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Japanese media: The Japanese government plans to invite Putin to visit Japan next year to promote territorial negotiations

                    (Original title: Japanese media: Japanese government plans to invite Putin to visit Japan next year to promote territorial negotiations)

                                   According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported January 6, several Japanese government sources said on the 5th, the government has begun to discuss the invitation to visit Russia next year, Putin’s visit, the agenda will be mainly in May to be adjusted. If achieved, it will be Putin’s visit to Japan again since December 2016. The visit will be positioned as a visit to Japan at the key node of the South Kuril Islands (Japan calls the northern four islands). Unlike Putin attending the Group of Twenty (G20) summit in Japan next year, Japan will propose a visit to Japan based on a bilateral visit. There are plans to put forward that in order to save the trouble of visiting twice, Putin’s bilateral visit schedule is to be combined with the date of the G20.

Exposure Trump “White House Insider” new book listing the best-selling list champion

                    (Original title: Exposure Trump “White House Insider” new book listing the best-selling champion)


BEIJING, January 6 comprehensive report, local time on the 5th, the United States correspondent Wolf said the United States President Trump “White House Insider,” the new book market. The media earlier disclosed some of the content, triggering a sensational effect, and in the White House rebuked the new book “fraud”, Trump lawyer seeking to ban the release of this book after sales, boarded the best-selling list champion.

With a lot of media coverage, the new book, Flames and Anger: The Inside Story of Trump’s White House, goes public four days in advance. Crowded with crowded bookstores in Washington, DC, the Kramer bookstore was open after midnight, when 75 books were sold for 15 minutes.

资料图:美国总统特朗普。 中新社记者 刁海洋 摄 Data Figure: US President Trump. CNN reporter Diao Haiyang photo

And the United States chain stores Bono is located in Arlington, Virginia, a branch, is the 5th morning official website shows that the only one in Washington DC there are books on the shelf The branch. Despite the low temperatures of the day, there are still many people holding their winter hard to grab the book in the store when they open the door to the bookstore. It is a pity that the book in the store is too late to be shelved.

Not only are people interested in this book, but 20 minutes after the bookstore opens, at least 3 media outlets or cameras have come to see the possibility of filming, but they were both rejected.

Bannon specifically mentioned in this book that Trump’s campaign team met with Russians in private, calling it a “treasonous” and “endangering national security” talks. New book also exposed a lot of Trump’s life and work details. The book cites Stephen Bannon’s remarks from Trump’s former “Master”, which aroused Trump’s anger, prompting him to issue an official statement and denouncing Bannon’s “madness.”

Italy 14-year-old girl was swung swing thousands User: We are finished

                    (Original title: Italian 14-year-old girl was swung swing thousands of dollars User: We finished)


意大利14岁女孩荡秋千被罚千元 网友:我们完蛋了 Image from the network

Overseas net January 6 Want to play swing? After 12 years of age in Italy, you do not have to think about it, because the city government has set a maximum age of 12 to play swing. Recently, two 14-year-old girls play swing in the park of Ilomonunotai, happened to be seen by the traffic police and questioned, two girls without ID, they told the traffic police their name and date of birth, traffic police then They were found to have exceeded the age at which they were allowed to play their swing. The two girls were each fined 170 euros (about 1,326 yuan).

According to the European Times, parents of two girls received a report from the municipal police that read: “Two girls sitting cross-legged on the swing’s seat board are in a very wrong and dangerous position.” Two The families were each fined 170 euros. One of the girl’s mothers was puzzled by the fact that she considered that so many more serious offenses should be punished but ignored, and that the two girls behaved somewhat “recklessly.”

But Fulphe Nicolini, the commander of the municipal police, is very firm: “The government has a clear rule that children over the age of 12 are not allowed to use children’s facilities and this is stated on placards in the park, And the placards are prominently placed, with a fine of at least 80 euros and a maximum of 500 euros. “The fines of 170 euros are much higher than the minimum fines stipulated and the municipality has done so in order to kill the chickens and warn the other teenagers Do not use children’s facilities.

This incident triggered a hot topic for Italian netizens on Twitter:

Syndrome Magazine: Two 14-year-old girls were punished for playing swing. But they can not take drugs, drink, stool and vomit in the park like everyone else does!

User khaleesi: Two 14-year-old girl was fined 170 euros for playing swing? I am 20 years old Sometimes I go to play swing, do I have to be closed to jail? Italy is finished!

Gulf Cup grandstand fence cracked nearly 40 fans fell injured

                    (Original title: Nearly 40 fans were injured! Bay Cup stadium grandstand rupture)


近40名球迷受伤!海湾杯球场看台围栏破裂 The photo shows Oman players Muhammad Musarami (right) and United Emirates player Omar Abdul Rahman vying for the match. Xinhua News Agency, Kuwait City, January 5 (Reporter) The 23rd Gulf Cup soccer match ended on the evening of the 5th with the Oman team won the championship. After Oman fans in the stands on the celebration of crowded led to the rupture of the glass fence, dozens of people dropped the stands, about 40 people were injured.

