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Indian Civil Aviation pilots in the cockpit fighter aircraft was unmanned control

                    (Original title: Indian pilots in the cockpit caused a fight in the cockpit was once in an unmanned state)


[Global] Global Aviation Company of India’s largest civil aviation Jetta recently took a farce: two pilots suddenly hit the air during a flight. It was rumored that the co-pilot was still in charge of driving the female pilot, causing the other party to leave the cockpit with tears. Fortunately, the final flight containing 324 passengers and 14 crew members arrived safely at their destination.

The Times of India reported January 3 that the farce occurred on January 1 and the farce occurred on a Boeing 777 Jet Airways. Shortly after the take-off from London to Mumbai, the two pilots clashed in the cockpit, the copilot fanned the woman captain slap in the face, and the captain then cried out of the cockpit.

The crew member persuaded and beaten the man’s pilot to urge the crew member to bring the pilot back but did not succeed and eventually claimed that the pilot was out of the cockpit himself – resulting in no serious and serious violations in the cockpit The flight safety rules – and finally let the female pilot back.

US media: skyrocketing and plummeting, 2017 is bitcoin unique year

                    (The original title: US media: skyrocketing and plummeting, 2017 is a unique Bitcoin year _ “Reference News” official website)


Reference News Network reported January 4 US media said that in 2017, bitcoin became one of the most popular speculative products on the market. Even bitcoin backers are surprised at the rise in crypto-electronic money. Its price has risen from $ 970 in early 2017 to nearly $ 20,000 in December 2017. It experienced five sell-offs that dropped at least 30% in the middle. A sharp sell-off in December last year brought its price down 45% before rising back to 14292 dollars on December 29 at an annual rate of 1375%.

According to the article on the Wall Street Journal website on December 31, 2017, the great potential of bitcoin lies in the technology behind the global change. Launched as an open source project in 2009 and run on a network of connected but standalone computers, two people anywhere in the world can trade directly without the need for any intermediaries such as banks or government .

The trust in this idea is very strong, but only for small users. The situation has changed in 2017 and borderless digital currencies have suddenly attracted a wider range of investors with large amounts of cash.

The craze for cryptocurrencies began in the spring, and there followed a flood of warnings: JPMorgan Chief Executive James Dimon called Bitcoin a fraud and Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett questioned whether the government would allow its prices to rise. However, investors are basically ignoring such warnings and as a result, Bitcoin and related markets are heating up. Another digital currency, the ether, rose nearly 5,000%, rising from nearly $ 800 a year earlier to nearly $ 400.

The bitcoin industry The debate over how to expand network capacity has also culminated in the past year. One wants to make fast, low-cost deals, while the other wants to cut deals and improve safety. The latter camp won, but this led to the birth of the derivative currency “bitcoin cash” in the summer, “bitcoin cash” trading at a fifth of bitcoin, but backers saw it as easier to trade because there was no bit Transaction fees for coins, small bitcoin transaction fees have risen to a very high level. This is a harsh solution, but a huge uncertainty has disappeared for bitcoin investors and prices have soared.

By the end of August, the bitcoin price had already reached 4000 dollars. October rose to 6,000 US dollars. By December it reached 10,000 US dollars – December 17 is almost doubled to reach 19,800 US dollars.

There are other important factors: In spring, Japan introduced a new regulation governing Bitcoin transactions, giving it the status of a payment network. In the United States and elsewhere, the development of mobile payments has made consumers more curious about whether Bitcoin makes any sense.

It is reported that by the end of 2017, the boom has been going on in full swing. More than 250 companies conducted their first tokens issue. However, the situation reversed rapidly in the last week of December. After rising to a level of less than 200 U.S. dollars from 20,000 U.S. dollars, the price of Bitcoin dropped rapidly and dropped to 10,834 U.S. dollars on December 22 last year. The tide of flooding has flooded the entire market, erasing part of the speculative enthusiasm of the people.


British media: Britain after the Brexit intends to join the TPP there is no geographical restrictions

                    (Original title: British media: Britain plans to join the TPP after the Brexit said there is no geographical restrictions _ “Reference News” official website)


Reference News Network January 4 reported British media said the United Kingdom joined the Pacific Trade Organization held informal talks on the issue in an attempt to promote exports after the Brexit.

