the output of coal in Shanxi and Shaanxi increased by more than 30% and 50% respectively over the same period of last year, and the coal sales in Ordos, the main coal producing area of ​​Inner Mongolia, increased by more than 20% over the same period of last year. Third, to strengthen transport coordination, the coal transportation as a top priority, especially for low coal storage power plant implementation RBI transport, and effectively ensure smooth transport channels. In January, the average daily loading of railroad coal increased by more than 10% over the same period of last year, of which coal power increased by nearly 20%.

China lacks a long-term painstaking research staff? Ministry of Science and Technology response

                    (Original title: China lacks a long-term research staff? Ministry of Science and Technology response)

                                   BEIJING, February 11
As for the question “China lacks a long-term and able-bodied researcher”, YE Yu-jiang, director of the Basic Research Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, pointed out today that “the State Council on Several Opinions on the Comprehensive Strengthening of Basic Scientific Research” has no place in the world for scientists Do research to create a relaxed environment, made planning and design: to strengthen the central government’s support for basic research efforts; deepen the reform of scientific research projects and funds management; establish and perfect evaluation mechanisms that conform to the characteristics and laws of basic research.

Data Figure: China’s first trial of combustible ice production at the sea end and shut the well. China News Service reporter Zhu Xia She

The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference today to introduce the State Council’s Opinions on Some Opinions on the Comprehensive Strengthening of Basic Scientific Research. Some reporters asked whether China lacked long-term and devoted research scientists to explain why there was a lack of such personnel. What are the reasons why their energy is being stalled? For these reasons, “opinions” do What kind of deployment?

Ye Yujiang said that for scientists to create environment for painstaking research is a worldwide problem, do basic research scientists must concentrate on long-term stable research, which is based on the characteristics of basic research And the law of the decision. Every country takes this as a very important policy goal when promoting basic research. Compared to other studies, basic research has a long cycle, such as how many years a cloned monk persisted in making a monkey, and it is not easy to reflect the value of scientists in a long research process. He introduced that this time in the “Opinions” to create a relaxed environment mainly from three aspects of the planning and design: First, strengthen the central government’s support for basic research efforts, in particular, to improve the institutions of higher learning, research institutions, Long-term and stable support mechanism for scientists. But also play a major national research infrastructure, state key laboratories and other research base role. Because a great deal of basic research is now a competitive arrangement, we must make some exploration in the area of ​​stable support and strengthen it.

Second, to further deepen the reform of scientific research projects and funds management, it is necessary to improve the reporting, reviewing and decision-making mechanisms of project organizations in line with the basic research rules. When selecting basic research projects, more attention should be paid to the investigation of research directions, talent teams and their innovative capabilities. Simplify the project task book and budget book, and implement the funds for the use of legal person units and scientific research personnel to exercise autonomy so that scientific research personnel will have sufficient time to carry out scientific research and make funding work for creative activities of people.

China Meteorological Administration: Last year, the average number of haze days 27.5 days decreased by 10.5 days

                    (Original title: China Meteorological Administration: last year, the average number of haze days 27.5 days, a decrease of 10.5 days)


On February 11, the China Meteorological Administration released the “2017 Atmospheric Environment Meteorology Bulletin”. The bulletin details the 2017 national atmospheric environment and pollution meteorological conditions, and evaluates the emission reduction effect since the implementation of the air pollution prevention and control action plan.

The announcement shows that the weather conditions for the heating season in 2017 are conducive to the improvement of the atmospheric environment throughout the country. From the long-term trend of change, the atmospheric environment in our country as a whole has shown a favorable trend in the first half of the year after 2000, especially the implementation of the 2013 air pollution prevention and control action plan Since then, the atmospheric environment has been continuously improved, and the emission reduction measures have achieved remarkable results.

Specifically, in 2017, there were 6 large-scale haze weather processes and 9 dust weather processes (only 1 sandstorm process), all less than usual.

Among them, the average number of haze days in the country was 27.5 days, 10.5 days less than in 2016 and 19.4 days less than in 2013. The average daily haze days in 2017 in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta were 42.3 days, 53.3 days and 17.9 Day, a decrease of 18.1 days, 17.6 days and 3.2 days respectively compared with that of 2016, a decrease of 28.8 days, 35.7 days and 15.6 days compared with 2013.

The average concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5 in China are 75 μg / m3 and 43 μg / m3 respectively (PM10 and PM2.5 are from the MEP station), down by 5.1% and 6.5% from 2016 respectively. , A decrease of 22.7% and 44.2% from 2013 respectively.

In 2017, the total amount of atmospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) continued to decline, and the decrease of acid rain in most parts of the country decreased.