On the evening of the 5th live broadcast on Kuwait Television’s Sports Channel, hundreds of Omani fans came onto the stands to interact with players to congratulate Oman for winning its second title in the Gulf Cup football match at the Jabir International Stadium in Kuwait on the night of that night. . Due to overcrowding, the spectacle glass fence was broken, and dozens of people fell from the stands about three meters high.

 图为网络盛传的视频 The picture shows a video of the network rumor

Anas Salih, Kuwait’s deputy prime minister and cabinet minister and chairman of the 23rd Gulf Cup organizing committee, said at a news conference that about 40 people Injured and has been taken to three hospitals for treatment. He said the wounded are in good condition, mostly with minor injuries.

That night, Oman won the championship in a penalty shootout with a 5: 4 victory over UAE in penalty shootout. On the same day, a large number of fans from both sides arrived in Kuwait, cheering for their national team. Airlines in Oman and the United Arab Emirates are also specifically for this increase in flights to send fans arrived Branch.

近40名球迷受伤!海湾杯球场看台围栏破裂 The picture shows UAE team player Ali Al-Jharjari (center) and Oman player Muhammad Musarami (right) scraping.

Uzbekistan reminds its citizens: only one-way tickets to Russia

                    (Original title: Ukraine-Russia relations worsened, Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds citizens “go home”: Russia only one-way tickets)


“The ticket to Russia is likely to be a one-way ticket with no return.” The consular services department of Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds Ukrainian citizens on social networks recently to consider whether it is worth traveling to Russia and whether to “make their loved ones suffer “. However, there may still be some people who will live in Russia for livelihoods while living in Misha5, a city in central Koch of Central Ukraine. “Russia, Poland and even China have relatively high salaries, people mainly livelihoods and have nothing to do with politics,” Misha explains.

According to a report made last month by Russian satellite news agency, the list compiled by Ukrainian experts shows that the average monthly wage of Ukrainians is 190 euros (about 1,500 yuan) in the ranking of the average wage of people in European countries in 2017 in Moldova And Azerbaijan, the lowest in Europe.

The number of Ukrainians heading to Russia has risen dramatically in the past year. According to data from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the number of Ukrainian citizens traveling to Russia has increased by 50%. Data show that in 2016 there were 1.7 million Ukrainian tourists to Russia, compared with 2.6 million in 2017. In addition, the number of buses traveling from Ukraine to Russia is also on the rise, and working in Russia is considered more favorable than going to the EU. According to the information of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, there are currently 3 million Ukrainians in Russia. However, relations between Moscow and Kiev remain tense. According to “Kiev Post” reported on the 3rd, recently, Russia has arrested a Ukrainian citizen who goes to relatives in Russia during the anti-terrorist operation. Reportedly, the citizen was arrested from last month on the 24th to the 25th and so far has not been clearly located. Ukraine urges that the Russian Foreign Ministry inform the detaining and allow visits. Uzbek Ministry of Consular Services said this is a “systematic” provocation by Russia’s special service sector.

In recent years, Kiev has repeatedly called for the strengthening of the border restriction between Russia and Ukraine. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Congress) also called for the establishment of a visa system. However, in Ukraine, it is generally believed that setting a visa regime will have a negative impact on its citizens . In 2017, news of the restrictions on the entry of Russian citizens into Ukraine was not uncommon. Even at the end of the year, Russian IT industry experts were abducted in Kiev. In May this year, Ukraine’s President Poroshenko approved the decision of the National Security and Defense Commission on extending the list of sanctions against Russian individuals and legal persons and extending the deadline for sanctions. The Russian sanctions list includes a total of 1228 individuals and 468 legal persons.

Sanctions have been imposed on a series of Russia’s major media outlets, including Russia Today International, the All-Russian National Television Broadcasting Company, and others. Large search engine company yandex, anti-virus software “Kaspersky” and other companies have also been limited. In addition, Ukraine also forbids the Russian social networking site VKontakte (VK, there are 15 million users in Ukraine), and Russia Mail and so on.

In addition, more than one member of the Russian Duma, from the United Russia, the Russian Communist Party, the Russian Liberal Democrats and the Just Russia, have been added to the sanctions list and will be banned to enter Ukraine for the coming year.

However, these restrictions also affect the normal life of the residents of Uzbekistan. “Russian television was banned and my parents bought satellite dish receivers for Russian news. The social network was blocked and VPNs were used,” Misha told Surging News.