According to the Financial Times website on January 2, the proposal was made by the International Trade Department led by Liam Fox. It will make the United Kingdom the first member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that does not have access to the Pacific or South China Sea.

It is reported that this move will help TPP rejuvenate. The agreement is an important initiative of the Barack Obama administration. After Donald Trump pulled the United States out of TPP in January last year, the agreement appears to have been mortally wrecked.

The remaining 11 TPP members, including Australia, Japan and Mexico, agreed in November last year to continue the follow-up agreement, the Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Fox reportedly embarked on a three-day trip to China as Britain discussed joining the far-away trade organization that has lost its largest member state, trying to attract businesses in the country.

British Trade and Investment Secretary of State Greg Harz said there was no geographical restriction on the UK’s accession to the TPP. He told the Financial Times: “There are these multilateral relations and there is no need to impose any geographical restrictions.”

However, it is almost certain that Britain’s accession must wait until the TPP has finished its revision and the UK and the EU Only after the relations have been reached in Brexit can be achieved.

英媒:脱欧后,英国打算加入TPP 称不存在地理上限制_《参考消息》官方网站

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake struck the southern part of Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, covering 67 kilometers

                    (Original title: 67 km south of the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula 5.3 earthquake focal depth 67 km)


俄堪察加半岛南部发生5.3级地震震源深度67公里 An earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred in the southern part of the Rost Kamchatka. (Source: US Geological Survey)

BEIJING, January 4 According to the United States Geological Survey, Beijing time at 10:44 on January 4 about Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula 5.3 earthquake occurred in the south, The focal depth of 67 km. The epicenter is about 80.7 km from Petropavlovsk.

Russian troops stationed on Syrian Air Base attacked 7 military aircraft and destroyed 10 others. Russia did not respond

                    (Original title: Russian military stationed in Syrian air base attack 7 military aircraft destroyed 10 people were injured)

                                   January 4 Reuters quoted “Russia’s Business Daily” news that the Russian military base in Syria, Herme Ming on December 31 last year, suffered insurgents attack, at least on the 31st of December last year, Seven military aircraft were destroyed and another 10 were injured in Russian soldiers. The Russian Defense Ministry has yet to respond.

It is reported that if the incident is true, it will be the largest military loss that Russia suffered since its air strikes in Syria in November 2015.

俄驻叙空军基地遇袭7架军机被毁10人受伤 俄未回应 Su-24 Fighter-Bomber

According to two military and diplomatic sources, the Russian Business Daily quoted two military and diplomatic sources as saying that the destroyed military aircraft were four Su-24 fighter-bombers, two Su-35S fighters and one Ann- 72 transport aircraft, while a base of ammunition has also become an attack target.

俄驻叙空军基地遇袭7架军机被毁10人受伤 俄未回应 An-72 Conveyor

A U.S. plane containing five people disappeared from the radar and searched the Coast Guard

                    (Original title: Foreign media: US-China plane lost or crashed Mexico Gulf Coast Guard has launched search and rescue)

                                   According to foreign media reports on the 3rd local time, the United States Coast Guard received a report that a single-engine aircraft flew from Texas Willie Post Airport in Oklahoma City to Texas from the radar Disappeared or crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. Fox23 News said the small plane capable of accommodating five people should have landed in Georgetown, Texas, but radar data showed it had been flying and flying south over the Gulf of Mexico.

The Coast Guard is sending an aircraft to search for waters near Freeport, Texas, south of Houston.

DPRK reboot Panmunjon hotline today afternoon to discuss sending delegations to Austria

                    (Original title: North Korea said it would restart the Panmunjom Liaison Channel starting from this afternoon to discuss the delegation’s participation in the Olympics with the ROK)


On the afternoon of the 3rd, South Korean media quoted North Korean Central Television as saying that North Korea announced that it would resume the DPRK-North Korean liaison channel at Panmunjom this afternoon (March 3) to discuss North Korea’s participation in the PyeongMing Olympics.