From the perspective of long-term change, the atmospheric environment in our country as a whole has shown a favorable trend in the later period of the first half of the slip. The number of haze weather processes nationwide peaked in 2013 (15 times), and the number of haze days declined year after year, with the decline in 2017 being the most obvious. The average national haze days showed an upward trend before 2006 and a downward trend after 2007. Atmospheric total sulfur dioxide (SO2) since 2008 showed a downward trend. The total amount of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the atmosphere reached its highest level since January 2013 and dropped significantly thereafter. Dusty weather, especially sandstorm, has shown a general trend of decreasing and decreasing since 2010.

“People work hard day to help” is the main reason for the improvement of the national atmosphere. The relevant person in charge of the China Meteorological Administration told the surging news ( that according to the meteorological numerical simulation results, the emission reduction measures made the average concentrations of PM2.5 in the whole country and in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta higher than that in 2017 Which decreased by 45.3%, 38.7%, 32.4% and 30.2% respectively in 2013 and 7.5%, 10.6%, 8.9% and 1.3% lower than that in 2016 respectively. In addition, the emission reduction measures from 2014 to 2016 reduced the average national PM2.5 concentration by 23.8%, 38.5% and 40.2% respectively from 2013 levels. “Significant emission reduction has been achieved since the implementation of the Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Air Pollution.”

The Liaison Office deplored Hong Kong bus rollover: provide all assistance

                    (Original title: Liaison Office deplores the rollover incident in Hong Kong and will provide all assistance)



Hong Kong’s 01 website reported on February 11 that a serious car accident occurred on Tai Po Road in Hong Kong on the 10th and a bus on the KMB Route 872 caused overturning on the 10th Dead more than 60 injuries. The Joint Liaison Office issued a statement deploring and saddened the incident and said that if the SAR government has any needs, it will provide all assistance.

In a statement, the Liaison Office said after hearing the news, the head of the Liaison Office expressed its deplorable sorrow over the incident, expressed its deep condolences to the deceased in the accident and expressed his deep condolences to the bereaved families and the wounded. If the SAR Government has any need, it will provide all assistance.



How to carry out the zero tolerance of academic fraud? Ministry of Science and Technology response

                    (The original title: how to put zero tolerance tolerance of academic fraud? Ministry of Science and Technology response)

                                   BEIJING, February 11
How to put zero tolerance for academic fraud? Huang Wei, the deputy minister of science and technology, pointed out today that scientific work must not be taken as a fake. Therefore, the issue of scientific integrity is a scientific one. First of all, if we set up a comparatively perfect working mechanism for the integrity of scientific research, we should also strengthen the construction of the integrity of scientific research information, strengthen the publicity and education of scientific research integrity, strengthen the awareness of honesty and integrity of scientific and technological personnel and strengthen assessment in line with the construction of the country’s social credit system.

The State Council today held a press conference to introduce the “State Council’s Opinions on Some Opinions on the Comprehensive Strengthening of Basic Scientific Research”. Some reporter asked: In recent years, the academic fraud in our country has been continuously and continuously, especially in the event of collective retreat last year. Our country has always advocated zero tolerance for academic counterfeiting but felt that it was not implemented in the actual process. In particular, events such as Han Chun-yu have not been solved for such a long time. Everyone does not know where the problems occur, especially depending on scientific research Self-examination of the unit where the majority of the results can not stand it. As China attaches importance to basic research, as well as increased investment support, academic honesty may be unavoidable problem. Ask your leaders what kind of measures to take after the zero tolerance of academic fraud can be implemented. Huang Wei stressed that science can not tolerate the slightest bit, so the problem of scientific integrity is a scientific life. At present, the state attaches great importance to this work.

The first is to establish a comparatively perfect working mechanism for the integrity of scientific research. Now that the Ministry of Science and Technology has set up an inter-ministerial joint meeting with about 20 departments and departments, and jointly strengthening the construction of scientific research integrity system, it is necessary to publicize and educate, systematically and in source On the misconduct to curb. For example, the problem of centralized retraction of cancer biology is not entirely fake. Some are not standardized processes and procedures. The Ministry of Science and Technology, together with the education department, the health department and China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), have conducted a comprehensive review of related institutions and personnel, Every article, every one of them is analyzed and those people are dealt with promptly.

The second is to coordinate with the construction of national social credit system. Out of the issue of integrity, go to apply for a topic, and then to submission, to do talent programs, etc., will be punished, this is not only the administrative punishment, is the social integrity system to punish you. So this piece of work is also a very important direction that we should grasp.

The third is to strengthen the construction of scientific information integrity. The establishment of a database of serious loss of faith responsible person, in scientific research personnel, research institutions integrity information system check to know, you can take restrictive measures.

In addition, we also need to step up publicity and education of research integrity and strengthen the sense of integrity of science and technology personnel. Strengthening assessments will also curb this problem if the research results can be evaluated in a better way.