Ban Ki-moon nephew pleaded guilty: once wanted to bribe Middle East officials sell 65 billion value of the building

                    (Original title: Ban Ki-moon nephew pleaded guilty: once wanted to bribe Middle East officials sell 6.5 billion worth of buildings)



Pan Zhouxian

Overseas Network January 6
Pan Zhou-hsien, the nephew of former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, reached a plea agreement with the U.S. prosecutors on Friday (Friday) and pleaded guilty in New York Manhattan court to engaging in bribes in the hope of selling a building in Vietnam. The case will be sentenced on June 29.

According to Reuters, Pan Zhouxian acknowledged in court that he had helped to induce bribery and knew he “did something wrong.” Prosecutors pointed out that once the deal is successful, Pan Zhouxian will receive millions of dollars in remuneration. After reaching a guilty plea, Pan Zhouxian’s sentence will be reduced from a maximum of 10 years to a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 7 years’ imprisonment.

The UN Central Emergency Response Fund provided 50 million U.S. dollars to Yemen

                    (Original title: UN Central Emergency Response Fund to Yemen to provide 50 million US dollars appropriation)


China news agency, United Nations (January 5) The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund passed the $ 50 million resolution for Yemen on the 5th on the 5th, according to a statement released by Mark Lowcock, deputy secretary-general and emergency relief coordinator for humanitarian aid affairs of the United Nations. Appropriation

Lokcock expressed his deep concern at the recent escalation in Yemen and the deterioration of the humanitarian situation as a result of the conflict, pointing out three issues to be resolved urgently. First, the ground fighting and air strikes in Yemen must be reduced. Armed conflicts have directly caused large-scale casualties and damaged vital infrastructure. Lokcock called on all parties to the conflict to comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure from attacks and to facilitate humanitarian assistance efforts.

Second, all the ports in Yemen must remain open. About 90% of Yemen’s main food and nearly all of its fuels and medicines rely on imports, guaranteeing the survival of millions of people. In particular, Yemeni ports and the port of Salif in Yemen need to further increase the level of imports of food, fuel and medicine.

Ban Ki-moon nephew pleaded guilty: tried to bribe Middle East officials to sell 6.5 billion buildings

                    (Original title: Ban Ki-moon nephew pleaded guilty: Had tried to bribe Middle East officials sell 6.5 billion worth of buildings)

                                   On January 6, Pan Zhouwen, nephew of the former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reached a plea agreement with the U.S. prosecutors on Friday (January 5), admitted to having participated in the New York Manhattan court Bribed, hoping to sell a building in Vietnam. The case will be sentenced on June 29.

According to a Reuters report, Pan Zhouxian admitted in court that he had helped to induce bribery and knew he “did something wrong.” Prosecutors pointed out that once the deal is successful, Pan Zhouxian will receive millions of dollars in remuneration. After a plea agreement has been reached at 7_89456_12_65473_, Pan Zhouxian’s sentence will be reduced from a maximum of 10 years to a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 7 years’ imprisonment.

Russia Putin Election for the New President Election of Signature Collection

                    (Original title: Russia Putin campaign for the new presidential election voters signature collection)


VV Vladivostok, January 6 Russia officially launched its signature campaign for the election of President Vladimir Putin in 2018 for the election of a new president. Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and other Russian Far East cities have been collecting the signature collection point. On the 6th, the Tass news agency quoted the words of Amelychenchenko, head of the Volunteer Organization for Victory in Russia, on the 6th as saying that collecting signatures for Putin has started in 16 cities in Russia and will soon take place in other cities.

资料图:俄罗斯总统普京。 中新社记者 王修君 摄 Information Figure: Russian President Putin. China News Service reporter Wang Xiujun photo

Tillerson Efforts Trump: There is no doubt that its mental problems should be dry for 2018

                    (The original title: Tillerson up Trump: never questioned its spiritual problems, but also dry up 2018)


In the past year, U.S. President Trump has left its core team of more than one core member, but Secretary of State Tillerson, who has always been out of touch with Trump, has remained calm at Diaoyutai.

蒂勒森力挺特朗普:未质疑其精神问题 要干满2018年 US Secretary of State Tillerson. Visual China Information Figure

Local Time On January 5, Tillerson interviewed CNN and praised the Trump administration for being “very successful” in 2017 and is now implementing a series of policies, He hopes these policies will lead “a very, very successful 2018 year.”

For his personal planning, Tillerson admitted that “I’m going to dry here again for a full year.”

In the past year, the U.S. media often reported that Trump and Tillerson did not agree. There are reports that Tillerson privately called Trump “idiot.” In addition, the two often have inconsistent public statements about their foreign policies on issues such as North Korea and Iran. They are often used as an example of their disagreement. However, in the face of media inquiries, Tillerson has repeatedly denied that Trump deliberately “fired” him.

Today, Tillerson publicly expressed his support for Trump as it plunged into swirls.

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