Li Shanquan, chairman of the North Korean “Peaceful Unity Committee of the motherland”, made the above statement on the day when he was reported by the Central Television Station in North Korea. Li Shanquan said the DPRK will hold close communication with the ROK on the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and other issues.

In February 2016, under the leadership of then-President Park Geun-hye of South Korea, the Kaesong Industrial Park, known as “the last bastion of inter-Korean relations,” was shut down and the exchange and cooperation between the two Koreas was completely cut off. The inter-Korean communication between the two Koreas Channel also will be shut down.

According to the World Wide Web

News! DPRK will restart the border hotline at 14:30 pm today to discuss sending delegations to participate in the Olympics

[Global Sources correspondent Zahidin Jie Yun] Reuters, January 3 news that North Korea said it will be at 6:30 GMT (Beijing time 14:30) points with the South Korea restart the border hotline. The Yonhap news agency reported on the 3rd that North Korea said it will restart the Panmunjom Liaison Channel starting this afternoon and will discuss the issue of sending the delegation to Austria with the ROK. At the same time, Kim Jong-un welcomes South Korea to respond positively to the DPRK’s willingness to participate in the Olympics.

Yonhae News Agency said North Korea said on the 3rd that it will restart the Panmunjom network at 3:30 pm GMT (14:30 GMT). On the 3rd, Li Shanquan, chairman of the North Korean Association for Peaceful Reunification of the Motherland, said that he was appointed by the chairman of the Labor Party of Kim Jong Un to release the above position.

Li Shanquan said: “We adhered to the highest leadership and maintained close contact with the ROK under a sincere stand and honesty.” He said he and the ROK will discuss the issue of sending delegations.

Li Shanquan also said that Kim Jong-un emphasized that whether the improvement of the future of the North-South relations can meet the expectations and aspirations of the entire nation depends on how both the North and the South should deal with the issue responsibly. But Li Shanquan did not talk about whether to accept South Korea’s proposal for high-level talks.

South Korea have two consecutive days through Panmunjom calling North Korea

2, 2009, South Korean Unification Minister Zhao was formally proposed to North Korea to hold inter-Korean high-level talks on the 9th at Panmunjom, and the proposal on talks agenda grade and participants such as through Panmunjom liaison channels specific Consultations on matters

After that, the ROK telephoned the Panmunjom Liaison Officer at 4:00 pm and received no response. After that, the ROK tried to contact the DPRK through the ROK-DPRK border liaison channel once again at 9:00 on the morning of the 3rd.

In February 2016, the South Korean government announced a total suspension of operation of the industrial park in Kaesong and the departure of relevant personnel stationed in the ROK to protest North Korea’s successive nuclear tests and the launch of long-range rockets at the beginning of the year. North Korea then closed the door store channel, South Korea into “broken off.”

Kim Jong Un Congratulatory Message: Invited to Join Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un delivered his 2018 New Year message through North Korea’s Central Television. Kim Chong-en said in his New Year message that it is necessary to improve the relations between the two Koreas and ensure that the national event is held solemnly, highlighting the ethos and dignity and meeting the special and significant year in the history of national development. He also wishes for the successful hosting of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and said that North Korea intends to take all measures including the delegation’s participation and is ready to hold talks with the ROK as soon as possible.

Wen Yinyin Response: Welcome! Prepare follow-up plan as soon as possible

“In his New Year message, Chairman Kim Jung-en expressed his will to send troops to Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and to hold talks. Winter Olympics became the turning point in improving the relations between South and North Korea ‘and responded favorably.’ Yonhae News Agency reported on the 2nd morning, South Korean presidential text in Yin Cheong Wa Dae presided over this year’s first State Council, for the first time on the Democratic Party of Korea Democratic Kim Jong Un message to respond to the new year.

Hainan Sanya on the new high-rise residential buildings: the main city construction is not higher than 80 meters

                    (Original title: Hainan Sanya on the new high-rise residential buildings: the main urban construction not higher than 80 meters)


The urban style is the “face” of Sanya in building a world-class coastal tourist city. Reporters learned from Sanya City Government today (January 8) that Sanya recently released the “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Urban Design and Architectural Style Management in Sanya City” (hereinafter referred to as the “Detailed Rules”), demanding that the new residential buildings in the main urban area should not be high At 80 meters, new housing in rural areas shall not exceed 12 meters.