Foreign investment sensitive industries directory announcement: real estate, the hotel is still limited

                    (Original title: National Development and Reform Commission released overseas investment sensitive industries directory: real estate, the hotel is still limited)


On February 11, the National Development and Reform Commission released the 2018 edition of the list of sensitive industries for overseas investment, including the development, production and maintenance of weapons and equipment, the development and utilization of cross-border water resources and the news media.

In addition, industries that need to limit their overseas investments include real estate, hotels, cinemas, entertainment businesses, sports clubs, and equity investment funds or investment platforms with no specific industrial projects established overseas.

This catalog will be effective March 1, 2018.

Two boxes of chicken at the Anhui-level cadres were inspected by the inspection team

                    (Original title: [patrolling notes] two boxes of chicken)


September 2014, Hefei an upscale hotel. A director from a city bureau office in Anhui and a private enterprise owner and a pedestrian are currently serving as director of two departments under the authority of a provincial authority. Food and wine, Gongchoujiaocuo, warm atmosphere, guests like to do. When the wine is gone, the director of the company gives each of the two directors a box of chicken. “The two boxes of chicken taste good, so be sure to eat by yourself.” “Ok, ok.” Two The director received chicken, in the crowd’s farewell, drilling already started a good car dust away.

On the morning of November 26, 2015, on the morning of 26 November 2015, two high-speed travelers from the bus stopped at a high-speed rail station in a city in Anhui province. They were comrades from the No.6 Tour Group of the Provincial Party Committee and went to the city to learn about the situation. Why do they come here? Understand what the problem?

Originally at this time, the sixth inspection team of the Provincial Party Committee is conducting a tour of the Office. One night, a material was stuffed in the doorway of the inspector. Leader picked up a look, this is a copy of the case of public security departments informed. The materials reflect that in a certain city, a corporation fictionally made a bright and beautiful project plan and reported information on applying for financial subsidies without technology, products or information. The project successfully won several million yuan subsidy funds, alleged contract fraud.

On the evening of the regular meeting time, the leader will include this issue in the meeting topics, please discuss the study. “It is no coincidence that the circular of our group has just announced the address and method of reporting the report, and this circular is not a mere incident, but it reminds us that we can, with a project plan not implemented at all, Successfully passed the provincial and municipal levels of relevant departments of the audit, access to millions of yuan of financial subsidies, which must be hidden.A project to be adopted, must go through many aspects, if each link are carefully checked, such fraud is not May succeed.This fraud must exist in one or several aspects of lax check, dereliction of duty or even accept bribes, should do more in-depth understanding. “After a full analysis and discussion, all six groups of people come to unity understanding.

“First sent two comrades to the public security organs to inspect the case file, understand the passage of financial subsidies, and then find the appropriate personnel to understand the situation,” the inspection team quickly developed a detailed program of work.

With the cooperation of the local Commission for Discipline Inspection, two staff members immediately began to inspect the relevant materials. Soon they discovered clues and a transcript of the record reads: “The director of the Municipal Bureau’s office brought the project owner and chief engineer to Hefei After that night, please eat two heads of the provincial and ministries, after dinner they gave the two chiefs two boxes of chicken, ask them to go home must eat their own, taste good. “

In many provinces held a municipal secretary arrested grass-roots party to describe the occupation secretary of the provincial party committee

                    (Original title: Provincial Party Secretary who took the final exams)


Recently, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee held a prefectural party committee secretary to grassroots Party committees to appraise and evaluate the assessment of teleconference.

At the meeting, the party secretary of each prefecture and autonomous region directly under the working committee, education commission, SASAC party committee, emerging organizations Party Working Committee, Net letter party working committee secretary were respectively described. Central Politburo member, party secretary of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Chen all made one by one.

多省召开地市书记抓基层党建述职会 省委书记主考

On February 10, Guizhou Provincial Party Committee held the 2017 municipal (state), Gui’an New District, Provincial Party Committee (Party) secretary of the Party branch to hold the job evaluation meeting, informed the 2017 Provincial Standing Committee of democratic life Happening.

At the meeting, the secretary of each city (state), Guian New District and Provincial Party Committee directly reported to the provincial Party Committee about the work of party building, and reported in writing the work on prevention and mitigation of risks. On behalf of the provincial party committee, Sun Zhigang, party secretary of Guizhou Province, made a commentary and speech on the posts. “Since the beginning of this year, Hubei, Zhejiang, Qinghai, Tibet, Anhui, Heilongjiang and Yunnan provinces and other provinces have all successively convened prefectural and municipal Party committee secretaries to appraise the grass-roots party positions and posts. When Party committees and clerks make their posts, the relevant comrades of the Central Organization Department will attend to their posts and the chief examiner is the secretary of the provincial party committee.

In order to open the job evaluation council, each province before the exam, have developed a test “outline”, clearly stated what, how to describe.