According to the Rules, it is really necessary to arrange taller buildings and the maximum height of nearby mountainous buildings should not exceed 1/3 of the ridgeline height. The construction of landmark buildings should exceed the required standard of building mass scale and should be further demonstrated and extensively organized Solicit opinions from all walks of life Newly built houses in the village adopt sloping roof construction form, the number of building layers shall not exceed three floors and the building height shall be controlled within 12 meters.

29 people who won the highest technology award in China were Zeyang later?

                    (The original title: took the highest technology award 29 were Zeyang later?)


To say something important today (January 8), the first thing to mention is the annual National Science and Technology Awards.

The General Assembly announced that Wang Zeshan and Hou Yunde won the 2017 State Supreme Science and Technology Award, which is the highest honor of the Chinese science and technology community. Only very top scientists have the chance to win the award. From the formal establishment of the 2000 awards to the present, 29 scientists have been awarded, and each winner can receive a bonus of 5 million yuan.

The Political Circle notes that these technology contributors have averaged over 80 years of age at the time of the award and 18 of the past 18 years have passed since the awards were set up in 2000. The 29 winners of these 18 years are now How’s it going? What did they do after winning?

82- and 88-year-old winners

For this award, take a look at how the state rules.

In May 1999, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China promulgated the “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Scientific and Technological Reward,” which stipulates:

“The State Council established the State Science and Technology Award, which includes the State Supreme Science and Technology Award, the National Natural Science Award, the State technology invention Award, the national Science and technology progress Award, People’s Republic of China international Science and technology cooperation Award

State supreme Science and technology Award grant the following scientific and technical workers: (1) a major breakthrough in contemporary scientific or technological frontier have in the development of science and technology (2) Create huge economic benefits or social benefits in scientific and technical innovation, scientific and technical achievements transformation and high-tech industrialization

The annual awards of the highest science and technology award in the country shall not exceed 2.

Then we look at the two newly awarded scientists. Have to say, they are “life-long contribution to the life-long” typical.

Wang Zeshan was born in 1935 and is now 82 years old this year. He is a fire dynamite scientist, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and a professor at Nanjing University of Science and Technology.

拿过中国最高科技奖的29人后来都咋样了? △ Wang Zeshan

He is known as the “king of gunpowder” and has conquered the “re-use of abandoned fire and explosives”, “reducing the sensitivity of weapons to environmental temperature”, “such as modular charging and remote, low chamber pressure Launch charge technology “and other challenges, the last technical problems, he spent more than 20 years to overcome, began to study the technology, he was 61 years old.

Hou Yunde was born in 1929 and is 88 years old this year. He is also an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a molecular virologist, and a researcher at the Virus Disease Prevention and Control Center of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

拿过中国最高科技奖的29人后来都咋样了? △ Hou Yunde

Hou Yunde graduated from the Medical School of Tongji University for seven years and was awarded a medical doctor’s degree in 1962 by the former Soviet Academy of Medical Sciences. After returning home, he served as director of the Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Department of Medicine and other positions.

In 2009, Hou Yunde led the team to achieve the first successful human intervention in the history of the flu pandemic. 87 days of successful vaccine development, breaking the world record. At the same time, under the leadership of Hou Yunde, China established the “Comprehensive Network System for Prevention and Control of Emergent Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases” and achieved the identification of 152 known viruses, 147 known bacteria and new pathogen detection in 72 hours Screening.

12 winners have died

We have always said that there are 29 winners since the award was established. Who are these 29 people? We look through the list published by the State Science and Technology Awards Office.



It can be seen that from 2000 to 2017, only the 2004 and 2015 National Supreme Science and Technology Awards winners were vacant. In addition, a total of 13 winners for 2 people, 3 years for a person, a total of 29 people.

Are you a scientist on the list? Tu Yo-yo, who is probably the recipient of the 2016 State Supreme Science and Technology Prize, is one of the most familiar people. In 1930, she was born in October 2015 because of her discovery that artemisinin can effectively reduce the mortality rate of malaria patients. First domestic Chinese scientist to win the Nobel Prize in Science.

Yu Min, winner of the 2014 State Supreme Science and Technology Award, was a prestigious scientist. He was born in 1926 and is the winner of the “Two Bombs and One Celebrity Medal.” Among the 29 names, there is also a ” He is a physicist, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a researcher in the General Armament Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. He was awarded the highest national science and technology award in 2013.

拿过中国最高科技奖的29人后来都咋样了? △ Cheng Kaijia Award Certificate

The first prize winners of the year 2000 include Yuan Longping, a well-known hybrid rice expert, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and researcher of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Another is Wu Wenjun, mathematician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Mathematics and Systems Science researcher. Wu Wenjun made a significant contribution to the major fields of mathematics in topology. The classifications and classifications introduced by him were called “Wu-class class” and “Wu-class class.” The relationship is called “Wu formula.” In the late 1970s, he pioneered a new field of mathematical mechanization and put forward the “Wu method” of using computers to prove geometric theorems. He was considered a pioneer in the field of automatic reasoning. Wu Wenjun has died on May 7 this year, at the age of 98 years old. Political circle looked, the 29 winners, the death of 12.

Continuation of new research after winning

Although the scientists at the time of award were already quite old and averaging over 80 years old, some of them are still adhering to scientific research after winning the prize. For example, we are more familiar with Yuan Longping, 2000 has also been to promote their own research, there is one more recently we understand more Tu Yo Yo.

拿过中国最高科技奖的29人后来都咋样了? Tu Yuyou

Tu Yo Yo has been conducting artemisinin project research for the past two years after winning the Nobel Prize and the highest national science and technology award. Recently public disclosure, Tu Yo Yo team newly discovered, dihydroartemisinin has a unique effect on lupus. Researchers have also shown that artemisinin has some effects in the treatment of cancer, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and allergic diseases.

11 departments to deploy the Spring Festival work: to expand the capacity of the Internet ticketing deterrent malicious grab votes

                    (Original title: Official deployment of the Spring Festival work: to expand the network ticketing ability to deter malicious grab votes)


BEIJING, January 9 Xinhua Spring Festival this year will begin on February 1. On the 8th, 11 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission convened a nationwide Spring Festival teleconference for work deployment in Beijing, bringing with it many good news: to curb malicious looting of some websites, “Fuxing” continued to expand and freeway minibuses passed for free , Pilot vacant temporary fare concessions to punish unlucky behavior to ensure the safety of the journey.

2018年全国春运电视电话会议。种卿 摄 2018 National Spring Festival teleconference conference site. State kinds of photo

tickets easier

– expansion of Internet ticketing ability to contain malicious grab votes

ticket has been the focus of the spring. In recent years, the railway has been making great efforts to develop Internet ticketing services and continuously introduced value-added services, eliminating the phenomenon of waiting in line overnight and having significantly enhanced the ticket purchasing experience. Lian Wei Liang, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission said that further expand the service capabilities of the Internet ticketing system to improve system stability and processing speed; further take effective measures to reduce the phenomenon of individual travelers stocking to curb malicious Web site grab votes behavior; Further measures such as price interviews will be adopted to limit the service charges such as fare increase and purchase of tickets and tying up tickets and tickets. Fighting of counterfeits, counterfeit tickets and counterfeit tickets will also be falsified and the normal order of ticket sales will be maintained.

Li Wenxin, deputy general manager of China Railway Corporation, said tracking and monitoring the application of such functions as WeChat payment, payment of train cars, payment of stations to complementary codes, verification of code optimization and other real-time monitoring of the ticketing system in a timely manner and timely coordination and resolution Various types of problems; to carry out the fight against the scalin “Falcon -2018” campaign, the implementation of the risk prevention and control of ticketing and other measures to effectively prevent all kinds of malicious Tickets plug-in.

11部门部署春运工作:扩充网售票能力 遏制恶意抢票 A Xicheng High Speed ​​Rail EMU stops at the platform. Wuzheng Qi photo

high-speed rail travel to cover a wider

– “renaissance number” to expand around, Quiet Night is no longer difficult

this year, the Spring Festival is expected to send the national railway passenger 388 million passengers, an increase of 8.8%, the average daily 9.71 million passengers. With the wider coverage of the high-speed railway network, more passengers will enjoy the convenience of direct high-speed rail during the Spring Festival this year.