Yunnan clear debriefing secretary not only to pay “new accounts”, control the grass-roots party building in 2017 key tasks, list of responsibilities, a comprehensive report on the implementation of the situation; but also the “old” to report the 2016 annual work evaluation and evaluation of the grass-roots feedback Rectification and reform of existing problems in party building

Before the job evaluation council in Zhejiang, Zhejiang devoted its task report writing requirements and instructed all the secretaries to put themselves in an objective summary of the actual performance of the local grass-roots party building. They conducted a thorough analysis of the existing problems and ensured that they were thoroughly explained. On the debriefing report of all the clerks, the provincial party organization and organization department examine and check the checks one by one, put forward suggestions for revising, and guide all localities and departments to make repeated revisions to form a draft for review and report them to the post-comittee after being examined and verified by Che Jun, secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee.

Shanghai, on the other hand, made the content of the review and appraisal required by the Central Organization Department as the top priority. At the same time, it consolidated the guideline for classification in light of the actual situation in Shanghai and emphasized that all regions should give prominence to the implementation of “Innovating Social Governance and Strengthening Grass-roots Construction” “Spirit of the document and other aspects of the job description.

Hunan asked 25 specific tasks around six aspects to describe their responsibilities, highlighting the issues and describing the plans. Adhere to strict audit checks, has organized three changes, so that “five do not pass,” that is, the provisions of the did not say not passed, the Secretary did not put in the not passed, the problem did not identify the not passed, the reason is not A deep failure to pass the proposed measures is not specific not to ensure that the contents of the report on the subject of real.

“Government Affairs Children” noticed that the job descriptions and provincial party secretaries as examiners all conducted hot and sour comments.

According to the “China Organization Personnel Newspaper” reported on January 17 this year, the job despatching meeting held in Hunan required that each debriefing subject persist in one-third of lectures in 10 minutes, say seven questions and plan, and play in a synchronized manner PPT, using data to speak, with pictures confirmed that the real see people see things to see the idea. After each subject post a job, Du home mill on-site reviews, not only appraised scores more inadequate, both refer to the direction of more pressure, each of the job description of the comments are more than three.

多省召开地市书记抓基层党建述职会 省委书记主考
Hunan Provincial Committee and Changsha party secretary Hu Heng Hua in debriefing

11 to 12 January this year, the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee held a debriefing will spend two days, the same PPT presentation mode, for debriefing content confirmed . Debriefing party secretary control promised issues, check the list of issues, control the task list, one by one response. Zhang Qingwei, secretary of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, conducted a questioning on the secretary of the party committee in charge of the work and gave out symptomatic prescriptions.

多省召开地市书记抓基层党建述职会 省委书记主考
Heilongjiang job site

On January 3 this year, 21 party secretaries in Sichuan all talked about the existing problems in Party building. Fan Ruiping, a member of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, said that some leading cadres in Chengdu have not enough professional abilities and dedication. Li Gang, secretary of the Zigong municipal party committee, said that from the investigation of corruption cases in 2017, it shows that the institutional system integrating education, supervision, management and punishment needs to be improved for some key positions, key links and key target supervision points. After commenting one by one, Wang Dongming, secretary of the Sichuan Provincial CPC Committee, emphasized at any time that leading cadres should always be faithful to the party’s beliefs, be loyal to party organizations, be loyal to the party’s theories, line, principles and policies and firmly safeguard the party with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core Central authority and centralized leadership, the party loyalty, the party for the worry, for the party due diligence for the benefit of the people as the basic political responsibility, to be honest, do honest things, do honest people as a basic principle of life, firmly oppose the faction, Do “two people.”

There will be a test result.

“Political affairs child” noticed that this round of provincial exams at the year-end, are part of the democratic evaluation section, to score.

Hunan invited 36 party representatives and grass-roots party secretaries from the grassroots level to participate in the job evaluation committee. Each of the job descriptions was evaluated on site and the result of the evaluation was included in the total number of job evaluation comments by weight.

多省召开地市书记抓基层党建述职会 省委书记主考

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1.Soybean | 2.Shock absorber | 3.Solar | 4.Cosmetology | 5.Hairdressing | 6.Cordyceps sinensis | 7.Sea cucumber | 8.Emerald | 9.Diamonds | 10.Helicopters | 11.B2B | | 13.Minerals | 14.Metallurgy | 15.Metal | 16.LED | 17.Accounting | 18.Models | 19.coal | 20.Translate | 21.Steels | 22.Antique | 23.Building materials | 24.Silver | 25.Gold | 26.Oil | 27.Dimension Stone | 28.Instrument | 29.Cable | 30.Shipbuilding | 31.Beer | 32.Wedding | 33.Investment | 34.Drinks Beverages | 35.Coffee | 36.necktie | 37.Visa | 38.Study abroad | 39.Auction | 40.Trademark |