According to Li Wenxin, during spring festival, the capacity of high-speed railway and existing line will be co-ordinated to optimize the structure of bus operation and the basic and contingency plans for echelon start to maximize the capacity of the Spring Festival transportation to meet the travel needs of passengers.

Among them, the opening of the new routes such as Lanzhou and Xicheng High Speed ​​Rail has opened up “Shudao no longer difficult” to become a reality and high-density operation of motor vehicles to better meet passenger demand for transportation to and from Chuan and Yu areas. The situation of tight capacity in these areas will be significant Improvement; In addition, the highly anticipated “Renaissance” will also continue to expand during the Spring Festival opening range, there are more small partners will be on their way back to see the “Renaissance” style.

11部门部署春运工作:扩充网售票能力 遏制恶意抢票 Data Figure: people are buying tickets. China news agency reporter Zhang Yunshe

way to travel smarter

–12306 applet is enabled, automatic identification technology to strengthen the civil aviation

“transportation enterprises to meet the new requirements ‘Internet +’ age and make full use Various types of mobile APP, WeChat and other means to provide shift plan, transfer time, delay warning and other information to facilitate the rational planning of passengers and timely adjustment of travel plans. “Even Verizon said.

In fact, the “Internet +” travel mode has become a highlight of this year’s Spring Festival.

Starting December 26, 2017, 12306 new WeChat notification method is added. Passengers can subscribe to the ticketing, change-signing and refund tickets within the WeChat account by signing the WeChat account. At the same time, the railway will enhance the intelligent service quality in the areas of autonomous real-name verification system, Internet ordering and frequent flyer service plans.

On the road, Vice Minister of Transportation Liu Xiaoming introduced that it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of national networking of ETC system, strengthen the management of toll road toll stations and improve the efficiency of vehicle traffic.

In civil aviation, Wang Zhiqing, deputy director of CAAC, also stressed that it is necessary to make full use of information technologies such as “Internet +”, new media channels and automatic identification to upgrade information service levels and provide passengers with convenient services.

11部门部署春运工作:扩充网售票能力 遏制恶意抢票 Information Figure: Chengdu East Railway Station self-service ticket area. China news agency reporter An Yuanshe

save money when traveling more provinces – Ten government blocked the road, highway small passenger car free passage

under the protection of the safety of the premise, fast and Province The destination is the wish of each traveler. Holidays during the freeway minibus free pass policy will continue, for the masses car, travel by car saved a lot of expenses; Second, the railway will also pilot free Airbus fare discount strategy.

At the same time, saving time and effort is also a key part of returning to the city. Civil Aviation Authority said the normal rate of flights in December last year was 88.33%, a record high of 174 months. CAAC requires aviation enterprises to plan flights in a scientific manner and optimize flight structure. At the same time, aviation enterprises, airports, air traffic control and operation monitoring centers should strengthen information sharing and communication and coordination, enhance operational efficiency and enhance comprehensive traffic convergence.

In light of the prominent problems of traffic congestion in previous years, especially the entrances and exits of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Highway to the Laotao Road, the entrances and exits of the Jinzhai South Road in Anhui to the Xixiao-Chong hub and the congestion of 10 key highways in the country, station. Officials said that they will try their best to control a number of heavily-jammed road sections and nodes before the spring peak, set up coordinated and coordinated mechanisms, and take precautionary measures in advance, requiring simplification of ETC handling procedures, increasing preferential treatment and increasing penetration rate.

资料图:警方正在清点假火车票以及单据等。 胡金力 摄 Information Figure: The police are counting fake train tickets and documents. Hu Jin Li photo

road to go home more comfortable

– punish acts of dishonesty, security figures “full coverage”

“Investing in the management of security risks” was listed as a top priority this year’s Spring Festival transportation work. Lian Weiliang said that safety is the greatest livelihood of the people. All localities, all relevant departments and enterprises should firmly establish the idea of ​​”life comes first, safety first”, perfect the responsibility system for production safety and resolutely check major accidents.

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